IM Black Silk Scarf


This is a follow up story to Secret Valentine but can be read independantly.

After an uneventful Tuesday lunch, Kim was working monotonously in front of the computer in her cubicle when the intra-office IM alert sounded on her computer. When she viewed the message it simply read, “Care to play a secret game?” Moving the mouse to delete the message, she read the senders name, and her breath stopped. Black Silk Scarf. She knew instantly what it referred to.

Mental images of her Valentine’s Day secret seduction of her boss and the black silk scarf he wore as a blindfold to shield her identity attacked her mind while memories of the deeply passionate, forbidden, carnal pleasures they shared sent sparks of excitement between her legs.

Months had passed since that seduction without any repercussions and until now, she had been certain he had never guessed her identity. She wondered if it was possible that he now knew the truth?

Fingers shaking Kim typed out the reply, “I like games… and secrets.”

Almost immediately she was reading the response from Black Silk Scarf.

“This game is simple. You must complete and document each task you receive with a photo and short narrative of the experience. After each task is completed, email the documentation to [email protected]. Do you agree to these terms?”

Kim was thinking that Instant Messaging was an accurate description of this intra-office communication, wishing she had more time to think about what she was doing.

“OK,” is all that Kim could muster in her reply.

Black Silk Scarf’s next IM provided the description of her first task. “Remove your bra immediately and remain that way until you return home.”

It wasn’t difficult to remove her bra in the privacy of her cubical, but the risk of getting caught certainly made her senses tingle. After unclasping the standard white bra she slowly slid it off her breasts, her body shaking with shocks of warm energy when the material ran across her hardening nipples.

Kim sat in her cubical, taking in the erotic excitement of her first task. She had been a late bloomer not getting her curves until well in to college. A runner, she always remained physically fit and her dark hair and complexion caught guys attention even before her curves had developed. Now, her firm breasts were too large for the “B-cup” she normally wore and without her bra she felt their freed weight, yet like many younger women they almost defied gravity, remaining high on her chest.

Her very sensitive nipples “stood out” without the protection of a bra. Without the bra, even her dark, loose fitting blouse did little to conceal the near full inch of excited nipples straining against it, and anyone in the same room as Kim would certainly notice her excitement. The rest of the afternoon Kim’s male coworkers obviously noticed her free spirit, especially during a conference meeting where she recognized a few bulges growing in their pants.

Kim had started the afternoon cautiously, but her excitement was empowering and erotic, so rather than go straight home after work she decided to go grocery shopping and continue her adventure.

Late Tuesday night, Black Silk Scarf received an email from Kim’s personal account. Attached were a few pictures Kim had taken using her iphone during her first task. His favorite photo was one Kim had taken in the freezer isle at the grocery store. In it she had pulled the material of her top tight against her nipples which were obviously cold. The email included only a short poem.

An afternoon without a bra encouraged lingering stares

Modesty filled my thoughts but with time I lost my cares

After work traveled I to the grocery to buy pears

With great anticipation I await all your future dares

Kim rolled into work early Wednesday morning, anxious for her next task. All day she checked her IM and email for the next task, but it wasn’t until almost 5pm that her computer chimed with an IM from Black Silk Scarf.

“Tonight’s task will take planning to get the necessary photo. Order pizza and then take a shower. Time the conclusion of your shower with the arrival of your pizza. When the pizza boy comes to your door, answer it only in your robe and invite him to step inside. Be sure the delivery boy sees a slip of your nipple.”

As she rode the train home from work, Kim noticed an ache developing between her legs. She was unsure if following orders or being exposed was more erotic. On the train she searched her iphone app store until she found one which, once started, took continuous pictures until it was stopped.

In the shower Kim was lost in a fantasy ending of yesterday’s meeting which involved male co-workers and the conference table in that room. She was certain that they had all had similar fantasies. In the shower, the soapy bubbles cascaded down her body like a creamy river. Tonight she ran her hands over her breasts time and time again, feeling the nipples react favorably at bayan escort her touch. Their excitement demanded attention and when she began to gently roll them between her delicate fingers, her knees weakened and she felt warm bursts of electricity shoot between her legs.

