Just What She Needed


Chapter 1

Mandy walked into her house, shut the door, and just leaned back against it. “What a day”, she said as she set down her briefcase and took off her heels. Walking past the living room to her bedroom though, she tensed as she realized something was off. She grabbed one of the irons from the golf bag in the hall closet after she noticed that the back sliding door was ajar, and with her senses on alert, heard a noise coming from her bedroom.

Gripping the 7 iron tight, she continued quietly down the hallway in her stockinged feet, her breathing sounding loud to her ears, not believing how her day had gone so wrong. First, she had had just a wonderful discussion with her boss about what she was, or really what she wasn’t, doing right, and then when she let her team in on it later; they just didn’t seem to care! So she spent the rest of the day trying to get them on board, while still smarting from the implied rebuke that she wasn’t meeting her goals.

“And now this!” she thought, again hearing more rustling coming from her bedroom. She knew she probably should just have called 911, but after today, she felt that maybe she could just take her frustrations out on whatever punk decided to break into her house, and then call the police. “I mean, it would be justified self-defense, right?” she continued to think, right until she heard whomever it was get closer to the bedroom door, and then open it quickly…

She had two quick additional thoughts as she was caught in the hallway from the light coming from her bedroom, wielding a golf club, and stared at the man framed in the doorway… “What was I thinking??” and “Oh my…” As she worked to slough off the spike of adrenaline that rushed through her system at the surprise of coming face-to-face with the intruder, her body struggled with another set of chemicals dumped into her system; an intense and sudden attraction for the man she saw there.

“Adam!” she almost yelled at him, “What the hell are you doing here!”, still stuck between fight-and-flight. To his credit, Adam just stood there, looking nonplussed at seeing Mandy holding a golf club over one shoulder, slightly hunched over like she was on the hunt for something. He smirked, “Um, you called me over to meet you since you said you had a crappy day, remember?”

After taking in the view again, of a curvy blonde in a dark hallway, cream blouse slightly untucked from a navy skirt, in her stockings with a golf club on her shoulder, the smirk turned into a full smile, and eventually a chuckle. “I am starting to rethink it though, if I knew this was the reception I would be getting”, he said right before starting to laugh in earnest.

Mandy, holding the club and again still dealing with the conflicting reactions of her body, dropped the club and just glared at him. A glare which, as he was standing in her doorway in dark jeans that hugged his very masculine lower half and a polo shirt that was molded to a chest that she knew was hard and firm, turned more into a stare of longing. Yes, now she remembered calling him on her way home, hoping that he would be available to really put this day into perspective, and as she heard the iron hit the floor, saw beyond him into the real reason why she had called him in the first place.

Adam saw the shift in her, as she looked past him and saw what was waiting for her in her bedroom, something he had dreamed of doing since he had agreed to take her mind of her day. He saw the change in breathing that made her breasts rise and lower, at the flush of heat darkening her clear and freckled skin. His mirth was replaced with an awareness of his friend and some-time lover, and he could feel his own thoughts turning toward more carnal pursuits, as he saw the visual changes come over her.

Her bedroom had been transformed… while always neat, now it had a few candles placed on the nightstands on either side of the bed, with her normal cotton sheets and coverlet replaced with a set of sinfully red satin sheets and pillow covers. She could also see a few things that sent a thrill of anticipation straight to the tips of her breasts and caused the heat between her legs to dampen.

She and Adam had discovered a similar fascination and enjoyment of what most members of ‘polite society’ would say was kinky, though more probably engaged in it than anyone would ever know. Her job included being responsible for over 200 people, a portion of the overall business that was critical to the success of the company, and that meant responsibility and decision-making that could truly cripple someone mentally and have them question themselves. That just meant that on her down time and personal time, sometimes she just wanted to let go and not have to make decisions, especially in the bedroom.

Adam, while similar, was the opposite. His way of dealing with the pressures of the day was to take a willing partner and give them the pleasure Escort Eryaman and pain that they were seeking, to completely and fully take responsibility of that partners pleasure, all the while their not being needed to make a decision at all. And right now, he could tell that Mandy was definitely in need of some pleasure, and just a little bit of pain, to get her mind right.

