How we met


I’ve written a few stories of the adventures I’ve enjoyed with my best girl Tes. Most of my previously shared adventures, if not all, are true to the best of my ability to remember, the names may, or may not, have been changed to protect the not so innocent. This is the story of how we met, it is, again, true to the best of my ability to remember.

It was April 2012, I was 55 and Tes was 43, If you don’t recall or haven’t read our other stories, Tes is about 5’2″ and built like a Polynesian fertility goddess, large breasts, big meaty ass and naked whenever she can be. Me, well, let’s face it, nobody cares what I look like, suffice it to say I was just an old guy with an average old body and an average sized old cock.

I was invited to a “Return to Play” gang bang for a lady I had met the previous year and enjoyed a very adult weekend with along with her boyfriend. They lived in my hometown about 300 miles from where I now live. We met through a Hotwife picture posting site and arranged an in person meet, and romp, when I returned home one weekend to visit family and attend a football game. Jez and Pete came to my hotel, and we spent the weekend enjoying Jez’s body there, in the nearby mountains, at an adult movie theater along with anyone else present who wanted to. Fast forward and Jez and Pete were holding another Gang Bang for Jez after some minor surgery that had curtailed their activities for several months. When they invited me they mentioned another woman may be there as well but that regardless Jez was going to try to set a new personal record, get well glazed in a bukkake type circle jerk and go airtight for the first time. How could I miss that!?

I arrived about 30 minutes or so after the announced start time to meet a very shy young woman sitting at the kitchen table with the host, I asked if she would be joining us to which she replied: “I don’t know” in a small voice. I smiled and told her I hoped so and went into the party room to find Jez naked on a mattress, drinking a bottle of water with about a dozen naked guys sitting around. I found a spot to sit and chatted with Pete and Jez until she was ready to resume with round two. A couple other guys walked in and stripped down, joining Jez on the mattress and I sat back to enjoy the show and get myself up for it.

I went back into the kitchen to get myself a drink and saw our host Wilbert talking to another guy who was calmly being blown by the woman who I had talked to when I came in! Clearly no prude but not yet ready to join in yet, but there is hope!

A few minutes later and Wilbert, the host, walked in and announced that his friend Tes was thinking of joining in and we should check out these tits and make her feel welcome before he then opened her short floral robe to reveal her impressive tits! And they were, and are, impressive! 40D at that point. She was beaming as she took my seat on a loveseat and told all of us to give her a few minutes to get settled.

As Tes settled on the love seat next to me we started chatting a bit as she loosened up and got comfortable with the idea of getting involved in her first gang bang. I was immediately taken with her when she shared that she had a degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Math and had spent time at Cambridge as an undergrad. Clearly no dummy this one and having a similar though much less impressive back ground and without the formal degrees, I was immediately taken with her, of course the aforementioned bust may have influenced me too….

Hands started to roam over her body from beside and behind her do I thought I better taste her before she’d had a couple dozen dicks in her so I asked if that would be ok and when she smiled and replied

“Yes please”

I slid to the floor and between her legs as one of the gents knelt in my now vacant seat bursa eskort and offered his cock to her lips. My tongue went to work exploring her already moist pussy, probing her tunnel and searching for her hot spots. As I enjoyed my feast she slid lower onto the loveseat and her robe was opened fully. Soon her nipples each had a guy attached and she alternated her mouth and hands between two cocks. All the while we could hear, and some of us could see, Jez getting spit roasted on the mattress. Pete just kept taking pics of everything.

I should probably mention that I was missing a key piece of data when I started enjoying this tasty cunt, that being that she was a squirter when she orgasmed. Yep, copiously. That was a first for me too at the time so when she came on my tongue, with my mouth latched on to her very wet cunt, her clit between my teeth, two fingers working her G spot, I damn near drowned! Thankfully I didn’t and in fact I was able to restore breathing without making a fool of myself choking. She pushed my head away and announced to the group around her.

“Who has a condom, I need fucked!”

She lay back on the love seat as one guy climbed between her legs and another took station by her mouth and fed her his cock. I caught my breath, wiped my face savoring her flavor and aroma and started to knead those awesome tits as I watched her get fucked.

