Loving Daniel Ch. 02

Bobbi Starr

Loving Daniel Ch2 – The Change Room

It was a Thursday night when Daniel asked me to meet him after work. We had planned to go for a drink then see a film, but when we met in the foyer of my office block, I told Daniel I really preferred to go shopping instead — it appeared that I hadn’t had my fill of the post-holiday sales.

Daniel agreed to the change in plans — but only because he had a hidden agenda. He’d been suggesting that I update my lingerie collection for some time, and he wanted to buy me a little something special for the nights when we were running short on entertainment ideas. And unbeknownst to me, he’d spied a slinky electric blue evening dress in a shop window, which he wanted me to wear sometime while he was fucking me.

I led Daniel to a shop called CanCan; a hole-in-the-wall type shop, overcrowded with sales assistants desperate to sell anything to anyone. They always cornered me and somehow managed to fool me into the most ridiculous purchases. When we entered the shop, Daniel dismissed them offhand, insisting he peruse the shelves himself, selecting various items he wanted to see me try on. I adjourned to the change room and waited to see what he would hand me.

His first selection was a deep maroon number — a beautiful French style bra with a square design. I tried it on and, peeking over the change room door, Daniel was delighted to discover how elegantly it thrust my breasts upwards and outwards, making them appear as if they were sitting on a shelf!

“I like that one,” Daniel said to me.

“Does it have matching panties?” I asked? He handed a pair of boyleg French knickers, entirely made of lace, to me. I put them on the peg on the wall and looked at Daniel while I unzipped my skirt, dropped it to the floor, then dropped the panties I was wearing as well. I took the French knickers from their hanger, stepped into them, and pulled them up to my knees then stopped. My breasts strained against the form of the bra as I bent forwards, allowing Daniel an almost uninterrupted view of their voluminous round globes as I said, “of course you realise I’ll have to buy these now.” I continued to pull the knickers up, turning as I did so Daniel could see how neatly they covered my ass. The hem rode high at the back, the square cut allowing the roundness of my cheeks to peek out from under the lace.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Daniel said, and handed me a black gauze baby doll chemise. “Try this.” I kept the knickers on but removed the bra. My back was turned to Daniel and in the mirror I noticed that his eyes were feasting on the shape of my bare breasts, momentarily free in between outfits. Suddenly I was filled with love and desire as I observed the devoted expression on his face. I shuddered involuntarily, my qiqitv.info body joyfully recalling the sensation of the last time his hands caressed my breasts. I slipped the chemise over my head and allowed it to drop down over my breasts. Its skirt was only hip length. I clasped the bustier section at the back and squealed in delight when I noticed the bodice was only a demi-cup. It sat neatly under my breasts, leaving my nipples deliciously exposed.

“I’ll buy you that,” Daniel said, a devilish smile spreading across his face. I handed each of the items back to him over the door and he took them to the counter. I dressed again and emerged from the change room to join Daniel at the counter. We left the store with the new items neatly wrapped in tissue paper, tucked into a petite little bag. Daniel took me by the hand.

“This way,” he said, and led me towards the store where his ambush dress lay in wait. It was an expensive store and I balked at the doorstep.

“I don’t want to shop here,” I said to Daniel.

“Just indulge me,” he replied reassuringly, so we entered. Daniel went straight to the counter and asked the sales girl to find the dress in the window in my size. She selected it from the rack and escorted me to the fitting room, unaware that Daniel was hot on her heels. She hung the dress in a change room, much more spacious than the cramped quarters at the lingerie store, and turned to leave, slamming right into Daniel’s chest.

“I’m… er… sorry!” she said, embarrassed by Daniel’s presence rather than by her own clumsiness. I moved to close the curtain across the change room door, hesitating long enough for Daniel to barge in.

“Let me help you,” he said. I drew the curtain behind him and smiled. I knew instantly what he had in mind.

Daniel dragged my blouse free from my skirt and began to unbutton it. He peeled it back from my breasts and bent his head to kiss the tops of them both. Then he removed my blouse completely and hung it on the hook on the wall, returning his attention to me, planting his lips on the side of my neck and sucking lightly there. I leaned into Daniel to enjoy his oral caress, but couldn’t help giggling a little when he slipped his hands around behind me and unzipped my skirt. He pushed it off over my hips and let it drop to the floor. I was left clothed in only my underwear while Daniel was still completely dressed.

He dragged his fingers up the small of my back to the clasp of my bra and skillfully unhitched it without further adieu.

