Lacretia Ch. 2


I’ve told you how I became a Vampire, now let me tell you a story about who we are, and why we exist.

Forget what you’ve heard, read, or think you know about Vampire’s, because their all false.

We are not evil. The reason that we exist, is to rid the earth of corruption, and to protect the innocent. We do prey on humans, we do thirst for blood, but we only prey and thirst for the blood of those who prey on the innocent. I’ll spare you the oral history, but that is our main focus in our lives.

The second is that all Vampires are women. Why? Who is better to use when destroying corrupting influences. Who better to use in a male dominated society? Who else knows what men want, than a woman, who has lived eternally.

Why do I exist then? Every two thousand years, a male is chosen to reside with the Mother, or Queen of all Vampires. His duty is please his queen and to produce offspring to last as long as imperfect humankind exist. Making my job a very erotic profession. After my two thousand years, I die, and another is chosen. I’ve only lived so far for two hundred and twenty six years, so I’m still learning, I’m still at my prime. During the day, we have sex, what we do is not really considered love making, but it is very, very erotic. The moans of passion and pleasure fills the castle and all of it’s chambers. We torture each other with pain and pleasure. We lust for each others body.

Along with my queen, I live with six others, five are Lacretia’s, that she’s had over the years, and one is of my sperm. All of course are women. Nadia, is the oldest at fifteen hundred years, Califa, is one thousand two hundred, Karinta follows at nine hundred and ninety five, Nyssa and Nyah the twins are nine hundred. Then there is my girl, Capri, she is only a baby at one hundred thirty.

That is only who lives with us. We have others who come in and out on a nightly basis. Mostly to be apart of our nightly orgies.

Being the only male in an all woman society, is very hard work. Because I live for one reason, to fuck. They do all love me, but I exist because they can not reproduce on their on or with any living male.

Each October, we have a huge party in which we invite all of those who totally displayed shameless conduct, those who destroyed innocent lives and who escaped prosecution. Our guest ranged from Politicians to priest to corrupt businessmen. This year our list was much larger than normal.

The night before, Lacretia and Capri were tiding up around the house, so the other five sisters basically fucked me dry of sperm. These demons love it. They suck my cock, then drain my cum into glasses and then sip on it later.

I need no rest, so most of the time this goes on day in and day out sometimes for months. Once our orgy lasted for four years. Myself and forty of the most stunning Vampires in the universe.

My cock was being sucked in a ravage frenzy by Nadia, the four other girls lay on the huge bed next to me in a six nine tonguing each other pussy. I came for the twentieth time in Nadia’s mouth, and I drained my testicles giving her a cum shower. Being a male vampire, I am able to do things that no human male can do, like fuck for years at a time, and control my cum flow.

Nadia rose up from between my legs, cum dripped from her face and streamed down her neck onto her chest.

“More, I want more.”

“Nadia, if you wait another twenty four hours, you will have all the flesh, blood and cum you want.”

She pushed me to the bed and jumped on me. She slid on my cock, and began fucking crazily.

“I want to fuck Now. You are here for us, our pleasure. I thought after being with us for over two hundred years, you would get it by now.”

She continued bouncing up and down. The other girls arose from their sexual positions and moved over to Nadia. They began to slurp and lick the cum from Nadia’s face and body. Califa, straddled my face and forced me to lick her vagina. I licked and fucked it with my tongue. You can imagine how her cunt looked. She had fucked well over one million men through the course of her life. Her pussy was open and exposed the inner vagina walls. The head of her Escort Çankaya clit peaked out. Her labia, hung about four inches low. I loved licking her, because of the look of her pussy. The others including Lacetia, had their share of lovers, but Califa was by far the most sexual of the group. She would go to the main land on nights occasionally and seduce whole cities and towns. One night she felt extra sexual and ended fucking five thousand men. From dusk till she had to stop. The reason why she stopped, was the sun came up.

So here I was, with five uncontrollable creatures fucking, sucking and licking on me. Even though I did enjoy it, at times I just wanted to watch and not be apart. The only enjoyment I got physical came from Lacretia and Capri. The rest, just tolerated my being, because they had to.

They continued taking turns riding and sucking my body of cum, and all I could do is lay there. Finally, Lacretia walked in and told the women to get cleaned up and ready for the following night. They reluctantly left.

“I can not begin to apologize for my daughters lack of self control.”

“If I had feelings, I would care, but since I don’t, I really could care less.”

Capri walked over to me, and stood on the bed to hug me from behind. She kissed my neck softly, and gently bit me. She walked around to face me. I marveled at her slow aging body. She was one hundred and thirty years old but had the body of a pre-teen. Most of the girls did. Even Califa at twelve hundred looked like she was twelve.

