Getting a Life Ch. 02


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Author’s note: Alright, time for some sexy stuff and world building. As always, all characters in this story are 18 or older. Any resemblance to real events, places, or people are purely coincidental. With that said, I hope you enjoy.


It’s been about a week since Sam and I became a thing, and I’m nervous about our first date. We’re going to dinner, nothing fancy, but certainly not fast food either. I’m nervous because it’s been a few years since I last went out on a date. What makes it worse is my truck won’t start. Luckily this happens in the morning, and James said I could take his Jetta. I’m actually thankful to have the nice a/c in the June heat. It was a bit weird driving it, but it’s worth it seeing her face when I pull up to her house to pick her up. She gets in, we give each other a little kiss, and we head out.

“Wow, what a shitbox,” she says while chuckling.

“Well, my truck’s having issues, so this what I’ve got.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Won’t start, the fuel pump’s given up. Luckily, that means I get to switch to an electric one.”

“Want some help with that?”

“Sure, if you think you can figure it out.” She gave me this look that said Boy, don’t even, as we arrived at the restaurant.

She’s wearing a pair of jeans with a nice white blouse. Needless to say, she looks stunning. I’m wearing jeans and the nicest shirt I have, which, along with my boots, kinda makes me look like a cowboy, but I’m fine with that. We order our food and drinks.

“Hey, you think a 240Z would be a good car to own?” she asks me.

“Any car is, so long as you find a good example and maintain it well, why?”

“To be honest, I’m kinda getting bored of Sheila.” Sheila is her Civic.

“Really, I didn’t think you’d ever think about selling her.”

“Yeah well, things change I guess,” she said. I can tell from the look on her face that this isn’t a decision she made easily.

I hold her hands in mine and tell her, “Hey, if you want, I can help you find one.”

“You sure? It might be a hassle.”

“Finding a good example of any car is. Three months to find my truck.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I respond. After this our server brings our food, and we both have a great night.

The next day I get a text from Sam with a link to an ad for a Z down in SoCal. We live central California in a small town of about thirty thousand people , so it’s a bit of a drive. It has what looks like some surface rust, but nothing too major. All the pictures look good, but I tell her to ask if they’re willing to let us come look at it. Fortunately, they say they are, which is a good sign. We set up a date and go look at it. The owner is a man in his mid-seventies. He hasn’t driven it for a few years and has decided to let it go. After a look over, a test drive, and some negotiating, we settle on a fair price, and Sam becomes the proud owner of a 240Z.

My boss let me take one of our work trucks to go pick up the Z. As we’re cruising along back home, I notice Sam is looking in the rear view at the Z on the trailer. She has this blissful look on her face, and I ask her, “You happy with your purchase?”

She snaps out of her daze, and responds with, “Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to space out like that.”

“It’s ok, we’ve all been there. What were you thinking about?”

“All the things I can’t wait to get done to her. The trips we could take. There’s so many things we can do with her, but I already know what I want.”

“Really? What are you planning?”

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready to start working on her. Thanks again for doing this.”

“No problem. I’m just escort bayan gaziantep glad you found something you’re so passionate about.”

For a while we just ride in silence, her being lost in her own world again, and me well…driving. I’m so focused that I don’t notice her unzipping my pants. I do notice when I feel her hand go into my boxers, wrap around my cock and start stroking. I look over at her, and she has this playful look on her face.

I open my mouth to say something, but she puts her finger to my lips, and says, “Shhhh, just let it happen.”

I just look forward and focus as much as I can on driving. She starts off slow, teasing the head a bit, then going to the base, and repeating her movements. After a couple minutes of this she increases her pace a bit. Not too much, but enough to make me squirm a bit in my seat. From the sultry little moan she lets out I can tell she’s enjoying teasing me. Soon she starts stroking me even faster. It feels like she wants to me finish with how she’s stroking. Pretty soon I tell her I’m gonna blow, and she pulls my dick out and puts the head in her mouth. The feeling of her tongue teasing my head is enough to send me over the edge, and I release everything I have into her mouth. Once I’m done, she puts my dick away, sits back up, smiles at me with a pleased look, and then goes back to looking at her Z.

