I met Jennifer at work. She is about 40, dark hair, buxom but shapely, very well dressed and confident. She has dark mysterious eyes and she seems very flirtatious. I’m just 19 and recently started, and although she’s not in my department she is very senior in the company.

We were talking at the coffee machine one day, and she asked me, “Hey John, how are you settling into the area? Have you met any locals? Got a social life yet?”

I answered, “I’m still finding my feet here.”

“Oh, you should come round for dinner one night, I know lots of young people round here. Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow at 7pm?” Jennifer said, “I’ll email you the address.”

Wow, Jennifer certainly didn’t mess about… one moment I was chatting to her, the next I was coming round to her place. I thought maybe it would be good for my career, and to be honest, I thought she was very sexy. She always wore clothes that accentuated her breasts and I had trouble when talking to her to keep my eyes from focusing on her gorgeous full breasts and often visible nipples.

The following night I turned up at her door at 7 on the dot. I was dressed smartly but not a tie or suit, just a smart collared shirt and slacks, loafers and no socks. Her house was fantastic – modern, clean lines, very large and all on one floor. Inside it seemed like she’d paid a top designer: the large open plan living room and dining area was spacious, clean and beautiful. There were high tech LCD TVs, sound systems, and a beautiful big oak dining table. Jennifer was wearing a long sleek black dress, and simple makeup – looking devastating. I was a little overawed by it all.

As I came in a girl stood up from the sofa. She was a little younger than me – maybe 18, fairly short – about 5’1″, and quite plump. Her blond hair was tied back, and she was wearing a tight cotton dress, simple but sweet, sort of farm-girly, in a flower print. The dress was a one-piece that stopped just above the knee and showed all her curves. It was fairly low cut and fitted around her breasts which were large and round. She was made up more than I imagined was normal, because she didn’t seem the type. She had a slightly shy nervous expression on her face despite the dark eyeliner and full red lipstick. Jennifer went over and took her hand and led her over to me. Jennifer introduced Lucy to me. Although Lucy was almost chubby she was very, very pretty, and her blushing shy demeanor was incredibly attractive to me.

I shook Lucy’s hand and she smiled as she looked at me.

“Well,” said Jennifer, “Since we are all here, let’s go eat. I’m starving!”

I was a little surprised it was just the three of us. I expected a few people and this seemed a little like a “setup” with me and Lucy.

We went over to the dinner table, where Jennifer sat at the head, and Lucy and I sat opposite. During dinner, Jennifer poured us out a lot of a delicious white wine, which went well with the light and tasty food that was already laid out. The glasses were the trendy kind: enormous goblets. You could have put two-thirds of a bottle in one, and so even only a third filled we were drinking lots. Jennifer and I chatted, but despite Jennifer’s attempts to draw Lucy into the discussion she remained mainly silent, blushing whenever she talked. However, she smiled when I caught her eye, and I also caught her looking at me a couple of times.

She and Jennifer seemed good friends as Jennifer touched her arm and hand frequently and as a matter of course. She seemed to defer to Jennifer’s ideas and judgments. I couldn’t figure out how these two were friends – they seemed so different in personality. Jennifer teased Lucy a lot and she kept saying things that embarrassed Lucy like.

Jennifer said, “Oh, when we go out, all the men salivate over Lucy. Don’t they sweetie? I have to hold them off her!”

Lucy didn’t reply she simply went bright red.

“Not that you thank me for it!” continued Jennifer, “I’m sure you wanted that dark-haired man the other night – didn’t you baby? I tell you,” She carried on, looking me right in the eye, “I’m sure he was twice her age, and it was quite clear what he wanted!”

“Well, he got it didn’t he?” mumbled Lucy in a rather sullen way.

I didn’t understand what she meant, but I noticed this was the first time she had said anything “back” to Jennifer.

“Don’t be jealous baby, or you know what will happen.” replied Jennifer, to which Lucy was suddenly very apologetic.

I still didn’t understand what they were talking about, but there was definite tension in the air.

I hadn’t really stopped thinking about sex all through dinner. It was very arousing – there was definitely sexual tension in the air. And I fancied Jennifer, and I fancied Lucy. I hadn’t got a girlfriend. In fact, I was still a virgin. I had only ever petted with girls. Also the constant teasing and talk of sex seemed designed to turn me on. I kept looking at the two women, thinking how lucky I was to be uşak escort having dinner with them both, both attractive in different ways: Jennifer all sophistication and Lucy sweet and blushing and plump.

