Girly Shopping Ch. 02


This story in the second part story and a follow up to “Girly Shopping”.


Exactly one week had passed by since the shopping trip into town with my wife and her newly acquired “friend” the reason I highlight friend is because I had just discovered three days previous to the shopping trip that my wife Kerry was having sex with this work colleague and friend.

I was still reeling from the excitement of the situation and anticipated some hot and steamy sex to come. It had been I that had suggested the shopping trip in order to spend time with my wife and in the hope that we may stop by a recently opened sex store in town. I had been planning for quite some time to introduce Kerry to the idea of bringing some variety to the bedroom in the hope that she would suggest bringing in the other woman. Knowing that she was already bringing variety to her own sex life which didn’t involve me made me wonder if she too was getting bored with our love making.

All will become clear as you read along, The shopping spree had panned out better than I could have ever anticipated when “the friend”, called asking to spend time with Kerry and of course I agreed reluctantly pretending that her tagging along on our shopping trip was an inconvenience so as not to alert Kerry that I knew of her infidelity.

I didn’t particularly like the personality of “Marlice the friend”, her manner was one of dominance especially over my submissive wife Kerry. Having said that she did have the most incredibly sexy body I have come across in a long time.

Marlice was a partner in the law firm where my wife worked as a personal assistant and always acted in a professional manner and dressed in a executive no nonsense suit at work but seemed over relaxed when she had visited our home, in fact she had recently taken to calling at our house in her workout gear once or twice on her so called exercise regime. Conveniently our house was on her jogging route giving her plenty of opportunity to get into my wife’s panties.

Last Saturday had been no exception, I had been working on winterizing our boat in the drive way when Marlice jogged up to the house in figure hugging workout clothes that emphasized her tight ass and pert breasts that most men would die for. As she entered the house I took a minute or two to fantasize how I would love to push her breasts together and ram my cock between those fleshy round mounds, I quickly realized my cock twitching and pushing at my own briefs .

I hear you ask where is this going? well I can admit I have no particular desire to cheat on my wife with another woman, but being a lusty and always horny man the idea of having them both together just had my mind thinking of nothing else!

I had tried to rationalize why it would please my wife to have that kind of action, the only real explanation I could think of was that Marlice had been too pushy, Since seeing her moves on her in the boutique it would make sense. I didn’t want to ruin our marriage by putting a stop to it since I liked Kerry’s more relaxed demeanor that she had been displaying of late. I knew I would not like to deprive her of anything that made her feel good or act the way she was doing of late even if she was cheating. All I knew was I wanted to have the best of the two world so to speak and I definitely want to be a part of that action or be at least in the room to watch.

Like most men I had fantasized most of my life about witnessing two women make out and thanks to my shop assistant friend I had achieved the watching secretly part. To fulfill my full fantasy I knew I had to construe a way of being involved.

I had originally realized that my Kerry was involved in some lesbian tryst with Marlice when I discovered some text messages between the two and reading between the lines knew they were sexually involved.

Two nights ago I intercepted the first text message from my wife’s work colleague, “I’d love for us to eat out as you know how we both really enjoy that, but since we are working late I would rather just have us eat each other at my desk”. The second text came a few seconds later instructing Kerry to wear the purple lingerie.

As you can imagine my cock was as hard as a piece of petrified wood at the thought of her eating my wife despite the fact that my wife was cheating on me I was badly in need of some relief. I had put the cell phone back in her bag just in time to move to the kitchen before my wife came running back into the house realizing gaziantep bayan escort she had left her purse on the table. After kissing her goodbye for the second time and watching her reverse her car from the driveway I took the steps up to our bedroom. All dressed up for work I thought laughing at her claims that she would be working late.

I walked over to the dresser to investigate which underwear was missing from her drawers, fingering through the drawer of fine lingerie I discovered the missing item was in fact the purple Basque and matching thong panties which I had bought her for Christmas. On discovering this and conjuring up the images in my own mind finding my balls aching for release and cock twitching as my erection hardened some more if that was at all possible.

I reached into the linen basket quickly locating a pair of Kerry’s panties that were worn yesterday and smelled the aroma, Kerry’s perfume rose from the material and a faint whiff of her aroused slit emanated from the crotch.

I have to admit I was lost in an erotic fantasy in seconds, the smells in my nasal passages and the images of Kerry and Marlice spread across that huge desk licking each other to orgasm had me fumbling desperately at my zip and lobbing out my now throbbing cock into my palm. Looking down towards my cock which was now erupting a copious amount of precum, I smeared the lubricant around my cock head before dropping my pants fully, stepping out of them and sat on the bedroom chair.

I stroked my glistening cock head a few times before squeezing the root of my shaft and sliding my hand up the length of erect flesh protruding before me. It felt good to stroke myself out, looking in the mirror I began rapidly thrusting my meat between my enclosed fingers.