The guy fucking her came and pulled out and was quickly replaced by another I turned to queue up for her mouth, always my preference, and took in the debauchery taking place all around me. Jez was busy, Tes was busy, guys were queued up slowly stroking, others having recently cum were catching their breath, taking a drink or just watching. Some were dressing to leave and others arriving and stripping off. Jez was going to break her personal best for sure tonight!

The guy in Tes’ mouth moved off and I offered her mine which she gladly started to suck. She was still getting fucked by the second, or maybe third guy by now and Jez was trying to get two of the new guys to DP her with Pete’s help. That got most of the guys attention and for a few minutes I could enjoy both Tes’ mouth and her tits without other hands, mouths, etc. getting in the way. All to soon though I could feel myself getting close. I hadn’t paid attention to what the other guys had done, had they cum on her tits? Didn’t feel like it, in her mouth? I felt myself build and so I just told her I was going to cum, figuring she let me know where, and she made it VERY clear where she wanted it. She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me tight to her face and down her throat as my balls emptied heavily… What a trooper, she didn’t lose a drop. I was in love…

She sat up after that, wiped the tears from her eyes, brushed her hair away from her face, found her robe and sat down on the loveseat to watch the festivities. She didn’t put the robe on, just found it and tossed it aside and sat there nude watching Jez and talking to the guys.

Jez decided she needed a break as well so she sort of flopped out on the mattress with her water as Tes sat on the loveseat with her own bottle. Jez and Tes talked about the party up that part and a few guys left and few more came in and looked around, unsure if they’d missed it or if they should get naked too. Of course, the encouragement from Jez and Pete was to get naked and join in.

After a brief respite, Jez came over to Tes and took her hand and said “let’s go play” leading her to the mattress in the center of the room.

They started exploring each others body, playing with nipples and squeezing tits before tentatively starting to finger each other and explore the others cunt. Jez began telling Tes about having been fisted recently and then encouraged and guided Tes into working more fingers, görükle escort then her hand and ultimately Tes’ fist into her. Tes followed Jez’s instruction, and Petes who was now actively engaged in the festivities, after some initial trepidation by Tes whether her fist would fit. Ultimately her small fist was swallowed by Jez’s pussy and with a huge smile, Tes announced to the group

“Pussies are so cool! Now I see why you guys like them so much!”

That got a good laugh and soon Tes was on her back and first Pete, then Jez tried to fist her but she was much too tight to take even Jez’s full set of her fingers, settling on just a few fingers before Wilbert positioned Tes on her hand and knees, ass up and slid his cock into her ass for a few strokes before announcing she was ready for a bareback ass fucking, nobody moved and Pete reminded Wilbert that no barebacking below the waist. That sentiment was reinforced by the other 15 or so guys around the room so Wilbert stalked off leaving Tes ass high, I was hard again and had a condom so I went and rubbed her ass and simply asked if she wanted it, she did so I slid my hard, covered, cock into her ass and began stroking. We were positioned such that the strokes were deep but not fast and furious which was nice for me, though I knew I wouldn’t cum again this wat. A couple other guys started to queue up behind me and I saw a guy eating Jez as she sucked another so I stepped aside to sit back and watch for a while.

Pete saw I wasn’t busy and handed me his camera while he again tried to arrange Jez airtight with three young black guys who had just arrived. The guys who had been working on Tes’ ass had either cum or were taking a break and watching the Jez efforts. Tes took a seat on the other couch and I moved over and sat on the floor between her legs as I took pics. He ruffled my beard and said she was taking a break, assuming I guess that I was going to start something again. I just smiled, snapped a pic and told her I figured.

I now know and appreciate the term ‘clusterfuck’, the airtight wasn’t going well, two of the three guys weren’t hard enough, none were willing to cross swords but it was fun to watch. I think had we had a couple of fluffers…. maybe. But hard to tell. Meanwhile I felt that things were getting active behind me and looked over my shoulder to see Tes with a cock in her mouth and a mouth on her tit so I set down the camera and turned around to have another go with my tongue. This time I knew not to drown!

