Game Night with Candy


I work at the local factory. I always have and probably always will. On my first day I noticed Candy right away. She had the bubbly blonde looks and theatrical personality that made everyone notice. She was a secretary in the office and her looks were captivating. I couldn’t help but stare. I saw other guys staring too.

On the floor, my buddy Javier warned me, “Stay away from her, Friend, she’s trouble.” I questioned his sincerity, but he just repeated the warning I was later to ignore.

I continued to stare, and make more trips to the office than absolutely necessary. Just to look. It was hard not to at least look. She was a dream.

One day I overheard her talking on the phone about game night. I love games. Though I would be hard pressed to not love anything she loved.

What I wouldn’t give, for the impossible, to be invited; to see her outside of this setting and in more casual clothes.

She hung up just as I was passing her desk and there is no way she didn’t see me gawking and know that I’d overheard.

Her perfect hand touched my arm. Her perfectly manicured fingernail stopped me. I couldn’t breath. Picking up a sticky note she wrote something on it, and gave it to me, “Scotty, it’s a party, come.”

If I told you about my smooth come-back I would be lying. In reality, I just blinked, nodded, and kept walking. I was just happy that she knew my name.

Back at my station I unfolded the paper to find her address written there in cutesy girly handwriting. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had the address and an invite to the house of the most enthralling girl in all of my limited experience.

Saturday at eight I rang the bell. A nice guy, a big guy, let me in. No one else was there. Was I early? Candy came breezing into the room. She was wearing white short shorts and a crop top. If I looked too long she could make me cream just from looking.

She gave me a hug? I couldn’t believe that Candy, hot fucking Candy, had hugged me. She also gave me a European kiss on the neck. Well, I think it was European. A neck seemed like a strange place to kiss someone, but it made my blood pump. It kinda paralysed me too. I looked around for anyone else, “Is this..this a party?”

Candy pointed her sexy fucking ass at me while walking to the kitchen, “We’ll get you a drink. Baby. And wherever I am – it’s a party.”

Her ass was still wagging and she flipped her flowing hair, then speaking to the only other man there, “Julie, get the man a drink, Ok?”

I had just turned 19 and to date I don’t think anyone had called me a man yet. How honored I was to be initiated into manhood by the sexiest woman in Tocqueville.

He put his hand on my shoulder as friendly as can be leading me into the kitchen, “It’s Julius, like king Caesar. I’ve got beer and Jack. But the beer’s still warm. Candy says you’re a nice guy and you’re here for game night. So, you want a Jack? right?”

He poured me a pretty big glass, really a mason jar, of Jack on ice. To Candy he said, “Hey girl, I’ve got a new game to show you.” He rearranged a couple of chairs, putting one right in front of the sink and the other about two feet in front of that one. He had Candy sit in the one with her back to the sink, and me in the other facing her.

Her big boobs were amazing, high but bouncy as she sat down. Clearly she wore no bra. I couldn’t see her nipples, but if it got colder…

Julius told us the name of the game was Mirror. I was to touch my head, move an arm, whatever. Her job was to mirror my actions as if she were my reflection.

I touched my nose and Candy touched hers smiling from ear to ear. I lifted my arms above my head, and so did Candy. I think just maybe a tiny bit of underboob peeked out. It was so fucking exciting.

I stood up, Candy did too. Did I mention that her legs were perfectly smooth, tan, and lovely? I couldn’t help myself – I got a little naughty by trying to touch my elbows together behind my back. When Candy did it her shirt got really tight against her massive, firm, upright tits. I think she has implants. Beautiful hard, fake jugs, with nipples that stood out clearly.

If Julius had a problem with it he didn’t say anything. Instead, he picked up a wet washcloth from the sink, and stealthily slipped it onto her chair. I saw it but didn’t think about it. He gestured for me to be quiet and sit down again.

When Candy sat nothing happened for a moment, then she squealed and jumped up. We all had a good laugh and Candy was a great sport. She had a big wet spot on her shorts. Candy wagged her finger at Julius calling him a rascal. Then she blew my mind by shamelessly peeling off her shorts and tossing them in the sink. Even Julius seemed a little shocked.

She was wearing a pair of navy blue boyshort undies. They didn’t show much more than the other shorts. But the notion that she stood there in her underwear made me choke on my drink. Julius refilled it.

