Gym in 2010


‘Finally 2010 begins’ Pierce thought to himself. ‘This year will certainly be better than the last.’

Pierce Robinson had just come off the worst year of his 20 yr old life. He somehow managed to get kicked out of college. Lost his job and as you might have guessed lost his longtime girlfriend. He was going through a bit of a rut and needed to vent out his frustrations. He noticed an ad in the paper for a new 24 hour gym.

‘Sure, why not?’ he said to himself. He had always been somewhat skinny and only mildly athletic.

He paid the fees, toured the facility by a hot milf named Melanie who’s luscious big tits made for a pleasant distraction during the first visit. Medium length brown hair, bright blue eyes and a very firm looking backside he knew that she would be come a star in one of his masturbation sessions soon.

As he settle into a routine, he saw many different faces shapes and sizes come and go. New years resolutions to blame no doubt.

A couple of weeks went by and Pierce was beginning to notice that his arms and chest were getting bigger, he felt stronger and had more energy and most of all that girls were starting to check him out a little bit longer than they used to and longer than necessary.

That last bit was especially important as his former girlfriend had already found another boyfriend and he was especially irritated.

They made him feel better about himself and he became more vibrant and friendly coming out of his shell.

He noticed that on Tuesday and Thursday nights he would see the same girl on the treadmill. She was to say the least hot. long curly black hair, piercing green eyes that seemed to look into your soul. soft round face that sat atop of some very very sexy shoulders. Toned arms. Firm and perky breasts that jutted up proudly from her chest.

Thursday night they were both at the gym. Pierce was working on his curls and secretly watching the girl on the treadmill. She seemed to be running away from something. Long day or getting away from her troubles or something. Pierce was about to add more weight when he heard a scream and a crash.

He ran over to her to see what caused her to stumble. She was grabbing her hamstring and looked to be in an immense amount of pain. Pierce reached over and scooped her up and took her in the back to one of the massage rooms. The gym offered massages and had the proper equipment set up. Pierce found out that the owner was a friend from high school and had the employee code to get in. He punched the code and laid her gently on the table and she was still clutching her thigh. He said “Here , let me help with that.” He removed her dainty hands which he noted were quite soft away from her thigh bayburt escort and began to knead them with his larger and more powerful hands.

She seemed to be a little shaken still and figured she was nervous of getting rubbed on by a stranger so he said “My name is Pierce and you didn’t have to hurt yourself to get my attention. You’ve got the most intense green eyes that i’ve seen in a long time.”

She let out a nervous laugh and replied Thanks I’ll make sure I do that. My name is Alex by the way. She thought that comment was a little cocky but in her present condition she figured she’d let it slide for now.

As he continued to rub her thigh to soothe her cramp his eyes roamed up and down her body. He had checked her out before but never this up close and personal.

She noticed that his movements were irregular and that he wasn’t keeping pace with his massage. She looked up to see his eyes checking her out. It was then she remembered what she looked like. Her roommate had washed and dried her gym clothes by accident and they shrank leaving her shorts dangerously tight against her mound and sports bra tighter than usual. It was chilly in the gym and her nipples were responding accordingly.

After hearing her let out an involuntary moan. Pierce grew bolder and expanded his range. He found the scented oil and started once again down at her feet. Hearing no protest he gently took each foot into his hands and began to rub out her troubles.

Alex knew she should probably say something to stop him before it went to far but it had been awhile since she had felt caresses like this from a man deciding that the male species was inherently stupid and that she needed a break from their games.

He moved upwards to her toned calves that she had enhanced from all that running that she does. Firm and smooth she had definitely shaved recently. He said roll over with his deep voice and Alex felt a deep need to comply.

He grabbed some lotion and said unless you want to ruin that top you had better lose it. She paused and contemplated the situation. One the one hand she was getting rubbed up by a total stranger. Well not really totally that had been coming to the gym around the same time for a few weeks now and he did seem to have magic hands.

She quickly threw off her top and laid on her stomach on the table. He squeezed the lotion out on her back and begin to give her the most sensual relaxing massage she had ever felt. He started with her neck and shoulders, gently rubbing each and every muscle.

She could feel stress leaving her body but a new feeling was quickly replacing it. Her pussy began to throb and get wet. She felt bartın escort warm all over. Her breath became short rapid breaths as her muscles were tingling all over.

