Gabi Closes the Deal


“Jason, this is Gabi, she is our Sr. Vice President of Capital Market Relations for our UK division.” John said.

“Nice to meet you Gabi.” I said as I greeted her.

“Nice to meet you as well.” Gabi replied.

John was the COO for a network of hospitals in the UK. My company was looking at investing a significant amount of capital into their corporation. We had already spent months analyzing their financials and this trip was to get a visual inspection of their operations and give them a purchase agreement.

“How was your flight over?” John asked.

“Honestly, it was longer than I liked.” I replied.

“I can understand, those flights are not my favorite either.” John said.

“Did you get in late last night?” John asked.

“It was early evening. I had a chance to unwind for a little while in the hotel.” I told them.

“Jason, I’m going to leave you in good hands and let Gabi show you around our campus and then she will show you to our conference room where you can set up and work today.” John told me.

After John left Gabi started the tour of the hospital campus. She was very friendly and very, very attractive. I couldn’t help but wonder if John didn’t purposely assign her to be my guide. She was dressed in a black dress with dark black tights and high heels. She had dark brown shoulder length hair and she wore glasses. She had a very sexy, professional look. I was guessing she was in her early thirties, but later found out she was almost forty.

“We are very excited to have you here Jason.” Gabi said.

“I’m excited to be here. We have been working on this deal a long time and I’m ready to get it closed.” I told her.

“I think we all are. John has been very stressed over this as well. The new capital will really help us grow our operations.” Gabi said.

“How long have you been with the company?” I asked.

“About ten years.” Gabi answered.

“That’s a while. Are you from this area?” I asked.

“Yes I am. I grew up in a small town about thirty minutes from here. I met my husband when we were in college. He is from here as well, so we started a family here.” Gabi answered.

“Do you have kids?” I asked.

“Yes, we have a six year old son.” Gabi answered.

“That’s a great age.” I responded.

“What about you Jason? Are you married? Any children?” Gabi asked.

“I’m actually single. I’ve been dating someone, but it’s been an on again off again type thing. I don’t have any kids yet.” I said.

“Well, that sounds like a fun relationship. Are you currently on or off?” Gabi asked.

“I’m going to say we are off. I think.” I said.

“You don’t sound too certain.” Gabi commented.

“Well, I have to keep my options open.” I joked.

“Options open while you are on an international business trip?” Gabi asked.

“Now escort bayan gaziantep you understand.” I joked with her.

“Well, don’t get yourself in too much trouble while you are over here.” Gabi commented.

“Don’t worry, so far I’ve only seen one attractive woman that I like.” I told her.

“Really?” Gabi said with her mind wondering who I was talking about.

“Yes, she is very attractive, but unfortunately she is married.” I joked.

“A married woman is something that could get you into trouble.” Gabi said picking up on my advance.

“I’ll try to be good on the trip.” I said.

Gabi and I continued the tour for the next hour. She answered all my questions about the facilities. She was the perfect host. After the tour she showed me to the conference room to finish up my work.

I spent a few hours working in the conference room and I kept thinking about Gabi. We had only been together a couple hours but she was really having an effect on me. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to see her again.

“Jason, how is your work going?” John asked as he called to check in on me.

“Things are going well.” I told him.

“Did Gabi show you around?” John asked.

“Yes, the tour was very nice. Gabi is great and was an excellent host.” I told him.

“Perfect. Are we still on for dinner this evening?” John asked.

“Yes, that sounds good. Who all will be joining us?” I asked.

“I will have Chris and Sam with me.” John answered. Chris was the companies CFO and Sam worked under him. “Is that okay?”

“Yes, that is okay. What about Gabi? Will she be joining us?” I asked.

“I didn’t have it planned for her to attend, but we can have her attend as well if you would like?” John said.

“I think it would be great if she could.” I told him.

I worked a while longer and was still thinking about Gabi. I was excited about seeing her at dinner. I couldn’t wait for dinner though, I went off looking for her. I searched the offices but was not finding her. I think I looked for about thirty minutes. Finally, I saw her all alone in the company break room.

“Here you are.” I said as I walked in.

“Hey, how are you? How is your work going? Are you getting closer to finalizing the purchase agreement?” She asked.

“I am. I keep getting distracted.” I mentioned.

“Distracted, how?” Gabi asked.

“Yes, there is this married woman and that is causing the distraction.” I said.

“Okay, I see now. So this married woman is keeping you from doing your work?” Gabi said playing along.

“Exactly.” I said.

“Well, I doubt she is keeping you from doing your work.” Gabi said.

“I keep thinking about her.” I said.

“Well, just try not to think about her then.” Gabi said.

“I tried, she is just way to sexy.” I replied.

“You think she is sexy?” Gabi asked.

“Yes, incredibly sexy!” I relied.

