Four Friends Ch. 06

Female Ejaculation

Many thanks go out to Marcia for her help in writing this one.

Annie stepped quietly into Chrissie’s room. “Mom and Dad just left.”

“I know, I heard,” Chrissie answered.

Annie sat on the bed beside her. “I wasn’t sure if you were awake.”

Chrissie rolled over to face her sister. “I certainly am. I’ve been laying here for a while just replaying last night. How are you doing after – everything?”

Annie smiled and sighed loudly. “That was fantastic! I loved it. Do you guys do that often?”

“We’ve been meeting every Friday night for the last few weeks. Not sure what will happen, but so far everyone’s having a good time, as far as I know.”

Annie looked at her in surprise. “A ‘good’ time? That’s a good time? How could it not be a GREAT time?”

“Yes, a GREAT time. I’m sorry that I mis-spoke. It certainly was a great time!” Chrissie looked at Annie and asked, “What was your favorite thing?”

Annie closed her eyes, enjoying the memory of the last evening for the twelfth time. “My favorite? Oh, hell, how do I pick? Fucking Billy – that was awesome. Just because he is Billy. I never would have expected him, of all people. And did you see the size of his thing?”

They both giggled at that, agreeing that his dick was quite large.

But Annie continued. “And being watched!” Geez, you were right. It’s hard to explain, but knowing those people were watching! Wow! And then doing it doggie while the others were fucking too! Them watching me, and me watching them! It kind of overloaded my mind How do you wrap your head around that?”

Chrissie nodded in agreement with everything, but couldn’t add any explanations. But Annie wasn’t done. Her voice got quiet, even though they were home alone. “At first I hardly noticed it was you, but… you were … playing with me. My tits. Even my… clit. And that kiss was really good!”

Chrissie looked away, but smiled at the memory.

Annie asked, “Have you had sex with a girl?”

Chrissie looked at her. “Well, there was you…” But that didn’t really answer the question. “Okay. Yes, I did once.”

Annie looked at her, quite interested, and just waited for more.

Chrissie waited, but knew that she had to tell. “Maria. Maria and I made out. Just once. Several of us went out, drank a lot, ended up at her house. The others left. We had another drink or two and I was too drunk to go home. I don’t even remember how it started, but we ended up in her bed, going at it. I really don’t remember it all, but I do remember cumming!”

“That’s so cool!” Annie said.

“And then you last night,” added Chrissie.

“Well, damn, girl, you were good,” Annie said. “In fact,” she spoke tentatively, “I could do that again.”

Annie reached over for Chrissie, her hand stroking her stomach softly, under her nightgown, waiting for a reaction.

Chrissie said nothing, but placed her fingers on Annie’s cheek, lovingly. Then she placed her hand behind Annie’s head and pulled her in for a kiss. A light, easy one, but then followed by another that became increasingly hot. Their lips were locked, their tongues began exploring each other’s mouths, while Annie’s hand cupped one of Chrissie’s breasts.

Chrissie moaned and placed a hand on Annie’s ass, squeezing that cheek and pulling her sister closer. Soon they both were removing clothing and running their hands all over their naked bodies. They stopped for a second and looked into each other’s eyes, then continued feeling their bodies.

Annie gasped when her sister’s hand gripped her pussy, tight. That was the biggest thrill so far, and it stopped Annie in her tracks as she reveled in the tingling that traveled through her whole body. She gasped again when she felt a finger enter her, then a Bycasino mouth closed over her breast.

“Dammit,” Annie said. “That feels so good!”

After another minute of enjoying the feelings she said, “That feels even better than when guys do it, I think.” Gasp! “You’re more tender.”

Chrissie moved to the other tit, and inserted a second finger to another gasp from Annie. Another minute or two and Annie was cooing, then Chrissie found her sister’s clit. This time Annie jumped and cried out a little.

Chrissie was still being very tender, very soft, but also very insistent. She was gradually bringing her sister higher and higher, enjoying the slow ride to orgasm. When she was close, Chrissie began to push her fingers into her vagina a little faster, more insistently. Her thumb was pushing harder on her clit. With her other hand she had been playing with Annie’s tits, mostly pinching her nipples. It was all coming to a head.

Annie began to moan, then louder as her climax was building. Chrissie had brought her along slowly, but she was getting rougher as she felt her sister getting close. Wanting a big explosion, Chrissie worked all of those places harder, quicker, drawing the orgasm out, and then – Bam! Annie exploded, her body bucking with orgasm.

