Full Course


Oriole Greene came to work at my company as a secretary, but she had ambitions to be a lot more than that. The young woman was taking a night course in programming fundamentals, but she wanted to learn more and faster than the school would let her.

She asked me if I would be willing to help her learn Fortran; she had a textbook and a compiler, but she wanted somebody who could help her understand what went wrong when it did. I had weekday evenings free, and I was quite willing. If I had known how it was going to be, I would have been eager for it instead of just willing.

Oriole (she had an older sister named Robin, if that helps explain the name) lived with her parents still, in a two-story house. She was about 22, fairly tall, fairly slender. She wore a little more makeup than I liked on women, but she had a nice smile.

I went over to her house a little after dinner on a Tuesday, where I met her parents. Her father was around fifty, balding and tubby; her mother was a little younger, and of mixed race to judge by how she looked. That explained why Oriole’s coloring was a little exotic, and it was clear that was where she got her looks from otherwise as well.

They seemed very nice, though her father was visibly nervous about the fact that Oriole’s computer was in her bedroom, and that she was going to spend the next couple of hours in that bedroom with a man. Her mother took it more in stride.

Once we were in the bedroom, she sat down in front of the computer screen and called up the program she had been working on, and which had gone wrong somewhere. I stood behind her to look over her shoulder and comment. I put one hand on her shoulder, partly to see better, partly because I liked the idea of a good excuse to touch her. We had had no physical contact at the office to speak of, but I had found her attractive.

I Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort started to talk to her, to help her relax, and as I talked to her I gently massaged her shoulder. Then I put my other hand on her other one and started to massage it as well. This was actually sort of innocent — I wasn’t trying to make a pass at her, at least a serious one — since you can think through problems more easily when your body is relaxed. I would hate to tell you how many solutions I have gotten on the toilet.

The fingers had an effect and she started to moan very quietly. This was more of a result than I had expected, and it inspired me to go a little further than I had expected to. I bent down and nibbled her ear, and she told me that I could not nibble her ear and talk at the same time.

I laughed and she giggled and tugged my hand to her neck where she rubbed her cheek against the hair on the back. I decided to push the situation. I turned her chair around then (it was on wheels) and I got down in front of her on my knees. I put my hand behind the back of her head and pulled her face to mine. We touched our lips together and I waited a few heartbeats to see if she would resist.

There was no resistance as I pressed her lips to mine. Not at all. It was not clear to me whether she just wanted a moment’s distraction or if the situation — in her bedroom, with her parents close by — made her hot for me. My mouth opened — her lips parted. My tongue flicked between her lips and touched hers; our tongues moved along each other. It was a very nice feeling.

My tongue moved along her teeth, then my lips grabbed her tongue and pulled it all the way into my mouth. Then I stopped and we both laughed again. My mouth then went to her throat and I gently sucked it Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort and licked it at the same time. She softly moaned, and I wondered how far I should take this. I glanced at her bed, off to the side, and thought about her naked on it while I spread and filled her, her legs wrapped around me as I went deep in.

My hand reached for the buttons of her blouse and she reminded me that her parents were nearby. I told her that I did not care about her parents, only about her, She said “What if they catch us? The door doesn’t have a lock.”

I took her chair and rolled it to the door. The back of her chair was up to the door, with her still in it. I told her, “Now they can’t get in.” She giggled at that.

I started to unbutton her blouse, taking it very slowly, one button at a time, then I opened her blouse without removing it. She was not wearing a bra underneath. My neck bent down and my lips encircled her nipples. I gently sucked on them. My head moved from one breast to the other. Her nipples were very hard, and her breath grew more uneven.. Her African ancestry showed up in her black nipples more than in any other place.

She put her hands in my hair and lowered my head to her crotch. I unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, which was not easy to do while she was sitting down. She slipped lower in the chair to give me access to her. She moved my head right over her vagina. My tongue went into her; I spent a few seconds exploring her, finding her clit. My tongue moved over it, slowly, then faster and faster and faster. I was driving her up the wall. She could not stay still.

She told me, “I want you in me now. It’s crazy, but I want you.”

I told her I would have to go into her from the back, because she had to hold the chair against Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort the door. She said, “That’s ok, just do it now.”

Her hand came from my hair to my fly. She unzipped me quickly and pulled my pants down. She again told me that she wanted me. She got out of the chair to turn around and hold it against the door. She bent over slightly and dropped her panties. As the soft target was exposed she looked back at me anxiously.

My penis was very hard. I moved to her, my erection leading the way. I found the lips of her vagina and entered her. She stifled a cry and shook a little. I held her hips and started to push into her, then withdrew from her, but not completely. The back of the chair was against the door and she was leaning on the seat supporting herself with her legs far apart. I pushed in again and then withdrew. She moaned more and more as I went deeper in. I moved faster and faster. She was going crazy; her moans louder and louder. “Oh, my God!” she gasped. “I feel like it’s going to come out of my mouth!” With one hand I fingered her breasts from behind. The faster I moved, the faster she built. She was very close to peaking and her moans were very loud now, then as she started to orgasm she screamed. I shot my semen into her over and over again until I was empty.

We heard footsteps on the stairs outside the door and heard her father calling her name. Her parents had heard her cry out.

She very quickly buttoned up her blouse and pulled up her jeans while I zipped up my pants. She jumped into the chair and I rolled it back to the computer. Then her father burst through the door and started to demand to know what was wrong. She innocently told him that a spider had scared her.

Her father glanced up at me and I said: “It’s over. I nailed it as hard as I could.” Which was misleading though strictly true as far as the words went.

He believed her and was relieved (though a lot less than we were!) He left the room and we started to laugh. We never did use her bed, but all the later tutoring sessions were in my apartment so she was naked on mine quite a few times. She even learned some Fortran — after other things were taken care of.

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