Friday Night Spanking


Joe relaxed and leaned against the wall of the kitchen, watching as Pita finished the last of the dishes. He looked down her long copper-red hair to the edge of her pink, cotton skirt that ended about three inches beneath her ass. He watched intently when the material swished with her movements. He knew there was nothing under the soft fabric except even softer skin. He could feel his hand itch with his want for her.

Tonight was to be their first “Friday Night Spanking” in the new apartment. They had always wanted a regular spanking night once they finally were together in real life. They had said that setting a day aside, once each week, for erotic spanking would help remind them of their dominance and submission, no matter how busy life became, and keep their love for each other fresh and exciting.

She had felt Joe touch her almost constantly since he had picked her up late one morning at her sister’s home two weeks before. They had enjoyed a first spanking at the hotel, and it had been exciting and wonderful because everything was new. But tonight was different … special. They were more comfortable with each other, and they were finally in their home. Tonight he would make her ass red, her pussy wet, and her tears would flow from her dark eyes in their very own bedroom.

That thought had him shifting his weight and his cock twitching. Pita must have heard or sensed him behind her, and she turned to smile into his eyes. It was like she saw right into his soul. Her eyes twinkled with what he was thinking. She had already spent the day babbling on about how excited she was and had been teasing him every chance she got.

“Are you finished yet?” Joe asked. He walked up behind her tired of trying to resist touching her. His hands glided over her shoulders, down her back and under the skirt to cup her full, round ass cheeks. He had prohibited her from wearing panties without special permission. Pita giggled and pressed back against his hands as he gave her bottom a firm squeeze. He honestly prayed that this feeling of needing to touch her would never leave him. He also hoped she would never get tired of his hands on her.

“Yes, I’m finished. Did you want something Sir?” She giggled again as his lips bit her on the right ear lobe.

“You know damn well what I want and how I want it,” he growled into her ear turning her giggles into a moan.

He loved being with her, especially as her Dom. The fact that Pita was as happy as his submissive filled him with a joy and a purpose he had sought for years. He knew that in time they would become Master and slave. He already owned her heart and soul and the training of her body was something he planned to drag out for the rest of his life.

In fact, tonight Joe planned to step up the training. He planned on pushing Pita a little past the limits she thought she had. He wanted to keep her guessing and to help her break down the barriers for her body that kept her from fully giving herself. Until now he had been patient with her and had not caused her humiliation. But he knew if he didn’t push her a little, she would stay where she was and Joe couldn’t accept that for either of them.

Pita dried her hands on the towel next to the sink and turned around to face him. Her arms went around his neck and he held her close for a moment inhaling the scent of her hair and loving the warmth of her body as she snuggled against him. She tilted her face upwards, pursing her lips to kiss him. She was always bold in the way she expressed her love. Sometimes Joe thought they could live happily ever after with their lips locked onto one another’s. But, not right now, he thought as he pulled his mouth away from hers and smiled at her small whine of protest.

“If you are finished in here I have some things I would like you to do. I don’t want you to roll your eyes or try to argue what I will tell you.” He paused and drew back to look at her face.

“Is that clear Pita?” He watched her eyes as she transformed into his good girl.

“Yes Sir, what would you like?”

He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I want you to go take a shower, put on just a little make-up, put your hair in a pony tail, then put on the clothes I have laid out for you on the bed. OK?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. I want you to get into your position next to the chair that I have moved into our room for the night. Wait for me there.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I love you Pita, I love you very much.”

“I love you, my Joe.”

They kissed, and with a swat on her behind, he sent her off to take her shower while he went to into the computer room. He found he couldn’t actually do any work. When he heard the shower, he imagined he could see her naked body, the soap running off her breasts with milky streams of hot water. He knew that when she was done tonight, her delicate bits would be as smooth as satin; she knew her body was going to be the star of their show. Joe closed his eyes imagining her across his lap, open and exposed, levent escort giving herself to him. The power of the image was arousing and he touched the sensitive bulge in his jeans and impatiently glanced again at the clock.

