Late Night Forgiveness


David drove around in his Mustang late into the night. He and Kerry, his girlfriend, had had a fight over dinner that ended badly with him driving off angry.

It was a stupid fight, not worth having really. He had gone off to watch some hockey with his friends and have some beer at the local sports bar. Kerry was mad because he’d gone off and had fun “with the guys” once again. You could say she was feeling a little left out.

Anyway, they fought their fight and he stormed off in his car, at first very angry, but now just disappointed. He loved Kerry very much. She was so beautiful and had such a wonderful sense of humor that he just couldn’t stay angry with her. But he was disappointed in the way she was so possessive of him and his time.

It was nearing one o’clock, and he knew if he didn’t head for home soon, he’d probably end up having another fight before dawn. So he u-turned in a dark rural intersection and headed back towards home.

He pulled into the driveway at 1:43. It was one of those times that you just can’t forget, like the first numbers you see on your alarm clock in the morning when it startles you from sleep. The clock on this dashboard went dark as he turned his ignition to the off position and exited the car. As he approached their apartment, he noticed all the lights were off and that familiar blue flicker of light bounced around the apartment from their television. Kerry had probably fallen asleep on the couch. He climbed the stairs to their 2-bedroom apartment on the second floor and quietly approached the door. He could hear the muffled sound of the television. He unlocked the door and stepped inside making as little noise as possible. He closed the door and locked it, hung his coat on the hook and slipped out of his shoes. In his sock covered feet, he walked to the living room and saw Kerry on the couch. Asleep as he thought she would be, television glowing on her face, she looked very peaceful. She was covered in a quilt that was pulled up under her chin. One arm dangled out from under the blanket, the rest of her body completely covered by the soft home-sewn quilt her grandmother had made her.

He Escort Etimesgut walked over and knelt beside her. How could he ever have fought with her? Why would he ever want to spend time with the guys when he could be cuddled next to her in their bed? He paused for a moment and thought how badly he’d behaved. He placed his hand on her forehead then brushed the back of his hand across her soft cheek. She felt so warm and soft to his touch. Kneeling next to her on the floor, David slowly peeled back the quilt so he could walk Kerry to bed. As the quilt moved off of her chest, he was surprised to see she’d fallen asleep in the nude. He’d never known her to do such a thing. Naturally, seeing her breasts there in the blue glow of the television stirred familiar feelings in David and his penis started to harden in his baggy jeans.

He let his hand move itself to her breast and he felt how smooth and soft she was. He bent over her slightly and kissed her nipple, flicking it with his tongue lightly as she slept. A small groan escaped her lips and her eyes slowly opened. He lifted his mouth from her breast. Without a word, Kerry caressed the back of David’s head and looked into his eyes. His lips began to form the word ‘sorry’, but before he could say a thing, she brought her finger to her mouth and signaled him not to speak with a quiet ‘shhhh’. She smiled and stared deeply into his eyes. He knew he was forgiven, and he returned to kissing her nipple.

Her hand caressed his hair, her other hand draped casually behind her neck. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue ran over her lips. She hissed in slightly as David pinched her nipple between his teeth, then she exhaled and licked her lips again. David was doing just what Kerry loved most about his lovemaking. He was worshipping her body making her all warm and wet below without even a single touch to her pussy. Her hips rocked slowly into the couch as David continued to worship her breast.

Both hands now on David’s head, she urged his mouth further down her torso. He left a moist trail as his mouth and tongue made their way down her soft, smooth Etimesgut Escort body by Kerry’s urgings. She didn’t stop directing his kisses until the quilt had peeled off to her mid thighs and David’s tongue had found her clit the way she’d wanted. David knew exactly what to do.

He darted his tongue over her swelling clit and parted her pussy lips with two fingers. He ran his tongue over her clit and down her moist lips then back again. Her lips were already wet with her own excitement, and David could taste her as he licked. He pushed his tongue into her pussy as deeply as he could then pulled it back out and headed up to her clit again. Her hands resting firmly on the back of his head, urging him on, he increased his attention and sucked fervently on her open lips. Her hips began to quiver and her breathing came in shorter pants; he knew she was approaching orgasm. He trailed his tongue down and again parted her lips and let his nose gently massage her clitoris as he tongue-fucked Kerry until she came in deep moans and heavy breath. She pushed his head into her hard so his tongue could enter as far as possible. He could feel her moistness on his tongue as her hips ground into his mouth. He loved when she came, and wished it could always be his tongue in her when she did. As her orgasm subsided, she gently pulled David up to her mouth by his ears.

He kissed her deeply on the mouth as he knelt there beside her on the floor. Their tongues locked in each other’s mouths Kerry hugged him. He rose to his feet and looked longingly at Kerry lying on the couch, her body glistening with a slight perspiration from her orgasm, her legs open, her nipple erect. His hands moved, involuntarily, to his buttons and he undid his jeans. He pushed them down over his ass and slid his boxers off in his next movement. He stepped out of them and left them on the floor besides the couch. He placed a knee between her legs then brought in his other leg. He knelt between her legs, staring into her eyes, his hard cock shining with pre-cum, aimed slightly upward. He pressed down on the head of his cock and aimed it at Kerry’s waiting pussy. Etimesgut Escort Bayan Her legs came up as she lifted herself to meet his penetration. He positioned his head at the opening of her lips and slowly entered her, feeling her warm, wet, swollen pussy lips caressing every inch of his cock until he was fully planted within.

Kerry brought her ankles to rest on the small of David’s back, and he began to move. His cock slid beautifully in and out of her juicy pussy. With each outward pull, David could see his cock reflecting the blue glow of the television in its glistening wetness. As he bucked his hips and moved his hardness in and out of Kerry’s pussy, he suckled her breasts. His breath escaped him through his nose and Kerry could hear his excitement. Up until now, he had been slowly moving in and out of her, but he began to feel very warm and slick and increased his speed. He could hear his cock mingling with her wetness in a delightful squishing sound as he pumped his engorged penis in and out of his lovely Kerry. His balls hit her ass with every inward thrust making a small slapping noise barely audible over his loud breathing. She could feel them hitting her as like two heavy weights.

His excitement coming to its peak, David removed his mouth from Kerry’s breasts. It was no longer possible to continue to breathe through his nose as his heavy and hard panting made it obvious what was about to happen. David rose and knelt between her legs, torso straight, head tilted back, mouth open, and sweat dripping down his chest. He kept his cock pounding her pussy and with a powerful lunge, he plunged it deep into her and shot his first spurt of cum deep within. He let out a loud moan and pumped and shot his second spurt as deeply as he could. Then again, a third time, he poured another spurt of cum and kept his cock buried deep, swimming in a sea of his sperm and her juices. He looked down at their joined genitals and saw small amounts of his cum leaking out around his cock. He pushed his softening cock into her and laid down on top of her. He kissed her deeply on the mouth and hugged her as he felt his cock softening in its warm bed of hot, wet flesh.

They fell asleep together there on the couch. The blue light of the television continued to flicker throughout the room until it was dimmed by the light of the rising sun. Their fight was now a distant memory. The smell of their lovemaking lingered in the air.

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