From Friends to Lovers Ch. 26


Boxing Day dawned crisp and clear, and Beth pretended disappointment as she stood at the window looking out onto the white-covered garden. “I think the snow has frozen, so no more snowballs,” she ventured.

“I hope Marie’s OK driving up,” said Sarah.

“It’ll be fine,” I reassured her. “I walked out to the road and it’s been gritted, she’ll just have to take it steady on the drive.”

I got out of bed. “Turkey salad for lunch, but what would you two like for breakfast?”

Sarah thought for a moment. “Mm, just toast, I think.”

She put her hand on her stomach. “At least I don’t seem to be having a problem with morning sickness.”

We sat in the kitchen for a while, the girls nibbling on their toast, then Beth stretched. “Probably better put some clothes on, even if we are going to get more comfortable when Marie’s here.”

I made more coffee, and we returned to the kitchen table. “Oh, we got Marie a present too,” Beth remembered.

“Do I know what it is?” I queried.

She shook her head. “It’s a surprise.”

I heard the crunch of tyres on crisp snow. “Think our visitor is here.”

I went to open the door for Marie, giving her a hug. “We’re in the kitchen.”

The girls got up to welcome her, and Beth produced a gift-wrapped box. “Happy Christmas.”

“Oh, how thoughtful,” smiled Marie. “Can I open it now?”


I poured coffee for her, and she sat at the table, carefully loosening the bow of shiny ribbon, unfolding paper. “You do everything very precisely,” Sarah observed.

Marie chuckled. “Comes of working in a lab a lot of the time – I didn’t mean to be dissecting your gift…”

She lifted the lid of the plain cardboard box. “Oh! It’s beautiful.”

The girls had got Marie a bracelet in a pattern similar to Sarah’s engagement ring, and Marie slipped it onto her wrist, turning it this way and that. “It looks lovely on you,” smiled Sarah.

We talked for a while, then I glanced at Marie. “Ready for some lunch?”

“Mm, sure.”

I busied myself getting out the remains of the turkey, cold meat, other salad items, and everyone helped themselves. “This is delicious,” Marie nodded.

We finished our meal – “We have mince pies and mulled wine for later,” Beth promised – and I grinned at the girls. “No prizes for guessing what you’d like to do this afternoon.”

Beth shook her head. “We’ve been looking forward to introducing Marie to it.”

Marie smiled. “I’m intrigued.”

“This way,” Sarah invited, and Marie followed them through into the conservatory. The double doors were already open, the water steaming, and Marie’s eyes widened. “Mm – just the thing on a chilly day like this.”

She hesitated. “I didn’t bring a swimming costume or anything, though.”

Beth grinned. “No problem. First rule of the hot tub is that costumes, trunks, are banned.”

“Well, then,” chuckled Marie. “I don’t want to break the rules before I even start.”

I watched as she lowered the zip on her skirt, slipping it off and dropping it on the sofa. Her blouse followed, leaving her in the same lingerie she’d worn on the night of the party. “I do love the feel of silk,” she smiled.

Beth couldn’t tear her eyes from Marie’s figure. “Do you run or anything to keep in shape?”

“Once in a while,” nodded Marie.

She reached behind her back, shedding her bra, then slipped her thong down, and I heard Beth’s soft intake of breath. She stepped closer, reaching out hesitant fingers. “Can I…?”

“Of course.”

Beth’s fingertips trailed over the smoothness of Marie’s mound. “I’ve always wanted to try this,” Beth whispered. “Sarah, maybe we can do it together later.”

“You won’t get any complaints from me,” I hinted. “Now, hadn’t we better all gaziantep bayan escort finish getting ready for our soak?”

We shed our clothes, and I watched as first Marie then Beth slipped into the water, the two of them sitting on one side of the hot tub. “Looks like you’re with me,” I smiled at Sarah, offering her my hand to help her over the rim. I could see Marie’s thoughtful eyes on Sarah’s body, and I wondered how long it would be before she guessed another of our secrets.

Marie stretched out her legs, touching mine, and I caressed the inside of her ankle with my foot. “Mm, nice,” she breathed.

She glanced at Beth. “You’ve told me the first rule – are there more?”

Beth leaned to whisper in her ear, her eyes on my face, and I saw a distinct flash of desire cross Marie’s expression. “Oh, I think I could cope with that.”

Beth’s fingers caressed Marie’s cheek, and Beth pressed her mouth softly against Marie’s parted lips. “We have plenty of time, we can all get to know one another a little better,” she murmured.

“Want to join in?” I asked Sarah, and she nodded, catching her lower lip between her teeth. “Is that OK?”

