Last Day at Work

Big Dick

It was Jordan’s last day at our office. He was moving to another office and yet, here he was still coming to my office to help me out with our new e-mail software. Jordan had come to our office about a year ago for a maternity leave replacement and had lately helped with the transition from our old system to the new one. There had been a few months of cleaning up old files and ensuring no important information was lost. And now, we were live with the new system and often needed help with it.

Jordan walked in and sat on the second chair in my office. I had a cd playing on my computer. As I went to lower the volume, Jordan asked “Is that Burton Cummings?”

“Yes, it is. I’m surprised that you’d recognize him.”

“I’ve been a fan forever. My older sister was the one to force feed him to me but I didn’t mind.”

“Yeah, I had the whole household listening to him too.”

“So which album is this? Sounds like one of his lesser known songs. I didn’t know it was on CD”

“This one is from the Woman Love album and no, it’s not on CD. I have it at home and made it into and MP3 file and put it on here with all his other songs.”

“All his songs?”

“Yeah, I have all of his solo albums, most in the LP format. I simply hooked up my computer to the sound system and recorded them and once they were in MP3 format, I was able to fit them all onto one CD. Then, I just put it on shuffle and I can listen to him for hours!”

“That is so cool!”

“Would you like to have it? I can always burn myself a new one at home.”

“Do you have ‘Break it to them Gently’ on there? That is the one and only song of his I can’t stand.”

“Yes, it’s on there. It’s my least favorite too but I usually just skip it.”

“Is there any way you could burn a cd for me without that song and send it to me?”

“When are you leaving town?”

“Tomorrow, why?”

“Why don’t you follow me home this afternoon and I can burn you the disc right then and there. That way, you can have it right away. I can even burn you a second one for your sister.”

“You’d do that?”

“Sure! Let’s fix this and then, at 4:30, wait for me in the parking lot and we’ll go over to my place, burn you the two discs and then you can go.”

Jordan agreed and we went on with the task at hand. At the end of the day, I found Jordan waiting in the parking lot, as I had suggested. He followed me to my condo in town.

I’d only had the condo about 3 months. Before that, I had lived with my boyfriend in a house. But then, he’d gotten into a fight with a co-worker and had fallen during this fight, hit his head just so and had never gotten back up. We’d been having lots of issues at home and I had told him in no uncertain terms that if he got into a fight, I’d leave him. As fate would have it, he’d unwillingly left me. It had taken me over 3 months just to get the right to sell our house but once on the market, it had sold within days and I’d found this superb condo that was available immediately.

The condo had two bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining area and living room. While the average condo size in our area was less than 800 square feet, this one was a tad over a thousand. It was still quite the downsizing compared to our 2400 square feet house but I was very happy with it and with having less to maintain clean. However, Escort Keçiören with only two bedrooms, I’d had to put my computer desk and all office stuff in my bedroom, the bigger of the two. The other bedroom was just big enough for the bed, night tables and one dresser and was used for guests. My bedroom, on the other hand, was big and even though I’d had to trade in my huge office desk for a smaller computer desk, it was very functional.

When we got to the condo, Jordan and I took the elevator up to the fourth floor where I lived and I gave him the dime tour of my place, ending with my room. There, I told him to sit on the bed while I powered up my computer. We made small talk about the condo as the computer booted up. Within a few minutes, I had showed him the software I had used and gotten the two discs burnt and ready to go. I also made up the jewel case covers and the cd labels to make it all look professional.

While this was all going on, I couldn’t help but notice Jordan’s gaze often go to my breasts. I had on a golf shirt with buttons that go relatively low and while I usually had the two bottom buttons done up, recently, these two buttons just wouldn’t stay put and often opened up on their own. I had wanted to fix up the button holes but had just let it slide. Now, sitting there in my room, there was only once button left done up and I was showing quite a lot of cleavage. With a devilish little streak in me, I decided to play a bit. I knew that if I moved a certain way, the last button would come undone so I did. It took Jordan about a minute to notice but notice he did. I saw him shift on the bed and thought to myself that I was not the only one with things misbehaving.

Jordan couldn’t help himself. Here I was, sitting within inches of him, with my DD breasts enticingly exposed. He kept stealing glances at my cleavage and tried hard to look up into my eyes when I spoke.

When the two CDs were done, I stood up and Jordan followed suit. Jordan was a fast thinker and offered a thank you hug. I felt his arms go around me, warm and strong. He held me just a bit longer than a hug would be and when we pulled back, he didn’t totally free me. Then, he bent down and kissed me. The kiss was tentative at first but as soon as I kissed back, it became more passionate and demanding. His arms tightened around me once more and we spent a few minutes kissing.

Then, I felt his hands move on me and soon, he had them on my sides, just below my bra. He moved them up just slightly and had his thumbs resting slightly on my breasts. It was obvious that he was testing whether I’d let him do more than kiss me. Without breaking the kiss, I arched my back ever so slightly and he took the hint that it was okay to caress me. After seven months of being by myself and a month before that when there had been nothing happening at home because of all the tension, I was just simply horny! I wanted Jordan and I wanted him now.

Jordan was 5’10” and athletic. He had beautiful black eyes and red lips. Oh my god, those lips had caught my attention a while ago. Such a beautiful smile they would make! And here he was, using them to kiss me. He was a good kisser too. I was just melting with desire in his arms.

I decided it was time to show him my desire by lowering my own hands down his back and towards Keçiören Escort his rear end. Once there, I pulled him against me and ground my pelvis against his ever so slightly. It was enough to make him groan softly. Through our clothes, I could feel his hardness and the anticipation made me hotter for him. However, I had two rules before I’d have sex with him and I needed to know he’d adhere to them.

