Karen pressed the button on the roof of her car triggering the garage door to open in front of her. She pulled her little silver Honda Civic into the overstuffed garage and pressed the button again to close it behind her. She opened the door and slipped a short leg out onto the concrete floor, her three inch heel hitting the floor before she expected it to and it sent a shiver of energy up her leg. She levered herself out of the car more smoothly now that she had a grip on where the ground was. When she was standing outside of her car, the garage was dimly lit, even though the sun had not yet set. The windows were mostly blocked by the long accumulation of junk from her family and grown kids. Even though she has had two kids, she was young when she had them and she is just over 40 and still sexy as hell. She had never been very tall and she was always built heavy, but years of exercise had toned some of her bulk into sleek muscle. Her husband Tom had always liked women that he didn’t feel he would break and she had been perfect.

She stripped off her light jacket and laid it on the seat she had just vacated. It was blue, black, and green, her favorite colors. The blue matched the color of her eyes perfectly. The matching tank top came off next, but it was more black than anything else. Her black bra followed after she fumbled a little with the clasps at her back. When she was topless, she stretched her arms to the ceiling and arched her back. The 40 minute drive home had been grueling. It felt great to be free of her clothes. She ran her hands along her silky pale skin and under her large breasts, soothing the irritation from being in professional clothes all day. After unbuttoning her pants, she pulled them off along with the red thong she had been wearing and dumped the lot of it onto the seat. She was left wearing only her strappy heels. She left the clothes on the seat of the car but grabbed the thong and headed for the door to the house, taking the keys with her.

When she opened the door to the four bedroom home, the cool air made her nipples harden quickly. She hung her car keys on the hook just inside the door and looked around for Tom. She didn’t see him, though she hadn’t really expected to. The doors to the basement and the garage were side by side and she went directly to the door to the basement. She opened the door and looked down into the dim room. She couldn’t see anything but she flipped on the light and carefully picked her way down the stairs. At the bottom, she surveyed the basement. It hadn’t looked this way when she left for work. There were two beds there; a king and a queen side by side. They had matching comforters that were stripped off and lying on the floor. The dark blue sheets were silky. There was a dresser facing the beds Betist and further down, a small sitting area with a TV. On top of the dresser were several items that hadn’t been there earlier. She knew that Tom had picked out those items from the suitcase they kept. She looked at the items.

There was a set of four restraints. She knew one would go on each of her wrists and ankles. They would attach to straps that ran underneath the bed. The next item she saw was a collar with a large D ring on it. She picked it up and immediately started strapping herself into it. She pulled her shoulder length blonde hair free of it and pulled the strap a little tighter. When she buckled it, the collar was slightly tighter than was comfortable and she could feel her pulse racing. Her pulse always raced when she had put a collar on, but it also made her clit swell. The nipple clamps were lying next to the collar and she understood the implication. She squeezed the clover clamp open and was able to slip it through the D ring. She let the cold metal chain hang from the D ring. She knew that when she attached them to her hard nipples, the collar would force it to pull. She would wait as long as she could.

The last thing sitting out on the dresser was a remote controlled vibrator and anal plug. This was why she brought the thong with her. She thought she might need to put it on to keep something inside her. Without it, the plug would fall out too easily. She stuck one end of the vibrator in her mouth, leaving behind as much saliva as she could. She did the same to the other side and started by pressing the flared end into her ass. She moaned softly as it entered her, a little chill of pleasure flying up her spine. Then she inserted the other end into her dripping pussy. She wanted desperately to turn on the vibrator but it would only be turned on with the remote and it was certainly not sitting out on the dresser. She slipped the red thong over the vibrator and then began to strap herself into the wrist and ankle cuffs.

When she was finished, she sat down on the smooth king sized bed. Waiting. She was antsy and horny and desperate for Tom to come down the stairs and join her. Her pulse was racing. She waited five minutes that felt like five hours when she heard the door open above her. She slipped off the bed in a fluid motion, coming down onto her knees as she did. She knew he preferred her to be on her knees. Then she pinched each nipple and attached the clamps to them. The more the chain was pulled on, the tighter the clamps got and she could feel them growing tighter as she pulled the chain to attach the second clamp. She tried not to make a sound but a small gasp escaped her lips anyway.

Tom’s lower half came into view and as she looked Betist Giriş up at him, she felt the tug on her nipples. His thin legs carried his tall, broad shouldered form down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a T-shirt with a design on it she wasn’t focused on. His feet were bare. Karen looked up at him and as he entered the room, she had to crane her neck to see his face. He had a small smile on his lips. “Very nice, slut,” he said.

