‘Fuck! It’s cold out here!’ I thought as I hit the door leading outside. A 4a.m. call to get to my high school and then ride a bus two hours to what was probably going to amount to a very boring wrestling tournament… There was no upside here… well other than the fact that this would be my very last wrestling tournament as a minor! My 18th birthday was tomorrow! I stopped and pulled my bag on and wrapped the blanket I always carried with me on a tournament around myself; dashing to the front of the house where Joe, my best friend, was parked. I stripped off my bag and blanket and threw them in the back seat. I jumped in the seat next to Joe and smiled at him.

“Gabby!” Okay, so I know it’s an embarrassing name, it’s really Gabriel, but when you’re on a sports team guys tend to come up with nicknames for each other, mine settled on Gabby and that was sort of where it stuck. I minded it for the longest time and then one day it sort of made sense. I know it’s a girl’s name, but something about it made me unique! “Didn’t think you were coming for a second there…” He laughed as he pulled away from the curb.

“Thanks for coming all the way across town at this ungodly hour man…” I apologized to him. Days like today sucked. I had no car. I had no cell phone. Technically I lived on my own, even at 17. My dad had taken me away from my mom when I was nine and we had a pretty tough relationship as I got older. Finally things came to a head about three months ago and he had decided to toss me a beating. I decided that I had the choice to leave his house or duke it out with him if I didn’t want him beating on me anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to take a swing at him and I had walked out of his house that night…

My feet carried me to my mom’s house. She was the type of parent that really got into the idea of being a parent, but was not the best when it came to the practice of actually being a parent. I asked her if I could stay with her and she thought it was a great opportunity to put one over on my dad and show him how parenting was done and let me stay. It was a weird arrangement for me. It meant that I had to live all the way across town from my high school, and being a senior I didn’t want to change schools during my last year…

That meant without a car… I rode the bus a whole lot. Early mornings where I got to school super early, and many a winter morning walking to the nearest bus depot to catch the very first bus of the morning and riding it all the way across town.

About a month into my stay my mom got tired of being a mom. She moved in with her boyfriend, probably the best man I had ever seen her with… he was older, but seemed to treat her pretty well. He was a hard drinker like her and while I didn’t approve of how much time they spent in the bar he seemed to be able to afford to keep my mom in liquor and happy. She seemed happy and that was nice to see for a change. At the time she moved in I thought I was screwed. I really didn’t want to live with my mom and the guy she was shacked up with, but her guy, George, suggested that maybe I could just take over my mom’s old apartment. She rented it from this old lady who liked her and who only charged her $200 dollars rent. I was surprised when my mom went for it… it must have seemed like a good compromise between getting away from the responsibility of being a parent and continuing to stick it to my dad!

I worked odd jobs for my landlord and she, in return, cut the rent down to $100 dollars per month. It was a great situation for me as the stuff I usually had to do, mow the lawn, shovel snow, housesit her place when she traveled, was all stuff I would have done anyway just to be nice! I drew on savings that I had put aside from working all summer at a rental company to make up the difference. Money was tight for me, but I was able to come and go as I pleased and I had my own place!

I couldn’t catch a bus this early, as they didn’t run and I knew that I was costing Joe probably close to an hour of sleep so he could come get me. I always felt bad about that kind of stuff. Joe was a good friend to me and I was always having to sponge off of him.

“Don’t sweat it man,” Joe said with a smile. “Have fun last night?” Another knowing grin from him.

I smiled back at him, “The date with Jacky was a bust…” Jacky was this girl I had met on the bus and at first we had hit it off. I was attracted to her but she was three years younger than me… I didn’t really know if the difference in ages was going to work.

He hit me in the arm, “No details? Come on! Was she good? Did you go all the way with her?”

It was a tough spot. On one hand I owed Joe a lot. It felt weird to be talking about this with him. But I also felt like I owed him something of a debt. Finally I decided on a course of action, “You know, my dad is an asshole, but one bit of advice he told me that seemed to make a lot of sense. When and what you do with a lady is between you, and her. Or at least it is if you want her to still be a lady!”

Joe just laughed again. “Good point. Fucking cold this morning isn’t it!?”

I was relieved. I hoped he wouldn’t be mad at me, and it didn’t look like he was.

We passed the rest of the morning making small talk. When we arrived at the school I saw that there was a full size bus, instead of the short ones that we usually take for Varsity only tourneys like this one.

I asked coach what was up and he told me that the bus company had decided the full size was safer in this weather, especially considering that we were going over a mountain pass. That seemed to make sense to me, and it would also be nice as the bus would be nearly empty, so there would be lots of room to spread out and get some rest both before and after the tourney. It was a two hour trip in good weather, so in this weather it would be closer to three; it would be nice to get some sleep.

I looked over at the Stat Girls as they huddled together by the door to the bus. The Stat Girls were a bunch of girls who helped the team out, they sat by and recorded scores for the wrestlers during matches and provided recaps for the matches.

Karly… wow, Karly was smoking hot. She was a senior, like me. I had had eyes for her since I was a freshman. We both were in all the AP classes so like half my day was spent with her. That meant that I spent a good portion of my day trying hard not to stare at her. She was tall, maybe 5 foot 10. Heavy in an athletic sort of way. Large shoulders, large hips, big tits. She played soccer and was pretty good at it from what I heard. She wasn’t the type of girl who showed a lot of skin but once, she had stretched like a she-wolf in class and I saw her shirt come up around her mid-riff and her abs had been toned and firm. She had fluffy brunette hair with lighter, almost blonde tints that she usually let fall down around her face. Green eyes. Wow, I love those green eyes.

She had an infectious smile too! She flashed one at me as she caught me checking her out. I smiled back at her and felt a little guilty for checking her out. I had some guilty thoughts about Jacky. ‘I’m only human’ I thought. ‘There is no harm in looking, just no touching!’ even then the snow covered ground at my feet started to look a lot more interesting.

We all filed onto the bus and I found a quiet spot to lay down, wrap myself up in my blanket and get to sleep.

Chapter 2:
The tournament went well. The first kid they put me against was a loser. I tore him up in under 30 seconds, recording a pin. The second kid lasted a little longer but again, a pin. The third kid I faced was somehow worse than the first two, and I wondered how had he made it this far into the tournament? I was facing off against him really just screwing around, shooting in and scoring takedowns and then letting him back up when he did something unexpected. He swept in and grabbed me in a single leg takedown.

He didn’t bring me to the ground but managed to get my foot up into the air. I was embarrassed, but I got a weird idea, a move that I had seen in a book. I jumped, putting all of the weight on the foot he held while closing with him. I grabbed the back of his neck with my left hand and twisted my hips. My right foot swept up and knocked his feet out from beneath him and we both sprawled to our asses. I was in a shitty position to attempt to do anything about him being sprawled on the ground, our legs tangled up together, so I decided against it.

I simply rolled back over my head and to my feet. The crowd was going wild. I doubt many had ever seen that move before, and I have to admit, it mostly looked flashy. I was pissed now though. I shot down, making it look like I was going for a takedown. The instant my knee hit the ground I saw him bite. He thought I was going for a double leg and was surprised when I shot back up and grabbed him in a deep bearhug. My head buried deep in his chest as I tightened my grip on him. This was a trick I had picked up from one of the other guys on the team. It was a brutal hold. The air being crushed from your body while the head buried in your chest dug in painfully enough that you could barely move or think.

Suddenly I snapped my hips into his and lifted him bodily off the ground. This precipitated me slamming him back to the ground the instant my knee touched the ground keeping the hold legal but just by the slimmest of margins. My head in his chest knocked the wind out of him. He couldn’t move. I moved to my feet with my head still buried in his chest. He was done. I heard the slam of hand on mat that signaled a pin. I twisted my body and rolled away smoothly. We shook hands and I went over to meet my coach. He looked me in the eye and with a wry smile said, “What was that flashy bullshit?”

“Something I saw in a book, figured I’d give it a try.” I felt cocky as all get out and my blood was still up from the match.

“You know what the percentage on a move like that is right?” I could see he was worried about me trying to hotdog against someone that I couldn’t afford to.

“That guy was a loser,” I replied. “I wouldn’t have tried it against someone that I couldn’t get away with it on.”

Coach looked at me carefully, “He wasn’t such a loser that he didn’t get a pretty textbook single leg on you.” I felt a flush of shame at that. He was right. I let my confidence get the better of me. Stupid mistake.

“You’re right, I should have been more careful.” I felt a rush of shame. I was too cocky.

I turned away from coach, and there was Karly. Beautiful, smiling Karly. She had all of my clothes in her arms. The thought occurred to me that she seemed to always be the Stat Girl I had when I wrestled… “That was awesome!” She gushed at me. I felt a rush of pride and squashed it instantly. That was what had gotten me into this.

I smiled at her, “It was lucky.” She pulled up short at my tone. I was too short with her. She had a funny look on her face. “Sorry, I just got lucky. He was a loser, and I pulled a trick out of my ass. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have taken the takedown and worked my way out of it. I took a shortcut and if the guy had any class he would have beat me because of it.”

She put her hand against my chest, “Well,” her hand traced up, “still looked pretty impressive” she looked up and down my body and I realized with a certain amount of shock that I had done the very same thing with girls more than a few times in the past. Her eyes settled for a second on my crotch… the singlet didn’t do much to cover or leave much to the imagination, “that singlet looks pretty impressive too,” With that she dropped my clothes in my arms and walked away. It seemed like her hips had a little suggestive sway to them as she walked away and I had to take a moment and appreciate her ass. Wow the rush of hormones mixed with adrenaline shot through my body. Fuck, I wanted so badly to tackle her to the floor and just pull her clothes off!

I took a deep breath and started pulling my warm ups back on. Wouldn’t do well to have someone see the impact of all that Karly on my body! ‘Man, it really seemed like she was seriously checking me out!’ I had to be imagining things! There was no way Karly was into me, and what about Jacky?!

I went back to the bleachers and found my stuff. I dug into my bag and found the lunch I had made for myself that morning. Sandwiches, ham and processed cheese with plenty of Miracle Whip, three of them. A half-eaten bag of chips. A couple Pop Tarts. I wolfed it all down with plenty of water, thankful for the fact that even with the busted date with Jacky had had time to run to the store and pick up some basic staples. It was excellent and just what I needed to keep my energy up.

The last match was the toughest of the day. The guy had at least some talent. He put up a good fight for about three minutes. I was stronger though, and better. I ripped him apart. No showing off, I just broke him piece by piece. I finished him with a hard cross face that was just this side of legal and pinned him before the second round ended.

At the medal ceremony the Stat Girls from the teams took turns presenting medals to the guys who had won them. I noticed Karly jostling with some of the other girls and trading. Not unusual. Most of the girls liked to present the medals to the guys they liked or thought attractive. I was surprised when Karly was the one to present to me. She wrapped the medal around my neck and smiled at me. I stepped back from her and she put her arms out wide, “Come on big guy! How about a hug!”

I really wanted that hug, and besides I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of everyone! I pulled her close into me and felt the feminine figure pressed against me. She was taller than Jacky, fuller. Her body felt stronger, her bones thicker and more substantial, Jacky felt slight compared to this lovely creature. With Karly I didn’t feel like I was going to break her as I held her in my arms. I won’t lie, she felt great. Soft and smooth, yet strong and confident. Her hair was pressed close to me and a scent something like vanilla pressed itself to me. I squeezed her tight to me hard and firm, far harder than I would have dared to press Jacky to me. She just squeezed me tighter too! It was awesome! I lifted her off the ground, laughing and smiling the whole way. Karly stepped back and held her hand to my face. “Excellent!” She beamed. The light caught her green eyes and lit them up. I was lost in them. I almost kissed her…

‘Danger! Back to front and center!’ my brain screamed out to me. I pulled myself back into the moment and turned away from her…

The rest of the tourney was short and sweet. We packed up and got back on the bus. I was exhausted after the match and went into the very back of the bus and wrapped myself into my blanket. I wedged myself into a seat next to a window and drifted off. I woke briefly when the bus started and got on the road but managed to drift off into darkness once again without too much trouble. On some level I guess I registered that we got out of town and back on the dark highway home.

I snapped awake when someone plopped down in the seat next to me!

Some of the guys like to ‘rumble’ during the bus rides home, fight and wrestle with each other during the ride. It was a way that they let off steam and a practice I rarely participated in. I usually preferred to read or sleep on the road and I made my displeasure apparent anytime someone took a shot at me. Once I picked a guy up and threw him two seats forward, it bent a seat, and I was lucky he didn’t get hurt. I felt bad afterward, he was a nice guy and he was just trying to play…

This was not one of the guys though. It was Karly. I could smell her vanilla scent, so good… I was still half awake, groggily I thought, ‘Coach keeps the Stat Girls up front, where he can keep an eye on them’.

“Not this time he didn’t.” Karly’s voice, a whisper, surprised me. I must have been speaking out loud and not realized it! “Coach said we could run around the bus if we wanted, hang out with some of the guys! He must be really happy with how you did!”

I tried to shake the sleep from my mind. ‘Why is she here?’ I thought. I blinked stupidly, “What’s up?”

She looked at me, or at least I thought she did, it was hard to tell in the darkness. “What? I can’t come and hang out with you?” She sounded a little defensive.

My brain was still foggy from sleep, I didn’t do well with short naps. “No, of course you can. Sorry. Something specific you want to talk about?”

She leaned into me and I felt the warmth of her even through the blanket covering me. I couldn’t help but lean back into her. She just felt so right! “I don’t know, maybe you could ask me something… interesting?” It felt like there was a little coyness in her voice.

I fumbled for something to say. I knew what I wanted to ask her but I couldn’t… there was no way that she liked me, no way that a girl this magnificent was interested in me… “How did you feel about the Calc test yesterday?” I finally managed to stumble out.

She snorted out a laugh, “God! You are so stupid!”

Now it was my turn to feel defensive. The Calc teacher did this thing where he wrote equations on the board turn by turn and had the students compete against each other to solve it quickest, I beat Karly every time. Hell, I beat everyone but Brian, who was one of the others guys on the team, nearly every time. I went for the throat on that one! “I beat you each and every time in the equations competitions!”

She laughed again and said with a smirk, “And what grade are you getting in that class again? ‘Cause I’m getting an A!”

I felt terrible but I had started this… “I’m getting a C.” I was ashamed of that. I was struggling in almost all of my classes; sports and my hectic life problems weren’t helping me but mostly it was the fact that I was having serious troubles keeping organized due to my brain jumping around all of the time. I was having a serious amount of trouble keeping my attention on things and it seemed to be getting worse lately. The stress of my life seemed to be making my attention problems worse. It was like the lack of structure was making it harder for me to focus…

She pushed her advantage, “And you would be getting an A, if you bothered to do the homework. Kind of scary to see a person who doesn’t do the homework doing as well as you do. The only reason you’re getting a C is because you’re scary smart and you pick everything up faster than everyone else!” She bumped into me again.

Her little bump took a little of the sting out of what she said. She was right of course…

“That’s not what I meant when I said you were stupid, anyway.” She leaned into me again. “I’m giving you free reign to ask me anything you want… we’re alone here… the nearest person is like 6 rows away… hell, I might even say yes…”

‘Wait, is she hitting on me?’ I thought to myself. I was confused. Her mind was jumping around too much. Hell, her mind was jumping around like mine did. One second we were talking about math class and the next, ‘Wait, are we talking about sex?’ I thought. “Are we talking about what I think we’re talking about?” I asked her carefully.

She leaned into me again and purred, “Well I’m talking about sex. You might still be talking about Calculus. I’m beginning to think you don’t even think about sex.”

I was again defensive, “I think about sex!” I rushed ahead without thinking. “I actually think about sex a lot.” Okay, that made me sound like a pervert. Good plan, make sure you put your foot straight into your mouth!

She laughed at me. “So do you think about it with me?” I was shocked! That was not a question that you asked someone! Hell, it was not a question a good girl asked any guy! I had to be reading something wrong, Karly was many things and a good girl was definitely one of them! I had to remind myself that I sucked with reading people, and I was tired. I was reading into this what I wanted to hear.

She purred again, her voice a whisper in the darkness, “I’ve thought about it with you.” She leaned into me, this time it seemed like it was a little more sensual.

“What?” My voice was entirely too loud in my surprise. I saw some heads turn ahead of me in the bus.

“Shhhhh!” She hissed at me.

“Sorry” I replied, properly chagrined. My mind was racing. Why was she doing this? Why now?! What the hell was going on?

“So, what’s the deal with you and that Jacky girl?” ‘Aha!’ I thought to myself, the tumblers started to fall into place. This was not a genuine interest in me, this was just the petty, I’ll have him for myself game!

“Is that your business?” I asked her curtly.

She stiffened next to me. “Not really. It just seems like you and her are a thing. I was curious to see if you were available.”

Something didn’t add up here. She was acting weird. Karly was so confident, always that type of girl that seemed so sure of herself. There was a lot of that here, but it also seemed like there was a note of lost confidence in her voice. Like she was asking a question that she didn’t really want to hear the answer to. She pressed on, “She just doesn’t seem like your type.”

I tried to look at her and read her expression, but it was too dark. What was her game? “Again,” I emphasized each word, “Is. That. Your. Business?” She pulled back from me. I missed her comforting presence almost immediately. There was something very comforting about her being there pressed against me. I was shocked at how much that bothered me.

She spoke hesitantly, “No, it isn’t. I was just curious. I mean, I always wondered why you never made a pass at me. I couldn’t have made it more obvious I was interested, and I’ve seen you staring at me. I mean you think you’re clever like you’re doing it on the sly, but we have four classes together and have had four classes together for years. Your eyes are crawling over my ass for pretty much the entire day. Even though you’re with this chick now I still feel your eyes on me, only now you look guilty.”

I still couldn’t wrap my head around what she was saying. Karly was smoking hot. Every guy in the room had his eyes all over her. How did she know I had my eyes on her, or that I felt guilty for staring at her? ‘Because she likes you dolt!’ I thought to myself, ‘She was looking to see if you were looking!’

“Look, I wouldn’t say you couldn’t have been more obvious, I mean now, now you’re being pretty obvious, but a few measured glances? Not obvious. Also, aren’t you with Mike?” I asked her carefully. Now a part of me didn’t want to hear the answer. Mike was the guy that she had seen for the last couple of years. He was a year older than us. I was on the football team with him. He was one of those big, bullying asshole types and walked around like he owned the place. He and I didn’t get along. We almost came to blows a few times though that had dropped off sharply in the last year with my new body and new attitude, had Mike fucked with me last year I would have done everything in my power to crush his face, and only part of that was my jealously over him being with Karly when I wasn’t.

She leaned back into me, put her knees up on the seat and hugged herself. “He moved; went off to the University. Found himself some nice college pussy and now he doesn’t have time for me anymore.” I could tell that hurt her a lot to admit and realized that I shouldn’t have pressed her on the issue. She was a big girl and she could make her own decisions about who she chose to spend her time with. It was then that I realized I asked to make sure I wasn’t a fling and that she was really interested in me…

I understood now. She was alone. Like me. She’d been with someone so long she didn’t know how to flirt with a new guy, how to get his attention. My heart broke a little bit for her right then. Her confidence was smashed. She wanted to see herself as strong and independent. Wanted to see herself as someone that came straight to the point and said what was on her mind. This whole conversation was about gaining that power back for herself and going after what she wanted.

It really pissed me off right now. What offended me most the presumption. “What is it with you girls? You see a shiny toy every day and you’re not interested. As soon as someone else picks it up though, you have to have it for yourself!” I was quiet, but intense in how I delivered my little speech. “We’ve been in school together, hell, had half a day’s worth of classes together for four years, and nothing but a coy smile from you. Now that someone else is in my life, suddenly you want to speak up. You want to know why I’m with Jacky? Because she had time for me! While all the rest of you girls were looking down your nose at me because I wasn’t cool enough, or athletic enough, or didn’t have nice enough clothes or whatever the hell else people like you care about.” I was shocked at how angry I had become.

She didn’t pull away from me, which shocked me considering what I’d just said to her. In fact I was already cursing myself for a fool thinking she was going to get up and stomp off.

She just sat there quietly for a second. “That’s not fair.” She finally said. “I’m not that person. I’ve never been that person. Yes. I’ve not been the girl that threw herself at you, but I was always nice to you. I always liked you. You were funny, and intense and smart. I never made fun of you. I never put you down. Hell, I defended you to the people that did!”

God, she was right! I remembered then one time when I was a sophomore. Mike decided to lay into me and I just took it. It wasn’t until the next year when I got tired of the crap and started to fight back. I remember Karly telling him to leave me alone.

I remembered her storming off when he didn’t. What I most likely didn’t see was the fight that broiled out of it. She continued talking, a note of tease in her voice, “Besides, you’re not that shiny!”

‘Wow! I really like this girl!’ I thought to myself. Time to eat some crow, “Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. I projected my insecurities onto you, and that wasn’t fair.” I stopped and tried to glance over at her to see if she accepted my apology. I very much wanted her to. I hoped I hadn’t ruined my chances with her because of my insecurities and the baggage I carried. I smiled and added, “And I am very shiny! I saw you checking me out today!”

She snuggled closer into me. I wanted very much to put my arm around her right then, but I couldn’t. While Jacky and I hadn’t been official, we had been dating and while we hadn’t made a commitment to each other it wasn’t right to hand all over this girl while I was dating another. ‘This is who I am now’ I thought to myself.

“Thank you.” She whispered to me. “I just wanted to know. I wanted to know why you chose some bubblehead over me.”

I was a little offended by her calling Jacky a bubblehead, but I squashed that down. No sense in making her angry again. I wanted her to understand, hell, I wanted to understand, “I don’t know. It just happened. She had time for me. She made it easy. She just let me know she was interested in me, and I just went with the flow, and now, well now, here I am. I’ve been alone for a very long time. I’ve always felt like someone standing on the outside looking in. It used to bother me and then one day it just stopped. I stopped feeling anything but angry. I didn’t want to be angry anymore. I just want someone to care.” The air just sort of went out of me. Was that all it was? Was that all she was to me? Did I care about her, or did I just want to not be alone anymore?

‘Or did you just want to get your dick wet?’ the cynical voice inside me asked…

I wanted to rail against that, but I just didn’t have the energy anymore.

“Are you fucking her?” Karly’s directness surprised me!

I looked over at her with an ‘are you kidding me?’ look on my face. “We’re not going to talk about that for certain…”

Karly looked deep into my eyes and I lost myself in them for a second. I thought she was going to be pissed about me telling her no but she just seemed to be a little more impressed. “You’re a lot deeper than I thought you were… I always was impressed with you, but now you’re making a girl crush a bit over here!”

I wanted to keep talking to her. I wanted to tell her that I was interested in her too but I was also scared that I was crossing a line… both with Jacky and with Karly. “I’m tired.” I told Karly. “It’s been a long day. I’m going back to sleep now.” I felt her stiffen again, and she started to move away. I felt wrung out, I was tired, but mostly I just felt alone. “Wait.” My voice surprised me… “Stay. Stay with me. I don’t want to be alone right now.”

She pushed herself back against me. “On one condition. Share your blanket with me?”

I laughed in spite of myself. “I’ve got one better for you.” I held my blanket up for her and she crawled in with me. I put my arm around her and she snuggled in tighter to me. Some voice in the back of my head told me that I shouldn’t be holding her but I just didn’t care anymore. She felt good and she chased away the bad thoughts in my mind. I was tired of listening to them…

I woke when the bus finally came to a stop at the school. My face was pressed against the top of Karly’s head and the smell of her shampoo seemed like it infused every part of me. ‘God she smells so good!’ I thought to myself. We were both groggy from just falling asleep and were tangled together from sleeping. I realized then, she had her hand on my crotch, and I was… very… excited about it. Her hand suddenly slid up… I tried very hard to move away from her but I think she noticed all the same.

I just had time for the thought to form and she sat up and stretched. I always thought Jacky stretched like a cat… Karly stretched like a wolf. Powerful and sexy. God I wanted to kiss her…

“Hey, get up sleepyhead!” Joe’s voice surprised me. Then the lights were on and I couldn’t see. And once my eyes finally adjusted to light I could see the surprise on his face. “Uh, yeah… hey Karly.”

Karly just stood up and grabbed her stuff. “Hey Joe! Take good care of him! He was great!” She had a weird smirk on her face she looked at me and winked. ‘Fuck! That was sexy as hell!’ I thought to myself.

And with that she was gone. Leaving me with only the fading scent of her shampoo trapped in my nose. Joe leaned in close, “What are doing man!? What about Jacky? You went out with her last night and then you just fuck Karly in the back of the tourney bus?”

‘Wait, what?’ The thought just pushed its way into the forefront of my mind. “What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t ‘fuck’ Karly! We just talked for a bit and then fell asleep! Sheesh!” I grabbed my stuff quickly, wrapping everything up in my blanket. I was starting to get angry with him.

“Dude seriously?” He called out to me. “You want a ride home or not? Cause if you do, you need to stop and talk to me.”

Just about that point, I got next to Karly as she was grabbing her stuff from her seat. She turned and looked at me, “No problem, I’ll give you a ride!”

I stopped short. “Uhhh… I live all the way across town. It’s going to take a while to get there.”

She smiled, “No problem, I have a friend that lives over that way and I was going over there anyway!”

I looked back at Joe who looked very uneasy. “Uh… I think that’s a bad idea.”

I was getting annoyed with Joe now. This was ridiculous. This really wasn’t a big deal. He was worrying way too much about me and Karly and it was really none of his business. “Joe, it’s cool. She’s headed that way anyway. It’s like 11 at night and everything’s covered in snow. You don’t need to waste time going all the way across town!”

Coach spoke up then. “Look kids, I don’t care where you go, but you can’t stay here! Everyone off the bus!”

I looked at Joe, “It’s cool, and I got this, trust me.” And just like that I was off the bus and headed to Karly’s car. Just before I got there I looked back and saw Joe standing in front of the bus, silhouetted in the headlights just staring at me. I got in the car and told myself that he was being stupid.

Karly started the car up and pulled out of the spot she was parked in entirely too fast. The rear wheels skidded out and she swung the car around and quickly pulled out of the parking lot. When we finally hit the street out front I was starting to seriously begin to worry that she was trying to kill us both in what would appear to be a murder suicide designed to look like an accident.

I finally spoke up, “Uh… I appreciate the ride and everything, but would also like to arrive at my destination alive.” She looked at me and smiled. She reached over and opened the console pulling something out.

She starting fiddling with whatever it was and said, “Sorry. I’ve been dying for a smoke for hours now! I just wanted to get on the road so I could have one!”

It was then that I realized what she had in her hand, cigarettes! I thought she was one of those good girls! Good girls don’t smoke! “You smoke?” I managed to stammer out.

She looked at me funny, “You knew I smoked, you saw me last year at that party and I was standing outside smoking!”

I realized then that she was right. I remembered looking at her and watching her. I thought how sexy she looked standing there, I had always had a thing for girls who smoke. I had wanted so badly to go over to her and tell her she looked great that night.

She kept looking at me, “So, do you mind if I have one? I’m dying for one here?”

I was still shocked, “Where do you even get cigarettes?” I asked her.

She looked at me like I was stupid. “I buy them. I’m 18. I turned 18 a month ago! In fact the only reason I’m in your class and not the one ahead of you was that my birthday was two weeks after the cutoff!”

“Well excuse me! It wasn’t like I was invited to the birthday party or anything!” Man, I really wished she had invited me to the party!

“Well, can I have one? Do you mind?” She asked me shyly.

That shook me out of my trance. “Oh, yeah, it’s fine. Both of my parents smoke so I’m kind of used to it.”

She slowly took one from the pack and lit it, taking a deep puff from that first drag. She rolled her window down a crack and exhaled the smoke out the window. ‘Holy shit that’s sexy!’ I thought as I watched her smoke. She noticed me watching her and started flipping her attention between me, the road and her cigarette. Finally, she broke the silence, “What? Do you want me to put it out?”

I was suddenly embarrassed again, “No, it’s just.” I fumbled to put it in a way that wouldn’t make me sound like a weirdo, “I always thought girls who smoke were sexy. Something about it that just gets me going.” I was tired. Jeez, mission failed and I sounded like a weirdo…

She took another long drag from it and smiled at me. “Does your Jacky smoke?” she asked me as she exhaled, pushing the smoke towards the window.

I looked out the window, watching the snow fall, the lights pass. I was quiet for a while. “No.” I finally answered her. I was starting to realize how far behind me Jacky was. How far behind everyone I knew she was.

“Well that’s strike three…” Karly said, her voice like a dusky whisper. I didn’t know if she was talking to me or to herself.

I turned back to her. Her face lit by the instrument panel. ‘God she’s beautiful’ I thought to myself. I recoiled a bit at the thought but couldn’t help myself. “Strike three?”