After we finished the main course, Lucy asked to be excused. Jennifer pulled her over and whispered something in her ear. Lucy blushed, nodded, and then went off to the bathroom. This made me realize I needed to pee badly, as I had drunk far too much Chardonnay.

As soon as Lucy left the room, Jennifer said: “I think she likes you. You could stay the night with her if you like.”

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe Jennifer was so bold. And I didn’t really understand why Jennifer was saying this. I stammered, “Oh” and blushed.

Jennifer replied: “Oh come now, I noticed the way you have been looking at Lucy. I know you like her. I can see how much you want to fuck her!”

I blushed and stammered.

It suddenly occurred to me – if she knows I’ve been looking at Lucy that way, she must have noticed how I looked at her. I blushed even more.

Jennifer reached over and took my hand.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said, “It’s not unusual for a young man to be turned on, and Lucy is so pretty isn’t she? She’s not a virgin, you know. I’m sure she’d like you to have her.”

This talk was affecting me – I started wondering how much of it was true. My mind was buzzing with it.

Jennifer kept talking: “You know you are very good looking. Lucy loves your type – dark-haired and muscular. She’s always very jealous whenever I have a dark-haired man.”

At this she looked at me – almost as if she could have me any time she wanted – and she could.

Lucy seemed to be taking a long time coming back, and I was getting more and more desperate to pee. I must have been fidgeting because Jennifer noticed.

“I’m sorry – I’ve only one bathroom,” she said. “Are you desperate? I’m sure Lucy won’t be long”

We sat without talking for a couple more minutes.

Then Jennifer said: “You poor thing. I don’t know what’s happened to Lucy. I think you better just take care of it, darling. You look very uncomfortable.”

She handed me her wine glass at this point.

“Look – just go over to the corner, and pee into here. I wont look I promise”, said Jennifer, with a gleam in her eye, as she pointed to the corner.

I blushed even more, but as I was desperate, I took her up on the offer. I walked off to the corner – which was at least 30 foot across the big room, and took the glass. I was a little aroused, and to start with I was half-hard and couldn’t pee, but after a minute I managed to start peeing. I quickly realized how badly I had needed to pee as the glass started filling up. I could feel the heat of my pee through the goblet and I started to worry I’d overflow. Thank god the glasses were so large. Luckily I stopped with the glass almost to the brim. I managed to zip up with one hand, and I started wondering what to do with this glass full of hot pee. The glass was full, and the light yellow pee looked only a little darker than the wine we had just been drinking. I walked back to the table.

Jennifer said: “Here give it to me, I’ll deal with it.”

She held out her hand, so I handed the glass over, blushing brightly, and she just placed it on the table in front of her place setting.

At that moment Lucy walked back in, blushing, looking slightly disarranged.

“Where have you been dear,” snapped Jennifer, “You’ve kept John waiting, you know. He needed the bathroom too. Really – it was very rude to take so long”.

I was surprised at Jennifer’s tone of voice – it had a steel edge in it now.

Lucy replied “But I couldn’t help it, I was just doing as you said!”

Jennifer just replied curtly, “I didn’t say you could take so long!”

I didn’t understand, but maybe this was something to do with what Jennifer had whispered to Lucy?

Jennifer walked over to one of the plasma screens. Lucy seemed very distraught at this.

“Please no” said Lucy, almost begging.

Jennifer ignored her, and said – to me: “Shall we see what Lucy’s been doing all this time?”

She took a mouse and started manipulating the software that was now showing on the screen. Suddenly the screen displayed a video picture of the bathroom. In walked Lucy. There must be a webcam in the bathroom, and the computer was replaying it. Lucy sat down on the toilet. She pulled up her skirt. The video was clear enough to see that she had no underwear on. I watched in amazement as I saw her hand reach down and she started to play with herself, pushing her fingers into her pussy. I had never seen a girl masturbate before. I was instantly hard. I didn’t know where to look, except I couldn’t help watching this video. Lucy pushed her fingers in again and again, then took them out and licked them. After a while, she pulled one breast out of the top of her dress and started squeezing the nipple, van escort and then she pulled her plump breast up and bent her head down and took the nipple in her mouth, and start sucking on it.

I couldn’t stop watching. The video just continued as she wanked and sucked her nipple and finger-fucked herself.