She didn’t bat an eye. “OK, what’ll we play now? She took out a little list, Mecidiyeköy Escort handed it to me, “You pick.”

I looked over the list. Pictionary, Rummy, Copycat…I stopped at that one. The others didn’t sound good but if Copycat was anything like Mirror I definitely wanted to play it.

They explained it to me as such, I would draw a picture on Candy’s back with my finger. Then she draws it on his back, but adds something. Then he draws it on mine. I’m supposed to guess what they each added.

It was either impossibly hard or I was already too tipsy. So we switched it up. Whatever I did to her, he could do to me. And it didn’t have to be a drawing.

I poked her in the arm. She giggled, saying I almost touched her boob. Julius poked my arm amiably.

I went to poke her other arm but she happened to turn and I did touch her solid boob. For a second my fingertip was in heaven. It made me feel lightheaded.

She laughed outrageously. Julius congratulated me. He said if the game had points I should get one.

I decided to test the limits of his tolerance. With some trepidation, I poked her right in the nipple.

Instead of getting mad he turned to me smiling, and poked my nipple. We’re both guys so I felt no sexual tension like there was when I touched hers.

Candy declared, “Oh, this is silly, us standing here in the kitchen.” She grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. To Julius she said, “Come on King.” Candy pushed us guys down then plopped down on my left side.

Everything she did fell into place so naturally, and no one could fault her because it just seemed right. Tucking her cute little feet up under her legs she laid her head down on my stomach sideling up next to me.

It should have felt awkward, her boyfriend, or husband, or mate, or whatever was right there. But they both acted like we were just sitting on the couch playing a game. In contrast, I felt feelings I’d never felt before.

Julius pulled me back to reality, by reminding us that it was my turn. At that moment the only thing on my mind was not getting an erection and the pounding heart in my chest telling me I was in love.

I decided I should pat her on the shoulder. Without planning it, what I actually did, was caress her arm from shoulder to elbow. Candy exclaimed, with a hint of excitement, “Scotty knows how to play a game!”

Julius then rubbed my arm from shoulder to elbow.

Her arm was silky and magical. My whole body went rigid with tension.

His touch reminded me of the time I got a massage. It relieved the tension that had just built up.

The caress went over pretty well, so obviously I would do it again. Maybe I could touch her jugs, in time. Unfortunately, my hand slipped. Instead of caressing her arm I bumped her elbow sending her hand careening right onto my dick.

I thought she would recoil. Instead, she gave it a quick little two fingered squeeze. My head got dizzy and I saw stars as my vision darkened a little.

When I recovered, Julius was just removing my fingers from his cock.

Candy had touched my dick! And it wasn’t a hundred percent accidental. I mean, she squeezed it at the end. I wasn’t hard when she first made contact, but I sure was tenting my pants after that.

And did Julius’ cock seem really really thick?

In my soul I needed her to touch me more. But then…

I chose a safer move. Putting my fingers on the back of her head I gave her an innocent scalp massage. I liked touching her. It felt intimate.

Julius’ touch relaxed me.

I kept massaging for a long time and so did he. Touching her was surreal. It was all good. The next thing I knew my face was pressed to the front of Julius’ pants who was kneeling on the couch there next to me. Briefly I wondered why that was but then noticed that I was holding Candy’s head against my own hard-on.

Fearing that I was holding her there too forcefully I let go suddenly and so did Julius. My head fell back on the couch. I was swimming in disbelief and alcohol.

My fingers tapped the air near the back of her head. I wanted to push her down there again. Should I do it or not? I wanted so badly to, but I was afraid to.

With trembling fingers I grasped her calf, rubbing it firmly. I was under her spell. I have no idea when I did it or for how long but next my hand was on her thigh, rubbing circles there.

My mind was in a fog. I was staring at a picture on the wall while enjoying the sensual feelings of a strong hand rubbing my ass cheek. Which meant…I jerked my hand off her fantastic incredible round rump.

My head spun like I drank too much, which was a distinct possibility. Laying my head back the room spun too, confirming that I had in fact drunk too much. I clenched my eyes shut hoping both that this wasn’t real and that it could continue.

The spell her body cast on me was too strong. I had to put my hands on her again no matter what. I just had to walk the line. I ran a few fingertips from Escort Bayan her ankle to the small concavity of her back, lingering there, in what was the most sensual part of a woman I had so far caressed in my small-town sheltered life.

