Farmboy (1-7)


This is my third story that i’ve posted so far. It is one of my favorites. If it seems a little hokey in the beginning…read through and I promise you’ll enjoy it. This is a work in progress. Can you guess what will happen next?


The bucking sensation from underneath me could only mean one thing… car trouble. My luck had finally run out on this old piece of shit I have been driving for a year longer than I could have expected. It would be my luck to have it die in the middle of this country road. Taking the scenic route made more sense an hour ago as I slipped off the interstate for a change of pace. I’m not sure if I would be better off on the highway or on this rolling countryside. Only time will tell.

Pulling off onto the grassy shoulder, I’m wishing I had paid more attention to my dad’s tinkering with his old Chevy when I was growing up. My knowledge of mechanical things was is limited to a user’s perspective. What I know about engines can be put into half a thimble. I shut off the engine and roll down the windows. The breeze is cool on this warm sunny day. I close my eyes for a minute and enjoy the soft sounds of the farm country I didn’t bargain for. But it’s nice… and I doze off.

“Hey mister. You dead?” What???, I say. “I guess you ain’t dead if you ‘kin tawk.”, he said in a monotone voice. As I come out of my temporary coma, I open my eyes and see a figure standing at my window. It takes me a second to get my focus but I start to realize that this young farm boy is wondering why I’m off on the side of the road sleeping. “Don’t you have a bed to sleep on?”, he asks in that same kind of monotone voice. Yeah, I say, my car broke down and I guess I dozed off. Where am I? “Plethry… yur in Plethry. Must be yur first time.” It is, reply. “So what’s wrong with yur car?”, he asks. I don’t know, my friend. I don’t know the first thing about cars. I think it just died. I think I need a tow truck. Do you have a phone I could use? “Yep… got one back at the house. Lemme take a look-see first…if ya wunt.” Sure… go ahead. I would appreciate that, I say with a smile. He smiles back. “My names Buck. Wutts urs?” My name is Bryce. It’s nice to meet you Buck. “Is Bryce a girls name? You aint’ a gurl.” I laugh and say, no… it’s a guys name. But I guess you’ve never heard that name before. “OK, my new friend Bryce. I will check things out for you.”

As he moves around to the front of the car I get a better picture of my country friend. I’m guessing he’s in his early to mid twenties, six-foot tall and beefy. I can’t help to notice his muscular arms that are well tanned from the sun. Those aren’t Bowflex muscles… those are a hard working man’s muscles. I hadn’t noticed before, but he’s wearing blue overalls with no shirt on. I can see a bead of sweat in the center of his chest slowly trickle down his well defined chest. I get a twinge in my shorts as I quickly fantasize about running my hands over his hard shoulders and chest. I guess I would describe him as broad and beefy. I focus in on his light brown hair with a thin coat of sun-bleached body hair that looks so sexy against his tanned skin. I wonder if years of exposure will eventually turn that smooth tender skin into leather in the years to come. I hope not… he’s stunning to look at.

I get out to see if I can help but I’m certain I will be of no use. Perhaps the chub in my pants is urging me to get out there and get a better look at this potential hottie. I get to the front fender and rest my hands on the car. I ask if he sees anything. He says, “Yep… an engine.” He lets out a childish giggle that catches me off guard and I finally get the joke. You’re a smart guy, I quip. “Naw, I ain’t smart…. just funny.” I couldn’t help but to chuckle and agree. My sarcasm and his simple humor have just bonded. As he bends over the front of the car, I watch his muscular torso move inside his loosely fitting overalls. I can’t see an ounce of fat on this boy and I’m wishing I could see more flesh. Almost as if he could hear my thoughts, he unsnaps his overalls, pulls down the front, and ties the straps loosely in front of him. “Need more room to move”, he assures me with a smile. I can’t help but to stare at his tight form as he fumbles with wires and belts. There is a natural channel that runs down the center of his back that is accented by the lateral muscles. I’m kinda dazed as my mind wanders and I’m embarrassed when I think he catches me staring. He smirks a little and turns back to his work without a word. “Give her a try.” he directs and I snap out of my daze. Oh, yeah… slipping behind the wheel. I turn the key and crank it. It cranks feebly and it’s clear after a few tries that it’s not going to start.

Thanks for trying, I say to him sweetly. “Dang, it’s really dead; better call a tow truck. C’mon with me and I’ll ride you up to the house.” For the first time, I notice that he has an usual mode of transportation… a tractor. It’s parked behind my car and I can’t believe that I didn’t see it until now. But in fairness to myself, I was distracted by this handsome adonis. “Yur gonna have to stand on the side, if ye don’t mind.” Not at all, I say. Buck hikes himself up into the seat and looks down at me. I’m not sure where he wants me to stand because there’s no seat. “Ye gotta stand on the step.”, he points and then extends his hand to me. I grab onto his hand and I feel like a child being gripped by an adult’s hand. His hand is huge and powerful. I can feel the callouses on my baby smooth hands. We couldn’t be any more different physically and perhaps mentally. He gives me a tug and without any effort, I’m up on the step. On the way up I have the opportunity to admire his body from his powerful shoulders to his six-pack. I find that I have no other option for staying on board except for holding on to his arm or shoulder. Sensing my dilemma, he takes my hand and pulls until my arm is around his neck. At first I’m uncomfortable, but I quickly warm up to the idea. I can smell the sweat on him; a little musky. It’s sexy in an animal sort of way. Without realizing it, I lean into him. He responds by putting his arm around my waist and says, “don’t worry…I won’t let you fall.” I wonder if he can tell that I have a hard on in my pants that is pointed right at his face. At some level, I hope that he does.

After several minutes of our safe and sexy embrace, we reach the house. I missed the whole trip while studying every feature of his face, from the tight and tan smooth skin to the strong jaw and broad nose. His eyes are a steely grey-blue color that seem extra bright in the sun. How had I missed those beautiful eyes until now? Eyes are usually the first thing I notice on a hot guy. I’m a little frustrated that the baggy overalls keep me from getting any sort of glimpse of his lower half. I’m a pig at heart and I’m dying to see what is concealed beneath the denim. We stop abruptly and I almost lose my balance. I tighten my grip around his neck and instantly he pulls me close. If he didn’t notice the hard on before, he should be fully aware now. Buck shuts off the engine and I wait for instructions. “Yur gonna hav te jump down”, he says to me with a smile. I look down and quickly calculate my chances of twisting my ankle. I’m very safe… always. I’m out of my element and it’s not comfortable at all. I’m reluctant to let go out of fear, but staying much longer might give him the wrong impression. I chuckle to myself thinking about what the wrong impression really is. I decide to take a bombs-a-way approach and just jump.

The farmhouse seems like it’s out of another century. It’s a little run down and the yard is just slightly over grown. There’s a covered porch that runs the length of the house; complete with rocking chairs and a swing. Buck drops out of the sky and lands next to me and urges me up the stairs and opens the door for me to enter. The inside has a 40s decor but everything is neat and organized. We enter a galley style kitchen and Buck points to the table for me to sit at while he gets us a cold drink. “Everyone is out.” he announces as if I had asked out loud. I comment on the excellence of the lemonade that I am drinking and my host proudly states that it’s freshly made. I stammer a little looking to make some small talk, when Buck suddenly interrupts and says, “I think yur han’sum”. Thanks, Buck, I reply with a nervous smile. I think you’re a very handsome guy, too. “Ye really think so?” he said excitedly. Yes, absolutely. I tell him that he is good looking from head to toe. He smiles with an adolescent grin and looks down at his glass. I’m a little nervous, too and I’m not sure what to say or do. So I take another sip of lemonade.

“Kin I kiss you?”, he blurts out and then looks down at his glass. Ummmm…. well… uhhh… sure, I guess that would be okay. I’m shocked by his boyish boldness but I assure you that I am very pleased to get his request. Buck stands up quickly and comes over to me. Not knowing what exactly to do, I stand up and wait for him. He leans over and gives me a quick peck on the lips and stands straight up. He seems to be looking for approval. Not bad, I say… wanna try again? “Uh huh… I do” and he comes back in for another peck. This time I put my arm behind him and hold him to my lips. He almost tries to pull away but lingers a little longer. This time I kiss him and rub my lips against his. He seems to get comfortable with that and returned the kiss. After a few seconds I open my mouth a little. I’m willing to be patient with someone who is inexperienced. With that, Buck wraps arms around me like a blanket, cocks his head slightly, and pries my lips apart with his tongue. His tongue is cool from the lemonade; it’s big and fills my entire mouth. I struggle to accommodate his probing tongue and I swear I’ve never had anyone’s tongue so deep in my mouth before. He is gentle and passionate and it doesn’t take long to realize that this isn’t his first time. Our gentle and passionate kissing heats up and I can’t seem to get enough of him. I find myself making mmmmm sounds while we kiss and I start to suck on his tongue like a cock. It doesn’t take but a second for my farmboy to get into the rhythm and he pushes his tongue out to get it sucked properly. He seems to like it and that’s all the encouragement I need to keep at it. Soon he gets so into it that he’s ramming his tongue in and out of my mouth.

My cock is throbbing in my pants as I rub my hands all over his shoulders and back. Getting a little adventurous, I slide my right hand down the back of his overalls and grab at his ass. It’s solid but meaty and I’m distracted from my tongue-fucking trying to get a good feel. I feel Buck’s arms come around me and he pulls me close to his body; giving me no choice but to grope both ass checks. I feel his muscular ass through a soft cottony fabric as I grope frantically. What I want more than anything is to get down to bare skin but I don’t want to seem so whore-ish. Buck pulls out of our tongue-fuck and makes his way down the side of my neck, kissing and sucking my skin like he’s tasting me. His mouth covers a huge part of my neck and I’m enjoying the sensation. He nibbles at my neck with his lip-covered teeth. At this moment, I wouldn’t mind if he bit and sucked me until it left a mark…but how would I explain that? I’m lost in the intenseness of this embrace and I finally make my move up and over the waistband of his underwear. Oh, fuck! His skin feels as smooth and tight on his ass as it looks on his chest. I bury my face into his chest and breathe in his scent. I have never smelled anything quite like him before and I want more. I inhale deeply and his aroma fills my nose so much that I can taste it in my throat. Buck continues to kiss my face, head and ears while I make my way down his chest with my lips. His chest hair feels like silk across my lips and I suck it lightly into my mouth as I kiss and suck his skin gently.

