Just What I Always Wanted

Big Tits

She stood with her back to me, her beautifully tanned body glistening in the evening sun, in just a set of matching lingerie. I watched breathlessly as she slowly peeled off her bra, releasing her firm breasts, giving me a glimpse of her partially erect nipples. Just that glimpse was enough to get my cock twitching to life in anticipation of what was to come. Instinctively my hand wrapped around my cock gently moving back and forth until it was standing fully erect, all the time my eyes never leaving the beauty before me.

Slowly she moved her hips and I masturbated in rhythm with her movements. How I desperately wanted to make love to her, taste her skin and let our bodies melt into one. Slowly, before my eyes she bent down, her hands were running over her ass and my movements became quicker. Her hands ran up again and she hooked two fingers into the top of her panties slowly pulling them down. Then she was naked before me, her hips still swaying, and my cock was harder than it had ever been.

I moved slowly towards her, desperate to feel her golden skin in my hands, my cock swinging with each step that I took. As I got closer I could smell the sweet scent of her body and that just made me want her more. I reached out and gently brushed her skin, watching as goose bumps rose over her body, and she gasped. She took one step back and our bodies touched, my cock tightly against her curvaceous ass, and I reached around her waist.

Gently I let my hands wander up her body, reaching for the breasts I had only glimpsed, my fingers brushing against Pendik Fetiş Escort her fully erect nipples. Another gasp emanated from her lips as I slowly massaged her beautifully formed breasts and she pushed her ass back against my throbbing cock. Only after massaging her for a few minutes did I let my hands travel down over her smooth flat stomach, flicking at her pierced belly button briefly, before I let my hands reach the place I wanted.

This time it was my turn to gasp as my fingers felt her. At last I had finally reached my own personal heaven. My fingers spread before they wrapped themselves around her cock. She pushed even harder against my own cock, softly moaning in ecstasy, as I started masturbating her slowly. I knew that after all these years searching for happiness I had finally found what I had been missing out on. Her cock felt so good in my hands as I stroked her full length.

She turned to face me and I gazed deep into her eyes before kissing her full on the lips. She pressed closely to me and as her tits squashed gently against my chest our cocks touched. At the same time we took hold of each other’s throbbing members and began masturbating each other.

Bending my head down I flicked my tongue across her erect nipples, first one then the other, the lightly salty taste of her sweat doing nothing to dissuade me. After a few minutes she used her free hand and gently lifted my head and looked onto my eyes and smiled.

Still holding my cock she released my hand from hers and dropped to her knees. She was Pendik Gecelik Escort still masturbating me gently as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around me. I gasped as she took my full length into her mouth and began moving her head back and forth, all the while still rubbing my shaft, slowly.

I gently placed my hands on her head, running my fingers through her hair, as she started going faster with both her mouth and her hand. I could feel myself tightening up as I was about ready to explode and I let out a groan. Instead of slowing this made her go faster and the she did something that made me lose all control. Letting her hand leave my cock she started massaging my balls and then she reached through my legs and started to play my ass.

Tightening up, as this was new to me, I wasn’t prepared for what she did next. With my cock in her mouth, and me about to cum, she pushed her finger straight into my ass. That was more than I could take and, letting out a load groan, I ejaculated deep into her mouth. Hungrily she carried on sucking, swallowing all of my cum, still working my ass with her finger. Her movements slowed as I was finally spent, every last drop of cum had left my body, and she had taken it all. Removing my cock from her mouth at the same time as removing her finger she looked up at me, smiling, her cock still standing erect.

Without saying a word she got on her hands and knees and thrust her ass towards me.

“Fuck me really hard please.” She begged.

I didn’t need asking twice and, gripping Pendik Genç Escort her ass tightly, I eased my cock between her ass cheeks and gently into her. She screamed in ecstasy as I started to build up a steady rhythm. I was pushing really deep as she played with her cock and as she let out a load moan I thought she was going to cum. I reached around and, after gently moving her hand, I gripped her cock and started to masturbate her as well as keeping up my furious pounding into her ass.

Letting out more moans, her breaths coming quicker, she looked at me over her shoulder and I knew exactly what she wanted. I withdrew from her ass and let her roll onto her back, her magnificent cock glistening with pre-cum, and lowered my head.

For the first time ever I took a cock into my mouth as she gripped my head. I moved my head rhythmically as she continued to moan, letting my tongue roll all over her shaft. I felt her balls tighten and, without any warning, her liquid erupted from the end of her cock coating the back off my throat.

Never before had I tasted cum, and although slightly salty, the warmth tasted really good as I greedily sucked harder desperate not to miss any. Letting her cock drop out of my mouth I licked the end, making sure I hadn’t left any behind, and looked straight at her.

Sweat glistened off our bodies as I took her in my arms, both our cocks slowly softening, and it was then that I realized something. All my life I had been afraid to try anything different yet here I was, lying naked in the arms of a gorgeous transsexual, and I knew then that I was going to be happy. I didn’t care what anybody thought.

Here I was with a gorgeous woman, who may have been different, yet I would be proud to walk down the streets with her. Finally I thought that, at last, I had just what I always wanted.

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