Forced to be a Fuck Doll III

Big Tits

“You dirty fucking slut. I specifically ordered you not to look at this mess.” The older man cruelly said while looking down at Ashlynn lying in a puddle of water.
He roughly grabbed her up by her hair and shoved his large dick in her face, “Clean me off, fuck doll.”
Ashlynn, crying again at having orgasmed, started licking at his cock quickly removing all her creamy pussy juice from it. As soon as she was done he ordered back onto the table and pulled out a length of rope from his case. HE tied her hands and arms firmly to the table and then grabbed her legs, folding them over her torso and tied her ankles to her wrists. She was uncomfortable tied with her ass and pussy bare and facing upwards. He reached again into his case and pulled out what seemed to be a small lunch box, reaching inside he pulled out a ziploc bag filled with ice cubes.
“You’ll love this, you nasty cunt.” He smiled as he inserted the first ice cube into her tender and ravaged pussy. Ashlynn squealed and immediately began to buck her hips, as tied as she was she could really only mange to shake her ass and pussy around invitingly.
“See? You love it, you can’t get enough, you disgusting whore.” He placed another ice cube in, and then another, until it seemed her pussy was filled with freezing ice. She began to whine and plead, “Please, take it out, I can’t take it!” She was wiggling around wildly.
“Oh, shut up…you need to get used to the fact that you have no choice anymore…you’re just a piece of fuck meat for me and whoever has the money to pay. And frankly, I’m quite bored with you already…I’ll leave you here like this for the workers to find..I know they love to take liberties with the sloppy goods whenever they can. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime if your next owners don’t completely destroy that cunt of yours.” He slapped her ice filled pussy hard, gathered his stuff, and left.
Ashlynn lay on the table in shame crying, not knowing whether she wanted the worker men to come find her or not, the ice was starting to melt and she could feel it leaking out of her pussy and form a cold puddle around her. Knowing that the man didn’t even use a condom sickened her..and yet her clit tingled as she remembered her own orgasm. She thought to herself, Am I ever going to be free?

Moments later a man entered the room, one of the workers from earlier but alone this time. As soon as he saw her tied in such a degrading position he started laughing. “Hahaha, Mr. Statler sure likes to have his fun. It still looks like your ass is pretty intact…I guess he wasn’t interested today.” The man walked up to her and put his palm up to her pussy, “Nice and cold…I bet you love that ice in your snatch! Too bad though, cum bucket, we got to get you all cleaned up for tonight. You’ve been invited to a party!” After saying that he forcefully pressed his pal against her lower stomach and the few remaining ice cubes shot out of her pussy and skidded across the floor.

“Home run!!!!”The man laughed as if it were the funniest thing ever and Ashlynn clenched her eyes shut in mortification.
He roughly untied her bonds and dragged her off the table, holding the nape of her neck as if she were a unruly pet. He led her out of the room, down a few hallways and into a large bathroom facility with several shower stalls.
“Alright, get in there as wash up…you liked those ice cubes so much, I’ll let you take a cold shower!” He shoved her into a stall and turned on the water. She yelped as the cold stream hit her and she noticed the man wasn’t budging, just watching her shower. He threw a bar of soap at her and laughed as she scrambled to get it.

