Just Good Neighbours Pt. 02


Originally intended as a single, standalone story, I realised that as I wrote Part 1 there was a second tale to be told. So, this is it.

The story should be able to be read on its own, but I would recommend tackling Part 1 first, as this will give you background and insight into the characters.


Frank pulled into his driveway. It had been an awful drive home, through torrential rain and vast puddles stretching across some of the roads. But, fortunately, most people had travelled earlier, or stayed at home having heard the weather warnings, so in terms of the amount of time he spent on the road, it wasn’t quite so bad.

It was still spitting as he opened the car door and got out. He was about to rush to the front door when a movement caught the corner of his eye; it was Jennie, his wife, beckoning him from their neighbour George’s porch. He left his briefcase in the car, locked it and jogged round into George’s driveway to see what was going on.

Jennie put her arms around his neck and greeted him with a kiss, “Hello darling, George is cooking dinner for us. I’ll explain everything shortly, but I think he’s just about to serve up, so we’d better go in.”

Frank couldn’t help but notice two things; first that Jennie was barefoot and second that the she seemed to be bra-less. He couldn’t help but feel her unfettered breasts push against his chest – especially with those nipples!

Having sat down at the table, George poured wine into each of their glasses and, having done so, proposed a toast.

“To good neighbours,” he said. The couple repeated the toast and sipped the wine.

“That’s a lovely wine George, where did you get it?”

“Would you believe Lidl?”

“You’re joking!”

“Nope. Less than four quid a bottle. It’s as good as wine that I’ve paid ten times that for.”

“But it really is good.” He took a larger swig and George topped up his glass. “So, George, how come you’ve cooked dinner for us?”

“Ah,” said Jennie. “That’s my fault. I was putting the bins out and the wind blew the door shut. I didn’t have my keys, so George rescued me and took me in until you got home. I knew you’d be starving by the time you got back, but I wouldn’t have your dinner ready and you would have had to wait another half hour for me to whip something up. That’s when George offered to cook for the three of us. I honestly thought you might be a bit later looking at the weather, but your timing was perfect.”

They ate and drank, talking about the latest national and local news and anything else that came to mind. They were enjoying the wine so much that it was natural for George to open a second bottle to accompany dessert.

Finally, Frank returned to the subject of Jennie’s lock-out, “So how long has George had to put up with you Jennie?”

“Oh, it was about half five, so almost two hours before you got back,” she said matter-of-factly.

“So, what did the two of you get up to all that time?”

Was it simply an innocent question, or did he suspect something? Jennie felt her face flushing and she answered a little too quickly, “Oh, this and that. Nothing much really.” She took and mouthful of wine and avoided looking at her husband.

By 9.30pm the – and the wine – was finished and Frank suggested that he and Jennie should be getting home. They offered to help with the washing up, but George turned the offer down.


Frank and Jennie made their way back to their own house. She was slightly unsteady on her feet as a result of the alcohol, but she carried on up the path as he grabbed his briefcase from the car. Following her to the front door, he could help but notice the movement of her buttocks. The combination of the wine and this mesmerising stimulus started a reaction in his trousers. He began to wonder if she was wearing any panties. By the time he came up behind her and reached past to unlock the door his erection was complete.

“Ooh!” squealed Jennie in surprise, as she felt the hard lump press between her bum cheeks.

They went inside and shut the door.

Jennie turned to Frank and pressed her body up against him as she kissed him passionately on the mouth. Her libido had risen again, following her earlier erotic encounter with George.

Frank’s hands roamed over her body, confirming what he had already suspected; that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Jennie broke the kiss and coquettishly looked back over her shoulder as she headed for the stairs. But Frank caught her arm and stopped her from mounting the first step.

“So, why aren’t you wearing any underwear” he asked.

Jennie gulped and went through her planned explanation, “Well, I got caught out. I mean… oh, let’s start from the beginning; I was sunbathing in my bikini, the clouds came across, so I went indoors. I took the bikini off and was doing something when I suddenly remembered the bins. I knew it was going to rain, so I thought I’d better get them put out for the morning collection. So, I grabbed my dress – this dress – put it on and ran downstairs. I’d escort bursa just put the first one out when I felt the first drops. I rushed back, grabbed the other one and pushed it down the drive. By the time I got there the heavens opened. And then the wind slammed the door shut.”