She stopped him and turned over exposing her perfect breasts to him. Her nipples had never been so hard in her life and her pussy was a leaky faucet dripping with anticipation. They locked eyes and said everything and nothing all at the same time.

She got off the table and sank down to her knees and pulled his pants down and his long and thick cock sprang into view and her mouth started to water. She started to lick from his large balls being sure to take each one in her mouth. Working her way back up to the head she varied from stroking him fast and slow.

Pierce threw his head back in ecstasy has Alex was giving him the best blow job he’d ever had in his life. Her mouth was like a hoover giving him sensations what he’d never felt before. After taking a very pleasurable beating, he felt that all too familiar tingling in his sack as his hot cum was rising up the shaft.

Alex sensed that Pierce was close and sucked even harder if at all possible. Spurt after spurt spewed into her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could down although some dribbled down her chin. She gave a seductive smile and said “mmm, tastes good”

Pierce was weak in the knees as he had just experienced one the best orgasms of his life. When he recovered he picked up Alex and almost forcefully threw her on the table.

Alex was caught off gaurd for a second until she felt her shorts and panties slide off her ass. He began to quickly kiss her most sensitive hip bone region sending tiny jolts to her pussy. His facial hair brushed up against her raised and exposed clit and she yelled out ughhh fuck yes. he moved on down to the spot between her outer lips and her thighs and licked between them. He was showing no mercy as he teased her.

Goddamn it when is he going to lick my pussy she thought to herself. Pierce was an expert pussy eater and had found that sometimes girls can cum from just the anticipation of getting their pussy licked. He moved back and forth kissing between both thighs accidentally on purpose brushing across her soaking wet hot mound.

She dug her nails into his scalp and he knew that she was now ready. He began at the bottom of her slit and licked slowly all the way up to the top of her clit. uuuugggghhh godddd she cried out. He licked her slowly up and down ten times and on when he reached her clit for the tenth time. he stopped for just a second and then began the most furious assault on a clit that’s ever been known to man. Flicking his tongue quickly over her clit as fast ığdır escort as it would keep up. ugh ugh ugh was all you could hear as Pierce ate her pussy like it was her last meal. He alternated between flicking it and running circles around it. He stuck one then two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

He turned his fingers upwards and found her G-Spot while still attacking her clit. Oh Fuck I’m cummming and her thighs pressed together she arched her back and shuddered as her mighty orgasm coursed through her body.

Although he felt like she was going to take off his head he licked and sucked her juices as they flowed out her pussy. She had another one right behind the big one and pushed him away as hard as she could. She had never been eaten that way and her eyes were stuck in the back of her head.

While she was recovering something else had recovered as well. Seeing her whither around like that had turned him on like never before. He took his hard cock into his hands and lined it up with her pussy. She came instantly and had a mini orgasm as he only put the head in.

He eased in inch by inch. She was still wet from cumming three times already but he had a thick one. She began to come back to and go out again as she was feeling the familiar stirrings of getting thoroughly fucked. He sucked and kissed her nipples and massaged her ass with his hands as he pistoned in and out her tight pussy.

Alex lost control and he increased his pace fucking her harder and with more force. “Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me ughhh” He squeezed her ass and fucked her with reckless abandonment. Soon he felt another sensation boiling up in his balls. He scooped up some of the leaking pussy juice on his finger and rubbed her asshole. She had never felt that before but her body said this is incredible.

Pierce said I’m going to cum. She said ooo yes cum inside me baby. Make that fucking big dick shoot that hot cum inside me. He thrust his index finger up her ass which triggered her orgasm as her pussy tightened it caused Pierce to unleash a torrent of cum inside her pussy. Ughhhhh the both cried out. Neither had ever had sex like that gasping for breath heart beats racing. They both passed out.

Pierce and Alex both woke up to being stirred by Melanie the gym manager. Hey you two you had better get cleaned up and get outta here this room is scheduled for a session in 10 minutes. They untangled themselves and got dressed. She said Thanks for helping me out earlier. I really appreciate it.

No problem he replied just lending a hand.

So I’ll see you next week?

Yeah that would be great.

As they walked out Pierce noticed that Melanie was giving him a very seductive smile.

He reached in his pocket for his phone and found a note that wasn’t that before.

It read I enjoyed your performance, but I’m sure we can top it. – M

He laughed to himself and said maybe this working out think is going to work out.

What do you think? Send me your comments. Ladies I love pictures.

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