Annie was cumming, exploding several times before she began to settle down. Her body was still tingling, and little ripples would course through her body every minute or so. Chrissie withdrew her hands and softly stroked Annie’s sides, stomach, face, bringing her calm and making her feel loved.

“Fucking hell!” Annie exclaimed. After a few more seconds she could continue. “You only did that once? You… you played my body. Knew just what to do.”

“I just did what I like done to me,” Chrissie replied.

“You like it slow and easy?” She asked as she calmed down further.

Chrissie hesitated. “I like it soft sometimes. Usually. But sometimes hard. Rough. Especially when I’m really turned on a lot.”

Annie looked at her. “Your little club seems like it’s pretty hard.”

“Yes,” Chrissie admitted. “We’ve been especially turned on, it seems. Get carried away.”

“Really turned on, huh?” Annie asked. “And now, too, It seems.”

Annie could tell that as she reached for Chrissie’s hardened nipples, and her enlarged clit. She was touching both and knew Chrissie had gotten very excited. And Annie had an idea.

She scooted up the bed. Putting her breast at Chrissie’s mouth, Annie said, “Suck on this.”

It wasn’t a request, it was a demand. Annie hadn’t meant it to sound like that, but Chrissie obeyed, opening her mouth to take in Annie’s nipple and a lot of her breast as well. Meanwhile, Annie was reaching over to open the drawer of the bedside table where she knew Chrissie kept her toys. She knew there was a little clit vibrator and a big rubber dick. They were easy to find and she took them out.

Removing her breast from Chrissie’s mouth, Annie turned around and reached down to Chrissie’s crotch. Her hands began roaming all around the area, from her stomach to her inner thighs and, especially, everything in between. Chrissie was allowing her to touch wherever she wanted, gasping and moaning when she passed over her clit and inside her pussy lips. After some of this foreplay she picked up the clit vibrator, turned it on, and began running it near her clit. Chrissie moaned a lot, wondering for a moment what it was and where she had gotten it. She eventually figured it out – or quit caring. She was enjoying the feeling immensely. Annie did not want to touch her clit directly a lot as she was afraid it might be too much. Each time she did Chrissie gasped, panting as Annie worked her over. Annie’s other hand had gone down to her pussy Bycasino giriş and began stroking her lips, working a finger into her hole, and together she had Chrissie gasping or moaning almost constantly.

Annie picked up the big rubber dick, temporarily leaving Chrissie’s pussy alone, though still working her clit. She examined the dildo briefly. Very life-like, she thought. Though big. It was about Billy’s size, that is, bigger than all the dicks she had seen except probably one. She wanted to get one of her own, but didn’t think she wanted one that big. She was afraid it would stretch her vagina out so that she might not enjoy normal sized guys as much. She would have to ask Chrissie about that. But this is what Chrissie used on herself – and now Annie would use it on her, too.

She ran it up and down Chrissie’s slit, getting it wet with the juices that were already there. Giving the vibrator a rest, Annie used both hands to push the dick in, slowly, holding the lips apart just a bit for comfort. Chrissie was now holding her breath as she felt it sink inside her, twisting around, going deeper. Somehow it felt differently to her when someone else was using it. It was the same when someone was watching her have sex, but now Annie was not only watching, up very close, she was also doing it. Controlling it. Chrissie could only lay there and take it, whatever came.

When it was in a few inches, Annie pulled it back and pushed back in, deeper. She did this a few times before she began to actually fuck her with it. In and out, firmly and deep, as if it was an actual guy. Breathing now, but moaning, Chrissie clutched the sheet beneath her with both fists, feeling the dick stretch her channel, rubbing all around her. This was almost like a guy fucking her but without the sweaty body weight on top, breathing into her face. Better? She wouldn’t say that, but different. And Chrissie was always looking for different.

Annie reached for the vibrator and began using it once again, now using it more on the clit itself, causing some yelps from Chrissie. That gave Annie another idea. She removed the dick and turned slightly, reaching up to position the dick at Chrissie’s lips.

“Open your mouth,” she said. “Suck on this.”

