Loosening the Bonds Ch. 13


The party was indeed just getting started, although we never got another dog pile of the scope of that first one! After we ate–and the guys had gone all out, not just beer and snacks, but pizza and a veggie tray as well, bless ’em–we picked up where we’d left off, but at a much more sedate pace.

But still, a lot of imagination was put into each and every fuck, suck and whack-job. I had each of the guys more times than I can remember, in ones and twos and… well, there might have been one time of three-on-me, but that was verrry late and my memory’s a little hazy.

What I do vividly remember is being fucked at least once in every room in that house. With four studs to choose from, at least one of them was always ready to go; and my libido was on such a runaway that I was permanently ready to go.

Where? In each of the three bedrooms, of course (although not necessarily on the bed in each bedroom). In the media room, on the couch and on the floor. In the kitchen, on the counter and under the table (yes, under). Ditto in the dining room (where I decided that carpeting is definitely sexier than linoleum–or, at least, not as slippery when you sweat on it).

In the bathroom–mmmm, that was fun, both riding cowgirl on Tommy while he sat on the pot, and a delicious me sandwich with Ted and Jim, standing up in the bathtub. Without the water running I might add–I’d decided early on that I wanted as much cum on me by the time we were done as was humanly possible, and taking a shower wouldn’t have helped that cause, now, would it? Especially because by that time I had over a dozen loads of cum splattered on all possible parts of my body–and gently massaged in, the better to preserve it, by whichever stud was available at the time. My hair was almost starting to look like it had gray highlights!

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. In the living room. On the couch. Which had been turned to face the huge floor-to-ceiling picture window.

And of course, the drapes wide open. And the lights all on.

I have no idea if anyone passed by to see that; it was somewhere around midnight at that point, not all that late, but who knows? And, really, who cares? The fact is, I found it a huge turn-on to be on display like that, whether or not an audience happened by!

When did I turn into such an exhibitionist, anyway? Was it that evening at the strip club, in front of a room full of patrons? Or when I got abso-fuckin’-stark naked in a certain porno theater? Or…was it there all along, and I just didn’t know it?

Again, don’t know, don’t care. And the reality is, I was finding that exhibiting myself, especially when there was a real (if slight) risk of being caught, was one of the highest highs I’d ever experienced!

Which, I guess, explains why I did take Henry up on his challenge, at about three a.m. Henry and I–with the other three guys along as a cheering section–held the First Annual Buck Naked Race down the street in front of Ted’s house.

I suppose in a way it wasn’t fair; I still wore my trusty tennies, for fleet action and foot comfort, while Henry tried to run in the pair of flip-flops he had with him. Not fair at all. But I was a magnanimous winner–all I made him do to pay for his loss was fuck me.

On the hood of a car. Parked on the street. Under a street lamp.

Oooh…just remembering that one makes me tingle all over. I suppose we weren’t technically completely exposed, since the other three guys gathered around the car to watch …but, since they were stark naked as well, uh, it could have been a bit dicey of Johnny Law had come calling.

Or maybe, in hind sight, it might have just provided me another cock… Nah, my luck it would have been a female cop, suffering her period. Whatever. We had our fun, and nobody saw. Darn it.

At least, if anyone saw, they didn’t complain.

By about 5:30, though, even I was beginning to fade. The guys were finding it harder to get it up, and finally, Jim suggested a quick breakfast, and then off to bed.

Ted scrambled up a dozen eggs while Jim cooked some bacon, then we all gathered around the dining room table and munched for a few minutes, washing everything down with OJ. No coffee, though, not that it would have really kept any of us awake, as worn out as we were.

Ever slept five in a bed, even a king-sized one? No? Well, you probably haven’t missed much…unless you’re a stark-naked, sexy woman, reeking of cum, bedding down with five equally naked guys. Guys who, while tired and fucked out for the moment, were none-the-less as randy as bulls in heat.

We all slept…for a while. I woke up several times to the joy of someone diddling my pussy, or massaging a breast. A couple of times, someone was quietly but happily adding more cum to my body’s collection.

No one asked me to participate, to do anything for (or to) them. They just did what they could to please me… which I found to be amazingly thoughtful and touching.

Or maybe they just figured I’d be more ready to go during the day if I got some sleep that night. Er, morning.

I gaziantep escortlar finally came conscious a bit past noon. I must have had, oh, maybe five hours of sleep by then, a bit less than I was used to–but neither was I used to waking up, nested in the arms of four naked guys!

