Jody’s Gift Ch. 04


I awoke to Jody’s gentle prodding. She had gotten up early, made coffee and returned, standing over me wearing only the top to a pajama set she had found, holding the coffee tray.

“Morning sleepy…Is my guy ready for some coffee?” She cooed out.

“Morning.” I replied, stretching and rubbing my eyes.

Jody waited patiently, allowing me to fully sit up, appreciating just how lovely she was, even early in the morning. Her hair, a tangled mess, as most mornings, sat above an angelic face. Her eyes bright and radiant, looked at me with love, as she flashed her perfect smile.

Bending over to hand me my cup, her breasts parted the pajama top and peaked out, making the vision even better and I smiled at her, as she blushed.

“Guess they wanted to say good morning too!” She giggled, slowly rising letting them slip back in.

“God you are beautiful and that says it all…Doesn’t.” I said, taking the coffee and settling back against the head board.

Jody blushed again and thanked me, as she turned to walk around the bed. I watched her firm creamy white, ass cheeks roll and undulate as she moved. She placed her cup on the night stand and then turned, heading for the widow.

She opened the curtains, allowing the early morning sun to enter. Raising her arms high, stretching, bringing the leprechaun into full view, I couldn’t help but smile and dropped my gaze to take in the view where her cheeks came together, a small oval of labia peaking out. Slowly she lowered her arms and rubbed her tits, before turning with a large grin and said,

“I was just thinking of when we saw each other…Scratching in the windows.”

I grinned back, as she hurried to the bed and jumped in, snuggling in close and grabbed her cup. A few moments passed as we relaxed and drank our coffee, saying nothing and enjoying the feel and touch of each others bodies.

“How nice is this?” I finally asked.

“Heavenly.” She purred and then went on,

“Scott…About last night…I…I don’t want you thinking I’m trying…”

“Shhhh…Don’t say it okay…I meant what I said. I’ve never felt this satisfied or happy in my life.” I responded, cutting her off.

With eyes filled with love and desire, Jody reach for me and parted my lips eagerly pushing her tongue in to dance with mine, showing me just how much she agreed with me.

“I feel the same way.” She purred out, as our lips parted and then added,

“But lets wait okay…I mean there’s no rush and you really want to be sure…Right?”

I looked at her and slowly nodded my head, replying,

“Okay…Fair enough, but I’d love it if you’d move in with me…How’s that sound?”

“Oh I don’t know…Let me think about it. Wonderful!” She teased, delaying her last word and then laughed softly, as she moved closer and placed her hand on my belly, rubbing it lightly.

“Scott…I know some other people…I mean that have stories…We could team up. I’d love to help you, that is, if you’d be interested.” She asked, resting her head on my shoulder, making figure eights on my belly with her fingers.

I laid there thinking, enjoying the sensation her touch gave me, feeling my cock stiffen. With one final jump, it, fully, elongated and touched her hand, as she changed up, now making circles around my belly button.

With coy little smile, she looked up at me and asked,

“Guess that’s a yes?”

“I would love it Jody…Just sorry I didn’t think about it first.” I replied and kissed her forehead.

“Good, me too!” She replied, beaming a large smile and slowly slid her fingers down my shaft, to cup my balls.

“Christ…I’m wet again! Just thinking about you gets me wet…And I love it!” she added, as she rolled my balls.

“Whoa girl friend…I’ve got work to do this morning…The deadline remember?” I teased her.

“But Scottttt…Just a little quickie? I’m really horny and you’re sooo damn big again…You sure you wouldn’t let Jody’s little pussy take a short ride?” She said, her lower lip protruding in a pout.

Without waiting for a reply, she moved under the covers and mounted me, holding my erect cock up and slid on easily. I smiled at her, as she dropped her hands to my belly, forcing her tits to pop out of the top and began to rock her hips, keeping me deep.

I cupped her tits and squeezed them, as she rocked slightly harder and started to moan.

Umm God Scott…Last night, when you…Umm…You were pushing on…On my…Oh Jesus…Uterus…Oh baby you feel so wonderful…It sent me into overload…Like…Oh God…Like right…Now…I love you…Oh Christ Scott…Deep baby!” She screamed out, just as I felt her, quick, release and soak me and the bed with her cum juice.

“Damn Jody…baby you were horny!” I said softly, watching her as her eyes closed and she swooned with her climax and shuttered hard, several times.