Karly looked at me and smiled. A pure smile that lit up her pretty face far more than the lights of the instrument panel ever could have. She pushed her cigarette out the window and rolled it up, cutting off the cold air rushing into the car. Her smile faded to just an uptick of her lip on one side of her face. “Strike one. She’s a bubblehead. I’ve seen her, she’s dumb as a post. You’re smart as hell. She’s sexy, but dumb is going to get old really fast.” Karly was right. Jacky was not the smartest person in the world. I often found myself having to explain stuff to her that I felt was basic…

Karly continued, “Strike two, she’s immature. You’re three years older than her. That may not seem like a lot, but trust me, I’ve dated an older guy, and even a small difference in ages is going to mean a lot. In a few months you’re going to be going to college, she’s going to be talking about going to the mall. Again, that’s going to get old really fast.” Again, Karly had pinned it down correctly. It wasn’t so much that Jacky was stupid, it was that she was both not smart, and uneducated. We didn’t see things on the same level and that was getting really old.

Karly pressed her last advantage, “And strike three, she doesn’t smoke, which you find sexy. I like my chances.”

I shook my head. Maybe I was just too tired to keep pace with what she was talking about. Her mind jumped around like mine did, never staying on the same topic for more than a few seconds. I had never been around someone who thought the way I did. I saw how frustrating it could be… “What are you talking about?” I finally asked her when I realized I wasn’t going to add everything up.

“You and me.” Duh. I knew that. What did Jacky have to do with that? And also, there was no Karly and me… I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that.

“You and me?” I asked her.

“I’ve been thinking about it.” We were getting close to my house. I wished she would take a wrong turn. I wanted to stay here longer with her… “I want you. I want you to myself.” She looked at me and even in the dark I imagined I could see those perfect green eyes. I wanted to brush the hair from her face. To lay kisses down the side of her neck. To feel the warmth of her beneath me as I surged into her…

‘Stop it!’ my brain called out to me and I forced my mind away from that.

“I want you and I’m not going to take no for an answer.” She looked at me with a directness that startled me a bit. This is how a deer feels as the wolf drags it to the ground. I felt the sense of inevitability settle down over me. It seemed certain. Like I was being drowned, like being pulled into a dark abyss, water filling my lungs, I fight upward but ice has covered the hole and I can’t find air…

“I want you to myself, and I’m not giving up. She looked directly into my eyes. A part of me wanted to scream at her to keep her eyes on the icy road but she had me locked into that stare, her soul mixing with mine… Her gaze finally turned back to the icy road. “So what do I have to do? What do I have to do to make you mine?” her voice was suddenly fragile. A voice warned me that saying the wrong thing would shatter her right now. She was plunging into the icy depths right next to me, maybe coming after me… this was a moment that would change the person she was forever if I answered wrong.

I thought about it. What did she have to do? ‘Not much’ I admitted to myself. One day, hell not even one day with her and I was close to forgetting everything I felt about Jacky. Everything that I was so sure of when I got out of bed, blown away like one of those buildings you see in an atom bomb test. Just torn away to the foundations like ashes in the wind. I clenched my jaw and looked away from her. My eyes settling on the falling snow outside the window. My mind felt like those flakes, drifting in the wind, pushed this way and that. No focus, no thought, just white serenity. Who was I? Why was it important? Suddenly I knew that this moment was important. This moment would be one that I’d look back on and realize that it made or broke my entire life. It seemed so petty but I sensed it.

It had always meant so much to me to be the kind of person that was loyal… to never have to worry about my changing mercurial feelings. I never thought I was weak. Karly was making me weak though. I had starting feeling and now those feelings were starting to break through cracks and rage up. I realized then that I suppressed a lot of myself in anger. It was a realization that rocked me to my core. The person I was, was shifting very quickly and I was having trouble keeping up with that person.

Her voice cut through my thoughts, “Do I have to apologize for not noticing you? Well I do. Do I have to apologize for choosing Mike over you? I do. I wish that I had done what my heart told me the first time I saw you, really saw you.” She looked at me again, something between anger and sorrow on her face, “That first glance at the man you are, the strength and the sadness. I saw how lonely you were, and how strong you were while you stood looking into the darkness. I walked away from you then because I was scared and I’m sorry. I’ve known that person since I was a freshman and I kept turning away from him. I know I don’t deserve you but now I’m scared that I won’t ever get to see the rest of you and I feel like I’ll die if I don’t.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

What brought this on? Why did she feel so strongly about this? I mean I had noticed her, but I had never felt strongly about her. Maybe a slight crush, a lust for her beautiful form but not this deep emotional connection. Was I broken? Did I just not feel like everyone else did? Could I not form an emotional connection to anyone? Maybe she was just crazy?

I rolled my feelings around and examined them. This felt very right. So much more than it ever had with Jacky… I felt a connection with Karly that I had never felt with anyone before in my life…

“So what do I have to do?” Her voice cut into my thoughts and brought me back to the moment. She looked into my eyes again and I felt our souls lock again. Her jaw set and she seemed to push her will onto me. Her eyes returned to the road, her grip tightened on the wheel. “Do I have to have sex with you? ‘Cause if that is all it is, just say it.”

‘Holy shit!’ my brain suddenly threw a breaker. ‘Where did that come from?’

“You want to fuck me?” Again she pinned me down with that stare, and I felt so helpless. I was the deer again, the wolf tightened its jaws around my throat and I thrashed helplessly. I pressed myself to the ice holding me under the water and felt the cool texture of it against my hands; the small imperfections as I thrashed against it, the last things my fingers would ever feel. “You can. Just say the word. My parents are gone until next Tuesday on a ski retreat. Just say it. I’ll take you back to my place and I’ll fuck your brains out all night long. Hell, I’ll fuck your brains out all day tomorrow too. You can have me any way you want, anything you can think of, any way you can think of. All I ask in return is that you hold me in between. That you make me feel like you care about me the way I care about you. And Monday morning you end it with her. I won’t be anyone’s side bitch and I won’t share you with anyone else.”

‘We should take that option’ my brain, and my cock screamed out to me. I might have said yes right then… but I saw the tear drop down her face. I was breaking her. She wanted so desperately to not be dependent on anyone… to not need anyone. To be beautiful and confident and I was taking that from her just by being quiet. I didn’t have a good answer for her. I couldn’t think. We started to come up to my house…

I had to buy some time to think. Not speaking right now was tearing her apart at the seams. I reached my hand out to her, held it open and hoped she would take it. She looked at it like a snake that would bite her. “Drive around the block please,” I found myself saying to her. Her hand slipped into mine and she nodded her head, the car speeding back up. Her hand was cold in mine. She squeezed it so hard! I returned the pressure hoping it would help ground her.

I looked forward into the snowy night. Watched the rhythmic pulsing of the windshield wipers. The regularity of them seemed like a life preserver in the water for me. Shwish, shwish they went, focusing my thoughts. What did I want? Tear it down to the foundation and really look at it… not what Karly wanted. Not what my friends thought. Not what my dad thought about me. What did I want? I want to be someone. I want to be someone to someone. Someone that turns the gears of someone else’s world. I didn’t need much. Not a whole host of friends and family that loved me. Just one person. One person that truly saw me for me. One person I couldn’t hide from no matter how hard I tried. And I wanted to be good… to be the person that person deserved.

My thoughts drifted to carnal thoughts of Karly. In my mind I pictured her naked. My hands tangled in hers as I kissed her deeply, the feeling of my cock sliding deep into her. The feeling of her thighs against my hips as I drove into her. The feeling of her lips on mine as I kissed her deeply. In my mind there was a little yellow light shining on her face from my left side, bathing that side of her beautiful face as I pulled away from our kiss and stared at her. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as I drove into her again and again. My heart swelled as I thought about it and I wondered what that meant. Normally when I thought about this it was all centered on the sensations of the flesh, the feeling of her body on my cock, the tightness there, the sensation of driving in and out of someone, but this was so much different; this was all about my feelings for her, the feelings in my heart and my mind; not the feeling of my body and hers.

‘Stop it!’ my brain shouted to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though. This was so much different than any other fantasy I had ever had. It felt like I was there… like a dream in real life. In my mind, I closed my eyes and felt her all around me. I couldn’t see her, but I could hear her moans, feel her hands clenched tight in mine. I could smell her hair as I leaned back into a kiss with her. I could taste her perfect lips and her perfect tongue as it crawled into my mouth.

I could feel her body trembling. I could feel the blankets rub against our legs as I pushed into her over and over. I could feel the urgency of her voice as she whispered for me to go faster and harder. I pushed my face into the hollow of her neck again and tasted her sweat. I could feel my breath on her face as I whispered into her ear… “Karly.”

I could feel her hand untangling from mine. I could feel her nails scratch at my ass and she put her hand there to pull me into her harder. My hand was on her breast then and she moaned in ecstasy through the combination of sensations. Our eyes met and her hand snapped up to my head and pulled me back into a deep kiss. She threw her head back and screamed as she crested beneath me, a scream of raw sensual bliss and I knew pride in knowing that I had given this to her…

To be the person they deserved…

The thought of it crashed into me and pulled me out of the fantasy, or vision, whatever it was. My eyes snapped open and I didn’t even realize that I’d closed them. We were closing in on my house for the second time. How was that so short a time? It felt like I’d been inside her for hours…

Be the person someone deserves. The thought was like a mantra in my mind. It gave me strength I didn’t know I had. I looked at her again, ‘God she was so beautiful!’ I again thought. I could see something like panic in her eyes, no longer was she the wolf, now she was the deer. The car stopped in front of my house.

“I can’t go home with you” I whispered to her. The tears threatening her eyes suddenly spilled over the edges. I brought her hand up to my lips and kissed it. “It’s not about you. It’s about me. I can’t be the person you are asking me to be.” I considered what I was about to say, “I won’t be the person you are asking me to be.” Suddenly I felt steel inside myself and I knew in that moment that I was right before when I thought this moment would be one of those that would define the man that I would one day be. “No woman that ever loves me will share me with another. I won’t do that to you and I won’t do that to Jacky. I don’t know what I want, but I do know that if I went home with you right now the person that you woke up with tomorrow morning wouldn’t be the same person you went to bed with tonight.”

I raised my hand and brushed the tear away from her face. “Don’t cry about me. I’m not worth it. I’m not the person you think I am. For everything that I am I want to go home with you. I want to feel every inch of you to know every inch of you. That is selfish of me and you shouldn’t cry for that piece of shit. I’ll try to be better. I’m sorry.” I pulled my hand away from hers and started to turn to the door.

“Kiss me?” I turned back to her. Her eyes were locked on me again. The hardness in her edges was back and my heart soared to see it. She had been tempered by this moment and had come out somehow stronger… I wanted her even more…

I didn’t respond I just leaned in and kissed her with every fiber of my being. Maybe it was the dry winter air, maybe I had just shuffled my feet to much on the carpet while I sat here but I could feel a small jump of electric current as our lips touched. The kiss started off slowly. Small, chaste even, and then built like an avalanche. I found my hands tangled in her hair. My nose filled with that vanilla scent again, tinged with just the slightest hint of the bitter smoke of her cigarette. Her mouth opened beneath mine and I couldn’t help but respond in kind. Her tongue probed into my mouth and her tongue tasted just the way that it did in my vision of her.

My hand found its way around her breast. Fuller than Jacky’s. Firmer. She moaned into my mouth. This is so much better than Jacky…

That thought snapped me back to reality. I pulled away from her. ‘God, she almost pulled me in’ I thought to myself. ‘I was almost helpless.’ And I wouldn’t have cared either… the thought scared me a little. “Please don’t…” I whispered to her. It was a plea from me to her. She had me right there. She had me pinned to the wall and all she had to do was lean in and kiss me one more time and the last vestiges of whatever man I was would be blown away like snow in the wind. I wasn’t sure that I would like the man that would be left after that wind…

“Go. I can’t control myself much longer.” she whispered.

I fled her car. Just grabbing my stuff at my feet and diving out into the snow. I fled from her. I didn’t look back. I couldn’t. I made it as far as the gate in front of the house. I wanted to go in. I really did. I closed my eyes and tried to focus my thoughts…

The cold. The snow falling in the night. I felt and saw it all. I knew it then. If I walked away. I would lose her. I couldn’t do that. I turned back and looked at the car. Still sitting there idling. She was just a dark form inside. My feet carried me back. I don’t remember making the decision. I just remember them carrying me through the snow. I went around the front of the car and pulled the door open.

She looked up at me in shock. Her face was wet from her tears. I had never seen a woman more beautiful in my life. I reached in and took her hand. It was like she floated out of the car and like that she was in my arms. I kissed her like my life depended on it. She clung to me like a lifeboat in freezing water.

“Come inside?” I whispered to her when I finally managed to break away from her lips.

Her head nodded weakly. Her eyes lost all focus and she was breathing fast. “What about your parents?” she asked me breathlessly.

I smiled at her and was suddenly very grateful for those lonely nights… “Not a problem.”

We ran in the snow, hand in hand around the back of the house. I opened the door and let her run up the stairs ahead of me.

My apartment was less an apartment and just a small loft about an old house. It looked like a converted attic that someone had made a studio apartment out of. It was small, but it was mine. She reached the top of the stairs and stopped at the door at the top of the stairs. I had to press her back and reach past her and put my keys in the lock.

Her lips were like a siren’s call to me… I pressed myself up against her and kissed her deeply again. Our tongues mingling. I found her hand and held it tightly. Our kiss broke and I found myself kissing down the side of her neck… her arm was wrapped around me, her breaths came in ragged gasps…

I suddenly wanted her inside. I broke away from kissing her and pushed the door open. It stuck a little but pushed open without too much trouble. Still holding her hand I pulled her in after me… I barely got the door closed before I was kissing her again. I pressed her back against the door and kissed her with every fiber of my being. My hands tangled in hers as I raised her hands above her head and pressed her flat to the wall.

She broke our kiss and offered me her neck again. An offer I took her up on all too eagerly. My breath was hot and shallow. That smell of vanilla crashed over me once again… I traced my kisses up the side of her neck, finally settling into the hollow of her jaw and her ear.

“Stop, stop…” She whispered breathlessly, “I don’t want your parents to catch us like this…”

Her comment made me stop and laugh. I pulled back from her and took a step back. I still held her hands in mine as I looked deep into those green eyes and pulled her deeper into my apartment. I flipped the light to the kitchen, which was on my right, on, bathing the room in light. I smiled at her and said, “It’s just you and me here. I live here alone. This is my house.”

Confusion crossed her face as she tried to wrap her mind around what I had just told her. She looked around dumbly trying to understand. Her eyes once again locked onto mine and I found myself pulled into their depths once again, ‘I could stare into those eyes forever’ I thought to myself…

“How do you live by yourself?” she finally asked me.

I shrugged at her. “It’s complicated. This used to be my mom’s apartment and I took it over when she went to live with her boyfriend.” I stepped back and gestured for her to look around. She took her coat off and looked around, I finally picked up the que that she was looking for a place to put it…

Embarrassed I stepped forward and took it from her. I neatly hung it on a little hook that was next to the front the door. Deciding that the house was too warm I pulled my warmup sweatshirt off and hung it over the top of her coat. ‘Need to put up a few more hooks’ I thought to myself, ‘not really set up for company here…’

I turned back to her and saw her kind of peeking around, curious about my little place but too polite to just make her way around. I waved my hand dumbly, “Go ahead, look around!” I told her.

It hit me then. How shabby this little place was. Three small rooms and a closet for my clothes. I didn’t know everything about her, but I figured considering how nice her car was, she came from money. I was proud of my little house, but she was not going to be impressed with my shabby furniture and my bachelor’s style.

‘At least it’s clean for once…’ I thought to myself dimly.

She stepped forward and looked into my kitchen, a small smile of wonder on her face. She took in the range, the small counter. The old fridge that still had the old style pull open handle that went the way of the dinosaurs when people starting worrying about stupid kids locking themselves in them. She looked over at the old battered Formica table that did double duty as my desk.

She turned and went into the room to the right of the front door, my bathroom. Looking intently at the small walk in shower, the toilet and the sink…

She smiled at me as she went into my front room which doubled as my bedroom. She looked at the twin sized bed I slept in each night. ‘Thank god I made the bed this morning.’ I thought to myself as she walked into the room. She examined the small television on the stand on the opposite side of the room, so I could watch it from the bed. Looked at my big comfy chair…

And then she was down to the details. She took in that I had no pictures on the walls. No family or friends. Not even some little trinket to brighten the room… There was a bookcase made of boards and cinder block bricks but other than that the room was nearly empty. The only other furniture in the room was a little table that I had built out of scrap lumber that held my alarm clock next to my bed.

She went to the bookcase and looked over my books. Most of them salvaged from a used bookstore or a second hand shop. Her fingers tracing along the books as she read along the titles. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi titles.

I looked around the room and realized how pathetic I must seem to her. I looked at my little twin bed. My pitiful little table with the battered, second hand alarm clock. Handed down sheets and blankets. My one tired looking pillow. Not one ounce of personality to the room… it was like a monk’s cell, I finally realized… ‘How was I so proud of all this one minute ago?’ I asked myself.

I noticed then her fingers tracing over the small leather bound book on top of the book shelf. She picked it up and started to open it. I jumped forward and snatched it from her fingers.

She looked up at me in shock…

I fumbled to explain, “My journal… sorry.” I looked at the floor. Ashamed of my little house now. I threw my journal on the bed and started to walk away. Defeated…

She caught my hand and pulled me to face her. Her hands set on each side of my face and she smiled at me, that infectious smile that pulled me in each time. She ran her fingers under my eyes, wiping away tears that weren’t there. “I love it.” She whispered to me. “It’s perfect.”

And with that she kissed my lips so tenderly. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. Our kiss was less passionate this time. Tender and without the animalistic need our previous kisses had shared. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I thought how lovely it would be… to kiss those lips like this every morning before we headed off to work…

I broke it off and looked at her. “I’m embarrassed.” I confessed to her. I looked around the room and realized how small I was. How pathetic I looked. This girl was high class. She had dated a guy that obviously had money, who most likely spoiled the shit out of her. I couldn’t compete with that. I had no car. I had no beautiful house. I had no family that took care of me and cared about me. Hell, I didn’t even have internet here! ‘No Netflix and chill for you’ I thought sarcastically to myself.

I found myself trying to look at my feet. She stopped my gaze and pulled it back up to meet hers. Her eyes flitted around on my face, as if she was looking for some answer there… “Why are you embarrassed?” she asked me.

I couldn’t explain it to her. How would I tell her I wasn’t good enough for her? How would I tell her that without making her seem like a materialistic bitch? “Look at this place… I was so proud of it and then I look at it through your eyes and I see how pathetic it is.”

Her eyes narrowed, ‘She’s getting angry,’ I thought to myself. She grabbed my chin firmly and made me look at her. “There’s nothing pathetic about this place, or about you. When I look at your home I don’t see anything to be ashamed of. I see a house that a 17 year old kid built for himself. I see your touch in each and every thing here. I see a place that is filled with your sweat and tears. I don’t know of any other kid in our school that could have carved this much of the world out for themselves and manage to keep it.”

She attacked me then. Her urgency pushed me back and I tripped over the bed, landing hard with her on top of me. Her mouth was hot on mine. I felt something hard in my back and realized it was my journal. I really wanted to move it, but her lips had me trapped in a spell…

I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her around putting myself on top of her…

I couldn’t stop kissing her. She turned her head to the left and I worked my kisses down the side of her face and traced my way down the side of her neck. I felt my body drawn between her legs. She wrapped them around my waist and I felt the hard fabric of the denim press against me… I really wished those pants weren’t there.

My hand found her waist, sliding up the smooth skin there and under her shirt. I traced my hands up her sides feeling the muscle and skin there, everything so smooth and warm… my kisses had traced their way down to the hollow of her neck and shoulder and I stopped there kissing and kissing. I was very excited for her, and I let her know it by grinding myself against her every chance I got.

She looked at me then and I pressed her face down, smashing my mouth down on hers and kissing her passionately. Her tongue snaked its way into my mouth again and I could once again taste her the unique taste of Karly…

My hands found their way higher, finally cupping her breasts. She broke our kiss instantly and grabbed my hands. “Whoa there buddy, hold up!”

I stopped, breathless. I didn’t understand. I looked at her in confusion.

She took a deep breath and I could tell she was trying to clear her urges. She wanted me and it felt delicious! “I’m 18. You’re underage… so you’re going to have to wait!”

I turned to my right and looked at the little alarm clock. In bright red numbers it announced…. 12:04.

‘Thank you God!’ I screamed inwardly as I started laughing.

Karly started smiling at me and I was once again struck at how it lit her whole face up… “What?” she finally managed to ask me.

“I’m not underage anymore. I turned 18 four minutes ago!” I had never been so happy to see midnight in my life!

“Seriously?” she asked me.

I just laughed again and nodded my head, confirming that yes, I was serious.

The hungry look smashed back into her eyes then and she tackled me backwards into her being on top of me. My journal was in my back again but her kiss was so good and so hungry that I didn’t care… she finally broke away from our kiss and said coyly, “Happy Birthday!”

I laughed at her, matching her smile… it felt like my face was going to crack open I was smiling so hard. “It’s looking pretty happy right now!” I told her. I put my hand on the side of her head and pulled her back up to kiss me again… ‘God her mouth feels so goddamn right!’ I screamed to myself losing myself in her flavor and sensation…

She broke away from our kiss and nibbled at the side of her lip, pinning me in place again with those beautiful eyes. Her hand rubbed its way across my chest, tracing its way across my muscles in a way that felt so delicious… Her voice was teasing and full of a husky breathiness, “I didn’t get you a present…” she said coyly.

I put my hand on each side of her face, tangling my hands in her soft locks… I ran my thumbs beneath her eyes the way she had done for me… “Just you being here right now is the best gift I’ve ever received…” I pulled her to me again and kissed her again. She melted against me and I savored the firm but soft feel of her body against me.

She broke out of our breathless kiss and sat up, straddling me, her hips pressed urgently into mine… “I can do so much better than that!” she said with a laugh.

She pulled her shirt off then, stripping it off over her head, revealing a white bra and the best looking breasts I’d ever seen… I looked up at her in wonder and tried to wrap my head around how I had gotten this goddess here… how had I gotten so lucky? Her tummy was firm and tight, not cut like a fitness model but still firm with strength and grace. I traced my fingers there, feeling the delicious warmth of her skin, the way it slid against my calloused hands, hard from hours spent working with the grip of the bars in the gym…

My hands settled on her hips and she ground her hips into mine, her eyes closing in ecstasy and she pressed her womanhood against my manhood. I was getting the better part of that deal… I was wearing sweats in comparison to her jeans. I couldn’t take that anymore…

I surged up and flipped us around so I was on top of her… my journal thankfully flipped off of the bed and landed on the floor with a thump… ‘Shit, I had forgotten about that…’ I thought to myself with surprise. Our mouths tangled again and I, without her shirt had a better opportunity to rub my hands over her delicious muscles. I stayed away from her breasts though… one warning was enough for me!

I positioned myself above her body forcing myself to move away from her enough that I could reach the button of her jeans. I kept kissing her as I unsnapped it. Her hips lifted and she let me start to slide them down… I had to untangle from our kiss to pull her pants off and with a growl did so… finally settling down between her legs, kneeling on the bed.

I was careful to not pull her panties down as I started to pull her jeans down over her hips…

She looked at me knowingly and purred… “You’re forgetting something…”

Suddenly I was forgetting about pulling her pants down and was kissing her… I couldn’t stop kissing her. When I finally broke away from the kiss she said breathlessly, “Not that… my shoes….”

My hand tangled in hers and once again started tracing kisses up the side of her neck… “I know,” I growled at her, working my way back to her lips once again… “This just seemed so much more important right now…”

Her tongue surged into my mouth again and her kiss took on a hunger that matched mine. I felt her wrap her legs around me and dimly, somewhere in the back of my mind, the one little spot that wasn’t affected by the passion of our kiss, I felt her working her legs so she could kick her shoes off. I never took my mouth off her… I didn’t care anymore. I could kiss her forever…

Our kiss found a new gear and I started to very much care about those pants again. I managed to pull away from her and rip her pants off of her… I wasn’t gentle… I couldn’t control myself any longer… her presence here in my bed was like a drug, the strongest drug I had ever felt.

As I finished pulling her pants away I tore my shirt away as well, throwing it on the floor next to the bed. Like that, I was back to kissing her, feeling once again the intoxicating sensation of my tummy rubbing against the bare flesh of her firm stomach.

My cock was rock hard and for the first time I was able to press it against the hollow of her womanhood without the armor her jeans provided. Our hands tangled together again as I pushed against her. Even through my sweats if felt spectacular… for her it was like an electric current passed through her body and she moaned breathlessly, “Gabby…”

Never had that name felt so good to my ears. I was kissing at the hollow of her neck and shoulder again, trying to resist the urge to grind myself against her too hard, or too fast. My hips pushed against hers rhythmically, pushing my rock hard self against her opening just to the point that I bent and it hurt just a bit and then I would allow myself to slide up the top of her hitting what I knew was her sensitive clit…

It felt so spectacular and from her reaction she was enjoying herself… I couldn’t focus on anything but the sensations of my body… everything felt so warm and fuzzy… I felt weak.

Like that she moved like a she-wolf again and was on top of me. My cock was pressed against my body and she was grinding her hips rhythmically against me. Her hands fell to my chest and we just lay there, moving in time with one another, both of us lost to the sensations our bodies passed back and forth between each other.

I finally was able to open my eyes and look at my beautiful she-wolf… her eyes were open, watching the pleasure she was giving me… “I haven’t finished unwrapping your present…” With that, she unhooked her bra, her hips grinding against me the entire time…

The visual she provided was spectacular… ‘God she’s perfect!’ the thought echoed through my mind. Her breasts were better than I could have ever imagined, more than a large handful, firm and round, her nipples just slightly darker than the rest of her perfect flesh… I looked hungrily wanting so much to kiss them…

Her hands found mine and dragged them up to those perfect breasts… I had made sure not to touch them again since she had told me not to… now was different, now she wanted my hands on her!

I obliged her, taking her breasts, one in each hand and rubbing them, feeling the perfect softness of them rub beneath the callouses of my strong fingers. Her nipples were little rocks and my fingers were drawn there. I rolled her nipples lightly between my thumb and forefingers and she made little sounds of joy and increased the pace her hips set against mine….

And like that her mouth was hot on mine again. The feel of her breasts pressed against my chest was spectacular and my hands found their way to her naked back, exploring for the first time the taught muscles there. I suddenly very much wanted to feel her pressed fully against me without my sweats getting in the way…

Through our kisses I kicked off my sneakers and reached down and started to pull my sweats off, careful to leave my underwear in place… I understood we wouldn’t be having sex… this was simply us exploring each other’s bodies…

She was helping me get my sweats down, but was not climbing off of me and not really stopping the gyrations of her hips, her lips on mine, and her tongue was back in my mouth, now with her moans added to the equation she was driving me wild…

I got my sweats down to about mid-thigh when she stopped and suddenly looked down. I was terrified she was going to stop… had I presumed too much?

She looked back up to me… “Are you fucking kidding me?” With that she moved down my body, grabbing the waist band of my underwear and ripped them off along with what was left of my sweats. She twisted her body and tore her own panties off, and like that she was back on top of me, only now she was grinding her bare pussy onto my cock… I wasn’t in her yet… but it was a near thing.

She looked into my eyes fiercely… “I’ve never had a guy tease me that badly… I need you.” She ground herself against me and I realized that I was standing at the edge of a precipice. One that if I moved one more inch I would fall over and be lost in forever.

I felt myself line up with her… her mouth was hot on mine again… I felt the first beginnings of the entry of her body…

“Stop, stop…” I whispered to her urgently.

To her credit she stopped… god I wish she hadn’t… “What?” Annoyance tinging her voice as she panted, looking at me like a caged animal.

“We shouldn’t” I panted back at her. ‘What are you doing?! Shut the fuck up!’ my brain screamed at me… I wanted this so badly… but I wanted her more… more than her body. I wanted her mind and her soul. This was moving too quickly… I flashed to our conversation in the car, her aggressive offer to me…

Was this what she thought she needed to do to be with me? Was I pressuring her into this? Did she want this?

I wanted to scream to her, to tell her it didn’t matter… but I was embarrassed. Instead I settled on, “We have no protection…”

She settled down on me a little… I could feel… one more centimeter and I would be in her and that would be the end of my control… protection, no protection, her wanting me, her not wanting me, none of that would matter…

Her breaths were coming in ragged little gasps… Her lips curled into a wicked smile… “I got that covered…”

She started to slide onto me and I felt myself fall off of that edge. I was done. My hips rose to meet hers. She let out a moan of satisfaction and I let out a growl of contentment. She was tight, and warm, and very, very wet. This was heaven.

Her mouth tangled with mine again as she pulled me as far into her as I could go. One of my hands went to her ass and gave a little shove just to see if I could get a little more… I couldn’t help myself.

Her hands wrapped around my head and she once again offered me her throat. I bit my way down the side of her neck and pulled her tight to me just enjoying the feel of our bodies becoming one.

She broke away from our kiss and our eyes met as she started to slide me in and out of her. Her hips moved in quick, deep thrusts, taking me almost all of the way out of her and then slamming me back in. She smiled in pure, unadulterated joy… “How do you want me?” she asked me.