I ignored the fingers touching me.

I moved my fingers South, slipping a couple centimeters under the band of her tight underwear. Then blazed a trail North under her shirt to explore all the new-to-me bumps and crevices of a girl’s back.

I still ignored the hand on me; ignoring my feelings about it too.

I focused all my attention on the feel of a supple female form. Soon I would make my move. I was going to slide my hand around her waist then up to cup a big boob, if that wasn’t pushing things too far. I would either fulfill a long time desire or get kicked out.

Slowly and with great caution I crept from her thin curvy waist toward the prize. I could feel each rib as my fingers passed. Three more inches and I discovered that a woman’s breasts are more in the front. No harm. I would just reach more.

Then it happened! My hand was cupping her tit. The skin was super soft. I lifted it, massaging the great orb. Candy moaned. I congratulated myself for having made a woman moan. I made the incredible Candy moan.

She spoke in a hoarse whisper, “Put my fingers on your zipper.” I couldn’t reach but that sounded like such a stupendous idea that I found a way. First I nudged her elbow to get her hand in place. Then with my right hand I found each delicate finger, placing them one by one on the tab.

Julius’ large strong hand placed my fingers on the pull to his zipper as well. She pulled the tiny metal rectangle and I pulled his.

My head felt wobbly. I just needed to lay it back on the couch. Surely, I could still guide her hand with my head back. The room spun a little but it was better than my head being so wobbly.

Two buttons popped open on two pairs of pants. Her small hand reached into my tighty whities curling magic fingers around my turgid penis.

He guided my fingers to do likewise.

I dreamed of marrying the fantastical babe while once again rubbing her mystical tit. She pushed my underwear down and gave my member a stroke from base to head.

My hand mirrored hers. Our hands caused two cocks to twitch in pleasure.

My eyes wouldn’t open but as I stroked Julius’ big dick I had a hard time believing how much it filled my grasp.

Candy cracked her neck, “Would you be a Dear and rub my neck Scotty?” Of course, anything to be her knight in shining armor.

Julius was just as kind to me, lifting my head, massaging my neck for me.

Candy would grasp my dick firmly in circling fingers then pull slowly upward bringing all the loose skin up to my cockhead. Jolts surged through my body.

I did the same to Julius. It felt different than mine so I forced an eye open to peek. His cock was massively thick. I had never seen another man’s tool before. This wasn’t at all like mine. It’s like they were two different species. Something about the head was wrong. It was pointy like an anteater. There was no ridge. No familiar mushroom shape.

He pulled my hand back nearer to his giant hairy balls revealing that he actually did have a cockhead after all. It had just been obscured by an impressive floppy foreskin. I’ve never seen a foreskin.

When it retracted a string of drippy precum fell onto my shirt.

Candy was cooing somewhere below my field of vision. I heard her seemingly disembodied sweet voice singing, “Ooh, it looks so delicious. It’s a really nice one. So pretty, so lovely.” Her words made me feel so special. “Rub my neck harder please. Aaaah, I just saw it jump! Show me again. Make it jump. Please, for me.”

Naturally, I flexed to make it jump for her. It was the least I could do.

The magnificent beast in my hand jumped too. When it did, it swelled as well, dispensing another drop.

Candy’s, sweet voice continued, “We just love cocks, don’t we Scotty? We love the way they react to our touch. Big…fat…cocks…are…so wonderful. It just makes me want to…blow…on them.” Saying that she blew a stream of warm air on my cock.

Above me Julius pleaded, “Blow…on my wonderful cock Scotty. You know you want to. Just like Candy did. It’s the rule of the game.”

He was right. She had blown air on mine. It was the rule. Pursing my lips I stared, dazed and blurry-eyed at the monster, then blew a stream of air at it.

Julius squeezed my neck gratefully, “Thank you Scotty. You did great. You’re good at this game. You might win.”

Candy’s melodic voice implored me again, “Push on my head Scotty. You know what to do. Just like before.”

Julius was encouraging me at the same time, “Push her head Scotty. It’ll feel soooo good. Don’t overthink this, Man. Your hand is already on her neck. Just do it.”

I was so confused and conflicted. They both wanted me to do it. They said it would be easy. It’s how the game was played. istanbul Escort But at the same time a different voice in my head was telling me that if I did it something would change.

