Lunch With Benefits


If you enjoy a true story with multiple happy endings from a marathon oral session, boy, have you come to the right place. Bring your raincoat, it gets wet. There is nothing complicated about this story, just short, hot and steamy sex, just the way it happened.

Linda and I met on a popular ‘dating’ site on New Year’s Eve, ironically enough. The term dating site is a bit of a misnomer, though, in my humble opinion, because if any guy tells you he seeking just someone for ‘dating’, well, I humbly submit that they are actually seeking another verb or two that ends in ‘ing’. And, truth be told, it was readily apparent that my ‘date’ Linda was pursuing the same thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. To the contrary, it’s rather refreshing, certainly from my perspective.

Five days of electronic parrying, including her orgasmic perusal of some of my stories (we actively discussed the scenario laid out in the story “Pearls” but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth potential arrest) , and a steamy bout of late-night telephonic sex, led to our agreement to meet for a lunch ‘date’ on the following Tuesday.

I parked my car near the tavern entrance on the busy main street of the local town where Linda lived, so that I could get an advance preview, so to speak, of her arrival. And when I saw her pull past me to find a parking spot, I could ascertain immediately that she came as advertised, a hot blonde. I watched as she maneuvered her Trailblazer into a spot in the trader Joe’s parking lot a block way, and got out of my car to await her.

I had about ten seconds to enjoy the view before she saw me. She was dressed in a charcoal gray dress, just above the knee, and black patent leather boots with thick heels that screamed “I need to get fucked”. (At least, that’s what I heard!) A five-foot-seven, forty-seven-year-old package of MILF, sexual dynamite. Her platinum blonde hair blew casually in the breeze, and her ample tits jiggled seductively as she walked, and I watched behind her as mens’ heads turned to enjoy the view of the woman I would fucking before lunch hour was over. The combination of the view and the thought had my cock even harder than I had already been.

She didn’t realize I was on the sidewalk in front of her until she was almost upon me. I smiled at her, took her arm lightly in mine, and she smiled back sweetly, yet turned her cheek at first to avoid my direct kiss. I gently took her face in my hand, lifted up her chin, and she understood the message. Her deep red ruby lips opened and her wet, pink tongue slithered out of her mouth to begin sucking hungrily on my own tongue, and our pelvises grinded together impulsively as envious businessmen and embarrassed moms with strollers walked past our battling tongue contest on the busy sidewalk.

“C’mon, let’s go to your car”, I implored, whispering in her ear, nibbling on her neck.

She moaned softly into my ear, “Are we going to lunch?”

“Do you really want to?”


When we reached her car in the busy grocery store lot, she handed me the keys as I took her by the driver’s side and pressed her body against the car and we began another frantic ‘grope and kiss’ session. Her mouth was simply fantastic, she was an enthusiastic, eager, and extremely talented kisser, which as we all know, is the most accurate barometer of what kind of lover she would be. I lightly took my left hand and grazed it on the top of her soft, milky tits, spilling out of her dress, and with the other hand, I took her own and guided it to my cock, nearly busting beneath my tan suit pants. Simultaneously, she gasped into my mouth, gripped and explored the full length of my manhood, and finally moaned deeply as her lips probed frantically onto mine.

Linda’s eyes were pressed shut, but mine watched the dozens of passersby ‘look while trying not to look’. The fact that we were being public exhibitionists, while her hand tugged unabashedly on my engorged dick, turned me on all the more. Linda had transformed just as I had imagined, my perfect dream ‘lunch’ date scenario, a hot classy, sophisticated, professional blonde turned temporary street slut and sex kitten, at least for a few matinee hours. And, even though she did not state it, I realized intuitively that I was exactly what she wanted as well. A well dressed, confident professional with a hard cock, willing tongue, no expectations for the future, and a free afternoon.

This would be a one-timer, we both knew it, and we were more than OK with it. No pretense, no prelude, no promises. Let the games begin.

I reluctantly broke off our wanton public display and escorted into the passenger side of her car. When I entered, she immediately lifted the hem of her dress above her waist and displayed a welcome sight. She had nothing on under the skirt, proudly displaying a perfectly trimmed strawberry-blonde triangle tuft above her glistening gash.

I grinned my approval, starting the car. “When did you arrange that?”