When he heard Pita leave the bathroom and go into their bedroom, he half smiled imagining the shock on her face as she saw what he had laid out for her to wear. She would be panicked, but he also knew she would obey. Until now, he had allowed her to be shy about showing off her body. He knew she was self-conscious and didn’t like to be naked. But he knew that if he didn’t push her she would never understand that naked is how he wanted her. He wanted her to submit her body fully to him so she would know and believe that he really did love and accept her just the way she was.

He touched his cock again, as if that would ease the ache that had been there since this morning. God how he wanted her ass under his hand and her pussy wet for him! She was the hottest lover he had ever been with and everyday they were together yielded new layers of lust for them both. She admitted she was proud to be his slut. He thought enough time had passed, and he stood, pulling his shorts so they would drop past his erection. She was waiting for him.

At their bedroom, he turned the doorknob and went into the candlelit room. At the end of the bed near the chair, his throat caught his breath and he felt his cock jumped against his jeans. She was magnificent! He closed the door behind him and moved in front of her. She had done what he had asked. Pita was only wearing a black leather training collar, black stockings with black lace garter belt and black four-inch stilettos. Her red hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail with the ends hanging loose and brushing against her shoulders. She was in her submissive position with her palms upwards on her thighs and her eyes downcast. She was perfectly still but for the rise and fall of her breasts which told him just how nervous she was. He smiled softly down on her and felt the love for her fill his heart. What a brave girl his Pita was, and he so wanted her to see what he saw, but he knew that would take time.

“Pita, look at me.” Joe ordered her quietly, hoping he sounded Dom enough to not give away how nervous and excited he was.

Pita tilted her head up and looked into his eyes, “Yes Sir.”

“You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you Sir.” Pita smiled softly, and he could see her fight the tears that surfaced at his praise.

“Are you ok Pita?”

“Yes Sir, I…I just feel … naked,” she blurted out and blushed even more than she already had been. He swallowed his laugh and said.

“You look just like I imagined you would.” Joe reached out and stroked the top of her head lovingly. He reached his hand down and motioned for her to take it. Pita rose to her feet to stand before him. He was so impressed with her courage and her willingness to please him; he knew she would love nothing better then to grab one of his big shirts and cover up.

“Turn around, and let me see all of you.”

She looked like she would panic, but she was in her submissive mode and didn’t hesitate. Slowly, she turned in front of him. She was still not used to wearing such high heels, and one stiletto caught in the carpet and threw her off balance. Joe caught her in his arms.

“Well fuck, that was graceful!” Pita blurted out.

Joe busted up, and she laughed with him. She clung to him as they tried to gain composure, but every time she looked up at him, they broke into laughing fits again.

“Ok…ok…stop it!” Joe said, as sternly as he could.

“Yes Sir,” Pita said and bit her lip trying to get a hold on herself.

“God, how I love you little girl, even when you go and ruin a perfectly good moment.”

“Wasn’t me that picked out the shoes.”

“Ok, that is it, Little Miss Smartass!” Joe stated in his best Dom voice and sat down in the chair.

“Get over here … now, Pita,” he growled.

All traces of laughter or sarcasm fell from her face, and he could see her fall into submission and felt such pleasure at how quickly that happened for her. It was never a role with Pita. She was who she was, and Joe felt his heart swell with love and pride that she belonged to him.

Pita stopped in front of him. Joe reached out and ran his fingertips up her stocking-clad legs to the smooth skin of her thighs, stopped, and then slowly stroked back down again. When he went up again, he reached around her to touch her full, smooth ass cheeks. He looked up to see her eyes partially closed and saw the small pink nipples of her breasts already as hard as pebbles.

“I want you to lie across my lap, Pita.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

She went to the side of the chair and leaned forward. He helped her down, holding her securely. “Don’t be afraid I won’t let you fall.”

“I know, Sir.” Pita didn’t sound too convinced, but he could beyoğlu escort also hear the determination in her voice to not show it.

She lay across his lap. Joe told her to hold on to the legs of the chair while he pressed his hand against the small of her back to hold her against him. His eyes feasted on the view. My God what a sight she was! The garters were pulled tight over the backs of her thighs and attached to the black lace of the stockings. He ran his hand over the back of her legs and down her calves. Then back up to the inside of her thigh and back over to tease the strap of the garter. He ran the tips of his fingers higher over the outside of her ass, which he was saving to explore last, to the small of her back. Her skin was so white, like porcelain, cool and as smooth as silk. He touched the back of her neck and then the pony tail hanging almost to the floor. He grabbed it and pulled gently back, lifting Pita’s head from its hanging position.