My cock felt as if I was going to explode and I pulled so hard I thought I might hurt myself, but I held off my climax time and time again.

I squeezed some hand lotion from the dresser into my palm and began to pick up tempo as I stroked, I was so incredibly horny that it took only a few minutes of fisting before I felt the familiar feeling of swirling juice in my balls as I stroked them with my wife’s panties, I closed my eyes and placed the image in my mind of Kerry cumming hard into Marlices mouth within seconds my hips rose to meet the final rigid thrusts into my palm as I watched through my contorted eyes I jacked three or four jets of creamy cum into the panties.

Now shaking uncontrollably I tried to relax as I milked the remaining juices from my cock into my wife’s panties. As I cleaned myself I vowed the next load I shot like that my wife’s lesbian friend was going to swallow!

My plan in action

Later that day I called Kerry knowing that she was working late and the offices would be closing for the day, I also knew it was quite possible since it was Friday that most of her colleagues would have already left the building. When she answered her phone she sounded particularly excitable almost out of breath, when I asked if she wanted me to pick up take out for her arrival home she agreed saying she would be starving by the time she left work.

I don’t know whether I was imagining her breathlessness or the panting I thought I heard as a direct result of conjuring up the images now spinning in my head but I soon developed the beginnings of another erection and thought I had best take a cold shower before I went out the door to run some errands and head to the ATM machine.

I stood under the shower only seven hours later washing myself under the cool water with yet another raging hard desperately trying not to jack off whilst formulating my plan, My cock had a mind of its own acting like I had not cum in weeks my mind with a desperate need to shoot another load I briefly stroked hoping to pacify myself. In fact the only thing that prevented me from jerking our another huge load was the fact that I knew I had maintain a decent erection to fuck both my wife and Marlice if the opportunity called for it so pushed all thoughts of jacking off as to have the ability to work out a way that I could have whatever I wanted from them both and pretty soon.

I adjusted my still straining cock in my pants as I reached and picked up my car keys and cell phone and headed into town to our favorite take out restaurant, I could feel my cock rearing its head and peeping from the access hole in my briefs as I drove into town.

Leaving my order at the counter of the restaurant I hoped that the woman taking my order had not witness the damp spot of pre cum seeping from my cock head and now forming at the front of my canvas pants. As I returned to my car and set off to the Offices of Charlesworth, Briggs and Firth attorneys at law on the lakeside of town, I rubbed the hard flesh until I knew my erection would not deplete.

As previously thought when I pulled into the parking lot most of the office workers were gone Tim the new guy in the office was just reversing out of a parking bay and the only other vehicles in the parking lot were belonging to Kerry, Marlice and a old battered works vehicle belonging to Gareth the janitor that cleaned the offices. Noticing Gareth still sat in his vehicle I went to his driver side window and enquired why he was not finished cleaning. Replying that new rules were that he had to wait whilst all workers had left the building.

Thinking that my plan might just work better than I thought I deviously invited Gary inside “Well Gareth I have some business inside, I’m sure that a few minutes won’t matter”, he reluctantly followed me and unlocked the front door using the security key pad.

On our way up the elevator I so wanted to brag to Gareth and he provided that opportunity when I noticed Gareth looking directly at my hard cock now bulged at the zip of my pants, I explained briefly and found myself asking if he would like to help me expedite my fantasy.

Being a young guy his response was “Hell yeah'” as we exited the elevator I noticed Gareth was already packing a good sized erection which was tenting the front of his trousers as we spoke. Smiling as he unlocked the keypad door to the senior offices he grinned at me “I can’t wait to see that bitch Marlice Firth get what’s coming to her”.

Parting in the corridor I assured him he would be taking his part as soon as I had finished with her and once I was leaving with my wife, cautiously I walked toward the door with the name tag M R Firth. I carefully turned the handle slipping my phone from my pocket, I pushed it ajar and peeped around the gap not knowing what scene I would be presented with.

I smiled as my eyes fell on what I had suspected, Kerry was laid legs spread moaning loudly across the large desk pushing Marlices head deeper between her thighs. Both too engrossed in pleasure to notice my entry, I took picture after picture with my phone, once I had enough evidence I pressed send to Kerry’s e-mail glad that the camera phone made no noise.

I walked toward them relishing what was to come, as I stood for those few seconds taking in the intimate sight and I felt my cock erupt precum. Within seconds of my presence being noted Marlice quickly stood up and reached for her clothes. “Please Marlice do carry on”, I sneered. ” I’m going to really enjoy this, especially sending these pictures to your partners here”. I showed her the pictures I had taken as Kerry sat up pleading with me.

Taking little notice of her pleas I explained what I wanted, both women looked at one another before agreeing reluctantly. It was obvious to me that they really had no choice since their careers were on the line. Knowing how hard they had both worked to be in their positions in the high flying law firm I guessed they would think twice about objecting.

