Lost Virginity Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Lost Virginity Revisited

As we walked off the dance floor, she gave me her ‘trademark’ cock squeeze, smiling as she did so. I also felt her hand in my jacket pocket. As we got to the table, she said, “I need to go to the ladies room.” and turning to my wife, asked, “You want to come along?”

The two girls left me alone at the table, giving me a chance to see what she had put in my pocket. I unfolded the note, and read ‘I really need to see (and feel) you again.’ As much as I wanted to see her, I knew it would never happen. I was happily married to a wonderful woman and did not want to jeopardize our marriage for a few minutes of bliss.

The girls had been gone quite a while. When they returned, I noticed my wife appeared a little flushed. “Are you OK?” I asked.

“Oh” she replied, “Yes, I’m fine. Jane has asked us if we would like to go to her place. Have a few drinks. Relax.”

Seeing in her eyes that she really wanted to go, I agreed, glancing quickly at Jane. She had a triumphant gleam in her eye as we stood to leave.

Jane still lived in town in an old Mansard style Victorian house on the heights overlooking the Hudson River. It was magnificently decorated, having an almost museum-like quality. She poured as all a glass of wine and invited us to sit on the couch. Sensing that something was up, but not knowing what, I sat at one end, my wife Candi in the middle, and Jane at the other end.

Looking back, the seating arrangement would have changed very little, but at the time, I was shocked to see Jane lean over and kiss Candi, full on the mouth. Another shock ripped through me to see Candi reciprocate! Both girls hands caressed their partners breasts through their clothes. Jane’s was the first to move, sliding inside Candi’s blouse cupping the fullness of my wife’s breast, followed by Candi unbuttoning Jane’s shirt, exposing her unfettered chest.

The contrast of the two women was fascinating. Jane was short, petite, small breasted, with a full head of pixie styled silver-grey hair. Candi was a few years younger, fuller figured, mid-length auburn hair, albeit touched with grey.

Jane almost ripped Candi’s blouse off, lowering her head to my wife’s chest, freeing her ample bosom from the bra before sucking bursa escort her nipple into her mouth. Candi threw her head back and moaned. After suckling on Candi’s breast, Jane lifted her head and muttered, “I just love women with big breasts! I’m so jealous!” Spurred on by her success, Jane’s hand slid up under Candi’s skirt. It was then that I noticed my wife’s pantyhose were missing, as were her panties!

Looking out of the corner of her eye Jane saw my astonishment. Lifting her head from Candi’s chest again, she said, “We got rid of them in the bathroom at the hotel.”

I was speechless! I was also as hard as a rock!

“Your wife is delicious! But, you already know that!” Jane said before returning to the nipple in front of her.

I looked a Candi, my eyes pleading for an explanation. All she could do was dip her fingers into her already sopping pussy and offer them to me. As I sucked the warm sweet juices from her fingers, Jane lifted her head again. “Your wife discovered another side to her sexuality while we were in the ladies room.” Mimicking Candi, she shoved two fingers into her own wetness and offered them to me as she continued, “I told her about us and suggested we come here. Why don’t you sit back and enjoy the show. And don’t worry, we’ll include you shortly.”

Jane moved down to Candi’s crotch and buried her face in the now matted red pubic patch. Candi groaned and spread her legs, allowing Jane deeper access. “Oh! Yes! There! Right there! Ahhh!” she moaned as her hips bucked against Jane’s facial assault. Candi came twice before Jane finally emerged from between her thighs, my wife’s juices smeared from nose to chin. Then it was Candi’s turn. Although she was a novice, she was a quick study and in no time her fingers and lips had Jane wet and panting, begging for release. The scent of sex was dominant as Jane and Candi delved deeply into each other as I watched, mesmerized by their lust.

Finally, after coming for the third time under Candi’s oral assault, Jane sat up, catching her breath. Looking over at me with molten lust in her eye. “What are you waiting for? Get naked and meet us in the bedroom! We are going to eat you up!” She stood up and walked by me, dipping her finger into her wetness and wiping kestel escort it on my nose. Candi followed, also giving me a sample which I sucked from her fingers. I stood, shucked my clothes and followed them into the bedroom.