Capri stood before me, her hair draped over her body, she looked at me waiting for me to please her. The others just would jump on me, no matter what time of the day or night. But Capri, being my only daughter , loved me and would shyly ask for me to please her blossoming sexuality.

I pulled her to me, and brushed her hair away from her small breast. I leaned down and sucked on them. Lacretia, stood behind Capri and rubbed her vagina. Capri was very shy when she was engaged in sex. But down the line, she would turn into a fucking machine. Califa took her to some millionaire’s home in Paris, because this particular man enjoyed having sex with young girls. Capri, being naturally shy, appeared to be innocent, and inexperienced, but when they were alone, she fucked the guy until he died.

Lacretia began to finger her cunt, I continued to suck her tits. She then jumped on my lap and began to fuck me. When she becomes sexually excited her eyes turn red, her finger nail grow, and her fangs emerge. She grabbed onto my back and dug her nails deep into my skin. I began to bleed. Lacretia got behind me and licked the blood that dripped from my scratches. Capri calmed down and returned to her former girlish form. She moved off of me, and sat with her legs spread. She put her fingers into her cunt, and pulled out with cum on them. She then sucked them. Lacretia knelled to the floor in front of Capri and licked her pussy, and inner thighs. You could tell by her facial expressions and moans that she enjoyed that taste of the freshly fucked pussy and cum that was on her daughter.

“Now Capri, tomorrow night, you are going to have to control your self. You can not transform the way you have been doing. You have to stay in your human form until midnight. Then you can lose control.” “She’ll be fine, all she needs is to practice. You can fuck me for as long as you need, tonight and tomorrow morning if you like.”

I laid back on the bed and waited for her.

“First I want some of you cum.” Lacretia said.

She leaned down, and began sucking my cock. Capri sat to the side and masturbated while she watched. A few minutes later I came. I filled Lacretia’s mouth with my sperm. She leaned over to Capri and kissed her. When she did, she shared the cum with her. After Capri, laid on top of me, while Lacretia coached her in controlling her powers to transform into the demon she was. She would bounce up and down, rubbing her tits, grinding on my cock, moaning, screaming and drooling. Occasionally, she would loose control, but after fifteen hours of practice, she was able to control her emotions.

“Now I am ready!” Çankaya Escort She said.

“What are you going wear tonight?” I asked

“Nothing. Mother says that the man that will be mine, has a fetish for young nude girls.”

“Who is he?”

“A man who has raped innocent girls world wide, but tonight will be the last time he feels pleasure.”

“Are you sure you’ll be ok?”

“I’m a hundred and thirty, I may look innocent, and unprotected, but I’m not. I can handle myself.”

At that time, Nadia walks in the room and laid beside me.”

“Charles, I am sorry for treating you so bad. But at times, I just need to be fucked. So don’t take it personal when I go through that phase.”

“Apology accepted.”

“You can fuck me if you desire.”

“Just suck me. Let me be filled with perverted passion and shower you with my sperm.”

She knelled on the floor and I sat on the side of the bed and spread my legs. She began to suck on me, causing great perverted joy. Capri looked on with hungry eyes. Nadia then moved deep into my crotch and sucked hard. Over the course of fifteen hundred years, she has mastered the art of oral sex. Her suction was hard, her jaws locked and then she moved her head back. She sucked so hard, that she actually pulled me. When she pulled off of me, I erupted on her face. Glob after glob, stream after stream of hot cum spewed all over her face. I did not stop the flow of cum. I let pushed more out on to her. She leaned back, and I stood over her continuing the cum shower. Her chest was now covered. I then stuffed my still exploding cock into her pussy, and filled her up from the inside. I didn’t stop until Nadia was lying in a puddle of cum. She laid on the marble floor smiling. Capri looked from the bed, then slid down to the floor, and laid onto of her. They began to kiss, and caress. Capri began to lick the cum off of Nadia’s body.

I looked and became aroused again. I got on my knees and stuck my cock into Capri’s tight ass. I fucked it until it was two times the size it was. I then rubbed my cock a few times and filled up her ass with cum. I sat back on the bed, and watched my two daughter lick my cum off of each other.

Lacretia walked in and saw the two on the floor. She moved her hair from her chest, the told me to suck her tit’s. I put one in my mouth, and sucked hard on it. I then stopped and looked up at her, as she straddled me.

“I have someone for you tonight.” I said


“A man who ruined people, because he wanted to make himself richer. A man who is corrupt, who abuses his own flesh and blood. A man deserving to die.”

“Sounds like someone who will hold a very interesting dinner conversation.”

By nine O’clock, our castle was filled, with the world’s corrupt. Politicians, Judges, Drug lords, Lawyers, pedophiles. All who were invited to a large feast. But little did they know, they all were the main course.

