Isabella: Part 0: Babysitter


The ride home from the pool party was an awkward one. Adam Blancher and his wife Sheryl had left in a hurry in order to avoid causing a scene. Five times Adam had already opened his mouth to ask something and five times his wife had said, “Not a word.”

The source of the awkwardness was none other than Mrs. Blancher herself, who had allowed herself to become more drunk than she intended. She was an active drunk, the type that hit on anything male. As it so happened, their host’s fifteen year old son had noticed and tried to get her to rest in a room upstairs. That proved to be a big mistake. No sooner had he gotten her onto the bed then she had started stripping both herself and him.

Luckily it was Adam who noticed his wife’s absence from the party and had gone in search of her. He found her asleep and naked in bed with the teenager; his fresh cum still leaking from her beautifully fucked cunt. He woke her as quietly as possible and helped her get dressed. They left the party in a hurry and arrived at the current situation due to Mrs. Blancher’s refusal to answer any of Adam’s questions.

“I’m not responsible for what happens when I drink,” she finally blurted out.

Adam thought for a moment before responding. “No, I suppose not,” he agreed. This was far from the first time she had cheated on him. Normally she was much less drunk. “I’m worried the boy will brag to all his friends and get you in trouble.”

“I’ll just have to deny everything. It seems like a story a horny teenager would make up,” Sheryl assured her husband.

“What if you get pregnant?” Adam argued.

“We’ve always wanted a little brother for Andy, haven’t we?” she suggested coyly.

“I was under the impression I would share some DNA with Andy’s little brother,” Adam grumbled.

“Look on the bright side; if it’s a girl, you’ll have a hole you can use when I’m not in the mood,” Sheryl laughed.

“Don’t even suggest that,” Adam was appalled. Sheryl straightened her face and stared at him, waiting to see if she went too far. Finally Adam began to laugh. “God you say the craziest things when you are drunk. Fine, I was gonna have you get a morning after pill but somehow I feel like it would just be a waste. We wanted another child and one may well have just arrived. Why kill it and plant another seed. I’m not so vain that I need it to be my kid. God woman, one of these days you are going to get us into trouble.”

“Like you didn’t fuck that flight attendant in the bathroom on that business trip of yours last year.”

“I used a condom and I told you about it as soon as I got home. Were you going to tell me about William?”

“Was that his name?” Sheryl cocked her head in thought. “I don’t know. I hadn’t decided yet. I mean, I was still sleeping when you caught us.”

“Fine, you’re off the hook. But the next hot piece of ass I see is mine. No complaints, got it?”

By then they had arrived back at their house. Sheryl waited until they had parked in the garage and entered through the kitchen door before responding. “Fine.” She raised her hands in surrender. “If you think a drunken fling is worth a flight attendant and a sober romp with just any girl you see, who am I to judge. I’m gonna be off sex for a while if I really am pregnant. You just have all the fun you want. My sister is off limits though.”

“I wonder who I should have,” Adam muttered to himself as he took off his shoes. He was only partially serious. Once Sheryl was chock full of hormones she was likely to take back her promise to let him cheat on her.

“Listen to you, sounding like you’ve got your pick of the crop. Girls aren’t like… William,” she struggled with her sex partner’s name for a bit. “They won’t all jump at the chance to bed an old man like you.”

“I still look like I could be in my twenties,” Adam argued. “I could at least convince a mom from the parent teachers conference.”

“Please don’t do that,” Sheryl groaned. “I’m friends with some of the mothers. It’ll get around.” Adam did not respond. He had already walked into the next room. Sheryl waited for the sound of the TV turning on but she did not hear it. After her curiosity got the better of her she followed him into the den. Lying on the couch, curled up in a cute ball was Wanda, their babysitter. The TV was already on but it was muted because Andy, their son, was in his basinet rather than having been put in the crib upstairs. Wanda was forbidden to leave him in a room by himself. She did this often so she could watch TV.