Any final vestiges of doubt or control left me at that moment and with a growl I rolled her over and forced myself atop her. I thrust myself into her as hard and as fast as I could, growling into her ear with each thrust. Her legs wrapped tight around and she held onto me with all of her strength…

My hands found hers and I forced them down to the bed. Her fingers held mine tight, squeezing harder than they had any right to…

I forced my mouth over hers and growled my pleasure into her. Her tongue forced itself roughly into my mouth and I gladly accepted it.

I was getting close…

That brought me back to myself a bit. I realized then that I wasn’t with her in the moment. I didn’t want that. I wanted to experience this yes, but more importantly, I wanted to experience it with her. I forced myself to slow my thrusts into her and looked into her eyes and she had done for me moments ago…

I smiled at her the way she had smiled at me… “How do you want me?” I asked her.

Her eyes somehow got even greener and her moans became a smile. Her hand came up and grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers for another deep kiss. We had shared a lot of great kisses so far but this one was by far the best… her need was animalistic in its intensity. Her hips started to move in time with mine and she started bucking wildly beneath me matching my pace and speed, forcing my thrusts shallower but driving our pelvises together on each stroke…

In seconds she was there… she pulled me down flat to herself and I felt her entire body go tense beneath me. Her pussy felt great before but in this moment it became a place of pure magic. I could feel the tremors of sensations passing through her body as wave after wave of pleasure slammed through her. My body was rewarded for giving her that pleasure as she suddenly seemed to tighten herself to me as if she was made just for me.

It was too much for me to hold onto. I was swept over the edge by her orgasm and into one of my own. I felt my body release each stroke became mind numbingly pleasurable. I thrust into her over and over until I could take no more…

As I came back to myself I looked for her beautiful eyes… her face was turned away from me showing me only the profile of the left side of her face. My hand moved up and with a light touch on her chin I turned her face back to mine. She was breathless from her pleasure…

I pushed my hips deeper into hers even though I was softening and kissed her again, wrapping her in my arms and squeezing her like I was trying to crush the life from her. She clung to me as tightly as I did to her.

Our kissing lasted some time, long enough for me to realize that I was starting to get excited by her again… I could take no more however…

I was exhausted from the long day. My eyes scratchy and my vision cloudy. My body was completely and totally relaxed and I realized with some hesitation that I was not going to be able to take her up on her offer to fuck her all night long…

I lay down beside her, leaving the only pillow to her. My feet hanging off the bed I simply held her as sleep started to crash down on me.

I felt her stir beneath me and she started to slip away from me.

I stirred enough to look at her sleepily. “What’s up?” I asked her.

She looked at me with a sad smile, picking her panties up from the floor where she had thrown them. “We’re done… I should go.”

I flopped myself onto my side and reached out to her, “We’re not done,” I said to her.

She smiled, a true smile full of joy and slapped my arm. “You think you can go again huh?”

I smiled back at her and shook my head, “No way I can go again, but if you think I’m going to miss the opportunity to wake up and feel you beside me all night you’re crazy.”

A puzzled look forced itself onto her face, “You want me to stay and sleep with you?”

I lifted myself up onto one arm and looked at her. There was something going on that I didn’t understand… some piece of some puzzle that I didn’t, or couldn’t see. Some Karly shaped piece. Those pieces were suddenly very important to me. “I want to feel you next to me forever… please. Stay?” She had told me her parents were out of town and I figured this would be one of the few opportunities I would ever have to feel her beside me all night long. No way was I missing out on that experience.

She smiled at me and threw her panties back on the floor. Her mouth was suddenly on me again, deep, and passionate. She forced me to my back and kissed me for what seemed like forever. Exhaustion crested over me and I finally, dully, allowed my head to drop down to the bed, smiling a deep and contented smile at her.

She lay her head on my chest and traced the rough hair there lazily with her finger. I started to drift off slowly, feeling her warmth beside me, smelling the sweet vanilla fragrance of her hair, the scratchy feeling of her pubic hair against my thigh where she had her leg lazily thrown over mine.

“Gabby?” she asked me just as I started to drift off.

“Yeah, Beautiful?” I looked at her blearily.

She smiled at me, joy lighting her eyes at my pet name for her. “You mind if I turn off the lights and we get under the covers?”

My eyes were barely staying open but I smiled back at her and told her, “Anything you want, as long as you come right back to me when you’re done.”

Her lips met mine again as she dipped her lips down and stole another quick kiss. “You get under the covers and I’ll be right back.” And with that she slipped away from me.

I instantly wanted her back, but contented myself with knowing she’d be right back…

I opened up the bed and climbed under the covers. The lights went out and I almost lost myself to sleep. I could hear her traversing my dark house carefully, unfamiliar as she was with the environment.

“Over here baby girl.” I called out to her.

I could sense her adjust her path a bit and then she was back to me. She opened the covers and slid in beside me, resting her head on my shoulder. “Thanks,” she whispered to me.

“I’ll always be there for you when it’s dark, babe.” The last thought I had before I dropped off the most restful night of sleep I had ever had was, ‘Damn that was a smooth line….’

I woke in the middle of the night feeling Karly’s nearly atomic warmth beside me. Normally my house was kept cold at night to save on bills, so my bed was layered in deep quilts and covers, mostly second hand shop items picked for their thickness rather than their look…

With just me in them, things stayed nice and toasty, but with me and Karly in them it was downright hot, and in more than one way!

Wakefulness came to me slowly, sneaking in as all my synapsis moved from sleep to fully awake. Karly was still curled up on me, her head pillowed on my shoulder, her arm across my chest, her legs tangled in mine. She had been so relaxed, but now I sensed a tension in her, like she was clinging to me.

My brow furrowed as I tried to understand what was happening, was she just uncomfortable from the heat of the covers? Her body made small tremors and jerks, her muscles briefly firing and then then going rigid.

‘Bad dream,’ I finally realized. I brought my right hand up and covered her arm across my chest, my left arm tightening around her. I hoped that the extra contact would help her sleeping mind feel safer and would help shake her dream into a better place.

She continued to tremble. I worried. Suddenly she made a noise, low and soft, not a scream but a noise that made me react as if she had…

‘Nope! Not gonna happen anymore!’ I thought to myself. I had to push down a wave of pure rage, intellectualizing that the threat to her wasn’t physical… I was surprised how protective I felt for so quickly. There was a beast inside me that screamed at me to tear the threat apart!

I rolled over and wrapped myself around her, pushing my right leg between hers and wrapping her in my arms. Kissing her face I whispered to her, “Baby girl, it’s okay, I’m here…”

She woke quickly, not with a start but coming back from the land of dreams and back to my arms. She wrapped herself around me and pressed her face into the hollow of my shoulder and head. I purred at her, trying to soothe her and erase her fear. “It’s okay, baby girl. I’m here.”

Her grip was tight on me and desperate, it scared me a little. “Are you really?” she whispered into my shoulder.

I kissed her neck, and her jawline, not a sexual kiss, but one that let her know that I was here with her and that I lo-… that I cared about her. “Of course I’m here.”

Her face stayed buried in my neck. “I dreamed you left me last night. That you got out of my car and you just walked off into the snow, into the night.” Her voice was raw, almost as if she was on the edge of tears. “I just sat there crying and crying, hoping you’d come back for me…”

I could feel hot tears on my shoulder now. Her head made a little shaking motion against me. “But you didn’t come back.”

Dream me was a real dick. I tightened my arms around her and whispered into her ear, “But I did come back for you, and I always will baby girl, so long as you’ll have me.”

I could feel the warmth of her against me, so intoxicating. I was excited about her, I could feel myself down there responding to her nakedness pressed against me. So much beautiful and supple Karly. Perfection…

She whispered into me again, “Will you make love to me again?” Her voice felt so fragile, like she seriously thought I would turn her down…

I rolled her over onto her back, never breaking our tight hug, and slid between her legs. I suppressed the urge to kiss her and simply held her tight in arms while she clung to me as if she were trying to make our body’s one. Then I made our body’s one.

It might have been the heat of the covers but the inside of her burned like a furnace. The wetness was more intense than it had during our first session. She made no noise as I entered her, and that worried me… she was extremely vocal during our first time together. I worried that I might be hurting her, or maybe she didn’t really want me in her?

“Thank you.” She whispered into my ear, shocking me…

‘Thank me?’ I’m the one with this beautiful creature wrapped around me! I should be on my fucking knees right now thanking god that she even let me be in the same room as her, much less that she would share her body with me! I nodded against her. “You never need to thank me. I’ll make love to you as long as you’ll have me… and wish I was a better man long after you’ve sent me packing.”

“Then you’re going to be making love to me for a long time,” she whispered in my ear.

I could only wish that was the case… I felt undeserving of her…

My upper body wasn’t positioned right, I could sense it. The way I was hugging her was great on our sides but with me on top of her it felt more like I was applying a triangle choke. I didn’t like mixing the image of my sweet Karly and anything that would hurt her…

I untangled my left arm and slid it around and under her right one, grabbing my other arm and holding her as tight as I could without hurting her. She repositioned herself so her arms were wrapped exclusively around my head. I gently rocked myself in her, not pulling out and crudely slapping myself in her but instead just pushing myself as deep into her as I could and making her feel me there. Her legs tightened around me and I wondered if she was trying to push me out, or trying to let me know she wanted me there…

I finally decided that if she wanted me out, she could tell me. This was about her, not me, and projecting my insecurities on her wasn’t helping her pain.

I flexed my chest muscles against her and tried to will my strength into her fragile mind. My grip on her tightened as did her’s on me.

I wanted to badly to kiss her neck. To add so much more movement to our lovemaking but I suppressed that thought and just rocked her slowly. I could feel her breath on my neck, coming hotter and faster. She still clung tightly to me and I increased the pace of our rocking, still not thrusting at her but instead just rocking her, relishing the feel of the length of her on the length of me.

“Do you want me?” She asked throatily in my ear.

“Forever and ever I want you.” I whispered back to her.

Her grip on my head somehow found another gear and I could feel her legs tighten on mine, as if she were trying to somehow drive me even deeper within her…

“Do you need me?” She panted into the side of my neck.

I needed her more than I had ever needed anything in my life. I realized then that this was so much more than sex to me, and I desperately hoped it was for her too…

“I need you more than the sun on my face, or the breath in my lungs,” I whispered back to her.

Do I want her? Do I need her? There was a third question there… one I desperately hoped she wouldn’t ask me. Do I love her? I would have to lie to her if she did. I would have to say yes. In her fragile state she couldn’t stand to hear me say no. I realized then that she was so much softer than her outside edges showed. She projected an air of strength and absolute confidence but inside she still felt the need to be loved and desired…

She wasn’t different from me at all I realized as we rocked each other in the dark room, joined together in the most intimate way possible. I showed the world my anger, made myself an outsider. Showed how willing and able I was to be pushed to violence. She showed the world a confident, beautiful doll. We were both just shells and masks. Inside, we were both so much less, and so much more. We both wanted to be loved. To feel a deep connection…

I knew then that I loved her. Her beautiful, fractured soul that so mirrored my own. How had I not seen that before? How had she been so much more perceptive than I had?

Her voice broke me from my thoughts… and I screamed at myself to say it before she asked me.

It was too late though… “I need you too.” She whispered to me. The moment passed.

I felt like a coward for not telling her right there. Instead I just rocked myself in her and enjoyed the warm embrace of the woman I loved.

“Will you kiss me?” She whispered to me, “I want to feel you everywhere in me.”

I desperately wanted that! I moved from her neck and smashed my mouth down over hers, instantly driving my tongue deep into her mouth. She moaned then, and finally her arms untangled from my head, wrapping around my body and instead moving to my powerful shoulders and neck.

She broke our kiss. “Will you go harder? I want to feel you deeper in me.”

‘Try and stop me!’ I screamed inwardly as I finally pulled myself from her sheath and drove into her with every ounce of strength in my body.

“Oh god! Like that!” She screamed at me. I pounded fiercely at her, pushing myself as deep in to her as I could go on each thrust. Her hands were still rubbing away at my shoulders, moving from my neck to my upper arms and back. I realized she must like the feel of the hard muscle under her fingers and so I forced my shoulder forward a bit, knowing that would cause the muscles she seemed so fascinated with harder.

“Kiss me,” She commanded.

I again forced my mouth down over hers, my tongue dancing inside her mouth. Sweat poured off of our bodies as I thrust myself into her over and over again.

Her moans were getting louder and more frantic, and I tried to increase my pace to match her increased desire. She suddenly went tight under me, her mouth breaking away from mine, “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

I knew that meant, do exactly what you were doing. Not go faster, not suddenly go harder, do exactly that.

I obliged the hell out of her.

I could suddenly feel her nails in my back, digging deep and hard. Her body was completely rigid beneath me and I felt her pleasure slam into her pussy. Once again she made a home just for me. I couldn’t hold on anymore! Instead I pulled her tight to me and grabbed a fistful of sheet as I grunted into her neck. The orgasm wouldn’t stop! I kept pumping into her and pumping into her, her nails raking down my back and she bucked and screamed beneath me…

“Please stop…” She begged me, “I can’t take anymore!”

That was enough to break my trance and I slowed myself to a stop, still staying within her and once again laying kisses down the side of her neck. She panted beneath me. Finally she rolled away from me, pulling my sword from her sheath. She lay on her side and snuggled into me. I wrapped myself around her back, sharing the pillow with her and breathing in her perfect scent. ‘Great, vanilla is always going to make me horny now…’ I thought to myself.

I wasn’t sleepy anymore. I just wanted to enjoy feeling her fall asleep in my arms and I decided that was exactly what I was going to do…

“Thank you,” She finally said.

I chuckled deep in my chest and kissed her neck, “I think you have that totally backwards, baby girl. I should be thanking you for even letting me be in the same room as you!”

She wrapped her hand in mind as it explored her firm stomach. “I’m not kidding. Mike never let me stay when we were done.” I knew instantly to stop laughing. She was sharing something very important here and giving her the impression that I thought it was funny would be a very bad move.

“I asked him if I could a few times, rare times when we could get away with it.” She paused. “He let me, but I could tell that he didn’t want me to.” I felt anger rising in me.

“He didn’t make love to me…” Again a pause, I didn’t like hearing about her being with another man. “I realize now after just being with you twice that he never made love to me. He fucked me. He used me for what he wanted. I feel you inside me and I feel like you and I are becoming one… I feel like you are giving while you take. I used to think that with Mike too, but I realize now that he was just using me for his own pleasure. You realize I’ve cum more with you in one night than I did with three years with him?”

The animal inside me screamed then, something raw and primal. I could feel it slamming against the bars of its cage and howling into the night. I was going to rearrange that dickhead’s face the next time I ran into him, hell, I should have done it years ago!

I had to stop and remind myself that if Mike hadn’t have been a total dipshit I would not have this goddess in my arms. I could tell that she would have most likely stayed with him, willing to sacrifice her own happiness just to have someone…

‘Say something!’ my body warned me as I felt her starting to stiffen beneath me. “His loss. My gain.” I growled into her ear. My hand drifted down between her legs, finding her clit and rubbing softly. Her hand flew down and covered mine, driving it down harder on her sensitive flesh. I kissed that beautiful neck again, raking my teeth over the sensitive skin beneath her ear.

“You’re mine now!” I growled at her, “and I plan on keeping you in this bed as often as I can convince you to climb into it with me!”

She turned suddenly and forced me onto my back… straddling me. I felt her wrap around me down there, wet from her own excitement and our previous lovemaking session. My back arched in pleasure as she forced herself back down on me…

This was going to be the best birthday ever!

I woke to the sound of noise in the kitchen and a wonderful aroma. The bed was cold beside me, and I already missed her…

I got out of bed and put my underwear on, padding to the kitchen on the way. I turned the corner and leaned against the wall, watching my goddess’ back as she stood in front of the stove. She had ear bugs in, the wireless kind, and her cellphone was on the counter next to her. ‘Funny, I don’t remember her bringing those in last night,’ I thought to myself as she swayed back and forth to the music, bouncing her ass and gyrating to the music.

She had put my shirt on, and I assume she was wearing only her panties underneath… ‘Please dear god in heaven, tell me she isn’t wearing panties underneath…’ my brain whispered. ‘Nice of her to strip back down once she got back inside,’ I thought to myself and I hoped that meant that she had plans to follow through with her offer of attempting to fuck my brains out for the rest of the day! ‘God, why couldn’t she have put her shirt back on?” I thought. I’d have loved to watch her ass bounce and sway in nothing more than a set of panties..

She must have felt my gaze on her back as she turned back and smiled at me, her green eyes flashing as her face lit up… “Happy Birthday!” She crowed!

‘God, she is so beautiful,’ I thought.

She pulled her headphones out and threw them on the counter. “You were supposed to stay asleep, I was going to make you breakfast in bed!” She said to me playfully, turning back to whatever she was cooking. ‘I’d like to do a lot more with you in bed than eat breakfast right now,’ I thought to myself as I watched her ass…

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 11 in the morning and was shocked to see that I had slept as long as I had.

My silence made her turn around and glance back at me again. She raised her eyebrows at me, “Well, are you gonna come over here and ride a bitch’s back while she cooks you breakfast or what?”

I nearly growled in lust for her right then and there. I knew she wasn’t serious about the sex while she cooked thing, she just wanted to feel me pressed up against her.

I wrapped my arms around her from behind and pressed myself to her perfect back. It was like she was built just for me, she fit against me so perfectly…

With my left hand I pushed her hear away from her neck and started planning kisses there. My hands both dropped to her sides, working their way down and starting to work their way under her shirt. She melted into me and kept stirring at what I could now see were eggs, scrambled eggs.

“What do you think you’re doing mister?” She asked me playfully.

I continued to kiss her neck and growled into it, “Riding a bitch’s back.”

She craned her head back and let me kiss those beautiful lips… ‘God, it is so hard to break away from her!’ I thought to myself as that electric tingle hit my lips and she broke away to pay attention to her cooking.

My hands continued to explore, finding their way around and beginning to rub her clit through her panties. She melted some more. “And now what do you think you’re doing?” She whispered. I could tell her desire was starting to get the better of her…

“Well,” I whispered playfully in her ear, “I was thinking of unwrapping my present again…”

She slapped my hand playfully with the spatula and I pulled it back in surprise. “No!” she said playfully, “You unwrapped it three times last night! Besides there are eggs in question here!”

I pulled her closer to me and let my erection slip between her legs, hitting her just right… “What about my eggs?” I growled into her ear as her legs nearly melted out from beneath her. She stopped stirring and grabbed the stove for support.

The eggs were done, and she pushed the pan off the heat of the gas grill…

She was aggressively rubbing her ass against me now and I was torn between pulling her panties down and turning off the burner on the stove… ‘Just a little more of this’ I thought as I continued to grind my hips into hers…

“Are you just gonna bend me over the stove and fuck me now?” She asked huskily.

Something snapped in my mind and I suddenly wasn’t even close to being in the mood. I turned her around and quickly snapped the burner off. “Don’t do that,” I said to her a little too sharply, leaning against the counter and looking at her.

She just smiled at me, ignoring my anger, “Well obviously, I wasn’t going to let you fuck me over a hot stove, I just wanted you to move me over to the counter and fuck me there.”

I ground my teeth at her, “You know what I meant…”

She moved up and pressed her body against mine and I almost forgot about my anger at her. I didn’t like being compared to that asshole Mike, and I felt like that was just what she had done…

She must have read my mind, because she looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m not comparing you to Mike. He used me every time he was ever with me. I realize with you we have something more…” she smiled and my anger was dropped in a cold bath…

She turned and started rubbing her ass on me again, her hands reaching back and grabbing mine and wrapping them around her. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want to still get fucked occasionally!” She growled at me as she pushed even harder into my stiffening erection.

I was confused… what was she talking about?

She pressed her back fully against me, making as much contact as possible as she rubbed herself up and down on me. My hand found its way back to her clit and started rubbing in a soft circular pattern around the sensitive flesh there. “A girl needs to get fucked occasionally. To have her man just take her hard and fast, to satiate himself on her. Let’s her know that she’s the sexiest thing he’s ever seen… Most people equate a man fucking a woman with him dominating her, and sometimes that’s the case, but sometimes… a woman driving her man so crazy he can’t help but fuck her is the best way to show her she’s in control!”

And like that she moved away from me. I growled in need as she walked away…

She continued, “And sometimes, the best way for a woman to know she’s in control is to tell her man, no pussy for you until you finish your breakfast!”

And with that she slid her ass up onto my table and spread her legs. She leaned back against the wall, and started rubbing her clit through her panties…

My breath was coming gasps as I felt my need for her. I started to move to her and she put her hand over her crotch and pushed her legs together. “Oops. I said.” She emphasized each word and I almost went wild, “No. Pussy. For. You. Until. You. Eat. Your. Breakfast.” Her jaw tilted out and while I could tell she was playing with me I could also tell she was loving every minute of it.

I realized on some level that I shouldn’t let her talk about herself like this, but I was too driven by need right now to care… I grabbed one of the plates and a fork she had set out on the counter and threw a spoonful of egg onto it. I looked back at her and she pointed to between her legs. “Set your plate right here… you can watch me play with my pussy while you eat.”

God that almost pushed me over the edge right there… I was holding on to my control though. I walked over and set my plate down between her legs and pulled the chair over. As I brought the first forkful of egg to my mouth she pulled her panties aside… Her hair down there was shaved in a straight line, leading down to her clit. Everywhere else was smooth and perfect.

The bite of food was halfway to my mouth and forgotten… “Eat, I said.” She growled at me.

I shoved the bite in my mouth and chewed quickly. She had her right hand, pulling her panties aside for me while she rubbed her middle finger up and down her slit…

I managed to get a bit more egg on my fork but was doing it blind as my eyes were glued on her…

Suddenly she slipped her middle finger into herself and gasped.

A circuit threw in my mind. I shoved the plate of eggs into the corner, the plate sliding nearly underneath her leg and landing with a crash. In one smooth motion I stood and grabbed her left wrist, the one not buried in her pussy and pulled her off the table. I couldn’t control myself as I spun her and forced her down. My right hand found their way inside one leg and the waistband of her panties and I just pulled…

The fabric ripped with a loud shrrrip! sound and suddenly I was pulling my underwear down and driving myself into her.

“Fuck!” She screamed as she drove herself back into me.

God damn her pussy felt spectacular on me. I reached under her shirt and grabbed a heavy handful of her tit and squeezed hard, not being gentle but simply taking what I wanted.

“Fuck me!” she screamed as I drove myself into her, setting a piledriver’s pace.

She had her arms stretched out over the table and was using pressure against the wall do drive back against me on each thrust. I could barely control myself… ‘Fuck! She is fucking hot!’ I thought to myself as I drove into her as fast and as hard as I could.

“I thought you were too good to fuck me?” She screamed, her hand suddenly snapping down and playing with her clit.

“Shut the fuck up,” I growled at her…

I managed maybe five more strokes into her before I came…

When I came back to myself she was bent over the table beneath me, most of my weight on her. The gravity of what I had done slammed down on my shoulders and I pulled myself from her, “Hey! Warn a bitch before you do that!” She screamed at me.

My legs sagged and I fell down into the chair… I felt horrible. How had I done that to her? She turned and smiled at me, a triumphant smile like she had just won a prize! Her look turned to horror as she saw the anguish on my face. Instantly she was on top of me in the chair, her legs spread over mine and my head cradled in her arms. “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay” She whispered to me.

I felt so bad! How could I have done that? How could I lose so much control!? I felt her kisses start to land on my face and realized she was kissing all around my face trying to comfort me. Why was she comforting me? I was the one that…

“Gabby it’s okay. I wanted you. I wanted to experience that with you.” She explained looking into my eyes. Those perfect green eyes grounded me every time. She smiled at me and my heart started to lift. “I was playing with you! I wanted to push you over the edge!”

I finally got it. She showed me she was in control by making me lose mine. She pushed me through my hangup with Mike and her attitude. She showed me that I was human too, and that was okay…

I laughed and took her in my arms, finally appreciating her naked crotch on my lap…

“Sorry about that,” I finally mumbled into her breasts.

She leaned back from me and smiled. “Sorry? You made it a shitload farther than I thought you would! I almost broke up laughing when you got the plate of eggs! And the look on your face when I pulled my panties aside? Priceless!?” She crowed in her victory and now I could see what she was talking about. She had taken complete control over me, just with her sexiness. I would have done anything to make her happy there, I would have killed for her, I would have died for her…

I just joined in her laugh and pushed my head between her breasts, wishing that the shirt wasn’t covering her lovely flesh…

“I’m gonna get you back for that you know,” I said to her, completely laughing and losing myself and my worries with her.

“Never happen, I’ve got too much control for that!” She crowed at me one final time. “Now come on, your breakfast is almost cold and I’ve got cum on my leg!”

That thought finally smashed into me… “Uh… speaking of cum… I’ve cum in you four times now. I probably should have asked about this earlier…”

She smiled and ran her fingers over my face. “I’m not stupid Gabby. I’ve been on birth control since I was 15… we’re fine.”

Relief washed over me. I loved Karly and I loved being with her but I was not ready to be a father…

Breakfast was delicious. The plate that I splashed against the wall was a complete wash, but fortunately I took a pretty small portion and so there was still plenty left for the two of us. I only had the one chair in the kitchen for my table, ‘Really got to do something about this furniture situation, especially if I’m going to be having company regularly!’ I thought to myself.

With no place for both of us to sit we took our food into the living room, she sat in my big comfy chair and I sat crosslegged on my bed. We sat, eating and chatting quietly amongst ourselves. She had taken a pair of my comfy workout shorts from me to replace the panties that I had torn up… still kind of felt bad about that, but after the stunt she had pulled I briefly considered making her go without!

She’d offered to put her pants on sans panties and I decided for the sake of ease of trying to get back in her pants we’d compromise with the shorts.

I scratched at my eyes and she noticed. “Allergies?” she asked me.

I looked up from my plate and explained, “No, with all the excitement last night I forgot to take my contacts out. Not used to sleeping with them in, now they’re bugging me.”

She smiled at and me, “I forgot mine in too, though I wasn’t really planning on sleeping over anywhere so it wasn’t like I could have done anything about it had a remembered!”

Something she said to me earlier last night occurred to me suddenly, “Your friend! They were expecting you!”

She gave me a funny look, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Last night, when Joe was going to give me a ride home you said you’d drop me as it was on your way to your friends’ house.” I explained to her.

She laughed at me again, I was starting to get the impression that she really loved to do that, “I was lying. There was no friend. I just wanted to see you for longer and by the time I said it I had my entire speech from last night planned out in my head. I was pretty sure I was going to chicken out though.”

I laughed and was flattered that she was willing to pull her little stunt just to have the chance to get to be with me for a little longer. It felt good to be wanted.

“So what are your plans for your birthday?” She finally asked me.

I looked at her and thought, ‘I’m planning on calling it all off and rolling around with you in the covers all day…’

I settled for, “That depends in large part on how many times you’re willing to let me unwrap my present…”

She smiled at me shyly, it was a beautiful smile. “I think you’re done unwrapping your present for a little while.”

I had finished with my food and set my plate aside. “You being an indian giver now?”

She looked at me with sultry eyes, “No, but I’ve already missed a bunch of calls from my parents and I’m going to need to go home and wrap up a couple things…”

I was disappointed. I realized then that I didn’t want her to go. I nodded my head, “I undertand.”

She looked at me and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, plus I was thinking I could throw together some stuff in an overnight bag, you know, maybe come back and stay here tonight.”

My smile nearly split my face! I realized then that she was asking permission… ‘lets get that problem settled right now,’ I thought to myself. I got off my bed and went to her, kneeling and taking her plate from her hands. I set it aside on the floor and again thought that I needed to get some more furniture… sheesh.

I put my hands on her knees and leaned into her, kissing her too soft lips and causing a purr of contentment to escape from her. I took her face in my hands and made her look into my eyes. “When you go home, I want you to put a bag together, some clothes, a toothbrush,” ‘What the hell else do girls need?’ I thought wildly to myself. “Anything you need to get ready for the day. I want you to bring it back here and leave it here. You’re going to be staying over here pretty often and I want you to have stuff ready when you do.”

Now her smile nearly split her face, “Really?” she asked me. She kissed me full on the lips and met my eyes again. “You don’t mind?” she asked.

I slid my hands under her shirt and across her back, kissing her again. “Do I mind? Well that depends, how many times a night am I allowed to open my present if I let you stay?”

She smiled coyly and breathlessly at me, “As many times as you’d like,” she finally answered.

I leaned in and kissed her with everything I had pushing her back into the chair and taking her breath away in the process, “Then you can move in today and just stay here forever!”

We shared a long and passionate kiss, finally she pushed me back away from her. I couldn’t hide the disappointment from my face…

“I need a shower,” she told me, “You have any desire to open your present again?” I stood her up and showed her how interested I was in opening my present again…

I followed Karly into my tiny bathroom, her hand in mine. I watched as she turned the water on and adjusted the temperature… I decided she needed a little help there and came up behind her. I wrapped my arms around her and slid my hands beneath her shirt, running them over her smooth stomach and finally settling on her ample breasts.

She purred and leaned back into me, reaching back and rubbing her hand along my stiffening manhood. It felt spectacular… “What do you think you’re doing mister?” she asked me coyly.