We spend that weekend doing some basic maintenance like an oil change, new tires, that kind of thing. Luckily, she tells me she wants to keep the engine that’s already in there. It has an L28, which is a slightly larger version of the L24 the car originally came with. After that we look for parts, she wants to add to it to make more power while still having it be nice on the road. She also helps me put the new fuel pump in my truck. She sells Sheila to some guy from Nevada, and starts using Kaley, her name for the Z, as her daily driver. She also convinces me to name my truck, so I call him Duke. All of our friends love Kaley, but they’re surprised she went with something so old. She says she wanted something simple, but still fun, and this was what caught her eye.

I get a text about a week and a half later from someone we met at a car show named Amy. She says her Miata is acting up, and she knows I work at a shop, so she’s hoping I can take a look at it. I tell her that she should ask Sam, as my shop specializes in classics. Sam texts me later letting me know what happened. Apparently, all Amy needed was new spark plugs. The next time we meet for dinner, Amy is there. I ask how she’s doing, and she says she’s okay. The dinner goes well, but something feels off the whole night.

Sam and I are on the way home, and she asks me, “Hey, did you notice anything about Amy?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, something just felt off about her. Lamar looked pretty uncomfortable having her there, too.”

“Yeah, now that you mention it, she did seem awfully touchy-feely with him. You think we should say something?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna ask Monica if he’s okay.”

“Alright, well, we’re here. Let me know what’s up if she answers.”

“I will, love you.”

“Love you, too.” We give each other a quick kiss, then once I see her enter her front door, I head home.

I wake up the next morning to find I’ve been brought into a group chat with Sam and the others. Scrolling through all the messages it’s clear why Lamar was uncomfortable. He and Amy had dated for a while a couple years ago, but he broke it off when he realized she was trying to get him to knock her up so he would marry her. Only he and Monika knew before that night, but we all agreed she wasn’t allowed back.

A couple weeks later we all take a trip to the beach for a weekend. We decide to go to Santa Barbara, as none of us really want to go to L.A., and we get there at about noon. Sam and I had taken Kaley, as she gets better gas mileage than Duke. We all stay in a hotel about a five minute walk from the beach. It’s nice enough for the price we paid, and it comes with complimentary breakfast, which is always a plus. Lamar and Monica tell us they invited some friends, but due to scheduling they won’t get here till five or six, so we decide to meet them for dinner.

Since we got there early, we all change into our bathing suits, grab our stuff, and head to the beach. I’ve only ever seen Sam fully dressed, so I’m astonished when she comes out of the bathroom in an orange two-piece bikini. She has an amazing body, slim, but not pencil thin. Her breasts look to be mid-sized, round C-cups, and her ass is big enough to squeeze, but not so big to be considered a pawg, aka “phat ass white girl”. She also has a slight cameltoe. She catches me gawking, and gives me a knowing look, then goes out to meet with others. I let myself calm down a bit, then I go meet everyone in the lobby.

We have a nice day at the beach. We all go swimming, taking short breaks every now and again to catch our breath and relax in the summer sun. When we’re swimming, I swear I can feel Sam’s hand grazing my cock when she passes by me, but I don’t say anything since our friends are around. I do, however, grope her ass a couple times on the way back to the hotel. Her only response is a sly look that lets me know she’s enjoying the attention.

We decide to have dinner at a Mexican place we heard about from some locals. The place overlooks the beach, so we sit outside to enjoy the view. I’m in one of my Star Wars t-shirts and some jeans. Sam is wearing a cute little blue sundress with flowers on it. We sit at a table for eight, so the couples can all sit next to each other. Monica and Lamar’s friends show up about five minutes after us.

As we’re chatting waiting for our food, Sam takes my hand and puts it under her dress. She moves it to her crotch, but instead of feeling panties or a bikini bottom, I feel her bare pussy. Without breaking conversation, I find and start teasing her clit. I can see her squirming a bit out of the corner of my eye. I tease her for a bit, gently rubbing and flicking it, and then she excuses herself to use the bathroom. When she comes back to the table, she whispers to me that she didn’t wanna give away what we were doing, so she finished in the restroom.

Dinner goes really well, and we decide to visit Stearn’s Wharf before we head back to the hotel. Sam, Monica, and Angela, one of the friends we just met, all enjoy looking in the stores. Lamar, Jose, and I talk amongst ourselves while the girls window shop. After finding out the sea center is closed, we all head back to the hotel.