I explained digression would be utmost so long as my needs were met and my marriage was not harmed, Kerry agreed fully but I could see that Marlice was angry and resented my demands. It pleased me to know she objected to me or any man touching her and briefly crossed my mind that she may have even been planning to have Kerry leave me for her. In that case I thought was I going to enjoy humiliating her more than I originally thought.

I demanded that Marlice fully strip and pull down my trousers, as she did so my cock sprang forth and slapped against her cheek. Holding her head by her hair I brushed my oozing cock head against moist lips as Kerry watched on. “Suck this whore”, I said as she opened her mouth I felt her hot breath on my cock and moaned before slipping myself over eagerly into her mouth.

It took a while before she really got into it but my cock was enjoying having her administrations however inexperienced. I felt Kerry’s hand on my thigh and caressing Marlices breasts obviously trying to encourage her instructing her how to suck me. I knew at that point Kerry would do anything I asked.

I reached for her asking her to work her magic and show her friend how I liked it done. Obviously needy herself she Kneeled in front of me holding my shaft I trembled as she engulfed my cock and lavished her tongue on it. Intermittently I pulled cock out of Kerry’s mouth before I climaxed and reentered Marlice’s lips building up the intensity.

In my exquisite pleasure I took a second and looked toward the door to see Gareth standing watching, I indicated to Marlice to lick my wife’s pussy from behind. Marlice eagerly squatted behind Kerry now much more relaxed. As she pleasured her I could feel the change in pace on my cock, she was near orgasm and was now panting and thrusting against my cock.

I was so also close to cumming I knew I would not last much longer and experience Marlices hot tight cunt around my flesh, somewhere in my frenzied state I remembered the promise to myself that Marlice was going to swallow my load and tried to hold off cumming the intensity of the situation was having me fast working myself into a frenzied need to cum.

My balls started to ache and I felt the familiar feeling of a oncoming ejaculation, almost a need to urinate. Pushing Kerry to one side and depriving her of her own climax I lurched forward and rammed my cock in Marlices mouth still hot and wet with slick lips from eating my wife’s wet cunt.

I heard Kerry moan objection but too far gone to take notice I placed both hands at the back of Marlices head restraining her movements as I pumped my dick deep into Marlices sucking lips and deep down her throat. Seconds later I came with such full force I knew she would gag but I continued to ram Marlices head toward my thrust groin and squirting cock, My cock was deep in her throat now I watched as she tried desperately to breath knowing she was finding it hard to swallow. I felt my balls erupt and the hot liquid eject hard down her throat, her eyes looking up at me almost alarmed I squirted a further two jets of cum deep in her throat as she gagged and tried to swallow, but swallow she did.

Kerry pulled Marlice toward her almost comforting her but table pleading with her let her make her feel better, allowing Kerry to pacify Marlice until I recovered. Kerry instantly tried to finger herself off to orgasm whilst she licked her friends wet cunt but I didn’t want Kerry to reach orgasm until we got home.

I told her I had other plans for them both, she scowled obviously wondering what my plan was. I asked Kerry to remain on the table and used her blouse to cover her face and she lay their waiting her legs spread not able to see what my next move was. I leant over and thrust my fingers deep into her pussy whispering that she was going to feel a cock for the first time. Kerry looked on a questioning look on her face, since my cock was deflated and unable to give her what I promised.

Enter Gareth, Kerry took a sharp intake of breath when she realized we three were not alone and an even bigger shock when Gareth the janitor opened his pants and dropped them to the floor, her mouth gaped and she smiled when he produced a huge think cock. I looked at the want in my wife’s eyes but I instructed her to dress, I watched as the disappointed look crossed her face but she quietly did as I asked.

We stood there watching Gareth inch each of his possible eight maybe nine inches into Marlices gaping hole, she moaned as the flesh slid deep within her. Gareth now pulling her to the edge of the desk began circling his fingers on her clit until she started to moan and rotate her hips, he began slow thrusts into her until she began respond to each thrust. Kerry was quite obviously enjoying watching and touched Gareth’s cock several times as he pumped Marlice, I knew she wanted him too but she was going to wait until I was ready to see that.

I leaned to Kerry’s ear and whispered “Enjoy every inch girl, because you are going to regularly get this”, writing down our address and my phone number I pushed it into Gareth’s trouser pocket now wrapped around his ankles and smiled at the thought that Marlice had no idea who was fucking her. By the looks of things though she was enjoying it immensely and so was Gareth, I would have loved to have stayed and watched him cum hard into her and of course her reaction after her own orgasm knowing that she had been impaled and fucked by the firms janitor.

I reached for Kerry who was now fully dressed and horny for her own climax, before leaving I indicated that I would expect Kerry and Marlice at our home tomorrow at seven pm promptly, winking at Gareth who was now in a unstoppable machine speedily heading towards one hell of a climax of his own!

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