Finally after a few minutes and beginning forced to strike degrading poses, her shower was finished. The man had given her some expensive fragranced lotion to put on all over and then gave her some black lace panties to put on.
“What’s going to happen to me now?” She timidly asked the man.
“I told you…you’re going to a party! You’re quite popular, little miss slut. I hope you’ll be friendly for your own sake!” He then put a cloth bag over her head, and covered her with a long coat and then took her threw a door, she felt from air that was outside but she was immediately shoved into a vehicle. Before long she was dragged out, walked up some stairs and was thrown into a room.
The place seemed to be some kind of large penthouse or suite, and very expensive looking. There was a large bar and many cushy chairs and couches. She soon noticed another girl, dressed only in panties as well, sitting on one gaziantep escort kızlar of the couches.
“Now look here, you got it nice so far…trust me. Unless you want to end up being rabbit fucked by a bunch of greasy truck drivers you’ll do as your told and not be little bitch about it. Now go sit by that other little cunt and try not to get too horny.” He spun her around, pushed her further into room and after slapping her ass left.
The other girl wearily looked at her and moved a bit to make room for Ashlynn. She noticed that they both looked pretty similar, both petite with larger breasts, and pretty faces except for that this other girl was nearly blonde while Ashlynn has black hair. She was going to ask her if she knew where they were or anything at all about the situation, but a large door entered at the opposite end of the room and a crowd of laughing men entered.
“And now, gentlemen, for the entertainment portion of the night!” One of the men said, dressed in an expensive suit. It seemed to Ashlynn that were all clearly drunk.
“Wow, you sure know how to celebrate!” Several of the other men slapped the main one on the back.
The all went to the bar and poured themselves various drinks, Ashlynn counted 12 of them.
“Well, first of all, no pets on the furniture, you sluts!” The main man viciously grabbed each of the girls by one of their nipples and dragged them off the couch. “You’ll be staying on the floor unless we saw otherwise.”
Both of the girls had lost their balance and were now sitting next to each other on the floor in the center of the room. The men gathered around to inspect them. Various hands were reaching out and pinching her nipples, pulling at her hair, and slapping her ass. When they were all satisfied with their observations they all took seats on the surrounding chairs and couches, all facing towards the two girls.
“Well, let’s start the fun. I think a night of games is just what these two little bitches need. They’re both so fucking hot…nice big tits…I wonder who has bigger ones. We’ll just have to find out” There were murmurs of agreements and chuckling.
“Sluts, start getting cozy…don’t let us make you uncomfortable. Kneel towards eachother and start rubbing your tits together…keep your hands behind your backs”
Ashlynn was wide eyed in disbelief, she looked over to the other girl who was already inching near her. She must be more used to this, Ashlynn thought. Remembering what the worker man threatened earlier, she got on her knees and moved toward the other girl as well. The blonde shoved her tits up against Ashlynn’s and began rubbing them in a circular motion. A tingle immediately shot through Ashlynn’s stomach and settled into a warm throbbing in her pussy. The blonde girl has much larger areolas, with larger nipples that were sticking straight out. Ashlynn’s breasts were rounder and firmer, with medium sized areolas and tiny nipples.
“Come on, shake ’em!” A man yelled out.
The girls started to bounce up and down on their knees, causing their tits to flop around, their nipples slapping against eachother. Angrily Ashlynn noticed that she was starting to get damp.

“Alright, that’s enough. I think Blondie win’s the big tit trophy, but the black haired one…let’s call her Fuck Doll, has firmer ones. Now, let’s see about those pussies. Girls, take each other panties down with your teeth,”

Ashlynn looked at the other girl, and then leaned down to her hips and bit down on the side of panties and began to pull down. She barely had her teeth around them when one of the men threw his beer can hard at her head. “No! Pull them down at the crotch, fuck box!”
Ashlynn paused for a second, and then slowly moved her head towards Blondie’s pussy. Blondie spread her legs and Ashlynn tried to bite her panties down without touching her pussy. It was slow and awkward but she finally got them. Then she layed down with her legs spread for Blondie to do the same, Blondie was way more quick about it and Ashlynn felt her teeth and teeth graze her pussy as the panties were ripped down.
“Now, that was a good job!” One of the men yelled while another beer can was thrown at Ashlynn.
“Alright, on your hands and knees, cunts, and present yourselves!!” The men all chuckled.
Ashlynn and the other girl turned around , got on their knees, and spread their cunts.

“Whoa, look at Fuck Doll! She’s already wet! What a fucking dirty little slut!”