Sheryl went over to the basinet and made sure Andy was alright. He was soundly asleep. Then she looked over at Adam who was staring down at Wanda with a gentle smile on his face. Wanda was part Hispanic and had beautiful bronze skin and shiny copper hair. She was wearing a tank top and short shorts as it was quite hot in the summertime, hence the pool party.

Her hair was covering part of her face and she was breathing softly. Her legs were bent so they could fit on the couch, causing her butt to stick out partially. It took Sheryl less than a second to realize what her husband was thinking. “Oh no. You can’t be serious. She’s barely sixteen.”

“Should you say that? William was younger than her,” Adam reminded her.

“I was drunk,” she hissed.

“I have permission,” he countered.

“From me, not from her.”

“Come on, I want to hear you say it,” he giggled.

Sheryl rolled her eyes. She was still too drunk to care about her husband cheating on her. Her only concern was him getting in trouble for sex with a minor. “Fine. You have permission to fuck Wanda. God that sounds so wrong. I feel like her pimp. Wait, let me say it that way. Fuck her up good. Teach the little slut gaziantep lezbiyen what an adult cock feels like. Don’t you dare leave her clothes on neither. I’m gonna check the nanny cam later. If she isn’t butt naked bending over grabbing her ankles, I’m divorcing you.”

“Can I cum inside her?”

“Yes, I mean no. If she lets you. We don’t have any condoms though. They all expired while we were trying for another kid. If not in her cum on her. I kinda want to see her sexy skin splashed with your thick white sperm. I bet she’s never tasted it before. If she doesn’t like it, tell her boys won’t ever go out with her if she doesn’t learn to swallow. Watch out for her braces though. Also, make sure she cums too. I’d feel bad if you didn’t do at least that much for her.”

“Why is my wife giving me pointers?” Adam laughed. “God, I know how to fuck a teenager. You weren’t much older when I got you in the sack.”

“Well, you sucked at it. No kissing her slowly or licking parts that aren’t sexual. You’re not trying to make her fall in love with you.”

“God, just take Andy and go upstairs already.” Adam shooed her away. She left the room with their son obediently.

As soon as he was alone in the room with Wanda, Adam cracked a large grin. He was no longer just teasing his wife. Wanda was going to get the fucking of a lifetime. Rather than waking her right away, he set about gathering several things.

From the bathroom he retrieved a towel and an electric toothbrush. From the kitchen he got a bottle of whiskey, some ginger soda and two cups. From the garage he got a rope and a tire iron. These he hid under the coffee table in the den. He hoped he would not have to use either.

Wanda awoke to the feeling of something rubbing against her crotch. When she opened her eyes she saw Adam running his fingers along the camel toe of her panties. Her shorts were down around her ankles and he had pulled her panties up tightly so the shape of her cunt was showing through. “What are you doing, Mr. Blancher?” she gasped.

He put a finger to her lips and shushed her. Then he handed her a cup. She did not think before drinking it. The taste was familiar, ginger with something sour mixed in. Immediately her head went fuzzy. She fell over on the couch dizzily and flopped around for a moment or two. Then she noticed a cold feeling on her crotch. Her shorts were now on one ankle and her panties on the other. “Are you going to rape me?” she asked in a daze.

“She’s so smart,” Adam chuckled while tapping her chin playfully.

“Please don’t,” she begged him. “I’ll do anything you want.”

“The only thing I want is for you to spread your legs and scream like a banshee as I stretch that underused twat of yours.” He pushed a finger inside her. She gasped loudly. It did not hurt as she was already somewhat wet.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she moaned.

“Because you are so sexy.”

“But I’m you’re babysitter. You’re married.”

“When Sheryl and I picked you, how sexy you were was a factor. She had this Russian nanny all set up but I told her that we would not be representing suburban life properly if we didn’t have a sexy teenage girl in our home, looking after our son.”

Wanda almost smiled. Despite the crass way he was speaking, Adam was somewhat praising her. “That’s my girl.” He swirled his finger inside her, causing her to gasp again.

“That doesn’t mean you have to rape me,” she found the desire to argue again. “What would your wife say?”