I slip my hand down the crack of his well defined ass and zero in on his hole with my middle finger. Buck moves slightly and it seems that he wants me to have full access to his opening. Rubbing in a circular motion, he easily takes the tip of my middle finger into him. He moans lightly and it gives me the clue what he might like. Moving a little farther south, I rub the back of his sack. I find a pleasant surprise when I feel the root of his cock buried under his balls. It’s hard and thick and I can’t help myself by stroking it with a finger on each side. Unfortunately, I can’t get to his balls so I retreat back to his button.

I feel a bump on my lips while kissing his chest and instinctively push my tongue against it. His nipple is hard and so full that I can’t resist encircling it with my tongue. I stimulate the areola and Buck reacts by shivering a little bit and drawing in two short breathes through his teeth. I’m pleased with myself because it gets me hard knowing he is enjoying it. Opening my mouth wide, I suck and slurp at his breast until my saliva drips down his stomach. I playfully flick the nipple with the tip of my tongue and Buck grabs my head and holds it in place. I continue to flick while he runs his fingers through my hair with both hands. Looking up, I see his eyes closed and his head back. Damn I’m good.

I decide to get things moving again and kiss my way down his stomach. I’m a little frustrated that I can’t seem to get even a little skin to suck because his stomach is so tight. I quickly form a Plan B and decide to lick those rock hard abs. His skin is salty from sweat and I find myself lapping in an upward motion. Soon I get to the area I’ve been waiting for… the navel. I have a strange attraction for navels that really turns me on. Buck’s navel is perfectly round with a little knob inside. I kiss all around his navel and feel like I’m devouring him as I put my mouth over it. I probe with my tongue and find the little knob with the tip of my tongue. Flicking my tongue against it I feel a wave of horniness from my stomach up to my chest. My own nipples are now rock hard.

My hands are well anchored on his hips. I have always said that hips are the sexiest part of a man. Yet even now I suspect that there are many other sexy parts on this hot stud. Sliding my hands up and down his sides, I caress him gently. I’ve reached the point where I’d like to see more of his manly form. I unsnap his overall buttons at the waist in unison and they drop instantly. What I see catches me a little off guard and I grin undetected. My farm boy is wearing tighty-whities! I haven’t seen TWs in years. But OMG, he really fills them out! I kiss and nibble around the waistband (a favorite thing of mine to do) and then make my way down to the prominent bulge he has waiting for me. Kneeling before him, I place my lips on the hardness through his briefs and nibble up and down the shaft. Buck’s cock jumps and strains against the fabric. I pull at the waistband and allow just the head to be exposed. I’m always a little nervous about handling an uncut cock properly. Some guys need to go slow at first before you can really go down on it. His foreskin is already back so I kiss the head and suck it into my mouth before making any attempt to slide down the TWs. There’s a good amount of precum at the head and I milk it until I get the salty treat I want so badly. Buck moans a little as I lick the ridge of its head, circling around it, kissing it, and sticking my tongue tip into the hole.

Caressing him gently, I slide both my hands into the top of his briefs and slide them down his hips and thighs slowly. As more of his erection is revealed, I take it into my mouth slowly. His meat is hot in my mouth and I take about half of it before I feel it poking the back of my throat. Slowly, up and down, I suck him and each time I try to open my throat and get more of him into me. But it’s no use… he’s too big and I’m not that talented. As Buck steps out of his briefs I feel him tug at my shirt at the shoulders. I lift my arms long enough to get them through and he pulls out long enough to get the shirt over my head. I grab his cock firmly and jam it into my mouth. I look at the fullness of his cock for a second and devour it; slathering it with spit. My head bobs up and down on it for a minute until I take both of his hands from his sides and place them on my head. He knows what I want instantly and begins to thrust in and out of my mouth while holding my head in place. My jaws are aching but I’m really enjoying the control he has over me. Holding his waist with both hands, I have a little control over how deep he plunges and it keeps me from gagging. Buck’s breathing increases and he becomes more verbal. Starting quietly at first, I hear him say, “oh yeah. Fuck yeah!” over and over again. His pace quickens and then he slows down. With the quicker pace, he gets louder, and with the slower pace, he gets quieter. A few times he pulls out completely and looks down at me. He seems to be in almost a trance with his eyes half closed. Then he uses one hand to tap the head of his cock against my lips like he’s feeding it to me, and with the other hand he holds my head in place. I am more than happy to let him take his time and enjoy himself because I am enjoying every second of him.

Buck pulls me up off the floor like a rag doll and jams his tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately while his bone pokes me in the stomach a few times. I whisper to him that I really want him to cum. He seems reluctant, but seems to agree when he pushes me back down on to my knees. He feeds me his cock just like before and starts a slow rhythm. I feel his ass cheeks tighten and flex. My hands are wandering all over his stomach, sides and ass when my finger makes its way to his hole. Circling lightly with my finger, he pushes back onto it. I oblige by guiding it in as fast as he’ll take it. I can hear in his breathing that it feels good as he thrusts his hips toward my face and back onto my finger. I jam it deep into him and his pace quickens. Buck starts his oh-yeah-fuck-yeah chant until he’s into a rhythm. Faster and faster, louder and louder until he pulls out of my mouth and grabs his dick. Still flexing his ass checks I can feel him clamping down on my finger. Buck strokes himself while holding my head in place. Just when I feel like he’ll break my finger off, he points his cock at my face and blasts cum onto me. Grunting loudly he pumps six rounds of ejaculate onto my face, neck and chest. Panting heavily, he holds his cock head against my cheek and rubs it around in a circle. I open my mouth and take the head in. It’s still full but very sensitive. Buck doesn’t say a word but continues to pant with his eyes closed. Slowly I dislodge my finger and guide him back to the chair to sit. As he sits, he pulls me down to him and I sit on his lap. He kisses me deeply with no regard to the cum all over my face. He opens his eyes and says in a dreamy tone, “ready fer yur turn?”

Part 2
Fuck, dude! How long have you been saving that load? It was huge, I say, as I wipe his cum off my face and rub in onto my chest. “Aww that ain’t nuthin’. I yanked off this mornin'”. I can’t believe how thick and creamy it is; and so much of it. Buck reaches out and grabs my stiff cock and pulls me closer to him. I end up standing between his casually spread legs. Even soft, his cock is incredible to look at; a perfect set of golf ball size nuts supporting his thick penis. I reach down and playfully fondle his balls and his cock jumps to attention. I see it thicken and I can’t resist getting him hard again. I rub my hand across his hard stomach. His golden tone blends nicely into a lighter shade below the beltline. Where’s your tan line?, I ask. “I sometimes work naked so I git a tan all over.” I chuckle and smile at him. He nervously smiles back.

Buck slides down in front of me and guides my hips toward his face. My cock stiffens as I think about this hunk taking my cock into his mouth. He kisses the tip gently; three or four times, before he pushes me into his wet mouth. It feels warm, wet and silky smooth as he swallows my entire length in a slow and deliberate motion. Just when I feel like I’m totally in, Buck turns his head to the side and opens his mouth further. His lips seem to engulf my entire package and it feels like my balls are being consumed, too. He reaches around and under my ass and pushes me deeper. I look down in amazement as he seems to have no gag reflex. The sensation of the warmth around my manhood is comforting. I run my hands through my new lover’s hair; it’s silky and smooth… just like the rest of him. Buck urges me to turn a little and soon I’m sitting on his big hands. He keeps a tight grip on my cock as he pulls more blood to the head of my cock in an upward motion. He is gentle but firm as he works my cock. I want to explode in his mouth and I start to rub my hands all over my chest. I’m loving the sensation of his touch while I stimulate my upper body. I reach down and hold his head in both hands and push my cock deep into his mouth. Just as I think I’m to shoot my load, Buck pulls off. Dude… I almost came!

“I know… but I want you to wait.” With that, Buck takes a handful of spit in his hand and it disappears behind him. In seconds he’s lubed and straddling me. He lines up my cock beneath him and sits on it. I sink into him in one quick move. He yells out in pain, but it’s he who is in control. He begins to moan and ride me slowly. He places his hands on my shoulders and all I can see is his chest and stomach flexing and moving. Buck has a tight grip on my shoulders and it feels like he’s digging into my flesh like an eagle’s talons. I have the most incredible view of his hard body with his semi-erect package covering the view of our intercourse. I don’t ever think I’ve had a man ride me with such passion; his muscles flexing as his hips rotate. My cock is getting quite the workout. I am in heaven as I lean back and enjoy the way he works my cock. I place my hands on his firm sides and stroke him with a firm grip. Buck edges up a little and puts his feet on each side of my hips. As he squats, he rides my cock deeper. This new position seems to tighten his anal grip on me. Someone slap me… I am being fucked by a master! Buck looks into my eyes and I glance down at our union. He scoops up his package and holds it out of the way. We both look down as my cock appears and disappears deep into him in a rhythmic motion.

After a few minutes of riding, Buck dismounts. I look at him with disbelief. I was hoping to cum this way. My disappointment is brief as he turns and straddles me backwards. I reach down and line up my cock to his tight hole. He sits slowly, teasing me. “Fuck me” he whispers. “Fuck me hard, Bryce.” I watch my cock sink slowly into him and I have to hold back from blowing my wad. I love watching my manhood disappear into his tight ass. I am mesmerized by his muscular ass cheeks hardening before my eyes. I wonder if there’s any part of this guy that isn’t hard and muscular. Buck grips my knees as he gets into a rhythm of bouncing up and down on my cock. My eyes soak up his masculine beauty as I burn this image into my memory forever. I love hearing Buck’s sex talk while he fucks my dick. In a dreamy and sultry tone I hear him saying, “ohhh yeah…fuck gaziantep escort kızlar me…uhhhh…yeah… that feels so fucking good…yeah… oh fuck…yeahhhh….fuck my ass…” All of this is almost too much for me. I can’t resist fondling his balls and stroking him. After several minutes, Buck stops and looks over his shoulder at me. He grabs my arms and wraps them around his waist and pulls me into a standing position with my cock still deep inside him. These movements seem effortless on my part and I can feel the raw power of this strong young man. He giggles as I slide my arms around his waist and push my cock as deep into him as possible.

