Kirsten’s Fantasy


I didn’t know I was meeting my future wife, Kirsten, when I first ran into her. I was a senior in high school and she was a little ol’ freshman. Not to bad, I thought, for a kid but I was into older women, at least 17 or 18, at the time. I was also into leaving this hick burg as soon as possible.

So I joined the navy right after high school and spent 4 years having a good time playing around the Pacific. When my hitch was up, it was time to figure out if I was a lifer or not, so I took some time and went back home. It would give me some time to think and I would be there in time for my little bother’s high school graduation, too.

It was at Jessie’s graduation that I realized who she was. Kirsten, that little ol’ freshman, was graduating with him and she was now a major babe; tight little bod from 4 years of gymnastics, the innocent little baby face with the kind of full Angelina Jolie lips that always drives me crazy, a perfect little round ass and high, firm little tits that just beg you to take them out and play. So I went after her, I chased Kirsten hard until I got her. We were married in September, right after I re-upped and just before I shipped out again.

I spent a big part of the summer getting real close to nailing her cute little ass but she always backed out, swearing to me that she was going to be a virgin on our wedding night. She reached her goal. Frustrating, but what the hell. September third came and I went where no man had gone before. She was such a fucking natural. She loved sex so much that I was surprised she’d saved herself until that first night. For the two weeks we had together before I left, she was ready, willing and able anytime and anywhere. We did it two or three times a day and then again at night after we went to bed. We christened the couch, the kitchen table, the apartment balcony and a chaise at the pool. She quickly learned how to move her pussy to give me maximum pleasure while we were fucking and she had an amazing mouth. She seemed to love giving head and kept experimenting, trying to find better ways of getting me off.

Damn, I was going to miss every inch of her tight little bod after I shipped out. But, quite honestly, I needed a few days rest, too.

I was out 6 months and the thought of Kirsten’s mouth on my cock was a nightly fantasy that always got me hornier than a two peckered billy goat. When my ship docked in Australia for 2 weeks, I saw some wicked bikinis on one of the beaches – little spots of cloth held in the right places by dental floss. Kirsten’s tight butt and firm little tits would look great in one of those, I thought. So I found the joint that made those things, a hole in the wall in Byron Bay called Wicked Weasel. Hot fucking damn stuff came out of that place!

I bought a tiny little yellow thing and wrapped it around the biggest black dildo I could find and shipped it to her. A great gag gift, I thought.

I called her after it arrived and that’s when we got into some phone sex for the first time.

“Your gift was NASTY!” She said with just a hint of delight in her voice. “I could never wear that thing in public!”

“Wear it for me, right now. And send me a pic.”

“Imagine I’m wearing it and you’re here. What would you do?”

I heard her rustling through the package. I heard a zipper being pulled. She was getting out of her street clothes. She was putting it on as we spoke.

“I’d bite it off with my teeth”

“Then you’d lick every inch of my body?”

“You would be SOOO wet. That other thing would slide right in.”

“Would you really want your wife to do that? Play with a big, black…?”

I heard her moan. Was she was actually playing with it? “Just wanted you to know what another big dick looked like.”

“I’ve seen a few,” she gasped.

“A sweet little virgin like you were?” I sneered, but my heart skipped a beat at the thought.

“Sweet, maybe. But I was only technically a virgin. I’ve played with couple of them before you…Oh, Oh!”

I swear she was close to getting herself off. Was she actually fucking herself with that dildo or was it my imagination? Sitting in that little phone booth with my back to the door, I was getting some five finger relief myself.

“Tell me about it,” I whispered.

“The first was Davie Johnson when I was a junior. He was the first guy I let put his hands under my clothes. He would slide his hand under my bra and play with my boobs for hours while we were in a movie or watching something on TV at his house. He kept trying to get into my pants but I always stopped him until one night,”

She stopped talking and gasped. “Mmmmmmm, God, I never thought I would be doing this. Come home, I need the real thing inside me right now.”

She was using the dildo on herself. Damn! I found the idea a fantastic turn-on. “Tell me about that night,” I said.