I rubbed her breasts harder, listening to the water pour down in the shower. “Hey, its my present and I’ll unwrap it any way I want to!” I replied to her. My mouth found her ear and I teased the lobe with my lips and tongue, feeling my way along the sharp studs she had there. I stopped and nibbled along her ear…

She turned and faced me, raising her arms above her head. “How do you want me?” she asked me, echoing her comment from the previous night.

I walked up to her and slid my hands beneath her shirt, “Naked.” I told her flatly. I pulled her shirt off of her and stood and beheld her amazing rack. I stepped away from her and looked at her with raw desire. “You do the shorts, I want to watch you do it!”

I could tell by her expression that a thought suddenly occurred to her and she said, “Hold that thought!” and started to push past me.

I was completely surprised as she pushed past me. I wasn’t quite standing there holding my dick in my hand, but I was pretty close… I did enjoy watching her breasts bounce as she ran past me though. She came back into the bathroom with her phone. I laughed and told her, “You think I’m doing nudes or a vid, you need to have your head examined!”

She laughed at me, “No, not that,” she looked me up and down… “well, not this time, but we’ll circle back around to that!” She was playing with her phone then, swiping her finger down the face and looking for something gaziantep escort kızlar on it. “Got it!” she exclaimed and moved to me like a she wolf…

She put the index finger of her left hand on my chest and with just the slightest of hints pushed me back one step, two steps, three and I was at the bathroom door. “Stay there…” She purred at me. She stepped back between the sink and the shower, she held her phone up and smiled at me. “I love this song, and I’ve always wanted to strip for someone to it… this is Desire, by Meg Myers, and Karly!”

With that she hit play. The speaker in the phone sounded a little tinny at first, but the song was cool. Heavy base, a nice beat, the girl singing had a good voice. Karly started to sway and bounce to the music, doing some very interesting things with her body that had my attention pretty quickly… She turned her back to me and looked back over her shoulder just about the point that Meg told me she wanted to fuck me…

I was shocked at the lyric and split for a second between Karly and Karly’s phone. That ended quickly as my attention snapped back to her sensual ass moving in time with the music…

She undid the drawstring on the shorts and slowly slid them down, keeping eye contact with me the entire time she showed me all the interesting parts those shorts were covering… ‘fuck me’ I thought as the shorts hit the floor. About mid way through the song she raised her index finger and beconned me forward. I moved like she had strings on me… ‘this song is definitely ruined for me from now on…’ I thought as I moved towards her… ‘no way that I’ll ever be able to hear it again without getting a hard on!

She backed into the shower, the water kicking and spraying as she immersed herself in it. She leaned back sensually and let the shower run over her hair, wetting it completely. Her hand ran down her breast, making trails in the water as it past… she leaned against the wall of the shower and spread her legs, letting the water run down her front, her right hand pinched her nipple and her left ran down over her mound.

I growled and moved to join her but she once again held a finger up, stopping me. The song was almost over… “You don’t let me in there right now and we’re going to have a repeat of this morning!” I growled at her.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled a wicked smile at me. “Oh you can join me, but you’re still wearing your underwear…”

I looked down and realized that she was right! Pulling them quickly away I stepped into the hot water with her. Her hands wrapped around my face as I pushed her back and put my tongue in her mouth, sweeping her into a kiss to take her breath away. Her naked, wet body pulsed beneath me as I pushed her into the wall.

I’m a practical man… sex in a shower looks good in a movie, but in practice it rarely is that steamy, and I knew it. I figured rather than get frustrated trying to make love to her I’d try something new, and just for her…

I worked my kisses down her body, sparing additional attention on each one of her nipples… my fingers explored the front of her mound, teasing her clit and eliciting a chorus of moans from her. Her eyes were closed and her left hand was grabbing the top of the shower enclosure as she tried to hold herself up…

‘Good, she’s going to need the extra support here in a second…’ I thought to myself as I kneeled in front of her, kissing her stomach. Water pounded me in the face as I felt her hand come to the back of my head, I wear my hair in a buzzcut so there was nothing for her to grab onto there, but she rubbed my head and pulled it into her body as my fingers did their magic.

I twisted my hand and moved my attention from her clit down to her vag… I started by working my long middle finger into and her head went back and her moans became deeper, more sensual. Soon my ring finger joined it, bringing another level to her pleasure…

Her eyes snapped open when my tongue first lapped against her clit. I worried a little bit about tasting my own semen considering that I’d deposited more than a little of that here in the past few hours but I figured what the hell, if it made her feel good I’d take one for the team!

Her legs spread as she gave me better access to her opening. Her taste was spectacular. Something spicy, and sour crossed my tongue and then it was all sweet…

Water pelted and ran down my face as I licked and fingered her. I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to go down on a girl in the shower, and I very nearly drowned myself giving her the pleasure I did. I found that no matter how I held my head the water ran straight down her body and into my mouth… breathing was nearly impossible and I simply had to resort to bouncing back and forth between breathing and holding my breath depending how her movements caused the water to bounce down her body.

I’m sad to say that I did not manage to elicit an orgasm out of her… I had hoped that I’d be able to my first time but the water was just too damn awkward…

She finally pulled me up and stared into my eyes before leaning in to kiss me. I smiled and told her, “Just a second… I have Karly all over my face! Let me wash up, first!”

Her finger stopped me, dragging a little furrow in my jaw, “Nope. If you can go down on me after we’ve had sex, I can kiss you afterwards… it’s a union rule. You can go look it up!”

I smiled and kissed her hard, pressing her back into the wall. I expected it to be a chaste, close mouthed kiss, but instead it turned into a full on tongue in mouth affair. I wasn’t going to complain about that…

She finally pulled away from me and looked into my eyes… “Mike never did that for me.” She said.

My heart lurched a beat and I had to repress an urge to drop her and push myself away.

I could see the cringe on her face, a look that clearly said, “OOPS!”. With a grimace she said, “Sorry.”

She was embarrassed now and I felt bad for reacting so strongly to it. She was trying to be complementary to me and it was only natural to compare me to past lovers, hell, I probably would have done the same… had there been any past lovers.

With held each other in the water for a minute, a silence that wasn’t quite awkward but was definitely in the same zip code. I still wanted her, but I could tell the mood had soured and decided that I’d rather lose a chance at getting laid than make it even more awkward and force a performance out of either of us.

I turned and grabbed a bar of soap and started running it over her body… let me tell you, she had the cleanest set of breasts in the world! She smiled at my ministrations and made her body available for me to scrub. The little walk in shower wasn’t the best at being helpful to a decent shower, but what it lacked in room I made up for in personal attention.

I was soaping up her back while she held her hair up when she finally broke the silence. “I’m sorry I brought Mike up…” she shook her head at herself… “it’s just that was something I always wanted him to try and he never would for me.”

I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breasts again, just to let her know I was okay… “It’s okay baby girl. I get it. You’re going to compare me to the people you’ve been with before.”

“Person,” she corrected. “Just one.”

I laughed and started applying soap to her back again, “okay person you’ve been with before. Nothing for me to be mad about, so far it looks like I’m coming out pretty well in the competition. Don’t sweat it, it’s only natural for you to talk to me about it, and I want to know what you enjoy and what you don’t.”

She was pretty stiff beneath me, “it’s not that natural. You seem to be able to avoid doing it. I don’t hear you talking about the girls you’ve been with before me.”

I again laughed, “that’s easy, there were no girls before you. You’re my first.”

She turned slowly, making it hard for me to finish soaping her back… the look of dumb surprise on her face was almost comical, if it wasn’t so embarrassing.

A burning smile covered her face… “I popped your cherry?” she asked me incredulously.

My face turned beat red I’m sure. I tried to look at the ground but she pushed my head back up with a single finger. “Yes or no, did I fuck all the virgin out of you?”

My eyes went wide in shock! I had never heard a girl talk the way Karly did… and it really got me off!

“Yes, little miss. You fucked the virgin right out of me.” I said bowing a bit before my goddess.

She turned around and preened in the water, letting me finish washing her back. “Now I’m doubly impressed. A virgin and still you managed to fuck me better than I’ve ever had.”

I laughed and wrapped my arms around her from behind. “Well I expect it’s like shadow boxing, you practice enough by yourself you’re bound to get good! Plus, I’ve had more than enough practice thinking about fucking you, I had a leg up on where I wanted to go with my planning.”

She again turned around and this time playfully swatted at me. “I knew you’d thought about having sex with me!” She squealed. “You asshole, you could have just said yes last night when I asked you.”

She took the bar of soap from me and started applying it to my body. “I thought you were fucking with me…” I finally responded to her.

“Well, I did that too!” she teased…

I smacked her ass for her smart comment. “You are such a bad girl!”

She stood and pushed her chest out to me, “Yeah, but I have a great set of tits…”

I smiled at her and took one of them in my soapy hand, “That you do!”

She stepped back then, “Wait, I thought you were fucking Jacky?”

I lifted my eyebrows at her, “I never said that.”

She cocked her head and thought about it, “Yeah, but everyone knows what ‘I’m not gonna talk about that!’ means!”

I kissed her lightly on her lips, “Not with me you don’t, and nobody who talks to me about you will ever know the details either.”

She smiled at me, “I hope you don’t expect the same of me, I plan on telling everyone I meet you were the fuck of a lifetime!”

“Well, that will certainly help me start working my way up the social ladder! Might help me get a real respectable girlfriend to replace this dirty mouth I’m with now!” I teased her.

She swatted at me playfully, then splashed water in my face for good measure, “Fuck you! I’m a lady!” She stopped suddenly, “Wait, do you mean I’m your girlfriend now…? Like officially?”

I washed the soap she had generously applied to the front of my body, putting my back to her. Finally I reached back and pulled her into me from behind. “I think you became my girlfriend right about when you climbed on top of me and pulled your shirt off.” I turned her around and pulled her into me, “If not then, then it definitely happened right about the time you lost your mind and let a slob like me stick his cock in you!”

She play slapped at me again, “Who’s got the dirty mouth now!?”

I shut her up with another passionate kiss. “Not as dirty as its about to be, I plan on carrying you into the bedroom and finishing what I started in the shower!” I told her once we broke apart.

She slapped me on the head, “Down boy! No more present opening for you! I have to go!”

I pushed her back to the wall and nibbled along her neck, thankful that our earlier tension was gone. She was so easy to forgive… and she tasted really good too!

I turned her around and slid my arms around her, letting my hands explore up the front of her. I slid my hardening cock between her legs and asked her, “Mind if a ride a bitch’s back for a little while?”

She melted in my harms and groaned, “You had better be kidding! You’re gonna end up fucking me to death here!”

I laughed at her, turned and opened the door to the shower and got out, leaving her alone in the water. “Yep, I was kidding!” I called back over my shoulder.

“Oh now you better be kidding me!” she yelled out of the shower, “You get back in here and stick your dick in me!”

I dried myself and pulled a fresh set of underwear out of the dresser. I could still hear the shower going. She expected me to come running back… in my minds eyes I could see her standing in the water, watching the door, waiting for me to come running. Finally I heard her voice, “Mister, get back in here and fuck me!”

I walked back into the bathroom and made a show of how I was wearing underwear now. “What was that, I was getting dressed. You know, in preperation for how I’m done fucking you for now!”

Her mouth opened in mock shock! “You motherfucker!” She pointed at my underwear, “Take those off this instant and bring my cock back in here!”

I raised my eyebrows at her, “Your cock? By the way, water heater’s big here, but it’s going to run out any time now…”

With that I turned neatly on my heel and walked out of the bathroom. I knew that if I wanted to win this battle I needed to get back to my closet fast and put some bottoms on… if she came out of the bathroom soaking wet and looking like that… well, I’m only human and there’s only so much Karly one man can stand up to.

I grabbed a pair of sweats and pulled them on. I could hear the door to the shower closing. “Hey asshole,” Karly called out to me playfully, “where do you keep the towels?”

I walked back to the bathroom and threw the towel I had just used to her, making sure to not look at her standing there naked and wet, and not letting her see that I had put pants on. I was having a blast driving her wild and there was no way I was letting her win this round. When she had driven me mad with lust this morning she had said she had too much self control for me to turn the tables on her. We’d see about that. I knew I couldn’t do it as fast as she had, but I figured I had a pretty good chance at driving her crazy. “Just got the one, looks like you get sloppy seconds!” I yelled out to her.

“Fucking bachelor bullshit, this place needs a woman’s touch, and so do you!” She yelled from the bathroom.

‘Wow, that was a good one.’ I admitted to myself. Damn she was good at being dirty!

I laid down on the bed and put my arms behind my head. I knew I wasn’t super model material, but with sports and weight lifting I spent about three hours a day working out, and while I wasn’t cut and I had a thin layer of fat that still covered a bit of my chest and stomach I was enormous. People said I was built like a gorilla. Long, strong arms, huge shoulders, a massive chest and a barrel stomach.

Karly was still in the bathroom toweling herself off, “You better be naked in that bed and getting ready to give me the monster fuck of my young life!” she called out to me.

‘She’s gonna be so pissed,’ I thought to myself.

She walked into the room and a look of mock horror spread across her face as she saw me lying there with pants on. “Get those off right now!” She screamed at me. “You get over here and fuck me this instant!”

I held my hand out to her, emphasizing my two middle fingers… “Come here, and see if you can convince me to take them off…”

I was satisfied to see that her knees got a little weak at that! She padded over to me and positioned herself where I could reach her easily. My hand instantly went to her mound, still hot, wet and fresh from her shower…

When she got close enough I reached out and grabbed her wrist and pulled her over me, splashing her into the matress beside me. I kissed her hard, wrapping my arms around her. I wanted to take the sting out of what I needed to talk to her about…

She was so intoxicating… I had trouble keeping control of myself but I knew the time had come and there was something that I had allowed myself to forget for too long, lost in all that Karly and how I realized I now fell about her.

I broke our kiss and looked at her with a sad smile. “What’s wrong?” she asked me instantly.

“I lied to you…” I admitted…

Concern crossed her face, but there wasn’t a trace of anger there, I loved her just a little more for that, “About what?”

“I told you that you would never share me with another woman…” Her concerned look deepened as it finally dawned on her, Jacky.

Her hand reached up and caressed the side of my face. “I’m sorry.” She finally said.

I couldn’t keep the shock off of my face, “You’re sorry?” I asked her.

She smiled a sad smile at me. “I wanted you so much for myself, I didn’t realize what pulling you in was going to do to you…” She looked deep into my eyes and she must have seen the pain there. I felt so guilty for being here with Karly while I was still technically with Jacky. I felt like something had tainted me and I was terrified that it would taint what I had found with Karly.

I cupped her hand to my face, “It’s not your fault. It’s mine. The commitment wasn’t yours, it was mine.” I couldn’t bear to look at her anymore. I felt too guilty.

Doubt crept into her face, “Do you want me to leave? We can keep this between you and me if you want… nobody ever needs to know…”

“No!” my voice cracked like a whip and startled her out of her sadness. A filter had almost slipped there… a mask almost fell off from within me and it scared me a little bit to admit that. “I choose you. I feel terrible for that, but there it is. I won’t walk away from you. If I ever leave you’re going to have to chase me away with a stick!”

Her eyes welled over in tears and she pulled me into another deep kiss. When we broke apart she ran her fingers over my face… “Thank you for choosing me…” she said with more than a little sadness in her voice. I knew that she was experiencing a little guilt herself and it was at war with her feelings of relief over having won, over having to not be alone anymore. “What do you want to do?” she finally asked me.

“I have to break it off with Jacky. It’s already too late, but it doesn’t change that it’s the right thing to do.” She got up and I watched her naked form move from the room and back into the bathroom. I could hear her music shut off in there. I had totally forgotten that it was still playing… so wrapped up in all that Karly.

She walked back into the room and handed me her phone. I must have looked confused, she added, “So you can call her, I know you don’t have a phone.”

I shook my head in horror. “No. This isn’t an over the phone type of conversation… I owe her an explanation in person.”

She looked down into her still very naked lap… “That’s how Mike told me it was over… you know, over the phone.” Her eyes closed and she shook her head, “Sorry. I shouldn’t have brought him up again…”

I pulled her into me and gave her a quick hug, “I think considering we’re talking about the girl I’m still seeing you get a pass on this one.” It was my turn to tip her face to me with a finger. “Look, I know what happened with Mike sucked, and it was hard for you, but wouldn’t it have been so much easier for you if he had at least cared enough to tell you in person that he was a piece of shit?”

She shook her head, “You’re not a piece of shit! This is different!”

I made her meet my eyes again, “How is it different? You said last night he met someone else while he was gone away and he dumped you for her. That’s exactly what I’m doing here… I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth and I’m going to have to find a way to make that right, both with her, and with you.”

“You don’t owe me anything.” She said, concern spreading back over her face.

I tilted my head at her, “Really? Think about it. This will have put a seed in your mind and you will always think to yourself, ‘he dropped her for me, he could do that again…’, I hate that, but I have to live with it now.”

She grabbed my face and pulled me close to hers, “Would you do that?” She asked me directly.

“No, I know how terrible this feels now… and I can’t go through it again.” I admitted to her.

“Then I believe you.” And with that she jumped up. “Let me get my clothes and get dressed and then we’ll go over there together.”

“Whoa! Together?” I asked her in shock.

She turned back and looked at me, “Yeah, we made this problem together, and we’ll solve it together.”

I appreciated that she wanted to help, but there was being decent, and there was parading your new girlfriend around in front of your old girlfriend. The difference wasn’t subtle. “Yeah, I don’t think so. This is something that I need to do myself.”

She looked at me and I could see the doubt in her eyes. She wanted to help, but that seed of distrust was growing in the fertile soil of her mind. She didn’t trust me alone with Jacky. There was nothing to be done about that though. It would be easier for me for Karly to be there with me but it wasn’t the right thing to do. Also, if Karly and I had a chance she was going to need to start trusting me. We just needed to pull that band aid off right now.

“I know it’s hard for you to trust me with this. But I need you to. If we have any chance you have to learn to trust me and that needs to start now.” I knew it was a shitty thing to say, and I knew that I didn’t deserve it, but there it was.

She looked at me desperately and I could see the war going on in her mind. She knew I was right, but she also didn’t want to give the chance to screw this up. “You’re right, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.”

I went to her and held her, “There is nothing to be sorry for, I made this choice. Choices have consequence and I need to live with that.” I took her head between my hands and pressed her forehead to mine, “Do you feel that?” she nodded her head, “I won’t do anything to screw that up.”

She kissed me then… and it took my breath away how much I felt for this beautiful creature so quickly. “So how do you want to do this?” She finally asked me.

I wanted to talk to her about something first, it was selfish, and I had no right, but I justified it by saying to myself that it would take the sting out of what was about to happen. “First, I want to talk to you about something… my friends and I were going to go to a party tonight, so thing that one of the guys found out about, its not for me or anything, but we all thought it would be fun to do and kind of tied into my birthday. Would you come with me?”

She looked at me and smiled. “I’d love to come, I want to really meet your friends, I mean I know most of them, but you know it would be nice to meet them as… you know… I mean if you don’t mind.”

I knew what she meant, “Yeah, I know what you mean and for certain I’m going to make it apparent that you’re with me it you don’t mind?”

She kissed me hard, “Try to stop me!” She looked at me doubtfully again, “now let’s put this Jacky thing behind us so we can move forward, how do you want to do this?”

I could see the trust in her now, I knew I didn’t deserve it, but it warmed my heart all the same to see it in her eyes. “Here’s the plan. You need to go home anyway, get clean clothes, get ready for the party, I’ll catch a bus over to her house, and I’ll meet you here at 6, Joe is supposed to meet me here at 6:30.” It was about 2 now, so I knew I could make it, but it was going to be tight.

She shook her head. “Get ready, and I’ll drive you over to her house, that’ll save you a bus ride.” She must have seen the worry on my face, I still wanted to be decent about this and didn’t want to rub Karly in Jacky’s face, at least not yet. It was going to happen, but I could try to spear her as much pain as possible. She rushed on, “I’ll drop you off down the street, and you can walk up.”

I nodded my head in agreement, it would save time and I got the feeling that it made her feel better. “Sounds like a plan!”

We got ready quickly. I dressed more formally than I normally would, cargo pants, a nice t shirt tucked in and a fleece vest over the top. I was more of a jeans and holey t shirt guy so for me this was down right button up.

We made the drive over in silence, holding hands. I was sad to see how badly I had fucked us up, but there was nothing to be done about it now. She drove past Jacky’s house stopped at a stop sign. I turned and kissed her lightly on the lips. Me getting out of this car right now was going to be hard for her. I wanted so much to tell her I loved her… I looked at my feeling and realized that it was true… but I had poisoned us enough already I really didn’t want her to look back on the first time I had told her I loved her to be right before she dropped me off at my girlfriend’s place…

I held her forehead to mine, “Remember this feeling” I told her, “I won’t fuck it up.” She pulled her head back from mine and looked at me with sad eyes. I knew she needed something special and I remembered something that I’d seen in a movie one time, something that I thought looked so special and romantic. I spread the fingers of my right hand and touched her forehead, running my hand down her face, my middle finger running down her nose, my index finger closing her eyes, and then I added my own twist, I leaned in and kissed her.

A car honked behind us and I started. “Tonight, 6, right?” She nodded and I got out.

I looked at the guy in the car behind us and raised a hand apologetically, he flipped me off. ‘Probably had that coming,’ I thought to myself.

I walked up to Jacky’s house. I had only seen it while driving by on the bus while she pointed it out, so I thought this was the right one, but figured it was going to be seriously embarrassing if I had it wrong.

I knocked and an older guy that looked like a serious piece of shit answered the door. “What do you want?” he asked me pretty abruptly.

“Is Jacky here?” I asked, trying to be polite. In a minute I guess it wouldn’t matter, but still, it never hurt to be polite.

The guy closed the door in my face. I could hear him scream for Jacky to get her fucking ass out front… some dipshit wanted to see her. Guy was a real charmer.

The door opened and Jacky stepped out. Before Karly, she had always looked so sexy to me, but I realized now that I had always looked at her through the prism of my lust. Now she just looked young, way, way too young. I realized how big of a mistake I had nearly made. ‘Thank god I didn’t sleep with her!’ I thought to myself as I watched her come out.

She smiled at me and started to reach out and hug me. I ducked her and stepped away from her. I couldn’t think of a good way to make this work, so I just dove in. “Look, I’m sorry, I just came over to tell you that we can’t see each other any more.”

If I had slapped her I don’t think that I could have surprised her more. A look of dumb confusion crossed her face. “What do you mean?” she finally asked me.

I rubbed beneath my nose, “I don’t want to be mean, I just don’t think that it’s a good idea that we see each other anymore.”

She crossed her arms at me, I could tell she was getting seriously pissed. “No, I think you should be mean, I think you owe me a fucking explanation!”

I didn’t know what to say, or how to say it, and then I realized that she was right, I owed her the truth, she deserved to see how much of an asshole I was. I hoped that it would lessen her pain, “I met someone else. She and I are together now.”

Whap! I saw the slap coming a mile away. I probably could have stopped it. ‘You definitely had that coming’ I thought to myself. The heat spread out across my face.

“Is this because I didn’t let you fuck me?!” She finally screamed at me, “all you had to do was make a move!”

I closed my eyes… the thought of having sex with this child passed through my mind and the very thought revolted me. I realized then that was why we had never gone that direction, why I had never really made a connection with her. The very thought of it disgusted me, she didn’t disgust me, the thought of what I would have become had I taken advantage of her in that way disgusted me. It had never made a ton of sense to me that there were rules and laws against that sort of stuff and suddenly I got it, it was so easy to groom her into a place that I could take advantage of her. She would think it was her choice when the truth was I would have molded her into a puppet.

I heard from inside the house, “Darla! Come here! Your daughters getting dumped by her boyfriend on the front porch!”

I kind of looked that way and thought, ‘What a douchebag!’

I didn’t see the next slap coming. I just turned back to look at her and she hit me. The first one was a warm up, she really put her heart into this one…

My mask slipped for a second. Rage came snarling up out of a dark pit within me and I just barely managed to get a hold on his chain.

Jacky saw him though… she took a step back from me. My jaw clenched and I tried really hard to stuff him back down in the pit. My eyes met hers with an intensity that must have been scary for her, “It’s over. Learn to live with it.” Involuntarily I took a step forward, I almost lost my grip on my rage again. I managed to turn my trajectory and start off the porch. “I’m leaving,” I called out over my shoulder, “You can learn to live with that too!”

That last barb wasn’t really necessary but I was pissed about her hitting me that second time. I have a pretty big rule about someone putting their hands on me in anger, it was not something I allowed. I hit the end of Jacky’s walkway and started to turn to my right. I just happened to glance to my right and saw Karly’s car at the end of the block, parked between two other cars.

I almost turned that way, almost read her the riot act. I realized then that that was my rage still bouncing around in my skull. I turned to the right and started to walk to the nearest bus stop. I did this, I bought myself this pain and I needed to earn her trust. If she needed to spy on my while I broke up with the girl I had cheated on, so be it.

‘Hey, look on the bright side,’ I thought to myself, ‘those slaps made it apparent you ended things!’

I laughed and shook my head at that, a dark bit of humor for sure, but at least the cloud had something of a silver lining.

I found myself looking at the clock every minute starting about 5:30. I wanted Karly back… I wanted to hear her voice. It surprised me how much I wanted her to be back. I knew I needed to get back to the feeling of being alone sometimes, she wasn’t moving in with me anytime soon but I found myself wishing that there was some way that I could make that happen, could somehow convince her to.

I knew it would be a mistake anyway, but I still wanted her here all the time, and it wasn’t a sexual thing, I just always wanted to be with her.

She got back early, and I chose to see that as her being as eager to see me as I was to see her. I heard her coming up the stairs and ran to the door to open it for her. She dove into my arms kissing me like it had been a million years since she had seen me. I realized on some level that it was simply infatuation at this point, that her joy to see me would fade over time, but it still felt spectacular!

Or at least it did until the bag she was wearing around her left wrist swung around and hit be in the head! “Ow! What the hell?” I yelled at her.

She was laughing her ass off. “I brought you a present!”

I noticed then what she was wearing… ‘holy shit!’ I thought to myself… ‘I thought she was hot normally, but that outfit…’

He was wearing a tight black dress, not a fancy dinner dress, just a tight black number that looked like it was made of cotton. It showed a ton of leg and fell to about mid thigh. Generous cleavage showed out of the top. She was wearing a heavy coat over the top of it, but wow…

I growled and moved towards her, “I could stand to open my present again,” I growled as I pulled her into me and kissed her.

She laughed and broke away from my lips, “Down boy!” she yelled at me between gusts of laughter. “We don’t have time!”

My kisses worked their way up her neck and onto her mouth again. My hands found their way around her hips, she melted beneath me and I pressed my hips into hers. She let out a low moan into my mouth, ‘God, her mouth tasted so good!’ she had just brushed her teeth but I could still taste her cigarette there, lending a taste that was distinctly Karly. She mumbled at me, “No time there lover boy…”

I could tell that her resolve was weakening… I lifted her up off the ground, My hands on her ass, I knew that would put some pressure on her down there and excite her even more, plus she had her hands on my upper arms and the lifting would cause the muscles to flex there…

I ground my hips into her again and listened to her moans intensify. I had her. I mean she was right, we didn’t have time, but I still loved the idea of toying her until she was ready and then leaving her hanging. I rasped my tongue roughly along hers and again rocked my hips into hers…

She broke from my kiss breathlessly, her eyes closed and I noticed she had put on makeup… no foundation, no lipstick, just a slightly colored lip balm, but her eyes… she had done her eyes… they looked great! Smoky and sexy with a grayish eyeliner, it would make the green of her eyes really pop!

She ground her hips into mine involuntarily, “Okay, you can fuck me… but only like…” her hips ground against me, “nine or ten times…” her eyes opened and she stared into my eyes. I was right, her makeup made her beautiful eyes even more amazing! She continued, “tonight, then in the morning you’re going to have to start fucking me again.”

Pulling me back into her she took my breath away with another kiss and I was really starting to fall into her hole. I was really considering borrowing Karly’s phone and calling Joe and telling him I couldn’t make it because I’d be fucking a goddess all night long…

What I really wanted though was to go out and show Karly off! Look at this smoking hot girl who was willing to be seen in public with me! Look how she had dolled herself up, just for me!

My kiss found her hot and ready for me again… ‘God I have to stop or we’re not going anywhere!’ I thought desperately to myself.

I managed to find the strength to pull away from her. I had no breath and almost no willpower left. “Okay, okay, joke’s over… we gotta stop if we want to make the party.”

She must have been thinking the same thing I was… “Do we want to make the party?” she asked me huskily.

I kissed her again and used the moment to think, I finally broke away from that delicious mouth and said to her, “So you’re saying my choices are to fuck you all night long?” she nodded seductively… “Or, take you out to a party and show off the sexiest girl in the world, dance with her, make every guy in the room insanely jealous and then come home and then fuck you all night long?”

She kissed me insanely hard, and between kisses growled into my mouth, “Let’s do the second one…”

I set her down and ran my hands up the front of her body, cupping her breasts hard as I did. I used the chance to run my hand down the front of her face again, and then kiss her. I was gonna make that our thing, the way that I always let her know things were okay!

“I love that.” She whispered at me.