“But she is married.” Gabi said.

“That is a problem.” I mentioned.

“Being married typically is with these types of situations.” Gabi answered.

“I asked her out to dinner tonight.” I told her.

“I heard about that. Are you sure she said yes. I mean, she is married.” Gabi replied.

“I haven’t heard if she said yes or not, but I’m working on this really big transaction and I’m thinking she needs to be there to help close it.” I said.

“Well, Jason, that sounds naughty. So you are wanting this married woman there at dinner to help entice you into closing this deal?” Gabi asked.

“Yes, that sounds about right.” I answered.

“And, you are wanting her to flirt with you? Tease you?” Gabi asked.

“Those things sound great.” I said as I realized I was standing very close to Gabi and she was up against the counter.

“How far would you like her to take it? Are you wanting to touch her? Kiss her? Fuck her?” Gabi asked.

“That would be I nice evening.” I mentioned.

“What about her husband?” Gabi asked.

“That is unfortunate. I’m sure he would understand it’s what’s best for her career. I would make sure to mention to the board how instrumental she was in getting this transaction closed. That would most certainly result in a very big salary increase. That would be very good for her family.” I said.

“I would image she would be tempted by that.” Gabi said.

“So I just need to figure out what to do.” I told her as I put my hand on Gabi’s waist.

“I think you should just go for it.” Gabi said.

My hand slide down the front of Gabi’s dress. My hand stopped about mid thigh. I was feeling her leg and felt my way back up grabbing her dress in the process. I lifted her dress up so that her thigh high tops were showing. At that moment I leaned in and kissed her. Gabi kissed me back as my fingers felt the skin on her upper thigh.

“I’ll see you tonight at dinner!” I told Gabi as I pulled back from her and left the room.

We met for dinner at a nice restaurant across from my hotel. John, Chris, and Sam did most of the talking. Gabi was mostly silent we talked business most of the dinner.

“Well guys, thank you for a nice dinner. I’m going to head back to my hotel and call it a night. I’ll sign the purchase agreement and bring it by in the morning.” I told them.

I could see on Gabi’s face that she seemed a little confused about me just leaving after what had happened in the employee break room. With the other three guys from her company there she didn’t have an opportunity to say much.

“Oh, Gabi, I forgot to give you back your copy of the quarterly statement you gave me to review today.” I said as I reached into my carry bag and pulled out a folder.

“Thank you. You could have given me this tomorrow, but now is okay I guess.” Gabi said taking the folder.

“I guess I could have, but just so I don’t forget.” I told her.

I returned to my room and waited. Inside the folder I gave Gabi was a note with my hotel room number. I waited about 5 minutes and heard a knock at the door.

I opened the door to find Gabi. She walked straight in to the room and kissed me. The force of her walking towards me carried us back close to the bed. Gabi pushed me back on the bed. She reach back and started unzipping her dress. I laid on the bed watching. Gabi let the dress fall to the floor. She had on a very sexy pair of black panties and a bra. She quickly took off her bra and slid down her panties.

After taking off her panties she was wearing black thigh highs and black 5 inch heels. Gabi walked over to me and started on my belt buckle and pants. With my help, within seconds I had my pants and shirt off. Gabi grabbed my socks and pulled them off.

I was laying on my back and Gabi got on the bed with one knee. Her other foot was still on the floor. Looking me in the eye she began to rub my cock through my boxer briefs. She was using her hand to stroke my cock. I was very hard. The tip of my cock was poking out of the top of my boxer briefs.

Gabi grabbed my boxer briefs at each side and pulled them down. She pulled them all the way off me. I was completely nude, with a hard on, laying back on the bed.

Gabi was very determined. Still making eye contact she crawled onto the bed and straddled me. I noticed her shaved pussy as she took one hand and held my cock and lowered her pussy down on me. She was very wet and she went right down on me.

Gabi started riding me. She lifted up and down making sure to take my entire cock inside her. Her hands were and my chest and her nails were digging in to me.

She fell down onto my chest and started kissing me. My hands reached around and grabbed her ass. She kept ridding me.

Gabi started moaning more and more. She kept kissing me intensely. Her nails were driving into my back. I felt her starting to cum. She pulled up from kissing me and froze. Her eyes rolled back so I could only see the whites of her eyes. I kept fucking her and thrusting upward as she came.

She regained eye contact and kept fucking me. She maintained eye contact for a while. I felt her start to cum again. This time she came while maintaining eye contact. I was on the verge myself. Gabi kept fucking me after she came the second time. Still making eye contact I came inside Gabi. She pushed down hard on my cock making sure I came deep inside her.

After I came, Gabi stayed on top of me for a few moments. She then kissed me. Without saying a word, she got off me and got dressed. After she was dressed she kissed me goodbye and left my room.

The next morning I signed the purchase agreement.

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