“Are you comfortable little girl,” he said. He didn’t expect her to complain now.

“Yes Daddy,” she said softly.

“We have been waiting for this night all week haven’t we?”

“Yes, we have.” Pita answered breathlessly with anticipation and just a twinge of fear.

“Do you want me to spank you, Pita? Do you want me to make your ass all hot and red and My pussy wet and wanting?”

“Ohhhhh yes Sir! Please I want that so much.”

She enflamed him. His cock twitched and pressed as if searching. He seemed to always be searching for her. Joe laid his palm across her ass. Slowly and lightly he began to caress her. He felt her breathing quicken, and she stiffened.

“Relax, Pita. You have to trust me.” He felt her body gradually release its tension as she lay over his lap.

His hands moved across her soft, smooth flesh. He moved from one cheek to the other, feeling every twitch she made in his finger tips. He went lower, to the spot where her leg met her ass. Ohhhhh, how he loved that sweet spot! Joe ran his forefinger slowly along the crease between leg and butt cheek, and Pita wiggled as he got close to her pussy.

“Be still, Pita. Let me touch you without worrying that you will fall off.”

“Yes Sir,” she said and held herself still. Joe smiled down at her effort. She was very active when it came to anything sexual, and forcing her to be still increased her tension.

Joe’s moved his fingers along the crack of her ass and down to his favorite possession, Pussy. He very lightly brushed against her labia and then back up to her smooth ass cheeks again. He caressed her for a few more moments and then raised his hand and let the slap fall squarely upon her left cheek. Pita jumped in his lap and he held her tightly as his hand fell again on right cheek. Then back to the left, then the right, then a caress to smooth the skin and to her get used to the sting.

Joe noticed his heart pounding hard and felt his hand raining down in the same tempo on Pita’s ass and thighs. A very nice shade of pink was starting to rise in her white skin. His cock was pressing hard up against her. She moved to press her pelvis down onto it. Joe shut his eyes, feeling his cock pulse and throb. It wanted out, but he wouldn’t think of that until he was finished with the spanking.

“Your cock is hard Pita. Do you feel it?”

“Yes Sir,” her voice breathless.

“Do you want more Pita?”

“Yes, please, Daddy.”

He loved the way she said “Daddy.” His slut, his little girl! He brought his hand up and this time brought it down hard, in the center of her ass cheek, then on the other side just as hard. He poured blows on her thighs, making them as pink as her ass. Pita moaned and wiggled, both to meet the sexuality of it and to temper the pain. When she tried to close her thighs around her pussy, Joe instead moved his hand down and cupped her sex. Heat radiating from her sex; he pressed a finger into her slit.

“Your pussy is so wet, little girl. Does Daddy turn you on when he spanks you?

“Oh yes Daddy!”

He inserted his finger into her warm, moist cunt, working it in. Her pussy gripped his finger and he could feel her cunt suck him. Pita pressed back against his hand, moaning and eager for him to continue, or to increase his pace, to make her come. Joe slid the finger out, coated in her juices and spread it on her clit. Pita had the most sensitive, tiniest clit Joe had ever felt. He was amazed at how something so tiny could cause her so much pleasure. He circled the little nub while she wiggled with new eagerness.

“Don’t move, Pita!” It was an order.

She stopped. He took his hand from her pussy and rubbed it over her ass then down her legs again. Whack! He slapped her ass. He went into a steady rhythm, slowly building in speed and intensity. He loved the feel of the heat that was radiating from her soft flesh, her cheeks becoming redder with every slap.

“Ouch!” Pita cried out suddenly and all but jumped from kağıthane escort his lap. Joe tightened his grip and looked down at her with concern.

“What is it?” He asked.

“That hurts!”

“It’s supposed to, Pita,” he said, frowning in confusion

“I know, Sir.”

“Pita you have to use your safeword if you want me to slow down or stop.”

“I don’t want you to stop Sir. I just needed to say ouch.”

“Oh.” Joe frowned down at her and then broke out into a big smile. Of course, she would say ouch. Pita always said what was on her mind.

