Kiki and Jeff Pt. 02


We finally got settled into our retirement home, and things got a bit interesting. If you read the previous chapter, I willingly locked my cock and balls in a device that Kiki provided. Little did I know that she would be so stingy with the key. I promised to wear the device while waiting to install an approach sensor at the end of our driveway.

Kiki had been researching sexy games for us to play for quite some time. She knew of my predisposition for nudism and was willing to participate, but she wanted to be a bit more in control of my hormonal urges.

I was completely unaware of the implications of locking myself up in the cock cage before getting a proper orgasm. I went from being a typical dirty minded fifty-year-old man, to feeling as if I was an eighteen-year-old horndog almost overnight. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex with Kiki. She had always been able to get my motor running, but now, it was as if I had seen her for the first time, and my cock was almost constantly ready to go.

The fact that my cock was locked in a cage only made things more interesting. It was stainless steel, and was made up of a number of rings that let it get air and let me keep it clean, but didn’t allow me the freedom to fuck Kiki or even really touch myself without her giving up the key.

This is the predicament I found myself in as I began working on getting the driveway ready for the sensor I was to install our approach sensor.


I was wearing a pair of shorts and T-shirt on a beautiful summer afternoon. I was minding my own business and filling the trench that ran to the driveway sensor I had finally installed when a delivery truck pulled up with a few packages for my wife. I had noticed a significant uptick in the number of packages arriving, and knowing that there were no birthdays and anniversaries in sight, I had begun to get a little suspicious that my wife was up to something

I took the packages up to the house and as I handed them to Kiki she said, “You look hot, maybe you need a swim,” then she disappeared into our room.

I took her advice, and stripped down – at least as far as the cock cage would allow. This cage somehow had the effect of making me feel more naked than when I wasn’t wearing anything at all.

I jumped in the pool and swam a few laps. I finally leaned against the side of the pool, and began to daydream about my sexy wife. Thoughts of fucking her passionately were my favorite daydream, and as always, they caused my cock to swell. As it pressed against its confinement, it felt as though someone was holding me in their hand. I also began to wonder if I would end up with an odd looking tan line on my dick, and I chuckled to myself.

Kiki stepped outside in the middle of my daydream, and asked me what was so funny. I opened my eyes to see her wearing the sexiest string bikini I had ever seen in my life. Her body always turned me on. She has a wonderful set of 36DD’s that, at 50, are amazing. They aren’t quite what they were when we met at 18, but two kids and Father Time have been good to here. Her breast have what I call “sexy sag”. Not droopy, but they hang in a way that says, “Come over here and suck on me”.

She Escort Eryaman doesn’t have six-pack abs, but at 55, neither do I. She does have the kind of body that looks like she’s lived in it, but still looks great in a bikini. Still trim, but not that hardbody go to the gym look. She has a softer sexier body.

I’ve always been a tit-man, but I have to say, as much as I love her tits (I could spend hours losing myself in them) her ass has always been her greatest ass-et. She has this round voluptuous ass, that looks great in anything she wears. Each cheek is like a perfect melon. I love the way a thong rides up in her ass. I think a true thong frames her ass so perfectly. A G-string looks great, as do boy-shorts or really, any kind of underwear, but a thong comes out of the cleft of her ass, and then curves around the top of her ass in a way that highlights her ass and keeps your attention right where it should be.

Ah, where was I? I could talk about her body all day long.

Kiki had stepped out onto our pool deck wearing the most unbelievable bikini I had ever seen. Calling it a bikini would really be an overstatement. I have often accused her of being a prude. She typically wears a standard one-piece bathing suit, and when she has ventured into bikinis, they more often resemble tankinis than string bikinis. Today, however, she caused my mind to explode.

Her bikini this afternoon was more string than bikini. The cloth, or lack thereof, was white, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. The top was basically the strings from a bikini that were tied to little rings where the fabric ought to be. Those rings encircled her nipples, and caused them to poked out like little erasers pointing straight out from her chest. It had the effect of highlighting and drawing my eyes to everything it should have been covering.

The bottom was not much better, although it did cover her sex a bit more than the top did. The bottom was a true G-string in back, but the front was cut so low and the cloth so thin, that I could see that she had shaved her bush almost entirely. It barely covered her lips from side to side, but the front was cut so low that I could clearly see her landing strip sticking out of the top. If we were in public it would have been obscene, and I think we both would have been arrested. The sexy landing strip peeking out of the top of this bikini was so lewd in its effect, that it caused my cock to strain against the cock cage like never before.

Kiki smiled at me and said, “See anything you like?”

She then motioned me over to pour oil on that sexy body. I scrambled out of the pool and onto the lounger with her, and I slowly drizzled oil over her, and I took my time rubbing it into her skin. All the while my cock strained against its confinement.

She laid face down on the lounger as I poured oil all over her back and began to massage it in gentle strokes. I ran my hands from her neck all the way to her ass cheeks, and then began to ease my way up her sides running my hands along her breasts as they squished out to the sides. Taking care to slide my hands under and gently tweak each nipple.

I then made my way to her legs and slowly Eryaman Escort rubbed my way up from her feet to her calves and finally the back of her thighs. I slowly spread her legs so I could see her pussy peeking out. I could see the beginnings of wetness forming on her unlined bikini bottom. I then began to massage oil into her magnificent ass, cupping each cheek and feeling the beautiful softness of her sexy ass roll through my hands.

