Good Girls Can Wait


The clock ticked forward slowly, the second hand crawling along in a lazy circle. Her eyes followed, tracking it around and around. 8:22pm. She kept her feet firmly planted on the floor as she wiggled slightly, shifting her weight to either side. She rolled her head back, stretching the tight muscles of her neck. Her hands rested with palms facing down on her thighs, her fingertips just above her knees.

Quiet music drifted from across the room where her phone was plugged into a small speaker. The songs were nondescript and easily forgettable but at least it was better than sitting in total silence.


Bored out of her skull.

She wiggled her toes, encouraging the blood to keep moving and not settle and put her limbs to sleep as she remained resolutely immobile. Her eyes flicked back over to the clock. 8:23.

“What’s taking him so long?” She grumbled, head falling back again as she looked up at the blank ceiling.

* * *

Her evening had started out so promising. Aden had been nothing short of charming and attentive from the moment she’d walked in the door. He’d kissed her passionately, handed her a glass of her favorite wine and led her upstairs to the shower.

A hot bath had been waiting for her, a few drops of her favorite scent in the scalding water. He’d sat with her as she soaked and scrubbed. He even politely gave her the space she liked when it was time to shave. He’d been ready with a thick plush towel and helped her dry off, and then rubbed every inch of her with lotion. She was left soft, smooth and dripping with anticipation.

Her damp hair spilled in wild curls down her back and she’d dressed in the sexy little red teddy he’d just bought for her. The sheer red silk fell just to her hips. The tiny matching thong peeked out from the bottom while her full breasts threatened to spill free from the top.

He’d carried her to the bed, her heart racing in excitement as heat swelled between her legs. She felt herself getting wet against the brand new pair of panties. Her head fell back as she sat upright on the edge of the bed, exposing her neck to him in an invitation for his mouth.

Aden’s breath was hot against her skin and his lips brushed against her ear. “Sit still, sweet girl,” he whispered.

Panting, with glossy eyes and her lips parted in lust, she sat. She shivered each time he touched her, carefully arranging her legs so her feet rested flat on the floor, knees pressed chastely together.

She frowned slightly, eyes longing and begging for him. Aden’s lips stretched into a sly smile.

He took her hands in his. His skin was rough and coarse with callouses spread across his palms and fingers yet he could be so unbelievably gentle. She relaxed in his grasp. Slowly, deliberately, he brought first one hand, and then the other, to his lips. He pressed a soft kiss against each one of her delicate fingers. His bright eyes stayed locked on hers, that devilish grin dancing across his features.

Once he’d finished with each digit he carefully placed that hand in position across the top of her bare thighs. And then he stood and stepped away.

She felt a pang in her core at the sudden, jarring space between them. He crossed the room, picking up her phone and plugging it into the speakers on their dresser, pulling up a playlist of quiet, vaguely romantic background music.

“Babe?” she asked softly, starting to rise.

“No.” He turned, his face firm and unyielding.

She quivered, feeling heat and wetness pool between her thighs. She fell back, seating herself as he’d placed her.

“You are going to stay here, sitting just like that.” he said firmly. The soft tenderness in his voice was gone. He wasn’t angry, wasn’t cold or distant. Aden was just very much in charge.

Each word left his lips like a command, and she felt a shiver run down her spine. Her mouth went dry, her nipples were hard under the opaque silk, and her head gave the slightest of nods. She understood.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, voice barely audible over the wild pounding of her racing heartbeat.

He nodded and she was rewarded with a slight smile in the corners of his lips. “Good girl.”

Her mouth fell open, a gasp of longing escaping it. She desperately wanted to reach forward, to wrap her arms around him and press herself to his body. To touch him, to thank him, and to sink into his praise. But she did not move.

She’d been told to stay put and so she would. Good girls did what they were told.

It didn’t mean that it was easy. Aden took his time getting ready, and he did it in front of her. She stiffened, watching as he undid the buttons of his shirt. His movements were slow, deliberate and clearly intended entirely for her. The corners of his mouth twitched in the ghost of a smirk as he watched her devour the sight of every inch of his tanned muscular chest.