She leaned over to begin to extract my throbbing cock from my suit trousers. “Before I left the office. I told my boss I had a doctor’s appointment and would be gone for the afternoon.” My meat bobbed excitedly from its prison, finally released by her hands. Her eyes lit up and focused like a laser on my seven-plus inches. “Oh, my, you definitely did NOT falsely advertise. Nice. Wow. Ooooh.” She stroked my length tenderly, exploring it like a cat with a newly found chew toy.

It is such a turn-on to have a woman’s eyes lustfully transfixed upon your cock as she sees it for the first time. her head began to slowly descend upon its target as I pulled the car out of the crowded lot. My own hand wriggled its way between her legs, spreading them, preparing for car sex. Not recommended in driver’s ed classes, sure, but what man doesn’t crave a little mobile hummer, so to speak.

“So, you aren’t hungry, Linda?”

“Just for this”, she mumbled, taking the tip and swirling it around her wet, talented tongue, lapping at it as if she were attempting to stop an ice cream cone from dripping. As Linda moaned while consuming more of my shaft slowly, I eased the car down a hilly backroad with a destination in mind of a local park, hoping that it would be secluded during the midday hour, driving with one hand and finger-fucking Linda’s soft, wet, sopping cunt with the other as her head bounced up and down from view.

I pulled into the park’s lot only to find at least four other cars there, including a U-haul truck and a public utility vehicle. This was perfect for me, because although I was soon enough to find that Linda did not share my enthusiasm for exhibitionism, I get off on it, and I had a few minutes to play while Linda blissfully continued her oral and manual assault, now massaging my nuts in her manicured palms.

The driver of the utility van peered over his newspaper as he realized he had stumbled upon an unexpected visual treat during his own lunch hour. A close-up seat for a blonde giving head. I nodded at the man knowingly and gave him a thumbs-up, and he happily returned the gesture, sliding up in his seat to attempt a better view of the show. Linda unknowingly raised her as higher in the passenger seat to get a better angle to consume my cock, which resulted in providing the man an unobstructed view of her milky-white ass cheeks in the passenger window.

I raised the hem of her dress even higher, bunching it almost to her ample tits, and reached over to insert one finger into her streaming pussy while my index finger began to tease and circle her bung hole. I saw the utility man’s hand plunge beneath the dashboard and his face flushed a crimson hue as the veins on his neck began to stand out. At the same time, I looked in the rear view mirror and observed that the driver of the U-Haul truck was craning his neck by now to see if he could get a peek. Unfortunately, he gunned the engine in an attempt to relocate his truck, and this startled Linda, who raised her head to finally notice our appreciative audience. She gasped in horror and looked at me with a confused look on her face, a stream of saliva and pre-cum dripping down her chin.

“Don’t you like to be watched?” By this time, the U-haul driver had crossed the line between discreet and obnoxious and had pulled his cab almost next to our own vehicle.

“No, someone might recognize me, please, let’s go to your house.” She hid her face in her hands, the blowjob temporarily halted. However, the spectator delay would only interrupt the blowjob, and not my finger-fucking of her juicy love hole, and as I pulled away, I regained her attention while gently pinching her clit between two of my fingers, resulting in the first of her many, many spurting, gushing orgasms of the afternoon.

My own home was about a twenty-minute excursion, and for the next five miles, Linda leaned back in her reclined seat while I teased and probed and explored and caressed her cunt to one mini-explosion after another. Her eyes remained shut yet she groaned so sexily and lustfully as my fingers danced in and out of her sopping cunt while flicking over her swollen clit. Her walls continually contracted and heaved as my fingers pushed vertically and horizontally into her nest, each insertion accompanied by a sucking sound, and each exertion met by a splash of warm, light-yellow liquid. I stopped to pull my hand from her cunt and saw that there was literally a puddle of her nectar and cum on my palm, and I lifted it to her mouth to allow her to lap eagerly at her own sweet taste.

“I told you,” she moaned, “Once I start to cum, each one gets wetter and wetter.”

“I’ve had a lot of women in some very excitable situations, Linda, but no one has ever dripped like you. That’s fucking wild, what a turn -on.”

She giggled. “You’re turned on?” She pushed her fingers between her labia and pulled her pink lips apart. “Fuck, look at this.” She spread her legs contentedly for the remainder of the ride as we conversed easily, my fingertips caressing her outer walls now, keeping her teetering on the edge of orgasms’ door, my own cock still exposed and stiff as I drove.