Mandy could sense the change in Adam as well, as his laughter stopped and she could see him taking in her appearance, how her nipples had tightened and would be noticeable in the lacy bra she had on, and the heat of arousal now stealing over her skin. Her arms dropped to her sides, her eyes falling down to his feet, and she slowly folded down to her knees in front of him.

Adam took a moment to admire her, wanting her to be fully into the moment as he gazed at the sharp points showing under her thin blouse, even through the bra, and hear her breathing change in anticipation of what they had both discussed before she had gotten home.

“This place is making me question myself”, she had told him, “and you know how I hate that.” He did know, and he also knew of a way to get her back on track. “In that case, I will meet you at your place in 30 minutes and you can tell me everything you’ve done wrong and you can be punished appropriately. Stop beating yourself up from what you think you have messed up on, that’s my job”, he had said with a growl in his voice. “Yes, I understand Sir”, she had demurely replied, and he could hear the mix of relief and want in her voice. Adam continued in his Command voice, “When you arrive, meet me in your bedroom and you WILL be attentive to all of my needs and wants. If I am satisfied, then I may let you get your release”. “Yes, I understand Sir”, was all she had replied before she hung up the phone.

Mandy was thinking of that conversation as well as she still felt Adam’s eyes roving over her body, and could barely think over the short glimpse she had had on what was waiting for her inside her bedroom. While she did not relish pain during the ‘normal’ part of her day, she understood that she would always be her worst critic, and feeling the bite of a flogger on her skin or the sting of a hand or riding crop on her ass allowed her to ‘take the punishment’ and then just let it go in the flood of release when the scene was complete.

The first time she and Adam had explored this side of themselves had almost been an accident; they had just been hooking up after a stressful day at work for both of them, and she had made an offhand remark about being punished for something stupid she had done that day. She could still recall the look on his face and tilt of his head, as he processed that statement and asked, “Punished, eh? I could help you with that, if you want”, he finished with a gleam in his eye. She still remembered the excitement that stole over her, as she had laughed and playfully bent over, not sure if he was serious or not. The ring of the slap on her ass, and the heat of the handprint on her right cheek showed that yes, he was serious, and they had then spent the next few hours exploring some of the limits of things they both enjoyed.

Adam was a patient and attentive lover, and opening this side of their relationship had only shown the depth of pleasure he could give to a partner who could take it. And she definitely could take it. All this was running through her mind, as she still knelt before him at the door to her bedroom, and heard him say, “Come, my love, let’s see how we can turn your bad day around.” She briefly glanced up, as she saw him reach down to her, and placed her hand in his as he helped her stand up and led her into what she really needed…

Chapter 2

As Adam quietly shut the door behind her, Mandy walked over to the foot of the bed and again dropped slowly to her knees with her eyes downcast. She could feel the flush on her chest and cheeks spread, and could also feel the heat as it traveled lower, almost making her pant with the need and want of his hands on her skin, craving the feeling of his body on her and in her. But she knew she had to wait, knew that he would bring her pleasure with a touch of pain, and that if she didn’t submit, she would be punished.

With a thrill, and with the experiences of the day still on her mind, she thought, “I WANT to be punished; I WANT to have him release all of that negativity.” And with that, she dared look up at him and even started to rise from her kneeling position.

Adam shook his head, reading her mood in the set of her shoulders and the challenging look she gave him as he stood watching her, again letting her set the pace. As soon as she had stood up, he walked over with a slight smile on his lips, and took her in his arms and kissed her; one hand cradling her head as he angled his to deepen the kiss, and the other sliding down her side to grab her hip and pull her Eryaman Escort more firmly in contact with his lower half, his arousal already thick and hard against her belly through the constricting jeans.