He discarded the shirt into their hamper and moved his hands to the buttons of his jeans. Her breath hitched and she squirmed as görükle escort she watched his pants fall to the floor. Her hands were white as her fingers dug into her thighs while Aden hooked his thumbs into the sides of his boxers. The cotton fabric, all that was between her and his delicious cock, dropped an inch. An involuntary shiver ran through her as his hipbones and the top of his short groomed pubic hair came into view.

Her mouth fell open, her tongue running over her lips as she silently begged him to stop teasing her.

Aden smirked and stepped through the bathroom door, out of sight.

She couldn’t keep the whine of protest from escaping her full lips as the wadded up ball of fabric flew back into view. He was naked. Just across the room. Less than ten steps away and she could have all of him on display for her. She twitched, leaning forward slightly as she heard the shower start.

He’d punish her for being disobedient of course. But would that really be so bad?

She moaned, thinking of him bending her over in the shower, hot water streaming down her back, face pressed against the ceramic wall tiles. He’d spank her, scold her, and bring her to the brink of pleasure before he’d stop. He’d make her suck his cock, fuck deep into her throat until her eyes watered and her head spun from lack of air.

Steam spilled through the bathroom door into the bedroom while she wiggled on the bed. Her thighs were slick with her arousal as she imagined him cumming across the shower wall and making her lick it all up.

Again, she thought about how she would be disciplined for ignoring his orders to stay put. But wouldn’t it be worth it? Worth it to feel his skin against hers? To taste his lips, his cock?

She shifted forward, ass raising from the bed, but hands and feet still in place.

Good girl.

The words resounded in her head and she fell back into place. Fuck, she loved hearing that. If she got up she’d spoil whatever plans he had. She trusted him. He wouldn’t do this to her, wouldn’t torment her by building up her desire and leaving her unsatisfied. Getting up would disappoint him. It would mean seeing that light in his eyes go dim and he’d never tell her what he’d had planned. She couldn’t do that. Couldn’t risk that.

She squirmed. Heat pulsed between her legs, her juices soaking through the little red lace thong. She was a good girl and she’d prove it.

She sat more resolutely, hands, feet and ass all planted in position as she watched the steam roll through the room. She glanced at the clock: 7:24. She could wait. No matter how long he needed her to.

7:29. The water stopped.

Only a moment later Aden emerged, towel wrapped around his hips. His dark hair was damp and wild.

She waited for him to cross the room to her, to feel his big hands cup her breasts, to feel his mouth press against her. Waited for him to drop his towel and take one of her small hands and press it against his big hard cock. He’d push her back against the bed, give her the reward she’d earned by being a good girl and staying put. He’d-

Go to their closet?

He disappeared from sight for a moment as he stepped into the small walk-in. When he stepped back out he had a clean pair of jeans and a simple gray t-shirt on.

She couldn’t keep the sullen pout that spread across her face at bay.

He gave her a firm look, disapproval at her attitude in his eyes.

Her gaze fell to her knees as she worked out the last of her scowl. What the hell was he doing? Why was he dressed when he should have been naked and stretched out on the bed for her? She took a deep breath and pressed her insolent agitation back down.

When she looked back up her face had cleared. She didn’t try to lie to him and hide her disappointment with a false smile, but she would not behave like a brat. Good girls weren’t brats.

He nodded approvingly and finally crossed over to her. “You’ve been very patient so far.”

She smiled hopefully.

Aden brought a hand up to her chin, cupping it and meeting her dark eyes with his unyielding gaze. “But-”

Her heart fell.

“-You need to be patient for a while longer. I have an errand to run. You’re going to stay right there and wait.”

It wasn’t a request.

She whimpered, sliding her thighs back and forth against the throbbing need in her core. “But-”

His grip tightened a little on her face, his eyes hardening as he shook his head. “No buts. You are going to wait. And once I get back, I will reward my good girl for waiting so very patiently. Do you understand?”

She nodded minutely, mind going fuzzy with need as she felt his heat so close to her. “Yes,” she whispered, “I understand, Sir.”

His lips stretched into a smile. “Good girl.”

Aden pressed a kiss to her lips that ended far too soon, and then he was out the bedroom door, closing it behind him.

