God’s Sexual Love


Introduction –

The Church I grew up in has changed over the years with the times. America has finally started to catch up with Europe’s long held viewpoint that sex is simply a beautiful, natural part of life. This is the story of a church staying with the times, and perhaps moving ahead of them. By the way, if you think sex and prayer don’t mix, think again…

Chapter 1 –

Pastor Jan took a deep breath and looked down at the pulpit…

“Friends, I have spoken from the pulpit and with many of you privately, about God’s view of intimacy within marriage. Love within a marriage can be expressed in many ways: Conversation, support, understanding, shared experiences, holding hands, and sexually. In my role consulting couples and singles about sexual morality, a few of you have mentioned that your mind can wonder with something as simple as an affectionate hug. Sometimes to the point of having a sexual thought about the person you shared a hug with. That is perfectly normal. We are, after all, human.” It warms my heart when I see our church members share a reassuring hug.”

“Lately I have been reading more about sexual boundaries, specifically within the family of the church. I have always encourage open and guilt free sexual expression within marriage. God smiles on those of us that share the gift of sexuality with their spouse. Sexual love brings two people together in a very special intimate way.”

“With that in mind, I want to talk with you today, as a congratulation, about sexuality outside of marriage. Our sex drives and desires can be strong. It is a basic instinct that God has created in us. It is just as natural a drive as hunger and sleep. After much reading and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that we were never intended to remain celibate until marriage. Our desires totally contradict that belief. Would someone who is hungry refuse food because of a taught restriction against eating? Of course not. In private counseling sessions with our single members and young people I have been asked many times about God’s view of, and well, I’m going to say it out loud…about God’s view of Masturbation. I’ll give all of you a moment here… I’m sure that most of you didn’t come here today expecting your Pastor to speak so frankly from the pulpit. As it turns out, most of the people around you right now either A, have a sexual partner, or B, satisfy their God given desires through self love, or more specifically, Masturbation. For a few of you, sexual desire is not a part of your life. That is normal too. We are all different, unique, and just the way God intended us to be.”

“As your Pastor, and with the support and voted on approval of our members, we have established our church as ‘Open and Accepting’ of all of God’s children. We have a LGBTQ rainbow color flag proudly displayed on our building as a symbol of our acceptance. I fear that for some churches, flying the rainbow flag is just trendy, or worse yet, a device to increase membership. Those churches have LGBTQ visitors, but their visitors soon realize the true nature of the congratulation and are not seen again. Our gay and lesbian visitors tend to keep coming back, and are welcomed here. That is a strong indication that our “straight” members truly have open hearts and minds. I am proud of that. I just can’t see a reason why gay and lesbian people cannot be a part of God’s community. The Bible has few references to homosexuality. Throughout history the Bible has been edited, with passages rewritten and pages torn out by Kings, Monarchs, Dictators, and Emperors. I think this was done mostly to grow the population of their own kingdoms by making procreation mandatory. Of course, gay and lesbian sexuality, for the most part, does not result in procreation. To further enforce the commands of the formerly mentioned “Rulers”, homosexual sex was labeled as “unnatural”. Personally, I can’t understand what is unnatural about a man having sex with a man or a woman having sex with a woman. I personally think that God is delighted to see his children showing every kind of consensual affection to each other. As I mentioned, I have consul many of our members privately, and homosexual desires within our community are more common than you might think.”

“If we are accepting and indeed approving of homosexual love, which we indeed are, then perhaps it might be a good time to look at some of our other traditional beliefs.”

“To that end, I, as your Pastor, would like to ask each and every one of you to search your heart and soul and consider your held beliefs about sex outside of marriage. What I’m talking about goes back to the warm hugs many of you share after service, and the private confession by some of you that it brought about thoughts of sexuality. We are human, and God has given us the gift of sexuality. Sex is beautiful. Let me say it again: Sex is beautiful.”

Most of us harbor insecurities about our appearance. We are all unique in our appearance. Tall, short, thin, heavy, attractive, or not so much. None of that matters. True sexual matadorbet attractiveness is not about appearance, but about the attractiveness of one’s mind. A positive sexual attitude is hugely attractive. I have personally found some of the ‘plainest’ looking people I have met very attractive because they are comfortable within themselves.