As My eyes fluttered open, I felt a gentle stream of breath on my cheek. I looked in that direction, and found Henry’s eyes wide open and watching me.

“About time you came to, sleepy head,” he told me.

“Huh,” I replied brightly, smacking my lips together to lessen the morning taste of sleep. “It’s not like I’ve been asleep all that long…what time is it, anyway?”

“Pushin’ 12:40 in the afta’noon, Suga’tits,” came Jim’s voice from the other side of me. “Good time for lunchin’ or fuckin’, one’a the two.”

I chuckled at that as I looked down at myself and noticed the new puddles of cum decorating my tits and tummy. I reached down and idly began massaging them into my skin as I considered.

“I think I’ll pick lunch,” I said at last, receiving a groan of protest from each of the men, who were apparently all awake and waiting for me. “Well, c’mon, guys,” I said defensively, “repeated fucking takes a lot out of a girl–“

“It puts a lot into her, too,” Tommy quipped.

“Well, yes, it does, but the only thing that goes into my stomach isn’t as filling as you might thing,” I said. “And look at it this way, boys…” I trailed off.

“Yes?” Ted finally asked.

I smiled wickedly. “The better you take care of me, the more strength I’ll have to make this party last.”

“Awww-right!” Jim drawled. “That’s what I’m aimin’ to do!”

I began the process of extricating myself from the pile. “First things first, though,” I told them. “I gotta go pee. Now. Anybody going to wrestle me for the bathroom?”

All four registered acceptance in their own way. As I headed out in the direction of the potty, Ted called after me,

“What you want for lunch, Kathi?”

I stopped and turned to him. “Well,” I said after a moment, “Something warm and filling…maybe a thick soup, or a stew.” Then I thought about it some more, and amended, “No, make it something like Tomato Soup. Something I don’t have to chew. That way,” I purred, “I can wash it all down with a few helpings of ‘tube steak’.”

I could see four cocks twitching as they caught the implication of my words, and I could hear them begin to scramble toward the kitchen as I completed my journey to the bathroom.

After briefly communing with the toilet, I paused to look at myself in the mirror before heading out. I was a mess, cum all over me, including more in my hair than I had realized, and streaks glistening in spots that hadn’t quite dried. When I took a sniff, I realized that I smelled like –well, I actually wasn’t quite sure what. But, suddenly, the aroma made my pussy start to drool again.

“I tell you, Kathi girl,” I said to my reflection, “you are in fuckin’ heaven.” And I laughed at my own joke.

The guys had the soup well under way as I arrived at the table, and were surprisingly subdued as they finished preparing the meal and all sat down with me to eat. The soup may have been out of a can, but it was delicious–Ted made it with milk, the way it should be done, rather that just water–and there was plenty for everyone. Proving my point, each of us had at least two good sized bowls. I actually had half of a third bowl, splitting the end of the pot with Jim.

When we were all done, sitting around sipping on the apple juice Ted had found, I looked at each of the guys in turn.

“So, OK,” I said finally, “why’s everyone gone to quiet?” I watched as they all gave each other side-long glances.

“Come on, now, guys, you haven’t gone shy on me now, have you?” I demanded. “I sure don’t see any of you scrambling to get dressed, so you must be up to something.”

Tommy finally broke into a smile. “Well, Kathi,” he said slowly, “we all couldn’t help but notice how turned on you were last night when we were all outside, naked.”

I grinned back at him, and sighed. “I don’t know where that came from,” I said quietly, “but I have to admit it did send me over the moon, even before that fabulous fucking.” I looked at Henry as I said that, just to watch him blush.

“So, what?” I asked. “I don’t think I’m up for another naked race, not in broad daylight.”

“Well,” Tommy took up the story again–I guessed that whatever was coming was his idea– “how about if we change the venue.”

I stared at Tommy blankly for a moment, then checked the other three faces and found nothing more helpful there.

“Huh?” I finally asked.

“What Tommy’s sayin’, Missy, is, how ’bout a nature hike?” Jim explained.

I still wasn’t sure what they were up to…but my pussy was starting to tingle at the possibilities.

“Tell me more,” was all I said.

Eagerness suddenly exploded on Tommy’s face. “I know a nature trail not too far away,” he said quickly, “where you can walk for hours without running into anyone else. I go there every now and then, just to get away.”

I considered. “It does sound nice,” I conceded.