She sat, hands flat on her thighs and feet planted to the ground in front of her, görükle escort bayan the soft music floating idly through the air. She heard the fifth stair from the bottom give its signature loud creak as Aden walked down to the first floor of their little rented house. She heard the car start up in the garage. She heard the big door rumble open. And then she heard him drive away.

Her eyes flicked to the clock. 7:48.

She could do this. She could wait all night if she had to. She’d prove to him that she could be his good girl.

* * *


“Oh my god!” she groaned, glaring furiously at the fucking clock. “What the hell was that asshole thinking? Did he think this would be fun? Cause it’s not fun! I’m bored out of my mind you goddamn fucking bastard asshole!”

She sat, ranting alone in the dimly lit room. She didn’t know why she spoke aloud. Maybe it was just to break up the monotony of these goddamn boring songs!

But she hadn’t moved. Annoyed as she was, she hadn’t moved. When he got back, then she’d move. When he got back she get up, march right past him down the stairs get into the car and drive off. Let him sit and stew in his own goddamn juices for a couple hours, let him see how he felt about having whatever this bullshit plan of his put on hold for almost an hour!

“Gotta run an errand. Errand my ass,” she seethed. “I bet that fucking bastard is just sitting in his car, right around the corner waiting to see how long I’ll put up with this shit.”

But she didn’t move.

* * *

8:47. Almost an hour. One more fucking minute and then she would have been there alone for an hour. Her thighs had dried and were sticky and tacky, an uncomfortable reminder of how goddamn horny she was.

This was ridiculous. Was she really going to just sit here for what could be forever? She was alone! She could masturbate while he was gone and he’d never know. There was no way he could. She could just pick up her hands, run them over her body, lie back against the bed and fingerfuck herself to sleep. Let him come home to her passed out and make him miss out of whatever it was that he had planned. See how he’d feel about that!

8:48. She didn’t move.

She roared at the ceiling. Like releasing the pressure on a valve that was about to burst, she felt some of her agitation fade.

She couldn’t blame Aden for this, could she? Just last week they’d been talking about her wanting him to tease her more, to heighten the anticipation. Maybe he was taking it way too far this time, but how could he have known that? She sighed, slumping forward, her hair falling around her face.

He was doing this because he thought she’d enjoy it. Maybe not now, but at least after it was done. He’d been thoughtful about it all. Usually if she was supposed to sit and wait, to present herself to him, she was expected to kneel, hands at the small of her back and tits pressed out. Her legs were still going to fall asleep like this, but she wasn’t in any real pain. And, the music was nice, even if it was uninteresting. At least she wasn’t stuck in total silence.

And, she smiled; there’d been promise of a reward. She could wait. She could wait to make him happy.

* * *

8:53. An upbeat melody jingled from her phone across the room. She perked up, heart racing. That was Aden’s text tone. He wouldn’t text her as a trick would he? That wasn’t like him to try to trick her into being disobedient. He knew she could be petulant and he was patient with her, but he wouldn’t try to mess her up.

The sound jingled out again. She kept her phone on vibrate during the day, he would have had to switch the sound on himself for it to be going off now. He knew she had a special text tone assigned to him. He’d know that she’d be able to tell it was him. He wouldn’t do it unless he had something to say.

When the third text jingled through she shot upright, nearly falling over as her numb legs screamed in protest. Hobbling across the room, she stumbled to her phone and grabbed it from the speaker. Her heart fluttered when she saw his name, even though she’d already known it had to be him.

“Sorry, sweet girl.”

“Traffic is shit.”

“Take 5 minutes for a break.”

She smiled, thumbs bouncing against the touchscreen lightly in thought. He knew. He could have sent it as one block of text, but he knew that she wouldn’t have been sure if she could get up or not with just one. A soft, happy hum slipped from her, a tuneless expression of contentment.

She tapped out her reply.

“Yes, Sir. Start the clock.”

She could practically see the grin he’d make at that, and set her phone back against the dresser. She stretched leisurely, arching her back and moaning happily as it let out a series of satisfying pops. She bent down, stretching her back and her legs, and let her fingers brush against the floor.

When she stood, she glanced at the clock. Five minutes. Well, slightly less than that now.

Despite bursa escort not really feeling the need she skipped into the bathroom, relishing the freedom of movement. If he felt that she needed five minutes now, it meant that she would not have time for anything once he got home before she was given her reward.

