In Pain, In Pleasure, The Same


While this doesn’t include a sex scene per se it is about two people first finding pleasure in pain that leads to a deeper relationship with more exploration to a D/s relationship. And it is a true story.


She can see her breath streaming into the cold air as she gazes out into the night sky. Basking in the sense of calm and peace suffusing through her body she listens to her breath as it slows back into a steady rhythm. She can feel the metal of the park bench beneath her shoulders, her hips and the soles of her knee high black boots. She slowly turns her head to gaze up into his black-rimmed green eyes. Seated back upon her hips, he was high above her. “That look,” he says, disbelief in his voice.

“What look?” she replied with a lazy, cat-ate-the-cream smile.

“This look,” he says as tightens his hold on her hair, pulling until her mouth and neck are exposed like an offering to him. She gasps in pain, in pleasure, the same.

His lips descend on hers, both mouths working, tongues twisting. He balls his other hand into her hair and pulls, making her moan into his mouth.

His other hand releases her hair to scratch his nails down her back leaving red marks behind, causing her arch her back in pleasure and make more noises that aren’t quite smothered by his mouth on hers. Her body continues to move against his as he uses his nails to decorate her body with red trails, her back arching, muscles tightening.

“Oh yes,” she moans as he digs his fingers into the sensitive flesh between neck and shoulder, already decorated with teeth marks. His fingers skillfully find that spot that turns pain into xslot pleasure and quickens her breath into gasps, leaves her trying to keep her voice from echoing throughout the shadow filled park.

Suspended in pleasure her mind flashes back to the beginning, when she first asked in a whisper for him to use his nails and run them down her back. Shivering in pleasure she then asked for him to bite that oh so sensitive place between her shoulders and her neck. Knowing exactly what she wanted he held that sweet spot between his teeth, causing her to throw back her head in pleasure, and scramble her hands against the park bench trying to find something, anything to grab onto. “Enough,” she gasped, “Enough.”

She gave him a wicked smile. Intensely, a whisper as she caught her breath, she asked him, “Have you tried pulling my hair yet?” ….

And so it began.

Back to the present and his fingers continued to work the muscles between the shoulder and neck. His other is balled in her hair controlling her head and leaving her neck exposed in one long line. She fights to hold on to the pleasure beyond the pain. It feels so good but that one little spot has seen so much manipulation it’s becoming just dull pain. “Enough” she has to tell him. “I think that’s done for the night.”

He prepares to leave and she is puzzled. “You said we were done for the night,” he explained. “I meant just that spot, not for the night,” she explains in a throaty whisper.

“Oh,” he said as he ran his fingers through her hair, yanking back sharply. “Well, then,” as his mouth descended on hers. He ran his other hand through her hair, pulling xslot Giriş sharply, eliciting the gasp of pleasure he wanted to hear.

Controlling her head he takes them from a sitting position to a prone one. Once again pulling sharply on her hair, eliciting that gasp of pleasure he so loves hearing, he digs his knuckle sharply in between her ribs. “Oh!” she moans in a gasp for air. He digs his knuckle in deeper and she moans even as he can see the pain across her face. He continues to dig his knuckle in deeper and deeper and she continues to moan in pleasure, her breath becoming shallower and shallower even as the pain continues to play across her face. He leans over and whispers, “You know what to say, right?,” he digs his knuckle in deeper “You know what to say to make it stop.”

She nods, pain still evident across her face. “Yes,” she breathes through a breath that is coming faster and faster, more and more shallow as he continues to dig his fingers into her ribs. “Oh Jesus,” she whispers, so close to pleasure washing over her, swamping her with feeling. He breath comes faster and faster, practically hyperventilating. He stops, worried. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

He doesn’t and pleasure washes over her. Her breathing slows becoming slow and languorous. He stops manipulating her ribs and reaching down to kiss her, runs his hands through her hair and pulls. The pain is like a cherry on top of ice cream, the kisses even better.

“Why is it that things are so good with you?” she says against his lips, not really wanting an answer, her voice thick with pleasure. “Why is it that things are so good with you?” xslot Güncel Giriş he returns. “I never expected to find this” he jerks her hair back and she gasps “so good with anyone. Let alone with you” he whispers against her lips, taking them hostage, kissing her with a fierceness that has threaded through their foreplay. She lets him dominate her, craves him dominating her.

Engaged in their kisses, he takes her by surprise digging his knuckles into the ribs of her other side. She tears away from his lips, moaning in pleasure and pain that dances together. He tightens his hand in her hair, controlling her head and bringing her back to his lips. A breath between them, he watches the pleasure and the pain contort across her face as he grinds his fingers into her ribs. She lets out small gasping breaths that float across his lips. He winds his hand tighter into her hair and she draws a sharp breath, holding it as the pain and pleasure in her ribs becomes more and more acute, closer and closer to painful bliss. Gasping as if the air itself held knives, her hands again scramble for purchase over the metal of the park bench. Her whole body tenses as the grinding between her ribs digs deeper and deeper, begins to radiate up her whole body. “Oh, yes” she manages to gasp.

He grinds into her ribs yet deeper, watching the pain play across her face. “Oh, yes” she says, her body tensing around his, throwing her head back in ecstasy. Suddenly her body releases, her chest heaving, her head thrown to the side, eyes closed in bliss. Slowly, dream-like, she gently moves his hand from her ribs.

As her breath calms she can see it dance in the cold air. The night sky seems dream-like as she basks in pleasure slowly suffusing through her veins. She slowly turns her head to look into his black-rimmed green eyes. Her smile is lazy and full, sated. “That look,” he says.

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