“Oh, it’s more than nice!” Tommy almost exploded. “It’s perfect. The trail runs through the woods, then along a creek side, and finally up a gentle hill. And at the top of the hill there’s the most beautiful glade, with lots of soft grass. On a sunny day, like today, it’s close to heaven!”

“Don’t forget the other thing,” Ted prompted him.

“Oh, yeah, right,” Tommy said. “There’s a small cabin down a side trail, that’s available for anyone who wants to use it. All you have to do is make sure it’s clean when you leave.”

My mouth was actually starting to water at the thought. “And I suppose you guys think I’ll just be content to take a long walk with you,” I said, trying to sound reluctant.

“Well,” Henry prompted, “it wouldn’t all be just walking.”

“No?” I asked innocently.

“Not at all,” he continued. “For example…have you ever fucked in a tree?”

I actually choked on my apple juice for a second before I could answer. “Uh, no, I can’t say I’d even thought of that,” I told him honestly.

“Then you probably haven’t fucked on a boulder in the middle of a stream, either,” he added.

“No, not that either,” I admitted.

“Well then, how about in the middle of a field, completely open to the sky, where anyone flying by can see you?”

My mouth and pussy were both drooling, now. “No,” I whispered.

“Oh, and not only can you be seen from the sky, but also from a highway that passes by…although, you’d probably need binoculars, I don’t think anyone just driving by could see you that well.”

I was staring to have trouble breathing–I suddenly realized I was peaking toward a small orgasm just from hearing the description!

“Well, I guess,” I said, still trying to sound reluctant. The tone didn’t even fool me, I could hear myself panting in desire under the words.

“You won’t be sorry,” Tommy assured me, still in his eager little kid tone. “In fact, you’re going to love it!”

“And we,” Ted assured me solemnly, “are going to love you.”

“Right!” I told them, decided at last. “So, when do we leave?”

The four looked at each other, then back at me.

“I’ll just pack some food in a cooler, and we’ll be ready,” Ted said at last.

“Sounds good,” I agreed. “I’ll go get dressed so–“

“Naww, ya won’t, Kathi,” Jim interrupted me.

I froze and looked at him. “What do you mean?” I asked, in a strangled tone.

Henry grinned at me. “We guys are going to put our shorts on, yes, and some shoes –you can’t go hiking in bare feet,” he explained. “But you specifically said, as long as you have your tennies on you’re ready for anything. Didn’t you?”

I swallowed hard as I stared at him. “Well, yeah…”

“Then what’s the issue?” Ted asked, already packing the cooler. “Nobody’s taking your tennies. And there’s blankets in the car if it gets cold. For that matter, if it gets cold, a T-shirt isn’t going to keep you very warm, anyway.”

I could still feel tension in my body, but the excitement of the situation was easing it.

“So…you mean, I’ll be naked the whole time?”

“That’s right,” Tommy said.

“And I won’t even be able to get dressed, because my clothes will be back here?”

“That’s the plan,” Henry agreed.

“But you guys are going to be dressed?”

“At least for the drive out, we’ll have shorts on. But we’re bringing a couple of back packs to put things in if we decide to, ah, lose them.” Ted specified. “After we get there, well, then we’ll see.”

I looked from one hopeful, smiling face to the others and considered this. It was risky. One thing to go on a nature hike naked–still another not to have any clothes available to put on. Still…

“You’re sure we won’t run into anyone?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t guarantee that, no,” Tommy admitted. “I have occasionally run into a couple of people up there. But it’s Sunday afternoon, not exactly the busy time of the week.”

I continued to stare at them for a long moment. Finally, though, my pussy made the decision for me, and I broke into a huge grin.

“The only other thing I need to know, then,” I told them, “is how do I get to the car dressed like this?”

They actually broke into applause in reply.

The car was actually a mini van with a sliding side door. Ted and Jim got the cooler loaded into the tailgate, then the four of them, who had re-dressed in their shorts and added shirts and either tennies or hiking boots, formed a cadre around me and we brazenly walked down the front walk to the sidewalk, and I climbed into the second seat. (The minivan was set up with only a middle seat, no rear seat, so held only five people. But since there were five of us, it worked out.)

Henry and Tommy joined me on the bench seat, one on each side of me so I wouldn’t be by a window. “The glass is tinted so probably no one could see anyway,” Tommy told me, “but just to be safe…”

Then Jim and Ted piled into the front bucket seats and off we went.