Frank looked her up and down, “You don’t look like you’ve been soaked in the rain?”

“Oh, erm. Well,” she decided to tell as much of the truth as she dared. “Of course, I got absolutely drenched. And I was feeling cold, so the only thing I could think of was to run to George’s. He was an absolute gentleman and gave me a towel and a bathrobe. He even dried and ironed my dress for me.”

“So, you undressed, gave George your dress and then sat around with him in a bathrobe – completely naked underneath – and he didn’t make a pass at you?”

“No, of course not!” It was a kind of white lie. Jennie was the one who pounced, not George.

Defensively, she said, “Why, would you have?”

“Get up those stairs and I’ll show you!” he growled, slapping her rear as she turned, giggling, to run up the stairs.


Frank pulled Jennie’s dress off, sending two of the buttons flying across the room and almost threw her onto the bed. He rapidly stripped himself naked, his erection waving wildly as he moved and jumped on the bed beside her. They kissed, their tongues playing games with each other. Then Jennie broke away and began kissing down his body.

Frank lay there watching Jennie approach his aching cock. She didn’t disappoint him when she got there; she held his dick upright and sank her mouth down onto it. She bobbed her head up and down rapidly. But before he could get too far, she stopped sucking and moved up his body, with her legs either side of him. Almost repeating what she had done with George earlier. She eased Frank’s cock into her pussy. It went in much more easily than George’s, partly because she was so aroused and wet and partly because George was noticeably bigger than her husband.

She began slowly, but soon was fucking Frank wildly. His hands on her breasts were helping to build her to a high level of arousal again. She even had her eyes closed and was thinking of George.

It was rare for Jennie to come first without considerable foreplay, so when she came so soon, it was such an erotic charge that it tipped Frank over the edge too. But even during his surging upward thrusts depositing his semen into his wife’s pussy, he wondered what had brought her arousal about. Had she been telling the truth about her and George?


“So,” said Frank, as they lay entwined in each other’s arms, fairly exhausted after their love-making. “Are you going to tell me the truth now?”

He felt Jennie stiffen at his question, which unwittingly told him that his suspicions were right.

“Wh…what do you mean?”

“Let’s just say that you have to be in a really naughty mood to act the way you just did. And THAT only happens when you’ve been on the boil for ages. So, what happened between you and George?”

Jennie, knowing that she had been found out also knew that she couldn’t expect to lie and get away with it. Tears formed in her eyes as she explained, filling in the gaps of the story as he knew it so far.

“I’m so, so sorry. But you mustn’t blame George. He was pretty innocent really. Well, fairly innocent – at first. You see, it was all my fault. Like I said, I got caught in the rain, George was a gent and gave me a towel and bathrobe and put my dress in the tumble dryer. I dried off, but I got that tingly feeling as I was rubbing. I couldn’t help it. So, anyway, I put the bathrobe on and walked downstairs. The thing of it is; my boobs were swinging and rubbing against the material, It was tickling and it made me very conscious of the fact that I was naked underneath. Of course, George wouldn’t have known that. Anyway, when I got to the lounge he’d just made me a coffee to help warm me up.

“What I didn’t mention before, was that George had just finished his treadmill run – a hill session apparently, and he was covered in sweat.”

“Ahhh!” said Frank, beginning to understand.

“Well, you know what it does to me when I see you covered in good clean perspiration?”

“I get the picture. We’ve had some very… interesting interludes at those times. Go on, its ok.”

Jennie felt a little less nervous, as Frank appeared to be accepting of what she was telling him. However, she still took a deep breath before plunging on and telling him in more detail.

“He…George, needed to lie down to stretch his back. Apparently, he has to do this after running in order to keep back problems at bay. So, he laid himself down on a towel right in front of me. Well, all he ad on was these skimpy running shorts that had quite a high split at the side. And the draw string was undone. And he was just laying there, a sheen of perspiration across his chest – his body is hairless you know, not like you.

“Anyway, as you can imagine I was getting a bit hot and bothered and I really couldn’t nilüfer escort concentrate on what George was saying. He looked in my direction, but then looked away again. I think I realised that he may have accidentally had a peek at my legs under the bathrobe. I suppose it was only natural that as the conversation went on he was bound to look in my direction again. But… and I still don’t know what made me do it, the bathrobe had opened a bit. And, so had my legs. And, I was left in no doubt that he had got an eyeful when he started to get and erection. So, I guess I kind of pounced?”