The men got up and began prodding the girls’ pussies…Ashlynn felt her lips being tugged and pinched, someone flicked her clit and she winced with pain. Suddenly she felt something wet being poured on her, one of the men had dumped his glass of champagne all over her cunt.
“Lick it off, blondie!”
The other girl started lapping the champagne out of her folds, Ashlynn shuddered with delight as the velvety tongue explored her. Ashlynn was trying to mentally prevent herself from being turned on, but she couldn’t help it. Her eyes were shut tight trying to ignore the sensations when something began lightly slapping her in the face. She opened her eyes to see a large double ended dildo being waved in front of her face by one of the men.
“Open up, bitch.” And before she knew it the toy was shoved down her throat, she immediately started gagging, but the man just keep violently fucking her throat with it. The force he was using caused her body to rock back and forward, shoving her now soaking pussy into the other girl’s face.
“Alright, let’s make them switch. Fuck Doll wants some sloppy wet pussy as well.” One of then roughly grabbed her face and turned her completely around, and another grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face first right onto the Blonde Girl’s damp cunt and began smearing her face around for a moment.
“Tongue fuck that whore!” The men cheered.
She saw the other end of the dildo being shoved into the girls mouth as she was tentatively licking. She had never went down on another girl before and was slightly disgusted at first. Not so much because of the pussy, but she had no idea where this girl had been…knowing that she had been a slave longer than Ashlynn had, who knows where that pussy had been? Quickly enough however, another man shoved her face into her cunt again and Ashlynn began licking more urgently. She noticed that the blonde girl’s clit was extremely swollen, much larger than hers ever got, Ashlynn began to suck on it while pressing her nose into her wet hole.

“Alright, that’ll do.Now let’s see which one of these girls has more school spirit! You sluts are going to fuck this toy pussy to pussy…the first one who cums will be the winner! The loser has to suck every dick here!” The main man announced.

Ashlynn was confused at first but quickly got the picture when the slobbery dildo was shoved deep into her snug pussy…she was pushed to be aligned with the blonde girl, both on all fours. Then another man pushed the other end of the thick dildo into Blondie’s pussy. Finally Ashlynn felt lucky for always cumming so quickly. Both of the girls desperately not wanting to have to choke on all 12 dicks were fucking the dildo wildly. Ashlynn was uses her hands and knees to press back onto the dick madly, she noticed some flashing going on and realized men were taking pictures. Finally, Ashlynn and Blondie were pretty much pussy to pussy and slapping noises were being made when their asses smacked together. She heard the men making bets with one another on who would win, while other were slapping at her bouncing tits. She was beginning to feel the need to climax and began wildly fucking the dildo, no longer embarrassed whatsoever, she was gyrating her hips as well. Finally the first hot wave swept over her and she involuntarily screamed as a stream of hot liquid shot out of her spasming cunt. Hot liquid was literally spraying out of her, something that never happened before, and the panting Ashlynn sank to floor and the dildo popped out of her. Did I just pee, Ashlynn thought to herself.
“Fuck yeah, Go Fuck Doll! She really fucking wanted it! And it definitely wasn’t faked at all, the little bitch in heat squirted all over Blondie’s puss!”
So, that’s what squirting was, Ashlynn thought, she had always believed it was a myth. She looked over at the blonde girl, her pussy and thighs were dripping with Ashlynn juice and she shot Ashlynn a mean but sad look.
“Alright, cunt…you know what you have to do! You will suck each and every one of our cocks and don’t even think of swallowing the cum, you greedy little cum guzzler. Instead your going to spit all of our cum into this bowl, got it?” The main man condescendingly spoke to Blondie while holding a large metal bowl up.
“And you, Fuck Doll…why don’t you amuse the men who are waiting for their turn by showing us exactly how much that little pussy can take?” He nodded towards one of the other men, and he went to grab a large box out of the closet which when opened revealed a quite a number of dildos.
While the blonde girl started sucking her first cock, Ashlynn was handed a long rubber dick probably about 2 inches wide. Ashlynn lay before the men where her knees bent and legs spread wife open and she easily placed the first toy in. She was quickly handed another of about the same time, it was slightly painful but she got it in. Then she was handed some some rubber attached beads, these were quite a bit more difficult to get it. He hole was straining to keep all of it in, but the odd shape of it all prevented it from sliding out. She couldn’t help but feel like such a whore laying there spread out before a bunch of random men with 3 dildos shoved up her snatch.
“That cunt needs to be stretched out, Fuck Doll. Let’s keep it all in there for awhile!”
“I think she should get up and crawl around with all that hanging out of her pussy!”