“He usually tried to slide his hand slowly down my tummy but that night he just reached down and grabbed. I was wearing jogging shorts so there wasn’t much between my pussy and his görükle escort hand and I was already wet. I saw stars. I told him I wouldn’t do it with him and he said there were other ways. He put my hand on the front of his pants and we just rubbed each other until we both got off.” She stopped for a moment and I could hear her breathing heavily then she gasped, “Ohmygod, ohmygod!””

She was coming and it was a big one. She dropped the phone between her legs and I could hear the dildo making a wet, slurping sound as she pumped it in and out of her pussy. She was on the living room couch and I remember thinking about the curtains. If they weren’t closed, the neighbors could be seeing a great show. We came at the same time.

Breathless, she got back on the phone. “For the next few months, we went skin to skin. I let him slide his fingers into me while I pulled his cock out and jerked him off. I’ll tell you about M.J. next time you call.”

She hung up. I went fucking crazy.

M.J. was on her high school’s basketball team. He was six foot eight, black and the last person I thought might get his hands on her lily-white ass. I imagined one of his hands was big enough to palm her butt like a basketball. I was going nuts thinking about what she might tell me on our next phone call. I was also starting to understand why she so eagerly fucked herself with that dildo.

It was almost a week before I could call back from a phone that gave me some privacy. The call was even hotter with what I got on the mail that afternoon – a letter from Kirsten with the picture. She was wearing the bikini, standing with her back to the camera and turned just enough so I could see her face and chest. Everything was showing. The strap between her cheeks was buried between her buns so she looked bare-ass naked and, believe me, she has one of the most incredible asses I’ve ever seen. Her tits were mostly exposed, too, since the top covered little more than her nipples.

“That was a fucking hot photo,” I said when she answered.

“I felt so wicked when I took it. You should have seen the guy at the photo shop when he handed them to me. He was a guy I went to school with and I could tell he was doing something sick with the pictures in the back room. I’m sure he made copies for himself and showed them to his friends. You can see the rest of the shots when you get home.”

“Tell me about you and M.J.”

“He asked me out last year. We hung out for a few months. He wasn’t real happy with a hand job.”

“You jerked him off?”

“Just once. He really wanted to fuck me but I wouldn’t let him.

I heard her moan. “You got that little piece of M.J. in your hands.”

“You’re so bad.” It was more of a gasp than an accusation.

“What are you doing with it?” I asked.

“I’m licking it. It’s what I used to do to M.J.”

“Oh, damn,” I thought, She sucked him off. My heart exploded at the image of his big, black cock in her little white mouth.

“The second time I tried to get him off with my hands, he pushed me away. Said there was a better way. Then he pulled his cock out and started to push my head down. I knew right away what he wanted me to do.”

“He told me that if he could fuck my mouth he wouldn’t need my pussy. So I opened my mouth and let him slide it in. I lifted my leg up and put my foot on the dash of his car so he could stick his fingers in me. He had the longest fingers and he could go in really deep. I was always afraid he would pop my cherry with them.”

“You’re still licking it?”

“Mmm hmm. He would hold very still while I licked all around it then he would grab the side of my face and slide it in my mouth and keep pumping until he came. He told me my mouth was the sweetest cunt he ever fucked.” She was getting a little breathless and so was I. As big physically as he was and as small as Kirsten was, her mouth had to be almost as tight on his cock as the average pussy.

“The last time we went out, he came in my mouth then said he wanted to give me a special treat.”

“What, baby, what was the treat?”

“He took his fingers out of my pussy and got down between my legs. He slipped the crotch of my panties aside and put his mouth where his fingers were. He did fantastic things with his tongue. He pushed my legs up to my shoulders and licked my crack from top to bottom. He had this fantastic tongue that he shoved way inside me. I was so turned on that I wrapped my legs around his head and tried to stuff him inside me. It was so fucking fantastic.”

“Then what happened?”

I came so hard I almost passed out. When I opened my eyes and looked up, he had pulled my panties off and he had my legs on his shoulders. I was completely naked from the waist down. All I had on was my blouse and my Nikes and he was standing between my legs with his pants off.” She stopped talking for a minute, rubbing her pussy, I guessed.