‘I love you…’ I thought, I just couldn’t say it. “I love that dress… goddamn! I can’t promise that thing is not getting bodily ripped off of you tonight…”

She held a warning figure up at me, “Don’t you dare rip my dress asshole, it’s a dress,” she pulled the top down a few centimeters and just started to show me the top of her nipples, then she lifted the front, showing me a pair of lace black panties, “See, you can get to all the interesting parts with the dress still on…”

“See, that’s the kind of shit that’s gonna get it torn off!” I warned her.

She laughed and pulled her top back up. I made a mental note not to pull on the hem of it if we danced, it was not going to stay up if I did.

She looked down at the bag on her wrist, “Your present!” She said with excitement!

I looked at her with what I hoped was disapproval, “You’ve already given me more than I could ever hope for with that dress…”

“Oh, poo!” She said, waiving her hand at me in dismissal. She grabbed my hand and pulled me bodily into the front room and pushed me down in the big ol comfy chair.

‘If she pulls something sexy out of that bag I’m done, I’m rolling around naked with her all night and a team of Navy Seals won’t be able to get me out of this house…’ I thought to myself.

She bounced like a kid she was so excited, “I didn’t have time to wrap it… I’m sorry!”

I smiled at her, waiting for the big reveal… she was really excited.

She reached into the bag and pulled out a box that showed me there was a pretty nice cell phone inside. My heart sank a little… I never let it show on my face, but I couldn’t afford a phone like this. The plan that went with it was at least $50 a month, and I was barely making bills as it was, and if I let it get turned off she was going to feel terrible.

‘Well, just gonna need to pick up a few more odd jobs.’ I was suddenly very thankful for the snow that kept pounding down. I could start hitting the pavement with a shovel over my shoulder and start digging out driveways at $10 a pop. I could probably make enough in the next few weeks to pay for the phone for a few months.

I took it from her dumbly, finally smiling at her. “Thank you baby girl, I do need one, I’ve probably put it off too long as it is.”

She bounced, doing some very interesting things to that dress. “The best part is I set the plan up on it and it’s prepaid through the end of the school year! You have unlimited data, and messages and talk time!”

My heart fell into my stomach… that meant this was insanely expensive! Tears nearly came to my eyes as I realized how generous of a gift this was… I didn’t think I’d ever gotten a gift this expensive, not even from my parents!

I looked at her then, “This is too much baby girl…” I had no way that I could ever match a gift like this, not in a million years…

She smiled, “Poo on that! This isn’t just for you! I got away from you for like an hour and I wanted to desperately hear your voice call me your baby girl and I couldn’t!” She put the box in my hands, “Now I can call you all day long!” She looked at my huskily, “Plus, I set it up for you and added Facetime to it… so when I can’t stay here I all night I can still… see you!”

My mouth went to hers, hard… the thought of having a dirty conversation with her was an immense turn on!

She broke away from me… she looked sad… ‘Oh god, I hope she doesn’t think I’m disappointed in the gift!’ I thought in panic.

She bit her lip, “I have to confess something to you…” she pouted, “You’re gonna be mad…” I smiled at her letting her know I couldn’t be mad at her for long. “I spied on you when you broke up with Jacky…” She looked down in shame.

I laughed at her and her eyes snapped up in shock. “I know baby girl. You’re beautiful, sexy and wicked smart, but you are not very sneaky! I saw you parked down the block as I was leaving.”

Her mouth opened in shock. “Why didn’t you come back to the car then?”

I just smiled at her. “Trust is something that is earned, and I haven’t earned yours. I figured if you needed to make sure that I broke it off that was only fair. If I confronted you about it, you’d feel bad and you didn’t need to feel bad about it.” I kissed those kissable lips again, lightly this time, letting her know I wasn’t mad at her about it.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” she whispered.

I kissed her deeper this time, “You’re not even close to the lucky one.” I assured her.

We broke apart and she helped me get the phone out and personalize it. She had put all of her music on it for me, which was really nice as I didn’t have a computer to do it myself. She had also bought me a really nice case for it so I didn’t have to worry about breaking it, which being my clumsy self I was worried about.

She was still sitting in my lap as I swiped around on the face of the phone trying to get used to the way it worked. She had her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek as she watched me play with it and saw I was happy with it. She finally said, “I know it’s not the nicest phone, it’s not an Iphone or something but it was what I could-“

I interrupted her by kissing her hard. When I broke away from her I said, “I love it!” then I kissed her again, harder this time. My right hand slide between her legs as we kissed. When I got to the inside of her thigh I was really glad for that skirt… her legs parted for me so I could touch her down there…

I surprised her by almost immediately pulling her panties aside and rubbing my fingers up and down the smooth flesh of her womanhood. She moaned in to my mouth. I could feel how wet she was… slowly I inched my index and middle finger into her. It was a little awkward considering our angle but I was more than willing to suffer a little disappointment to have my fingers in her.

Her eyes fluttered and she finally put her hand down over mine… “Stop…” Her mouth was suddenly hot on mine again, she broke away, “We don’t have time, your friends will be here any minute and there’s no way for me to take care of you…”

I was pretty pissed at Mike once again… ‘Jeez, how had that asshole messed her view of sex up so badly? Was he really that selfish?’ I thought to myself. “This isn’t about me, and it won’t always be. You gave me a present, now let me give you one…” I whispered into her ear before I started kissing her again.

My fingers slid in and out of her smoothly and she moaned with each thrust. My cock was hard as a rock against my leg and with her in my lap more than a little smashed but I didn’t care. I was enjoying myself so much that it barely registered.

She broke our kiss and was panting feverishly, trying to catch her breath. I could see her eyes wouldn’t focus. My fingers slid in and out of her, in and out…

She was doing her best to alternate between kissing me and catching her breath… I could tell she was close and so I just kept doing what I was doing, I didn’t speed up, or use more pressure, I just kept going…

Maybe a minute later she went stiff against me, mid kiss, “Oh god, Gabby! I’m cumming!” She started making some pretty interesting animal noises and then her mouth was on me with a passionate kiss. Her tongue forced its way deep into my mouth and I just sucked on it, enjoying having her tongue in my mouth once again.

She was limp against me breathing hot and fast when I heard the downstairs door open and someone start pounding up the stairs…

Her eyes snapped open and she dove out of my lap, “Oh fuck, stall for me!” she called out to me as she ran to the bathroom and pulled the door shut behind her.

I just laughed and walked over to the door to let Joe in. I opened the door right as he got to the top of the stairs. “Hey man, come on in! I didn’t expect you to come up, I just figured that you’d honk like you usually do.”

He gave me a bit of a panicked look and said, “Really need to piss, you mind if I use your bathroom?”

I smiled at him and said, “Mi bano es tu bano.”

The bathroom door was right next to the front door so he started to reach for the handle. I grabbed his arm, “Uh… it’s occupado right now though.”

He looked at me in confusion and that was the moment that Karly pulled the door open. ‘Holy fuck!’ I thought as I got to see that outfit again. Her face was flushed from embarrassment and her orgasm and it added color to her naturally pale skin making her even more gorgeous.

Joe’s confusion shot right to shock… he looked from Karly, and then slowly back to me. I could tell that was when his male mind clicked and his eyes shot back to her body and what she was wearing… his eyes crawled over her and I thought triumphantly, ‘that’s right motherfucker! THAT’S my girlfriend!’ I slapped Joe on the back and said to him, “See, vacant now!”

Joe stepped back and let Karly out of the small room and she moved close to me and played with my hands kind of looking down at her feet. I brushed her hair behind her ear and pulled her head up to look at me, “You okay, baby girl?”

She smiled at my pet name for her, “Yeah, I just kind of realized that I might have invited myself along to a guy’s night out.”

I laughed at her. “It isn’t a guys night out. This party isn’t for me, we’re crashing it, and you won’t be the only girl out with us tonight. Sep is bringing Jess, his girlfriend, and I know she’s bringing her friends, Robin and Laurel. Plus you didn’t invite yourself, I asked you to come with me and if anyone has a problem with that, well,” I took her hand in mine, “I can stay here with you.”

We were standing there holding hands when Joe came out of the bathroom. He stopped seeing us standing there and cleared his throat in surprise. He obviously didn’t know what was going on and he was uncomfortable. He wasn’t being a busybody he was just trying to look out for me and I had to suppress my urge to tell him to back off.

“Karly’s coming with us tonight.” I told him bluntly.

His eyebrows raised, “I gathered that.” He gave her a withering stare and Karly moved closer to me.

I sighed, “Okay, let’s get this out of the way.” I grabbed Karly’s head and turned her placing a kiss on her with more than a little tongue. When we broke free I looked back at Joe. His eyes were wide in surprise, “I’m with Karly now.” I still had my arms around her, “I broke it off with Jacky earlier today.”

Joe chuckled, “I can’t imagine that went over too well.”

I smirked at him, “She slapped me.” He laughed, “Twice.” Now he was really laughing his ass off. Karly was joining in on the infectious laughter, ‘Good, hopefully she starts getting comfortable around Joe, and he stops being such a dick now,’ I thought to myself.

Joe looked at Karly and I noticed he was not only looking at her, he was checking her out. I was okay with it, for now, there was appreciating my girl and there was being a letch. Joe finally said to her, “Sorry for being a dick, I was just trying to look out for my boy.”

I picked her coat up from the floor and handed it to her, she took it and looked at Joe, “No problem, good to see he has more than me looking out for him.” With that she started walking towards him, a little sway in her hips so I could check out her ass as she walked.

Joe spoke up again, “Just take care of him, he’s not too smart!”

She was about even with him, headed to the door. “Well I already fucked his brains out four times, so I think I’m taking pretty good care of him,” she tossed to him causally as she walked past him.

Joe’s jaw dropped open, though Karly couldn’t see his reaction mirrored my own. His eyes met mine and he mouthed, “Really?”

Karly stopped at the door and turned back to us, I was embarrassed as hell and came up with the best I could on short notice, “Karly is such a kidder!”

She pointed her thumb into the kitchen, “The last time he bent me over the kitchen table and ripped my panties off, then he stuck it to me like a gentleman.” She pointed into the bathroom, “Then he ate me out in the shower.” She smiled at Joe, “Your boy got some mad tongue skills!”

My eyes went wide in shock…

“You two need more details or are we going now? I’m ready to party.” She dropped.

I pushed past Joe, in a hurry to leave. “Time, to go!” I announced.

We got outside and the rest of my friends were gathered up outside, Jeremy screamed into the night, “Gabby! Happy Birthday!!! Now you mind if we get going cause it’s fucking cold out here and I’m ready to get hammered!”

His eyes dropped to Karly walking in front of me, “Holy shit! Guys, hot chick!”

I heard a few muttered, holy shits among the group. Karly opened the gate and strutted past Jeremy, she threw her thumb back at me, “I’m with him.” She said as she walked past him.

Jeremy wasn’t a sport kid, but he was a good guy, maybe a little on the dull side but he had a good heart even if he was a bit too big in the mouth. He looked me dead in the eye and screamed, “You the man!” while he pointed the index fingers of both hands at me.

I was embarrassed as hell at this point. I mingled up with my friends and got the obligatory happy birhdays out of the way, but Jeremy was right, it was fucking cold. I had left my coat behind, deciding I didn’t want to hassle with a coat at the party and knowing I was only going to be out in the cold for a little while so I could handle it.

Joe spoke up, “How we going to do this? There’s a lot of us, we want to all pile up and fill up cars or what?”

Karly spoke up first, “Gabby’s with me, that mean’s I’ve got space for two more.”

Joe nodded at her, appreciating the offer of carrying extra people, as he knew there was going to be drinking at the party and that meant that people really shouldn’t be driving. We were all good kids and while we drank we had a pretty strict no driving policy afterwards. Most of us were on the wrestling team and a few didn’t have cars to there were going to be a few people that couldn’t drink tonight.

Robin, one of Joe’s friends spoke up next, “I’ll ride with Joe!” I looked at Joe and saw the disappointment crowd over his face, he wanted to get drunk and if he was driving Robin he couldn’t. He didn’t speak up however, he didn’t want to seem like a jerk I could tell, and I think he was thinking that maybe he and Robin could ride with someone else if it worked out.

Sep, who kind of acting like he was the leader of our group, jumped in next, I could tell that he was annoyed people were making plans without him and said, “Well since Joe is already driving, Jess and I will ride with them.” He looked at Nick, a tall, gangly kid that we hung with, “You’re not drinking tonight right Nick?” Nick shook his head no, “So you got Rob, Jeremy, and Laurel?” Laurel was Jess’s other friend. All three of them were two years younger than the rest of the group.

I was surprised Rob was there. He was kind of the new guy in our little group. Someone that hung with Jeremy and had sort of attached himself to the group. I didn’t like him, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.

“Sounds good!” Karly announced and pulled me back by the collar. I could tell she was excited to have me in a car all to herself. She took my hand and walked me to the passenger door of her car. She pressed the little button thing and unlocked the door. I started to open the door and felt her presence behind me, I turned and she dove in for a passionate kiss, her tongue mingling with mine. I wrapped my arms around her and appreciated her beautiful mouth on mine.

I could hear the guys whooping and hollering catcalls. ‘I get it now,’ I thought to myself, ‘there are girls here and Karly is staking out her turf. Making it apparent that I was off limits.’ Honestly, I didn’t care, I’ll kiss her anytime, anywhere.

I remembered then I didn’t actually know where this party was. I let Karly down and looked back at the guys, “Hey, where the fuck are we going?”

Joe laughed and said, “Follow me, Nick you stay behind them, if they lose me they can follow you.”

Nick was jumping in his car and called out, “Sounds like a plan!”

Karly jumped in and started the car, and I heard it announce that the Bluetooth was connected, she turned the radio down. I liked the song and looked at her silently asking her what it was. She looked at me and said, “Another one by Meg Myers, Motel.” She fiddled with her phone and the song she played earlier while she stripped for me started, “this one is called Desire… remember that one?”

With that she pulled out after Joe, with Nick bringing up the rear. “I’m never going to be able to forget that one… I’ll get a hardon every time I hear it from now on.”

She laughed as we got to the end of the street. Joe was a responsible driver and the left turn signal on his truck flipped on, letting Karly know which way he was going. Traffic was okay but I noticed him pass up a few gaps that he could have slipped into so he was being smart about picking a gap that all three cars could fit into.

Karly looked at me, “Mind if I smoke?”

I lifted my arm off of the console, I knew that was where she kept her cigarettes and her lighter. “Go ahead.”

She smiled, “Thanks.”

“Hey I enjoy watching as much as you enjoy smoking!” She lit the cigarette while Joe waited for his gap and I watched her inhale and breathe the smoke out of the open window.

It wasn’t a big car and I was able to put my hand on her thigh simply by reaching out. She looked at me with a smile and took a long drag off of her cigarette.

Joe pulled out and Karly pressed on the gas. I enjoyed feeling her muscles work as she worked the peddle, like little pistons working beneath her skin.

Her smoking and the feel of her skin was really turning me on. I slid my hand up her leg and closer to her mound…

She kept one hand on the steering wheel and brought the hand holding her cigarette down and caught my hand. “No, no. There’s no way I can drive with you doing that!”

I rubbed her clit through her panties and her legs snapped apart involuntarily, giving me better access to her. “Payback’s a bitch…” I said to her as I worked my finger back and forth across her button. “Remember that little stunt with Joe? Here’s the payback. Now smoke your cigarette and shut the fuck up while I finger you.”

Her eyes were going all wavy and she pulled the cigarette up and took another drag, held it and then blew it towards the window. I figured she was ready… in one smooth motion I pulled her panties aside roughly and pushed my middle finger into her.

She nearly instantly slammed on the breaks and I nearly slipped out of her. Nick slammed on his horn as he adjusted to her sudden break check.

I pushed my finger in deeper and she moaned as she took another drag on her cigarette. She was having a blast I could tell! She moaned and smoked and while I could tell she was too nervous about her driving to cum, I knew that she was greatly enjoying her fingering. She finished up her cigarette and I finished up fingering her, looking straight into her eyes as I took my finger out of her and very leisurely sucked her juices off of my finger. ‘God I love the way she tastes!’ I thought in ecstasy.

She pushed her dress back down and I could see her take a final swipe at her pussy while she was down there. “You are going to pay for that later!” She said to me with some venom. I could see she loved every second of it however so I was content.

The party wasn’t far from my house and so we got there pretty quickly. I jumped out of the car and quickly went to Karly’s side of the car and helped her out. I could tell she was adjusting her panties and not wanting to embarrass her I ran interference for her by pretending to open her door for her. I helped her out of the car and realized then that it had been too long since I had felt those lips…

It was my turn to press her back into the car and lay a breathtaking kiss on her lips.

Jess was walking by me right about then and she called back to us, “Get a room you two!”

I didn’t really feel bad about making out with Karly in front of her. God knows I had seen her and Sep make out more than enough times…

Karly called out, “Nah! I think I’ll have him just bend me over the hood here in a second!”

Jess turned around and walked backwards for a second giving Karly a dirty look, before she spun and wrapped Sep’s arm around her.

Karly looked at me, “I’m not going to like her much am I?”

I laughed and told her, “No, probably not.”

Karly pulled off her coat and threw it into the car, showing off that luscious cleavage. She grabbed my hand and wrapped it around herself the way Jess had with Sep.

‘Uh oh. Better keep an eye on these two. They’re fighting to see who the alpha is going to be.’ I thought to myself as I walked towards the house.

The house sat up on a little hill overlooking town and was far enough away from any neighbors that I doubted we were going to see any noise complaints tonight. It looked like a pretty wild party. There had to be 20 cars outside and they had filled up the hill and where just parking wherever now. ‘Someone is going to be in a lot of trouble when their parents come home…’ I thought to myself, glad that it wasn’t my problem.

I called out to my group, “Hey, do we even know who’s party this is?”

Rob turned around, “Yeah, I know the guy, his name is James. He’s okay, he won’t give us any trouble being here.” I realized then that was why we had Rob in tow, he was our invite!

We made our way inside and Karly was preening like a peacock. Guys eyes were all over her, girls were giving her dirty looks and she was making it apparent to everybody in the room who she was here with. My ego got a tremendous boost at that.

My group broke apart pretty fast as soon as we got inside. Karly grabbed my hands and put them on her hips as we pressed into the crowd of people, ‘There must be a 100 people in here!’ I thought as we walked around the house, ‘I must have guessed low at the number of cars outside.’ The crowd didn’t exactly part for Karly and I, in fact her gorgeous looks probably cost us a lot of time as guys stopped to check her out. I kept stopping and bumping into her rear end as the people packed around us, and she kept turning back and smiling at me.

Karly instantly made her way to what looked like a living room, where the music was loudest and started grinding against me, dancing seductively. I was a terrible dancer, but I just sort of did my best to wear Karly like a second skin and hoped that she made me look better. Honestly, she felt so good against my body that I didn’t care how I looked. We finished two songs worth of dancing and had worked up a sweat. She asked me, “You want to get a drink?” over the roar of the music.

I leaned into her ear so I wouldn’t have to shout, “Yeah, that sounds good.”

She took me by the hand this time and led me towards what looked like a kitchen. ‘God it’s hot in here!’ I thought as we passed through the crowd of people. The closer we got to the kitchen the less progress we were making so I took the lead, pulling Karly along behind me. I put on my best mean face and the crowd parted like magic. Nobody it seemed was interested in pissing off the enormous guy that was barreling around the house.

The lights through most of the house were turned down intimately, but in the kitchen everything was bright. It was a pretty impressive kitchen. Little red cups were everywhere and there were several kegs. I made my way closer to get Karly a drink when a guy turned around and bumped into me, spilling what smelled like beer all over the front of me.

My pissed look became a pissed feeling. I really hadn’t wanted to stink of beer all night long.

The dude started to yell, “Hey what the hell!” but made it as far as, “Hey what the-“ before saying, “Dude, you’re enormous! Sorry about that!”

The guy was already pretty wasted so I felt like cutting him some slack, drunk people did stupid shit and I was at a party, I had to expect some pretty drunk people.

He had his hands up in front of me, “Dude, we cool?”

I looked at him and smiled, “Yeah, it’s okay.”

He smiled drunkenly and added, “Saw my life flash before my eyes there… spilled beer all over this giant ripped guy… the look on your face told me I was about to get my ass kicked!”

I put my left hand on his shoulder “It’s cool, accidents happen.”

He suddenly shouted, “Gabe?!”

I was shocked at his outburst but not all that surprised. I was on a ton of sports teams and most people knew me, or at least it seemed like a lot more people knew me than I knew.

He continued, “Dude, don’t you recognize me? It’s James!” he spread his arms out wide.

I just looked at him puzzled. “Dude, we’re friends!”

‘Is this guy too truck to know who HE is?’ I thought to myself wildly. “You used to come over to my house and play Ninja Turtles!” He screamed.

I recognized him then and put my hand back on his shoulder, “Dude, that was 10-12 years ago…” I said to him, no wonder I hadn’t recognized him.

Karly came around me then and asked him, “Can we get a drink?”

James spun around and grabbed a cup and handed it to her, she in turn offered it to me. I shook my head, “No thanks babe, I don’t drink.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.

I leaned in and pecked her lips with a quick kiss. “My mom’s a huge alcoholic and that shit runs in families. No way I’m picking up that habit!”

She smiled at me then a mischievous look came over her face, “Can you drive?”

I smiled back at her, realizing what she was getting at, she wanted to see if I could drive home so she could drink. The thought of a naked, horny and drunk Karly seemed like a really good idea right about then. “Have a blast!” I told her.

She took a huge drink from the cup and James’ voice interrupted my carnal thinking about her…

“Dude, is this your girlfriend?” Karly turned around and dropped back into my arms as I wrapped myself around her. I kissed her neck while she drank from her glass.

I smiled at him and said, “Yep, this beautiful creature is Karly.”

He took her hand politely and said, “I’m James, Gabe and I used to be buds, this is my party so if you need anything just let me know, I’ll be in here all night!” He was really nice and didn’t ogle her too much. My impression of him ratcheted up two notches.

“Gabby! Oh thank god! Gabby!” A strange voice called out to me. Suddenly there were hands on me, that’s a big no-no in my book.

I spun back to whoever was grabbing me. It was a girl named Michelle who I had some classes with and had hung out with a few times at a couple of parties. She and I were never a thing but I got the impression I could if I had wanted to. “What’s up?” I asked her with a little annoyance.

I could feel Karly stiffen up against me and I realized how possessive she was. ‘Not good’ I thought to myself, ‘she’s going to need to get used to me being around other girls.’

Michelle was in a panic. “It’s Raina, I need your help with Raina.” Okay, so Raina was a bit different story than Michelle. I had had the hots for Raina since I was a junior. I had made a pass at her once and she told me that she had a boyfriend. That transitioned into something like an awkward friendship between the two of us…

I was still attracted to her, but my feelings for her were more brother-sisterish than romantic. Besides, I had Karly now, and she was WAY hotter than Raina.

I looked at Karly with a worried expression and saw anger cloud over her eyes. ‘Wow, I’m surprised how old this is getting and how fast.’ I thought. I pulled her irritably along, Raina was a friend and there was no way I was leaving her out in the cold.

I motioned to Michelle to show me what was wrong. She pressed into the crowd of people and I followed, pulling Karly along behind me. It being James’ house he must have decided to tag along and make sure that this wasn’t a problem that he needed to take interest in. We moved through the kitchen and into a nearly dark dining room, or what appeared to be a dining room. ‘How many rooms do these people need?’ I thought to myself wildly.

Sitting on the floor in the corner was Raina. Her friend, a horse faced girl named Sally was standing over her. Raina appeared to be unconscious. I looked at Michelle, “What happened?”

“She’s just really drunk!” she said to me…

Relief washed over me. “So fucking take her home… Jesus what do you need me for?”

Michelle looked panicked. Then I saw it, she was drunk too. So was Sally. “Who is your ride home Michelle?” I asked her.

She looked embarrassed. “We all came in my car.”

I stood a little too fast and Michelle took a big step back fast, tripping over Karly, who pushed her off her foot in annoyance. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! How could you be so stupid?!” I yelled at her.

“Look, I didn’t think she was going to drink so much!” Michelle said in her defense.

“I’m not talking about how drunk she is Michelle, I’m talking about how you’re here getting drunk when you are supposed to be driving home. Now you’re friend is too hammered to leave and you’re too drunk to drive her home.” I shook my head. This was not my problem. “Look, you guys are going to need to bite the bullet and watch over her and sober up.”

I started to walk away and Raina made a weird noise and came to. “I feel sick.”

James spoke up, “Look man, I don’t want to be a dick, but I really don’t want her throwing up on my floor here…”

I was briefly annoyed with him, but I couldn’t say I would have felt much different were I in his shoes. “Lets get her outside.” I finally said, then gave a flat look at Michelle, “You can stand out there and watch out for her while you sober up.”

I started to lift Raina up and James, being the only other guy in the room moved to help… he was too drunk though and I realized he would only be a hindrance. “I got it.” I told him as gently as possible. With that I scooped her up into a cradle carry and started walking out of the room. Karly gave me a straight out venomous look as she saw me carrying this strange girl protectively. There was no play in it this time and I was more than a little annoyed that she would pick now to pull this jealous bullshit.

‘Whatever, one problem at a time,’ I thought to myself.

I made my way through the crowd with James running point in front of me calling for people to get out of the way.

I got Raina outside but she was still way too fucked up to move around. Rob ran up next to me and I wasn’t even sure how he had seen what was going on with so much happening. He and Nick apparently had been outside. “Nick, get over here,” He called out.

Nick ran up to me as I looked at Michelle, “Where is your car, we’ll put her there.”

She looked at me and in a deadpan voice said, “I don’t want her throwing up in my car!”

I just shook my head, “Michelle, you’re a real credit to friendship. Jeez.”

She turned and started to stride off, “Back to the party! She wants to get drunk off her ass, she’s your problem now.”

I let out a weary sigh… ‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.’ I thought.

Nick came over and I looked at him. “Can we put her in your car for now?”

He nodded his head, “Yeah sure.” He opened the door and I put her in.

I looked at Karly, ready to ask her to keep an eye on Karly while I went back in and checked on whether or not Sally was a better friend than Michelle. The look I found on her face told me that would be a very bad idea right now. I turned to Rob, “Can you watch her while I try to get her friends out here to help?”

“Yeah, sure.” He replied.

I walked over the Karly, she started to open her mouth but I planted a world changing kiss on her lips. My arms slid around her and I grabbed her ass hard. Her arms tangled around me and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I broke the kiss with her and looked into her eyes, “I know you’re pissed at me right now, but deal with it, I have to take care of this.”

Her eyes got dark again at that so I pressed on, “She’s wasted, baby girl, if I leave her in there it’s just begging for someone to rape her. As soon as I get her dumbass friends out here we go back to the party. Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you if you made a stupid decision at a party?”

Her eyes softened then and she let me go. I went back in and started looking for Raina’s two friends, trailed by Karly and Nick. We found Michelle in the living room, another drink cup in her hands and I realized that this was a wash…

I was going to have to ask Karly to take her home… ‘Fuck! She is going to be so pissed!’ I thought desperately.

Nick leaned into me then and yelled over the music, “You can’t put her in a car with that stupid bitch! I’ll just take her home!”

I looked at Nick as if he’d just offered me a kidney. He smiled, “It’s no big deal man, I’m not drinking anyway and this way you can stay here with Karly!”

I hugged him I was so happy! “Thanks man!”

He hit me in the chest and said, “Happy Birthday man!”

We all started outside as a group, headed back to Nick’s car, I wanted to make sure all the rest of this little operation went off without a hitch.

When we got back… Rob had the passenger door open and was making out with Raina!

Red went over my vision…

I don’t remember going over to him. I do remember that I pulled him out of the car, spun him around and grabbed him by the throat. I remember him screaming at me, I don’t remember what he said.

I don’t remember him taking a wild swing at me. I do remember my grip tightening on his throat and lifting him off the ground while I slammed his back into the car over and over. He was like a rag doll in my grip.

Karly and Nick jumped on me, trying to get my grip to come loose. Even with the three of them fighting me I still held Rob like a limp rat by the time I managed to come back to myself enough to let Rob down. I threw him on the ground like a broken plaything.

I made sure Raina was not hanging out the door and closed it, probably a little too hard.

Nick’s eyes met mine, “Can you please just take her stupid ass home now?”

He nodded to me, still a little wild eyed about me attacking Rob. “Nick, can I count on you to get this done?”

He nodded at me, “Use your words Nick.” I commanded him.

That snapped him out of it. “Uh, yeah, no problem I’m on it.” He told me.

“Nick,” It stopped him short as he started to turn, “you don’t take your eyes off her until you get her home, put her on the doorstep.”

He nodded, “What if her parents are there?”

I turned away from him, growling, “That’s her fucking problem.”

Karly… Karly was no where to be found. ‘Fuck! Just what I need!’ I thought to myself. I knew how that just looked. She was not going to understand.

I immediately broke into a sprint, headed to her car. It was still where we left it. ‘Well, at least she hadn’t abandoned me’ I thought to myself… ‘I need to find her!’ With that I ran back to the house.

