Love Thy Neighbour’s Daughter


The presence of her daughter in the house when I was leaving her house early morning after spending a wonderful night with her mother made me worried. Had she seen us or did she just returned and went to sleep in her bedroom? I quickly got ready in my house, finished my breakfast and decided to spend the major part of Sunday visiting the Zoo to get my thoughts together. I roamed around and as it approached noon decided to have something to eat in the attached canteen. Another shock awaited me while I was having a cup of tea. There in a corner was sitting the daughter of my neighbor sipping a cup of tea. There was no possibility of my avoiding her so I decided to play cool and waived at her. She immediately responded and moved over to my table. To continue my bravado I asked her how she spent her day yesterday. She informed that she had gone to her friend’s place to attend her twenty-first birthday party (She had hers a few days back). She wanted to spend the weekend with her friend but had to return last night itself as the friend had to urgently go somewhere. I heaved a sigh of relief presuming that she directly went to bed on return from her friend’s place.

She asked about my day knowing that my wife was out of station. As I started to make up a story, she interrupted me and said ” Come on, I know you were having the time of your life with my mother”. I asked her as to did mummy know about her seeing us together. She replied in the negative but added that she will soon know unless I accept her condition. I asked what would be the condition. Her condition shocked me to silence. She wanted me repeat the last night’s lovemaking but this time with her! The thought excited me having the pleasure of making love both to the neighbor as well as her daughter. I said ‘you are really crafty, but would it not be better if you choose a younger man.’ She informed me that she already had a crush on me and after what she saw yesterday I wanted to meet you as early Escort Bayan as possible hence I followed you here.

She said ‘Last night when I came in using my spare key, I first walked to Mom’s bedroom and peeped in to see if she had gone to sleep. Instead I saw your large cock positioned just at the entrance of her wet pussy about to enter it. First I wanted to return to my room but than decided to watch the show. Oh how you entered her slowly making her enjoy each moment while periodically massaging her breasts and pressing her ass. As your cock hit the end of the tunnel Mom shouted in ecstasy and told you not to stop but fuck her real bad. The sight of in out movement of your cock in Mom’s pussy and the increasing tempo made me pull down my panties and rubbing my clit in unison with your movement. This sight excited me, the first time I saw another person being fucked in my presence. (At times it is more exciting to see somebody being fucked than being part of the act yourself). I came almost simultaneously with my mother. At this point I withdrew, went to my room and continued thinking of your cock which I so much wanted inside my cunt then and there.’

She informed me that Mom is going out this afternoon and wanted me to spend the afternoon making love to her. We reached her home and soon after closing the door she came into my arms. I softly touched her eyes, nose cheeks and finally her inviting lips with my lips. I repeatedly kissed her with increasing passion. Her warm body pressing against me caused my cock to rise and press against my underwear. I started rotating my pelvic portion against her pelvic area almost feeling her pussy with my cocks tip through the clothes. To add to the pressure my hands were on her round young bums whom I caressed in the same rhythm. She started breathing heavily and pulled out her top jacket. My one hand moved to cup her young but firm breast through the lacy bra. I massaged it in a Çankaya Escort soft round motion. Her hand was now on my crotch and soon opened the zip to hold the hard cock in her hand. At this point I carried her half lifting to her bedroom.

I first disrobed her admiring every portion of her smooth and young body. The sight of her breasts made my heart rate rise. The removal of her panties was a deliberate slow process to have the first time look at her mould, public hair, clit and finally the vagina that was already wet with the first cum during our rotating unison at the door. She was keeping her eyes closed during this but when I started removing my clothes, she could not help but see me with half open eyes as my hard cock became visible. She sat down and took it in her hands admiring it and softly kissing its tip. I also bent down and kissed her deeply pushing my tongue in her inviting open mouth and playing with her tongue. I made her lie down and started to kiss her further down her throat and the breasts. I spent long time in kissing, holding in my mouth and finally sucking her nipples one by one. She sighed loudly pressing my mouth to her breasts. My lips then trailed down the path to her navel, then the top of the mould and finally to her clit. She literally jumped up when I took her clit in my mouth. The pleasure was overwhelming to her and she started to pull my cock towards her cunt. I continued my lip journey to her cunt before lifting myself and placing myself in front of her between her legs.

The sight of a young girl opening her legs wide with the cunt clearly visible, the breasts rising and falling in quick rhythm, eyes looking at the hard cock, hands lying in side, lips half open, these are sights that can make any man excited and hungry for the cunt to enter it and pump it with all his might. This probably makes him feel as being the stronger sex. The enjoyment in fucking in unison with your partner is Ankara Escort what gives rise to the love symphony.

I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her cunt and slowly entered a bit by bit all the time looking at her to see that she is with me. I did not get any barrier as she already had a few boy friends. I took as much time as I could to fully enter her cunt that was still quite tight. The sight of the cock fully disappearing in an inviting cunt is yet another most satisfying feeling. I stayed motionless to enable both of us to extend the period of enjoyment of my first full cock entry in her cunt. The subsequent fucking, usually, does not have this unique feeling. She was obviously enjoying that became clear when she said during this deliberate pause in our fuck. My boy friends seemed to be in some sort of hurry. The first one was painful and he was so frightened that he could not look in my eyes for quite some time. The second one was more interested in relieving his cock. The third did give me some satisfaction but he did not have the experience to bring out the joy of fucking.

This ‘fucking’ talk was making my old cock a bit unhappy so I started the in out movement to the pleasure of both of us. I could sort of feel that both my cock and her cunt, who were bored by our talk, started smiling and generating that special type of love cream which made their union smoother and also enhanced our pleasure. I punctuated this with long passionate kisses on her inviting lips and nipples. To quicken her pace of reaching climax I simultaneously rubbed her clit from its top while my cock was already rubbing the bottom surface. She blurted out ‘Oh it is so divine, give me more of it, pump me hard, and fuck my pussy as it has never been fucked before.’ She continued ‘More! More! And More! What is happening to me? Ohhhhhhhhhhh…’ She gave out a cry and shuddered with her climax. I had also reached my limit of holding back and filled her cunt with my cock to the hilt and ejaculated with my cum which filled her to the brim. We rested in each other’s arms for some time and left her to enjoy her post fucking sleep. I did not want to take a risk, as our respective ladies of the house were to return soon.

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