“Would we, as a Church, consider accepting sexuality outside marriage as proper? I’d like to suggest that in all of my studies, reading and conversations, the possibility not only exists, but is encouraged by God. God smiles on all acts of consensual sexual expression. For those of you within a marriage that possibility must, of course, include the consent and total support of your spouse. Allowing yourself and your spouse to express long hidden desires will should in a strengthening of your marriage and commitment to each other.”

So, I would like to propose that our church mission statement include the following: “We, as a community of faith, welcome the free expression of consensual sexual love within our community.”

“I think I have given you enough to think about for one day. Some of you will feel repulsed at such a notion. Some of you will be accepting, but will want to maintain your personal lifestyle as is. Some of you might find the notion of taking a warm hug with someone to the next level an attractive possibility.”

I have not met many people who have been truly offended by the offer of affection, and perhaps sexual love. Some people respond to such an approach with a welcoming attitude. Some people seem taken aback at such an offer. But friends, let me assure you, regardless of the reaction, most people are flattered by such attention. They just might not let you know. Woman in particular, have been taught to play “hard to get.” We have done our sisters in faith a great disservice.

“The gift of sexuality is one of the greatest blessing that God has bestowed upon us. It is time to rethink what we have been taught.”

“Let us pray…”

“Dear Lord, bless us while we open our hearts and minds to reconsider our own viewpoints about sexuality. Our minds have been bombarded with messages, since we were young, that sexual desire is something to be ashamed of and that sex is ‘dirty’. I pray that we, as a congregation of faith, have our hearts and minds washed and purified of all negative thoughts. Embarrassment about one’s own body and thoughts of shame and guilt have no place in the lives you intended us to lead, and enjoy. Amen.

Chapter 2 –

Service let out and the congratulation slowly filed out of the sanctuary into the adjacent fellowship hall and nearby lobby. It was time to catch up with each other since last Sunday, and to enjoy some coffee and donuts. Familiar conversation groups of two or more formed. Friends greeting friends. Newcomers being welcomed. Some of the conversations seemed a bit hampered by what Pastor Jan had preached. A bit of awkward silence, a quiet nervous laugh here and there. Some other conversations were more in keeping with the friendly exchanges heard every Sunday after service. And yes, the friendly hugs too. Perhaps the Pastors words resonated with some of the congregation.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and started to mill about when I turned and was face to face with Paula. Paula is a single mom who had been in the church for a long time. She was always quick with a smile and a warm hug.

“Hey Paula, how are you doing?”

“Hey Jerry, good to see you again. I’m good. How about you?”

“Me too.”

Paula asked me, with a bit of a laugh, “Were you able to stay awake for the sermon today?”

“Yes (laughing). It was a lot easier today. What about you?”

“Oh, no problem at all…not at all.”

“So, what did you think about all of that Paula?”

“Well, you know me well enough to know I’m an easy going, go with the flow type, just like yourself. I think that’s why we get along so well. I kinda liked what Pastor Jan said.”

“Yea, I guess I did too. I’d like to think she might have spoken for a lot of people today.”

“Well, I gotta tell you Jerry, it worked for me.”

“I liked it too.”

Paula smiled and gave me another hug, but this time a bit longer and warmer, slowly stepping back and lettering her right hand slowly slide off of my shoulder.

She looked down at first, then glanced up a bit with just a bit of blush in her face. “Sorry, I didn’t mean too…”

I took her hand in mine until she looked up. “That was nice, don’t be sorry.”

“I need to get some coffee, you want more Jerry?” I nodded yes.

We joined the line and both looked at the all the delicious donuts presented on the serving table by the “Church Ladies”. Paula shook her head and said “I’m gonna pass, I need to watch my weight.”

“You don’t need to do that, you’re doing fine.”


“Yes. Remember what Pastor Jan said about body image? Everyone is so critical of themselves, don’t worry about it. Have a doughnut.”

“Well matadorbet giriş okay, but just this one!”

“Paula, how about we sit over there, it’s quieter.”


We both nestled into the big overstuffed couch in the far corner of the Fellowship Hall. A nervous quiet settled over our otherwise comfortable chats.