Finally she opened her eyes and beamed a huge smile at me, bending quickly, kissing me long and hard.

“Oh baby, thank you…You’re Escort Ankara the best! You make me just come alive! I love an early morning quickie…It gets my motor running hard and fast. You are the one, baby…You definitely are the one!” She said resting her head on my chest, as her vaginal muscled clamped and released my cock, a tribute to her pelvic muscles.

We lied there, relaxing for several minutes, before Jody pushed up and gently raised her hips pulling my penis from her love box. She slid back and sucked me in, making circles on my cock head with her tongue.

“Umm, Jody can make you a very happy man.” She said, with a mouth full of cock.

“I am a very happy man…You are the icing on my cake Jody and I’d love nothing better…But let’s shower, before all I want to do is fuck your brains out all day!” I chuckled, as she began to slap my cock against her lips.

“Part pooper!” She giggled and took one last slow suck, before releasing me and bounced off the bed.

I immediately regretted not letting her suck me to climax, as I watched her wiggle her way into the bathroom. My cock was throbbing from the quickie and her lips, but I knew she would be eager at any time to relieve my lust for her and I rose to follow her.

45 minutes later, I was seated at my computer, listening to the recorded conversation, busily writing away. Jody never bothered dressing and put the pajama top back on, starting to straighten out the apartment.

“Breakfast Scott?” She called out, looking around the kitchen doorway, smiling.

“Umm…Love it Hun.” I replied, giving a smile back, but not stopping the writing.

She disappeared and I lost myself in the sordid, early, life of my lady, writing her story. Time went by quickly and before I knew it, Jody had entered the room, carrying our breakfast.

“So…How’s it going babe?” She asked, setting down the tray.

I looked up and gave her warm smile, replying,

“Wonderful sweetie…Your story is just incredible. It should be a hit…A big hit and you my dear are making me a hero!”

Jody beamed a beautiful smile my way and sat down separating the breakfast dishes and glasses, asking me,

“So, do you get horny or hard writing this kind of stuff?”

I nodded my head and winked at her, as I put the computer into sleep mode and reached for my breakfast plate. We ate breakfast laughing and talking about working together and I watched the most sensual and sexy woman I had ever met in my life, falling harder with every passing moment. Every look, every movement and every gesture gave me pleasure and finally near the end of breakfast, I told her so.

With tear filled eyes she jumped up and came around to wrap her arms around me, in a tight hug, pressing her warm breasts into my bare back.

“I love you too…I’m yours Scott, for as long as you want me. I’ve never felt this way about any man…You make me sing Scott and I can’t tell you how much I love you for that!”

Finally, she released me and kissed my head saying,

“Get back to work and stop trying to turn my head!” and laughed, as she picked up the breakfast dishes.

I grinned, returning to the computer and watch her butt disappear into the kitchen. Lost in her world again, I heard only bits and pieces of the work Jody was doing and saw flashes of her as she went about the apartment, working. At some point the front door opened and closed, but I paid it no mind, my fingers flying across the computer key board.

Some four hours later, I sat back, rubbing my eyes and face, smiling. It was finished and I would make the deadline. It was then I noticed Jody was not there. I rose and did a thorough check, thinking she might be in the bedroom and not finding her I decided I’d better dress and check her place.

My ragged boxers hit the floor, just as I heard,

“Ahem…Very nice ass…Very nice indeed!”

I turned, looking a little sheepish, for whatever reason, and found Jody leaning against the bedroom door. I smiled at her, but wondered why she had a long coat on and started to ask, when she held up her hand.

“Because…My leprechaun and I were wondering if you might be done…He’s lonely and thought you might want to massage what he’s standing on, you know…Deep and personal?” She said, grinning as she opened her coat.

Jody was fully made up and gorgeous, as usual, and when her coat parted she took my breath away. I stared, opened mouthed, as the coat dropped to floor and she sauntered towards me, with exaggerated, leg over leg steps, thrusting her hips to side to side. Her tits rolling easily side to side, bare to the world. She wore, only, a small jeweled waist band, and the long ends daggled in her pussy slit. As she came to a halt, spreading her legs, the jeweled ends nestled in between her labia and she placed her hands on her hips, winking at me.

“Well I couldn’t, very well, walk down the hall like this…Could I?” She said in a husky voice and reached to pull me close.