“She wants to know what you’ll look like covered in my cum,” he admitted bluntly. Wanda’s eyes widened. She felt a sinking feeling as she realized Mrs. Blancher would not be coming to her rescue.

“Stop teasing me,” she whimpered. “Just get it over with.”

“You’re not a virgin. Have you only ever had dumb little boys playing with you before? Are they all quick shots? Sheryl made me promise to give you an orgasm at least.”

“I don’t want an orgasm. Just let me go.”

“Well, we both know that’s not going to happen. May as well enjoy yourself.” Adam turned on the toothbrush and pressed the spinning head to Wanda’s clit.

“Oh my god!” she screamed out. Adam was sure Sheryl could hear her from upstairs. “Don’t touch that,” she moaned as her back arched involuntarily.

Adam ignored her protests and pushed on the back of her pelvic bone with his fingers. She kicked downward a few times before finding her footing on the edge of the coffee table. She raised her back all the way off the couch and screamed again as a steady stream of pee shot out of her bladder.

“You’re such a dirty girl.” Adam leaned over her face. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she could barely keep her eyes open. He licked all around her mouth and then slid his tongue into it. He ran it over her braces and around her teeth. She moaned and mumbled as he found his way to the back of her mouth and wound his tongue around hers. All the while he kept swirling the toothbrush around her clit and drumming his fingers inside her cunt.

She could no longer breathe. Her face was turning red and her eyes had disappeared into the back of her head. She kicked off the table again, rising and falling. Her muscle clenched and her mouth sucked on his tongue. This time it was not pee that came out of her cunt. She was squirting uncontrollably. She shook and shuddered for two whole minutes, jutting her hips upward against his hand the whole time.

Finally she collapsed on the couch again, gasping for breath when she fell away from his mouth. Adam surveyed the mess that was the orgasming teenager, thoroughly satisfied with his abilities. Sheryl had never cum for him like this. At this moment he completely forgave her for cheating on him. It was worth it just to witness this amazing girl.

When Wanda’s eyes finally opened again, she looked up at Adam with a drunken expression. “Are you done?” she asked in an almost disappointed tone.

“Not even close.” He set down the tooth brush and pushed his fingers from his free hand into her mouth. She sucked on them greedily as they explored her tiny brace filled orifice. He pulled his other fingers out of her cunt with a sloppy suctioning sound, causing her to moan and thrust her crotch upward, missing the warm full feeling. “Don’t worry,” he cooed playfully as he unzipped his fly and brought out his cock.

It was not exactly large but it was certainly bigger than anything she had seen before. Her eyes widened and she began to squirm. She was obviously having second thoughts. He once again ignored her protests, not even removing his fingers from her mouth so she could properly complain. He pressed the tip against her opening but found it hard to push in. Despite how wet she was, her cunt was just too small.

She grabbed his arm and pulled his fingers out of her mouth so she could shout. “Stop, you’re tearing me.”

The look in Adam’s eye was one of ecstatic pleasure. He had always wanted to know what being too big for a girl felt like. He wanted to feel above average in size. He put both his hands on her hips and pulled her toward him. She screamed as his cock stretched her cunt. “Why are you so tight?” he asked while flicking her clit. “Have all the boys you’ve fucked been tiny?”

She nodded vigorously while fighting back tears. “They have such small dicks. They all want me to get on top of them and gyrate. Why are you so big? How come you’re so good at this?”

“Poor boys; if they only knew.” Adam shook his head disappointedly. “This is why we should do this sort of thing. The women can teach the boys how to fuck properly while putting up with their inexperience in exchange for their youth. Girls should get fucked by men so they learn what real sex is rather than getting used as a jackhammer hole and discarded. They don’t even like sex because they never get off.”

“Yes,” Wanda agreed. “I’m so glad you showed me. I hated sex. I thought it was just a boy climbing on top of me and thrusting. What is this? It feels amazing. Can we do it again? Will Mrs. Blancher be mad?”