Buck spins me around and pushes my back up against the wall. I’m still balls-deep into him as he grabs my arms and pins them against the wall. I’m completely helpless as he pushes his entire weight against me and my arms are pinned to the wall by his massive hands. He lets out a deep breath and chuckles a little. Soon I can feel him wriggling his ass against me in a way that squeezes my cock. He rotates his hips and grinds back onto me, driving my cock deeper into him. He moans in a long breath and pushes back and forth onto my dick. He seems to know just how far to come off me before pushes back onto me. I have never been fucked this way and I can’t tell if I’m the top or the bottom. Soon Buck gets into motion and seems to be slamming his ass against my pubic bone. He’s really into and slamming harder and harder against me. My cock is rock hard and I am enjoying this new position. The stimulation both physically and visually is unmatched by any other experience I have ever had. Buck is breathing heavier and heavier…he’s moaning… his ass is pounding against me…I’m watching that hot ass envelop my cock over and over. I start to moan more and more while I take deep breaths. I feel like Buck is slamming the breath out of me every time he fucks my cock with his ass. I’m on the brink as I yell into his back. Oh, fuck! I’m breathing heavy and can’t control my outbursts. You’re making me fucking cum! Buck! I’m gonna cum! Buck continues pounding me with his ass. NOW Buck! I’m gonna cum! You fuck! Buck doesn’t let up and I have absolutely no control over what is happening to me. I struggle for a deep breath and I yell out loud as I blast my load into his ass. Oh, fuck! I cum hard and shoot off several rounds into him. After the fourth shot, I feel extra sensitive. Oh…man. My entire body becomes limp and Buck senses that I’m spent. He stands upright and leans against me, wrapping his arms around me. My eyes are closed as I rest my head against his back. His back is slick with sweat and my lips kiss him gently. I can feel my heart pounding and I can hear Buck’s heart thumping through his back.

“That was sum gud fuckin’, Bryce. Did ye like it?” Oh my god, Buck. That was incredible. I’m panting into his back and talking. Buck doesn’t seem to want to let me pull out, so I let my cock soften inside him. In a minute, he spins me back around and we sit in unison; my spent cock still inside him. I get my balance and do my best to hug him. “Watch this.”, Buck says. I feel him start to pull off me. My soft cock pops out of his ass in almost an embarrassing way. Lucky for me, I’m the only one who can see it. Seconds later, I see my cum start to drip out of Buck’s hole. I’ve never seen my own cum drip from a guy’s ass before. It was sexy. I felt proud. I felt like a stud. Buck stayed in place, bending over slightly. I’m guessing that this was his plan. My cum started to drip onto my leg and some on my pubes. “Finger me, Bryce. Come on… touch it. Feel your cum in my ass.” Wow, this is one dirty son of a bitch, I thought to myself. But I like it. It’s sexy. It’s hot. I took my finger and caught a drip of my cum. I quickly lubed up my finger and pushed it into his ass slowly. It was very slippery and it was kind of a turn on. I found myself feeling around in his ass. After a few minutes of exploration in his hole, I pulled my finger out. Along with it came a steady stream of my ejaculate. It squirted onto my stomach and I loved it. I watched Buck’s hole as he seemed to squeeze the rest of it out. Watching his anus relax and contract was amazing. Without even thinking, I put my tongue against his ass and lapped up drops of my own cum.

Part 3

Tasting my own cum is not new to me, but I’ve never had it served like this before. There’s a tangy taste to it that is both sweet and salty. I press my tongue into Buck’s hole and it goes in easily. “Oh…nice”, I hear him say. So I decide to do it some more. I’m exhausted, but I am more than happy to do what I can to please my new friend. I kiss and tongue his ass for a bit and realize that he is hard again. I kiss down and under to his low-hanging balls. Like rocks in a sack, they feel heavy in my hand. I lift them gently and massage each testicle in a light grip. “Yank ’em, Bryce!” What??? “Yank ’em hard. Pull on ’em”, he commands and I comply immediately. I grab his sack and nuts in my right hand and give them a tug. Buck reaches between his legs and hand over hand starts to squeeze and pull on his nutsack. I get a jittery feeling in my chest just imagining how it feels. My own balls are so sensitive, this would be painful to me. The stimulation Buck seems to be getting is making his cock harder. I reach up with my left hand grip his cock hard. As I squeeze, I can hear the pleasure he feels as he says, “ohhh…yeah..” I grip it harder and his cockhead turns a purplish-red. Moving around in front of him, I push his cock into my mouth. It’s so hot and hard, my saliva is like water cooling a hot iron poker. “Oh, fuck.”, Buck says as he cups the back of my head with his big hand and pushes into me.

After several minutes of cock sucking and nut yanking, I look up at my horny friend. I have an incredible desire to kiss him. I decide to do it slowly and kiss my way up to him; the reverse of what I’ve done in the past. I loosen my grip on his manhood and kiss the shaft and up to the head. Kiss-sucking the head and tip a few times, I push my tongue into the hole. I find that the tip and hole are more sensitive than most guys realize. Buck is no different and he shivers a little with a chill. I feel the bumps rise on his flesh. Placing both hands on his hips, I kiss his firm stomach while his stiff cock pokes me in the throat briefly. Making my way up to his lips, I kiss his chest while gently stroking his sides and back. I stop to give attention to each nipple and suckle on them each for a bit. I’m not surprised that even his nipples are rock hard against my tongue. I kiss my way up to his neck and nibble his ear. Every inch of Buck’s flesh seems extra sensitive to my touch. I hear him whisper in my ear, “Let’s go up to my bedroom.” OK, I whisper back.

While we gather our clothes, I keep thinking that someone might walk in on us. I’m not sure who because I don’t know what his family situation is. But it nags at me. I follow behind my trim and sexy friend as he leads me up the stairs by the hand. I can’t say that I mind one bit, admiring his physique from a new perspective. Alot of things go through my mind in a flash. I wonder how much more sex we can have after my mind-blowing orgasm and the creamy facial he gave me. Maybe he’ll let me sleep for a bit. All this sexual tension and activity has me exhausted.

We reach the top of the stairs and there are several closed doors lined down the hallway. Each one is exactly the same with a six panel design and a white-glass door knob. Buck leads me to door number three and twists the knob quickly between his fingers and thumb. His big hand makes the door handle seem tiny and useless. The room is fairly large and well lighted by the sun. The floors are a wide plank with several carpets placed strategically around the matching oak furniture. The bed is a king sized four-poster in a rugged design that I’ve never seen anything like before. My curiosity is obvious as I examine one of the foot posts and feel the intricate woodworking. “My grad-pap made all this furniture by hand”, he said this a proud smile. It’s gorgeous, I say with a look of appreciation. “He loves working wood.” he says matter-of-factly. I snap out of my trace and look into his face. So do I… and I hope you have some “wood” for me to work. The joke is not lost on him and he smiles broadly. “I think I got a nice piece of wood for you right here. Come an take a look.” Buck pulls me into an embrace and I reach playfully for his package. We kiss lightly at first and then with increasing effort. I feel very comfortable in his arms and hope that this wonderful encounter doesn’t pass too quickly. He nudges me back to the bed that he turned down and I sit easily as the bed lines up nicely with my height. Still kissing me, Buck pushes me onto my back. We disconnect for a second while we both hike up onto the bed. He lowers himself onto me with gentleness as we resume kissing. I think he is balancing the majority of his body weight on his arms. It’s impossible for such a solid guy to have so little body weight. I enjoy the feeling of being beneath him and I pull him down onto me for closeness. I stroke his back and run my hands all over his body while we kiss. I feel his cock hardening as it creates a barrier between us. I feel him grind into me a little with his hips and I enjoy succumbing to his powerful strength.

Buck is almost child-like as he kisses me playfully. We roll around for awhile and I finally end up on top. I do my best to give him the same pleasure that he has given me. I want him to know how much I appreciate and enjoy what he has done for me. While we kiss, I move my legs on either side of his waist. We grind together for a minute and I find myself wanting him inside me. Maneuvering slowly, I make my up higher on his hips. I feel his erection stabbing at my hole. I push back a little and feel some wetness on his cock tip. Adjusting my hips, I find he is dripping with precum and my hole is getting nicely lubed. Without breaking our embrace, I feel Buck starting to enter me. I have a brief feeling of hesitation as I calculate mentally how much this will hurt. But my ass is aching for him so it quickly passes. I feel Buck pushing up into me, but I am in control of how deep he goes. Our kissing heats up and I lose myself in a sexual trance. Instinctively, I relax and Buck’s cock slides effortlessly into me. His penis feels hot inside me but it’s comfortable and natural. I take most of him in, in a slow but steady pace. But it seems like there’s more and more of him to take. Buck reaches around and grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them gently. At the same time, he pushes me down to take his full length. It feels as if he is hitting my stomach from the inside. We kiss while he thrusts up into me slowly. It feels so awesome being with him. His powerful gentleness is unique from any other man I’ve been with.

