Girlie Girl’s Shopping Spree


My Sweet Fuck, Henry, announced it was time for a shopping spree…as if I really needed anything new. He gave me my own Visa card and said, “Girlie Girl, it is time for a new photo shoot! The sky’s the limit, Sweetie. I want to see you in new clothes, new lingerie, and new shoes. And when you get home, I want you try on your new duds in front of the camera, and I will watch from my computer while you change! Do this just for me?”

I pouted with my lips. Henry looked at me and melted.

“Well, of course, for the Men, too. I want all of them to see you in your glory.”

I smiled big for him, excited at the prospect of donating everything in my closet to the women’s shelter. Henry spoils me so much that I donate clothes just about every six months. My closet will simply not hold all of his gifts, so I must recycle regularly.

“You know I buy most of my lingerie online, and it’s very expensive, Henry.”

“I want you in only the very finest, Girlie Girl. Nothing is too good for you – remember that.”

I threw my arms around his neck and planted kisses all over his face. His hands slipped into my short shorts, and he played with my alabaster ass. He sucked my big titties while he played, and his fingers strayed to my wet and swollen cunt. Very slowly and deliberately, Sweet Fuck inserted his index finger into my cunt, swirled it around and around, only to withdraw it and slip it in his mouth.

“Yummy!” he exclaimed. “You have the finest cunt juices I’ve ever tasted, Girlie Girl. Thank you for letting me have access to your nectar.”

“Oh, Henry! Sweetie, you know you’re welcome anytime! You’re so very good to me, how could I ever tell you ‘no’?”

I kissed him on the mouth and looked in his eyes.

He wanted something more.

“What is it, my Henry? What else would you like?”

“Please go to your bed, Girlie Girl. I want to pull down your shorts and put you on your knees.”

I knew he couldn’t fuck. I was curious why he would want me on my knees. I hated to see him frustrated when his dick would not get hard.

“Oh, no, Girlie Girl. Not fucking…though I wish I could, just once, feel the inside of your Precious cunt with my hard cock. But that’s not to be. I want to taste your ass – to rim your little button with my tongue and insert it in you while I finger your cunt and clit.”

My smile grew from ear to ear! How lovely, in the middle of the morning, to know he wanted to taste me in this new way.

“Marie out of town, Henry? Do you have enough time?”

“Marie is at the grocery store this morning, Girlie Girl. She wanted me to come with her, and I told her I did not care to tag along while she shopped. She kind of left in a huff…but that’s not for you to worry about! I’ve been dreaming of tasting your ass for months now, and cannot get it out of my tuzla eve gelen escort mind.”

“Ohhh, Henry! You know you’re welcome to do what you like with me. I’m so happy that you want to do this!”

I sashayed through the kitchen, exaggerating the sway of my hips because I know he loves that, and got up on my knees on my king-sized bed. Henry followed behind me into the bedroom, slipped my sandals off my feet, and pulled my shorts down. He lifted one leg at a time to take my shorts off. I spread my thighs open and laid my head on a pillow.

Sweet Fuck spread my cunt lips and tongue-fucked Precious first, then clamped his lips onto my clit and sucked ever so softly until exploded in orgasmic pleasure. He used his tongue to lap up my juices, and licked from my cunt to the top of my ass crack and back down to my rosebud. He swirled his tongue, darting it in and out of my asshole very quickly. I was sure he had been practicing , somehow, because he knew exactly how to bring me to new heights and make me beg for more and more and more of his tongue. He spread his hands on my ass cheeks, and lightly stroked. We moaned together, for different reasons. I loved the expertise of his tongue and lips. He loved the freedom to explore me further, without limitations.

I came very hard a second time and collapsed on the bed. Sweet Fuck lay beside me and held me in his arms.

“Rest here a little while, Girlie Girl. Rest, and then go shopping! I cannot wait to see you in all your new things!”

When I awoke, Sweet Fuck was gone. I brushed out my long hair and dressed, touching up my make-up before I left.

My first stop was my favorite shoe store. I knew the manager very, very well. I eagerly looked forward to his special method of helping me into my shoes, running his hands up my legs and sliding his finger into my panties. If no one else was in the store, he would lead me to a chair with my back to the big mall window, pull my panties to the side and suck my clit. It really was first class treatment all the way! No wonder this was my first stop.

When I walked in, a new clerk approached me. “May I help you, Miss?”

I smiled brightly. “Um, yes. Is Eric here? Eric always helps me. I am tossing out all my shoes and buying new ones for the season.” No clit sucking today. Shit. Not with this clerk here.

“I’m very sorry, Miss. Eric is on vacation in Switzerland. I am the assistant manager. May I help you?”

I hesitated. I wanted to shrug my shoulders and walk out of the store. I mean, after all, buying shoes was one thing. But buying shoes from Eric – now, that was an adventure!

“I don’t know,” and I looked at his nameplate, Richard. “Um, May I call you Richard?

He nodded.

“Eric knows me so well. I hate for him to lose the commission. And he has tuzla otele gelen escort the most incredible way of slipping shoes onto my feet. I feel so very good when I leave the store.”