I have no idea how long we drove. Jim put some relaxing music on the stereo, and I settled back to take a nap. After a while I felt fingers gently playing with my pussy–more fingers that one had could offer. I figured it was both Tommy and Henry, so I reached out and, keeping my eyes closed, began to fondle their cocks in return.

Only later did it strike me that they’d been wearing shorts when we got into the van, but the shorts were not in evidence at that point.

Eventually I felt the vehicle negotiate a series of turns, then roll to a stop, and the engine cut off. I opened my eyes–I really had fallen asleep, and felt much more refreshed than I would have expected. The guys all had their shorts on properly, so maybe I dreamed the hand jobs. No–my pussy was still tingling. At least the part about them fingering me was true, I decided.

I looked around and found we were in a tiny parking lot carved into a forest. There were a couple of wooden signs posted, with arrows pointing to openings in the trees –trail heads, I guessed. And as promised, no other cars, so probably no one else around.

I gave an exaggerated stretch and sat up.

“Well, let’s get the show on the road,” I said, not even trying to hide my eagerness. “We’ve got a lot to do before it gets dark.”

The guys grinned and started opening doors. “Indeed we do,” Henry said with a laugh. “How about right here?”

I slapped him playfully on the shoulder as I climbed out of the van. “Hold your horses, boy,” I told him. “Now that we’re here, a couple of rules are in order.”

“Like what?” they chorused.

“Well,” I said. “First, I’m open to suggestions on what to do where–but you’ve already suggested in a tree and on a boulder and I like those, so we’ll start there.

“Second, I get to pick who does me, and when and where.”

They were silent a moment, then all nodded. “Sounds fair,” Henry allowed. “I guess I’d only ask that you try and keep it even for all of us.”

I laughed, and play-slapped him again. “Well, of course, silly! I mean, what’s the point of having a herd of studs if I only use one or two?”

They all laughed, and started unloading the car. Jim and Ted settled on carrying the cooler between them, which left Henry and Tommy available for the early games, though each of them had strapped on a back-pack.

As the guys assembled, ready to start the hike, I struck a pose and glared at them.

“Hold it, now,” I said sternly. “We still haven’t determined who all gets naked here.”

“Well,” Tommy said sheepishly, “we’d kinda thought we guys’d stay dressed…just to start,” he added in a rush.

“Yeah,” Henry added. “Then, after you’ve fucked one of us, that guy has to stay naked the rest of the way.”

“That’s what the back-packs are for,” Tommy added. “Our clothes, once they come off.”

“So let me get this straight,” I said slowly. “Once I let one of you fuck me, I also get the reward of having that guy join me in walking naked.”

“That’s the plan,” Ted agreed with a smirk. “Sort of, the last one in is the last one dressed.”

I grinned evilly. “I guess I can live with that,” I told them. “Since you agreed to my rules.”

“Yes, we did,” Ted acknowledged.

I nodded and started walking toward one of the trail heads, the one the guys had been heading for. “Well, let’s get this show on the road,” I called over my shoulder. “And be watching for the right kind of tree!”

It’s hard to explain the sense of liberation I felt, marching naked (but for my tennies) through that parking lot and into the woods. Particularly since I could smell the fragrance of cum rising from my body as it was warmed by both the sun and the exercise of walking. At the same time, there was a slight breeze in the air that I could feel all over me–including over my breasts, and riffling through my pubes. It was almost erotic all by itself.

It was truly a heady feeling–sexy and powerful and free all at the same time.

And totally in command. It’s not like the guys had to jump me, or rape me, and they knew it. I was just as horny as they were. But they’d agreed to my rule that I decided who and when. So if I got flaky, for some reason and decided not to get fucked (unlikely, I know), under the rules they couldn’t touch me.

On the other hand, I didn’t need to strain myself trying to figure out where and how…the guys seemed to have some pretty wild imaginations already working on those!

The path was well marked, and wide enough that two could walk side-by side. Tommy and Henry took turns at my side; the one who wasn’t beside me was behind us, between us and Jim and Ted, who were slogging along in the rear with the cooler.

“So, have you ever fucked in a tree?” I asked Henry when it was his turn beside me. Tommy swore he was searching hard for just the right tree and, given the reward for finding it, I believed him.

“Actually, yes,” Henry told me, sounding sheepish. “I was out walking through City Park one day–it was close to twilight–when this girl I’d never met kind of sidled up to me.” He paused as though embarrassed to go on.

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