“If I let her fuck William again, she’ll be fine,” Adam assured her. “Now what are you doing talking about doing this again when we haven’t even finished yet.” He grabbed her arms and pulled her up into his lap. She whimpered as he lifted her up off of him. Her cunt shrank back down the moment his cock popped out. She shrieked when he dropped her back down, impaling her tiny cunt and stretching it. “You’ve got so little hair down there. Do you shave?”

She shook her head. “You’ve got a perfect cunt. It’s so elastic. You’re not gonna end up with a loose taco even after having a couple of kids.”

Wanda was set off by the word kids. “No, I don’t want to get pregnant.” She tried to stand up off his lap.

“Too bad,” he laughed as he pushed her back down, making her moan as he stretched her. “I want to see your tan belly swelling with my child. I’m gonna name her Isabella, my Hispanic princess. I’ll buy her sexy clothes and make every boy want her. Do you like that, Wanda? Do you want to bear my sexy Isabella?”

“Yes,” Wanda gasped. “Knock me up. Fill my tiny cunt with your cum. I want your baby, Mr. Blancher. I want everyone to know that I got fucked by you. I want all the boys to be jealous of the man who stretched me like they never could. You’re the only person I’ll ever have sex with again, Mr. Blancher. Please keep fucking me. If your wife doesn’t like it, I’ll be your new wife.”

“Well-well-well, I knew you were a little slut.” Sheryl entered the room at that moment. Wanda gasped and tried to stand up again but Adam held her down by the waist. Sheryl grabbed her shiny hair and pulled on it, jerking Wanda’s head back. “Why isn’t she naked?” Sheryl demanded of her husband.

Obediently he ripped Wanda’s tank top off by the hem. She was now completely exposed, writhing on top of a man twice her age, leaking liquid down her thighs, drooling as her hair was pulled. Having been watching the nanny cam on the upstairs laptop all this time, Sheryl knew exactly where Adam had hidden the tire iron. She pulled it out and ran it along Wanda’s exposed cunt, causing her to shiver. “Wha-what are you going to do with that?”

Sheryl whacked her on the ass with it, extremely hard. “I’m not gonna kill you, if that’s what you mean,” she assured the terrified and now screaming girl. “I just want to teach you a lesson. You’re getting the fucking of your life right now because I permitted it. You don’t sound very grateful though.”

“No, I am,” Wanda whined. “Thank you so much, Mrs. Blancher. You’re husband’s cock is amazing. I love it so much. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad, I’m just lonely.” Sheryl ran the iron along Wanda’s cunt again, wetting it with her cum. “I feel left out.” She pressed her fingers to Wanda’s spine, making her lean forward so that her butt was more exposed. Wanda whimpered in anticipation of another whack. Instead, Sheryl pressed the large wrench end against Wanda’s asshole.

“No, please,” she moaned as the large end stuck into her tight hole. She groaned as Sheryl twisted it to make sure she could fit into her bent intestines. “I’m so full.” Wanda felt her organs clench from her anus up to her stomach. She leaned over Adam’s shoulder and vomited.

“You take it so well,” Sheryl laughed as she pushed the iron as far into Wanda’s ass as she could before ripping it out painfully.

“Please stop,” she sputtered through tears and snot.

“You want to get fucked by my husband again, don’t you?” Sheryl taunted her. Wanda nodded vigorously. “Then you’ll have to prove yourself.”

“How,” Wanda whimpered.

“I’ve got a sixteen inch dildo upstairs that my best friend bought as a gag gift when I got married. I’m gonna loan it to you tonight. The next time your mom drops you off to look after Andy, I want to see it bulging in your bowls through your belly. I want to be able to feel it when I touch your stomach.”

Wanda whimpered instead of responding. Sheryl yanked on her hair as hard as she could, tearing some of her roots out. “Yes, ma’am!” she screamed. “I’ll get it all the way inside my ass, I promise.”

“That’s my obedient slut.” Sheryl whacked her ass with the iron again. “From now on, you belong to us. We get to do anything we want to you. Adam has been begging me to do anal for years. That’s now your responsibility. I bet it’ll tear worse than your cunt. Also, I might be pregnant so you’re in charge of relieving all his urges. Anything he wants, he gets. If he wants to choke that pretty throat of yours with his cock, then I better not hear that you cut him with that metal mouth of yours trying to breathe. He gets off before you’re allowed air, got it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Wanda repeated miserably.