Having enjoyed her cunt once already I was able to take my time and really enjoy and explore her this time. We were positioned so I could also watch her better this time as she sucked and stroked the other guys who moved in and out of our small group. I still love watching her suck cock almost as much as I enjoy eating her pussy. This time as she got close to cumming she let me know, pulling my face tight to her cunt and squeezing her thighs around my head as she cried out around the cock in her mouth. As her orgasm subsided and I enjoyed the feast shed just given me she pulled the guy shed been sucking over to the mattress, lay back and told him to fuck her. He did!

I picked up the camera and resumed taking pics, sitting back on the loveseat as Jez cried out again and the guy fucking her emptied his balls. Jez got up, found her water and came over and rolled a condom on my semi hard cock, stuffed it onto her cunt and sat on my lap, feeding her tits to me as she slid up and down my shaft. That was nice but I realized I had yet to fuck Tes so when someone came and offered Jez his cock to suck and the guy fucking Tes moved off I slid out from under Jez and joined Tes on the mattress. I took a nipple in my mouth as I moved over her but she put a hand on my chest and said.

“Lay bursa yabancı escort back.”

I did.

“I want to ride you” she said.

I replied with a “Yes Please” as she climbed astride my hips and guided my hardness into her cunt.

“Mmmmm, yes! Just like that, let me ride you for a while” she said to me as she leaned forward, teasing my face with her tits.

“Suck on my tits” she asked, as if I wouldn’t with them hanging in my face like that.

“Mmppgffph” was all I could manage as my mouth closed around one nipple as I pulled her breasts to my face. My hands filled with her hanging breasts, I rubbed one across my face and over and through my beard before I pushed both nipples together and took them onto my mouth together as one.

“Oh Yes! She cried out and began to bounce on my cock with more urgency.

A few guys gathered around to watch, to stroke her as they could and stroke their own cocks. Jez came and stood watching us before taking two of our watchers to the other side of the mattress, laying one down and mounting him. As she settled down on his cock reverse cowgirl she positioned the other where she could suck him as he watched Tes ride me. We looked at one another, smiled and mouthed a silent “WOW!” before he took Jez’s head in his hands and got to seriously filling her mouth with his cock.

Tes soon came yet again, coating my balls with her cum before collapsing on my chest panting, her skin covered in a light very sexy sheen of sweat.

“Mind if I lay here and catch my breath?” she asked.

“Not at all, take all night if you want” was my suave and debonair response.

She smiled and shortly rolled off and went searching for water and the bathroom. I rolled up and moved back to find a place to sit and contemplate whether it was time to go as a new set of three or four guys walked in.

When Tes returned to the fun room she took the hand of one of the new guys and returned to the mattress, helping him roll a condom on before laying back and guiding him into her welcoming pussy. I decided I’d try one more go so I knelt hear her head and offered her my cock to suck as she was getting energetically fucked. SHe took me in her small hand and turned her head guiding me into her mouth once more.

We both moaned in unison and I began to once more rise to the occasion. Despite, or perhaps because of, the vigor with which she was getting fucked her oral ministrations were languid to begin and as I came to full hardness she urged me deeper into her throat and began to suck and swallow my cock more rapidly. Working me deeper and deeper with more urgency as her latest orgasm was clearly building. The guy fucking her groaned, drove deep and filled yet another condom as she latched onto my ass and pulled me deep as she rolled onto her side facing me. I knelt there as she assaulted my cock with her mouth, urging me to cum for her. Another guy was stroking her ass and trying to get her onto her knees but she was focused on me for the moment and as I warned her I was going to cum she, again buried my cock in her throat, her nose against my abdomen and moved to her knees. I unloaded down her throat just as the new guy eased int her pussy from behind. As she continued sucking me she released my ass then let me slip from her mouth as her head sank to the mattress and she took the assault from behind.

I decided I was done and started rounding up my clothes and getting myself dressed. I found Pete and thanked him, tried to thank Jez but she was busy, surprise surprise so I turned back to see Tes fall forward onto her stomach as her last guy patted her ass and started removing another full condom. I took a moment and knelt beside her, brushed her sweaty hair from her face, and kissed her forehead.

She smiled at me as she rolled her shoulders onto her back, and I gave her my thanks, leaned in and kissed her on her magical mouth, tasting my recent cum before starting to stand.

“Wait’ she said, “what was your name?”

I told her and we’ve been fellow carnal adventurers ever since….

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