Journey Home Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

As she slammed the tailgate of her suv it made a loud thud. One last look down at Huntington Avenue where she spent her summer. Noticing the sun going down quietly it reminded her of how many fun nights she spent on the streets of Boston. Sharon had an internship for a Boston newspaper and its affiliates as a photographer. She arrived in May and was now heading back home in September.

Heading out of town just as she arrived, alone! One last look at the now empty apartment and she starts the car. As she drives away a sense of sadness comes over her knowing she is leaving behind a lot of new friends but then smiles to herself thinking of all the fun she had. She sees the sign for the Mass pike and starts her long journey home.

Sandusky Ohio is where she is headed, her hometown. Sharon spent most of her 25 years there give or take a few adventures on the road like the time in Boston. Raised as a Midwest girl by hardworking parents along with 3 brothers. Her chestnut hair and brown eyes match her mother at her age. Her thick frame and 5’8″ height helped her to hold her own with her brothers and many sports she played. If she was to be described with one word it would be durable. She can fit right in at a toxic waste site where her photos helped expose a polluting company in New England or filling out a sun dress at one of her photography exhibits. Her hips curved just right to enhance a bikini and her ample breasts fill out the top very well.

As she travels down the Mass. pike where there is nothing but trees and asphalt her mind wanders back to the fun times in Boston. One particular night brings a coy smile to her face. It was a hot Friday night at the paper. One of the hotter nights that summer in Bean town. Sharon spent the day at the beach taking pictures of one of the busier beaches. When she got the assignment she thought it would be a basic day of pictures. After a few hours and the hot sun she was very delighted at the crowds at the beach.

It was mostly a younger more fit crowd that actually where wearing bathing suits that fit. Lots of pics of beach volleyball and the sweaty coed bodies as well as the rows and rows of bikini clad ladies laying in the sun. Sharon was straight but admired and even enjoyed seeing a tone in shape female body. As she was packing up her equipment getting ready to leave in the afternoon noticing a lot of the beach goers were doing the same. Sharon had her last camera out and was about to finish the roll. Even thou she grew up in the digital age most of her work is on film.

She stood up to take a long view shot down the boardwalk and as she did she noticed a tall slender Latin woman walking straight at her from about 50 feet away. As she clicks away the woman gets closer and notices her picture being taken. Wearing a straight black top and bottom string bikini she was aware that more than the photographer was eying her.

Her tits jiggled ever so evenly in synchronicity with her tone legs as she moved forward. She approached Sharon acting like she was bothered by the encroachment of her privacy but when she discovered she might be the subject of a pictorial for a local publication she changed her tune. Making small talk with Sharon and almost flirting with her she spends the next 15 minutes telling her how much she loves the beach and how this day has been the best all year.

Sharon asks if she can get a few shots of her walking away. The woman finally introduces herself as Isabella shakes Sharon’s hand and walks away towards the ladies showers. Sharon snaps off a few shots as she walks away and then picks up her bag to head home. Before she could even take a step towards Escort Sincan home she looked over to see Isabella at the entry of the showers, her lower body behind the door and her upper body leaning back staring down at Sharon. She lifted her hand and with her finger motioned for Sharon to come over to her. Instinctively she dropped her bag and lifted her camera to get to work.

Every photographer waits a long time for just the right moments to work their craft. Sharon already knew this was one of them. The now center of attention holds her pose at the door just until Sharon gets 15 feet away then she disappears behind the door. As Sharon turns the corner sees her just turning the shower on and stepping in under the water. Isabella neglected to pull the curtain closed on her shower stall giving a view for Sharon like she was spying on an innocent beach goer.

Sharon stops and kneels to one knee and begins to seize the moment. The sunlight cascades off her body just like the water on her dark skin. As she leans her head back to completely rinse her hair she winks over at Sharon. As her hands leave her hair they drop directly to her bikini knot tied exactly at the center of her back. Pulling one string slowly and with determined force the two strings drop down by her side.