I can feel the head of Buck’s cock rubbing against my prostate. My own cock hardens from the stimulation. We break from our kissing and I sit back on his cock for full penetration. My hips move in opposite thrusts to his and we get into synch quickly. It’s rare to click so quickly with someone. But we appear to have done just that. Buck grabs my now stiff cock and strokes it slowly. There’s no way in hell I will come again so quickly, but his touch and attention feel awesome. I lean back further and rest my weight on my hands. My knees come up and I find myself in a backward crab position. This gives me the opportunity to bounce up and down on Buck’s cock and I do it with enthusiasm. I realize that this is similar to when Buck fucked me against the wall, only i’m up on top slamming down onto his meat. Buck seems to enjoy this as much as I do and we get into an eager fuck. He grabs my hips and pulls me down while thrusting up into me. It’s hard and hot and I realize my cock is flaccid and flopping all over the place. After several minutes, I sit on his lap panting. “Tired, Mr Bryce?”, he asks. Yeah, buddy… you’re wearing me out. “OK… let me take over.” Buck pulls out briefly and positions me carfully on my back. In seconds , he is between my legs and we are face to face. We kiss briefly and I feel him enter me. My knees naturally come up as he sinks deep into me in one quick thrust. It surprises me and it feels like the breath is being pushed out of me. I love face to face sex and I look for his mouth to kiss. Buck is eager to pound away and I surrender easily. I whisper to him that I want him to fuck me hard. I wrap my legs around his waist as I beg him to fuck me and cum inside me. I beg him for his load to shoot deep inside me. I tell him he is the best fuck I have ever had (true, btw). I tell him how good his cock feels inside me. I whine that I want him to give me his load. Buck responds in whispers to my urgings. He tells me that he wants to fuck the shit out of me. He whispers that his load is only for me and that he’ll shoot it deep. He pounds hard and pushes my knees up over his shoulders. He is deeper into me than I ever could have imagined. I do my best to clamp down on his cock with my ass. “You fucking whore! I’m gonna cum so deep inside you!” Buck grits his teeth and drives into me over and over. I hear his breathing increase and he cums hard into me while hammering my ass. I hear and feel his orgasm like I’ve never experienced before. As he slows his thrusting, I hold him tight so that he doens’t pull out. I whisper in his ear that he should just stay in place. I feel his weight on me, but it feels comforting. I wriggle a little under him and he responds with the same playfulness. I keep my legs wrapped around him and kiss his sweaty face as I hold it between my hands.

I hear a click but it doesn’t really register. I am totally into the afterglow of Buck’s orgasm. We are both spent and I am thoroughly enjoying his touch. “Whatcha got ther, Bucky?” I hear a voice say. We’re both a little started at the voice, but Buck doesn’t move. “Fuck off, Ben.”, he says in a normal tone. I’m a little nervous because I can’t see anything. Who is that?, I ask. “My brother, Ben.” he responds. Nervously I say, oh… ummm…what do we do? “Don’t do nuthin. Just relax.” It’s hard to relax when you’ve been caught having sex in someone else’s house. I’m struggling under Buck to see what’s going on. But his weight holds me down. I finally get a glance of another guy about Buck’s height. Actually, he looks alot like Buck. As I get another glimpse, he looks exactly like Buck. Buck, is he your twin? “Yup. Wanna meet him?” I’m a little nervous about meeting someone when I’m naked, but I don’t really have a choice. Buck rolls off me and leaves me fully exposed to his brother. “Looks like y’all had some fun. Why din’t ye call me, Bucky?”, Ben asks. “This heers Bryce. Ben, he don’t wanna be with you. Ye wanna scare him off?” Ben and Buck break into some sibling banter that seems to have no resolution. Ben breaks from the conversation and stares into my crotch. “Hot damn. Lookit that. Can I have?”, he says while looking hungrily at me. What??? “you got cum drippin from yur ass and I want it.” he says. But it’s Buck’s cum, I say. “Don’t matter. Had it before.” I look at Buck in disbelief. “It’s up to you, Bryce. Ben sure does like cum, though.” I look back and Ben and say, OK… I guess.

Ben smiles and comes at me enthusiastically. I’m a little nervous and I reach out to Buck. Buck reaches over and kisses me and tells me it’s ok. Ben pushes my legs up and puts his mouth down on my hole. I feel his tongue invade me and I hear him slurping up the cum from my ass. His mouth feels warm and wonderful and I start to relax. I like the feeling of Ben’s tongue in my ass and I want more of it. “Up!”, Ben commands. “Up on your knees.” and he pulls me into a kneeling position. Buck kneels next to me and seems to know what Ben wants. Ben rips his shirt off and tosses it to the floor. He lays on his back and positions himself between my legs as I straddle his head. I get a wet feeling from my ass as Buck’s cum starts to drip out onto Ben’s face. “Fuck yeah. I love eating cum from a hot ass.” I feel Ben’s hands on my hips pulling my down onto his face. My hole opens as I move down and I feel Buck’s come drip out. Ben begins lapping away at my ass like a man that hasn’t eaten in a week. Looking down from this position, I see the same hard stomach on Ben that Buck has. It’s like they’re the same in every way. I glance back and forth between Ben and Buck making quick comparisons. Buck watches me and smiles. “It’s ok… we’re exactly the same. Everybody says so.” I can’t help but to want to see Ben’s cock. I glance at Buck and he seems to read my mind. He reaches over and unbuttons and unsnaps Ben’s pants. Ben’s cock pops out immediately and it is the exact size and shape of Bucks. I’m suprised that Buck is so comfortable with Ben’s body and I’m shocked to see him stroke Ben’s cock for him. “C’mon… you want some?” Buck says as he sticks Ben’s cock in his mouth. I look at him in amazement. “Don’t be shy or you’ll miss out.” Hesitantly, I bend down and take Ben’s cock in my hand, then placing it gently in my mouth, I feel it’s warm and I can taste Ben’s precum.

While I’m sucking Ben’s cock, Buck starts to pull Ben’s pants off him. Ben cooperates by lifting his hips to make it easier. I see he has the same magnificent sack of nuts that Buck has. I get a wave of fear and excitement as I think about having both of these boys to myself… but fear that I can’t handle them both. Ben continues to jam his tongue into my ass and suck the cum out of me.
Part 4

I wasn’t planning on fucking anybody else today. Buck was more than enough for me. And I’m so damned tired. But how can I just walk away from something so delicious? I can’t help but to feel like Buck would be jealous in some way. But he actually seems to be encouraging me. As I lower my head down to suck Ben’s cock, Buck thoughtfully grips it and guides into my mouth. I can feel Buck’s hand on the back of my head and I hear him say softly, “yeah, Bryce… suck that cock. Suck it good. You like to suck cock, don’t you? I know you do cuz you sucked me good. Suck it, boy. Take it all in.” His words of encouragement get me so horny that I suck Ben deep into my mouth. Almost gagging, I jam it down my throat, with Buck’s hand helping me along. It’s amazing how identical these boys’ bodies are…right down to the size of their cocks.

It doesn’t take long for Ben to get into the blowjob I’m giving him. I can feel his hips pushing upward slightly as I consume his length over and over. Just a few minutes ago I was totally spent and now I’m semi hard again. I can feel Buck’s hand lightly tracing my body. His rough finger tips feel silky smooth with my sweat and I get a tingling-chill sensation all over my body that ends in my nipples. Buck slides his fingers down the crack of my ass and starts to rub my wet hole. His big finger feels like a small penis and I push back on it to get it inside me. “Fucking hot little bastard,” Buck whispers in a horny tone. Buck begins to finger me slowly while I suck Ben hungrily. With Buck’s middle finger deep in my ass, he takes the two neighboring fingers and surrounds my nut sack with them. With each stroke he makes into my ass I can feel those other two fingers pinching and massaging my nuts. It’s a unique feeling that I’ve never had the pleasure of before. I moan with Ben’s cock in my mouth and the vibrations make him gasp a little, eliciting his own moans of pleasure. I think we’re even… we’re both getting something new and enjoying it.

I can feel the wanting-ache building up in my ass. I begin to move my hips up against Buck’s strong hand and he knows that he’s driving me wild. “Ye like that, Mr. Bryce?”, he asks. I moan from deep within, sending shock waves through Ben’s cock. In a slow and methodic way, I feel Buck’s left arm wrap around my waist and he lifts me up; his finger still lodged in my ass. As he lifts higher, I am being pulled off Ben’s thick cock. As it disappears from reach, I see his saliva soaked cock slap against his hard stomach. Almost in slow motion, Buck lifts me like a child into a sitting position over Ben’s hips. Dislodging his finger from my ass, he grabs Ben’s stiff rod and lines it up to my opening. How he manages to balance my entire weight in this position is beyond my comprehension. I can feel the head of Ben’s cock going in slowly and it feels awesome in this sitting position. It’s kind of thrilling not to have control over what’s going on. None of what is happening is through my effort. Ben breathes deep with pleasure. Buck repositions himself behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. At this point he is straddling Ben’s legs. Buck hooks his arms under my knees and forces me into a sitting position as he cradles me. I feel his hot cock against my back as he pushes me down onto Ben’s manhood. It feels so good having his length invade me. Buck lifts me up and down onto Ben’s stiff pole over and over again. I bet we’d look really hot on camera. Shit! This is some kind of fantasy fuck!

I thoroughly enjoy having Buck hold me so tight and so close to him. I turn my head and whisper to him… and he kisses me softly on the lips. I’m getting my ass filled from underneath and my face kissed at the same time. I’m in heaven. My cock starts to jump from all of the stimulation. I know it’s hard again and I reach down to fondle his manhood. I stroke him a few times and I can’t believe he could possibly be hard again. Buck spreads my legs and gently pushes me off to ride Ben. I fall forward a little and put my hands on Ben’s shoulders. Moving up on my knees, I give him plenty of access to drive up into me; which he takes full advantage of. Fuck me farmboy! I yell as I feel him hit my prostate. This gives Ben encouragement and he thrusts frantically beneath me. I feel Buck come from behind and kiss my neck. His body moulds to mine as we both hover over his sexy twin. I feel Buck’s cock slide up and down my ass crack. It’s slick and wet and seems to complement my internal anal stimulation. “Fuck him Bucky! Fuck his ass!” I hear Ben say. And no sooner are the words out of his mouth and I’ve got Bucks cock immediately up my ass. OW! Fuck that hurts!!! I scream in pain as the double wide is jammed into my ass. I can’t move and I’m thinking I might cry. My legs have gone numb and I feel a burning sensation while they rip me open wide. Both boys are sticking it to me and seem to be oblivious to my pain. Buck, stop! I yell. But he laughs little while he pumps away. My head is spinning and I decide to make my plea to Ben. Stop, Ben! Please! I plead with him but it seems that he can’t hear me.