Unconsciously, Kim’s right hand drifted down her stomach to her narrow landing strip of dark pubic hair, her stance opened providing access for a single slender finger to satisfy her most basic and instinctual need. Her touch was gentle but experienced and deliberate. Slowly the orgasm was building from a place somewhere deep inside, her muscles began to tighten, preparing for an explosion of pleasure.

At the sound of the doorbell, Kim was jerked from the brink of orgasm back into her reality. She shut off the water and stepped out of the shower still soaking wet, both inside and out. As she approached the front door she threw on her floral silk robe, pressed the start button on her iphone multi capture photo app and swung open the door. She hadn’t bothered to tie the robe, holding it closed with one hand.

As instructed, Kim invited the young man to step inside and closed the door behind him. Instantly she was aware of his lust, the air was thick with it. Kim rarely used checks, but this time she sat on the chair near her door and methodically filled out her check line by line. Standing above her, she knew he had a great view down the front of her robe. When Kim stood, she allowed her robe to open, no longer concealing the wet body beneath. The young man was speechless, afraid anything he said or did would bring this fantasy to an abrupt end.

She wanted him to take her, spin her around and destroy her pussy with his throbbing cock, but he was more boy than man and did nothing. Eventually, Kim closed her robe and sent him on his way.

Later that night, Kim searched through the pictures taken by her iphone until she found the perfect one. It was shot from just behind the pizza boy into the house. In it you could see the back of his head and shoulder, the pizza and of course Kim. She stood there, robe open with the edge of one nipple peeking from its edge, her flat stomach still dripping with water from the shower. The delivery boy’s left shoulder teasingly obscured everything below her navel except for the smallest part of the top of her perfect landing strip.

In the message to BlackSilkScarf@ Kim wrote:

The pizza boy got quite the tip

More than just a little nip

To the bedroom I went alone

Three times there had I cause to moan

Actually, she only brought herself to a single orgasm after the pizza boy left, because its intensity left her debilitated, incapable of a second.

Black Silk Scarf’s cock hardened in his pants as he imagined Kim masterbating in her bedroom. She had exceeded the last tasks requirement to expose a nipple to a stranger in her home and he was certain she was ready to move on to the next task.

The positive reinforcement she’d received from her two exhibition experiences were having an effect on Kim. Her normally drab work wear was becoming less conservative, shorter skirts and tops which revealed more of her perky and ample cleavage. She spent more time on hair and make-up and she was abandoning comfortable undergarments in favor of sexier bra and panty combinations.

At work Thursday her new bolder dress was capturing the attention of many of the men in her office. There were more frequent visits by them to her cubicle, they made efforts to carry a conversation with her and chivalry seemed to be reborn. The new attentions made Kim feel like a woman, individual, powerful and desired. A few of her male coworkers even inquired when she started working, even though she had shared their office space for nearly a year. Others were noticing her transformation.

After lunch she received another IM from Black Silk Scarf.

“Congratulations, you are exceeding expectations in completing your assigned tasks.” His IM lingered, Kim imagined her boss Eric saying those words and was convinced she had seen them on a recent performance review. It left little doubt in her mind who was behind the Black Silk Scarf moniker. Rather than a simple “thanks” Kim unconsciously replied, “I am yours to command.”

In the following IM Black Silk Scarf spelled out the details of her next task. “You need a new pair of sexy, high heel shoes. After work, go shopping, but remove your panties and provide the shoe salesman an unobstructed view of your sweet nectar. This time, you must ask the salesman to take the photo of the view between your thighs. Send him an email with the photo and your narrative and bcc me.”

After work Kim visited a bar near the shopping center to muster the strength needed for her next challenge. The bar was busy and the men there could sense her arousal. She could have drank free all night long given the pheromones she was putting out, but after a few drinks and a solid buzz she made one last visit to the ladies room where she removed her soaked, black lace panties and then began to stake out several shoe stores searching for the right salesman to assist her with the task.