“You can’t wear it under that dress,” Daniel said. He took his lips off my neck and stepped away from me to remove my bra, casting his eyes over my naked breasts, my nipples hardening from the cool air in the change room. Daniel grasped my right breast and stuffed it in his mouth. I braced myself against the force of his attentions, pressing my hands against opposite sides of the change room wall; I dropped my head back to push my breast forward into his mouth but instead Daniel slid his lips back over the tender white skin to suck on my nipple. A groan escaped my lips as he rolled the pink flesh between his teeth. Daniel transferred his lips to my left breast and repeated the caress all over again. I drew in a deep breath and then he released me.

“Put on the dress,” Daniel said quietly to me. He took it from the hanger and handed to me. It had no zip so I raised my arms and slipped it over my head. It was tight and I almost had to roll it down over my breasts to get it on. I knew without turning to look in the mirror that my nipples were clearly visible under the fabric because they were still erect.

“Your panties will have to go too,” Daniel commented. He grasped them at the side seams and pulled them down to my ankles. I kicked them to the side, then continued extending the dress down over my hips until the bodice was fitted, permitting the skirt to fall freely to the floor.

“Beautiful,” Daniel said, and turned me around to admire my image in the mirror. It was not a dress I would have chosen for myself, but I could immediately see why Daniel liked it — it hugged every curve of my body and left absolutely no doubt that I was indeed a woman. A split up the left side of the dress extended to mid-thigh, and I shifted my weight to my right hip, allowing my left leg to emerge from within the skirt. Daniel press his body against my back and buried his face in my hair, then dragged it away from my neck to kiss me passionately below my right ear. His lips burned against my skin, his tongue setting my loins on fire as it licked and sucked. Daniel reached his hands around under my arms to grip both my breasts. I couldn’t help but I lean against him, pushing my ass into his groin to mold my body to his form. He ground his hips against me until I felt his sex harden in his pants.

Daniel turned me around to face him again and pushed me against the mirror. He gently clasped my neck with his right hand, positioning his thumb under my chin and pressing his lips to mine. He forced my mouth open with his tongue and kissed me so hotly that I almost felt like his tongue was fucking my face. I began to feel moisture collect between my thighs as my desire for Daniel began to mount. I surrendered in his arms and returned his kiss just as passionately. He pressed his chest against my breasts, steadying himself with his left hand against the wall above me. Daniel reached down with his right hand and hooked the skirt of the dress aside, finding my mons, allowing it to guide him to my by then dripping cunt. He slid his fingers between my pussy lips and rubbed me there gently but intentionally, then released me and stepped back.

“Do you need any help in there?” I heard the sales assistant call from behind the curtain to the change room. Daniel’s eyes were locked on mine and he grinned at me as he unbuckled his belt then unzipped his pants and freed his erect penis from its prison. My eyes widened at the extent to which his cock had swollen. The head was purple and absolutely begging for action.

“Ah, no, we’re quite alright, thanks!” I called nervously, hoping to hell she did not decide to draw back the curtain – I smiled back at Daniel, imagining the sales girl would glimpse Daniel in all his glory in the reflection of the mirror. Finally we heard the sales assistant walk away and Daniel fell on me, pushing me back against the mirror, dragging the dress aside again and spreading my legs with his knees. I lifted my left leg and curled it around his waist. He hooked his right arm under my bent knee and lifted me upwards to impale me on his hot hard cock. My buttocks were pressed against the cold glass of the mirror, and stuck slightly as Daniel began to grind his hips against my body. I couldn’t help grunting out loud every time he jammed his cock into me, so he put his mouth over mine and began kissing me intensely again to keep me quiet.

Our breathing became heavy under our kiss, and I began to suck air in noisily through my nose as Daniel continued to pump at me against the mirror. I curled my pelvis against him with every thrust, urging my cunt to devour his cock, my precarious position causing my clit to conveniently scrape up and down the shaft with each movement. I felt myself starting to come so I broke my mouth away from Daniel’s to gasp for air and to help my climax come on faster. Daniel impaled my body on his over and over, his teeth biting at the side of my neck, little moans of pleasure now escaping his own mouth. He let out an agonized cry of ecstasy and spurted his hot seed deep within me but continued to thrust, knowing I was about to come too. I tightly gripped my right arm around his neck, I placed my lips next to his left ear and began to pant continuously until at last I sighed and came in his arms. Daniel stopped his administrations then and leaned heavily against me, still pinning me to the mirror, my leg still hoisted over his arm.

“Do you want this dress?” he asked me moments later.

“Hasn’t it served us well?” I inquired.

“It’s not bad,” Daniel replied. “But if we wish it to serve us again, we can always come back here,” he chuckled.

“Great idea,” I quipped.

Some time later we emerged from the Change Room bearing no sign of our carnal activity other than my slightly disheveled hair.

“We’ll be back for the dress,” Daniel said to the sales assistant. I giggled and we left the shop.

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