Knowing the pics cannot be used for the daily publications Sharon keeps clicking away knowing they are fantastic shots. With her back to the camera Isabella pulls her top up over her head thru her long black hair and drops it on the ground. She then puts her thumbs under her waistband and lowers her bottoms and kicks them to the side. Sharon instantly notices her body is one dark tone and figures she only wears the swim suit when she is in public.

She teases the camera by moving side to side without showing any of her possessions. As the camera cranks away the wet tone goddess turns slowly to her side giving a money shot silhouette with the sun, water and 2 of the firmest mounds Sharon had ever seen. It dawns on her that this is not Isabella’s first shoot. She holds the pose for a moment her nipples pointing forward and the water trickling down to her well trimmed protruding bush.

As surprising as she was there she looked in to the camera and said “shows over” and pulls the curtain closed. All Sharon can say is “thank you” and drops her card on Isabella clothes. She knows the model will want to see what the pictures look like. Isabella finishes packing up and heads to her car. As she is walking she notices she is wet between her legs and just smiles to herself on a most productive afternoon.

As Sharon steps out of her own shower she tries to reproduce the exact pose she saw today. As much as she has the same equipment and most men would be very happy to see it she knew it was not as good as her new friend at the beach. Sharon gets dressed to go to dinner with a friend of hers. Jean skirt, thong panties, cami top, no bra and a loose button down shirt along with sandals, the usual summer attire on a hot day!

She spends a couple of hours with her friend drinking down 2 or 3 margaritas that went down way to easy. She spends most of the meal discussing her final hour at the beach. The more she talked about it, the more she couldn’t wait to see the pictures. As she stands up to say her goodbyes she feels that wetness again between her legs and her friend notices Sharon rock hard nipples and comments “I guess you did enjoy yourself today”.

Sharon blushes a little gives her friend a hug and heads out. Feeling very much at ease and just taking in the days experience she starts her car and heads home. As she is driving Sincan Escort she looks over at her equipment and wonders how all the pictures came out. In an instance she makes the decision to go into the office to see what treasures her camera holds.

She gets to the office about 8:00 and the parking lot is empty except for a few scattered cars. She heads to the third floor where the dark room is. As she ascends the stairs she feels each floor getting hotter, wondering if this journey is worth it. She gets to the dark room and starts to setup.

She grabs the roll she wants out of the camera with great anticipation. The dark room is even hotter than the rest of the building. She kicks off her sandals, off with the button down. Then she folds up her cami top to just under her cans and hikes up her skirt for more ventilation. As she starts to prepare the negatives she hears a voice, it’s Gary.

Gary has worked for the newspaper for over 6 years doesn’t really have any individual role but he seems to be involved in everything that goes on at the publication. Sharon has always flirted with Gary but never really had much interaction except for a company dinner where she and Gary were at the same table along with 4 other people.

He calls out her name to see if she is in the darkroom, she answers “don’t come in I’m naked.” Not her style but the Margaritas where doing the talking. Gary disregards the warning and carefully enters the dimly illuminated room. As he sees her view he immediately notices the raised top and skirt and can smell her sweat in the air. He jokes “half naked maybe”. She turns to acknowledge him and gives him a big smile. Gary is wearing cargo shorts and a T- shirt, it was Friday after all.

He says he noticed her car in the lot and wanted to see if she wanted to go to dinner. She informs him she already ate and wanted to see some of the pictures she took that day. He asks again and she declines again. He is just about to leave when Sharon asks him where the tools were that she needed to develop the negatives. He proceeds to open a draw and a cabinet to get her what she needed. He hands them to her and asks where the pictures are from. She explains they are for the beaches story for next week. Gary jokes “anything good”. She replies “mostly basic stuff but at the end she found a goddess who loved the camera. Sharon then says “give me a hand and you will see what I mean.”