I Ankara Escort swallowed hard once, before she closed her lips on mine and grabbed my ass, pulling me in tight, crushing her tits against my chest. I melted in her arms and sought her, as eagerly as she did me. Out of breath, we parted lips and Jody, with lustful eyes, leaned in to whisper in my ear,

“My leprechaun is waiting…He’s oiled me and I’m ready for you. I told you I would make you a very happy man. Would you like to see where?”

Speechless, I nodded, as my cock rose quickly, with Jody’s tender urging. She looked down, smiled and did a slow turn, bending over in front of me. Resting one hand on her knee, she turned back and looked at me, spreading her ass cheeks apart with the other hand.

“He told me he wanted you deep…In here.” She said, as she pointed to her swirled hole, wet with oil, and nearly breathless with anticipation.

My gaze was fixed at her new love hole offering, when she stood slowly and turned back to me.

“But first my lover…You need to be oiled and while I’m doing that…” She cooed, trailing off, returning to her coat. She started talking again as she bent over to retrieve what she had brought with her,

“You can play with this.” And she rose up, quickly turning, with a wicked little smile on her lips, holding a large anal dildo.

Never removing her eyes from my hard cock, she walked back and pushed me back on the bed. I bounced once and she quickly straddled me, turning so her ass was facing me my head. Looking back she grinned and turned on the vibrator, handing it to me.

“Have fun baby…I’ll be busy with this bad boy of yours.” And she bent over, squirting oil on my cock, giggling as it ran down, covering my balls too.

“Oops…Little too much!”

Her door way parted slightly, as she bent over and I guided the vibrator to her hole, hesitating before pushing it in. Jody rubbed the oil into my cock, taking long strokes with one hand and oiling my ball sack with other, when I pushed the vibrator home causing her to arch her back and scream out.

“Oh God it’s been way too long…That thing just drives me insane!” and she returned to eagerly stroke my cock, faster than she had been.

Her enthusiasm was mind blowing and I quickly got caught up in her sexual desire and drive, as I began to push, pull and rotate the, cock like, vibrator.

Fascinated, and horny as hell, I watched her ass cheeks started to tremble, as I moved the vibrator deeper.

“Oh Christ I’ve been thinking about your cock buried in my ass since I left today!” She screamed and added, “Jesus Scott…You’re ready…Please baby make me and you happy…Put that…Oh Fuck!…Big schlong of yours in me…Now baby…Now!” and she moved, quickly, to dismount me, ripping the vibrator from hand, leaving it buried and running in her ass.

Jody dropped to the floor and resting on her knees and elbows, raised her impaled ass high, begging for me to pull out the vibrator and push my cock in. I dropped and pulled out the vibrator, easily, and replaced it with my oil slick cock, just pushing my cock head through her hole.

“Oh my God…Oh my God…Oh my fucking God! You’re so huge baby!” Jody screamed, making me hesitate, not wanting to hurt her.

Jody screams died out and I felt her ass pushing back, forcing me in and I pushed into her, my cock sliding in easily and deeply. I had never felt the tightness and shear pleasure I felt then, buried in my lovers ass.

“Holy shit – I think I could faint Scott!” Jody moaned out, as I started to thrust my hips easily, driving my cock in and out.

Jody clutched at the carpet, moaning louder, as I increased my hip speed and called out in a “stop gap” voice, as my belly and balls slapped into her ass.

“Oh – Baby – Yes – Deep – Hard baby – Please – Keep – Going – Don’t – Stop – Oh God – Scott!”

I slowed down and backed out of her ass hole, slapped her butt with my cock and then rammed it home again, as she wailed in a high pitch scream.

I was close to my climax, when I felt Jody push the vibrator into her pussy and screamed out again,

“That’s it baby – oh ya, faster…I’m – almost – there!”

The vibrations drove me crazy and I quicken my pace, thrusting hard into Jody’s ass. Just as I reached climax, I pushed my cock deep and held it there.

Jody and I came at the same time, like it was the last climax – of all time! I felt my load pass her rectum muscle and shoot out hard and fast, blasting into her ass, like a bullet from a gun. She screamed and thrashed wildly, taking every renewed pulse of cum and shook violently with her own climax. Finally, she gave out and dropped to floor, writhing and moaning, trapping my cock between her tight ass cheeks.

We rolled together, as I dropped to the floor behind her. I gently lifted her upper cheek and pulled my throbbing cock from her ass. Just as I passed her rectum, she squealed out, farted loudly and pushed out a steady Ankara Escort Bayan stream of cum, and started to sob.