I realize that they won’t stop and I do my best to relax. I’ll never know what child birth is like… but I think I’m getting a glimpse of it. I look down at Ben and see a maniacal smile on his face; it’s almost devilish. It’s clear that he’s enjoying himself and I can just imagine the same look on Buck’s face. Suddenly, Buck pulls out. Laying down next to his brother, he pulls me off Ben and on top of him, gripping the back of my knees. Pulling me back onto him, I look up and see Buck’s twin between my legs. There’s that same goofy grin as he places his cockhead at my opening and pushes in. Oddly, I can barely feel him enter me. I think he notices, too, and he seems angry. “Tighten up ur ass, bitch, or I’ll slap tha shit ottaya.” Ben barks. I do my best to comply immediately, but my muscles just aren’t working. “Tight! I wunt it tight!” he bellows. “Shuddup, Ben. Jes take ur turn. It ain’t his fault we strechd him out so much.” Buck says in my defense. “If he don’t make me cum… i’m fuckin’ you Bucky… so shuddup urself.” Ben snaps, still not satisfied. So he decides to remedy the situation himself. Taking his huge hands, he places them on each one of my butt cheeks and squeezes them together. I’m not sure what it does for him, but it immediately pushes the head of his cock square onto my prostate that he proceeds to pound away at relentlessly.

“Oh, fuck, yeah…thass beddur.”, he moans. With Buck’s mouth on my neck, I lay back and take it all in. This position that the boys have created gives me an incredible hard on. Gripping Buck’s muscular forearms, I squeeze like crazy while Ben fucks me hard. I watch Ben’s face, his chest, and his abs while he slams into me. Putting all that pressure on my ass cheeks makes Ben’s pecs pop and they look huge. Looking down at my own dick, I see its stiffness and watch it slap against my stomach with each thrust from Ben. I’m mesmerized by my own cock and the visual and physical stimulation. OH, FUCK! I’M CUMMING!!! I scream as I watch my cockhead spew the creamy contents from my balls. I shoot my load straight up my chest and just under my chin. Ben seems encouraged by watching my orgasm and pounds me even harder. Hammering into me hard, it feels like he’s squeezing the cum right out of me. And almost immediately, I hear Ben start to grunt a little as the next six or seven strokes bring him to the brink. “Oh, Bucky…oh… I’m cumming! as he empties his load deep inside me. With each thrust Ben lets out a soft grunt and moans softly; slowing his pace once he’s spent. “Awww…boy…ur ass is full uh my cum now.” he says as he rotates his hips a bit and rubbing his cock inside me. I don’t mind a bit, Ben. You made me cum a second time. I’m so tired, I say as I close my eyes for a minute.
Part 5

I hear a soft buzzing sound in my head. It takes me a minute to realize that it’s me, snoring. I must have passed out after being fucked to exhaustion. I feel so warm and cozy as I open my eyes. It’s just a little blurry and all I can see is white. Staring directly into this fluffy pillow, I take my time waking up. The pillow smells fresh but unfamiliar. My brain is starting to register that I’m not at home. Laying on my stomach is my favorite sleeping position and I feel the sheet slide down my ass as I start move a little. There’s a slippery feeling going on between my ass cheeks and I reach down to rub at it; but my hand stops mid way with a tug. I try my other hand, and it is restricted, too. I pop up onto my elbows to try to survey the situation. It doesn’t take long to realize that my wrists are wrapped with leather straps and they are tied individually to the nearest bedpost. My heart lumps up into my throat with fear and I swallow hard. I struggle a little bit to get free and survey the room quickly. I’m alone.

Buck? I whisper in a half voice. Ben? Are you guys there??? I hear some noise outside but I can’t make it out. I hear voices talking and then some laughing. It is unintelligible from where I am. A few minutes later I hear some footsteps coming up the stairs and I get both excited and scared. The door opens forcefully and in walks one of the twins. His clothes are different from either of the outfits I’ve seen so far, so I can’t tell which one it is. They’re identical in every physical way, but I know they’re different. Buck! I blurt out enthusiastically. “Maybe”, he replies in a matter of fact tone. Are you Buck or Ben? “Not sayin”, he replies in a playful way. He approaches the bed slowly and looks me over from head to toe. Let me go…whoever you are. I need to go. Let me go now! I say with increased panic. The twin just looks at me and smiles as he advances on me. He stops at the edge of the bed with his crotch at face level. Slowly his right hand comes up and he zeros in on his fly and grasps the zipper tag. Pulling it down slowly, he seems naturally seductive to me. As he reached the bottom of his downward stroke, his meat pops out. It’s half hard, or so it seems, and he grabs it by the head and squeezes. It thickens instantly and he points it to my face. “Now don’t ye want sum more b’for ye leave?” he asks softly. I gotta go, I snap. I need to get to home. “Ye ain’t goin nowhere till I’m done with ye.” he says calmly. I need to go, Ben. Untie me, please. “Nope… I ain’t dun yit.”

I’m sure this is Ben because he’s probably the evil twin. Buck was so sweet and caring from the moment we met. He cared about how I felt and made sure I was enjoying myself. This prick just likes to fuck. Ben takes his hand and runs his fingers through my hair. If he’s trying to turn me on, he’s on the right path. He lets my silky hair run between his fingers a few times and seems to like how it feels. I hate to admit that it’s actually soothing to me. His strokes get a little stronger and rougher. He grabs a hand full of hair in his fist and it pulls tight at the back of my head. OWWW! I yell, involuntarily. That fucking hurts! He loosens his grip slightly and pushes my head toward his hardening cock. He places the fat tip against my lips and I tighten my lips closed. He pushes to enter me and I resist. He grips my hair hard and my mouth opens to object. In a split second he pushes half of his stiff prick into my mouth. It’s futile to resist but I refuse to enjoy it. He seems pleased with himself and lightens his grip on my head. Holding it in place, he starts to pump his hips slowly; pushing his cock a little farther down my throat each time. I’m tempted to bit down, but I really don’t want to hurt him…at least not yet. I resolve to let him fuck my mouth, but I put no effort into it. While my mouth takes him steadily in and out, Ben reaches up and unsnaps the button on his pants and they drop to the floor. Putting his second hand on my head, he holds me in place while he fucks my face a little harder. I can taste his salty precum at the back of my tongue. I feel a twinge in my crotch as I realize that I’m getting turned on.

“Yeah, you like to suck cock, don’cha Bryce man? Yeah, suck it good for me.” he says in a tense and sexy tone. I hate to admit it, but I’m starting to enjoy it. But as Ben gets more enthusiastic, he rams himself deeper and deeper down my throat. I’m starting to gag from the force and he seems unstoppable. At one point, he pushes in up to his nuts and holds me there. I can’t breath and my eyes tear up. I do my best to accommodate him and pray that he’ll pull out before I choke to death. I start to gag just as he pulls out.

“Ye were su’posd te wait fer me, Bucky!” I hear from across the room. “Dang, Bucky, we wuz su’posd to do it together!”, Ben barks in a clearly pissed off tone. “I couldn’t wait, Ben, and he begged me to let him suck my cock. Din’t ye, Bryce?” I seem to have involuntarily agreed without thinking and uttered and mmmhmmm sound. But my head is spinning as I try to comprehend that who I thought was Ben is actually Buck. This must be his bad boy side. I’m a little disappointed because I thought we shared a special bond. Buck holds his cock half in my mouth while he banters with Ben. Ben strips as he walks toward the bed, three quarters hard as he moves behind me. He whips the sheet off my lower half and puts his hands on each one of my hips and pulls me up into a doggy position. This makes Buck’s cock pop out of my mouth, so he scrambles to kneel on the bed as he steps out of his pants. “Ye ready, brother?” I hear Ben ask. I feel the tip of Ben’s cock at my ass and Buck lines up with my mouth. I’m a little confused about their plan at first, but I suddenly get both cocks rammed into me at the same time. It’s so harsh that it hurts and I gasp and gag at the same time. My heart is racing and the searing pain from my ass combined with the abrupt entry into my mouth makes me feel like I’m being skewered from both ends.

The boys are grunting and moaning like little pigs as they satisfy their lustful desires. This fucking hurts and isn’t at all what I want. I try to pull away from Buck but he holds my head in place. I can’t do anything about Ben’s anal invasion except try to loosen up so that it doesn’t hurt so much. It feels like a dry fuck and I wonder where all the wetness went to that I was trying to wipe away earlier. With both boys pumping into me from different directions and at a different pace, I’m totally miserable. I decide to try to take some sort of control and at least get the rhythm in sync. I push back onto Ben’s cock and hold it there briefly. It makes him pause briefly and he adjusts to it. Putting all my weight and energy into it, I push forward onto Buck’s cock with my mouth. I push back again onto Ben and drive him deep into me and pull off Buck again. Before long, the three of us are in sync but it costs me some humiliation as it makes it look like I’m totally into this double rape. “Look at this fucking bitch in heat, Bucky. Your little whore boy likes gettin’ it rough. I wuz rite… I tol-ja-so.” Ben yammers on while they fuck me without any emotion. “I guess yu wer rite, Ben. An’ here I thought I found my self a perm’nent boy-fren’.” Buck’s word surprise me. To think that he really felt that. It blows me away.

I can’t take the pounding much longer. My ass burns and my jaw aches. I feel like just giving up. If I could just talk to Buck, he would see that I don’t really like this. Ben has begun to thrust hard into me. I feel his hands slide up my sides. He grabs Buck’s arm and pulls toward him. If I’m believing what I’m seeing, I watch over my shoulder as they kiss. “Ye don’t need anyone but me, Bucky. Ahm here and always will be. Wur brothers forever. Rite!” I hear Buck whisper back disappointedly, “Rite.” I decide to end all this craziness and I collapse on the bed; dislodging both cocks from my orifices. There are strange sounds like small thuds as we fall into a dog pile. Buck! Talk to me! I make my plea. I don’t like this! Don’t let him hurt me! I just want you! “Whaaaat????”

Ben is pissed and jams his cock back into me. He lays on top of me and bites the back of my neck. Like a wild animal he fucks me hard while he barks into my ear. “You gonna get fucked for as long as I can hold out. So lay there and enjoy it, bitch. You like my cock in your ass, don’cha? Tell me how much you like it!” Stop! I hate it! Buck! Help me!!! I look up at Buck’s face and he seems confused. He looks away with a sad shameful look. Why won’t he help me? Is the bond he has with his brother that strong? Does his brother have some kind of weird control over him? Buck…help me! Please!