Frank’s hand had wandered its way to Jennie’s pussy as she talked. She was soaking wet now and he began to masturbate her. “Go on,” he said. “What did you do?”

“Mmmm. Oh, darling, are you sure you want to know?”

He twisted his fingers inside her pussy and found her g-spot, while attacking her clit with his thumb. Jennie didn’t wait for his reply.

“I pulled his shorts down and released his cock. It was… mmm… hard. So I… so I took hold of it and sucked it.”

“What did he do? Did he say anything?”

“Oooh… I think he was… aahhh…to shocked to say anything. Besides, I’m pretty good at that you know?”

“Yes, thanks for reminding me.” Frank rolled from his side to his back and said, “I could do with a bit of that right now!”

A gentle push on the back of Jennie’s neck was all she needed as encouragement and she slithered her way down the bed to find his once again erect prick. Standing it upright, she looked up at Frank, winked and then enveloped the head with her mouth. He was amazed at how much she was forcing in, almost choking herself. And then she began bobbing, slowly at first and then more rapidly. Her tongue was doing incredible things and before long Frank knew he would have to stop her before he shot his load.

“Come here and give me a kiss.”

Reluctantly, Jennie left his cock and crawled up beside him. They kissed deeply for a while and then Frank pushed her onto her back. Now it was his turn to use his tongue and he quickly brought Jennie back to the boil. Sensing that she was getting close he moved back up and rolled her onto her side, facing away from him. Now he was able to enter her from behind, giving him the opportunity to play with her breasts and pussy as his shaft penetrated deep inside. It also then allowed him to continue his interrogation.

“So what happened next?”

“Huh? What… oh, mmm… well, I was so hot, I mean really turned on, my pussy was aching, you know? I just had to get him inside me.”

“So, you sat astride him, legs spread wide and fucked him did you?”

“Ohhh! Yessss!”

“Tell me honestly; have you ever fantasised about George?”

“Mmmm… maybe.”

He stopped his thrusting.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop. I’m almost there!”

“Well tell the truth then.”

“Yes. Yes, I have once or twice.”

“I see. And did you… Urgh… use that vibrator you keep in your bedside cabinet?”

He was fucking harder and faster now.

“Wh…what? How did you know about that?”

“Well… I didn’t ever… think you were entirely… celibate when I was… away on business… I found it by… accident once when… you left it in the bed.

“So, you’ve… masturbated… thinking about… another man…Have you ever… thought about… having more than… one man at a time?”

“Ohhhh! I’m so close!”

“Come on… have you?”

“Mmmm. No, never.”

“Never? Not even now?”

Jennie’s eyes lost focus. Her approaching orgasm that seemed to be oh, so close, but just out of reach, clouded her thinking but suddenly, unbidden, she saw images in her mind of both her husband and her neighbour pleasuring her at the same time. She welcomed the tidal wave that finally came over her, unaware of the words that escaped her lips, “Ohhh, yes! Yes! Both together! I’m… COMING!”


They slept until late the next morning, before rising and showering – separately. Jennie went first and was just getting dressed as Frank came back into the bedroom, naked, while drying his hair. His cock was semi-erect, but soon grew to full strength when he saw Jennie bending to slip on her panties.

“No, no underwear today,” he told her. “I liked the way your dress looked on you yesterday.”

“Oh! OK, but I was going to wear jeans today.” She pulled the panties back down her legs and off.

“No, wear a t-shirt and short skirt. The shorter the better.”

“Umm. I’ve got mostly dresses and only a few skirts, but I’ve got that black one that ends about four inches above my knees, will that do? Otherwise, there’s only my tennis skirt.”

“That white pleated one. Yes that will do.”

“But that hardly covers my bum. I have to wear full underpants with them!”

“Not today.”

Jennie shrugged and headed to the wardrobe. She pulled out the tennis skirt and the white tennis shirt that she usually wore with it. Normally, she would put on a sports bra, but her husband had told her gorukle escort “no underwear”, so no underwear it was. The material of the t-shirt felt rough on her nipples and cause them to swell rapidly. Once she had fastened the short, pleated skirt she sashayed across to her husband, swinging her hips and feeling her breasts bounce beneath the fabric.