I heard Lucy whimper behind me: “But, but, but you told me to!”

Jennifer just smiled. I looked round to see Lucy with her cheeks bright red, almost in tears, a shiny look to her eyes.

Jennifer was glowing. She caught my eye and smiled, and then looked back at the screen. Lucy’s voice could be heard moaning on the speaker, as she slowly worked her way to climax. If I’d known Jennifer better I would have recognized the evil gleam in her eye, but as it was I was too turned on. My cock was stiff as a steel rod and my cheeks were flushed. Lucy suddenly climaxed, and went limp in the video.

Then Jennifer moved the mouse again and pulled up another file. The screen was filled with a dark material.

Jennifer turned to Lucy and said, “See what poor John was forced to do because you took so long.”

Suddenly my hand – magnified on the big screen – came up and pulled down a zip. The material was my trousers. Jennifer must have a hidden camera just in the corner where she’d told me to go and pee. My cock – enormous on the big display, suddenly was pulled out. You could see me holding it, half erect, and then slowly see it relax enough to pee. Then you could see my hand pointing the tip into the glass and then a huge spurt of pee as I squeezed the first jolt out. Then a flood of pee pouring out – filling the glass.

Lucy stood, mesmerized, her eyes taking it in. I looked over at her, and she looked delicious. Her nipples were tight, her mouth was open slightly, and she didn’t even notice me looking at her as she just concentrated on the huge video picture of pee squirting out of the head of my cock, splashing into the glass.

I only just noticed Jennifer moving away. As I slowly stopped peeing on video, Jennifer came back, holding the glass of pee, enormous – at least half a wine bottles worth it looked. Lucy stared at it, and then she looked at Jennifer. Jennifer had a half smile on her face, and Lucy seemed almost to be begging, you could see the plea in her eyes. But Jennifer ignored her.

Jennifer looked at me said: “I think we ought to punish Lucy for her rudeness, don’t you?”

But she didn’t wait for and answer from me. She walked over to Lucy and grabbed her by the pony tail. With the other hand she brought up the glass and holding Lucy’s head back started to pour it into her now open mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d never experienced anything like this in my life.

Lucy – if anything – seemed to have been expecting it. She didn’t fight it. I could see her throat bobbing as she tried to swallow my hot piss as fast as Jennifer poured. But she couldn’t keep up. Streams of the liquid came out of each corner of her mouth and poured off her chin onto her breasts, soaking the thin cotton dress and into her nipples, which were now as big as bullets. It was clear now that there was no bra under her dress. After half the glass was poured down her throat, Jennifer pulled hard at her ponytail, forcing Lucy to her hands and knees. I was facing her front, and I could see her breasts hanging down through the wet material, her face wet and glistening, her eyes glassy.

Then Jennifer pulled up her dress over her ass and started to spank Lucy with her free hand. Jennifer wasn’t playing – I could hear the force of the spanking, and soon I could hear Lucy whimpering. I found myself walking round so I could watch and I could see Jennifer’s hand smacking each cheek in turn as her ass started to go bright red. Lucy still wasn’t wearing any underwear and her pussy was clearly visible between her red spanked ass cheeks.

Then Jennifer stopped for a moment and with the other hand she poured splashes of pee from my glass over the red cheeks, then up Lucy’s back, and then over her hair. Lucy looked a complete mess, covered in pee, her thin dress soaked, her hair and face dripping, her large white bottom showing and now with clear red hand marks on it. She might have looked a mess, but to my horny innocent mind she was the sexiest sight I’d ever seen.

I wasn’t thinking now. I was too turned on, more turned on than I had ever been before. In other circumstances I might have been disgusted by Lucy, drenched in my hot dirty piss, but I wasn’t thinking that, I was thinking of only one thing and that was how much I needed my cock inside Lucy.

Jennifer stopped with the glass still a quarter full. Lucy didn’t seem to notice anything. She was just moaning on her knees, rocking back and forwards, her dress front soaked, her whole body soaked in my pee.

Jennifer looked me straight in the eye.

“Take her!” she said, “Fuck her. She’s yours now. I have anointed her in your erzincan escort piss and she is yours to take.”

I didn’t even think. I just pulled off my trousers and knelt down behind her. My cock was so tight it was painful.