As Mandy started to lose herself in the kiss, Adam abruptly tightened the firm grip he had on her head, pulling her away from his lips, and growled softly in her ear, “What do you think you are doing? Did I say you could get up?” He continued to pull her hair, drawing her head back as he started to nip and nibble at her now-exposed neck and throat, and eliciting a moan from deep within Mandy as he so easily controlled her.

Adam then took a step back, drawing her off balance with a hand still in her hair, and now the other moving swiftly up her blouse, undoing buttons as it went. As he finished with the last button, exposing her blue lace bra to his gaze and his touch, he pulled her forward, making her again drop to her knees, but this time directly in front of him. He moved her blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms, and then reached down, expertly unclasped her front-opening bra, and using it along with her blouse, tied her arms behind her back, causing her breasts to thrust forward.

He just looked at her then, her breasts heaving slightly, her nipples now pebbled and aching for his touch, with her lips parted and the flush of arousal now showing on her whole chest. “Oh Mandy,” he said, “What am I going to do with you?” Before she could form a response, he quickly took one sensitive nipple between his thumb and forefinger and firmly squeezed and twisted it. She gasped again, this time at the unexpected pain, and could feel her panties getting moist. “Yes!” she thought to herself, loving the feel of him roughly using her body.

As he continued to twist and torment the tip, Adam used his other hand to firmly grasp her blouse-tied arms and pull her to her feet. “You won’t need these for much longer”, he said as he unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, and let it slide over her hips to the floor. He helped her step out of them, leaving her now just in the panties and garter & hose set that matched her bra. He walked to the bed, still moving her with her arms behind her back, and sat down at the edge. He then laid her face down over his legs, with her lower chest and stomach over his thighs and her ass in the correct position to be spanked, left hand still holding onto her upper arms, and now his right hand free to caress her soft bottom.

“So you said that you are questioning yourself, that you think you are failing,” he said softly, still rubbing his right hand over first one cheek and then the other. “Are you a failure? Are you not giving all your energy and thought into your job?” he said, still talking softly, before taking a quick swat on her behind. It caught her by surprise, the denial on her lips replaced by a slight cry of pain, as she again felt the humiliation of being called out by her boss, in addition to the spanking. He continued to ask her the same questions that had been going around and around in her head all day, “Am I doing everything I can?” “Do I have the right people?” “How do I get my team to do what they need to do?” “Am I motivating them?” “Do I have too many people? Not enough?” “What am I doing wrong?” “Am I doing anything right?” And while doing so, he continued to spank her bottom, alternating from cheek to cheek as he asked the questions. Mandy shook her head at each, not willing to give in to the sense of failure that they brought on and continuing to cry out as Adam spanked her.

Eventually, after a few good minutes of Adam turning her thoughts into a physical punishment, and as the pain of the spankings began to register in her mind, he began to say things like, “Yes, you ARE doing everything you can do” and “You KNOW what is needed, and how to get it done” and “You ARE the right person for the job”. Those he timed with a softer touch, rubbing the hot spots on her ass, smoothing out the sting, and now and again trailing a finger to the growing dampness in her panties, right over her lower lips, giving her a frisson of pleasure to tie into all that she knew she had done right so far.

As the pain started to lessen, as Adam expertly turned those negative thoughts into positive pleasures, he unclipped the stockings from her garter belt and slowly pulled her panties down over her ass and off her legs. Once that was done, he again rubbed her soft flesh, over the pink skin where he had been spanking her and then lower, his fingers brushing over the moistness of her entrance, before slipping first one and then another finger into her.

“Oh yes”, moaned Mandy, for now free of the criticisms her own mind had been doing to her and just being able to enjoy the pleasure at his hands. He continued to slide his fingers in and out of her now-sodden opening, with Mandy continuing to moan as he occasionally hit her spot or brushed her clit. She Eryaman Escort Bayan was now starting to get lost in the moment, first the pain, and now the pleasure, overriding her thoughts, letting her just feel.

Chapter 3

Adam just had to pause and admire what was in front of him. His sexy blonde-haired and blue-eyed lover Mandy, wearing nothing except for a garter belt and stockings, with her ass tinged pink from the spankings he had been more than glad to administer, was now panting and moaning in ecstasy, halfway off the bed and halfway on his legs.