She continued. “His dick was just a few inches from my pussy. Ohmygod, I was scared! I wanted him to do it. I almost bursa escort bayan let him do it. But I covered my pussy with my hand and stopped him. He got mad and left. He never called me again. But if he had just pulled my hand way and pushed it into me, I would have let him do it to me. I don’t think he ever knew he was about two seconds away from having me.”

“You’ve got him in your hands right now, put it where you want to put it.” I whispered.

“Oooh, god. It’s not in my mouth, anymore. It…it’s…”

I knew where it was. She had dropped the phone again and I could hear the dildo, sloshing in and out of her tight, soaking wet little cunt. We both came at the same time again.

Just one month and four more phone sex calls later, I was home for a short R and R. I wanted to drag her straight to the back seat of the car and fuck her brains out as soon as I got off the ship. Unfortunately our friends showed up, too, and insisted we go out together for a few drinks. We all went to our apartment so I could change into civvies.

“Want to see something?’ She asked as we talked while I changed.

I nodded.

She twirled around, her skirt rising. The she grabbed the hem and pulled it up over her waist. She was wearing the Wicked Weasel bottoms. “I got the top on, too, and you’re going to bite them off and lick me all over when we get back home tonight. Just like you promised.” The little cut-off tee top she was wearing did almost nothing to hide the shape of her firm tits or the fact that her nipples were bullets right now. I could make out the lines of the Weasel top. It just barely covered her nipples. “So fucking hot,” I thought.

“When we get back home tonight, you gotta bite it off with your teeth and lick me all over,” she whispered then licked the side of my neck.

If we didn’t have four people waiting in the living room, Kirsten’s heels would have been polishing the ceiling in a skinny minute. Damn! I wanted to do her so bad!

But we went out and had a few too many drinks, instead. We ended up at a club getting high and dancing until 2:00 AM when the place closed. We did everything we could to toy with each other; grab-ass dancing, feeling all the right places and long, open-mouthed kisses. By the time we staggered out of the bar we were about 10 seconds away from exploding.

The parking lot was nearly empty and we had parked near the back soI pinned her against the car and she wrapped herself around me. It was the longest, hottest, body-grinding, tongue-probing, hand-groping kiss we’ve ever experienced. It ended with my hands on her bare ass and her legs wrapped around my waist as she hunched her cunt against my rock-hard cock. After a week of no phone sex and the past four hours of teasing, I came in my pants, not exactly where I wanted to plant that first load. Some people in a nearby car witnessed the whole thing and pulled away, honking the horn as at least two guys leaned out the window hooting and hollering.

I thought we should get in the car and go home as fast as possible so we wouldn’t be arrested for being drunk and disorderly in public or, more likely, something like public fucking. I put her in the car and, when I got in, she fell over. With her head in my lap, she said, “I gotta show you what I used to do to M.J.”

Damn, that statement turned me on!

She was nibbling at the front of my pants, trying to haul my zipper down as we pulled out of the parking lot. I had to move the seat back to give her room to fish out my cock. “Oh, I made you all nasty,” she said when she realized how wet and sticky I was. “Let me clean you up.”

She started licking my cock, short little kitten like strokes that got me harder and harder as I drove down the street. She pulled back a few times and made little purring noises and nuzzled it to complete the image.

“Kirsten, you gotta finish me off right now,” I said as I reached over and slid my fingers under that tiny little thong and deep into her dripping wet pussy.

She tilted her head up to look at me, smiled then bit her lip as her first mini-orgasm coursed through her body. Opening her mouth, she went down on my cock, getting it as far in as she could without touching it with her tongue or lips. She paused for a moment, teasing me with just the warmth of her mouth heating up my cock as the cool night air bathed my balls.

She tightened her lips around the head of my cock, waited a few seconds and then wrapped her tongue around me and sucked hard as she slid it deeper and deeper into her mouth. The feeling was so intense that I had to pull over when she started to bob up and down. I could feel her cunt starting to spasm around my fingers, too. She braced her foot on the dash to give me more access, just like she did for M.J. the first time, I thought. It gave her some leverage, too, so she could pump her ass up and down, quickening the pace of my digital assault. I had two fingers in her when she reached down and squeezed my hand together forcing all four fingers into her pussy.