Jennifer kept talking, encouraging me: “Yes baby! Take your big cock and FUCK Lucy. Take it and push it in hard. Fuck her all the way. Don’t stop till you’ve cum deep inside her. She’s yours now, take her, and have her”.

I was only half listening and I can’t even remember the moment I pushed my cock in, my first entrance, but I remember the ecstasy. I remember realizing I was inside her, ALL the way, my hips up against her ass.

Jennifer was still talking, “Yes baby, FUCK her, HARDER”.

The feeling was amazing. Lucy was so tight and wet. She moaned as I fucked her, and rocked to and fro; pushing onto my cock and wailing like a bitch on heat. Jennifer stood over us, close, and watched.

She could see exactly how close I was to cumming, and suddenly she poured the rest of the pee over my cock and Lucy’s ass.

This was the last straw for me – feeling the hot pee splash down over Lucy’s ass onto my cock, feeling it pour over my cock.

I pushed my cock in all the way in.

Jennifer was shouting: “CUM BABY!” and I did.

I spurted deep inside Lucy, spurt after spurt of hot juice. I never even thought about protection, I just pumped and pumped my cum deep into Lucy’s hot pussy. My cock was buried all the way in, and I could feel my cock still twitching, deep in Lucy’s cunt. I must have been like that for at least a minute,

As I came out of my daze, I noticed some things. Lucy was moaning with pleasure.

I heard her saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you for filling me deep”.

Jennifer was looking at us, smiling. The smell of pee suddenly reached my consciousness – we stank of my piss. Not only had it been poured onto Lucy, but then rubbed and beaten and fucked into her.

As I look back on this episode, I can see clearly two things: firstly, it was the single sexiest thing that ever happened to me. Secondly it was the start of my slide into depravity. Maybe it was that my first fuck had been completely orchestrated by Jennifer, but I soon found that I – as well as Lucy – was completely in Jennifer’s control.

I later found out that she had planned everything about this, from my desperation to Lucy’s wanking. Lucy was already deeply in her control, and she had made Lucy go to the bathroom and wank. But mainly what she had planned was that my first experience of sex (yes, she had found out I was a virgin) was to be inundated, soaked, and drenched in pee. Jennifer wanted me to associate sex and fucking with pee above all other things. And I’m afraid to say it worked. Sex and piss are now so firmly intertwined in my mind I get hard even if a girl just tells me she needs to pee. Jennifer succeeded in twisting and perverting me in just those short minutes from the moment I peed into the glass to the moment I came deep inside Lucy.

If you thought that was it for the evening, you would be wrong.

Jennifer was all sweetness and loveliness. Any trace that she had been mean to Lucy had disappeared. She was gentle and kind to us after my climax. She had us come and cuddle her on the sofa. She made Lucy take off her pee stained dress, but we could still smell my urine on Lucy’s body and hair. I was exhausted by the adrenalin and the climax, and so I just rested against Jennifer, my cock resting on my thigh, still wearing my shirt but nothing else. Lucy, naked, looked supremely happy. I was soon to realize that Jennifer had trained her to love this treatment.

Lucy curled up on the other side of Jennifer and almost purred. Jennifer was idly running her hand through my hair, and then she gently pulled up the hem of her dress, and slipped her fingers into her pussy – right there in front of both of us. Her pussy was hairy, but trimmed, and i could see the lips open on either side of two fingers. She must have been wet as they slide in straight away. Then she pulled them out, and she just slid them straight into my mouth. I was so relaxed, I just took them. The taste was heavenly. I was still in post orgasm heaven, and it was like the first shot of heroin to a junky. You have to remember I’d never licked a woman, so this was my first taste of pussy juice. I think I must have moaned a little, and Jennifer smiled, and opened her legs wider.

I wanted more, and she knew it.

“Come on baby, have as much as you want.” she said.

I slid of the sofa to my knees, I needed it. I tentatively put my mouth in front of her pussy, which was right on the edge of the cushion. She gently held my head in her hands and guided me closer. I kissed her lips gently, and then my tongue was lapping at her. I felt her lips open and my tongue taste her juice. It was heaven. I can’t describe her juice, but it’s the best I ever tasted, rich, addictive, delicious. I guess I was a little naive; I just lapped at it like it was an ice cream. That was until suddenly I felt her fingernails dig into my earlobe.

“Careful darling – just do as I say,” she said – the steel reappearing in her voice.

Then she told me EXACTLY what she wanted, how, where and how strong, and I obeyed….

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