Janine looked at me with those soft sultry eyes of hers, and immediately I felt love for her. She had become something special in my life and I adored her. We agreed age didn’t’ matter when it came to loving each other. What are numbers anyway? -numbers can never be a guide to when it is the right time to fall in love.

Our years were separated by fifteen but it just dint matter at all, despite the fact that Janine was being teased at work, for taking in a toy boy.

“I do believe they are jealous” she told me. “Just hearing what they say when we have our office break; I can tell that there are one or two of them who would really like to have the opportunity to spread their wings,. Especially Cora, who is always asking me how you are Alex, I keep telling her that like me, she is a divorcee and there is no harm at all in having a fling, and who knows that may just develop into a long standing relationship just like ours.”

I loved to hear Janine’s account after the day’s gossip and felt good about being her so called toy boy.

When we are home alone in the evening, when she has had a hard day at the office I am more than content to be her pleasure. When she forever tells me just how good I am for her well-being, that I am like a tonic and she loves me so very much.

“It was just for the experience at first” Janine confessed. “I just needed the outlet to console me; I was and am still in the prime of my life at thirty five – and a woman, and especially a woman like me needs all those lovely things a man can offer. But it became more than that baby and I am so glad it did, and it is so very important to me that we can both enjoy being together and relish each other to the full, now come and sit close to me Alex, you know how good that feels?”

I certainly did, we’d enjoyed dinner which I cooked. I am a fully-fledged chef now at a local hotel and to cherish a new dish with Janine can be something really generating, because it’s not just the fact that she enjoys my cooking, but is the way she relishes it, when she does all Escort Ankara those very sexual things; indulging in the absolute joys of looking the way she does – toying and moving each fork full into her mouth, those beautiful brown eyes of her half closing, like they do when we are indulging in passionate sex, the lips and tongue showing her deep naughty thoughts; and in my mind – a stick of celery becomes part of me that she is gently caressing with tongue and mouth, and gently nibbling. I watch her enjoying and teasing me to the hilt and soon I feel the surge rise again.

She smiles provocatively, knowing quite well what she is doing to me,. I love the way she looks up at me with those wide open eyes which pierce my being; and I am whatever she wants me to be.

When, afterwards we perch on the black leather bound settee together and share coffee and an after eight mint, I soon feel the intent of all she has worked up in me. And then she is doing it again, the way she enjoys the mint; nibbling the sides and sucking out the mint cream – and then that peering glance once more as I feel myself melt into her kiss. and feel the taste of her deep loving kiss sink into my being when we share Janine’s particular style of French kissing. And then I feel her fingers begin to touch and explore and it is wonderful.

I lay back and relax as she tells me to do and I feel the joy and thrill as I feel her fingers so very slowly unzip me as they circle my masculinity in a way which feels so very soothing and lovely, For a while she simply enjoys me there, caressing me as I swell beneath and it is nit so very long before I feel her touch me inside and over my briefs, the zip and buckle undone without my knowing.

I am in my element then as her touch moves under the seam of my briefs and gently cup my balls in a way only Janine can do. She kisses me some more, whispers she craves for me. I touch and feel her full breasts over her plum red bra and begin to undo the clip behind, as she starts to really get revved up and, teasing her nipples, just as gently and Ankara Escort tantalizingly as she is doing to me below our joy is twofold.

“I love you,. I love you so much darling” Janine whispers and now I hear her deep sighs as she finds my almost full erection and sinks it deeply into her hungry mouth, weaving it through the aperture in my briefs as we both enjoy the absolute ecstasy of the moment.

The feeling of her sucking is heaven and it is sublime, to chill and enjoy all that sweet Janine likes to give and do with me, she knows how to let go and let her innermost fantasies free. I am the so lucky guy to receive the reward of all that as then she begins to lick and suck me everywhere like there is no tomorrow, and all I can think of is what is right now. My mind is being perverted by what Janine enjoys and I chant that I want the sweet feel of her deep fuck take me, that taste of her femininity and the sheer hunger for the feel of it; swamping my being as she crouches over me, downs my jeans and briefs until I am all there for her, set high and wanting in anticipation of her raw firm fuck as she gradually moved downwards away from my face, now dampened in her nectar -and down to me as I continue to tease and squeeze her erect nipples.

She screams then for my fuck and I feel the touch of her firm massage me there, she wiggles and comforts herself into the right position, and I feel her exploring fingers find my full balls once again and squeeze them, she enjoys just to let my cock find its own way into her, teasing and rubbing it against her warm femininity which feels so wonderfully inviting.

For a while she loves simply to enjoy the feel of us rub each other up that way, she moans and cries her passion for me, and every stimulating move creates a new surge within me ,and I know I am about to fuck her so hard and deep to release the long pent up passion within, that is just dying to erupt inside her until our passion is gratified, until we both relax exhausted and feel the numbness of that very deep fuck enhance our bodies. We simply Ankara Escort Bayan just lay there and enjoy the wonderful aftermath of our love and what it produces.

“You are beautiful baby, there could never ever be another guy like you” and she pampers me again rubbing her hands across my chest.

We kiss some more and very soon she wants me again orally. She looks at me with those begging eyes and I submit.

“If I am not to much for you baby, my ex was done once he’d cum and often I was left in the lurch, but there’s me thinking with a younger guy, my toy boy delight I could really enjoy a second round.”

She didn’t’ need a reply, my reactions said it all, because I was growing in her busy mouth and my cock was pumping for more of what she was doing so wonderfully; the sucks, first shallow and then deep and the constant teasing of my p-hole soon created a brand new thriving erection for here pleasure; and once again I enjoyed just to let her have her pleasure of me. The feeling, the kneading and her long concentrated licks and kisses sent me into a frenzy and then she prompted me to open wide for her and she was right there, between my legs, discovering more about me and what she had not done before, I knew then this woman had no inhibitions and when I felt her fingers begin to rim me it was a sheer delight. No other girl had done that and it was delightfully tantalizing.

She reveled in the delights a guy and a girl can enjoy of each other and I knew I wanted her fuck again and again that day. She was amazing, her energy and never ending toying and playing was so great, she wanted my fuck from the back the fronts, sideways and she excelled with every one, her whole body shimmering with the thrust of each fuck, and then, as soon as we had reached another climax, she grasped my face and planted it between thighs her ripe wet thighs to let me enjoy her ripe fresh fucked hot pussy again which, of course, resulted in a new mutual wonderful gorgeous long sucking of each other until we both came again and sucked each other dry.

And then that final kiss when we were really knocked out, There could never ever be a more intimate kiss than to taste the love juice of that ecstatic deep fuck

Janine is everything – my real woman and I shall forever adore her and need her full package.

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