“Do you want more, Pita?”

“Yes Daddy…but?”

“What?” He asked, starting to feel a little perplexed by the woman over his lap with her sex open to him, her head dangling down and her red ponytail dragging on the beige carpet. He looked at her ass, pink from the top of her cheeks down to where the stockings started near the middle of her thighs. His hand caressed the hot skin as he waited for Pita to say what it is that she wanted.

“Uh…well…can you do it a little harder please?”

“Oh, you are such a naughty slut.”

“Yes Sir!” Pita giggled and Joe slapped her ass hard enough to cause her to flinch and cry out, “Owwww!”

He began spanking her harder and harder. He could feel the damp oozing from his cock. Pita’s ass was hot and red. His hand was stinging from the force. Joe slipped a finger into her pussy and was amazed at how wet she was. Her pussy juices coated his finger. He rubbed her clit and she moaned and pressed against him. It was difficult now with Pita writhing against his hand; he could hear sobs mixed in with her moans and knew not much more would be needed to send her over the edge.

“Ohhhhh Daddy!” She cried out, a mixture of tears and lust.

“I want you to come, Pita.” He fingered her faster, harder, until her body began tensing. Her cunt sucked at his fingers, her clit was swollen and hard.

“Come slut, come now for your Daddy!”

“Ohhhhh God! Ohhhhh Daddy!” Pita cried out and came against his hand, pressing hard and increasingly wet and slick against his palm and fingers. He rubbed and stroked her until he felt her spasms lessen. He stopped to caress her ass and pussy. He could hear her sobbing harder now and could feel her body tremble with emotion and the need she still felt. She was never finished with one orgasm and the next would be stronger and more intense.

“Pita, slide off of me please.” His voice was raw with feeling as Pita slid down his lap to lie at his feet. Her hands wrapped around his legs, and she cried. Her body shook from too many endorphins. He looked down at her for a moment as love and lust for her consumed him. He gently removed her hands from around his leg and helped her up from the floor to her knees. Joe took her face into his hands and looked down at her tear-streaked eyes and open mouth as she tried to catch her breath. He thought she had never looked more beautiful. He leaned forward and kissed one eye then the other, moving down to kiss her tear stained cheeks, tasting the saltiness of tears. She sniffed loudly, and he smiled. He reached over to her vanity table and took a tissue, handing it to her so she could blow her nose.

“Are you alright, dear?”

“Yes, Daddy! I feel great,” and with that she burst into tears again, this time mixed with giggles. She was on a high now and he could tell that if he didn’t reign her in she would be off and bubbling. So, he helped her to her feet and gave her another tissue. After drying her eyes, he motioned for her to turn around for him. This time her shyness was gone and she spun around proudly showing off her very bright red ass cheeks.

“Can I see, Daddy?”

“Yes you may,” Joe laughed.

Pita went to the mirror hanging on the wall and looked at herself. She twisted to the left, and then to the right, to get the full view of the damage that had been inflicted on her soft skin. She smiled and reached back to touch one flaming cheek.

“Oooo it’s hot!” She said with a giggle and winced from the pain, and then she giggled again.

“Yes, and pussy is still wet and Daddy’s cock is very tired of being cooped up.”

Pita looked down to his crotch and licked her lips. In her most seductive walk, which wasn’t much considering how much she wobbled in her shoes, she came forward, looking Joe right in the eye. His cock twitched the closer she got.

“What can I do for my Cock?” Pita asked looking into Joe’s eyes with so much love he felt his heart melt.

“Suck me,” he said quietly. Pita fell to her knees and wasted no time undoing his fly to release the hard cock from its confines. She took it lovingly into her hands and leaned forward to kiss the head. She rubbed the head over her mouth and face, the whole time looking up into his eyes. Joe grabbed her ponytail and pulled her face down onto his cock. He wanted to bury himself in her mouth and down her throat. She was so warm and wet, her tongue circling around and around the shaft. He felt his balls tighten and the head of his cock swell. He could hear her slight gags when he thrust against the back of her throat. He thought briefly that he should care if he was being too rough with her, but quickly stopped caring as feelings of pure lust had him pumping himself into her mouth.

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