I found her about 30 minutes later sitting in the same corner I had found Raina, drinking from one of the red cups James was passing out earlier. She had a blank look on her face. I sat down beside her and let her grind her teeth at me for a few minutes. The music was a muted roar but with the kitchen between us at least I had a shot of explaining myself to her.

Finally, I broke the silence, “That wasn’t what it looked like.”

She took another big drink from her cup, still not looking at me. She just sat there, not looking at me, not speaking to me…

“That’s good.” She said, nodding her head. “Because it looked a lot like you beating a guys ass because he touched the girl you loved.”

I sighed and hung my head. She wasn’t going to understand…

My arm itched and I scratched it. “You’re probably not going to understand, but I’m going to try to explain it to you.”

She looked at me and I could see the rage in her eyes. “Go ahead and try to explain…”

I sighed again, “I’m not like normal people. I look around and I see so many of them constantly running around chasing each other, like they need to be around someone else. I’m not like that. When I’m alone, I don’t like it, but I also don’t seem to have a switch that flips on that says, ‘Go find people to be around’. I don’t connect with people usually. It takes a very special person to connect with for me.”

I looked at her face, searching her eyes for some sign that she understood what I was talking about. She was at least listening. “When I do connect with someone I switch flips in my mind. I can’t let something happen to that person. I don’t love Raina, hell, I don’t feel close to Raina what I feel about you. Had a guy done that to you he’d be dead right now. The rage would have come over me and I would have killed him.”

Her head was shaking. “You don’t feel that strongly about me…” She stopped and sipped from her cup. “I can tell.”

I knew that I loved her. She didn’t, and that was the problem. I looked away from her. “You have no idea what I feel for you, how enormous it is. I keep it hidden. I keep everything hidden. I put it behind a mask and I hide everything from every one. If you saw what I feel about you, it would terrify you.”

She took the last drink from the cup and looked at the wall in front of her. “Better than feeling like you don’t care at all.” I realized then that I was losing her. If I wanted to keep her, I needed to cut loose. Show her what lived inside.

I felt the chains rattle in my mind… something stirred. For once I didn’t fight it.

I knocked the cup out of her hands and grabbed her hand. I pulled her to her feet. I dimly registered her yelling, “Ow! What are you doing asshole?!” but couldn’t care. I turned into the kitchen and the dazzling lights shocked me for a second. Too much information so I discarded it. My brain stated parsing information and I was barely keeping a hold on my ability to think.

I needed a place with privacy. Bathroom. I dragged Karly into the room, dimly aware I was bowling people around as I moved through the room. I stopped in front of James’ stunned face. “Bathroom, now.” I growled.

Something in my face must have let him know that I was not fucking around. “Living room, then upstairs. First door on your right, through the door on the far side. Tell anyone in there to fuck off and if they got a problem tell it to James.”

I dragged Karly out of the kitchen and up the stairs, pushing people out of the way roughly the entire way. People finally got it and moved. I pressed through James directions and opened a door that had a sign on it that I vaguely recognize as having read, ‘Keep OUT!’. I slammed my way through the door, and into a brightly lit bathroom. I pulled Karly into the room and slammed the door shut. I found my hand on her neck.

I shoved her roughly into the door. I wasn’t brutal about it, but I made it clear that was where I wanted her. I saw a bit of fear in her eyes and it broke my heart for her to see me like this…

I leaned in and locked eyes with her. “Mine.” I growled at her. My hand slid down her front, sliding down and roughly grabbing her ass. “Mine.” I growled. I kept enough control to not completely pull her dress off of her… barely.

I pressed my mouth roughly over hers and kissed her roughly, shoving my tongue into her mouth. She was kissing me back. I broke from our kiss and said, “Mine.” And kissed her again, harder this time. She was spreading her legs for me and moaning through our kiss.

I wouldn’t take her by force… I couldn’t. I could grind the hell out of hips into hers though.

I felt her hands on the buckle of my belt. She had me undone and was reaching into my pants…

It was all the invitation I needed. I pulled the hem of her dress up roughly and tore her underwear off of her, screaming triumphantly as I heard the fabric pop. My hands went down her and I lifted her up off the ground, spreading her legs and positioning myself on her. It’s not as easy to do as they make it look in the movies… I used brute strength to get it done.

With a grunt I was in her, buried to the hilt inside her. She bucked like she’d been hit by lightning. Her head banging back into the door. “Mine.” I growled into her ear.

“Yes,” She moaned into my ear. “Yours.”

I thrust into her faster and more urgently, each thrust harder than the last. She was amazingly tight and wet. Her arms wrapped around me and I rammed myself into her over and over she was screaming my name with each thrust into her.

I moved my face into her neck and bit her lightly, just managing to hold onto myself and not hurt her. Her breath was hot on my head, breathing into my ear. And like that I fell over the edge into the pit of Karly and spilled myself in her.

When I could move no longer I came back to myself. She was breathing hard… I realized I was still holding her in the air. I was still inside her. She wanted to know? I would pull the curtain all the way back.

I moved my hips a bit to push myself a little bit deeper inside her, it was a need, like I could just crawl insider her and stay there forever. “I love you.” I whispered into her ear.

It was like a floodgate opened in me. My muscles were screaming to put her down but I couldn’t. I pushed myself closer to her. I was sure the instant I put her down she would run from me in horror… and I just couldn’t let her go…

She tapped me on the back, “Hey, you’re crushing a bitch here…”

I knew then, she wasn’t leaving me.

I put her down and sagged against her. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” I asked once she was back on the floor.

She leaned against me and purred, “Well, I know I just got fucked… but no broken bones…”

I looked at her and felt terrible. I didn’t want her to see that aspect of me…

She pulled my face up to hers and said, “That was beautiful. I won’t doubt you again. I’m sorry.”

I shook my head. I knew she was just trying to make me feel better… “I didn’t want you to see that.”

She kissed me lightly, I could tell that she didn’t want to set me loose again. She whispered into my ear, “I’m glad you showed me, though, don’t show me too often, I’m not sure my pussy can handle it.”

I laughed at her then. I loved her humor, and her dirty mouth. I loved her, everything about her.

I kissed her fiercely. She needed to understand. I had told her, but I’m sure she didn’t understand I meant it. Granted, it was in a bathroom I had just fucked her silly in at a stupid party, not the most romantic of places…

I broke our kiss. “I meant what I said. I love you. I know this is shitty place, and a shitty time, but I need you to know that. I don’t want to be without you for a single second. I want to know everything about you. I know I can’t provide for you the way you’re used to. I know I don’t deserve you. I know I’m not good enough for you, but I love you all the same. I’ll be better. I’ll be better for you.”

Tears overfilled her eyes and she smiled at me. “That is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me…” She kissed me hard, when she broke free from our kiss she said, “I love you too… please don’t hurt me… I can’t do that again. I can’t build myself back up again. Not from losing you. I was too scared to admit it before, but I know it now. I love you. I’ll love you as long as you’ll have me. I’ll live anywhere as long as you are there. I’ll bear your children for you, and I’ll raise them to be just like you. All I ask in return is that you love me the way I love you.”

I kissed her long and tender there. Our animal passion gone from the encounter. We were sharing our souls with one another through that kiss…

When we finally came up for air I looked into her eyes and told her, “There is no way I can love you the way you love me… it isn’t nearly enough, I’ll always love you more.”

She laughed at me, “There’s no way, I know I love you more than you love me!”

I buried my head in her neck, and nibbled my way down to the spot she liked at the hollow of her shoulder and neck, “If you loved me as much as I love you… we’d never leave the bed…”

She pulled me in close and whispered in my ear, “Baby, I am so gonna finish fucking your brains out tonight!”

I smiled at her weakly, “Are you sure you’re not too sore?”

She put a cocky look on her face, “I will never be too sore for you to fuck me!”

I pushed my body against hers… “I take that as a personal challenge, we’ll see what happens tonight once we get home!”

She laughed again, “Talk, talk, talk. That’s all I hear, we’ll see who gets sick of whom first! Now pull your pants up, I’m getting drunk tonight! So let’s get back downstairs!”

I stepped away from her and folded myself back into my pants.

She looked at her torn panties in the sink… “What the fuck is it with you and my panties? Can’t you take them off for once? What do you have against my panties?”

I looked at her and a little bit of fire poured into my eyes… I was close to wanting her again… “They’re in the way of my pussy.” I growled at her.

She pulled her mangled panties out of the sink and handed them to me. “Put those in your pocket, we’ll throw them away later.”

With that she turned and opened the door, heading back to the party.

I followed her to the kitchen where she accepted another cup from James, “Can I get one too?” I asked him as Karly took hers and walked past me starting to sway to the music and raising her hands above her head.

She called back to me, “Don’t be too long! Someone’s gonna dance with me!”

I smiled at James as he handed me the cup. He looked at me, “You two get things handled?” He asked with a laugh. He was sobering now…

I was a bit embarrassed and smiled at him. “Yeah, I think we worked it out…”

He looked me up and down, “Yeah, you look a little bit less tense.” Then gave me a knowing smile. He gestured to the cup, “Thought you didn’t drink.”

Smiling at him I said, “Another for her. I’m getting her good and drunk tonight” with that I turned and started away…

He called out from the kitchen, “From the looks of things I don’t think you need the help!”

The song was something with a lot of base, and I found myself nodding my head along to the music, bumping along to the beat as I bumped into people on the dance floor, looking for my girlfriend. I found her dancing with Joe. There was a little bumping and grinding but both were being cool about it. He was having fun but not taking advantage…

I came up behind him with her eyes on me the whole time. Tapping on his shoulder caused him to turn back around and smile at me, “Mind if I cut in?” I asked him.

He smiled as he danced, “Just keeping her warm for you.” He gestured at the cup, “You drinking tonight?”

I shook my head no and yelled over the beat, “No, for her!”

She surged forward and grabbed the cup, “Yummy!” she shouted as she took it.

“Good to see some things never change,” he shouted to me.

Joe patted me on the back as he started to pass me, but I stopped him, “Hey, is Nick back yet, or have you heard from him?”

Joe shook his head no, “I just got a text from him, he says he just dropped Raina off and he’s on his way back. What happened?”

“Stupidity.” I yelled. I leaned in so we wouldn’t have to keep yelling at each other, “Have you seen Rob?”

Joe shook his head no and leaned in, “Why?” he asked me.

“I might have choked him out outside. He might take it personal. Don’t really feel like getting hit upside the head while I’m dancing with…” My eyes fell on Karly and Joe turned around. She had a cup in each hand raised high and her back to me. Her ass was swaying from side to side stuck out for me…

“Fuck…” Joe stammered. He shook his head and I could see him chasing those thoughts out of his head. I was proud of my friend, he was a better friend than I could be looking at that. He hit me on the chest, “I see your point, hard to keep your head on a swivel with that occupying your attention… I’ll keep an eye out.”

I moved to Karly who swayed around and looked into the cup in her left hand. She raised it to her lips and downed it in one gulp. She dropped it. She danced towards me and looked into the cup in her right and with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders started downing that as well… I got to her and she put a hand on my chest, stopping me. She was looking around her cup at me… this one must have been fuller than the last as she was having some trouble polishing it off in one gulp.

She finally reached the end of it and looked down into the cup. She smiled at me and turned it upside down, “All empty!”

I laughed as she laughed and threw the cup over her shoulder. Her hand tangled into my shirt and she pulled me closer as the next song started. “Get over here you, I need to feel your hands on my ass!”

This song was slower, with another good heavy beat. I pulled her into my embrace and kissed her, tasting the beer on her breath, while I normally hated the smell of beer and its connotations in my memory tasting it second hand in Karly’s mouth was starting to raise my opinion of it.

We broke our kiss, and she said, “Yummy!” with that I pulled her close and felt her wrap her arms around my shoulders while I put my hands around her waist. She kissed my neck… “I said I needed to feel your hands on my ass, not my waist.”

My hands found her ass and I squeezed her tight there, our bodies swaying to the beat of the music. We ground and bumped to the music, our hips moving in time with one another. I took a step forward, she took a step back. She swayed into me and I gave her some ground. I moved my left hand from her ass and onto her back. I moved my shoulders to the left and she followed. I kissed her and she kissed me back…

I wasn’t a good dancer and didn’t normally enjoy it, but out there… with her, I loved it. She made me look good out there and truth be told she was leading most of the dance. At one point I had her back to me and my arm around her waist holding her tight. She was rubbing her ass against me and I was enjoying the feel of her body against mine when Joe walked up with two more cups.

Now it was my turn to be concerned for him. Joe drank but I knew he was driving tonight and he was usually too responsible for that. “You drinking tonight?” I now asked him!

He shook his head, “Hey, do you know that James guy?”

I nodded and told him, “Yeah, we were friends as kids, why?”

Joe handed me a cup, “He said to give that one to you, soda.”

He looked at Karly and handed her the other cup, “And he said to hand that one to you, some kind of punch, looked like he was spiking it with Everclear…”

She took it from him and still grinding against me took a sip… she barely managed a sip before she pulled the cup away from her lips, “Fuck!” she shouted.

Concern flooded over me. James used to be a good guy and I didn’t think he’d spike her drink, but hey, it had been a long time since I’d known him and people change. “You okay?” I shouted to her.

She leaned against me sensually, “Yeah, just strong.” And with that she stopped and chugged the whole cup. When she got to the end she dropped the cup, raised her hands above her head and screamed as loud as she could, “Whoop whoop!”

She turned and laid a kiss on me that nearly dropped me to my knees. ‘Fuck!’ I thought. Then I realized that a sober Karly was a pretty uninhibited Karly, a drunk Karly would most likely be a complete handful.

She leaned in and yelled, “I want to smoke! Can we go outside?”

Honestly I was pretty hot, so I figured that would be a good idea, plus both of us could use the breath of fresh air. I tapped Joe who was dancing with Robin, thought they were keeping much more distance between themselves than Karly and I had, “Hey, we’re going to go outside, Karly wants to smoke.”

He gave me a funny look, “Karly smokes?”

I nodded, “Yeah!”

He laughed, “This I gotta see!” he said, “Mind if I tag along?”

I gestured to him it was cool and could feel him tagging along behind me. Robin followed him like a lost puppy dog.

We got outside and I could see Karly making her way to her car. I knew she would be safe out here so I gave her some space. She was walking straight so I wasn’t too worried about her. I wondered how much Everclear was in that drink though…

I gathered Karly as she lit her smoke and started walking with her. I noticed Nick was back and figured he was missing a pretty good party for me, the least I could do was thank him. As I walked back I could see the rest of my group standing by his car and chatting. Joe had gone over and was joining them. As I walked over I could see he and Rob were arguing.

Karly stepped up beside me, grabbing my hand with her free one while she worked her cigarette with the other. She leaned to me a bit, “Keep your cool please. I really don’t want you getting in another fight tonight.”

I looked at her, “I’ll be a good boy, I promise.”

We got in ear shot and I could hear Rob say, “Dude, she was into it! That asshole interrupted us, he’s lucky I don’t kick his ass…”

Joe was covering a big shit eating grin with his hand, Sep was eyeing me nervously and Jeremy was flat out laughing.

I walked up behind Rob. I was really tempted to either pants him or give him the biggest wedgie in the history of time but I had promised Karly I’d be a good boy.

Jeremy announced my arrival, “Well here’s your chance! Kick his ass Rob!”

Jeremy thought it was funny, he knew Rob didn’t have a chance against me. I was four inches taller and had 40 pounds of solid muscle on Rob. It doesn’t matter how bad you think you are. You have to be an expert fighter to overcome that kind of physical difference and Rob was not an expert fighter.

Rob turned in horror. “Uh…”

I stopped him. “Just leave it be. I don’t forgive you, but I don’t want to keep fighting with you either.”

Rob saw me be kind and mistook it for weakness…“Look, all I’m trying to say was she was into it!”

My voice dropped two octaves adding a bit of menace, “Keep speaking and my desires won’t keep me from slapping you into the dirt…” I warned him.

He took a big gulp at that and looked around our little circle for help. There was none to be had. Most had probably heard what happened, and while the group was pretty good about sticking up for each other I knew them well enough that making out with a half conscious girl hadn’t put Rob in the best place with any of them.

He stomped off. I shrugged my shoulders. Nick looked at me. “Raina was pretty lucid by the time I got back, I do think she really wanted to make out with him.”

I shrugged again, “Don’t care. They come to the party together and she gets wasted and makes out with him, that’s her business, what happened tonight was wrong and I won’t stand by and let it happen.”

He shrugged back at me, “None of my business, just expect her to have some choice words for you the next time you see her.”

I looked at him dead serious and told him, “I have some choice words for her the next time I see her, so we’ll be even. Her stupidity tonight cost me a ton of time with Karly… all because she got blasted out of her mind. I’m not here to babysit anyone, friend or not.”

Nick kicked the dirt and snow at his feet. “I do appreciate you taking her home for me man.” I said to him, hoping to take the sting out of my words. I walked over to him and put him in a light headlock to let him know I loved him.

He laughed and punched me lightly in the kidney. “No problem man, are you at least having fun tonight?”

I looked at Karly, she was swaying a little on her feet but looked really happy. I judged that she had had the perfect amount of alcohol, just enough to loosen her up but not so much to be sloppy drunk and figured it was time to get out of there and go home and wrap myself up in some Karly.

I looked at Nick, “Guys, I have had the best time I’ve ever had at a party tonight. Thank you for sniffing this party out! And you Nick, you are the man!”

He smiled at me. They all knew I wasn’t much of a social person and saw this was my way of untangling myself from a social situation. Each of them, guys and girls either gave me a hug, a fist bump or a hearty slap on the back, and wished me a happy birthday. I watched Karly as each of the girls hugged me and was glad to see not a trace of jealousy on her face.

I looked at Karly, “You ready to get out of here, go back to my place for a bit?”

She nodded and smiled at me. Raised her hand and said, “Bye guys, thanks for having me!”

Each of my friends smiled and waved at her, told her she was always welcome, they were good people. Jeremy screamed, “Take her on the table again for me!” as we walked off… ‘Sheesh!’ I thought.

Seemed Joe had a big mouth. I didn’t get too worked up about it though. They were my friends, I didn’t care if they knew about me and Karly and if she was comfortable with the details being out there so was I.

I wrapped my arm around her as we walked away and she shivered. I realized then she was showing a ton more skin than I was and was probably freezing. “Sorry babe, shouldn’t have made you stand there in the cold like that…”

The leaned in and wrapped her arms around me as we walked. “It’s okay, I got a big teddy bear here to keep me warm.”

I breathed in the cold night air as we walked back to her car, “Your friends are nice people, I really like Joe, he’s a good friend.”

I nodded at her assessment and appreciated that things were starting to warm up between her and Joe. “That he is.” I admitted, “The best in fact.”

She chuckled. “You might want to let him know Robin is infatuated with him and he’s oblivious to her…”

I looked down at her. The moonlight caught her green eyes and took my breath away… “She is?” I asked her.

She shook her head at me, “You men are dumb as posts. She’s throwing him signal after signal and he’s missing every one of them.”

I pulled my new phone out of my pocket and keyed Joe’s number into it. I briefly considered just letting it sit but didn’t want a window to close on him because I waited. I sent him a text that said, ‘Robin is into you, make a move on her…’

A second later I got a text back that said, ‘who this?’

It hit me then, I hadn’t given anybody my number! Karly had bought me this awesome gift and I hadn’t shown it off to anyone!

I felt bad. I texted Joe back, ‘It’s Gabby, Karly bought me a phone for my birthday, can you let everyone know and give them the number? Thx.’

We were at Karly’s car by then. I already had her keys as her dress didn’t have pockets and she had given them to me to put in my pocket when we got there. ‘Should have thought about that when you panicked and thought she ditched you stupid…’ I thought to myself.

Thick snowflakes started to fall as I started the car. I looked over at Karly and was blown away by her beauty. ‘How does she want to me with me….?” I wondered to myself. I put the car in gear and took her hand. Having one hand on the steering wheel was risky in this weather, but I figured what the hell, it was worth the risk to just me able to hold her hand.

We headed down the driveway and stopped. I kissed her hand as I turned out onto the street. We drove back to my place in silence, simply enjoying each others company and watching the world turn white around us.

It had been forever since I had felt this kind of peace. I wanted it to last forever…

I opened the door to my apartment and let her in. I took her coat and put it on the little hook by the door, Karly’s hook, I suddenly named it.

She turned and looked at me, she was only a little drunk and her movements swayed slightly as she walked to me and put her arms around my neck. Her lips were deliscious as she put her mouth on me. I fought the urge to tear her clothes off. We kissed and I grabbed her ass tight, lifting her off the ground and spreading her legs around me.

She wrapped her arms tight around me and spread her weight onto my shoulders which helped me to hold her up. I started to walk her into the bedroom, which wasn’t easy with how distracting her kiss was.

I briefly considered laying her down straight on the bed but figured I wanted to draw this out a bit, to enjoy it more. It was still early, and we had all night to enjoy each other.

I sat in my big comfy chair with her on top of me simply enjoying her kisses. She moved back and started undoing my belt. My excitement increased as I let my mind drift forward to the possibilities available to me…

She separated from our kiss, her green eyes burning into mine. She looked at me and I could see her eyes bouncing back and forth between mine, “Your eyes are green,” she finally said.

I shook my head, “No, they’re brown.”

She shook her head at me, “No, they’re a very dark, olive green. You have to look really careful to see it, I’ll be I’m the only one that know that…”

I kissed her. She was the only one that knew a lot about me. How was that possible? I had been with her only a little more than a day and she already knew things about me that no other person on earth had ever ferreted out about me.

She ran her hands up my chest and licked her lips, “What can I do for you?”

I let my head drop back, “Just keep doing that…”

She put her face close to mine, “No. I want to do something special for you… what can I do?”

I put my hands on her hips and felt her grind into my crotch… ‘God that feels good.’

I kissed her and thought of a way that I could both use her new gift to me and let her do something special for me.

I pulled the phone she had given me out of my front left pocket and started moving to the music app.

She gave me a venomous look and said, “Really?”

I realized it looked like I had just bailed on the gorgeous woman in my lap to look at my phone… so I kissed her, a kiss that let her know there was no way that I had forgotten about her. “All part of the bigger plan” I said, when I finally managed to tear myself from her lips..

I started a song for her… “Will you dance for me, like you did at the party… I want you to dance just for me.”

She smiled one of the brightest smiles I had ever seen and slid back off of me. She lost herself in the music, her hips swaying as her hands went above her head, she turned all the way around, giving me a great view of every angle of her body, stopping and letting me appreciate her ass for the longest… she knew I loved her ass.

She leaned over and slowly pulled her dress up, I had forgotten about tearing her panties off… she reminded me by giving me a luscious view of her mound. I bit my thumbnail to avoid jumping up and throwing her across the bed.

She stood and slowly unzipped her dress… Turning she let her hand free and it fell into a puddle at her feet…

My goddess was so beautiful. I looked over her amazing body and marveled at how every single part of her seemed built just for me to appreciate.

She danced swaying over to me and leaned over me, forcing me to lean back to keep looking at her. “Would you like a lap dance baby?” she asked me coyly.

“Very much” I hissed at her.

She spread her legs over me and crawled to my lap. I could feel her womanhood pressed into my crotch, but for now I was enjoying the visuals she was providing way too much to do too much about that.

My hands raised and I put them on her hips… she immediately grabbed them and forced them back onto the arms of the chair, “No touching the dancers, baby… sorry. Club rule.”

I decided to play along… “Sorry. Just got a little excited there. Never been with a girl hotter than you!”

She shrugged the complement off like she heard it all the time… she was playing the part of a stripper to a t!

Her hips swayed into me rhythmically in time with the music. Her hand rubbing over her breast, teasing the nipple up there. Her crotch felt amazing on me… I was so hard!

She looked at me, “Do you like my tits baby?”’

I looked down at them… ‘Fuck those are some great tits!’ I thought to myself. I finally nodded dumbly, “Those are some great tits…”

I started to reach for them and she again forced my arms down. “Stop that! I told you, no touching the dancers, they’ll throw you out… and then we won’t be able to spend anymore time together!” She pouted, it was adorable.

I would give this girl every dollar I had if she were a stripper…

Well at least she had a backup career if she needed one.

She looked around, “I don’t think anyone’s watching… you can touch my tits baby.”

My hands immediately went to her lovely breasts… kneading the soft flesh and playing with her nipples. Just about the instant I had had enough of playtime she slid away from me…

It was like she was in my head all the time!

She turned and with her legs pressed together pushed her ass out towards me. She sat in my lap, her back to me while she swayed. “Do you like my ass baby?”

I leaned back and realized I fucking loved her ass… “Can I touch it?” I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders like she didn’t care. “I guess.” She told me.

I rubbed her ass while she ground her hips on me… it felt wonderful, the sense of teasing… the knowledge that I could have her whenever I wanted her… everything.

She stood up suddenly, bending over at the waist. She spread her legs a bit and I could see her amazing lips… “You like my pussy baby?” She asked me.

I was dumbfounded, like a kid in a candy store. “You’re pussy is amazing…” I finally managed to stutter out.

She sat in my lap sideways and wrapped her right arm around me, still gyrating her hips a bit, even though things weren’t really lined up down there. She leaned in and whispered into my ear, “You want to put your fingers in my pussy baby?”

I immediately slid my two middle fingers into her and she moaned softly. Her hips continued to gyrate and I leaned in to kiss her, figuring our little game was over.

She put her index finger over my lips, “No kissing baby.” She whispered…

So infuriating! I wanted her! I knew how to push her over the edge… “I want to eat your pussy.” I told her.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and told me, “No I don’t want that.” So frustrating!

She leaned in and whispered into my ear… “For an extra $50 I’ll suck your dick though…”

‘Well two can play at the coy game!’ I thought to myself, “Sorry babe, I’m tapped out. Can’t afford that.”

She looked at me and I actually saw her grind her teeth! She finally smiled and I realized I was screwed… “That’s okay baby, I’ll give you this one on credit, you just have to promise me that you’ll always come back to Karly…”

I reached up and cupped her breast…

She knew that was a yes.

Slowly she slid to her knees before me. I had never had a woman take me in her mouth before. I found the thought very exciting…

She looked straight into my eyes as she slowly took my zipper down and pulled me from my pants. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of it, sending shivers of sensation up and down my body…

Her mouth slowly wrapped around the tip then and the sensations were blindingly good… I threw my head back and had to resist the urge to grab her head and force it down…

Her head bobbed up and down slowly, taking me in and out of her mouth. I registered on some level that she was making slurping noises on me.

The sensation however… so good. I wouldn’t say it was better than making love to her…

I looked into her eyes then and she made direct eye contact with me the entire time, bobbing her head up and down on me.

The sensation was very different than sex. Good, but her pussy gave me much better sensation. It hit me then why this was so great… sex was about us. This was a gift from her, to me. She gained pleasure from watching the pleasure she gave me. I got pleasure from her caring enough to put me before herself…

I felt a surge of love for her then…

“I want to make love to you now.” I told her.

She pulled me from her mouth with a pop, ‘God that felt incredible!’ and said, “Baby, I don’t think you can afford this pussy.”

I started pulling at her urgently, “No, stop. Not this cheap carbon copy, I want to make love to you!”

Concern flashed across her eyes and I saw then she realized it was time to stop playing. She crawled on me urgently and like that I was in her…

Her mouth was hot on mine and I didn’t even remember putting it there. I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her down on me, relishing every last little bit of her I could enjoy…

She moaned and thrust into me faster and faster… I pulled her down on each stroke, just relishing the feel of her on my. We tightened our grip on one another as I began to climax. I grunted and buried my face in her neck, wrapped up in the scent of Karly…

She finally stopped moving and I laid back with her across my chest… I kept her pressed tight to me, our breathing settling and enjoying the feel of her. I was still inside her… “You don’t have to stay there…” I whispered…

Her eyes stayed closed as she leaned against my chest… “I like to feel you inside me, even as you soften… makes me feel closer to you.”

I held her tight, “You can stay there just as long as you want baby girl… I love to feel you wrapped around me, makes me feel like I can just… become a part of you. I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you, you just felt so good… I couldn’t help it.”

She smiled at me lazily, finally lifting her head from my chest. “I don’t want you to always wait for me… when I make you cum fast like that… it makes me feel sexy. Like I own you.”

I kissed her deeply then, finally breaking free from her trap long enough to say, “You do own me. I’d do anything for you.”

Her hips were moving in jerky little movements again, and I found myself starting to excite quickly, ready for another go… ‘How can she excite me so quickly?’ I thought to myself.

I was erect already and she was moving on me in quick motions… I could feel my cum leaking out of her and down myself…

She kissed me hard and I could see a naked hunger taking over her eyes…

“You’ll do anything for me?” She said as she broke our kiss…

I nodded, “Yes, anything.”

“Show me again.” She said.

I was confused, ‘Show her?’, “Show you?”

She put her hand on my heart. “How you feel. Like at the party… but now…” She stopped her urgent thrust and rubbed into me while I was all the way in her.

The switch flipped quickly, without me really thinking about it. My hands came up and grabbed her tits roughly, forcing her back and arching her back. “Arch you back!” I commanded her.

She arched her back and moaned, “Look at me!” again, a whiplike command to my voice.

Her eyes met mine, “These are my tits.”

