Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 07


It’s mid-February and freezing weather. It is also Friday evening inside the college gym with a home meet. The heavy-weight division competition had begun. Frida (25 yrs.) is a voluptuous Latina (36-24-36) who wears a thick sweater and jeans. She’s got a press pass clipped just above her tits. Her hands hold up a “Nikon” digital camera as she takes pictures of every competing wrestler. Frida sits in the front row bleachers and looks down.

She whispers to herself, “I think I found another hot wrestler.”

Axel (19 yrs.) stands at 6 foot and weighs 197 lbs. He had caught Frida’s attention with his boyish face. He has solid muscle from head-to-toe with a nicely cut, black beard. His hairy chest peeks out of that tight wrestling suit.

Inside the locker-room. Axel stands under a hot shower facing the wall. The water splashes over his big broad shoulders and muscular back. His black hair falls over his forehead. His right hand rubs down from his beard, to his chest, to the hairy abdominal’s.

He bends down and places his hands onto both of his knees. “I need to get laid badly” he says.

Inside the Hotel lobby. Axel’s teammates walk to their rooms. He wears his college jacket, stocking cap and thick sweats. His sport bag hangs over his right shoulder. He is given Escort Bayan his room card-key and a note. His fingers open it and he reads, “I’m Frida – I left my camera with your wrestling photos. Check Hotel clerk – I’m in room 130.”

Axel walks up to the desk counter and asks, “Is there something for Axel in room 80?”

The male clerk answers, “Oh yeah, this beautiful Spanish gal left it for you.”

That clerk soon hands the camera to Axel who carries it up the hallway.

Inside his Hotel room. Axel lays on the bed wearing only his jockey shorts. His hand reaches over and grabs the camera from the edge of the table. He begins looking at the pictures and Frida’s nude photos appear first. Axel suddenly sits up.

He says, “Holy, what a body. What room is she in… 130?”

It’s late Friday mid-night inside Frida’s Hotel room. The big screen TV plays a Spanish soap opera with the volume turned off. No other lights are on in the room. The curtains are opened halfway and the window is fogged up by the heater below.

That TV light shines over Alex who is naked and laying back on the bed. Both of his legs are spread and bent over the edge. Frida is also naked who kneels in between his muscular legs. Her right palm grips his very thick, Ankara Escort 7 and a ½-inch cock. Both of her lips tightly cover his cock-tip as her tongue licks him furiously.

Axel lifts up his head and looks down at her. He whispers, “Yeah… Like that… Uh-Uhh… Stay on the tip… Uh-that’s it… Uhhhh-Man!”

Her hand slides down to his hairy crotch, but she keeps licking hard all around his tip.

He drops his head back onto the bed and closes his eyes. “Uh-Oh…! Gu-God… Right there… Uhhh… F-Feels good.!!”

Frida pulls her mouth off of that engorged tip and whispers, “Eres tan espeso (you are so thick).”

Her other hand slides over his hairy abdominal’s.

Both of her lips slide over his cock-tip again and she begins circling him with her tongue. Her hand grips his wide shaft and strokes it.

She sounds like his cock tastes good, “Mmm. Mmm. Mmmmm.”

He responds, “Oh, God… Like… That… So, Gu-Good.!!”

10 minutes later. Frida is on her back with her hands pushing against the bed head-board. Both of her legs are spread open. Axel is kneeling in between those legs whose muscular thighs lift hers up a little bit. Both of his hands are wrapped around her waist.

Only his cock-tip and an inch of Ankara Escort Bayan his shaft is buried inside of her black pussy. He looks down at her flopping tits while his thickness forcefully thrusts in-and-out.

She responds, “Uhhh.! Uhh.! Uh-Uhh.! Dios (god).! Dios.! Uh-Uh-Uhhh.!!”

Axel keeps his thrusts controlled as his muscle powers, against her body.

Frida looks up at his hairy chest.

She says, “Uh-Uhh.! Uhh.! Bu-Bueno (good). Bueno.! Bu-Uh-Ueno.! Uh-Dios (god).!!”

He stops, but keeps his cock inside of her. He leans over and places his hands on the bed. His strong thighs lift up her legs. His right palm wipes some sweat from his forehead.

He breathes, “You okay baby?”

She answers, “Si (yes). Si.. Eres sexy (you’re hot).”

His cock doesn’t go any deeper, but his thrusts are still short and forceful.

Frida responds, “Uh-Unnh.! Unh.! Unh.! DIOS (god).! DIOS.! BUENO (good).!!”

Axel suddenly stops and explodes, “Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.!!”

His cock pulls out. He drops to his elbows covering her body. She leans up, kisses him and her left hand rubs his thick chest of hair.

He asks, “You okay Frida?”

She answers, “Yes, I came twice.”

Axel smiles and kisses her. He then climbs off of the bed and pulls off the tight condom. She watches his gorilla body bounce into the bathroom.

10 minutes later. Axel lays naked on his back again, on the bed. His legs hang off of the edge. Frida kneels in between his spread legs. She strokes his cock back to life.

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