Jay’s Sex Club Adventures Ch. 06


So here I was, laying in my bed, under the sheets and in probably the worst pain I had felt since I broke my right arm, playing hockey in the 8th grade. Sun light shone through my window, birds chirping outside. It was a beautiful warm summer day, and I wasn’t planning on getting out of bed at all any time soon.

I had even called in sick at my work… hell, there was no way I was going in like this… how would I explain it to my co-workers?

“Oh, I’m walking funny because I just got fucked in the ass by the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” Yeah… that would go over well.

Screw it, I thought. I never missed time at work. They wouldn’t get too bent out of shape if I called in sick ONE day in my whole career. Not that I cared at this point anyway. Out in my living room, I could hear Lisa talking on the phone, she had come over to help take care of me, you might say. As I began to explain what had happened, the first thing she wanted was details.

Of course, I told her everything, despite the pain I was in at the moment. It wasn’t that I had not enjoyed my experience with Kendra. Actually, it was fucking hot as hell.

It’s just… well, the morning after, and the morning after that, which was today, had not been so enjoyable for me.

Allow me to back track a little here, so you can better understand…

… I had just walked into Kendra’s house. There was a nice sized living room, two couches on either side of the room and a recliner next to the one on the left hand side. She had a flat screen TV with a nice entertainment center, and a DVD player.

In the other corner of the room was a computer, and opposite to that, a set of stairs that led up to the bedroom, I assumed.

“Welcome to my humble home,” she said, smiling at me. “Take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable Jay… whiskey?”

“Uh…sure,” I replied. She rushed off to the kitchen to grab the both of us a drink, and I kicked off my shoes as she had told me I could. I sat down on one of the couches, and leaned back into the comfortable cushions.

Kendra returned a few moments later with two whiskey glasses, one for herself and obviously one for me. I took the drink from her and smiled.

“Thanks Kendra… I appreciate it.”

“I should be thanking you honey,” she said, sitting down next to me, “You’re the one who tried to help with my car, and gave me a ride home. If it weren’t for you, I would still be stuck out there in the heat, sweating my big balls off, now wouldn’t I?”

“Yeah,” I laughed, nervously, “So… um… you have a nice house.” I took a sip of my drink, squinting my eyes as it burned my throat, the burn took away some of the nerves that were plaguing me.

“Thank you Jay, I’m glad you agreed to come in with me babe. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.”

There was a look in her eyes now that made my heart speed up. She moved her hand to my left leg and started rubbing my leg, and moved closer towards me.

“Jay… we should talk before we proceed.”

Talk… what the hell did she want to talk about? The girl had spent forever trying to get me alone, to get in my pants and now she wanted to talk?

“Um… okay. What’s up?” I tentatively asked.

“Well,” she said, leaning back some with a smile, “It’s about… you and me. And what’s about to happen between the two of us. I’m sure you may have heard by now… I’m not exactly small down there,” she said, motioning down towards her lower region.

I got the hint of course… I’d heard by now. I had heard all kinds of things so far. I was wondering which of those many rumors I had heard was actually true though.

“Yeah, I’ve heard you’re pretty fucking big, just don’t know how big. I mean, I’ve heard… a few different estimates.”

“Really now… like?”

“Someone said… around nine inches.”

“Hm… close,” she said, smirking, “Try going up one more.”

It took a moment to register, and then I felt my throat tightening as I realized. If she was one above nine, that meant she was ten inches.

“T-Ten… ten inches,” I stuttered, and Kendra laughed.

“That is correct baby, have you ever had anyone as big as me?”

“N-No,” I said, figuring honesty was probably key to my survival here. I wasn’t going to run, I did want this to happen. But I had a feeling, it was going to be anything but easy to really get into it at first.

“Well, that’s okay, I’ll be gentle… at first,” she winked.

She scooted closer, and the look in her eyes was one of confidence and was very sexy.

“Do me a favor baby,” she said, “Why don’t you take off them clothes of yours, and let’s get things movin’ along.”

Taking a deep breath, I took a swig of my whiskey and set the glass down on the coffee table. I stood up, pushing away from the couch and on shaking knee’s I turned to look down at her on the couch. I started by removing my shirt, and then undid my zipper and belt, dropping my pants. Now, I stood before Kendra, in only a pair of blue boxers.