Buck looks up like something just clicked in his mind. “Enough, Ben. Stop.” He says softly. But Ben ignores him. “Enough Ben!” he says more forcefully. “Stop it now, Ben!!!” “Fuck off Bucky… I aint’ stoppin’.” Buck advances on Ben pushes up on his shoulders. Ben pushes back and they begin to fight while Ben is still inside me. Finally, Buck gets Ben off me and they tumble to the floor and roll around. A few punches are thrown and I hear fists against flesh. They are breathing heavy and cursing at each other. My guess is that this fight will be a draw since they are so evenly matched. As I peer over the side of the bed I can’t believe that the sight of these two hot studs is getting me chubby. Their perfect bodies are flexing with muscles rippling. Their cocks are flopping and slapping against each other as they tussle. I’ve never seen naked wrestling before but I’m hooked for life. Damn! This is fucking hot! The punches become fewer and I hear some chuckling. It’s almost like they are tickling each other. “OK, Bucky… you win. Ye git the pryzz.” The boys get up and hug each other. They part with a mutual peck on the lips. Ben picks up his clothes and leaves…closing the door quietly behind him.

Oh my god… Buck. Thank you! He turns and smiles at me, boyishly. He comes toward me and sits on the bed while he unties me. “Ahm sorry, Bryce. We shudena dun that to ye. Ben thought it would be fun. But I didn’t wan’ ye te git hurt.” he says in a soft and sincere tone. My heart melts a little as he looks away, almost ashamed. There’s a sweet young boy inside that big manly body he is in. He looks at me nervously as he unties the straps around my wrist. I liked it sum, I say in a mock farmboy voice. I see a smile start to form from his cheek. I sit up and sit face to face with him. I look into his eyes and he says, “I wunt hurt ye agin, Bryce. Promise.” That was all I need to hear from him and I pull him close to me and kiss him hard on the mouth. Our tongues play together in our mouths and I can’t seem to get enough of my farmboy. He lays me back gently on his pillow as we kiss slowly but passionately. He is so gentle with me that I can’t believe this is the same guy who was practically raping me just little while ago. Our kissing is tender and sexy. I would really like for Buck to make love to me right now.

I can feel Buck’s cock hard against my leg. He lifts up briefly to lay it next to mine. We grind together a little and I recall some of my frottage experiences over the years. I wouldn’t mind getting his creamy load on my stomach, but I’m starting to get that achy/wanting feeling in my ass. I lift wrap my legs around his waist and rub the inside of my thighs up and own his sides. He takes the hint and moves into position while we kiss like lovers. Stroking his back lightly with my hand, I reach low for his ass and push him into me. The head of his penis is hot against my anus and is wet with his manly lube. Make love to me, Buck…I whisper into his ear. I wriggle a little underneath him trying to maneuver his entry. He responds by pushing the head into me and stopping. I want more but he teases me. I like a man who can control himself. I love his kissing technique. He uses his wet lips to hold my tongue in his mouth while he caresses it with his tongue. I feel my own cock getting harder and harder with just his cockhead in me. I lock my legs behind him and pull him deeper into me. I let out a slow breath and his full length penetrates me. His cock feels hotter than I remember and I relinquish control by unlocking my legs. Buck pumps into me with slow deep strokes that really get me hard. I whisper to him that he is a wonderful lover and he smiles briefly between kisses.

Sitting back on his heels, he lifts my knees higher for a deeper penetration. He pulls out half way and begins to use shorter strokes and jabs at my prostate with his meaty head. He zeros in on it and pokes softly. My cock becomes engorged quickly. Buck grabs it in his right hand while he wedges his forearm under my knees. He strokes my cock in his big hand like a velvet glove. His calloused hands are rough against the head of my cock. His firm velvet grip urges blood to the head and I rotate my hips a little to take full advantage of the prostate stimulation. In just a couple of minutes I am reaching my climax and do my best to keep from shooting my load. Buck will have none of that and holds my dick firmly; pointed at my chest. He takes a few well-aimed shots at the love nut inside me and whispers that it’s time to shoot my load. It takes no encouragement at all before I lose myself in my orgasm. Each stroke of his cockhead seems to push the cum out of my nuts. Buck holds my erupting cock like a prize as the cum gushes like lava over his fingers. Oh, fuck! I scream as the jets of sperm shoot out. I feel Buck tense up and grip me harder as he buries his cock deep into me. “Uhhhh;… Bryce… I’m cumming!” he grunts as he shoots his load forcefully into me. After seven or eight thrusts, he pushes deep into me and collapses onto of me. I am spent and I think that he is equally exhausted. Our sweat combines with my cum and feels slippery between us. After a few minutes he rolls me over and pulls on top him. I look him in the eyes and say… Does this make me your boyfriend? He smiles and says, “I sure hope it does.” We kiss tenderly with his cock softening inside me.

Ben was a pretty good fuck despite his roughness. And lucky for me, he is an even better mechanic. In an attempt to apologize for his attack upon my person (raping my ass), he fixed my car and I was on my way that afternoon. I made it home safely but I just can’t shake the memory of my new friend and lover. Buck is special… not like any other guy I’ve met before. He’s handsome, rugged, sexy, sweet; and he made love to me like he really loved me. You don’t find that combination very often and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it pass me by. I issued an open invitation to Buck for a visit with me. It’s two hours away, so I offered to come and get him. He refused and was determined to get there on his own just one week later. His mode of transportation was a bus. OK, if that’s how he wants to do it… I’m certainly not going to argue with him. He’s bigger and stronger than me…thank god… and it’s part of what makes him so fucking hot to me!

It’s almost a pleasure to wait for him at the Bus Station. I finally splurged and bought myself a new car; the BMW I always wanted. I suppose it screams “arrogant prick”, but I don’t care. Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. I have big plans for my hot farmboy this weekend. I hope to show him the time of his life; in and out of the bedroom. I’m a little early for his bus, but I don’t mind because it will give me a chance to figure out some of the toys I got in my new Beemer. I love the smell of the leather seats and I recline a little while I thumb through the owners manual. I quickly find the sound system info and stop to read it thoroughly. It seems like just a few minutes when Buck’s bus arrives. I shut off the engine and get out of the car as poised as possible. It seems that this car already has control over me because I want to look as suave as possible. I chose my sexiest black slacks for the occasion. I want Buck’s eyes to pop out when he sees me in these ass-snugging silky slacks. I haven’t found a pair of jeans that do any justice to my ass; but these slacks shows my assets the way god made me. I have on a cream colored silk Perry Ellis long sleeved pullover that is tucked in. Topped off with some wire rimmed shades, and I’m ready for presentation.

I stand at a distance as several riders disembark. Some of these folks look haggered and beaten down. A few families greet their loved ones and move off quickly to collect their luggage. As fewer people stream out, I get a little nervous that maybe he missed the bus or changed his mind. Either one would be disappointing to me. Just as I’m about to give up hope, a muscular figure appears at the top of the steps with an old lady clinging to his arm. It’s Buck, being the man I knew he was. At the bottom step he gently lifts her and sets her down as he assures her that he’s there to support her. I get a little choked up watching this transaction and I smile as a tear collects behind my dark glasses. As Boyscout Buck says his goodbyes to her, the old woman reaches up and caresses his face. Whatever she says makes him smile and blush and he turns and catches his first glimpse of me.

“Bryce!”, he shouts enthusiastically and rushes toward me. My feet feel like they’re in cement as I stand in amazement at what I’m seeing. Standing before me is a lifesize picture straight out of GQ Magazine. My best guess from this position (and in an instant) is that he’s wearing black Calvin Klein jeans with a blue & white striped Raph Lauren shirt with a really sharp tie and a Dolce & Gabbana leather jacket. Holy shit! My farmboy is closet GQ! I can’t fucking believe that he could possibly look any hotter to me than in his carharts. But this is the hottest man alive and to hell with what People Magazine says (don’t get me started on that). While I’m staring down at his black leather shoes, he scoops me up in his arms and bear-hugs me. I feel an instant sense of comfort in his powerful arms as my feet dangle like a small child. “Bryce! It’s great to see you!”, he shouts in my ear and gives me a discreet peck on the cheek. I want to tongue-fuck his mouth right here in the parking lot, but I take his cue on discretion. Pulling back, I smile at him and greet him with genuine enthusiasm. Wow, Buck…you look hot! “You don’t look so bad yersef, Bryce.”, he says with a wide smile. Hey, let’s get your luggage and we’ll get this party on the road.

Buck seems to have packed for a month; having two large suitcases. My imagination runs wild thinking about what he might have in there. Sex toys come to mind quickly… then I just imagine he has more sexy clothes in there. I wonder what kind of underwear he likes; boxers or briefs or maybe even thongs. I chuckle to myself as he loads them into the trunk. “Damn fine car, Bryce.” he says excitedly. Yeah, you saw my last one… I think I was on borrowed time with it. But hey, once Ben got it running, I was able to trade it for a good price. Wanna drive it? “Yeah, sure!” he says as he swipes the key out of my hand. Almost like a kid, he rushes to the drivers side door and opens it quickly. He sits behind the wheel and gets comfortable in the seat; grinding his hips into the seat like a dog getting ready to settle into a sleeping spot. Looking at me with boyish enthusiasm, he says, “Come on… let’s go!” I smile and pop myself into the passenger seat; my first shotgun ride in my new Beemer. Buck pulls the seatbelt across his muscular chest and glances at me; catching me admiring him. He gets a devilish smirk on his face and he half smiles at me with his eyes. He knows what I’m thinking and I don’t mind one bit. Buck starts the engine and seems pleased to find that it’s a manual transmission. He runs through all six gears as he revs the engine. “This is fuckin’ awesome, Bryce. Someday I’m gonna get me one of these.” Come on… let’s go! I mock at him. He smiles and pulls swiftly out of the space and up to the intersection.

I find myself sitting at an angle and admiring his physique as he drives. I watch the muscles in his legs flex as he pushes the clutch in and I watch the bulge in his pants as he goes through the gears. Seeing his large hand on the shifter makes me think dirty thoughts of the fantastic hand job he gave me. Such a strong grip in a soft but calloused hand. I hand him my sunglasses to see if he could look any hotter than he already was. He waves me off long enough to reach into his shirt pocket and pulls out his own. I don’t know much about sunglasses, but it’s clear they aren’t drug store specials. Well, I have my answer… he definately looks even hotter with his silver rimmed glasses against his nicely tanned face. I can’t take much more of this and just need to touch him. Before I can get my hands on him, he places his large hand on my left thigh and squeezes. I get a jolt of excitement all the way up my chest. He’s a damned good driver and I’m curious where he learned his skill from. Distracted, I do my best to direct him to my condo that is less than ten miles from the bus station. Assisting with the door opener, I secretly can’t wait to get this stud alone and naked in my bed. I’ve already jacked off a dozen times to the fantasy of it… and soon it will be a reality.