“Then you must be Girlie Girl. Am I right?” Richard asked.

“Yes! How did you know?”

“Eric told me to be on the lookout for you…said you might come by, and that you are his very favorite customer. Please,” Richard added, “let me take you into my private sizing room in the back. Justin can hold down the fort out here in the front. You certainly deserve a lot of attention.”

“Oh! How very kind of you! Thank you. And you have a private sizing room? I did not know that. Yes, a lot of attention. That’s what I usually get. I am most comfortable with a great deal of attention.”

Richard led me into the private sizing room. It was equipped with a cloth recliner and a clerk’s stool. A lamp on a side table gave a lovely glow to the small room. I sat in the recliner. Richard asked me to stand so he could measure my feet. Then he adjusted the chair so that I was almost completely reclined, with my feet extended at the end.

There was a sign on the wall, Liberate Your Johnson, and as soon as I was relaxed, that’s exactly what Richard did. He pulled his huge cock from his pants and let it dangle in front of me.

“I am going to step into the stock room for a moment and collect one of each of our newest line of heels, flats and sandals. And may I call you Girlie Girl…or do you prefer ‘Miss’?”

“Please! Call me Girlie Girl. All the men do. And Richard – before you leave me here all alone and wanting, please let me suck your wonderful cock for a few moments. I must taste it.

He took one step toward me and his cock was at my lips. I sucked and licked and tasted and moaned. He was so very good. I tasted the pre-cum, and knew he would be shooting his load down my throat very soon.

Richard left the room and I closed my eyes. I did not realize how tired I was from the morning’s activities with Henry – and I fell asleep.

I was having the most incredible dream. My titties were being sucked, and I awoke gradually, knowing that my cunt was swollen and dripping wet. Richard had opened my blouse to expose my luscious titties, and apparently could not resist. His lips were slowly kneading my nipples while his tongue licked the tips. He heard my sigh.

“Oh, Girlie Girl! You have the most fabulous titties. Eric never stopped talking about them, and I thought he was just boasting. But it’s true! He could not put into words how wonderful they are! I had to suck! I had to!”

“Please,” I said softly. “There’s no need to explain or apologize. That’s why I have them, to entertain all you men! Help yourself, all you like!”

“But…I’m supposed to be catering to your needs, tuzla sınırsız escort Girlie Girl. Instead, you are catering to mine!”

“Then, let’s be kind to one another, shall we?” I asked. “And let’s cater to each other.”

Richard stopped sucking my titties for a moment, long enough to slide his hand up my skirt and undo my garters. He slowly pulled my nylons down my legs, one at a time, and off the ends of my toes.

“Girlie Girl! Girlie Girl! Your toes are so beautiful. I must suck them. I must fuck them. May I cum on your toes, please!”

I nodded and smiled brightly.

Richard brought two wet, warm towels to wash my feet. He massaged them. He played with them. He brought out a camera and shot photos of them, with his tongue planted between each toe. While he sucked my toes, his slid his fingers into my panties and played with my Precious cunt. Then he sucked and kissed my clit, and alternated by sucking my toes. His cock was so ripe and so hard that pre-cum dripped incessantly along my legs.

“Really, Richard. You must let me suck you off and taste your load of cum in my mouth!”

“Only if you promise to let me fuck you Girlie Girl style. Eric told me all about it. He swears you have the finest alabaster ass, with the firmest cheeks. I must spread them. I must feel them in my hands. May I shoot photos, too?”

“Why, yes. Of course…but no sharing, Richard. You must give me the photo chip, and I will email you copies.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t, Girlie Girl! May I keep a shot of my mouth on your toes? I want to carry it in my billfold, and show only to Eric –would that be acceptable? I must let him know that you were here and that I treated you with the utmost care and consideration.”

Richard leaned into me and I sucked his cock and licked his balls. He moaned and swayed and fucked my mouth. He held my head in his hands while he fucked, and finally shot into my throat and I swallowed, gratefully.

He stepped away from me for a moment and I squiggled out of all my clothes except my crotchless panties. “Now, “I said…let me try on some heels, and you start shooting photos. And when you recover sufficiently, fuck me Girlie Girl style through my panties.”

Well, Richard shot photos for an hour. I posed in five-inch heels, four-inch sling-backs, flats and sandals in a variety of materials and colors. Mostly, he shot photos of my feet and toes – however, he did manage several of his cock in my willing cunt.

I chose about thirty-five pairs of shoes, handed Richard my Visa, and Justin loaded them in my Z-4 passenger seat and small trunk.

When Justin came back in the store, I tried to put a tip into his shirt pocket. Instead, he clasped my hands together and asked if he might suck my big titties in the sizing room. “That would be better than any amount of money you could slip into my palm,” he said, hopefully.

Well, I gladly and cheerfully accommodated his humble request. Justin sucked my big titties like a starving boy. We stayed in the sizing room a little over an hour, fucking like newlyweds, while Richard waited on customers.

I really, really love shopping!

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