When we finally reached my townhouse, we both had to pull our attire together for the very short walk to the door. We were greeted by my overly affectionate lab puppy who made a bee line to Linda’s crotch, sniffing with his tongue hanging out and wagging his tail. he obviously knew a good thing when he whiffed it! We laughed at his eagerness, but then left him blue-balled behind the closed door of my bedroom, Linda’s scent wafting through my house, as we scurried out of what remained of our clothes.

I swiftly peeled Linda’s semi-classy, semi-slutty ‘fuck-me’ boots off of her calves as she lay on the bed, gently pushed her down, and raised her dress to her navel, burying my face into her delicious strawberry-blonde cunt for the first time. And, for the next hour, I had a VERY liquid lunch, while Linda enjoyed a tongue-and-finger-sandwich combo. Her dessert was to be my Whopper, but in due time.

Linda did exactly what I wanted her to do by placing her right leg over my shoulder, inviting me in. My first kisses were just that. Kisses. But I was soon overwhelmed by the urge to taste her and to feel her come in my mouth. Her pink lips were extremely swollen and I pulled them softly with my lips.

I loved probing Linda’s soft folds, encouraged by her increasingly escalating moans. By the time I was licking around her liquid center, I felt her hands in my hair, pulling me tightly against her, and bursts of lemony-pepperminty streams of juice poured out of her cunt and into my mouth in twenty-second intervals. I was literally swallowing this beautiful woman’s cum

I then pressed my tongue against Linda’s asshole, tracing a long, slow, languorous path up to her clit. Over and over. And over again.

And then I tugged at her lips, sliding my tongue along them, tracing their dips and contours. I tasted her excitement growing with each tongue-thrust, and watched her heaving stomach gyrating above my forehead. So I next found her G-spot inside her upper cavity wall, and started thrusting upon it with my tongue curled upward, shallow at first, then deeper. Probing, searching, tasting. God, her pussy was so fucking sweet! Faster, faster now. I heard her moans as my ears were now buried between her thighs, her moans of delight mingled with my own. Oh, baby! She tasted so fucking sweet and exotic, so unlike any women I’ve ever been with. I was intoxicated by her hot honey, so turned on myself, so eager to taste her keep coming on my face. My face was slick, saturated with Linda’s love, and I fucking loved it myself. I say this in the most gentlemanly way possible, but what a cunt!

My tongue finally left Linda’s pussy, desperately needing a temporary respite, but my fingers don’t. Two remained thrusting inside of her as my rested mouth moved back to her clit. A few deft licks at the swollen pearl, tongue circling. Then I’m relentless. She was so endlessly horny, I never want her to cease from cumming. When I sucked her clit completely into my mouth, she thrust against me so hard, and , impossibly, I can feel the massive explosion building rapidly. I surrounded Linda’s clit, tongue licking, fluttering. She grinded herself so hard against my chin, moaning, gasping, crying out.

I don’t stop. Licking. Swirling. Caressing. Finger fucking. Bringing it on, faster. Linda’s pussy was so oozing, so delicious. I feel the ultimate contractions begin, squeezing my fingers inside tightly as she writhe beneath me, humping my face. And I savored her powerful jet stream release of cum into my throat, so turned on by her orgasms that I never wanted this moment to end.

I propped myself up on my elbows to enjoy the sight of Linda’s heaving breasts, her face contorted into a bright red grimace, her fingers gripping the sheets in an after-shock death-grip, and I mount her, fucking her now, my own big cock now nearly swimming in the tidal flooding that was now Linda’s pussy. I fucked her frantically for the next half-hour, with Linda wailing, imploring for my own release.

We alternate positions, Linda striding my cock, humping me, her tsunami-like streams covering my body as she rides me, with me enjoying the view as her big tits bounce happily up and down, and finally, with my own cum building in my heavy balls, I instruct Linda with the three magic words that every woman loves to hear from her one-time, only-time lover. “Suck my cock.”

I pulled her hair back tightly from her face as I shot my load down her throat.

And then, for the next half-hour, we kissed. We cuddled. We kissed some more, tenderly, lovingly at first, then heatedly, frantically, then comfortably slowing down until we collapse in post-coital exhausted ecstasy. The best kisser with the most responsive and delicious pussy ever. What a beautiful, sensual, passionate lover. What an afternoon. Perhaps the most erotic matinee I have ever enjoyed.

This is in your honor, Linda. Thank you for allowing me to bring you such pleasure, which brings me the same.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a one-time thing after all. There are still tricks left to do.


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