Before the door closes behind us, Buck cups the back of head into his hand and pulls me toward him for a kiss. His mouth feels cool and sweet from the mint he must have had and I feel his tongue search my mouth for its tongue. I give it up quickly because I want so much so fast from him. We kiss deeply and grab and fondle each others’ necks, chests and he rubs my nipples and makes me squirm. After a few minutes of contorting myself over the console, I break our embrace long enough to whisper…Let’s go inside and get comfortable. He nods with his mouth still slightly open and he breaks into a smile. His eyes seem to sparkle as I stare into them. I get a quick flashback of him making love to me face to face and I get an achy feeling in my crotch. Buck exits the car slowly like he’s saying good bye to an old friend. He seems to caress the leather-wrapped steering wheel as he gets out and looks longingly at the interior. As we meet at the back of the car, I ask him…Would you like to go driving again later? I know a cool place with a track where you can really open it up. “Oh, yeah! Could we? That would be great!” I love Buck’s enthusiasm. And I can’t help but to notice that he has less of that hillbilly accent that I recall.

Despite his objection, I had carried one of his two suitcases in. It was heavy and I was relived to drop it just inside the kitchen door. Buck opens his eyes wide at the contemporary decor and open lay out of my condo. I’m proud of it and it truly reflects the person I am. I offer him something to drink and tell him I’ve made some fresh lemonade. As soon as the words leave my mouth, we both look at each with a flash of recollection. “Seems to me, lemonade was how we got started in all this.”, Buck says with a dry tone. Well, then, I say. We’ll just have to have some more and see what happens. I get us both a glass of lemonade, we toast, and sip. Buck puts his glass down quickly and leans over and kisses me. He always seems to make the first move and I love that about him. It tells me how much he really wants me. Wrapping my arms around him, I take great pleasure in feeling his muscular body through that hot silky shirt. His warm body heats up the fabric and I bury my face in his chest. He has a cleaner but manly scent to him that makes me tingle. His kissing of my lips, face, neck and ears really gets me hard. This boy can take me from zero to sixty in and out of the car!

We attack each other like starving men; kissing each other hard, then soft… teasing each other. I want rip his shirt off but find the practical side of me wins out; not wanting to destroy his expensive threads. I give him a push back against the counter and I begin to unbutton his shirt slowly. As the buttons are undone, they expose his hard and slightly fuzzy chest; a prize worth waiting for. I’ve been here before and I can’t wait to get my mouth on his erect nipples. By the third button, I can’t maintain the pace of the slow seduction, and I quicken my pace and pull his shirt tail out with a yank. I roll the shirt over his beefy shoulders as I kiss my way in a frenzy over his chest and down onto his nipples. They feel hard like fresh peas and I roll them across my tongue, then encircling them over and over to get them as hard and full as physically possible. Stroking his shoulders, back and sides, I realize that Buck is struggling to undo the buttons on his sleeves. Instead of helping him, I give the shirt a hard pull as I kiss down his body and kneel in front of him. Holding the shirt taught in one hand, I have him handcuffed in his own shirt. I find myself at belt level and decide to treat myself to his navel. I kiss all around it and then tongue it gently. I love tonguing a guy’s navel… especially if he’s very fit.

Using my free hand, I quickly unbuckle Buck’s belt and pants. Pushing my face into his crotch, I can feel his turgid member trying to escape. I unzip his jeans and they slide down with a gentle tug. Buck has on a pair of white spandex 2xist trunk briefs. The fabric is tight and it shows every detail of his cock. I can make out the exact shape of the head and the thick ridge of his shaft. I immediately put my mouth over the shaft and nibble up and down. Buck is struggling to get his arms free and I loosen my grip. Putting my hands on each side of his waist, I caress him a bit before sliding my hands down the back of his briefs. There’s no ceremony here, I just need to free his cock as quickly as possible. Pushing his briefs down his muscular legs, I get them only to his knees before I swallow his cock whole. I’m on it and working it without any foreplay. I go down him and force him deep down my throat. I almost choke as a result of my gluttony. By now, Buck has freed himself and puts both hands on my head. He doesn’t push, but just the weight of his hands slows my pace. Buck takes one hand and trails it up his body. He rubs his own stomach and chest, and then pinches each of his nipples. I am in heaven and can’t wait for him to deliver that creamy load to me. I love the taste of his cum and know it will be mine soon.

Buck looks down on me and puts both hands under my face and pulls up gently. “Don’t make me cum yet, baby.” he whispers. He brings me up off my knees and we kiss; his stiff prick poking at my stomach. We work together on getting my clothes off as we kiss. I’m naked in no time at all and savor the flesh to flesh contact with him. We rub our bodies together as we grab at each other’s ass. I feel him spread my cheeks and rub my hole with a wet finger. Buck is clearly not satisfied with that and flips me around. I end up leaning on the counter as he makes his way around to my ass. Pushing most of my body up onto the counter, he jams his wet tongue into my ass. It feels so awesome to have him dig deep into me to satisfy my want. I feel him getting me wetter and wetter with his spit dripping down the back of my balls. I moan from the shear pleasure of it and beg him not to stop. Buck kisses and lightly sucks at my skin from my ass and up my back. He kisses my neck and whispers how much he wants to make love to me. I feel that melting sensation and turn to deliver my own sensual kisses to his face and lips. I nibble his brow and nose, and then kiss my way down to his mouth. Both of us are breathing more deeply and I know it’s the horniness in both of us bubbling up like a spring. Pushing me into the seat, Buck forces himself between my legs. I wrap my legs around his waist as his hard penis pokes at nut sack. He pulls back in order to line up his cockhead with my well lubed hole. As he kisses me, I can feel it pushing a little deeper into me, a little at a time. Each time he presses into me, he retreats a little but leaves the head at the door.

I feel Buck’s hands slide under my ass and he lifts me off the chair. I wrap my knees loosely around him as he carries me toward the living room. My expectations change as he leans me against the wall. In a slow and careful move, he enters me from beneath. I open easily for him since I am dripping wet from his spit. I exhale as he penetrates me with his manhood, half an inch at a time. God, he feels so good inside me! Sliding down on his cock, I remember when getting my ass filled hurt so much. Now it’s a heavenly feeling… especially with Buck. I’ve never experienced this face to face position before. I feel almost weightless as he fucks me slowly with incredible passion. In this position, the “getting pounded” sensation is replaced by slow motion rollercoaster-like ride; with each thrust, I slide back down with a little knot in my stomach. I lock my ankles loosely behind him and close my eyes to fully enjoy the ride. Buck continues to kiss me during our lovemaking and I lose myself in all the stimulation. He kisses my neck and chest and flicks my nipples with his tongue. It’s like a frontal massage. I lightly grip Buck’s thick shoulders and trace the muscles from his neck to his shoulders and down into his arms. I lean into him as he sucks my neck and I dig my fingers into his back. I wouldn’t dream of ever marking his beautiful skin and I’m glad I trimmed my nails earlier. I’m not usually very verbal when I’m getting my ass fucked, but he seems to be squeezing the words out of me. I whisper, ‘fuck me, Buck…that feels so good…I need you to cum in my ass…shoot your load deep into me…” With each comment I spit into his ear, Buck seems a little more enthusiastic. I feel his hands grip my waist and he begins to slam me down onto his cock while he thrusts even harder into me. The surprise of this gets me really horny and I can feel the head of his cock bashing my prostate. The stimulation gives me a throbbing hard on and I reach down between us to stroke myself a bit. Oh, fuck!, I blurt out as he pounds away. I hear him breathing harder and harder. “I’m gonna cum, Bryce… I can’t hold it!” Hearing his words combined with the stimulation I was feeling brought me right to the brink. “Oh, fuck! Bryce! I’m gonna blow!” he says loudly. Oh, yeah… fuck my ass, Buck. Cum inside me! I reply. And in seconds I feel him slam me down really hard onto his cock while he shoots deep inside me. I can feel his rhythm change a bit. I feel him rub hard against my love nut and I shoot my load involuntarily. I cum hard and spray my jizz between us. Most of it lands on his chest. This is the second time I’ve cum in unison with Buck and it’s amazing.

Buck is panting hard as he lays his head on my shoulder. “Oh, god, Bryce… that was one of the best orgasms of my life. I think I need to sit down.” he says with a little giggle at the end. I forgot that the he’s been holding up my entire weight throughout this entire fuck session. He carries me over to breakfast bar stool and gently set me down. I pull him toward me briefly for another kiss which he gives up easily. Just a short kiss and I feel him pull out of me. A gush of sperm comes out of me and splatters onto his leg and the floor. Holy shit, Buck. What a huge load! How long have you been saving it? “Just since this morning. You just get me hot, man.” So, was it really the best orgasm of your life? “yeah, it’s up there. Definately in the top three.”, he says with a boyish smile. What a mess! Who’s going to clean this up? I say with a mocking tone. With that, Buck kneels down, lifts up my legs and licks the dripping tongue from my hole. I was just kidding! But damn… that feels really good. C’mon hot stuff… let’s go take a shower.
I grab Bucks hand and pull him toward the master bedroom. He pulls back playfully like a child that doesn’t want to leave a toystore. He’s got the weight advantage and stops me dead in my tracks. He plops down naked onto my white leather sofa and pulls me on top of him. I can feel his cum dripping down my leg as I sit on his lap. Buck… I’m dripping! I say in a whining voice. “Mmmmm, Bryce… that’s sexy. I love watchin my cum drip from your ass.” His sexy tone takes the potential embarrassment out of my head and makes it a turn on for me. I feel sexy having his hot seed shot deep into my ass. The dripping is just evidence of our hot reunion fuck. He reaches under me and fingers me while I wrap my arms around his neck for some post sex cuddling. It still amazes me that such a beefy guy can be so gentle. He’s everything you could want in a lover; strong yet gentle…so versatile in many ways. “I feel so good when we’re together, Bryce. And not just because we have great sex together. I just like being with you.” He says this almost like it’s in confidence and he kisses my lips gently while looking me straight in the eyes. I feel the same way, Buck. You’re very special and not like any other guy I’ve ever met, I say looking directly back in his eyes. Buck smiles and gets a shy adolescent look on his face. I can tell he really wanted or maybe needed to hear that. “Awww, Bryce… I like hearin’ you say that. Ben said you didn’t really like me and I was crazy to come out here. He said I’d be a fool.” Wow, so he really was confiding in me.