Getting the hint, Ashlynn awkwardly got on all fours…clenching tightly to keep the toys in place, and began crawling around on the floor to give the men a view.
“Shake that ass, slut!” The men cheered.
Ashlynn shook her ass around, the dildos flopping up against her thighs and pussy for all the men to see.
“Whoa, I think you’re making Blondie jealous! A dick in her mouth isn’t enough to keep her satisfied! Crawl over and pick a toy to fuck her ass with!”
Ashlynn could hear the blonde girl moan with dismay while a fat dick was throat fucking her mercilessly but she slowly crawled to the toy box anyways. All of the smaller toys were already shoved up Ashlynn’s cunt so she really didn’t have anything nice to choose from, but she finally settled on a plain smooth dildo…pretty thick at probably about 4 inches…but at least it didn’t have spikes and things on it like the others. She then crawled over to the blonde girl, sucking another cock with cum dribbling down her face, and rose the toy up.
“Hey, hey, hey! Getting a bit carried away there, huh? You gotta lube her asshole up first, stupid slut. Start licking! Stick that ass out, blondie!”
Ashlynn was not about ready to lick someone’s asshole and she stared at the man with a blank look on her face. “Oh? Maybe you want the dildo in your ass, you greedy little cunt?” The man taunted.
Ashlynn didn;t hesitate to start licking the blonde girls puckered hole, she tried to spread as much saliva as she could on the girl’s asshole and finally one of the men said it was enough.
She rose the giant dildo up to Blondie’s asshole and began twisting it in…Blondie moaned with discomfort much to the pleasure of the man who’s dick she was sucking. Obviously Blondie had been anally fucked many times before becase even though it was going in slowly, it was going….Ashlynn didn’t even think it would fit in her virgin ass. After about a minute almost the entire length of the huge toy was crammed up Blondie’s ass and Ashlynn could see the taut skin around her asshole strained tight.
After Blondie had moved on to yet another dick the men began to cheer, “Shoot it out, blonde bitch! Tighten that asshole!” Ashlynn watched the blonde girl wince as she tried to tighten her stomach and asshole and grunt with effort, then the large dildo was forcefully pressed out of her ass.
“YEAH!!!! Now let’s see that asshole!!!”
Ashlynn watched as some of the men spread the blonde girl’s ass cheeks to reveal a gaping asshole…Ashlynn was amazed.
“Alright, that’s the last cock to be sucked! Now it’s time for the winner to have her prize!”
Ashlynn looked around fearfully, what prize?
“Alright, fuck doll, on your back!” a man yelled at her.
As soon as she lay on her back, two men grabbed her ankles and yanked them up and towards her head. Her ass and pussy were spread and up in the air and she was looking around wildly. The three didos were ripped out of her cunt, leaving it gaping and hanging wide open.
“Blondie, go grab the funnel over there. Hurry!”
Once the main man had the large funnel he mercilessly stabbed it into Ashlynn’s wide pussy.
“Alright, cum slut, your dream has come true! We’re going to dump all our jizz into your nasty cum thirsty pussy!”

“No!!! No!!! Please don’t!” Ashlynn yelled, it seemed so dirty and degrading to have all that sperm inside her…she wasn’t even on birthcontrol.
The men just laughed and the metal bowl full of sperm was handed to blonde girl.
“Go ahead, bitch. Don’t get jealous, just pour it in your friend’s filthy snatch!”
And with that the bowl was dumped into the funnel, and Ashylnn could feel the cold ooze creeping into her. It took awhile to all drain in, but when it did Ashlynn felt completely filled up with the cold and sticky cream. Instead of letting her legs go immediately, one of the men produced a thick black cunt plug and jammed it into her pussy trapping all the jizz inside. Then the two men holding her legs let go and left Ashlynn laying on the floor filled with all their cum. All the men were joking around with each other and barely paying the two girls any more attention all left the pent house.

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