“Of course,” I chuckled, and Sarah moved to her knees, her lips lightly touching Marie’s breasts. Marie gasped, stroking Sarah’s hair, and Sarah found an unexpected boldness, sliding her hand between Marie’s thighs and brushing curious fingertips over her smooth mound. Marie parted her thighs a little more, and Sarah slid fingers inside her, a rapt expression on her face as she watched Marie and Beth’s kiss become more passionate.

Sarah’s fingers moved more insistently, and Marie broke the kiss, gasping. “Oh… that’s heavenly.”

Beth bent to suckle her, Sarah’s mouth on Marie’s other breast, and Marie moaned. “Oh – oh god – just like that…”

Beth broke off for a moment, taking Sarah’s face gently in her hands and kissing her. “OK, love?”

Sarah nodded, and the two of them turned back to Marie’s breasts, tongues visibly sliding over nipples before Sarah suckled once more, Beth tugging lightly with her lips. Marie gave a soft cry, and Sarah’s eyes widened at the feel of Marie’s muscles clenching, rippling on her fingers. “Ohhh…”

Marie took a deep breath, and Sarah slid onto the seat beside her, both girls wrapping their arms round her, breasts pressing together. “Mm…”

After a few moments, Marie looked across at me. “I think Beth was saying something to me about rule two…?”

I got to my feet, crossing the tub, my hard tip level with her lips, and she glanced up at me with a knowing smile. “It would be rude not to…”

She took me in her mouth, and I gave a sigh of pleasure. I saw Beth put fingers between her lips, wetting them, reaching for my chest, and Sarah followed suit, drawing a gasp from me as both of them brushed fingertips over my nipples.

Marie raised her eyebrows. “Not difficult to guess your favourite thing,” she murmured, then resumed using her mouth on me. I tentatively flexed my hips, and I felt her smile around me. “Mm, yes, you can fuck my mouth, Mister Oakes.”

I didn’t know why her words stirred such a response in me, but I moved more urgently, feeling my release approaching. My nipples must have hardened more, because I saw Beth and Sarah exchange delighted glances before using their tongues a little more insistently on me. “Oh – oh, yes – I’m nearly -” I managed before I gave a gasping cry, thrusting into Marie’s warm wetness and spurting sticky fluid to the back of her throat.

She swallowed, lips still moving on my shaft, and finally I put my hand on her cheek to still her. “Oh, enough…”

Marie released me, glancing at the girls. “Now, are there any more rules?” she teased.

Beth considered. “I guess rule three is that everybody gets to join in,” she grinned.

“So do we need to return the favour?” I queried, raising an eyebrow at Sarah.

Beth shook her head, smiling. “Let’s have those mince pies – after that, we can introduce Marie to our lovely big bed.”

“And who knows,” nodded Marie, “by then Tim might have recovered enough to take part in something a little, well, creative.”

We got out, dripping, and I picked up a towel to wrap around Marie while Beth tenderly patted Sarah dry. The kitchen felt cosy after our short walk through the chilly air, and I slid a tray of mince pies into the bottom oven to warm. A pan of red wine with a sprinkle of spices went on the top of the Aga, and our afternoon refreshments were well in progress.

“I have a favour to ask, girls,” Marie ventured as we took our seats round the kitchen table.

“Clothes off, or on?” teased Beth.

“Definitely on, this time.”

Marie turned to me. “The lab equipment is pretty much ready – I thought I’d give you a preview, before we run through the full experiment when the rest of the team are back.”

“When did you have in mind?” I queried.

“How about tomorrow?”

I grinned at the girls. “Perfect. If I know these two, you’ll be setting off from here anyway.”

Beth pretended to look affronted. “As if we’d even think of taking Marie prisoner in our bedroom.”

I saw Sarah shiver a little with anticipation. “Mm, that sounds fun, actually.”

I poured our mulled wine, retrieving the mince pies. “Enjoy.”

“I’ll only have a sip,” Sarah ventured, and I saw a thoughtful look in Marie’s eyes, but she didn’t speak.

The girls let Marie have the last mince pie, and she used the tip of her tongue to sweep a little escaped icing sugar from her lips. “Mm, those were lovely.”

“Ready to explore a little?” Beth hinted. “You didn’t see our bedroom last time.”

We made our way upstairs, and Beth drew Sarah onto the bed, the two of them looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. “Thought both of you were going to play jailer,” I teased.

“Later,” Beth shrugged. “Right now we’re more interested in how you’re going to deal with both of us at the same time.”

“Not a problem,” I chuckled, flashing a grin at Marie. “Now, both of you turn so you’re facing the headboard -” I saw Beth breathe in, remembering how we’d used it a couple of times before – “then on your hands and knees next to each other. No peeking – the idea is you won’t know exactly who’s doing what.”

“Maybe with one exception,” teased Marie. “Though – not that I’ve ever tried this – I think there are ways a girl can even fake that.”