Sheryl placed her hands on her hips as she tried to think of how else to humiliate the slut. Finally she had an idea. After entering the kitchen for a moment she returned with a butane candle lighter. Wanda’s eyes widened when she saw it. She was about to start begging but she thought better of it. She whimpered as Sheryl slowly burnt off all the hair on her cunt, leaving it red and sore. She then took off her own wedding ring and held it by the diamond while she heated the metal band with the lighter.

Wanda shook her head pleadingly as Sheryl brought it close to her. She screamed again when the hot metal was pressed against the triangle of her crotch, branding her with the special design of the wedding band. “That means we own you,” Sheryl assured her. Wanda nodded rapidly, spraying snot all around her. “Alright, finish it up. I want to see your sperm leaking out of the slut’s torn cunt.”

Adam began to thrust upward while simultaneously pulling Wanda downward. She whimpered and moaned as he fucked her tight cunt to the point of a second orgasm. She flopped against his shoulder and let out a guttural groan. Adam did not stop fucking her the whole time. She passed out for nearly a minute before regaining consciousness.

She was confused when Sheryl tapped her on the shoulder. The moment she turned to look, her nose met with Sheryl’s fist. Blood trickled down over her lips as her head swayed. “Why?” she whined after recovering.

“For enjoying it so much.” Sheryl crossed her arm and turned up her nose.

Wanda turned away miserably. She seemed about to cry until her eyes met Adam’s. He was staring at her with unparalleled admiration. This was a girl willing to take a right hook just to get his wife’s permission to keep fucking him. He could not believe how lucky he was. He was definitely going to have as much fun with her as he could before his wife inevitably forced him to discard her, probably in the middle of the street, naked with a dildo up her ass. There was no doubt, they were going to destroy this girl.

Adam was slightly surprised when a smile spread across Wanda’s face. “Keep fucking me, Mr. Blancher,” she moaned. “Keep fucking this worthless slut. My tight holes exist to be filled by you. I can’t go home like this tonight. Please let me stay over. You can fuck me all night long.”

“What is this slutty cow saying?” Sheryl tucked the tire iron under Wanda’s chin and pulled it tight against her neck. Her tongue darted out of her mouth immediately and her eyes began to cross.

“Please,” she sputtered desperately.

“You’re my slave right. I can kill you if I want,” Sheryl taunted her.

Wanda shook her head. Her eyes stared at Adam desperately. It was enough to push him over the edge. She felt his warm cum filling her sore cunt. It somewhat soothed the pain but she was still desperately trying not to let Sheryl strangle her. She managed to slip her hands under the bar of the tire iron and pull it away from her neck just enough to let herself breathe.

“I guess you get to live for another day.” Sheryl set the iron down on the floor. “You’re sleeping in our bed tonight, naked of course. Clothes are too good for a slut like you. You’ll spend the whole day naked tomorrow too. I want my man to have easy access if he wants to use you. Let’s see how long you can live like this, as nothing more than a walking collection of orifices for storing his cum. The first time you refuse, you’re done. We’ll give you to one of our friends. Mike hasn’t had a girl since his wife left him. He’s real desperate too. He’ll enjoy raping your tiny holes until there is nothing left.”

Wanda nodded vigorously again. She had no intentions of being abandoned. She was going to be the best slut she could. Anything keep being allowed to fuck Mr. Blancher. As she relaxed, a stream of urine leaked out of her bladder, running down her legs.

“Get upstairs and start filling the bath,” Sheryl ordered her. “You’re not getting in our bed like that.”

Wanda nodded obediently while trying to life herself off of Adam. His cock was stuck inside her good. She really was far too tight. Finally, with a yelp, she tore herself free. She scampered up the stairs like an animal, trying not to snivel too much as she went. Adam watched her while day dreaming of all the things he was going to do to her tomorrow. If she was not already pregnant, he was going to make sure she was by the end of the day.

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