She nodded weakly.

I attacked her right breast with my mouth, taking her nipple into my mouth and sucking hard. I sucked it hard and let it pop out of my mouth. “These are my nipples!”, I didn’t wait for her response and simply moved and bit down on her left nipple.

“Yessssss…” She moaned.

My hand moved up her back and tangled into her hair… I pulled her head roughly back. Her eyes rolled back up into her head, “Look at me!” I commanded her. Her hand fell to my shoulder and her nails raked in there, the pain was delicious, like a drug.

She hadn’t looked at me… my left hand moved from her breast to her hip. I pulled her down hard on my cock with my grip on her hair and her hip, “Look at me!”

She moaned and her eyes glazed over with pleasure. I slammed my cock into her again, daring her with my eyes to lose my gaze. She jolted like an electric current passed through her. Once more was all it took to get her to break her gaze, “Look at me while I fuck you!” I commanded.

Her nails were scrapping across my chest as she screamed in pleasure.

“I’m sorry,” She whispered, like she was begging… I hadn’t pushed myself into her since she looked away. She wasn’t giving me what I wanted, I wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. Her eyes met mine and she was breathing hard. The instant her eyes met mine I thrust into her hard again. Her eyes stayed locked on mine and I could feel myself falling into the emerald pools of perfection…

I thrust myself roughly into her again… “Fuck!” she screamed, “Please don’t stop!”

I knew I had her and pulled myself from her, just leaving the head of myself in her. She whimpered and I pulled her hair harder… “Who do you belong to?” I growled at her.

Her eyes were filled with desperation… she wanted me, badly, and the animal inside me was howling as he bounced off the walls inside my mind. I drove myself into her and her eyes rolled into the back of her head again. “I said who do you belong to?” as I rocked my cock inside of her.

“You, only you.” I gave her another good thrust for being a good girl. “Fuck!” she screamed…

I decided I wanted her on the bed, I wanted to feel her squirm beneath my while I drove myself into her. I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass with both my hands and lifted her up. Her arms wrapped around my neck, helping me bear her weight. I drove myself into her with each step. She was losing her grip on me and was digging her nails into my back.

I had intended to lay her softly into the bed, but with her grip loosening I needed to dive for it. I did managed to make sure my knee landed first but after that it was a loss, she hit the bed hard with me on top of her. I moved a lot of my momentum into driving into her. Hard.

I pushed my body up and away from hers, putting my hand to her throat. “Mine!” I growled at her.

She nodded weakly as her eyes rolled up in her head. “I’m about to cum…” she pleaded.

I drove myself into her, hard and fast. “Cum for me.” I commanded.

She immediately tensed and started driving me deeper into her with her legs. She was screaming and raking her nails over me. I allowed myself to drive into her until she finished climaxing… she was breathless and limp beneath me, I drove my mouth onto hers and kissed what little life she had in her out of her. When I finally broke free I said to her, “These lips are mine!”

She just nodded, her eyes wouldn’t focus…

On some level I knew that she needed a break from me in her pussy. I pulled myself from her and again grabbed the back of her head by the hair. I lifted her, “Open your mouth.” I commanded and she opened it instantly this time.

I shoved my cock roughly down her throat. She grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her, taking as much of me as she could into her mouth and down her throat. “This is my mouth.” I told her as I thrust into her hard.

Finally I pulled her head off of me roughly, my cock again popping out of her mouth audibly. She pulled and clawed at me trying to get me back into her mouth… I realized dimly she was losing control. “Please let me suck your cock…” she begged me.

I threw her head away from me so she landed face down on the bed, “No.” I told her.

She was limp with pleasure. I dropped to my knees and lined myself up with pussy. I drove in roughly. She was wet as a waterfall and took me eagerly. I pounded myself in and out of her, watching as she clutched the sheets hard in her right hand and screaming in pleasure at each thrust. I pulled her hair back and thrust myself into her hard as I whispered into her ear. “This is my pussy.”

She moaned hard and screamed as she climaxed again. “Fuck!” she screamed yet again. I kept pounding on her, not letting her come down from her orgasm. I pulled her head back again and asked her this time, “Who’s pussy is this?”

“Your pussy!” She screamed as she continued to climax.

“Do you like me fucking my pussy?” I asked her as she continued to climax. I realized then that until I stopped stimulating her she would most likely just keep crashing over the waves…

“Yes!” she screamed.

“Beg for it then!” I commanded her.

“Please fuck your pussy… please fuck me!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. I drove into her a few more times and she rode out the waves of pleasure I was giving her.

I had lost myself completely by that point, lost completely in the inner animal. “Spread your ass cheeks.” I commanded her. She instantly complied. I could see her asshole and I knew that I wanted it.

I pulled myself from her pussy and got as far as lining up the head in her ass and starting to push.

The logical, kind man in me managed to claw the beast back into its cage… I stopped.

She whimpered and started to back into me, making animal noises of need. I backed away from her. I didn’t want to hurt her… I couldn’t hurt her.

She turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder, “Do it. Please do it…”

I was floored! I finally stammered, “No, I don’t want to hurt you.”

She actually tried to back into me! When I slithered back she finally said, “Do you want to feel me there?”

I did, so badly… I nodded my head, “Yes.”

She backed into me and I ended up with a little part of me inside her ass… “Then please, feel me. I want you there. I want to feel you there…” she moaned. I hesitated, “Please. Please…. Please put it in.” she begged me.

It was too much for my self control. I started to put pressure on her and slid into her ass. The pressure was tremendous! The pleasure was not as good as her pussy, but the taboo of it was driving me to new heights of pleasure… “Go slow please…” she whispered. “I’ve never had someone there before.”

I felt the animal inside me howl at being her first. At finally finding something that I didn’t need to share with anyone!

I finally got to the end of myself inside her and started pumping, not hard, not nearly as hard as I would inside her pussy but certainly moving…

She moaned in ecstasy beneath me and I started to pump faster and faster. The feel was very different than her vagina. It was like the opening to her, only down the entire length of me…

She arched her back and I grabbed her breast. “I’m cumming!” she screamed. I was shocked. I didn’t think she could do that with me in her ass…

I started pumping into her harder. She screamed, “Who’s asshole is that?”

I felt a wave of triumph as I growled, “Mine.” And spent myself inside of her.

We lay tangled in the bed, holding hands and sneaking kisses. We were just quiet. My arms were wrapped around her and I was enjoying feeling her heart beat slowing through her skin. I rubbed my hand up her arms and pushed her hair down and kissed her head. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” I finally brought up the courage to ask.

She laughed softly, “A little, but in a good way.”

I hugged her. “I’m sorry.” I felt terrible.

She turned and looked at me with longing. “Don’t be. I loved every second of it. I love every second with you.”

I shook my head, “I pushed you too far. I’m sorry.”

She stopped me with a kiss. “I wanted you. I still want you right now.” She reached down and stroked me. I was limp but started to respond to her attentions… “If this was ready, you’d see how much I can’t get enough of you.”

I kissed her hard then. I loved this girl, this woman…

I rolled and slid between her legs, which I was glad to see opened for me gladly. I held her down with our kiss, just loving the way her lips played on mine. Our hands entwined…

Her stomach growled loudly.

I realized then we hadn’t eaten dinner… in fact I hadn’t fed her once! The only time we’d eaten together was when she cooked breakfast for me.

I stopped kissing her and looked at her perfect face. She smiled at me… “Sorry about that. I guess, I’m hungry…”

I kissed her, running my tongue across hers… when I came up for air I told her, “I’ll make you something to eat!”

She trapped me with her legs… “I’m hungry for something else too…”

I distracted her with a kiss… there was no way she be able to keep her wits about her after that kiss, and I would be able to escape those perfect legs.

I slid away from her and she moaned, making a grab for my manhood in desperation. If she got hold of that, I was done… “Come back to me,” She moaned.

“You little horn dog. Relax, I’m going to at least pretend I’m a gentleman and take care of you for once!” I told her with exasperation.

She arched her back and ran her fingers between her legs… “If you’d rather cook than come back to bed with me… I understand. I’ll just have to take care of myself…”

I groaned. Finally I tried to compromise by kneeling down and kissing her, my hand found the small of her back and she arched into me. I could feel her breasts against my chest, her breath hot in my mouth, the smell of our sex in the room. I wanted her so much, but the desire to care for her was so much stronger. I finally broke our kiss and looked at her. “Babe, I love you, and I want to make love to you again, but I want to take care of you more…”

I looked down. I felt so guilty. How had things gotten turned on their head so badly? This girl deserved so much more than I had given her. She deserved a guy who took her out on breathtaking dates, and showed her wondrous things. Who made sure she ate the finest things… I was so busy sticking my dick in her I had given her none of those things.

She sat up and her playful banter was gone. “I was just kidding. It’s okay. What’s wrong.”

I sat on the floor and looked at her. “Why are you with me?” I gestured at my room, my little house, “Look at what I have. I’m a loser. I can’t even take you on a nice date. Without you buying me a phone I couldn’t even call you.” I gestured to her stomach, “I’m so selfish I can’t even make sure you have food in your stomach. I’m not even taking care of you.”

Sorrow crossed her face. “Babe, it kills me when you do that. I’m hungry, it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t care about fancy meals, or a big house.”

I looked down. “It’s a big deal to me.”

She reached out and forced my head up to make me look at her. “It shouldn’t be. Think about it. When you talk about all that materialistic crap, you’re not saying that you wish you could give it to me. You’re saying I care about it, and I’m lying about it when I tell you I love you for you.”

I thought about that. She was right. This stuff was important to me, and all I could do was listen to her and try to meet her needs.

She continued, “So knock that shit off.”

I smiled at her. “I still don’t understand why you chose me.”

She smiled at me. “I don’t either,” okay, that stung a little. “Okay, if I’m being honest, I do know, but it’s embarrassing and I didn’t want to bring it up.” I looked at her with interest now, real interest. This was important I could tell.

“We’ve been in a ton of classes since we were both freshman. I always liked that you were a smart ass. I didn’t want to laugh too much because you were that guy that nobody liked.” Her eyes flashed to the floor and I could tell that she was ashamed of that. “I thought you were cute though. I liked you, I wanted to talk to you and I kind of tried a few times, but you weren’t interested in me.”

“Karly, you were so far out of my league it would be like me trying to pull down the moon. I mean look at me… and then look at you. You were beautiful, and popular, and you had money… I was me. There was no way I had a shot with you.” I stammered.

She looked at me. Really looked at me. Then she smiled. “Well, you did have a shot with me. I would have picked you if you had just given me the chance. But I screwed up and I lost patience. I liked you, and I wanted you to like me, but you didn’t. I saw you everyday, wicked sense of humor, a spirit that stood up for yourself even when people bullied you but you never became a bully yourself, an intelligence that is so scary, you don’t even try and you pick up things that I struggle to understand, and I’m a smart person. Everything about you was intoxicating, and I just wanted you to notice me, and you didn’t.”

I interrupted her, “Karly that’s not true. I wasn’t that great as a freshman. I was the fat kid everyone picked on.”

She smiled, “Not to me you weren’t. Yeah, you were a little heavy but I could tell with sports and working out that was going away fast as you burned off baby fat. None of that mattered to me. I just saw you. I saw your sadness and every day you came to school and put your head down and just kept running into the wall. You stood out on the sports teams, you stood out in the classroom, you stood up to your bullies. There was no quit in you. You were kind to everyone around you even as they were cruel to you. I could see the rage building in you and I could see that every second you made the conscious decision to keep doing the right thing. I started falling in love with you then, and you didn’t love me back…” she shook her head as tears ran down her face, “I tried so hard to make you notice me. But you didn’t.”

I wanted to tell her to stop talking. That it wasn’t important, but I knew it was. I had hurt her and I needed to understand why she would pick me just as much as I needed to know how much I’d hurt her. “I noticed you. I just thought there was no way that you could like someone as shitty as me.” I told her. I shook my head. “I hated myself. I wanted to give up so badly. To lash out at everything and everyone. I wanted to hurt people. I thought about killing myself a lot then. I was such a loser, there was no way that something as beautiful as you could love something as ugly as me.”

She wiped a tear away from her eye, “I know that now. But then. I was popular. Guys laid themselves out in front of me. The one guy that I really wanted to didn’t even seem to realize that I was alive. I didn’t understand what I do now, that all I had to do was corner you and be as open with you as I wanted you to be with me.” She shook her head sadly. “And then Mike came along. He was older, and he wanted me so badly. And he spoiled me. And he seemed to really care about me. I realize now that I was just something in his collection, but then I felt so special, and I wanted to feel special. I started to hate you. Why couldn’t you just love me back? I wondered.”

She looked at me like I might reject her then, and she was terrified. In truth my heart was breaking. She continued. “I fell into a whirlwind with Mike. He became a part of my identity. I just folded myself into what he wanted and that was that. And the hardest part was that I had to see you everyday. More than half my day was with you. I remember when you starting going out with Rebecca in sophomore year in our Honors English class. I wanted to claw that little bitch’s eyes out. How was she so much better than me? Why would you choose her and not me?”

I sighed, Rebecca was a horse faced girl I dated for about six weeks in my sophomore year. I didn’t really like her, I just liked the idea of having a girlfriend and she would have me. “I thought I had a shot with Rebecca, you were perfection, I had no shot with you, and by then you were with Mike. And when Rebecca dumped me I thought ‘I don’t even have a shot with Rebecca, how could I ever have a shot with someone better?’.”

She listened and then continued. “Mike was a cruel asshole. But he always treated me nice. I saw him bully other people, and then treat me like gold. I thought that meant he cared. I didn’t realize that I was a possession to him. Like a nice car that you keep clean and spotless while your cruel to every person in the world. And then we started having sex because I was horny all the time and that made things every more weird as those feelings got all tangled up. Mike never made love to me. He fucked me, and while that’s nice sometimes… but I didn’t get that. He used me for what he wanted… sometimes he would be on top of me and I’d close my eyes and think of you. I would think about how sweet and tender you would be.” She smiled at me. “My dreams weren’t even close to the reality, but I still had them.”

“Every time I was around you, you made me really horny. And I tried to suck you in. For like two weeks straight I wore a skirt and white panties every day and I made sure that when I sat across from you in Honors English so you got a really good long look at my pussy as I sat down. I made sure that I crossed and uncrossed my legs a ton hoping you’d take a pass at me so I could kick Mike to the curb. I was so tired of his macho bullshit.”

Fuck! I remember those day. I had a hard on all class!

She sighed. “And then I fell that final step into love with you. It was at the end of our Junior Year. We got put on that Advanced Chemistry team together. I got to be with you everyday.” I thought of that project and realized how clingy Karly had been. I thought she’d been leading me on, just waiting for me to respond so she could spring the trap on me.

“We were in the library and you were pounding through equations and writing the entire paper. I didn’t even get what you were saying, and I kept thinking about what it would feel like getting you to fuck me, daring myself to just ask you to fuck me… and you were just pounding out work I couldn’t even touch. And I was just about to say something, and that was the first time I noticed you looking down my shirt… I knew I had you. And then Mike was there. He was a jealous asshole and he pushed you. Something broke behind your eyes. I just saw this animal snap free and come charging out. He saw you weren’t screwing around and he just backed down.”

I raised my eyebrows raise, “That made you love me?”

She shook her head, “No, it was that you saw him back down, and you didn’t push it. You didn’t keep hounding him. So I started watching you more closely. You were so kind to everyone. I saw guys from the team that had bullied you were now your friends and you had forgiven them. You were friendly. But I saw that rage hiding in your soul and I knew that you were making a conscious choice to be a good person. That is the most rare thing that I’ve ever seen in a person. The desire to be a terrible person, the ability, the strength and intelligence to be a terrible person but the choice to be kind and caring. That’s why I chose you. That and you fuck like a wild animal and I can’t get enough of you inside me.” She laughed. She paused… “Why did you pick me?”

I looked deep into her eyes… paused… and said, “Because you let me stick my cock in you.”

She whipped the pillow at my head and caught me straight in the face.

I bowled back laughing. “Seriously asshole. It’s important!”

I looked at her then, really looked at her. “I chose you because you were kind. Truly kind. Like no person I had ever seen. You should have been a raging bitch. You were smart, and popular, and rich and still the kindest person I had ever met. You complemented me, made me feel good about myself and you defended me. Remember last year when I died my hair white for the District wrestling tournament and everyone was making fun of me in Physics? You looked at me and told me you thought I looked cute.”

She smiled at me, “I did think you looked cute. I even had a dread one time where I looked down while someone was going down on me and I saw that white hair…”

I smiled back at her. “And then you told me you liked me, and I just tipped over the edge.”

She shot her finger at the kitchen, “Food now servant!”

I laughed and got up to make her food…

I made her spaghetti, mostly because it was one of the few meals I had all of the ingredients for. She said it was her favorite.

I sat in my one chair in the kitchen. She sat in my lap.

I stole kisses from her mouth between bites. She was a messy eater.

I licked spaghetti sauce off of her breasts. We both love spaghetti now.

After dinner she turned and straddled me. We kissed and I got very excited about her. We decided to shower together again…

I dried her, and she dried me.

That was how I found myself in bed, on my back while she slid me inside her…

She moaned and moved her hips back and forth on me. She looked at me, “Will you be on top? I want you to make love to me.”

I rolled her over, trying to stay inside her the whole time but I slipped out. I slid back into her and felt the intense rush of pleasure that came with being with her. My thrusts into her were shallow and tender. We kissed a lot. I looked into her eyes and told her I loved her. I wrapped her tight in my arms and held her. She held me back. For the next 30 minutes we went at it like that. I tried to pull her into my flesh and she clung to me…

I moaned into her neck that I loved her when I came inside her.

We fell asleep tangled in each others’ arms…

I woke in the morning with a sense of urgency. It was just a little after 7:30 and I rushed to the window like a kid expecting a snow day. The snow had fallen thick and white! Excellent!

I got dressed quickly, skipping my normal morning shower as I knew I was about the get very sweaty. I looked down at my goddess in the bed and wished to god that I had time to get sweaty with her. I left her a little note that said I was going out to shovel some snow and to call me when she woke.

I hit the streets looking for driveways to clear. Each one was worth $10 so I needed to get a move on! I was a man with a plan. Right now, I had six days until Christmas. Giving myself time for shopping, that meant 5. I had a girlfriend to buy for and no money to buy with! Each driveway took me about 15 minutes and it usually took me 5 minutes or so to book a new client. I made sure to give each of them my new phone number and asked them to call me anytime they needed work done as I finished up. I had a few regulars that I’d shoveled for before so I managed to make $40 in the first hour and was getting a pretty good sweat on by the time my phone chirped with a text message from Karly.

“Where u????”

I responded back, “Out making $$$. Shoveling snow.”

“So where you at? I’ll come help.”

I responded back, “U don’t need 2. I’m good.”

“That stupid male pride? Or you need some alone time?”

I responded back, “Stupid male pride. Grab shovel from the back shed. Will be glad to stare at your ass while you shovel.” Then I gave her the address I was at.

Karly arrived 15 minutes later with a shovel and a hot coffee she had bought for me. I told her to park around the block and get ready to start trudging through snow. She came back and I noticed the bluejeans and plaid work shirt she was wearing. I furrowed my brow and asked her, “Where did you get the clothes?”

“Remember, you told me to pack an overnight bag. I threw an extra set of clothes in it when I chose that black dress last night, figured we’d wake up and do something today, so I wanted to have some warm clothes!” She leaned in and kissed me, a chaste kiss considering we were in front of my customer’s house but it still took my breath away.

I had just finished up my last regular and had $80 by the time she showed. A good start. She watched me collect my money from them and walked up and asked me, “So how do we do this?”

I smiled at her and told her, “We start knocking on doors, and asking people if the want their driveway shoveled. They usually ask the price, I usually ask $15, they usually haggle down to $10. If they’re old, I start at $10 and let them haggle me to $5. Then, we get to the labor!”

She nodded and we started up the street. As I knocked on doors and people saw me out there with a girl I noticed that the number of takers I got went up significantly. I had a few ask if she was my girlfriend and I was glad to tell them she was! I could tell most were impressed my girlfriend was out there in the cold earning money with me, and I was glad that she was with me!

My estimation of Karly went up 10 times during the course of the day. I expected her to last maybe an hour. Or pull the girly ‘I don’t want to break a nail shoveling thing’ but she never did. She wasn’t as fast as me, but she worked with a passion, she never quit and she never shirked her share of the work. With her help we cut the rate it took us to get a driveway done by a ton. We worked together as a team, she would start working her way up the block as I finished collecting from the customer and usually by the time I caught up to her she had another client for us. She was also getting the $15 offer way more often than I ever could…

I asked her how she was doing it and she said she always pointed to me and told them she and her boyfriend were out shoveling snow to get money to pay for a date… smart cookie!

By noon we’d made over $300. We were over $500 by the time we decided our bodies couldn’t handle any more at about four in the afternoon. I had never made this much before! When we covered our last client I scooped her up in my arms and kissed her and kissed her!

I loved this girl so much! We were in the car headed back to my place and decided to take a nice long hot shower together. I counted out the money, $550! We were pulling up in front of my place and I turned and handed her $325.

She looked at me puzzled, “What’s this?” She asked.

“Your cut of the money.” She raised her eyebrows at me.

“I didn’t come out with you to earn money. I came out to be with you. I want you to keep it.” She told me.

She thought I needed the money for bills! I loved her even more. “You think I need it. I don’t. I have money to cover my bills and stuff, plus my mom does help a bit. I just do work like this so I have some extra spending money.” I leaned in and told her conspiratorially, “Plus, I’ve been seeing this chick. She seems like she wants the D-. I’m pretty sure if I take her out to a nice dinner I can get her into bed…”

She leaned back and said, “She desperately want the D-. If you take her upstairs she’s gonna fuck your brains out…”

I kissed her passionately. I’ll be honest, I felt her up too. “I want you to keep the money, it’s important to me.”

She counted the money. “How much did we make?” she asked me.

“$550.” I told her.

“There’s $325 here, that’s more than half.” She gave me a dirty look. “I’m in the same Calculus class with you, I can do basic math.”

I smiled at her and said, “Well, I owed you $50 for that blowjob last night.”

She cocked her chest out and gave me a sultry look, “If I was blowing strangers for money it would be a lot more than $50!”

“You could have asked for more last night, not my fault you’re a shitty negotiator!” I told her.

She slapped me, “Fuck you! I made more than you on each one of my ‘negotiations’ today!”

I smiled at her… “I have $225 dollars, will that cover another blowjob?”

She leaned in and kissed me again… taking my breath away, then laughed. She counted her money and handed $50 back. She told me, “We were playing last night, I’d never take money from you.”

She counted again and I could see her thinking. She handed me another $100. I gave her a warning glare..

“You were out there longer than me. You started shoveling before I showed up. So that cut of the profits should stay with you, call that $60. Plus on the job training, for me, another $10.” My eyes narrowed. “Plus, shovel rental fee, another $10. Plus you always did more than half of the driveway so that means I didn’t earn a full 50%. Call that another $10.” She explained.

I glared at her, “And the last $10?”

She smiled, “I shirked my work, I stared at your ass every time you turned around so I could watch it while you worked.”

I gulped guiltily and handed her $10 back. She raised an eyebrow. “I was staring at your ass every time you turned around too.”

She tore the $10 from my hand, “That’s workplace harassment!” She screamed. I laughed.

I handed her another $20. She gave me a dirty look. “The shovel doesn’t belong to me. It’s my landladies. She’s out of town right now and lets me borrow any tools I need. You want to give her $10 to rent her shovel you need to give it to her yourself. You needed no training, so that’s the last $10.”

She handed me $10 back. “Plus you have to let me suck your dick, final offer.”

I started to unzip my pants and she hit me.

We took a wonderful shower, cleaning each other and enjoying secret stolen kisses. It was wonderfully relaxing and becoming a regular part of our lives together. I loved it.

It was close to six when we finished getting cleaned up. She borrowed a pair of my sweats and a shirt, pointing out that both pairs of clothes she had brought weren’t clean. I loved how she looked swimming in my clothes and kissed her, telling her so.

Then I asked her a question I should have asked her four years ago. “Will you go out on a date with me?”

She smiled at me, “I thought we could stay here and you could open your present a few times…”

“But it isn’t my birthday anymore?” I asked her.

She pulled on my nose and said, “Stupid, that offer wasn’t for one night! It was good all year!”

I kissed her passionately again and told her how much I loved her. “The date? Will you go out with me? I know I should have asked you a long time ago, but maybe I can make up for it now?”

She thought about it, “Okay, but one condition.”

“Anything.” I told her.

“I don’t want to do the whole dinner and a movie thing. Like you said, I’ve been waiting four years for this date and I expect it to be magical. I want you to pretend that you’re trying to get into my pants, not that you’re already in them. And I want you to be you.” She explained.

I leaned in and kissed her. “Deal.”

She put her jeans back on and kept the shirt I had given her. It was an old one I got from the wrestling team as a sophomore and while it was big on her it didn’t look comical. She asked me how she looked and I told her she looked amazing. She seemed happy.

We left the house and I gave her directions. She looked at me funny when we pulled in at a Wal Mart. “Wal Mart huh? You really know how to impress a lady.”

I laughed at her. “Not a stop I would normally make, but I need some supplies to pull my date off right so you’re going to have to help with the planning aspect of this date!”

We went inside and bought a cheap DVD player, and some food so I could make her a dinner. She asked what I was making her and I told her we were having lasagna. I figured if she likes spaghetti she would like lasagna, I was right!

I bought her a towel, she loved the big purple one that she could keep at my place when she visited.

Then I picked out a pillow and a pillow case for her and explained that if she was going to be sleeping over she needed her own bedding.

I took her to the clothing section and made her pick out a nice pair of flannel pajamas. She looked at me and held them up, “Why do I need these? I prefer to sleep naked with you.”

I smiled at her, I preferred to sleep naked with her too… “You need something for around the house, and I need something to peel you out of!”

I also bought her a big teddy bear. She looked at me questioningly, “What’s this for?”

I smirked at her, “Well, I was thinking we could do some nude photos of you tonight and we needed some background items. By the way, how does your hair look in pigtails?”

She smacked me, “It looks great, but I’m not doing nudes for you on the first date!”

I laughed at her and kissed her. “The teddy bear is for you. If I were going on a date with you, I’d buy you a teddy bear. Plus, your parents are coming home tomorrow. Tonight will be the last night that you get to stay with me, and you need a new bed partner to take my place.”

She wrapped her arms around him protectively and looked down at the ground shyly. “I was wondering if you wanted me to stay again… I thought maybe you’d want your space. I didn’t want to ask again and make you feel like you had to.”

I wrapped my arms around her protectively… “I want you to stay over as often as you can. I want you with me every night. I want to wake up with you every morning.”

She smiled and kissed me sweetly, “I love you.” She told me, brightening my heart.

We ran into her friend Tish at the store and Karly introduced me as Gabby, her new boyfriend. Tish smiled at me knowingly and said, “Finally reeled him in huh?”

I went a little red in the face and Karly politely explained we were on a date and that we should get going. Tish didn’t hold us any longer.

I was proud she had introduced me to her friend and even happier that she took credit as being my girlfriend. I guess a part of me still expected her to be ashamed of me, that she would want to hide me…

Next I took her to an old second hand store that I frequented. We bought a bunch of second hand DVDs. I made her pick more than half of them. She had surprisingly eclectic taste in movies, picking out a couple rom-coms, two dramas and every super hero movie she came across. When she picked up Deadpool I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. I loved this girl for sure!

We got back to my place at about 8. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately the minute we walked in the door. That was becoming part of our life together ritual too and I loved it!

I smacked her on the ass and told her to hook up the DVD player, pick out a movie and get in her jamies! I made the lasagna, which took about 15 minutes of prep time and got it in the oven, knowing it was going to be another hour before it was done.

She came in just as I was finishing and wrapped her arms around me from behind. “What ya doing?” She asked. I put the pan in the oven and turned around and kissed her.

“Making a bitch dinner!” I announced.

I looked at her in her pajamas and noticed how good they looked on her. She looked really good in flannel and I noticed she wore a lot of it at school so I figured she’d like these. “You look great on those! How do they feel?”

She arched her chest out seductively, “Well, there is way too much fabric across my nipples…” She started to unbutton the top and I reached out and stopped her. “First date rules there beautiful…”

I buttoned her buttons back up and she put her bottom lip out and pouted. We went into the bedroom and spooned while the movie ran. It was a good movie, one I hadn’t seen before. I rubbed her back as we watched, and stole small chaste kisses from her.

We ate and she claimed that she loved the lasagna. Honestly, I’d been on my own long enough I was a pretty good cook so she was probably being honest. After dinner was over we sat, held hands and shared more chaste kisses, finishing the movie. I loved every minute of it.

When the movie was nearly over a thought occurred to me… I didn’t have any pictures of us together! I grabbed my phone and held it out in front of us, “Smile!” I said to her, and she mugged for the camera while the camera clicked.

“Do another!” She called. And I held the phone out. This time she kissed my cheek when the shutter clicked. “Another!” I held the phone back out and started to press the button, she pulled me into a deep kiss then… I missed the shot I knew but her lips were so delicious I didn’t care.