“Oh God…Jody are you okay? I didn’t hurt you – did I?” I said, grabbing her and rolled her over searching her face for pain.

Her sobs quickly turned into laughter and she hugged me tight and farted again, pushing more cum out.

“Oh baby – I’m fucking great! I came so hard I can’t believe it and we came together Scott…You are just plain amazing! God our fucking can’t keep getting better…I’m going to have a heart attach if it does!”

I hugged her tight and then parted enough to kiss her deeply, as I rolled, pulling her over on top of me. She spread her legs and let cum run out, dripping on me. I felt her tense her belly muscles, one last time, and fart, long and low, giggling over the sound.

“Oh God I’m so sorry…It’s just all that love you pumped into me!” and we roared with laughter.

When we finally stopped laughing, I gently rolled her back on the carpet and got up to get a warm wash cloth. Her eyes sparkled and a warm smiled crossed her face, as I sat to clean her.

She raised her legs and planted her feet, spreading wide, as I gently wiped her pussy and cleaned her rectum. As I slid across her final love hole, she clutched my arm hard and screamed,

“Fuck…I’m so sensitive! Damn you make my whole body just intense Scott! I hope I’m not walking bull-legged tonight! And she cackled at her joke.

I laughed with her and then bent to suck in her clit and massage her labia. Jody rubbed my head, as I played with her, sighing,

“And that’s almost the best part…You always play with me afterwards…No slam – bam- thank you – mam, for you, is there? Do you really love me and my sex that much baby?”

“Umm…Damn straight.” I said, taking a long lick up her sweet slit and then slid up to play with her marvelous tits.

“I’m really hungry again…care to take me out?” She giggled, as I latched on to a nipple and playfully pulled it, with my lips.

“Only if you’ll roll on top of me and hang these big titties of yours in my face and wiggle them for me!” I said, releasing her nipple.

Jody quickly pushed me away and climbed on top, resting her hands on the floor, she lowered her tits and wiggled them across my face and laughed, as I tried to capture her nipples.

We played for a while and then showered, getting ready for a night out. It wasn’t until we walked out from the bathroom that Jody realized she came down naked and laughed, as she slipped on her long coat, to go dress.

“We need one place Scott…This is ridiculous.” She commented, as she closed the door, leaving to dress.

I made up my mind that we would have that very discussion at dinner tonight and turned to print out Jody’s story. I wanted her opinion before submitting it and I, still, had two days remaining, before the deadline.

An hour later, Jody knocked and walked in, dressed casually and looking radiant. We kissed and turned to immediately leave, when I remembered the print out, turning back to grab it.

Italian seemed appropriate and we ended up at small place that was noted for its divine dishes. As we started in on the best Veal Parmesan dish, either of us had ever had, the conversation turned to our combining places.

“Mmmmm God, this is heavenly Scott!” Jody commented, after her first bite.

I nodded my head and gave Jody a “thumbs up” approval and continued to chew the bite just taken. I sipped some wine and then brought up moving in together.

Jody’s eyes lit up and she gave me her undivided attention, as I explained about perhaps getting a slightly bigger place and moving out of our apartments. She had no qualms about anything I said and only brought up our lease differences, after finding out when mine was up.

“Okay…That’s okay Scott. I don’t mind. If we find a place, your moving in earlier is fine. I can bring things over a little at a time and when my lease is over I can just move out. No fights, no hassles!” She commented, smiling taking another sip of wine.

It suddenly dawned on me, that after all the time we spent together, I had never asked her what she did for a living; and of course, I asked. Given all of our talks, knowing her past and all, I expected something like a stripper – exotic dancer – or maybe something a little wild, like a call girl and was fully prepared to hear those words. But when Jody told me she was a psychologist, I choked on my next bite and it took some serious back pounding, by Jody, to dislodge the food.

“Christ, are you okay Scott? Did I shock you that bad?” She said a worried look on her face.

With red, teary, eyes I looked at her and said, while still coughing,

“What… How?”

“Simple, really, I took the money my dad left and walked away from the house. I headed for UCLA and never looked back.” She commented, still looking concerned.

I nodded and finally cleared my throat, returning to a normal color.

“I’m having the wildest sex of my life with a…Psychologist – an incestuous, Irish, psychologist, at that!” I replied, shaking my head, when I saw the fire erupt in her eyes.

I quickly held up my hands in defense, when I saw her turn ready to tear into me.

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