“Will I do?” she asked with a smirk.

“Very nicely indeed. But don’t tempt me right now you little slut. I want to take my pleasure later.”

“Please yourself,” she said with a sarcastic flick of the hair as she turned to walk away.

Frank too one rapid step forward, bent and brought his hand rapidly upwards beneath her skirt.


“Ow, that hurt.” But far from feeling pain, she was experiencing a buzz of arousal.

“Now, go and get me my breakfast,” he grinned.


Sex between the couple was pretty hot for the next few days. It was only when they had gone a day without it, that Frank broached the idea that had been forming in his head. Sitting on the sofa next to each other, he took his chance.

“You remember what you said the other day?”

Jennie looked at him with an exasperated expression. “No, not without at least a clue.”

“Well, you were in the middle of an almighty orgasm at the time, does that help?”

“Err, no-oo. When I’m having that kind of climax I haven’t a clue what’s happening.”

“OK, I’ll remind you; you said that you’d fantasised about George, but nobody else. But you also seemed to be taken by the idea of him and me together.”

Jennie’s face reddened, both from the vague memory of what she had said and the arousal that such a thought was bringing about.

“Err… well, yes, but I was, well… you know…I’d say or do anything at that point.”

“But you have to admit that the idea brought you off?”

“Yes…but that doesn’t mean I want it to happen. Not just because I fantasised about it.”

“But you fantasised about having sex with George – and that DID happen!”

“Yes, but having sex with the two of you isn’t is… it?”

“Depends. Would you like it to?”

The thrilling sparks that were flying through Jennie’s body were exacerbated as her heavier breathing caused her nipples to rub more fiercely against the t-shirt material.

“W-would you like it to then?”

Frank grinned and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure? I mean, it would involve you watching me be unfaithful with another man.”

“Who said I’d be watching? I’d be wanting some action too.”

Jennie had already felt her pussy moistening, but now she felt a trickle begin its tickling journey down her leg (she wasn’t wearing any panties again). Her mouth went dry. She felt so turned on that she had to clamp her lips together, before she said something she didn’t mean. Finally, after thinking hard, she spoke.

“Of course. But George is really a gentleman and I don’t see how you would ever be able to approach him with such an idea, let alone persuade him to go along with it.”

“Didn’t he enjoy having you then?”

She closed her eyes, remembering, “Oh, he enjoyed it alright.” The smile spread across her lips before she could catch it.

“Well, then, I’ve got a little plan.”

Jennie just looked at him, realising that she had effectively just agreed to have sex with her husband and George – provided Frank could bring it about. Right now, though, she needed Frank’s cock inside her, so she swivelled her body and threw her leg across him before pulling at his belt and trouser flies. Within seconds she was driving down on him hard.


“Hey George, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

“What’s that Frank?”

“Well, as you know, Jennie and I go to the Gym regularly, but they’re going to shut it for two weeks to do some emergency repair work or something. We get an extra two weeks membership, but it means that we won’t be able to get our regular workout.

“So, I was wondering; you’re into running, would you be able to take us out and show us the right stretches to do before and afterwards? I know tat we won’t be able to go at your sort of speed, but we both use the treadmill, so we rack up a fair few miles.”

“Well, sure, but I’d say that the treadmill really isn’t the same as proper trail or road running. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn’t rely on it alone. When did you want to go out?”

“Well, I’m away for a few days from Monday, so how does Sunday morning sound?”

“Fine, it’s an easy day for me, so would 5K be enough?”

“I think we could cope with that. 9am?”

“Great. It’s a date.”


At 9am precisely, George knocked on his neighbour’s door. Jennie and Frank were ready and stepped out wearing shorts and singlet. Frank’s shorts were fashionably long, but Jennie’s were as brief as George’s. He suggested that they walk the 500m to the edge of the forest to loosen up their legs before doing the stretches, then he would take them on a simple little circuit on tracks through the woods.

After the exercises they set off. It was a warm day, but they were shaded in the woods. George had assumed that they would be running at Jennie’s pace but, in fact, Frank was slightly slower than her, so George put him in the lead and he and Jennie followed behind.

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