Late that night, Black Silk Scarf was blind copied on an email to a young shoe salesman. Attached to the email was a single photo depicting a view between Kim’s legs which would rival those found in any adult magazine. Kim had been wearing a short free-flowing skirt which she had hiked up high so that the subject of the photo was not shadowed. Her right foot, tipped with a tall heeled red-bottomed shoe, had been pulled up and rested on the edge of the same chair in which she was sitting and her other leg was opened slightly to the side. This positioning did not leave much to the imagination.

A dark, narrow and neatly trimmed trail of pubic hair was situated just above the swollen lips of her pussy which was obviously wet with desire. The young pink lips were slightly opened, crying for attention. On the inside of her thigh, near her wet desire rested a man’s hand.

The text in the email provided Black Silk Scarf a glimpse of what had happened.

You were the fourth to see this view but the first to be so bold

To move your hand high on my thigh where I was anything but cold

You stole a touch warm and wet that caused my lips to sigh

Someday soon I may return to feel you deep inside

Finally it was Friday, Kim thought. This had been the final day of her Valentine’s Day Seduction which had ended with the best sex of her life. She longed for satisfaction, wondering if Eric had felt the same way then and if he was feeling that way now. Much to her surprise, she waited all day for an IM which would provide a hint of things to come. All day Kim found it hard to think about anything except sex with her boss, wondering if it could possibly be as passionate as their first encounter.

At 5 minutes to 5 her computer lit up with an IM from Black Silk Scarf.

“Did you find some shoes?”

Kim playfully bantered back with “Yes, but not what I’m looking for right now. The good news is that I found an experienced salesman who I’m sure can get me at least a size 8 or 9.”

Black Silk Scarf ignored her reference which obviously referred to the size of his cock and instructed her: “Buy a white sexy bikini swimsuit. Be sure the top has removable padding. Remove the padding and spend Saturday floating the river in it. Your photo documentation should include at least 4 college guys.”

Kim was both disappointed that she would not feel Eric’s cock inside her tonight and excited for a new daring erotic challenge. She was no stranger to the river, and had spent many weekends floating it with friends, mostly a few years back when she was still in college. But back then she was a different person; modest, shy, intimidated by the horny young guys and self conscious about her relatively undeveloped body.

Today she was a different person physically and mentally. At 26, she was still physically fit, toned from her nightly runs, but curves had settled in all the right places. Had her breasts been any larger they would have looked out of place on her petite figure and even she knew her active lifestyle provided her a nearly perfect ass, both tone and shapely. Kim’s naturally dark complexion and biweekly trips to the tanning salon bronzed her body from head to toe. Her exotic body had provided her practice and attention of men boosting her confidence and she had become aware of the power her sex offered and was beginning to learn just how to wield it.

Like many women, Kim enjoyed shopping and twice in a week was fun. Admiring herself in the small white bikini in the dressing room, she admired her body and the affect it would have on men. Without the padding, it was easy to see her nipples straining against the thin fabric. Looking closely she could even make out her small dark areolas through the material. Kim was certain that, when wet, it wouldn’t leave much to the imagination.

Most of Saturday morning Kim spent building the courage necessary for her task and even without being wet her bikini was drawing attention at the tube launch site.

On Sunday morning Black Silk Scarf found several emails from Kim’s personal account. The first several emails included only attached pictures and no text. There was a close up of the bikini top in the dressing room, some of her on the tube floating in the river and several of her partying with young guys along the river. In all of the pictures except the first one, her quarter sized, dark nipples were clearly visible through the wet and nearly transparent material. Not only were her bikini bottoms small, wet and tight they too failed to hide the thin landing strip of Kim’s bush or the outline of her pussy lips. He wondered if she had removed their liner as well.