“Take Anadolu Yakası escort the boxers off too.”

Well… not anymore, I guess. I slowly slid them down my legs, lifting my feet out of them and tossing them aside, before looking back at Kendra. She smiled and leaned forward, resting her chin in her palm.

“You are so… fucking… sexy baby. Now… turn around, and let me see that white ass of yours, okay?”

I slowly turned, my stomach in knots and yet strangely, my cock was semi-erect. Once I had turned all the way around, my ass facing Kendra, I stood perfectly still, and heard her shifting on the sofa.

“Bend over for me baby,”

I bent over, slowly… my ass pointing straight out towards her and heard her sigh heavily… not a sigh of annoyance or anything. It was the heavy sigh of lust. She stood up behind me, and slapped my ass hard, causing me to jump in surprise.

“Oh, you are so hot,” she repeated. She started rubbing my ass now, and knelt down some behind me, spreading my cheeks.

“Look at that hole… I can’t wait to get inside of you. I can’t wait to hear you screaming my fucking name.”

She slapped my ass again, and the sound echoed through the living room. She straightened herself up some and turned me around to face her. I looked into her eyes, wondering what she was going to do next.

Kendra pulled me close to her and our lips connected, and we kissed. It was intense, very intense and I felt her tongue brush against my lips, parting them so she could slide it into my mouth. While deep French kissing, Kendra ran her hands up my ass, then up my back and to my shoulders before pushing me away from her and I landed on the couch, stunned by the force she had used.

I thought for a moment something was wrong and that I had done something to anger her. That apparently, was not the case though; it couldn’t have been. Because the next thing I knew, Kendra started to undress in front of me. She removed her tank top to reveal that she had not been wearing a bra the whole time, and her huge, beautiful breasts popped free. She had a very well toned body, a bit of six-pack abs actually, and her arms were also quite big.

I had known that however, but without a shirt and now completely nude, they looked more toned than before.

She slowly ran her hands up her stomach to her breasts, cupping each of them, and rubbing her nipples. “Take off my pants,” she ordered.

I slid to the edge of the couch and reached forward, hooking my thumbs under the edges of her pants. She was wearing sweat shorts actually, and so I slid them down slowly along her smooth legs. She kicked them off, and I was now staring at a huge bulge in her black panties.

“Are you ready Jay,” she asked, “To meet my friend?”

I gave no reply. She continued to smile at me, as she hooked her thumbs under the edges of her panties and slid those down her legs as well. When she straightened herself up, she parted her legs and out sprang her massive, fully erect cock. My eyes were wide with a mix of shock, lust and panic. She was huge… just as big, I assumed, as she had told me she was.

“Do you like what you see baby, it’s been waiting for this day just as long as I have. Now it’s finally here… go ahead and touch it Jay.”

Fighting back my nerves, I reached out and wrapped my hand around the base of her ten-inch cock and with a firm grip, I began stroking. Up and down her shaft, my hand glided, and Kendra sighed, her eyes closed as she continued to massage her breasts.

“You’ve got a good grip, Jay. Now… why don’t you try sucking it?”

“I don’t know if I…”

“Don’t question yourself Jay, just do it. We’ll go slowly.”

I took a deep breath, exhaled, and decided to go ahead and proceed. My mouth was watering. Just a few months ago, I would have really refused to believe anyone who told me I would be so eager to suck a cock. This obviously was not my first time, but admittedly, I had been lusting for her for as long as she had been for me. I slowly licked the head, tasting, and teasing. I licked it, flicking it with my tongue, as though it were taffy.

Then, I began running my tongue up and down the length of her shaft, going as far down as her balls. I teased her large balls, they hung quite low. I took them each in my mouth, one at a time, sucking on them both and earning a low moan from Kendra.

“Mm, good boy,” she said softly, “I’m impressed so far, those girls taught you well. But quit the teasing, and take it like a man.”

Kendra grabbed a fistful of my hair and shoved her cock right down my throat. I jumped, her dick pressing my gag reflex, and choked. She started moving my head up and down, pretty much skull fucking me.

I choked, gagged, slurped and gagged some more. Slowly but surely, my gag reflex adjusted and it became easier to take her entire length. I had done this before with Lisa and Holly in the woods… a throat massage. I could do it, it just took a moment or two to adjust Anadolu Yakası escort bayan to her added size.