I am not even going to begin to tell every story. But just the ones who were doubly deserving to die.

I started a conversation with a man who stared shamelessly at Capri. She received a lot of stares because she wore no clothing. Her long hair covered her chest, and rear. But every now and then she would turn quickly and expose her small chest.

The man whose last name was Mcbain, was from the Mid-west of the united states. Her told me that, he was excited, and that he looked forward to meeting some nice young women.

“How young do you like them?”

“I like them young. Very young.”

This was the man who was wanted in twenty five states for pedophilia. A man who had disrupted and destroyed so many families. He would be the first to die.

“Would you like to walk with me?” I asked

He agreed. I walked him to the outer living area. We sat on a couch by the fire place. He then opened up and told me about his uncontrolled desire to have sex with young girls. He said it was something he had no control of.

“I can’t control myself. It’s like, I have this monster in me that just rips me apart.”

“We all have monsters in us. Some…more than others. But it doesn’t excuse our ability Çankaya Escort Bayan not to control our actions.”

“I’ve tried, I just can’t. I can’t.”

“Can’t or don’t want to?”

“Some times, I don’t want to.”

Capri walked in and slowly walked passed him. His eyes lit up. I could see his arousal. His desire, his uncontrolled lust.

“This is my youngest daughter, Capri.”

She softly said hello. She sat beside me and listened into our conversation. She brushed her hair that covered her body, and exposed her ageless form. Mr. Mcbain squirmed in his seat.

“Are you Ok?” I asked

He took a deep swallow and said yes.

Capri, then moved over and sat on my lap. She unzipped my pants, then shoved my cock in her ass. “I, like you, enjoy sex with younger women.”

I moved my hands from her waist to her chest and squeezed her tits. I kissed her shoulder as she moved up and down on my cock. I gently caressed her face.

“Can you guess how old she is, Mr. Mcbain?”

He shook his head. And stared at Capri.

“She’s one hundred and thirty.”

He laughed. He then began rubbing his pants.

“Capri, would you be so kind so as to gently suck my cock?”

Capri kneeled in front of me, and began to suck on me. I came in her mouth, and filled it up. She got up slowly, cum dripped from her chin. She took Mr. Mcbain’s hand, and pulled him up. She looked up at him and began to unbuckle his pants.

“Mcbain, that name sounds so familiar. Was your grandfather ever in the Caribbean?”

“I….I…I don’t know, why?”

“Because, I fucked a John Mcbain about One hundred years ago. He like you loved young women. You must be related.”

Capri pulled his pants down to the floor, and sucked is cock. You could see, his joy thinking this was a teenager who was doing this to him. He moaned with pleasure. He pulled he hair, gyrating his self into her face. When he came, Capri pulled back and let him drain on her face. She stood up, and walked to me. She hugged me. I ran my hands down her back to her ass, and lightly squeezed it.

“I want to fuck her!”

Capri looked up at me and smiled.

“I will fuck you, then I will suck the blood from your body, and have your heart for desert.”

“I don’t care, I just want to fuck you!”

“Are you sure you want to die, this way. If we turn you into the police, they will give you a chance, once in my bed, you will not leave, you will not live, but you will die.”

“We’ll see after I’m done with you.” “You’ll see. Follow me.”

She escorted him up the stairs to her suite. Lacratia walked in, and saw Capri take her victim to the alter.

“It seems like yesterday, we taught her how to suck the blood from her victims. Now our little girl is growing up.”

I leaned over and kissed her. Just then Walter a corporate CEO of a large energy trading company walks in.

“Charles, I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your place, and I wanted to thank you for believing in me. That even though I did funnel millions, from my company, I was not the cause for all those people loosing their pensions.”

“If those who have money don’t stick together, than who will?”

“I agree.”

“Have you met my wife?”

“I don’t believe I have.”

“This is Lacretia. Lacretia, this is Walter.”

When he looked into her eyes, he became hypnotized. He was stunned.

“She is so beautiful.” Walter said.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, Yes I do. I will do anything for you.”

“Tell me what country did you hide the money from your companies pensions.”

“Cayman Islands. Bank of Grand Cayman, account fbs1589635545. There is one point five billion.”

“Follow me, so that I can please you before you die.”

She laid him on the floor, and began fucking him.

I walked back into the banquet hall, and every one had gone with there escorts to their rooms. I looked at the Grandfather clock, it read eleven fifty eight, PM. Two more minutes and the world would be free from one hundred criminals and murderers. Fifty nine and forty seconds. Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One. At the stroke of Midnight, the moans of pleasure that filled the castle, became screams of horror.

I felt some what lonely, but until we get women who deserve to die like this, I’ll never have the thrill. Oh well maybe next year.

Happy Erotic Holloween……………………….

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