Glory hole mom


I was on my way home from my 6 month gynecologist visit and had to Pee so bad, I knew I shouldn´t have drank so much coffee that day …. I knew there was a public toilet in the parking house where my car was, ……I slipped into the woman’s room only to find they were out of order … what to do I could feel the drops of Pee coming out of my pussy, I was not about to pee my paints… I went back outside and saw the mens room, …with fingers crossed I slipped the door open and looked inside, one there (or so I thought) the stall on the left was free so I slipped in to it, …opened my paints and pulled them down and my panties, I sat down and let the river of warm pee flow, ..i could hear something in the stall next to me and turned my head to see a hole covered with toilet paper, I moved it to one side just a bit thinking so this is what they call a glory hole….. I found my self looking at a very sexy small ass covered in baby blue panties, … I couldn´t take my eyes off it, …when she (or so I thought ) moved to one side and I saw a cock sticking through a hole on the other side of the stall the hand of the person in the stall was stroking the cock , this went on for a few seconds, when the cock pull out of the hole, I could hear the door opening on the middle stall and saw a man slip in with his cock in hand, I could hear him whispering something to the person in the panties, who then sat down on the toilet , I could then see it was a young man about 18 or 19 years old, he took the cock of the older man, who looked to be about 60 years old, in his mouth and started to suck on it, I watched this I could not believe my eyes, I was even a bit jealous of the young man, he was giving the perfect blow job, …after about 5 min. of this the older man pulled out of his mouth and lifted the young man up and bent him over the toilet, he slipped the baby blue panties down and applied something to the young mans ass hole, he then presses the head of his cock into the man, it slipped in with no trouble at all, I watched as the older man pounded gaziantep eskort bayan his cock in to the other mans ass, the younger mans cock was rock hard and sticking straight out like a flag pole, , with one hard thrust , the older man moaned and unloaded his cum into the other man ass
He slowly removed his cock from the ass of the other man, and packed it into his paints, I could hear him say you´re such a sweet little bitch I love fucking that hot ass, and left the stall …..i was not sure why this had turned me on, I also felt sorry for the young man, just used and then left, as long as the older guy got his nut, to hell with the rest , …the young man turned so his cock was pointed right at me, the pre-cum dripping from the head, I knew I had to help him the best I could and slipped my finger through he hole and wiggled it a sort of signal for him to insert his cock through he hole to me …… he did just as I had hoped his hard cock poking through the hole to me I reached out and started to stroke it up and down with one mighty thrust he pushed his cock through the hole and exploded, his cum shot out like a rocket, all over my leg and panties, the rest on my hand, I slowly stroked him some more milking it all out just as I do with my hubby, I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean until he got soft , ….he removed his cock from the hole I watched him remove the blue panties and a matching bra, he slipped in to his boxers, I was not sure what to do .. I wanted more of this cock . I pulled a pen out and quickly wrote a note asking, “ do you come hear a lot ?´´ , and slipped it through the hole, “ yes, everyday he replayed´´ ´´ what time will you you be hear tomorrow´´ I wrote, 12:30 on my lunch break he answered, okay i´ll see you tomorrow I wrote ,
He left the stall , I sat there with the scene still playing in my mind as the door to the middle stall opened again and another man entered, it didn´t take long before he had his cock out and was stroking it, I made the signal for him to give it to me…he slipped it into the hole in the wall , I took it in my hands and worked it until he shot his cum onto my leg and panties also, this went on for almost 2 hours every man who came in I would single for him to give me his cock, I would then jack them off , it was 8 men who unloaded in my hand and on my legs, when I looked at the time…shit I had to run and get home, I stood up and pulled my panties up feeling the cum that was on them against my hairy pussy, I dressed and left the stall I left the toilet I turned to see 3 men looking at me, they saw I was a woman…. I ran to my car and drove home, I could feel my wet pussy the whole time, … my hubby was at home when I got there …… I ran to him and almost dragged him into our bedroom, I ripped my cloths off an layed spread eagle on the bed and said eat my pussy, my hubby went right at his work, eating me out, after my 2nd orgasm I started to wonder if he could taste the cum that was smeared on my snatch from my panties, …. My hubby fucked me hard and then rolled me over taking my ass hole also, the whole time I was thinking about all the cocks I had made cum that day……

The next day…..

I dressed in my sexiest underwear and left for the parking house, I entered the mens room, 2 men were there , I turned red and said sorry wrong room, smiled and left… I waited till I saw them leave and quickly ran in to the mens room I entered the same stall as the day before and quickly removed my paints and hung them on a hook , I sat down and look through the hole to see the same young man this time in a hot red body suit, stroking a cock that was sticking through the hole on the other side, ….the other cock pulled out of the hole and quickly entered the stall with the young man who reached down and unsnapped the crotch of the body he was wearing , he took the man into his ass again this time he was turned to me so I could see his cock bobbing up and down as he was being fucked , I made the single for him to put his cock in the hole witch he did, I took him in my mouth and suck as fast as I could as the man pumped into his ass he would pump into my mouth, until the man unloaded his cum into his ass hole and with in a few seconds the young man pumped a huge load of cum into my mouth, witch I swallowed right down, I held him in my mouth and would not let him go, the other man slapped him on the ass and said bitch you get better everyday. And left the stall

I released the grip on his cock, it popped out of my mouth… the young man whispered through the hole ´´ hay buddy give me your cock so I can help you too´´ ..i didn´t know what to do. I wrote him a quick not saying, I am a woman, there was a short pause, so I said through the hole is it bad that I am a woman ??? no he replayed, open the door i´ll come over to you, ..i opened the door and he quickly entered, there I was standing in a mens toilet wearing just my bra and panties, that were dripping wet, the young man asked me if I did this a lot and I said only since yesterday …he asked do you like it, yes I said, he, pulled his cell phone out and made a call to his job and said he was having car trouble he needed the afternoon off, …… after he hung up he reached out and undid my bra and started to suck my nipples, he then kissed me and said lets have some fun
We spent the afternoon both of us naked in a mens room stall sucking cocks and eating cum he fucked me 2 times and offered my ass to strangers in the next stall, all in all I was fucked 4 times in my pussy and 3 times up my ass, as we dressed he handed me my panties that were covered in cum and piss, I put them right on he kissed me and said see you tomorrow at noon , he left the stall, leaving the door open I was standing there wearing just my panties as a few men looked in, I closed the door , got dressed and left, at home I ripped my cloths off and was laying on the bed when my hubby got home from work, I said quick eat my cunt, he did,………

Since that day I have been meeting the young man 3 r 4 times a week we go to his place and he has friend who join us we share there cocks and enjoy our days ….. next week i´m going to get my hubby to join us

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