It Begins


They had talked, chatted, exchanged endless emails and chats. Now they had agreed to meet. He was nervous, was a bull meant to feel nervous? Being present in the physical flesh was very different to telling her all the devilish things he would do to her online. A culmination of weeks and months of teasing and flirting. Now it was getting very real.

They had agreed to meet in a different city to where each lived. He had arranged a night away and she had made the necessary arrangements. A non discrete coffee shop as the place to meet. He arrived there early, giving her the opportunity to look and leave if she felt uncomfortable. He had told her already, no expectations, if they didn’t click in the flesh then she had no obligation. He couldn’t deny how nervous he was. Sitting at the table alone, pretending to look at the drinks list and checking his phone for any messages.

The he saw her. Just like her photos, beautiful. Her eyes, even more stunning than in the photos. She was wearing a shimmering blue satin blouse, buttons straining from şişli escort her large, ample breasts. A tight grey-black pencil skirt, just above the knee. Belted around her waist and hugging her ass and thighs. Short heels to round off the outfit, he laughed as he caught notice of the ankle bracelet, knowing “hotwife” was written on the chain. He waved, she saw him smiling. His heart beating faster as she walked over, he stood up. What do I do, hug, kiss, shake hands?

She leaned in for a kiss. His hand touching her waist gently as their lips touched for the first time ever. A quick peck. She sat down. He sat down opposite her, yes that just happened. Mmmm. They both nervously smiled. “How was your trip”. All the slightly normal conversations. They ordered their coffees.

He could feel the tension, this wasn’t a normal conversation that needed to happen.

“It’s so good to finally see you” he said. He reached out his hand towards hers on the table, his long, slender fingers touching her shorter delicate ones. She looked at their fatih escort hands, the nails trimmed immaculately and the few sun spots dotting the skin to her soft, moisturised, hands complete with red nails perfectly shaped. Then she looked at him. Her fingers closed around his. She looked in his eyes. That’s all he needed to see as they both smiled, inwardly knowing there was acceptance.

He moved his head side to side, trying to relieve the tired neck muscles. Spending a bit of time between a woman’s legs can give a man a sore neck. But it was worth it. He looked over at her. She was curled up on the white hotel sheets sleeping soundly. He loved the shape of her body, nice curvy ass and full, heavy breasts. Not long ago those breasts were in his face as she was riding him cowgirl style. They’d done most things that they had talked about in their chats.

They had started with kissing and him fingering her until she came. Then she gave him one of the best blowjobs of his life, allowing him to cum on her face, chin and escort levent tits. She had smiled so cheekily as she used her fingers to clean herself, licking each one clean. Telling him how good her bull’s cum tasted.

Her returned the favour. Spending a lot of time between her legs. Giving her the kind of tongue lashing any good bull would do. She came twice while his tongue, lips and fingers worked on her pussy and aching clit. Gushing her thanks onto his face, the wetness still on the bottom of the sheets.

Then they fucked. Three times that night and early morning. The last being her on-top, big breasts sucked on as she rode him hard. Her legs and his cock feeling the raw soreness that only hard sex can give.

Now she slept and he couldn’t help but move the stray hair from her face. She looked so peaceful, so content. He knew he had done his job well. To make her the centre of his world, even if for just one night. For her to experience what it was to be a sexy and desired woman, free from commitments and obligations. To feel that sex is a beautiful thing to enjoy and not a chore because it’s expected. He had helped her forget about her other life even if just for the one night. The hug, kiss and look in her eye when they laid down to sleep was words of thanks enough for him.

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