Chrissie did just what she was told, not sure what it was at first. She didn’t take long to figure it out, including the fact that it was her own juices that she was sucking off. Meanwhile Annie went back to Chrissie’s pussy, placing a finger inside. It seemed lost in there now so she put in two fingers, and finally three fingers to fill in the space. She twisted them around inside Chrissie to feel as much of her insides as she could, with the other hand still using the vibrator. Annie looked up at Chrissie, who was still dutifully laying there with that big cock sticking so obscenely out of her mouth. She seemed to be thinking of nothing but the pleasure Annie was giving her.

Chrissie indeed was lost in her pleasure. She had started out paying attention to everything that her sister was doing to her, step by step. But somewhere she had lost track of what was happening and her brain had actually shut off. Now not thinking at all. Just feeling. No real clue as to what was happening except the fireworks going on in her body. Her first orgasm came about the same time that her brain shut off. It rippled through her. Her stomach contracted, her hips pumped upward, her legs moved on their own, her fists still clung to the bedsheet. As the orgasm began to fade she felt a finger enter her asshole, where no-one had ever been before. Though not conscious of it at the time, it was a new feeling for her, and set off another orgasm. Or perhaps a continuation of her first one. She would never exactly know from now Bycasino deneme bonusu on.

Annie had once had a guy stick a finger up her ass. It was a surprise, to say the least, and quite a pleasurable one. She had gotten scared, though, thinking of how far he might go, and if he would try to fuck her in there. She didn’t want that at all, so she made him stop. She remembered how it felt, though, so added it to what she was doing to her sister. Only one knuckle deep, but enough to give her another incredible feeling. She felt Chrissie shaking when she came, and even she would lose track of Chrissie’s cumming. It would all run together.

Taking the cock out of Chrissie’s mouth, Annie once again placed it at her pussy, this time shoving it in harder, faster, almost immediately causing another shaking from Chrissie. This time accompanied by some “Fuck! Fuck! Shit!” comments, as she now had use of her mouth again. Even Annie lost track of what she was doing. She took turns paying attention to fucking Chrissie’s pussy and torturing her clit, trying to do both at once when she could think of it. She moved the vibrator down to her asshole at one point, just to see what kind of reaction she would get – Annie had to hang on to keep from being thrown off! Each time she moved to a different place now, Chrissie would react almost as if she was cumming again.

Chrissie was seeing fireworks. All different kinds. Sometimes little ones, like decorations at ground level, sometimes like the little single shots in the air, and sometimes the gigantic bursts that filled the sky with all different colors at once. This is all her brain was processing, and she had no idea how many times she saw each kind.

“Oh. Fuck!” Chrissie was out of her head, trying to talk, trying to process. “Fuck. Cunt. Fuck… my… cunt.”

Annie took both hands on the fake cock and started to ram it home, as hard and deep as she dared. She didn’t want to hurt her, but Chrissie had been able to take everything that had been done to her, and seemed to enjoy all of it. She kept this up as Chrissie was moaning uncontrollably, unable breathe for seconds at a time, finally bursting forth with the strongest orgasm she had ever seen. Annie didn’t quit then but did slow down. Chrissie was soaked with sweat, and the bed between her legs was soaked as well. She was a blubbering mess, and Annie was tired. They had both been through a lot for a long while. Chrissie shuddered a few more times as Annie brought her down slowly.

When Annie got off the bed, Chrissie didn’t move. She lay there with her legs splayed open, her arms spread wide, breathing hard, gasping for air. Annie almost hated leaving her, but she knew she would be okay. When Chrissie’s brain started functioning again she could not move at first. She didn’t want to. She tried to process what had happened, but couldn’t make sense of much of it. Couldn’t remember much of it.

She rose up eventually, and got herself off the bed. Her legs were weak. She had to catch herself with her arm to keep from falling, finally making her way to the bathroom and starting the shower. She needed a shower.

“What had happened?” She thought to herself.

She knew in general, but was surprised that she could not remember much. Her pussy was tender to the touch. So was her clit. Even her asshole seemed to be a bit sore. She knew she had cum. She knew at least twice. But there others she wasn’t quite so sure about. More orgasms, or aftershocks from one? She knew they had been very powerful. She would have to ask Annie what the hell she had done to her. Whatever it was, she was grateful. She knew she had enjoyed it beyond her imagination.

She didn’t even know how long they had been doing it. It could have been 30 minutes. It could have been three hours. She had no idea. She did know her body had been through a lot. Her knees still felt weak even after her prolonged shower. They could support her but she was being careful. Wow, that would have been something to have had on camera, she thought.

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