Sweetly, below me, the mesmerizing sound of the Siren’s song left me no choice. She was saying, “It looks so tasty.” She started to say something else but at that moment I lost control. I pushed her soft, pink, full pouty lips onto my cock.

I loved it more than anything I’d ever done before. The passion took over. I wanted to do it forever. It was as she had told me, delicious, lovely, and tasty.

I loved her lips on my cock too. The steamy wetness enveloped my whole dick. Who knew that a woman’s mouth on a man’s dick could be so earth shattering? I might never go back to pounding my meat again.

The feelings overwhelmed my senses. And if I passed out his strong hands holding my head upright would help me finish. Who knew that a man’s cock in my mouth could also be so earth shattering? I might never go back to pounding my meat without a cock in my mouth again.

Candy sucked and slurped. Her lips held me tight. She bobbed up and down.

Likewise, I sucked urgently at the cock in me. The head was huge. I had to open really wide to accommodate it but knowing I could get the whole leaky cockhead in me flamed my fires. I wanted to see how far down I could go. Could I go as far down on his as she went on mine?

Julius was helping as much as a guy in his position could help a guy in mine. He would pull me tightly into the spear until gurgly noises escaped my throat, then back off, only to repeat the process. And it was a process. It’s not like it darted in an easy straight line..

We worked to get the angles right; to avoid teeth, and to aim at my throat and not the roof of my mouth. I needed to concentrate heavily to breath when it was furthest out then hold my breath when it drove inward.

Saliva was dripping everywhere. At some point it stopped being regular thin spit. It had become thick and gloopy – and extra slippery too. Several strings of it hung from my lips, great gobbs gathered on my chest. It was noisy too. There were slurping noises and gagging noises and sloppy glurks whenever he plugged me.

Candy somehow did it effortlessly. Her perfect lips never lost grip. Her blowjob was clean and controlled. She achieved ecstatic depth without seeming to try. There was no mess on my stomach. No drips of stringy spit. The noises were minimal too. Can a blowjob be ladylike? Hers was. Even with my hands on the back of her head forcing her deeply onto my cock it was never messy and chaotic like mine.

Julian and I never got it past the opening to my throat. It always got stuck just there. He battered my throat but it made no difference.

When he came the liquid in my mouth doubled in seconds. I smelled it before I tasted it. It’s odor was odd but it’s flavor was amazing. The surging flow was both sweet and salty, permeating me totally.

I wanted to squeeze out every drop but unfortunately in my drunken state I couldn’t find a grip. My hand flailed around searching for the large stick but I could only find his forearm. I settled for hanging onto that to keep my body being flung about so much.

I sucked as hard as I could listening to his joyous rhythmic grunts. After rocking to and fro a few times during his cataclysmic orgasm he just dropped my head, yanking out with a plop.

Julius fell back on the couch expelling a long winded groan of approval. I fell back on the couch too. Again, in this relaxed posture, I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

My right hand joined my left on Candy’s head. I pushed her all the way down. I felt my cock skip past the resistance at the entrance to her esophagus sliding inside about an inch and a half. My first sexual experience and it was a deepthroat with the astounding Candy, woman of many a man’s dreams.

Her nose buried itself in my pubes. My whole self wanted to stay impaled there all night. But I also needed to be thrusting. When I felt her lungs gasping for breath they couldn’t take, I knew it was time.

I relaxed my grip and Candy pulled off sucking in huge gulps of air. Was this it? I needn’t have feared. She returned to the task with enthusiasm. She gobbled my cock to the root again, climbing down in tiny increments by grasping repeatedly with her soft lips.

I hadn’t swallowed yet and with a mouthful of delectable slime I shot streams of my own into her delightful oral Nirvana.

Two loads of cum slid down two throats. That one load was mine and one throat was hers made it all worth it.

Candy rested her head on my tummy again while I lazily ran my hands over her incredible body, touching places I’ve never touched before on a woman.

Julius snored, his unbelievably thick dick limply laying on his thigh like an elephant seal on a beach.

I could see several drops of milky cum outlined vividly against Julius’ Italian skin. It suddenly seemed repulsive.

Candy toyed with the last drops of mine spreading it around on the head of my too sensitive dick with her fingers.

A new mood overtook me. I needed to get out of there. I tried to rise but her perfect dangerous body blocked my exit. My head swayed and the room commenced spinning again.

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