It Had Been Far Too Long


For me, the ultimate feeling of femininity happens when a man is inside me, and It had been far too long. Over the last few years, my wife had effectively shut down my indulgence in the hobby of crossdressing in public – mainly at bars frequented by the transgendered and their admirers. She only suspected how far I had taken it. My opportunity arose when she and our children left town to visit relatives and I made up an excuse to stay home. As soon as their plans were finalized I placed an ad in Craigslist under the moniker “T4M Horny Mature – I do everything your wife won’t”. I got a few nibbles, but since the success rate there was low, I made plans with several men for the weekend. I would be lucky if one or two worked out.

I took my time getting ready for my first date, all the while relishing the process of feminizing myself. Since I wanted to have sex, like the professionals, the day before I started a internal cleanse followed by a douche that evening. All to be sure I was squeaky clean in my boy-cunt. I usually keep my body hair trimmed to a minimum, so shaving was not an issue. In the shower i gave my face, chest, and legs and extra close shave. Then I plucked my brows, buffed my Anadolu Yakası escort nails, painted my toes, applied skin lotion all over, and finally makeup. Since, I had not purged my wardrobe completely, I still had a wig, heels, and lingerie. When I put on the short-cut dark blond wig, I felt complete. I chose a pair of lacy Victorias Secret low-rise panties and decided to go sans bra in a reptile-print chemise. When the time for my date was close, I put on some perfume and took a hit off the vaporizer. I felt incredible – my true self was emerging very strongly. In the mirror I looked beautiful, and the silky chemise felt exquisite next to my smooth skin.

He was on time and called from his car. I came to the front door and motioned him inside. He was tall, clean, and smelled good. He said that I looked great standing at the front door. We were immediately comfortable with each other, and sat on the sofa making small talk, while he smoked some weed. Finally, he made his move and kissed me. We made out there on the sofa for a while until I was about to explode with desire. He put my hand on his crotch and I felt the size of his erection. When he went to unzip Anadolu Yakası escort bayan his pants and I said lets take this to the boudoir.

In the bedroom, he didn’t waste any time, dropped his pants and got on the bed. I lay down next to him and felt the exhilaration of knowing I was going to get fucked tonight. I tongue kissed my way down his torso to his swollen penis. I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was and started to suck his delicious cock. First the head and then down the shaft, and then I sucked his balls before going in for a choking deep dive. I was amazed I could still take a large cock down till my nose was in his pubic hair. He grabbed my head and face fucked me until I choked – I loved being his hot-nasty cum slut. Then he asked if I want him to fuck me and I said yes, but that I’d like him to finish in my mouth. He put on a condom, and I lubed up my waiting fuck hole. I asked how he would like me and he said for a start on my side with my willing ass sticking up. I reached back and spread my cheeks while he placed the head at my entrance and pushed in. I felt only a slight tinge of pressure as I relaxed and he entered me effortlessly. It escort bayan felt so fucking good I cried out “Oh my god”.

He was amazing, no ED or premature ejaculation – the real deal and he didn’t want me to fuck him! We tried a bunch of positions until finally I was on my back with one leg on his shoulder. His strokes were hitting my prostate just right and i started to shake convulsively. When he touched my penis, I exploded and I shot my load. When I came back to earth from my first girlie orgasm in years, he wasn’t done and wanted me on my stomach. He slid in again and started pounding me. I couldn’t believe how lucky i was to have this big strong man full of desire for me and using my body for his pleasure. I cried “fuck me baby, fuck me harder, fuck me…” until he buried his cock in all the way and let out a low pitched groan as he shot his load inside me. He was wearing a condom, but I wanted to taste him. When he pulled out, I slid the condom off his dick and sucked up every drop of his delicious cum.

We agreed this had been a lot of fun and should do it again. He lives an hour away and we now have intimate lunchtimes together. This has now become a regular thing with us, and he doesn’t mind if I dress up in his apartment. We usually play for about two hours and I leave completely satisfied – usually on wobbly legs, a spring in my step, and extra swish in my walk as the feeling of being fucked hard gradually subsides. He has even shared me with another man – but that is another story.

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