I suggested “I think we might both be thinking about Pastor Jan’s…um, talk. It was a lot to take in. You and I are pretty liberal thinkers, just the same, I found some of it a bit challenging. But all in all, all of it rang true to me. What do you think Paula?”

“I guess I think Pastor Jan was spot on. I imagine some, maybe more than some, of these folks here feel that way too, at least I hope they do.”

“Well, I do. So there’s at least one vote.”

“Jerry, I like like talking with you and all, but, well, I want to ask you something…”

“Sure, what’s on your mind?”

“Well, it kind of embarrassing.”

“We’re friends. You can ask me anything…really”

Paula looked down at her coffee and said “Jerry, do you think, I mean, any interest in maybe, well, you and I trying out what the Pastor suggested? I mean just for religious growth purposes, if nothing else?

I put my cup down, softly touched Paula’s hand, and said “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

Chapter 3 –

A few days later I was at Paula’s apartment at her invite. I think we both knew what the night had in store for us.

Paula was cleaning up from dinner and had just put her daughter to bed when I arrived.

“Hi Jerry! Come on in.”

“It’s good to see you Paula. Thanks for inviting me.”

“You don’t have to thank me…I think God wants you here tonight.”

Paula suggested I sit down on the couch and brought out 2 glasses of wine.

“Jerry, a toast: To us and God’s blessings.”

“To us.” Clink.

As we sipped the wine, we both looked at each other with warm smiles and suggestive eyes.

“Paula, I’m nervous.”

Paula took my hand and said “Me too.”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot Paula. I’ve always had thoughts about you that I just didn’t think were okay to express until Pastor Jan’s sermon last Sunday.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about you too Jerry. I’m lonely raising a daughter here all alone. I’m not looking for a full scale relationship, God knows I’m too busy already. But, well I’m going to confess, I am just starved for touch. Real touch. Do you understand?”

“Totally. I have similar desires too. I guess in a way women and men really aren’t all that different.”

Paula was relieved: “I’ve been thinking that if I could find a friend, one friend who I have affection for and trust, maybe, just maybe I could fill my hunger. Now that Pastor Jan has assured me of God’s blessing, the possibility of, well, Us, is very attractive to me.”

Paula took my glass of wine and set it down on the coffee table and asked “Would you like to go into the bedroom?” I nodded yes.

“I’m nervous.” Paula said.

“It going to be okay Paula. I love you as a friend. I want to do this with you.”

Paula’s eyes glowed in the dimmed light and I responded with a smile that I hope was warm and reassuring.

Paula checked to see if her daughter was sound asleep and then we headed into her bedroom.

“I want to do this with you too Jerry. Maybe if we pray first for God’s blessing, like we were at church, maybe we could be more comfortable.”

I replied “Okay, I’ll pray for both of us. How about we both knell here on the floor, like a child’s bedtime prayer, but facing each other?”

Paula nodded yes and we knelt close together, face to face, eyes closed, holding each other’s hands in prayer.

“Dear God in heaven. We ask your blessing on the love Paula and I want to share. We ask you guide us so we can reassure each other that what we desire is good and right in your eyes.. We give you all the glory for the beautiful gift of sexuality. Please comfort us as we comfort each other in this very special and intimate way”

“Jerry, that was beautiful…I think I’m ready.”

I put my hands around Paula waist, and she put her hands on my shoulders, we leaned toward each other and kissed for the first time. Paula’s exhale was the sounded of relief.

I asked Paula “Maybe we should just disrobe right away? If we could show each other our naked bodies right at the start it might help us relax.”

Paula said “Yes, I think that would help a lot.” She leaned back and pulled her shirt off over her head. Her nipples were already protruding and firm. Then she stood and slowly lowered her jeans and then panties. I stared at her beautiful full bush with total lust. Then I said “My turn” and stood up, removing my shirt and letting my pants fall to the floor. My erection was already throbbing. Paula looked at my large, slightly curved erect cock and her mouth watered.

“Jerry, I know it sounds crude, but I want to suck your cock more than anything right now. I want to express how beautiful your erection is to me and to God.”

With that Paula placed her hands on both sides of my cock, stroking it tenderly, and then took me into her mouth, lovingly sucking hard on my cock as if it was her last gasp of air. I leaned back and whispered “I’ve dreamed of this Paula.”

