Giving into the Lust Pt. 02


“You’re my slut now.” I heard those words over and over in my head every day. They made me smile. They made me wet. The memory of your lips near my ear and your breath as you whispered the words to me kept me up at night.

The sexy texts and pictures became less and less. Once you have the real thing, that’s all you want; nothing else is good enough.

I wake up to see your name on my phone and my heart pounds. You know I love waking up to this, and I’ve been missing it like crazy. It’s a picture of your glorious cock and it says “we need to see you.” I know we can’t do a motel again. Too many times and we could get caught, plus it’s too expensive.

I send you back a quick “I’m going for a run…probably a long one”.

I always fantasized about being fucked in the middle of one of my runs and of course, I told you about that fantasy and you’re well aware of my running schedule and usual routes. “A long one” means down your road. I love to run past your house just for the thrill of it. See your car in the driveway, imagine you fucking your wife and thinking of me. I imagine you looking out the matadorbet window and seeing me run by and getting hard, thinking about pulling me into the bushes.

I pull my hair back and take off. I want to get there fast but I don’t want to be a hot sweaty mess. Not yet anyway. I don’t hear any notifications on my phone so I don’t even know if you got the message, or maybe you don’t care. I start to question whether this is a good idea when a car cuts me off and pulls right in front of me and I almost run into it. The passenger door opens and you yell “get in, now.” You pull down an abandoned side street and pull your dick out of your pants and grab my head by the hair. “Suck it, slut. I need to cum down your throat.”

I eagerly lower my face and take you deep into my mouth. I’ve longed for the taste of you since that day in the motel and I am feverishly taking in every scent and taste. You bring your hips up to meet my mouth and grind my face into your pelvis. You’re cumming so hard straight back into my throat. I start to choke, both on the head of your dick blocking my airway and the matadorbet giriş large amount of cum building up in my throat.

You pull my head up and put your dick away. You smile and kiss me gently on the lips and say “get out.” I step out of the car and you take off before the door is even shut. The ache between my legs from no release makes it difficult to run back home, not to mention the wetness between my legs. Yet, I walk back home with a smile on my face, oddly satisfied.

The next day I go for another run down the same street. This time I don’t tell you I’m going. The thrill of running past your house without you knowing was intoxicating. I see both of your cars are there. The odds of you seeing me are low at this time of the day so I run faster. Now I feel embarrassed and I just want to get home and shower and forget about this. There’s a shortcut through the woods to my house so I head down the trail. I’m only about ten feet in the trail when someone grabs me from behind. You grab my face and crush your lips on mine. You’re slightly out of breath from catching up to me. I just notice that you have your running clothes on.

“I was just about to go for a run when I saw the hottest ass run by my house and needed to catch up.”

There’s a fallen tree nearby. You turn me around and pull my jogging pants down. I feel the head of your dick rubbing up and down my ass. You bend me over and shove your cock deep into my pussy. I cry out and you cup your hand over my mouth. “You’re so wet already, which is going to make what I do to your ass hurt a little less.” You bend one of my arms behind my back and keep your hand on my mouth while your slamming into me. I feel the tension building and I’m going to cum right here on this tree, but then you pull out and with one quick motion have no trouble sliding into my ass. It’s a good thing your hand was still on my mouth because I cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain. As your sliding in and out of my tight ass you’re whispering in my ear. “I’ve been dying to know what it feels like to fuck your ass. It’s just as good and tight as I thought. I’m going to cum in your ass and it’s going to drip out all day long and you’re going to think of me every time it does.”

With a few final thrusts you finish your load and pull out leaving me empty. You give my bare exposed ass a whack and head back up the trail without even a goodbye.

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