“Gary,” Richard called, raising his glass of beer, “Thanks for giving my daughter an internship, buddy. Me and Beth really appreciate you giving Karen a chance. We know she hasn’t made the…best decisions…and I’m sure there were others you could’ve taken on.”

Gary met Richard’s glass with his own, “Hey, no worries, mate.”

Richard jerked his head over his right shoulder, “Karen doing OK at the firm? She helping out?”

Gary looked to where Richard was pointing with his head. Past the living room and kitchen, the door to the back yard was open. Karen and her mother, Beth, were out by the barbecue poking at the stove and laughing with some other friends. Karen caught Gary’s stare, and she gave a covert wink.

Gary thought of last night at the office.

“Open those legs, you little cum bucket,” Gary ordered through gritted teeth.

Karen sat on top of Gary’s desk and did as she was instructed. The light from the glow of downtown was the only light in the office. It cast a silver gleam on Karen’s face. She was staring up at Gary seductively. Gary hoisted her pencil skirt upward, revealing the red thong he had bought her. He grasped the elastic of the thong with both hands, pulled it down to her knees, and snapped it off. The thong, now split into two, fell silently onto the carpet. Next to fall onto the carpet were his pants and underwear.

Karen yelped when Gary impaled her sharply.

“Good girl,” he breathed.

Gary thrust deep and rapidly. College girls get so wet so easily, he thought to himself. Karen’s fluids slathered his erection, allowing him his mobility. The sound of his flesh slapping against hers played loudly in the office. The noise was only overshadowed by Karen’s uncontrollable yelps and moans.

“Oh, Gary!” she cried.

“Don’t call me Gary,” şişli escort Gary warned as he thrust into her unrelentingly.

“Mr. Miller, sir!” Karen corrected, “Oh, Mr. Miller!”

Gary’s heart churned from hearing how Karen addressed him. He looked down at where he and Karen were joined. He watched his flesh disappear and reappear through the lips of her pussy. Karen was cleanly shaven. Even in the dim light, he could make out the tan line of a bikini. It looked immaculate.

“Dirty cunt!” Gary scolded.

In between her moans, Karen agreed obediently, “Yeah, I’m a dirty cunt. I’m a dirty cunt!”

Suddenly, she wrapped one hand behind Gary’s neck and pulled herself up, bringing her face close to his.

“But I’m YOUR dirty cunt,” she growled.

That sent Gary into a frenzy. He plowed into the young woman. She screamed at the top of her lungs. All sorts of pens and paper clips and staplers clattered onto the floor from the desk. Gary paused his onslaught only to rip open Karen’s blouse. The buttons popped off and scattered into the darkness of the office. Karen was wearing the matching red bra that Gary bought her. He had no time to unhook it. Brutally, he grabbed the cups and ripped it off Karen’s breasts. The bra also fell to the carpet to join the ripped thong. After the short pause, Gary began humping her again.

“That’s right,” he panted, “You’re my dirty cunt.”

Gary’s eyes were transfixed on Karen’s flailing breasts.

“You’re my cunt! Your cunt belongs to me! Say it!”

“I’m your cunt!” Karen obeyed, “I’m your dirty cunt!”

That was all Karen could put up. With the intensity of the thrusting, she could barely keep up the dirty talk. Gary, on the other hand, still had fuel left. He pulled Karen off the desk and spun her taksim escort around. He put his hands on the back of her neck and bent her over his desk. Gary took Karen from behind and rammed her over and over. The flesh of her buttocks rippled from the impacts.

“You’re my little fuck-toy! My little bitch! God, you’re a naughty girl. Do your parents know what a naughty girl you are?” Gary grunted.

The mention of her parents seemed to give Karen a second wind. It turned her on so much, thinking about fucking her parents’ friend.

“Oh, I don’t give a fuck! I’m naughty, Mr. Miller! You’re my Daddy! You’re my Daddy! I’m Daddy’s naughty girl!”

Gary went berserk.

“Oh, yes, I like that! Call me Daddy, bitch!”

Karen screamed, “Daddy! Yeah, Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Oh, God! I’m coming!”

“Not yet! Not till I say!” Gary demanded, “Cum you slut! Cum!”

Karen broke. Her back bucked under the intensity of her orgasm. Her legs gave out and she let her upper body fall onto the desk to prevent herself from dropping to the floor. Gary, still thrusting, was just a few seconds behind. His thrusts pulled and spread Karen’s ooze down her legs and onto the carpet. Finally, Gary roared. His erection pulsed madly as he ejaculated into Karen. He had a lot of his semen to give. So much so, that there was still more left to meet Karen’s final request.

“Come on me.”

Karen whipped around to face Gary on her knees. Gary’s erection flung around, splattering his hot cream in different directions until he got hold of it, and aimed it at Karen. She caught his semen with her mouth, face, and chest.

Gary fell to the carpet. Karen moaned deliciously, and then she began to laugh.

“Holy shit. That was good…so good. I’ve never been fucked so fatih escort good like that, Gary,” she praised in deep satisfaction.

Karen looked down between her legs and gasped in amazement at how much she had come, and how much Gary had come into and all over her.

“You are amazing, Karen,” Gary managed to say. He was out of breath.

The other thing he was amazed at was that Karen was already able to get back on her feet. She was out and about, collecting her ripped garments and using tissue to clean herself. Gary could hardly move, but he pulled himself up.

“Sorry about the clothes,” Gary said shyly.

“Oh, no worries. That was so hot,” Karen said as she continued to tidy up.

“I’ll get you a new blouse,” Gary said apologetically.

Karen looked at Gary for a moment and smiled, “Thanks.”

“Christ, look at the mess,” she continued while looking at the front of the desk, “There’s jizz everywhere.”

Karen was about to stoop down and clean the mess with the wad of tissue in her hand. Gary stepped forward and took the tissue from her.

“It’s OK Karen. I’ll take care of things here. It’s late. I’m sorry I’ve kept you here. You should get home. Oh, do you need a ride?”

Karen giggled, “SOMEBODY gave me a company car, remember? I’ll be alright. You sure you don’t want my help?”

“Yeah, I’m good Karen. Thank you.”

Karen wrapped her arms around Gary’s neck and gave him a lingering kiss.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then…at our barbecue?” Karen asked.

“Yeah, for sure. I’ll see you then,”

Karen quietly tiptoed out of the office, as if she didn’t want anyone to hear. It was one in the morning and everyone but them had left already. Gary quietly laughed to himself at Karen’s cuteness.

“Gary?” Richard pressed, “What’s wrong? She hasn’t fucked up anything has she? How is she doing at work?”

Gary looked around. He was in Richard and Beth’s living room. The smell of barbecue returned. Gary looked into Richard’s genuinely worried face.

“Oh, no, Richard. She hasn’t…fucked up anything. She has been wonderful.”

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