Paula looked up and said “I worship your cock as I worship God.” She continued to stroke and lick up and down the hard shaft, then lovingly cupping my balls with one hand and circling the engorged head with her tongue and licking the slit at the tip, almost as if she was trying to insert her tongue into my penis.

After several minute, I said “This is beautiful, but I want to last a bit longer. Your turn.”

Paula laid back onto the bed and spread her legs as far apart as she could. “Jerry, this is for you. Worship my vagina as if you were worshiping God. I think God will be pleased.”

I leaned forward, gently pulling Paula’s lips apart, and gazed into the moist, soft beautifulness of her hidden treasure. I explored every wonderful fold of her most forbidden and private space with my fingers and mouth. Slowly, softly I touched my tongue to her rock hard clitoris, licking it up and down, and then sucking on it, softly at first, then increasing the tempo and pressure until I thought I might swallow it. Then I extended my tongue as far as I could and shoved it into Paula’s red hot pussy canal. Paula had never been tongue fucked before. Her juices flowed out onto the sheets and she moaned in ecstasy.

“Jerry, that was beautiful. Are you ready to totally consummate our new love?”


Paula turned herself and shifted up on the bed and I and knelt over her. The sight of her under me, spreading her legs, totally ready to give her body to me was almost more than I could bear. My heart racing, my breathing deep and my body sweating.

Paula looked at me over her, seeing my throbbing rock hard cock now just inches away from the point of no return. Here eyes filled with lust and almost unbearable urgency.

“I love you Jerry.”

“I love you Paula.”

“Jerry,” Paula said,”I want to say a prayer too before we…”

“Dear God in heaven, we delight in you and worship you now as I take Jerry into my body and we become one person, one body. Amen.

“Jerry, I’m so ready for this.”

“Me too.”

“May God bless you Jerry.”

“May God bless you Dear Paula.”

I leaned over Paula’s beautiful body, my erect cock about ready to explode from the intense pressure within, and looked with total desire into Paula’s eyes. I kissed Paula softly on the mouth and whispered again “I love you.”

Positioning the head of my cock between Paula’s vaginal lips, I slowly inserted my engorged member deep into her warm wet love, inch by inch until we were totally bonded, becoming one person. I felt the warm welcoming surround of Paula’s wet pussy enveloping my cock. Paula feeling the heat coming off of my cock deep inside of her body and filling her up to the limit. We held each other close, kissing and whispering of our love for each other and God’s beautiful gift. For the longest time we didn’t even move…just the feeling of my hard as hell cock throbbing inside the clasp of her beautiful pussy was almost more joy than either of us could bear. Slowly we began to move, my cock going in and out of her over and over. Faster and faster, as the sounds of passion became louder, she threw her legs up and over me, using them to drive me even further into her. She softly yelled “Fuck me Jerry, FUCK ME!! as she started to involuntarily convulse. Her climax was approached quickly, for she had been without love for such a long time. She tried to muffle her screams, but it was almost impossible. She bucked backwards towards the headboard several times yelling out without abandon “Oh god…Oh God…OH GOD, Fuck…FUCKKK!! At that moment she clamped down on my cock with such strength that I screamed “Jesus, God all mighty, God, Oh God, OH GOD!!” and shot huge load after load of searing white hot cum deep into her body. We laid there with my cock still in her for as long as we could. We were both breathless, exhausted and joyous. Tears rolled down our faces and we kissed with incredible passion. Hugging and holding each other tightly, as we recovered from the overwhelming bliss of the love we had just made.

Chapter 4 –

Another Sunday. Pastor Jan’s sermon:

“Friends, early indications are that my message about expanding our church community’s sexual boundaries has been well received. Several of you have privately let me know that you have secretly desired a special relationship with one person or another, but felt it beyond the socially norms and acceptable church community standards to pursue the possibility. The comment I have heard the most was simply ‘I just needed someone to say it was okay…that my feelings were good and right.’ A few of you have already connected with someone special. So, I’d like to suggest, if you find someone here who wish to share God’s wonderful gift with, please feel free to let them know. To anyone approached, please don’t be offended, instead view the offer as flattering and further evidence of God’s love. You are loved.”

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