He continued to saw his fingers in and out of her pussy, which were now increasingly covered in her juices and took his left hand off of her arms and back, bringing them down and around to again play with her breasts and nipples, pinching and kneading them, causing her to moan even louder. He took the fingers of his right hand out of her, and now started rubbing that slickness on her clit, first in small, light circles and then with firmer and faster pressure. As he felt her start to thrust back against his hand, he abruptly stopped.

Lost in a haze of passion, Mandy glanced back at him with a look of confusion; “Please…” she moaned, her eyes glassy with lust. Adam almost gave into that look, but instead replied, “Now, now. Here you are about to get relief, and I am still dressed” and then thought to himself “and I want to feel those lips on me before I lose all control!”

Adam deftly untied her arms, and helped her down to her knees to the side of the bed, and then stood and stretched. As she again looked down at the floor, with an air of disappointment and a slight pout to her lips, Adam began to remove his shirt, jeans, and boxers, feeling a small bit of relief at finally being rid of the constricting clothing. “Ah, much better”, he said, as he stood in front of the kneeling Mandy. “Now where were we?” he asked rhetorically, and then snapped his fingers. “That’s right; we were getting to the part where YOU were supposed to be attentive to MY needs and wants. Then, and only then, will you get the release you crave.”

Coming down from her near-orgasm, Mandy looked up at him and just said, “Yes, Sir”. Of course, that meant looking at his engorged cock just inches from her lips, which she subconsciously licked in anticipation. “Yes, my dear,” said Adam, “first things first” as he took a slight step forward, drawing himself even closer to where he wanted to go.

Mandy knew of his love of blow jobs, but didn’t complain as she had an equal fascination in giving them. “That’s it Mandy” he said, “take me into your mouth, make me cum” he groaned, as he again grabbed her head, this time almost roughly forcing her lips onto his cock. Mandy just mumbled a “Yes, Sir”, right before taking the head into her eager mouth. She licked the pre-cum from the tip, loving the taste of him as well as the knowledge that he wasn’t the one really in control; it was really up to her on what she would or would not do.

This, however, is something she would do, as it answered to something deep inside her to service her man, to give him what he wanted. After licking around the head, she grabbed his shaft in a firm grip, and started to use her lips and tongue in a way she knew was guaranteed to drive him wild, all the while looking right up at him and moaning her pleasure.

Adam looked down into her deep, blue eyes, lost in his own haze of ecstasy, as she pumped him with her hand and lips, feeling the vibrations of her moans and purrs down to his core. He continued with his hand grasping her head, using her, wanting to lose himself in her, as he fucked her mouth.

Looking up at him, Mandy could tell when he was close. His breathing became more ragged, he gripped her hair tighter, and she could feel him start to swell in her mouth. As he broke contact when his eyes almost rolled up into his head from the exquisite sensations, she took her other hand and softly squeezed and caressed his balls and started to suck in earnest.

“Oh god,” groaned Adam, now almost brutally pulling her head onto his cock, feeling her hands all over him, lost in the heat and suction of her mouth, “I’m going to cum!” Mandy just bore down and moaned and sucked harder, again loving the feel of him using her body, willing him to cum into her eager throat. “Oh GODDDD!” he groaned again, as he started to fill her sucking mouth with his cum. Mandy just kept sucking, licking, and squeezing him, trying to get every last drop, as she brought him to a toe-curling climax.

Adam could barely stand, feeling like he had poured a gallon of himself into Mandy, and gently released the grip he had on her hair as she took him out of her mouth, and then helped her up to her feet. “You are amazing,” he said, as he planted a swift kiss on her lips. Mandy pulled back slightly, smirked, and replied, “Well, I think you would say that to anyone that got you off that well!” Adam grinned a little sheepishly, “You are still amazing, even if we hadn’t just done that. And now,” he said, raising an eyebrow, “I think I owe you a little something for fulfilling one of MY wants” and suddenly pushed her gently back onto the bed.

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