So I pulled back slightly and broke the kiss. He said my name and said “I want you”. I told him “I want you too but you have to promise me two things”. He kissed me and said “anything.” I pulled away a bit more and said “This is serious! You have to promise me that what happens here stays here. You are never to say anything about this to anyone from our company or anyone who might say something to someone from our company. My privacy is important to me. So you have to promise.” Jordan was kissing my cheek and my neck and mumbled “I promise to keep this a secret.” Again, I pulled back and held his head away this time. “Condition number two is ‘no glove, no love’. And I’ll even put it on you myself but you have to agree to it.” Then, he sighed and lowered his head, saying “I don’t have any with me.” I smiled and told him “I have some, don’t worry.” His face lit up and he said “deal!” And he started kissing me again. Soon, I felt him tugging at my shirt, lifting it out of my jeans. I did the same with his shirt. Feeling his hands on my skin was wonderful. So warm and soft!

Soon, our shirts were off and Jordan was kissing the parts of my breasts that weren’t in the bra. Then, he noticed that it was a front closure bra and undid it and let it fall to the floor behind me. He was caressing my nipples, making them hard. He was kissing them, tugging on them with his lips. I was in heaven. He said “I can’t wait to wrap these around my cock.” I couldn’t wait either!

We tugged at each other’s jeans and soon, we were naked on the bed. His hands were all over my body and mine all over his. I then told him to straddle me and pushed up my breasts around his cock. Oh, what a beautiful cock it was! A full 6 inches long and thick and perfectly cut. I couldn’t resist, as soon as he pushed forward between my breasts, I kissed his tip and licked it. He moaned. He moved back and forth between my breasts for a few minutes and then stayed in the forward position so I could better suck this wonderful beast.

Then, he said he wanted to taste me too and he turned around so we could 69. And then I felt his lips on my trimmed pussy. Oh, what a sensation! His fingers opened up my pussy lips and he started licking my slit. Each lick sent millions of tingles though my whole body. Then, he stopped over my clit and sucked on it gently. I thought I would come right then and there. But he stopped and said “not yet baby”. And he continued to play with me, bringing me to the edge several times but not letting me go over. He was an expert! Then, he let it happen and I came harder than I’d had in years. I let go of his cock and cried out my pleasure. He turned around and straddled me again, saying “where are those gloves now?”

I reached over to my night table and grabbed a condom and fitted it over his pulsating cock. I took my time doing so, playing with him. As soon as it was fully on, he pulled away and positioned himself Keçiören Escort Bayan between my legs. “I’ve got to get inside you”. Soon, the tip of his cock was at my pussy and I moaned from pleasure. I was dripping wet from my own orgasm so he had no problem sliding in. As he did so, he let out a moan of his own, saying “oh, you are so tight and warm!” Having not had children, my pussy was still quite tight and I loved it as it made men happy and provided me with nice friction too.

He leaned on me and kissed me, moving his cock slowly in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his body and held him as tight as I could. With my own pelvis moving in rhythm with his, we accelerated the pace. “Oh yeah, fuck me Jordan.” I said to him. Then, he said “I’d love to take you in ten different positions but it’s been so long, I really can’t hold back for much longer.” I was so close to my second orgasm that I didn’t care for a change of position at that time either so I said “Go ahead baby, I’m right there with you”. He pounded into me even faster and I started coming again. The contractions of my pussy around his cock pushed him over the edge too and he came.

Jordan withdrew and lay down beside me, still kissing me softly. We both got up to use the washroom and lay back down on the bed, cuddling for a while. We had laid there for a few minutes when his cell phone rang. He grabbed it with a start and said “it’s Dean, I was supposed to go for drinks with him and George”. Two other IT guys from work. I told him to answer it. From the conversation, I understood that Jordan had told Dean he was coming over to my place after work. He told Dean that we’d lost track of time and he’d be right there. Dean must have asked him to invite me because Jordan looked up and asked me “you want to join us?” I shook my head and said “No, I have to get ready for a date too.” Jordan repeated this to Dean and hung up. Then, he grabbed his clothes and just growled at me: “you have a date tonight? What kind of girl sleeps with one guy and then goes on a date with another?” He was angry. He was jealous!

I had to laugh. I walked over to him and said “I don’t have a date tonight, other than with my TV. But you’re right, what kind of girl would do that? Not me! So you go have drinks with these guys and tell them I wouldn’t tell you who the date was with. They will then not think that anything else might have gone on here.” I kissed him and said “remember that this has to be our little secret! And what a good secret it was!” Jordan relaxed and smiled. “You’re wicked!” he said as he finished getting dressed.

I put on a robe and walked Jordan to the door. Before opening the door, we had one last long kiss. Jordan said “if we keep going like this, we’ll have to head back to your bedroom and the guys will really wonder just how much we could have to say about Burton Cummings.” He gave me one last peck and left.

I never thought Burton Cummings could still have that effect!

Jordan kept his word and never told a soul at our company about our time together. Dean and George tried to get me to say who I’d had a date with and blabbed to a bunch of people at work. At first, I would just tell people that it was none of their business. But the curiosity of people was just too strong and finally, I had to say that my date had been a blind date and that the guy had stood me up. I told them that it was embarrassing and to please drop it! Of course, there were still a lot of gossip but at least they left me alone for a while.

About two months later, a new neighbour moved in next door and he was single. But that’s for another story.

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