Grey Hair Ch. 08 – Fisher Island


Fisher Island

After our last tryst at Little Palm Island, it seemed life had pulled both of us away for a while. We chatted when we thought it was safe and emailed when it wasn’t. We decided the next time we would meet we were going to play out a little fantasy we had talked about. I had worked hard at pleasing her for her birthday. Now we thought it might be fun if I played a dominant role and she was my submissive. We talked about role playing and what that enactment might look like.

I own a little apartment in a community called Fisher Island. It is a place for me to get away. Sometimes write and a quiet office. Its halfway between Miami and the Keys. I texted L the address and I was delighted that she was available. I asked her if she was ready to play the part we discussed, and she said she might enjoy that. I had tied her up before, but I wanted to take it to another level, and here was my chance.

I love hanging out with her. I enjoy discussing fine wine, books, art, and maybe a quality Netflix (Queens Gambit) occasionally.

But when I feel the need, I give her the signal, and she becomes completely compliant, obedient , responding to my every command, no resentment, just moistening at the prospect of what might lie ahead.

We could be on the couch maybe watching tv and having some fun banter. Maybe she is wearing a skirt or robe and I catch a glimpse of her thighs and start to feel my pulse quicken.

Our code words or signals are colors. I have purchased her a wonderful selection or La Perla and Agent Provocateurs’ very sexy lingerie.

I look at her and say “red”. She immediately hops off the couch and disappear into the closet.

She prepares with a heightened sense of awareness. She knows what I mean and grabs exactly what I was thinking.

She slips into the Agent Provocateur Rubi playsuit I bought her with a Krystal single choker.

When she returns, I take in every inch of her loveliness. She looks like a goddess…but she is only mine to enjoy.

My cock is getting hard … I glance down at it and look her in the eyes. bilecik escort She is so well trained that she reads my mind. She walks over, gets on her knees and start and starts licking it, sucking it, feeling it getting even harder, growing in her petite little mouth.

In her desire to please me, she wants me to cum in her mouth…but what she really wants more is some playtime. And so do I!

I lift her face off my cock and take her into the bedroom.

I have a drawer full of toys that I want to experiment on her with. A fine collection of dildos in every shape size and color…and material. I prefer to use the Hitachi cordless multi speed wand which she has learned to love. blindfolds, cuffs, and of course a vibrating butt plug that can be controlled with an app.

I lead her over to my bedroom and cuff her arms over her head and cuff her legs in a way that I have complete access to her delicious pussy, and sweet raisin ass.

I step back and savor the view. The Rubi playsuit has the illusion of a cage. With each wine colored strap adorned with crystals. And their intricate pattern of diagonal and squares reveal little landing spots to tickle, kiss, nibble taste and explore. To begin with, she is face up as I slip the blind over her eyes. No gag to begin with as I need to hear her breathing and moans…sexual feedback is important as I explore new adventures.

I start with here ears. I take her lobe in my mouth and she feels and hears my breath. I run my tongue along her lips and down her neck. I slid over to her arms. With them tied over her head it exposes some very sensitive spot. I kiss her elbow and the crook of her arm.

She thinks she feels my cock on her leg, but with the depravity of her site she is left to her imagination. She has only heard rumblings as I laid out our play toys. And for a few minutes she though I may have let someone else enter the room. However, when she took my familiar scent. My pheromones along with my Aqua D Parma Arancia D Capri, she knew it was still me. And twosomes are in our rules..

I manisa escort start my way down her arm and linger at her arm pits. She shrieks at being tickled in that sensitive spot but is helplessly giggling. I also notice she is trying to squeeze her thighs together. As her mind is clearly attached to her pussy. I continue over to her nipples. These are true picture of loveliness. Much larger and erect that I would have imagined. I circle her aureole with my tongue and take her nipple in my mouth. I give it a gentle bite covering my teeth with my lips. She reacts a little with fear but also trusts that I will never submit her to pain. And now my first toy. I attach the lightweight nipple clamps, with a soft rubber tips and mild enough tension for first time users. I also take out the Hitachi wireless wand and give her a clit slight little taps. And I hear her breath quicken as I continue down underneath her breast kissing her stomach and her sides. And back to her stomach. I continue down below her belly button and start to experience the sweet scent of her warm and now wet pussy.

Her pussy juices have the flavor and texture of sweet, melted butter. And while I am enjoying flicking her clit with my tongue, I realize she needs a little harder friction and pressure after the Hitachi wand. So I back off and continue with the wand. Just touching her clit and pulling it off. And she is thrusting her hips calling for more.

It is time to introduce her to my Thump It remote control dildo. It has 7 stimulation modes, with 3 speeds and 4 programmable patterns. I made sure to keep its high-grade cover warm for a more realistic experience. When I slipped in the head, she groaned with delight. She thought it was my cock and tightened her muscle in anticipation. But I just left the head in and let her experience the remote programed pulsing and thrusting without the deep penetration she was longing for.

I walked around her body and absorbed the fantastic view from every angle. As I watched he juices flow down to her little raisin asshole, mersin escort I thought it was time for it to enjoy the party. I took out my B-Vibe triplet anal beads. These are great for beginners but also seasoned anal experts. I fingered her ass to make sure she wasn’t stunned as I inserted the first part of the three sections. She relaxed her muscles and invited me in. As I massaged her clit with the wand, I slowly slid the plug all the way in her ass. She made a guttural sound deep in her throat and started to beg me to fuck her.

And now it was time for the crescendo. She was blindfolded. I had her nipples in clamps, A thrusting vibrator in her pussy, a remote butt plug firmly inserted in her ass…and I increased the speed and power on all the remotes.. as she gasped. I swung my body around and put my cock on her lips. Thank god she was teaching me yoga or I would have been able to handle that move. She sucked my cock hungrily and I thought we were both going to come. But she was mumbling with my cock in her mouth. I was worried she might be gaging so I pulled out. She was moaning that she wanted my real cock in her. She wanted the weight and warmth of my body on her and the pounding of my thick cock.

So I swung back around , pulled out the dildo and slipped my cock into her inviting pussy as she gasped with delight. It was time and neither of us could turn back or stop. I grabbed her cheeks in my hands and wanted to fuck her deep and hard. And her hips were bolting upward in a strength I would never imagine out of her small body. And as I was fucking her, I realized that I was also felling the sensation of the vibration of the plug in her ass. It was amazing, and I was lost in my lust. I fucked her harder, faster, deeper…and I started coming, exploding into her, when she screamed something I couldn’t understand…and then she went limp.

I thought to myself, my god, I may have just fucked her to death. But then she opened her eyes, and she was crying. Not sad, but with joy. She had just had the most powerful orgasm of her life. As I replayed those last moments, I wanted to memorialize every second in my mind and on paper. To be able to revisit it in my imagination many times, in the days and years to come.

As I was untying her, I was thinking after this, there is nothing that could possibly be better.

But as I observed my lovely muse…I thought yes there will be more!

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