She relieved herself quickly, washed her hands and then scurried back across to her phone. 8:57. How the hell had four minutes gone so fast? Her thumbs flew across the screen as she texted him back.

“Thank you, Sir. I’ll go back to the bed now?”

Immediately another text popped back, a screenshot of his phone’s timer with less than twenty seconds remaining. A little banner with her text was visible across the top of his phone screen.

“Cutting it close?”

“Making the most of my time.” She answered quickly.

His text tone jingled back his reply.

“I’ll be there soon. Go sit.”

She didn’t reply this time. She returned to the edge of bed, smoothing her red teddy so it sat nicely under her. Her feet returned to their place flat on the floor, her hands rested on her lap. She could wait. He’d be here soon.

* * *

9:29. The garage door rumbled open. She had to keep herself from leaping to her feet. Fuck! He was home. He was back!

She bounced in place, unable to contain all her movement as she so desperately wanted to throw herself across the room, barrel down the stairs and tackle him. Rip his pants off and assault him there on the kitchen floor. But she stayed put.

It’d been nearly two hours. She was about to explode. Fuck! She needed him. She needed him goddamn right now.

She heard the car turn off. The garage door made its slow grumbling way closed. She held her breath, straining to hear over the music and not wanting her desperate panting to add to the difficulty.

The heavy garage door that led into their kitchen slammed closed. The fifth stair creaked. And then it creaked again.

She froze, heart stopping. Aden’s voice echoed up from the hallway and a softer timid male voice answered. Heat flooded into her chest, pink flushing across the pale skin of her breasts, up her neck and her cheeks. She sat, trembling with excitement and anticipation as the bedroom door swung open.

Aden stood in the doorway, clearly relishing the sight of her waiting right where he’d placed her. A broad grin of satisfaction spread across his face as he strode towards her. The other man stood back, waiting in the darkened hallway for an invitation to enter that had not yet come.

“Did you move?” Aden asked once he was standing in front of her.

“Only for those five minutes,” she said honestly.

He nodded. He trusted her, just like she trusted him. He had no way of knowing if she was lying, he just chose to believe that she would be honest with him. He knew that if she’d broken his rules she would come clean and accept whatever the consequence he felt her disobedience merited. But she hadn’t broken the rules.

Her eyes met his, expression pleading and lips parted hungrily. She’d been good.

“Good girl.”

She swooned as the words spilled out in his deep rough voice. Her thighs squirmed together as the fire between her legs reignited. Her pussy pulsed in need, arousal spilling a slick wetness from her slit.

But she didn’t move yet. She still hadn’t been given permission.

“Would you like to know what your reward is, sweet girl?” he asked softly, lips brushing against her ear so that his words would be for her alone.

She nodded, just the barest idea of a nod, but it was enough. His breath was hot against her neck.

“You, my sweet, sweet girl, are going to get to be my friend’s birthday present today. Would you like that?”

A nearly inaudible whine slipped from her panting lips as she stared out into the dark hallway at the man who was waiting to claim her.

“Who?” she asked softly, feeling her thong soaking through as it pressed against her dripping sex.

“Seth,” Aden answered, “he can’t take his eyes off you whenever you’re around. And when I tried to think of a gift that could possibly be good enough for a friend like him, I knew that nothing could be better than you.”

A low shudder ran through her at the compliment, her head falling back with her eyes closed. She moaned as Aden’s hot breath washed across her neck in a soft laugh.

“Would you like that, baby girl?” he asked, taking her earlobe between his teeth and giving it a small bite.

She bit her lower lip, nearly cumming as Aden flicked his tongue across the bit of captive skin.

“Yesssss,” she whined, eyes coming up shyly to look across the room at Seth. He was cute, shy and polite, and had always been very friendly to her. Nowhere near as memorable as her Aden, but he was cute.

And to be the best thing Aden could offer him? She moaned, wriggling against the growing wet patch on the bed sheets.

Aden spoke, moving his lips to press against the hollow space where her jaw line met her ear. “You proved that you’re the best gift I could ever possibly give him, by being such a good fucking girl.” He kissed the delicate, sensitive skin, sucking it into his mouth and biting, leaving a small mark in his place as he took a step back.

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