The room was huge, dominated by a California King-size four poster bed. Mirrors on all four walls and one encased in the bed frame. Noticing my reaction, Jane said, “Yes, I’m an unabashed hedonist. And I love to watch! So, why don’t you two go at it while I entertain myself?”

Candi immediately said, “No! We do this all the time. You two haven’t mated in 40 years, and I want to watch you.”

“Only if you agree to participate!” Jane countered, “I didn’t bring you both here just to have one watch!”

I lay down on the bed and invited both women to join me. They did. Candi on my left, Jane on my right. Jane’s hand encircled my stiffened cock, stroking it gently while Candi rose, splaying the lips of her pussy and settling slowly onto my face. First, the familiar scent, followed by the tangy flavor as her open lips covered my mouth. My moans were muffled by my wife’s cunt as Jane moved her face to my dark pink helmet, flicking her tongue up and down the slit. She squeezed gently, coaxing my pre-cum onto her tongue before enveloping my member in her soft wet mouth.

Candi rocked slowly back and forth cooing with delight as my tongue stabbed deep inside. Collecting her essence on my tongue, I drank greedily as she orgasmed onto my face, smearing herself on my nose, lips and chin. Rolling off she said, “How thoughtless and selfish of me, depriving you of the chance to watch Jane suck your cock and reminisce!”

I smiled as I watched the gray head bob up and down on my shaft, slurping and sucking as her tongue swirled around my pole. She pulled off grabbing my spit soaked prick in one hand as she licked down to my ball sac. As she jacked me, her lips surrounded my left testicle and her tongue massaging the delicate orb, she looked up at me, her eyes filed with glee.

After bathing my nuts, Jane rose and straddled my hips, slowly lowering herself onto my awaiting stiffness. “I’ve waited 40 years for this!” she whispered as I disappeared inside her. “Oh God! It’s as good as I remembered! Fuck me gürsu escort again!”

As she rose and fell on my now aching penis, bathing it in her warm musky juices, she signaled Candi to join us. My wife agreed and re-straddled my face, only this time , she and Jane were facing each other. I, now could see nothing but Candi’s cunt, but I felt everything. Jane’s velvety tightness urged me deeper and deeper inside. Candi’s scent and taste freshened as she rocked back and forth. Both women’s moans were muffled as the kissed, their tongues darting back and forth in each others mouths.

An idea occurred to me. I reached around Candi’s hips, seeking her clit. I began gently flicking it as I tunneled into her with my tongue. I moved my other hand to Jane’s hairless nubbin, swirling my thumb around it. Their moans became louder, more urgent. Their movements increased in speed, until Candi orgasmed, sending me a flood of her delicious honey. Jane followed soon after, clenching her cunt muscles up and down my cock as she succumbed to my attentions.

With this much sensory overload, I too reached the point of no return, and, with a series of muffled grunts sent several gobs of sperm into Jane’s eagerly waiting cunt.

Both women dismounted. Jane looked at me with lust filled eyes. “Do you remember what you did next?” she asked coyly.

” I believe I asked you what more I could do to get you off.” I replied, knowing where this was going next. “And you told me to eat you.”

Jane smiled and crawled up the bed, presenting me with her shaved, leaking pussy. “So that’s where you learned that trick!” Candi exclaimed gleefully, “That’s my favorite thing that he does!”

Pulling Jane’s still gaping pussy to my face, I sucked greedily on the ripe, soft, silken lips, and clit. In her already excited state, she came again, allowing me to extract most of what I had just deposited

Jane rolled off me and indicated that we needed to share my treasure. I went to kiss her and she pointed to Candi, waiting, face up on the bed. We kissed, trading the creamy sauce back and forth. Jane joined us until it was all gone.

The rest of the night was spent pleasuring each other in as many ways as we could imagine.

As we dressed to leave the next morning, Candi kissed Jane and thanked her for being such a great teacher, Introducing me to sex all those years ago , and introducing her to the pleasures of bi-sexuality. Walking to our car, Jane called to us. “See you at our fiftieth reunion?”

“Sooner than that!” Candi retorted.

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