Before long though, I was sucking her huge cock in exactly the fashion she seemed to desire of me. Once again, she forced herself as far down my throat as she could go and held herself there for a few seconds. She let up, when she sensed that I couldn’t hold out any longer, and I gasped for air, spit running down my chin.

“Not bad,” she sighed, “Now lick them balls again.”

Back to her balls I went, licking, teasing, sucking, while I took hold of her cock and started stroking her. Her dick wet with my saliva, it glistened in the light that came through the living room blinds.

“You’re doing so good Jay, do you like my big fat cock?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes? Yes… what?”

I looked at her confused, and was shocked when she gave me a light slap across the face… it wasn’t hard, just enough to take me by surprise.

“Yes, Mistress,” she corrected me, using a firm, authoritative voice.

“Y-Yes Mistress, I love your cock,” I corrected myself.

“Good! From now on, you will refer to me only by Mistress Kendra. Is that understood slave?”

“Yes Mistress Kendra.”

“Good boy,” she smiled. “Now, stand up for me.”

I obeyed, releasing her cock and pushing myself up off of the couch. Kendra moved behind me, her hands trailing up my sides, sending chills all over my body. Standing behind me, she started rubbing my arms and my shoulders, and started kissing, sucking and biting my neck. I moaned, and she gave my ass a firm squeeze, followed by a slap.

She sat on the couch and ordered me to my knees in front of her. I quickly obeyed, my own dick hard as a rock now from the kissing and licking of my neck moments before. She lifted her leg, her right foot directly in front of me now and smiled.

“Kiss my feet.”

“Yes Mistress.”

This was different. I’d never been with anyone with a foot fetish, but I figured what the hell. I started kissing the soles of her foot, licking her toes and kissing her ankles. She seemed satisfied, and so I continued.

“That’s enough,” she said, pulling her foot away.

I looked up and saw that her cock was standing at full attention, the head of her shaft swollen and purple with pre-cum dripping from the tip. She stood once again and moved behind me again, shoving me face first into the sofa and climbing onto the couch with me. With Kendra on her knees on the cushions behind me, I was leaning over the back of the couch, staring down at the floor behind it.

She resumed kissing and licking my neck, while probing my ass with her massive tool. She moved down some, kissing down my back to my ass and spread my cheeks, burying her face between them. I moaned as her tongue darted up and down the crack, lubing me up and slowly inserting her index finger at the same time.

“Does that feel good, slave?”

“Oooh…yes Mistress.”

She continued for just a few seconds, then smacked my ass and flipped me over onto my back. She hovered above me, and I heard her laughing.

“Eat my ass, boy.”

She shoved her ass in my face, and instinct kicking in, my tongue went to work licking at her hole. I moved back and forth between her hole and her balls before she slid down some, and shoved her cock into my mouth. Leaning over me, she began thrusting in and out of my mouth, her hands planted firmly on the arm of the couch above my head.

She backed off, finally, just slightly, only to move her balls over my mouth now.

“Suck my balls.”

Again, I obliged, sucking on her balls. I could feel my dick pulsating, dripping pre-cum and Kendra reached back and took hold of it, stroking it slowly. I moaned with her balls still in my mouth, and she let go of my dick.

“That’s good, that’s a good boy, Jay. Oh god, I’m loving this hun, are you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She laughed, and kissed me on the lips, tasting herself in the process.

“Let’s drop the ‘mistress’ role now okay? We’ll come back to that a little later, you can call me Kendra again for the time being.”

“Right,” I said, a little out of breath.

“Are you ready for the main Course now, Jay?”

“I think so, I’m really horny. I’m ready.”

I was, I wanted it more than anything at this point. I just wanted her to get to the point, just bend me over and fuck me. She must have read those thoughts straight from my mind, because once again, she flipped me over onto my stomach and again, I could feel her cock moving up and down along my ass crack.

She poked the hole, and held her position for a moment, not pushing any further.

“You ready?”


With that said, she pushed forward, and I moaned as the head popped into me. Just the head alone wasn’t so bad… remember, this wasn’t my first time getting fucked. But once she started pushing herself the rest of the way into me, I started to feel a sort of pressure, or a feeling of escort bayan fullness. She got around eight inches into me, what I was pretty much used to, then stopped and waited. I was running out of breath, even though I’d been with a few people that were significantly big.