We hang out in the hotel’s Jacuzzi until about nine, then we all head to our rooms. When Sam and I enter ours, she immediately pushes me against the wall, and we start making out.

We break apart to breathe, and she says in a sultry voice, “I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

“Oh really? I couldn’t tell.”

She sticks her tongue out at me. “Shut up and whip your dick out.”

I undo my pants, and she drops to her knees, reaches into my boxers and pulls out my dick. She immediately latches onto the head and starts teasing it with her tongue. She starts moaning, and the vibrations make it feel that much better. She starts taking all six inches in slowly, or at least as much as she can before I hit the entrance to her throat. Once this happens, she stays there for a bit, looks into my eyes, and she starts bobbing her head. Her mouth feels amazing, and I let out a sad little sigh when she releases me from her sweet embrace.

She then stands up, guides me over to the bed, and sits me down on the edge. I watch as she slooowly pulls her sundress up to her crotch, pausing just before her pussy. She looks at me with a teasing smile, then she pulls it up, revealing her shaved pussy. We had never shared nudes or anything before this, so this was all new to me. Her outer lips are slightly puffy and moist from arousal. She then brings the dress up to just under her breasts, showing of her slim midriff again, and then takes it off. She has light pink areolas, and cute little nipples. She looks absolutely stunning.

She looks at me expectantly and says, “Well? If you wanna do this, we both need to be naked.”

I quickly get up and take off my clothes, now slightly embarrassed at having to be reminded. She seems to pick up on this, as when I’m done, she brings my eyes up to meet hers and tells me in a soft soothing voice, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

I look down at the ground, embarrassed again as I respond, “It’s ok, I’ve just never…y’know…done this before.”

She kneels down, looks me in the eyes, and says, “It’s ok. Just relax and enjoy the experience.”

With this, she pushes me so I’m lying on my back, and get up on the bed, kneeling with her knees on either side of my hips. She then lowers herself, and the tip goes into her. Once the head is inside, she stops, giving me a second to calm down. She leans back, and pulls up until I’m barely in, then lowers herself again. This time she takes me in a little deeper. She starts thrusting slowly, taking me deeper with each thrust until I’m all the way in, then she stops again.

I can only describe the inside of her as pure bliss. It feels kind of like the inside of your cheek, but wetter, and with some ribbing. She waits till she thinks I’m ready, then starts thrusting slowly again. It feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before — it’s so good. I love watching her tits bounce with her movements. I see her clit as she’s thrusting, and I decide to try and make her feel some pleasure, too, so I lightly graze my thumb across it. I feel her tighten up, and she lets out a moan, and I figure I’m doing something right. I keep grazing it every now and again, and it only seems to spur her on.

She stops, panting, and says, “Okay, let me reposition myself.”

She pulls herself off my dick with a slight pop. She leans forward, so she’s almost laying on me, and her tits are grazing my chest as she breathes deeply. She lines me up and lowers herself onto my cock again. I support her hips with my arms as we start fucking. She sets the tempo, and I keep with her rhythm. We start off slow, but quickly work up to a good pace. The sounds of us moaning, the slick noise from her love tunnel, and fleshing coming together permeate the room. Soon I feel my climax coming. I tell her, and she takes my hands so we’re holding hands as we both experience orgasmic bliss at the same time.

Our orgasms seem to last forever, mine being prolonged by her cunt turning into a vice grip. After we come down from the high, we both look into each other’s eyes and share a passionate kiss. While we are both catching our breath, she lays her head on my chest so she can look at my face and says, “We should probably go take a shower.”

“You wanna just both take one at the same time?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

We go take a shower, making sure to get extra clean downstairs, and change the sheets on our room’s bed since they’ve got our combined juices on them. I put on my pajama bottoms, and she just puts on a pair of panties and the gets in bed. We fall asleep spooning.


Alright, one more chapter done. I took a little longer writing this one because I wanted to slow down, so I didn’t put out a rushed chapter. Thanks again to my ever so helpful editor Laurielou. I think it worked out well, but as always, feel free to leave feedback. See you next time.

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