Karen’s face broke into a wide grin. “Thank you, Sir. I am glad you are pleased.”

“Of course I am,” he said. “I’m about to enjoy some time with my obedient slut.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. His boxers came down next and his cock stood at attention in front of him. He guided her head to his dick and pressed his cock into her throat. She gagged almost immediately and he pulled back, giving her a moment to breathe. He repeated the process several more times, fucking her throat until she gagged and then giving her time to recover. She felt more and more turned on every time. Her nipples ached but she knew it was nothing to how they would feel when they were taken off.

He loved feeling her mouth on him but he knew that there was so much more he wanted to do with her. He pressed his cock deep into her throat one last time and when his cock touched the back of her throat, he pressed the on button for her vibrator on the remote he had hidden in his hand. She jumped but she was careful not to cause any issues for Tom. She moaned softly and he reveled in the feeling of the vibrations against his cock but soon she was gagging and he pulled back and gave her time to breathe.

She choked in air and swallowed to get herself back under control and then looked up at him again. The pull on her nipples would have brought her to her knees had she not already been on them. “Stand,” he directed and he tugged sharply on the chain attached to her nipples. She moaned loudly as she was pulled to her feet.

When she stood in front of him, he leaned down and stuck his tongue out to flick her nipple with it. She gasped in response and he repeated the process on the other nipple. He pushed her on the stomach and the back of legs met the bed. She sat down heavily on the bed, the vibrator still pulsing in her pussy and ass. She both desperately wanted it to stop and desperately wanted it to continue. She couldn’t decide which she wanted more.

He clipped her wrists to the restraints so that she had no access to her hands. He left her legs free for the moment. She saw him glance at the clock. He didn’t want her nipple clamps on too long and cause permanent damage. He decided to leave them on longer but he pulled the thong from her hips. He pressed the vibrator deeper in on both sides to ensure it stayed as long as possible. Then he clipped her legs to the same chain as her wrists. It caused her feet to be high above her head and her ass and pussy to be totally exposed to him.

When he was done, he slipped off the bed and opened the bag of toys. He pulled some things out but from Karen’s perspective, she couldn’t see what he was removing from the bag. She knew when she felt the sharp sting of the riding crop against her inner thigh. Each smack on her sensitive skin caused her head to jerk and the clamps on her nipples to pull. The vibrations were deep in her pussy and ass. She wanted to cum, but she didn’t have permission.

He moved around to stand closer to her head. He smacked her thigh with the crop and pressed the release on the clamp on her closer nipple. She screamed with the stimulation and breathed heavily, knowing the same treatment was going to come on the other side. Moments later, it did. She was more prepared for it this time, but the fear of it coming made it worse and she screamed just as loud. “My, my, you’re loud. Do I need to gag you, slut?”

“No Sir,” she said, “unless you want to.”

He chuckled. “I can do anything I want to.” He emphasized the word I. “I’m curious about what you want.”

“I want to make you happy, Sir,” she said and he smiled.

“Good.” He didn’t gag her but he resumed smacking her thighs and pubic mound with the crop but she was quieter, her gasps coming out softly.

He stopped abruptly and went back to the bag. He came back with the paddle. It was small and made of leather, but it packed a mighty punch. He smacked her thighs with it, her stomach, her pubic mound. She yelled out more with this but he intended her to. He stopped the vibrator. He set the remote and the paddle down and climbed up onto the bed. The vibrator was on the verge of coming out anyway and he pulled it from her body. As it pulled free, she gasped. She suddenly felt so empty. He didn’t wait long to fill her. His cock slipped into her pussy, pressing into the soft folds of her, becoming coated with her sweet juices. He didn’t stay in her pussy long. He pulled out and pressed his cock to her gaping ass hole. It was still tight, even with the plug freshly out of her ass. He pressed his cock all the way in and closed his eyes, breathing deeply as she got used to the fullness of him.

“You feel amazing,” he tells her.

“Please, Sir, fuck me,” she began to beg and he obliged. He pulled back and began to pound into her ass, pressing so deep and hard that the whole bed was rocking beneath them. She moaned and gasped beneath him and his breath came short, too. When he came, he filled her ass, letting her squeeze every drop she could from his dripping cock. His cock softened, slipping out of her tight ass and she clenched her ass tight to try to hang on to as much of his deposit as she could.

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