Kendra had only about eight inches inside me so far. But she was also rather thick, which made it a bit difficult for me to adjust, even if she hadn’t pushed all the way in yet.

Slowly, she pulled back a few inches, and then pushed into me again. I bit my lip as she went a little deeper this time. Then pulled back once more before again pushing into me, even deeper this time. She almost had her entire length inside of me and I was starting to feel the strain, I was being stretched wide open.

My eyes were starting to water and my breath was getting heavier as she withdrew once more and took a heavy breath, before plunging back into me, this time all the way.

All ten inches were now buried, balls deep inside of me. I gasped, bit my lip so hard that I swore I drew blood, and gripped the arms of the couch tightly.

“Holy fucking… shit,” I whispered.

“You alright down there hun?”

“I… don’t… know.”

She withdrew halfway, and then thrust back into me, causing me to jump.

“Agh, fuck! G-Go slower, please.”

“Okay babe,” she whispered in my ear.

She withdrew yet again, this time slower, and pushed back in, slower. Moving gently now, I noticed it wasn’t so bad, as long as she kept at my pace for the time being. She must have realized that, because she continued moving at a slower pace, pulling out and thrusting back into me, breathing hot air into my ear.

My senses were starting to clear up from the pain now, and I could feel a tiny glimmer of something good starting to creep in finally. My body was reacting, I was sweating, breathing heavier, and pushing my ass up against her. She straightened herself up, took hold of my hips, and started moving just a little bit faster. Not too much for me to handle, but a higher pace than she had been a few moments before.

This was not what I had expected, admittedly. I didn’t think Kendra was going to be so gentle with me. It didn’t really seem much like her style, I thought she would slam right into me and pound the hell out of me with no mercy. She was acting quite a bit differently than the Kendra I was used to.

As the pace continued to increase, my breathing got heavier, and my cock was flaccid, yet leaking pre-cum all over my hand, which had moved underneath of me to take hold of myself.

“Oh shit,” I moaned.

“Let me know… when your… ready,” she said, between breaths.

“Ready for… what?”

“For me… to really fuck you,”

I had reached a level of feeling good now, where I felt like there was no more need to hold back, and why bother? At this point, it would be hurting me later whether she continued to fuck me gently, or she pounded the hell out of me. Might as well enjoy it at its full ability, before the soreness kicks in later, I figured, right? Right, I thought.

“I’m ready,” I said. “Fuck me!”

She wasted no time, withdrawing almost all the way to just the head, and them slamming right back into me. I yelped, my body slumping forward, and she proceeded to start pounding me like crazy. She was slamming in and out of me with great speed, our sweat covered bodies slapping together. I could hear her thighs smacking against me, her balls slapping against me with every thrust she delivered.

My ass started to go into a spasm, similar to the one I had felt when I hooked up with Annie last time, this one however, was a bit more intense. It continued to grow, too. I started moaning louder, and that seemed to urge her to get really aggressive. She pulled my hair, yanking my head back and holding onto me while she fucked me.

“You’re my little bitch,” she said, “Your mine… my fucking slut!”

“Harder,” I begged, my voice turning raspy. She gave me what I wanted, and I felt a familiar feeling… one I had been hoping to reach.

I felt that same feeling I had felt with Annie, the exact same one. My body started trembling, shaking, my asshole started clenching around her cock, squeezing her tightly.

“Oooh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I shouted. She quickly pulled out, flipped me onto my back, lifted my legs and thrust right back into me.

I assumed she had done this so that I could reach my orgasm without getting cum all over her sofa. She resumed pounding me, still hitting that spot, my body still shaking violently. Finally, it struck me full force.


My cock pulsating, I shot a mega load, pretty high too, and it landed all over my stomach, chest and some even reached as far as my own lips. Kendra laughed at the sight beneath her, and continued fucking me. Even as I stopped cumming, my orgasm continued rolling through me, shaking me like an earthquake.

I was quite happy to have achieved such an orgasm, once again. Kendra continued fucking me, missionary now, and I could tell she was starting to get close as well. I felt her starting to swell up inside of me and her moaning became louder and more vocal.

“Here it comes Jay, here it comes baby! I’m going to cum inside of you. I’m going to fill you with my cum, fill you up with every drop.”

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