Well, Ben is the real fool, Buck. I really wanted you to visit me. So why did you come to see me, Buck? I asked him this hoping and sort of knowing what he would say. “Well, I figured if you invited me…maybe you felt the same way I did. Do you, Bryce? Do you love me?” His words were bitter sweet and my stomach knotted up quickly. I hope my fear didn’t show on my face. I calculated what the outcome of my words would be, but I had to tell him the truth. I like you alot, Buck… maybe even love you… but I’m holding back saying so until I’m sure. I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings… I just think we both need to get to know each other before we make that kind of commitment. I half expected to see a devastated look on his face, but I didn’t. He smiled and said, “I understand what you’re saying, Bryce. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes. So how about that shower you promised…hot stuff?” Holding me tight in his arms, Buck gets up from the sofa and carries me toward the master bedroom. I have my arms wrapped around his neck and resting my head on his broad shoulder. I can feel the cum dripping from my ass as he carries me and I wonder how much more there could possibly be still inside me. I’m not the type of person to make a mess intentionally… but at the moment, I don’t care about anything but Buck.

My master bath is fully decked out with a large jetted tub set at an angle in the corner between two big windows. There’s a clear glass shower stall directly to the right. It’s the feature that sold me on this unit as I fantasized about the great sex I could have in both places. I love the marble shower stall and the “rain” shower head that comes from the ceiling. Buck nudges my head up as we enter the master bath and he kisses me tenderly on my head and face with short but deliberate pecks. He sets me down on the vanity between the two sinks and wedges himself between my legs. The marble vanity is cold on my ass and I get a little shiver up into my shoulders. I shake it off and find my nipples got the most out of it; they’re hard and full. Buck smiles as he realizes what has happened and he embraces me in a warming bear hug; rubbing my back vigorously with his large open hands. He pulls back a little and says, “Tub or shower, handsome?” I think quickly and blurt out: Tub, sexy man! Buck smiles and kisses me. “I hoped that’s what you’d pick.”

Sliding off the vanity, I make my way to the tub and turn on the water; kneeling down to check and set the temperature. Buck follows behind me and sits on the edge of the tub; just watching me. I glance over and admire how his muscular legs are refusing to yield to the form of the tub. His hefty package hangs over the marble lip of the tub; his thick penis is perfectly centered and setting casually upon his sack. He catches me staring into his crotch and says, “Like what you see? Damn… you can’t get enough, can you?” Realizing he was asking me a question, I snap out of my trance and smile at him. You have so much to offer and in so many ways, Buck. I’m glad you’re here. He smiles then comes over and kneels behind me. Buck kisses the back of my neck and I find myself laying on the edge of the tub on my folded arms. I close my eyes and just surrender to him. I love the way Buck’s lips feel on my skin. He’s so gentle as he kisses and nibbles my back. I get a little shiver of excitement and can’t believe there could be any life in my spent dick. But I feel that familiar twitching and just let my excitement build. Buck starts to caress me and trail his fingers over my back and sides. The sound of the water combined with his sensual touch and my eyes closed, seems like I’m slipping off into a dream state. What isn’t a dream is the reality of Buck’s cock head poking at my hole. I can feel the warmth of his penis tip against my anus as the dripping cum warms in my hole.

I love the kissing on my back and shoulders as I feel his prick start to enter me. Buck pushes into me and wraps his arms around my chest and waist. I feel him pull me back as he drives his cock deep into me. I’m full in an instant but loving it. I feel myself going farther and farther back until I’m sitting on his cock while he sits on his own heels. Buck caresses my chest and stomach while kissing my neck. I allow myself to go kind of limp while he seems to be enjoying me. My head rolls from side to side and settles on his shoulder. He kisses my head and neck while I enjoy it with my eyes closed. Involuntarily, I get my feet planted on the floor into a squatting position. I rock back and forth as his stiff tool works its magic on my prostate. I gyrate my hips and grind down onto his fat cock. I love the feeling of having Buck so deep into me. It’s a turn on to feel the tip hit so far into me that it feels like he’s poking at my stomach. I work myself into a sexual frenzy as I ride him backwards. Buck’s hands slide carelessly up and down my sides. I love the extra stimulation on my skin and reach behind me for a few sparse strokes of my hot boy. Buck suddenly pushes me forward and I grab onto the edge of the tub. He hoists up my ass and holds me out in front of him with his cock still lodged in my ass. Doing my best to steady myself, Buck begins to pound me from behind with my legs wrapped loosely around him. This position forces me to balance a good deal of my weight on my arms and it doesn’t take long to feel overworked. My ass is getting another delicious pounding but I can barely keep afloat.

I interrupt him for a minute just to switch positions. I turn around and lean my elbows on the edge of the tub. I like the feeling of being held up while being fucked. Buck quickly figures out what I’m trying to do and I see a devilish grin come across his face. “You dirty bastard, you!” he says with a smile. Grabbing my ass, he lifts me up and enters me in one smooth stroke. I think he’s stretching out my asshole. But it feels so good. He puts my legs over his shoulders and pulls me close, pushing deep inside me. Buck quickens his pace and I feel like I getting stapled from the inside. He begins a steady pounding rhythm and I lean back in enjoyment. I feel his hands grip my legs and slams into me over and over. Buck is definately the most enthusiastic fuck I’ve ever had in my life. My arms and shoulders are aching from having my full weight on them for the last five or ten minutes, but I don’t want to stop Buck… I want to enjoy every second of him inside me. But even the fuck masters get tired sometimes and I can see Buck is losing his steam. How about switching off, big guy? I whisper to him. He smiles and nods almost appreciatively. I like my men nice and clean…so get your ass in this tub, I bark. Another devilish smile in return. Thank god he has a good sense of humor. I’ve made the tub a little warmer than normal, but Buck settles in quickly and I watch his still-hard prick disappear into the water. I step in and turn off the water. We maneuver a little until I pull him forward and get behind him with my legs around him. I pull him back onto me and he rests his head on my chest. I kiss his head as I cup water over his shoulders with my hands. It pours off his smooth skin and dries quickly. I wet my fingers and place both hands on his temples and begin to rub gently. I rub in a circular motion and move my fingers all around his pressure points. Moving up to his forehead, I massage him gently. Then down to his nose and cheeks. Placing my thumb in the center between his eyes, I rub upward gently. At this point, he’s putty in my hands and it’s time to pamper him a bit.

“You’re so good to me, Bryce. I could stay here forever with you.” he said. I knew the words were harmless, but something nagged at me that there was something more. I dismissed it and whispered in his ear that I really enjoyed having him here. After some pampering, Buck seemed to be revitalized. We rubbed each other sensually for several minutes, on and off, and kissed softly and then passionately. I made my way around to face him and I wedged my knees under his. Face to face, we kissed some more while I fondled his package. He fondled mine in return and got me hard instantly. I could feel him massaging my ass and pushing me upward. The water made me almost weightless. The angle forced me lean back and I took it as a sign that he wanted to return the favor. So as I gently leaned back against the tub, I feel Buck lift me up. Leaning forward, he puts the tip of my cock to his lips and kisses it. It’s an unexpected pleasure! In seconds, he gobbles my cock down his throat and seems to swallow me whole. I am bouyant as he gently pushes my ass up to his mouth and consumes my cock. The warm water is comforting as he services me. I will surely shoot my load into his skillful mouth. Buck deep throats me to the point where I feel I’m getting fucked. The thought of draining my balls down his throat gets me hotter. Then Buck pulls me out most of the way and starts to work my cockhead. His lips feel like velvet with an iron grip. He milks the head and gets the ridge thick and hard. I feel his tongue circle the head and he sticks the tip into my hole. I let out a slight moan of pleasure and he stops. He comes up to my face and whispers, “I want you inside me, Bryce.”

I love an invitation to fuck some ass; especially when it’s as hot and fine and Buck’s. I seem to scramble to get behind him as I line myself up. The word ‘throbbing’ would be appropriate as I look down at my cock. The head seems fuller than normal and it just aches to be satisfied. Trying to be thoughtful, I push the tip into his hole slowly. “C’mon! Fuck me!” he blasts at me. I’m a little startled, but a rush of adrenaline and horniness comes over me. Slapping both hands down hard on his ass cheeks, I grip him hard pull him onto my cock. The thought of him fucking himself on my dick and opposed to me fucking him gave me a real turn on. With that in mind, I keep myself stationary and push/pull Buck on and off my cock. He gets the rhythm quickly and starts to ram himself onto me, forcing my cock deep into his whole. Bucks soft moans grow in volume and intensity. “Yeah, Bryce, Fuck me! Fuck me, babe. FUCK ME!” His cheering gets me even hotter than I was and I love watching my cock disappear into his ass. I lean back a bit and my cock comes all the way out and goes back in. The view of my whole cock out of him and then in up to my nuts is so stimulating that I want to cum. You like my cock, bitch?! I blurt out in an angry tone. “Fuck yeah! Pound my ass, Bryce! Pound me! Fuck me harder!” And as his last words are out, I feel myself starting to blow. Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I scream at the ceiling. “Yeah, Bryce! Shoot in my ass! Shoot your load into me!” I immediately feel the wad of cum draining from my balls. I slap his ass with one hand as I drive my cock in and shoot my load deep into his hole. I shoot off eight or nine rounds into him ands slow my pace. Collapsing onto his back, I stay inside him and I’m panting heavily. I feel Buck’s anus clamping down on my dick like he’s massaging it. “Did that feel good, baby?” Buck says is a sultry voice. Oh my god, Buck… that was fantastic. We separated and settled into the warm tub together kissing; both of us exhausted and our dicks spent.

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