The final email included his favorite photo, one with two young guys who had untied and peeled down Kim’s top just far enough for both nipples to peek out above the fabric. Whether it was the cool river waters or her excited state didn’t matter to Black Silk Scarf, because he was lost in their exotic, excited state, slowly stroking the swollen cock in his hand. Like previous emails it included a poem which provided the highlights of the day’s activities.

Water cold, nipples hard, exposed for all to see

Shy at first but liquid courage set my spirit free

Young cocks did swell beneath their trunks whenever I walked by

Thier lust for me I shared for them each and every guy

Body shots, tits engulfed by guys who numbered three

Many offers were declined to enter my wet pussy

Not one or two but more I craved my hot aches to satisfy

All day long did I wander through a foggy, erotic high

Sunday afternoon, Kim’s iphone barked with an email from Black Silk Scarf.

“Some of the world’s finest art is hidden from the world in private collections. I believe art should be displayed for all to enjoy. Tomorrow I want you to push the limit of the company dress code. At three o’clock IM me with the number of men you think got an unobscured look at your glistening pussy or of your hardened nipples. Come prepared to work late.” Kim was certain that Monday her wanton pussy would be satisfied with the hard thickness of a throbbing cock. Just thinking about it made her wet and her pussy begged for attention, but with uncommon strength she resisted.

Monday morning Kim spent extra time dressing for work. She used her darkest lipstick and wore her hair up except for the few strands which flirted with her face. She smoked her eyes with three shades of gray. She had no use for panties, but wore her best shelf bra which provided support, lift and additional cleavage without covering any of her erect and excited nipples. Kim searched through her skirts until she settled on a short, grey one which clung to her, highlighting the tight curve of her runners ass and even providing an occasional cast of her already engorged pussy lips. For her top she found a light mauve colored button down shirt with a plunging neckline. In college it had fit her well, but her breasts were larger now causing the buttons to gap, providing others a view of the side of her breasts and at the right angle, basically above or to either side, nipple too. The material was thin and offered little resistance to her aroused nipples and when at the proximity of conversation, the dark outlines of her full nipples and areolas were noticeable.

She had dressed for work like this as part of her Valentine’s Day seduction and was not surprised by the added attention she received. Surprisingly, it was more erotic this time having to tally the number of people that got a free preview.

In the elevator a man slightly behind and to her left was straining for a view of her breasts so Kim made sure her shirt gapped enough for him to be able to describe the size, color and state of arousal of her nipple to his friends later on at the water cooler. One.

Casually she dropped something on the floor between her open legs and asked a man standing in front of her to grab it. As he bent down she pulled the front of her skirt up and out to make sure he got a just reward. Two.

When she finally reached her office floor she was the only one to exit. Stepping off the elevator she bent over and blew them a kiss looking between her legs. Three, four, five and six.

This was fun. Before the morning break three more men and one woman had seen at least one of her nipples and two more men were gifted with long looks between her legs during a meeting. The attention had her pussy soaking with wetness and burning with desire. During her morning break Kim was able to find a balcony above the open waiting area where she tallied thirteen through twenty-one.

Number twenty-two, an IT geek got the best show. Kim had reached under her desk and unplugged several cables from her computer. While the technician worked under her desk she remained in her chair legs open wide. When she was certain he was watching she slowly slid her hand between her legs, lightly stroking her wet pussy. As he watched she slowly teased both him and her, running a finger up and down her moistened slit, more of her finger disappearing with each stroke. Finally when she could no longer take it, she buried her finger deep inside her begging pussy. Slowly she fucked her finger until, with little effort she came, waves of pleasure shuddering through her body. When she finished she slowly slid her finger from her warmth, stood and headed to the ladies room leaving only a small wet spot on her chair and a geek with a raging hard on under her desk.

When she neared the rest rooms, a young security guard approached her. “Mamm, please come with me,” was all he said. Kim obeyed, now feeling uncomfortable in her choice of attire. Through an endless maze of cubicles he led her until they reached a suite simply identified as security.

The security guard was handsome, well built and young, probably fresh from a technical school. The name on his badge, Cole, made her think of cowboys.

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