She bursa escort stopped the blowjob when a massive orgasm hit her, screaming and pushing my fingers deeper into her cunt with her hand, taking almost my entire fist and rocking on it while she came. She was panting like a long distance runner after the big ‘O’ passed. I pushed her head back onto my cock and she finished me off with a frenzy, sucking hard and quickly pulling another big load out of me. I exploded in her mouth, pushing my cock as far into her face as I could.

After a few minutes, we both calmed down and she sat up and began to straighten her skirt. “There’s a tattoo parlor across the street,” she said. “I’ve always wanted one.”

Although I wanted to fuck her and we still hadn’t managed to actually get it on, I needed some recuperation time. I had already come twice in about 15 minutes. “Let’s go over there and do it right now,” I dared her.

“Might as well,” she said. ” I think I might need to be this drunk to do it and it’s gonna be a long time before I drink this much again.”

We got out of the car and staggered across the street. A bell rang as we staggered in and a big black man came out of the back room. He asked me what I wanted.

“Not me. Her.” I said.

He looked her up and down, knowing immediately what we had just finished doing. “Usually just get navy in here,” he said with a wicked leer on his face..

“He’s navy, I’m navy wife,” she replied. She took a deep breath and said, “I want a butterfly.”

“Where do you want me to put it? Some women want their tats to show, some want them in places that few people see.”

“It can’t show, that looks so slutty,” she said.

“Then it goes on your butt or in front around your bikini line,” he said with an almost hopeful look on his face.

She looked at him with a sudden expression of modesty on her face. I laughed when I realized how small her ‘bikini’ was. The tiny little patch just barely covered the top of her vaginal cleft, the rest of it was just knitted string designed to hold it in place. The patch was soaking wet from our sexplay in the car, anyway. Her bikini line right now and her pussy were almost the same thing.

“Don’t worry,” he said. We got a modesty towel. Just lay down on that table when I leave the room and cover yourself with it. Leave the opening where you want the tat and that’s all the skin I’ll see. He handed her the towel and said, “You want to do this or not?”

“Yeah,” she breathed. “Leave the room.”

After he was gone she said, “I want it here,” pointing to a spot about 2 inches above the patch. I nodded and she dropped her skirt to the floor. As she turned to climb up on the table, I saw how little the bikini bottom actually covered. I saw how sensational her tight little ass looked. The wetness of her pussy had drawn the cloth in showing me the most prominent camel toe I’ve every seen. I could clearly make out every curve of that sexy split up her front. I wanted to stop her right there and do her doggy style.

She laid down and carefully placed the towel so the opening was just in the right place. From the foot of the table, I could see all the way up to her crotch. I started to pull come of the material down to cover her but I wanted to enjoy the view for a few moments. She called out to the tattoo artist.

He smiled when he came in, enjoying the sight of this mostly naked babe on his table. He grabbed his needle and placed his left hand around the small opening. His fingers covered the space from the opening almost to her belly button. His thumb pointed down over the towel but still dangerously close to that camel toe.

She lay there with her face turned away from us and her legs held tightly together. He switched on his tool and started working on the butterfly. I heard a quick gasp from her as the needle started to lay down the first line. She tightened up for a second and then relaxed.

The room was quiet for a few minutes, just the buzzing of the needle interrupting the silence. I noticed Kirsten’s hands had grasped the sides of the table so tightly it looked like white-knuckle time for her. She adjusted her legs, relaxing them enough to restore my view all the way up to the narrow little string stretching across her pussy. It looked wetter than before. Was she getting off on this?

I looked up to her face, still turned to the side. Her mouth was slightly parted and her lips were fuller and moist. An occasional quiver crossed her mouth like when I’m eating her out. She was enjoying something – the buzz from the tool, I thought, was giving her a little pleasure. Then I noticed what was really getting her off.

The tattoo artist’s thumb had slipped under the towel and was resting just at the top of her vaginal cleft, right where the indent starts. He was gently massaging that delicate little piece of skin that hides a girl’s clit, sliding it up and down over her hottest spot. This was her M.J. fantasy coming to life, I thought!

He realized I had caught onto his game and stopped for a moment, watching me for my reaction. I nodded my assent and he continued, a little bolder now that he knew I wasn’t going to stop him. This time, he nudged the little piece of cloth aside and placed his thumb directly on the top of her camel toe.

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