The two get busy processing the film. As the pictures start to appear her day slowly appears in front of the two of them. Gary agrees with the goddess term as Isabella’s pictures show her off. Sharon finishes the boardwalk negatives and now knows the shower scene is coming up. Gary was already happy to see Isabella, he had no idea what was headed his way. They work side by side creating even more heat as they bump each other and by seeing the pictures.

Sharon starts to hang up the shower scene pictures and as her suit comes off she makes sure they are right in front of Gary. The first one he sees is Isabella’s naked backside and remarks out loud “look no tan lines.” Sharon says wait until you see the front. Instantly Gary gets a little harder and takes a long look at Sharon’s body. Leaning over the tub to pinup another picture her ass is in the air and her hiked up skirt reveals a little bit of her cheeks. Her tits almost exposed thru the sweat soaked and rolled up top. As Sharon reaches to hang the last full frontal shot Gary comes up behind her to help.

His body presses against hers making it another 20 degrees hotter instantly. He reaches around her, takes the picture and hangs it up. But does not Sincan Escort Bayan pull away, he asks her if she enjoyed taking the pictures, she replied “even more now that I can see them.” Sharon was not sure if she wanted this to move forward but was eagerly awaiting his next move. Gary ran his fingers along her arms up to her shoulders. He then went down her back to her top and lifted it up over her head as her breasts pop out from underneath.

He then started to kiss her neck as his hands made their way to her sweaty tits. As he caressed, massaged and squeezed her flesh and her nipples. He slowly kissed his way down her back. Sharon closed her eyes and enjoyed every touch and felt her pussy start to tingle. His lips made it to her waistband and he licked as far down as he could go. Sharon wantonly unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt for easy access. As her skirt easily drops to the ground his tongue followed edge of her thong down to her ass.

With 1 finger he moved the fabric aside and started to dart his tongue in her sweaty hole. Sharon moaned out loud. She loves having her ass licked and touched but a lot of her boyfriends would never do it. She reached down to lower her thong but Gary beat her to it putting his finger under the edge of the thong between her pussy and ass and pulling them down. Sharon was moaning loudly but wanted to get more involved but was pinned against a giant chemical tub.

She wanted to grab his cock and get it into her mouth as soon as she could. She turned to re position herself but just as she did Gary put his hands on her hips and swung her around and laid her on a table. She was now laying face down on a work table giving him more access to her prized possessions. She felt the sweat running down her face and between her and the table as well as beads running down the crack of her ass. As he stuck his tongue deeper into her ass his fingers found there way to her soaking wet pussy. She wanted to suck and taste his cock but was overly content for him to have his way with her as she was stuck in her position.

She lowered her hands to her ass cheeks and spread them wider for him. In doing this her anal canal and pussy opened up more for him to enjoy. His tongue ran down toward to her wetness and his fingers made their way to her upper hole. He tastes her sweat and cum all mixed together as even more sweat pours down her crack to his tongue. She cums for the second time as his tongue finally reaches her clit and his finger goes all the way into her ass!

She feels his tongue pull away and she thinks she is going to get up to return the pleasure but within seconds she feels his rock hard member enter her from behind. He slams up against her as her body slides on the table from all the sweat. His cock ramming her pussy and he now has 2 fingers in her ass, stretching and pulling the small hole in different directions. Her thighs banging into the edge of the table, his body pushing with the force of a train!

She feels his head begin to swell and knows he is about to explode. She tries to lean up so she can get in position and suck his cock of all of his sperm and taste her own juices at the same time. As she leans up she feels his hand on the center of her back pushing her down on the table hard. She then just lets herself relax and enjoy the moment to the fullest. As his pumps get faster and his body is covered in sweat she feels his hot fluid jettison into her even hotter pussy.

She feels her whole body tighten up and orgasms for the third time covering all of his manhood with her thick juice. As she cums she hears a police siren and sees two blue lights. She realizes she is driving 90 MPH on the Mass pike and she has a finger in her pants rubbing her clit. She slows down and pulls over to the side of the road. Fixing her zipper and ready to get in trouble she thinks, a speeding ticket is a small price to pay for such a great orgasm.

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