Lonely Night


Another day dragged on, walking to the dorms after class for another weekend of anime and internet, like I’ve been doing since I got to college.

Not that I mind, I am an anime-fanatic, but mostly my friends are in it for the fight scenes and porn, which I try to avoid, just makes me horny. My friends have a line when they can’t get a date, it’s “My hand is getting tired.” Well mine has been for the past few years. One sexual experience I had was in high school and it wasn’t very good we were too nervous to do much.

I think the main problem in high school is there really aren’t as many willing people as everyone says are in school. I guess I’m just the unlucky one, but I have had girlfriends. I also have a friend who followed me to my college, she’s great.

Hanna has always been here for me, she’s about 5’4″ not skinny but well rounded, with nice 36 C’s that I’ve bumped into before. Also what’s great is Hanna is a hugging and cuddling friend, but I usually have to turn away because I might accidentally stab her through my jeans. Hanna admitted to me she was bi a few years ago and also that she liked me, which is great for me. but she’s been with Jessica since sophomore year back in high school. I stopped sleeping over when the moans and screams began.

Honestly it bothered me that she was Bi at first, but I didn’t mind much after seeing them kiss, though excusing myself to the bathroom was a bitch.

My day was going alright, I got an A on my test in creative writing, which is what I was majoring in so I felt good, but the weekend would be talking to Hanna and drinking a bit followed by a movie and some videogames.

Hanna came by with a new anime I had seen but I faked like I didn’t so she’d feel better, she dropped in at about 5 in the afternoon.

“Hey Dylan, what are you up to?” she said, her brown hair bouncing lightly.

“Just scaring the younger Escort Bayan crowd online with rumors about college and suggested readings, have you been doing you vile acts?” I asked.

“Other than getting laid nightly? No, oh me and Jesse split up, she finally met that guy she knew online and like him better.” Hanna said.

“Shit, you alright?” I asked hoping she wouldn’t cry, I hated seeing girls cry.

“Yeah I’m fine, I don’t take things as badly as you do remember?” She said, mocking my break up a few years ago.

“I survived it quite nicely thank you.” I said standing and giving her a hug but she held on too long and sadly the beast woke up.

“Ahh, so your as big as you use to say.” Hanna remarked.

We sat and laughed popping in a movie, her commenting on my erection that wouldn’t go down, I told her I might have to cut it off, she offered to help, which made me a little nervous though she was only joking.

“Well this is pretty good, you’ve corrupted me again.” I said, hiding my bought copy of the movie under my bed. “What should we do after this?” I asked

“Well you know I am a little lonely, maybe cuddle a little?” She asked, I agreed, the movie played on, with swordfights, badly acted plot, more fighting, a few nice sexual scenes, and then a climactic point that was cliché’d and boring.

“Well anyway what do you want to drink?” She asked, holding up some wine and winking.

“you know I can’t drink, I’m from a very Celtic family I’d never stop if I started.” I said, it was true I’m mostly all Welsh, and I show it with light blue eyes and brown hair.

“Fine let me get drunk, but don’t blame me if I try and sleep with you.” Hanna said patting the beast as he woke again, taking the threat of cold showers to make him subside the first time.

She continued toying with me and I eventually got the idea, she was trying to Kızılay Escort get laid. I was more than shocked the first time I figured this, but more aroused than shocked so I ceased to care.

I took off my shirt because it was nearing summer and my window was open, sitting against the bed I took out my X-box and got out Dead or Alive 3.

“No you don’t.” Hanna said, “I’m not going to be beaten in that game.”

“Well what do you want to do?” I asked.

“Strip… well what are we both good at?” She asked, making me impossibly horny.

“Well you’re good at art, and I can write, that comes to, nothing. Maybe we should just strip?” I suggested sarcastically, she simply smiles and took of her shirt. I’m very partial to large breasts but she happened to have all the right curves in all the right places.

“You do know you’re teasing me.” I said, smiling at her.

“Yeah, but be a good boy and I’ll reward you.” She said sexily as she moved up and kissed me.

“I think I like this game.” I said making her laugh, as she then said.

“Well I’m not the only one stripping.”

“True, but we should get on the bed if we’re going to be serious about this.” I said kissing her and feeling her tongue sneak into my mouth. “Wait, are you a virgin?” I asked feeling dumb afterwards.

“Jesse showed you the strap-on remember?” Hanna said kissing around and sitting on the bed.

“I wish you wouldn’t have reminded me, I think that’s a little, well unusual.” I said.

“Relax, I’ll be needing the real thing eventually.” She said rubbing the beast through my jeans, I only call it that because the name Vlad the Impaler was taken, I used that as a high school joke, and I’m not all that big. People claim being above seven inches but not quite eight is huge, I think it’s average.

I sat on the bed and undid my belt, she took pride in removing Ankara Escort my jeans and lowering her head to my cock and sucking on it lightly. This went fast, I thought, looking at her smile while she was working on me. I slid her pants down and started rubbing her through her panties which happened to be black, she really was going to tease me.

“Did you plan this?” I asked her as she then pulled my boxers down.

“Well maybe just a little.” she sad reaching for the band of her panties she slid them down slowly. We both, completely naked, began kissing and rubbing each other. I moved down to lick her and was not stopped. she wasn’t shaven but trimmed, which was good enough for me.

I started licking her slit to get revenge for teasing me earlier, but she just sat back and enjoyed it. I decided she had enough and spread her open finding her clit and sucking on it while rolling my tongue over it. She started to breathe heavy and rub my hair. the heavy breathing turned into light moaning and she the bucked her hips at me and then laid back against my bed.

“Have fun?” I asked. She just slid down and started to kiss me in a fevered passion. I grabbed a condom from my drawer next to my bed that also had the K-Y for lonely nights like this would have been, and some toilet paper, for cleanup. I slid the condom on and looked up to her with questioning eyes, she just nodded and pulled me to her.

I rested against her entry and slowly punched in, she sighed and moved to speed the process up, she must have been horny. Soon we got a good pace going and she was pushing back against me. I must say she had been very worked by Jesse these past few years because she wasn’t tight at all but she felt good. I started to feel my orgasm coming as one of hers was going by she then pulled me close to her and kissed me, which sent me over the edge as I came into the condom.

I pulled out and we laid together, cuddling, like we said we would, and I heard words to this day I’ll always be glad were said, “Can I move in here?” Hanna said. I didn’t mind at all, and we had sex like mad for the next few days and never had to worry about being lonely again.

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