I thought my cock was straining while I was daydreaming, but now as my hardness grew, I could feel the cage pulling on my balls as my cock grew inside the cage. This of course only added to my horny state.

“This I like”, Kiki said as she rolled over and noticed my predicament.

She reached over and touched the string of precum that had formed and had stretched from my cock to the ground as it shimmered in the sunlight.

She then took some of the oil and began massaging it into my balls slowly squeezing them, not so hard as to make me wince, but hard enough that they would hurt a bit. It was an odd kind of pain. It hurt, but seemed to turn me on all the more, causing me to ask her to squeeze them a bit harder. As she did, I began to drip precum like someone opened a valve. I had never known that pain was a turn on for me. The more she squeezed my balls, the harder my cock became, until I was literally humping the air in front of her, and just as I felt I would cum, she stopped.

Kiki looked me in the eye and said, “Make me cum.”

I knelt in front of her, pushed her panties to the side, and slid my tongue along her slit. She was sopping wet. I may have been drooling precum out of my cock, but it was as if someone had filed her pussy with water and it was gushing out of her.

I found her clit with my tongue and began to tease her with it.

She was so turned on, that she growled at me, and said, “Don’t tease me. I said make me cum.”

I sucked her clit into my mouth like a little dick and began to suck it in and out like I was giving her a blowjob, and she started moving her hips like she was fucking my mouth.

I started hearing moans and cries of “Oh my God” from my normally quiet and reserved in bed wife.

She was so wet that I was able to slide three fingers into her hungry pussy in one motion and rolling my fingertips back towards me in a “Come here” motion. I could feel her whole body start to quiver and shake, and her moans and cries shifted from “Oh my God” to things like “Oh Fuck!” and “Holy shit!”

Finally, an idea formed in my head, and I decided to act on it. She was so wet and pussy fluid was flowing out of her like never before, so I pulled my fingers from her pussy, and as I slid my thumb into her, I also slid well lubed finger into her ass. We had never played anally before, so I didn’t know how she would react, but as I did, her whole body went stiff, and she screamed- I literally mean, screamed, and began to quiver and shake.

As she began to shake, I hear her begin to say, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I’M CUUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIIING”.

She laid there and shook like she had a cold for about five minutes, then she looked at me and smiled.

“I’ve Eryaman Escort Bayan never cum like that before. You are amazing.”

Kiki took the ankle bracelet off that had the key to my cage on it, unlocked me, and sat on my cock. I hadn’t been inside her since before she put the cage on my cock, and it felt like heaven. She was so wet, and I was so turned on. It was like the first time I had ever had sex. Her velvety smooth pussy wrapped around my cock and simply sucked my cock right in.

I laid back on the lounger as she rode my cock, knowing all too well that this was likely to be the fastest I’d ever cum, but I didn’t care. My cock was back in my wife, and her pussy was so wet, her juices were running out of her and all over my balls. I could feel them pooling up on the lounger below me, and it made it feel kinky and dirty and sexy.

She was riding me and I was watching her tits bounce up and down. Her nipples poking straight out from that sexy bikini top.

Then she lifted her leg and spun around on my cock, looked over her shoulder and said, “I know how much you love watching my ass.” Kiki said, “I think I’ve found something you like.”

She kept bouncing on my cock, but she reached down and began to massage my balls. I was getting close to cumming, but as I did, she slowly increased the pressure on them until it began to actually become painful and pull me away from the edge, then she would back off. Kiki kept doing this until I felt like my cock was going to explode.

Then she said, “Do you trust me?”

I said, “I’m all yours, just let me cum.”

She continued to bounce up and down on my cock as she collected my balls in her hand and wrapped her thumb and forefinger around them so that my sack was tight and pulled away from my body. Then she began to gently, but firmly, slap my balls. Lightly at first, but then it slowly increased in intensity.

She looked back at me and said, “Do you think I can slap the cum out of you?”

I think something in my brain snapped, and I bellowed, “Pleeeease!”

Every time her pussy crashed down on my cock, her slaps became harder, until each slap sounded like a whip was cracking. The pain became intense, but so did the pleasure. Tears started streaming from my eyes, and I knew that I would pay for it later, but I didn’t care. My cock was running the show.

Eventually, I noticed that she had quit fucking me, and had ground her pussy down onto my cock as far as she could get it. She was cumming on my cock, and neither of us were moving. She was slapping my balls so hard that it had the effect of pushing my cock into her further with each strike. Every time I thought I would cum, the slaps to my balls would pull me back, but I was inching ever so slowly toward an orgasm. It seemed like time was standing still.

Then it happened. She slapped me so hard, it felt like my balls crawled up into my cock. I could feel the explosion of cum burst out of my cock. Rather than feeling like the cum was shooting out of the end of my cock, it felt like my cock exploded out in one mind-blowing moment.

I literally saw fireworks going off. It was the most incredible orgasm of my life.

I don’t remember anything after that. I do, however, remember waking up on the lounger in the afternoon sun next to a beautiful naked woman who had somehow managed to strip down, cover me in sunscreen, and snuggle her beautiful ass around my tired cock.

I am a lucky and happy man.

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