I gave her a shocked grin, pretending to fan my face. “Something for another day, if I’ve guessed right.”

The girls turned as I’d directed, exchanging a quick kiss, then studiously keeping their eyes forwards. I glanced at Marie, and we moved to kneel on the bed, me behind Beth, Marie behind Sarah. We started by gently stroking backs, then the smooth roundness of the girls’ bottoms. “Mm,” breathed Beth, “it really turns me on not knowing whose hands those are.”

My fingers drifted down the cleft of Beth’s bottom, brushing across her pink star, and she gave a quiet gasp. “That might give me a clue, unless you’re very bold, Marie.”

Marie touched Sarah in the same way, and I saw Sarah tense a little, then relax. “I don’t care if that’s you or Marie, Tim, you can do whatever you want there.”

I remembered that Sarah and I hadn’t ever indulged in that particular way, and wondered if today might be the time.

Marie’s questing fingers explored Sarah’s opening, then cupped her mound from behind, her thumb slipping inside Sarah briefly before starting to brush her nub. “Mm,” Sarah gasped, “that feels nice.”

I bent to use my tongue for a moment on Beth’s pink star, then my tonguetip probed at her already-wet entrance. “Oh, what you did just,” she moaned, and I threw a grin at Marie, then penetrated Beth with my fingers before bending to use my tongue again on her other entrance. “Oh god,” Beth gasped, “if you move harder with your fingers, that’ll probably get me there.”

I took her at her word, thrusting deeper, and Marie winked at me, her free hand moving to caress Beth’s breasts. “I know whose arm that is,” Beth teased, “I can see your bracelet, Marie, but I still don’t know if it’s you inside me.”

I slid my other hand between her thighs, fingertips pressing against her hard nub as I continued to tongue her from behind, and her voice was a mixture of ecstasy and confusion. “Oh – how are you doing that -“

Her words dissolved into incoherence as she climaxed, pushing her hips back on my fingers and my mouth as Marie squeezed one breast more firmly. “Ohh…”

I moved back a little and pressed my hardness into her, entering her, feeling her muscles still tensing a little. She relaxed, giving a satisfied sigh. “Mm, Tim, that feels good.”

I pushed my hips forward till I was touching her bottom, then lifted my hands from her body, looking to see how Marie was getting on with Sarah. Marie was still cupping Sarah’s mound, using her thumb on Sarah’s nub with obvious effect, and I leaned across, managing to cup both of Sarah’s breasts, brushing and squeezing her nipples in the way I knew she liked so much. “Oh,” she gasped, “Tim, that must be you, the way you’re touching me.”

“Maybe,” I teased. Marie moved back for a moment, then emulated what I’d done to Beth, penetrating Sarah with her fingers and reaching between her thighs to circle fingertips on her nub. Sarah began to gasp, “Mm, Beth, I don’t know how they’re doing this but Tim’s in you, isn’t he, and there are hands everywhere on my body, in me…”

She gave a gasping cry, her nipples hardening under my fingers, her hips pushing back against Marie, and I saw a spurt of clear liquid coat Marie’s fingers then trickle to wet the sheet. “Mm, well done, Sarah,” I breathed.

I moved a little more in Beth, then heard her quiet murmur of almost-disappointment as I withdrew. Marie and I changed places as quietly as we could, and I reached for the bottle of moisturiser on the bedside table, squirting some into my palm and waiting for it to warm. I made my fingers slippery, then reached to spread a little of the liquid on Sarah’s pink star. “You OK with this…?”

Sarah nodded. “I was wondering when you’d get around to taking me this way,” she breathed. “I was hoping it might have been sooner…”

I used my fingers to put the rest of the moisturiser on my hardness, mixing with Beth’s slipperiness, then pressed my tip against Sarah’s opening. I felt her tense, then relax, and to my surprise I slid easily past her ring of muscle, filling her. “Mm,” she almost growled, “That feels so good.”

“Can I look now?” Beth pleaded, and I relented. “Sure.”

Beth shifted position, kneeling beside Sarah, stroking her hair. Marie knelt watching, and I began to move more urgently in Sarah. “Oh – I’m nearly there -“

“‘Cos you were in me first,” teased Beth, and as she spoke, I reached the point of no return, thrusting in Sarah, releasing my warmth inside her. “Oh,” she gasped, “that feels so – different, but good…”

Finally I was spent, withdrawing from her. Marie leaned over to pull hankies from the box by the bed, her fingers gentle as she cleaned stickiness from me. “I think we succeeded there,” she winked.

“Mm,” breathed Beth, stretching out. “Now come here and give us both a cuddle.”

I slid beside her, and Marie lay down by Sarah, enfolding her tenderly. “Sweet dreams,” she wished us as I reached across to turn out the light.

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