When our kiss broke I flipped through the shots on the phone. It had a pretty good camera, the first two looked great and I decided to keep the third just so I had something to remember that kiss by. I showed her the pics.

“Put those on Facebook please and tag me! I want those!” I kissed her neck while she grabbed her phone off the stand next to the bed. She had to reach over me to do it and I loved the way her body felt over mine. I tagged the photos with her and put the caption, “First Date with Karly, the second most beautiful and most AMAZING woman in the world!!!”

She looked at the update on her own phone and turned and smacked me. “Second most beautiful!? What’s this shit?!”

I laughed at her, “Well, I had to leave room for Scarlet Johannsson, but that bitch won’t return my calls. Plus I gave you top billing on amazing!”

She pretended to think about it, “Well you’re right, she has great tits…” she closed her eyes and growled deep in her throat, imitating how I growled for her, “So yummy!” she leaned in and pecked me on the lips. “If she comes to her senses and calls you back let me know and I’ll jump in with you two.”

“You are so perfect…” I told her as I pulled her in for another deep kiss. When we broke I finished, “Like you were made just for me to hold and kiss.” I kissed her again.

When we again broke she looked at me, “I am pretty amazing…”

I smiled at her and kissed her again.

When the movie was over I told her to take her top off, and covered my eyes. She tried to pull my hands off of my eyes, “What are you doing silly, I don’t mind if you look at me!”

“First date rules are still in effect!” I explained to her.

“This is stupid,” she muttered as I felt her shifting around on the bed.

Her hands grabbed the back of my head and suddenly I could taste one of her nipples in my mouth… I kissed and sucked it involuntarily. She was in my lap then, my arms wrapped around her bare back. I liked and sucked one nipple, and then the other, my eyes closed the whole time…

I finally managed to come to my senses and break free, “First date rules…”

She moaned “Shut up! Fuck first date rules and put your mouth back on me, I need you now!”

I pushed her down and set to kissing her nipples, sliding between her legs. My kisses moved up her body until I was kissing her mouth. My hips moved with hers and she moaned between our kisses, “I need you in me now… please, get in me…”

I rushed to pull her pants off. I nearly ripped her panties off just to show her how excited I was for her but decided better of it… I pulled her panties to mid thigh and dove in, licking her between her lower lips. She bucked and thrashed as my tongue met her sweet spot.

Her hand clapped down on the back of my head, “Or that! That works too!” She moans. I snuck a look up and she had her left breast in her hand, rubbing the nipple. Her hips rocked back and forth as I slowly ate her, her moans echoing out with each breath… “How are you so good at that?” She asked huskily.

I didn’t answer, I just started licking her faster, and harder. “Nope, nope, not gonna work, I need you! Please!”

I pulled away from her delicious spot and stripped off my shirt, and then her panties, and then the sweats I had put on while we watched our movie.

I dove down on her hot body, feeling the firm softness and heat there…

I went into her effortlessly, my strokes short and sweet, simply enjoying the burning heat of her down below. I kissed her neck, and her lips, her breasts and her face…

I slowly thrust into her and said, “We… we need to talk.”

She pulled me into her and nodded her head weakly, “Sure…” I slowly slide into her… “As long as you don’t stop doing… oh god… as long as you don’t stop doing that.”

I kept sliding in and out of her slowly… “I couldn’t… oh man… stop if I wanted to.” I was pushed deep in her “I’m not strong enough to…”

She shook her head, “You… fuck… you could. Watch… oh my god… stop.”

I didn’t. I just slid in and out of her. “See?” I asked her.

“Okay… oh god. It’s okay… fuck. I didn’t really want…” She grabbed my ass and pulled her into her, “Goddamn… don’t stop. Okay.”

I kissed her neck and nuzzled her. “Your parents…” I pushed in at every pause in my voice, she just felt too good, my brain turned off each time I started to push my way into her. “Your parents come… they come tomorrow… right?”

She nodded weakly.

I continued… “So… you have to… you have to go home… right?”

She again shook her head weakly, her eyes buried closed in ecstasy.

“So… I can’t… I can’t sleep with… you tomorrow night…” I asked her.

She shook her head, “No… I… fuck… I need to… right there… I need to go home.”

I kissed her neck while she answered, hoping to convince her not to go. “So… when am I going to get… to sleep with you… again?”

She nibbled her lip, “I’ll… I’ll come by… in the afternoons… and… we can… fuck.”

I shook my head, “No, I don’t mean… that.”

She again pulled me into her, “Okay… we can… make love…”

I growled in frustration, “No… I… don’t mean… sex… I mean… when can I wake up with… you again?”

She panted, “We could take a… nap… then make love… again… when we wake up…?”

That sounded delicious, but not good enough… “No… all night… like… last night.”

She kissed me. “Maybe? Maybe this… weekend… I could… tell my parents… I’m staying… at Tish’s. She’d… fuck. She’d cover… for us…”

“I can’t… wait… till this… weekend…” I told her desperately… “I need… need you…”

“I need you too… to keep making love to me…” she whispered into my ear.

“I propose… a compromise… you stay over… like six days… a week…” I moaned into her neck.

“No way… I can’t… cover that…” She responded.

“Okay… four nights… a week…” I compromised further.

She grabbed my ass again and pulled me into her harder, “Can’t… can’t do four… maybe… maybe two… most likely… most likely one…”

“No. I can’t live with… I can’t live with one… I need you…” I held her hands now. I couldn’t have her keep pulling me into her, I would fall over the edge. “Can’t you… can’t you just… move in…?”

“Oh god… I want to… but I can’t…” She moaned.

“You’re 18 right?… can’t you… just move… out?” I kissed her neck.

She leaned back and ground her hips into mine. “I can’t… it would… it would kill… my mom…”

I was desperate for something, some port in the storm of emotions I felt for her, how incomplete I would feel without her next to me… “What about… when school… when school ends… you think… you think you could… you could move in… then?” I could tell she didn’t want me to keep holding her hands so I let them go.

She reached down again and pulled me into her. “Yeah… I could… I could do that…”

“I love you…” I told her. I felt the orgasm building in me… I needed her.

“Can you… can you go faster…?” She asked me, “I need to feel… need to feel you… finish… in me…”

I picked up the pace, going longer and harder. I kissed her mouth and pressed her into the bed, wrapping my arms around her.

I came hard. Harder than I ever had… she was so intoxicating.

Afterwards we lay tangled in a naked heap, her head on my chest. I was tracing lazy circles in my chest hair. The she stop and lightly pluck at it, causing little painful pulls. She finally broke the silence. “Did you mean it?” she asked me.

I was half asleep, her cuddling up against me after we had made love made me sleepy. “Mean what baby girl?”

She was quiet for a while, so long in fact that I thought she might have fallen asleep. “What you said. About when school ends?”

I pulled her in tight to me. “Absolutely. If I have to wait that long.”

She pushed her way away from me, sitting up and looking into my eyes. “You want me to live with you?” she asked, tears pooling in her eyes.

I sat up enough to kiss her. “I would go get your stuff right now if I thought it wouldn’t kill you to lose your family.”

Her face started to crumple, “I’m sorry.”

I kissed her again. “Don’t be sorry. I get it. I love you, but we’ve only been together a few days. Your parents would worry. They also wouldn’t approve. That’s because they love you. And they worry about you.” I kissed her again. “I don’t want you to mess up your relationship with them, so you can be with me.” I laid my head back down and closed my eyes. “I know how it feels to not have a family. I will never have that happen to you.”

She hugged me. I thought she would argue with me. That she would see how alone I was and start sacrificing her own happiness for me. I couldn’t let that happen. I wouldn’t let that happen.

I was glad when she didn’t argue… or at least that was what I told myself.

She hugged me tight. “I love you.”

My sadness at being alone evaporated… I knew I wasn’t alone anymore.

I woke when Karly moved out of the bed. “Wassup?” I asked her in a sleepy voice.

She kissed my lips. “Nothing. Just got to go to the bathroom.”

I saw the bathroom light come on and was happy she was getting used to moving around my house in the dark. The light went out and I heard her pat back to bed. I held the covers up for her to climb back in and was surprised when the pulled back sharply.

I felt her hand push me onto my back. ‘Oh, we’re making love again,” I thought. I felt her take me in her hand, and then I realized she wasn’t positioned right for us to make love.

Her mouth fell on my hot and wet. It felt so good my left hand flew to the back of her head, feeling the soft hair there. “Oh Karly…” I moaned. I took my hand off her head, it felt rude.

“Please put it back on my head…” she said, between stroking me with her mouth. “I want you to show me how you like it.”

This felt so wrong… I knew what she was doing. I mean I loved it. The sensation was great, but I wouldn’t use her. It wasn’t right.

“Stop.” She didn’t stop. I didn’t really want her to. “Please don’t do this…” I started to practically beg her.

She took me out of her mouth, “Do you not like it? Don’t I do it well enough?” She asked and I could feel pain in her voice.

I used the opportunity to sit up quickly and pull her to me and kiss her. She was nearly limp in my arms. “It feels amazing…” I told her. “Something completely special, and my entire body responds to it in the best way possible. But I don’t want to use you.”

She hugged me tight, “But I want you to use me. I want to give you pleasure, the way you give me pleasure. I want you to feel as good as I do when you hold me.”

I pulled her in and hugged her tight. “I feel as good as you do when I hold you.” I ran my fingers over her face, closing her eyes. For the first time, she returned the gesture, her fingers running over my face. She finished by putting her hand to her chest, like she was holding me to her heart. I liked it better than my stupid kiss idea so I ran my fingers over her face, and held my fist to my chest. It felt right.

“I love you,” She said. “I want you to let me do this… please?” She asked.

I kissed her again. I wanted her to… “Okay, we’ll compromise. Let me do you while you do me. Let me get used to that for a while. Okay?”

She bit her lip, “Okay.”

I laid back and she put her leg over my head and positioned herself over my mouth. I reached out aggressively and pushed her ass down and started licking her button. She moaned and I felt her mouth settle around me. If felt so good my back arched and I stopped licking her. I expected her to stop when I did, but she didn’t, she just kept on aggressively going after me.

I took it as a personal challenge. If she could push past the pleasure I gave her and pleasure me, so could I!”

I buried my face back into her, pulling her aggressively down onto may face. She moaned, but kept sucking me. We kept at it. Each of us raising the stakes, pushing each other to new heights of pleasure and simply taking time to enjoy each other’s body on a purely primitive, animal, level.

I felt myself getting close then. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth… I tapped her on the butt, “Climb on me and let me finish in you…” I moaned.

She took me out of her mouth for a second, “No.”

My head fell back, “I’m close, I don’t want to cum in your mouth.”

She again briefly took me out of her mouth, “I do. I want to taste your cum. Now eat your pussy and shut up.” She spread her legs farther and pushed her mound down on my face. I grabbed her ass and shoved my tongue deep as I could into her. She mound and I came… I could feel her take me deep into her throat as I pulsed and pulsed into her mouth…

She kept sucking me until I was too sensitive for her to continue… “Please stop… too sensitive.” I whined.

She finally pulled me out of her mouth and spun around, finally settling on my chest…

“Thank you.” She whispered.

I kissed her forehead, running my fingers down her face and settling my fist on my chest. “Thank me? No, thank you! That was amazing!”

She ran her fingers down my face and I could feel her hold her fist to her chest. “You taste good.”

I shook my head and pulled her close to me again. “You are so amazing… I love you.”

She murmured, “Love you too.”

Sleep took me then.

I woke and went to the window, hoping to see more snow had fallen. I had a good plan, but needed snow to pull it off. I was disappointed to see no fresh snow had fallen. ‘Well, still have a few days,’ I hoped to myself.

“What are you looking at?” Karly startled me from my thoughts. I turned and looked at her mussed up hair, her beautiful face. ‘I could wake up to that every day and die a happy man.’ I thought to myself.

“Now what are you looking at?” She asked me. She was cranky in the morning. She’d learn to get over it. I thought.

“A goddess.” I told her.

She wiped her pillow and my head and I caught it. “Make me breakfast bitch,” she told me as she pulled my pillow back under her head to replace the one she had thrown at me. “Your pillow is better than mine.” She murmured into it.

I picked up my underwear from out of my sweats, and started to pull them on, “We can switch, but mine’s pretty old, I’m sure it’s not better than yours.”

“Your pillow smells like you. That makes it better.” She mumbled into the pillow. I chuckled.

“Make me pancakes bitch,” she told me.

I smiled at her and I reached down and pinched her butt. “Hey,” she said, swatting at my hand, “Hands off the merchandise. No butt for you till I get my pancakes!”

I laughed and went into the kitchen to see if I had everything I needed for pancakes. I was a little short on baking powder and added it to my grocery list, but other than that I was good to go. I started putting everything in a bowl and mixing it while I set a cast iron pan on the stove to preheat.

“What are you doing in there?” She called out from the bedroom. I hoped I wasn’t making too much noise…

I carried the bowl into the bedroom and said, “I’m making you pancakes beautiful.”

She still had her face buried in the pillow. “MMMM… pancakes…” then she made a sound like Homer Simpson does when he talks about donuts. ‘God I love this girl.’ I thought.

“I wanted you to touch my butt some more” She mumbled into the pillow.

“Don’t grab my butt! Grab my butt! There’s no pleasing you.” I laughed as I walked back to the kitchen.

“What are you stupid?” she yelled into her pillow, well my pillow that she had made hers now. “Don’t you know no means yes!”

I threw some butter in the pan and called back to her, “That could get real confusing real fast, maybe we need a codeword, maybe something like ‘hedgehog’ so I know when you want me to grab your ass.”

She yelled into her pillow again, “Hedgehog!”

I laughed and yelled back to her, “Too late, you missed your window. Culinary perfection is in progress in here.”

I could hear her get up. I assumed since she didn’t come right in she was putting her pajamas on… ‘Damn’ I thought to myself. She came into the kitchen, her bare feet making little patters on the floor as she walked in.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked me.

I stole a quick glance at her, “I told you, making pancakes! See, that’s the problem with our relationship, you don’t listen to me!”

“What?” I was looking at the pan so I couldn’t see her face.

I turned back to her in exasperation and opened my mouth to repeat myself, then I saw her smile. “Very funny.” I muttered at her.

“Do you have coffee?” She asked me.

I turned back and told her, “Sorry, no coffee pot.”

She went to the fridge and opened the door. “One of these days I’m getting a boyfriend who can provide for my needs…” I started to look back at her sharply when she stopped me by adding, “I’ll keep you around to fuck me silly, and I’ll keep him around to provide for coffee related emergencies.” She took out milk and poured herself a glass.

I laughed instead of getting upset at her, making a mental note to get a coffee pot for her. They weren’t too expensive so I figured I’d get one in the next couple of days so we’d have it for next time she stayed over.

“I see how it is, first you move out on me, then you start talking about replacing me.” I joked.

She came up and put her arms around me from behind and wrapped her arms around me, putting her cheek on my back. “I’m sorry I have to go…” she whispered. I realized then that she thought I was disappointed in her…

I flipped the pancake and turned around to face her. “I was kidding baby girl. I want you to be able to stay but I understand you have to go.” I kissed her to take the sting out of my earlier comment. She smiled at me and reached past me. It felt weird. What the hell was she doing?

She suddenly pulled away from me, “Victory is mine!” She shouted as she showed me the pancake she had stolen from the plate behind me.

I made a play grab at it and she giggled as she stuffed it into her mouth, biting it in half. I grabbed her in a big bear hug and kissed her closed mouth while she continued to laugh at her own joke.

“You’re an animal!” I told her, “Not even any syrup on it!”

She continued chewing and said through her half chewed mouthful of food, “Syrup’s for losers.”

I laughed and continued to watch her enjoying the food I had made her, it amazed me how much joy I got from that.

She stopped mid chew and looked at the pancake. “Holy shit this is really good,” she said as she finished eating her bite. “What kind of mix is this?” she asked and looked around.

“Mix?” I asked her, “What are you, a philistine? Pancakes don’t come in a mix!”

She laughed and corrected me, “Duh, yes they do, that’s why it’s called pancake mix!”

I laughed and realized she was right, “Okay, so good pancakes don’t come from a mix.”

“I’m a believer, now” she said through a mouthful of food as she came up to steal the fresh pancake I’d laid on the plate.

I smacked at her hand with the spatula and she squealed as she grabbed the pancake and jumped back, “Victory is again mine!” she smiled and again, stuffed the pancake into her mouth.

I laughed at her, “That’s attractive!” I told her.

“So good…” She mumbled around the food.

“You want to just come over here and I’ll put them straight into your mouth as they come out of the pan?” I asked her.

She laughed, “I was gonna ask but didn’t want to look like a pig.”

I flipped the new pancake and leaned over and kissed her. “You could never be a pig, beautiful.” She smiled and kissed me back. “Seriously, would you like some syrup, I think there’s some in the cupboard over there.”

She shook her head no, “I like them with jelly, do you have jelly?”

I nodded to her, “In the fridge.” I pointed with the spatula, “You really like them with jelly?”

She nodded, “That’s cool, I like mine with peanut butter.”

Her eyes lit up, “Oh! That sounds good! Yes please!”

“In the cupboard, baby girl.” She opened the cupboard, took out the peanut butter, took the lid off and jammed her half eaten pancake inside…

‘I’m dating an animal.’ I thought to myself as I shook my head as she moaned, “Sooo good!”

I ate light that morning, considering I had wrestling practice at 10. We were on school break for the holiday, but we still had practice. Karly gave me a ride, considering it was on her way home and she needed to get home and make it look like she’d been staying there while her parents had been gone on their trip.

I called Joe, who was supposed to pick me up, and told him Karly was giving me a ride. He seemed happy and asked if I would need a ride home?

I felt bad but I told him yes, I probably would, but I could ride the bus if he needed me to. He told me it was not a big deal and he’d be happy to give me one.

Snow starting falling in big, fat, lazy flakes as we started across town headed to the school for practice. I checked my phone real quick and saw that we were supposed to get snow through the rest of the week, all the way to the holiday…

‘Everything is coming up Gabby!’ I thought to myself as we drove.

“I’ve created a monster!” Karly announced as we drove.

I looked up from my phone. “What?” I asked her.

“You and your phone! You’re becoming one of those phone people… you haven’t checked out my tits once since we left your place!” she teased.

I reached over and grabbed her boob, making an honking noise as I did. She laughed and I smiled. I finally brought up the courage to ask, “So am I going to see you tonight?”

She bit her lip, “I really want to… but my parents have been gone for four days, they are probably going to expect me to spend some time with them!”

I smiled at her and took her hand. “It’s okay, I understand. You’ll call me before bed right?”

She took her eyes off the road for a second and rubbed her hand down my face and put her fist to her heart, “Of course!”

I smiled at her! God I loved this girl. I returned our little salute to her and we kept driving in the increasing snowfall. ‘God, it’s really coming down!’ I thought to myself as we drove. ‘Good, I need the money!’

A nasty thought hit me just then… “Fuck! What are we going to do about next week?” I asked her.

She looked at the panic in my voice. “What do you mean?”

I looked at her and reminded her, “I have that big wrestling tournament in Reno next week. We leave the day after Christmas, and I’ll be gone for four days! I won’t get to see you at all!”

She smiled at me, “I’m coming on that trip.”

I was filled with excitement! She was coming! Usually the Stat Girls didn’t make big trips like that as coach made them pay for all of their expenses out of pocket, and that wasn’t cheap.

She nodded at me, “My parents are coming too. They thought we could make a week of it. They’re getting me my own room and everything!” She looked at me seductively, “I’ll just have to figure out how I’m going to sneak you in a couple times a night!”

Red flooded my face… she was so bad!

“Maybe while we’re there we can all have dinner together, like a double date!” she added.

I looked at her in shock! She was going to tell her parents about me?! She looked at me quickly then back at the road. “What’s wrong?” she asked quickly.

I shook my head, “I… uh… I just didn’t think you’d tell your parents about me.” I stammered.

She took out a cigarette and lit it, “Well, I wasn’t planning on telling them about me staying over at your house for three nights while you fucked my brains out, but I was planning on telling them that there was a guy who was maybe interested in taking me out!”

I snuck her a kiss on the cheek. “I just kind of assumed…” I looked out the window, “you’d be ashamed of me.”

She looked at me with concern then shook her head, “We’ve got to get you past that ashamed of who you are bit. It was cute at first but come on! You’re banging the hottest girl in school, get over it!”

“I’m fucking Kelly Rogers! Wait until I tell my friends!” She held the wheel with her cigarette hand and started swatting at me. Kelly was head cheerleader and Karly hated her with a passion. Everyone seemed to think she was all that, but I only found her to be mildly attractive, in fact, not even in Karly’s league, and she was an enormous bubblehead. Every time I was around her I wanted to choke the life out of her stupid ass…

“You take that back!” Karly screamed as she continued swatting at me. I finally got hold of her hand and kissed it.

“I was just playing. Kelly has nothing on you. Your ass is way nicer, and you have way better tits, plus, I don’t want to strangle you every time you open your mouth to speak.” I conceded to this beautiful creature next to me.

She smiled and puffed her chest out, “I do have pretty great tits don’t I?”

I laughed at her, “Only ScarJo’s are better.”

She preened a bit, “I’ll take it.” Her eyes narrowed dangerously at me then, “I’m still tired of this ‘Oh! I’m not good enough for Karly!’ bullshit you’re pulling though. You’re a really good guy, and any girl would be proud to introduce you to her father!”

“And what would we talk about, Karly? Hey, Mr. Kay! I fucked your daughter in the ass last night!” I said putting on my best clown voice.

I continued… “What’s that Mr. Kay? No I haven’t seen your collection of rare and dangerous guns! What do I need a shovel for Mr. Kay? Get in the trunk you say? Okay!”

She snorted, “Okay, so maybe don’t lead with how you fucked me in the ass… that’s maybe like a ‘in a couple months conversation’, you know once he gets to know you… and people would have started to associate you coming up missing with the fact that he might be the killer.”

I looked at her with mock seduction, “But then I’d be lying if I told him I’d fucked you in the ass last night, and ‘I fucked your daughter in the ass of couple months ago’ just doesn’t have the same ring as a conversation starter…”

She laughed again, “Oh, I’m sure either would do well to start a conversation pretty quickly!” She looked at me, winked and added, “Plus, I’m sure I could always just let you fuck me in the ass again if you were planning on dropping that one on him, like maybe we could be at a restaurant with them and you could scream, ‘hedgehog!’ and we’d get up run into the bathroom, you’d fuck me in the ass and then we got back to the table you could tell him, ‘I just fucked your daughter in the ass in the restroom!’.”

The mental picture of that playing out ran through my head and I was laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes.

Karly was laughing pretty hard too! She threw her cigarette out the window and forced herself to calm down. “Anyway, of course I’m going to tell them the PG-13 rated version of you and me. You’re a part of my life now and I want to share the people that are the most important to me with each other!”

I smiled, happy that she was proud enough of me to share my existence with her parents.

We arrived at the school just as Joe was finishing parking in the lot, she pulled in and parked next to him, pulling me in for a soul shattering kiss that left me breathless. We broke apart and she looked past me and started bursting out laughing.

I turned and looked out the window to see Joe with his back to me, arms wrapped around himself and dry humping his car. The way his hands were moving I could tell he was miming me and Karly making out. I started laughing too; then I opened the door and tried to hit him with it. He heard me open the door and jumped out of the way too fast for me to get him.

I turned around and pecked her again on the lips, Joe screamed, “Come up for air you two! Time to roll around on the floor with some sweaty men!”

Karly laughed again and yelled out the open door, “I’ve already been doing that!”

Joe laughed and said hello.

I got out and she smiled and waved at Joe and blew me a kiss. “Man it’s sad how bad that girl has it for me…” Joe said, I smacked him in the chest.

I watched her drive away trying to squash a feeling in my heart I wouldn’t see her again.

Joe smacked me in the back and brought me back to myself, “Got it bad for her huh?” he asked me.

I smiled at him, embarrassed. I nodded to tell him, yeah, I had it bad for her.

“It’s good to see you happy for a change.” He looked at the ground. “I was starting to get worried about you…”

We started to walk into the school and I asked him, “What do you mean?”

He shook his head as if he shouldn’t have said anything. Then he looked at me and his eyes were filled with worry. “Look man, right before you moved out of your dad’s place I was really worried you were going to hurt yourself. You didn’t want to let anyone know, but I could tell you were in a really bad place, and there wasn’t shit I could do to pull you out of it. Every morning I just kept expecting that today was the day you wouldn’t be at school and that would mean I wouldn’t see you ever again.” He shook his head. “When you moved out, it got a little better, and then it slid down fast again. I’ve been worried for a couple weeks now, but when you’re with her… man, that whole thing just disappears. It’s like she helps you carry a mountain on your back. I’d kill for that girl just for the happiness she’s brought you.”

My eyes were a little wet. I knew Joe was right. I knew he cared, I just couldn’t let him in. I couldn’t let anyone in. My problems were my own burden to bear, I couldn’t foist them off onto someone else. I knew he was right though. I was pretty close to doing something permanent to remove my own pain.

He broke the silence again, pretending not to notice my watery eyes. “Does she know about all that stuff?” He asked me.

“No. And she doesn’t need to.” I told him with a certain amount of finality.

He just shook his head at me… “Not smart man. She deserves to know what she’s getting into.”

I wiped at my face, “It’ll be okay. I’ll be better.”

He sighed, “Look man, I know you’re tough, but everyone needs help sometimes.” He shook his head again, seeming to come to a conclusion he didn’t like. He shook his head, “You’re the dumbest genius I know.”

We walked in silence for a few steps before I remembered. “Hey, did you ask Robin out?” my mood improving almost instantly, mostly at the ability to change the topic of conversation. Joe was right, Karly deserved to know more about my home life… but I just couldn’t share that with her. There was no way she’d accept me after I told her that. She’d run screaming for the hills… and I wouldn’t blame her.

He rubbed his neck. “Uh… no. But I do think you’re right, I think she has the hots for me.”

I smacked him in the back of the head, “Why are you being stupid?”

He looked at me like I was the pot calling the kettle black. “Okay, point taken,” I told him, “but take it from me, you need to take the shots you’re given.”

He smiled, “Yeah, you’re right, okay, I’ll do it! I’ll ask her out.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “You promise?”

He smiled and shook his head, “Yeah, I promise.”

Joe and I went to practice and when we got done showered and got into the clothes we’d be wearing for the day. Walking to his car I was amazed at how much snow had fallen in three ours. Almost three inches if my guess was right.

I looked at Joe, “Looks like we got about three inches since it started snowing!”

He looked at me and said, “Why don’t you unzip and take a quick measurement!”

I put on a look of mock indignation, “What are you talking about, my dick’s huge!”

He laughed and said, “Dude, I shower with you, I’ve seen it.”

I shook my head and muttered for comedic effect, “It’s cold in that locker room…”

He started laughing hard at that, shaking his head. “What are you doing today? Do you have plans or are you just going to go home and stare at the walls?”

“Nope!” I told him. “I’m planning on getting out there and shoveling some driveways! There’s money to be made, and I have a girlfriend to buy a Christmas gift for!”

I remembered then that I had a phone now, and Karly and I had given the number out while we were doing driveways yesterday, maybe I could get a leg up and line up a few clients early!

I pulled my phone out and looked at the screen. I had left it in my locker while I was at practice so I hadn’t seen it yet. I turned the screen on and saw I had 15 text messages and 8 voicemails. “What the fuck?” I asked.

Joe’s head snapped up at the worry in my voice. “What’s up.”

I held a finger up while I went into my voicemail and started listening to messages. “I have a fuckton of messages for some reason.” My thoughts went to Karly… did something happen, did she need me? ‘Fuck!’ I thought.

The first message was one of my clients asking if I could come by and shovel for them.

So was the second.

As was the third.

So were all the rest.

Three of the text messages were from Karly, hugs and kisses. That she loved me. That her parents had gotten home and that I should call her when I got a chance.

The rest of the text messages were clients asking if I could come by and shovel them out. “Yes!” I hissed in triumph! 20 clients lined up already! The phone was already paying off! If I’d have known that I could use it to make money I would have gotten one months ago!

Joe looked at me with concern, “What’s up?” he asked.

I thought of him, how late it was and asked him, “You want to make some money?”

He frowned and said, “Sure, if I’m gonna take Robin out some cash would come in handy.” Joe was much better off than I was but he still liked to pick up extra cash when he could. “How?” he asked.

“Shoveling driveways. I have 20 clients liked up already. Most will be $10 a pop but some of them will be $15 I’m sure. I’ll give you the same deal I cut Karly, 50/50 split and you blow me.” He smacked me in the chest.

“I’m not blowing you, but I’ll take the job!” He laughed.

I shook my head, “I don’t know, that blowjob was kind of a dealmaker for me!”

He unlocked his car for me and yelled, “If you’re lucky I might give you a handjob, but no direct eye contact!”

“Works for me!” I yelled as I jumped in with him.

We worked our asses off the rest of the day. Joe was a faster worker than Karly, being stronger, but his ass wasn’t nearly as fun to watch as we worked. I called my clients as we drove across the city, arranging the jobs. Being a workday I had to do some of the work on speculation since people were off to work, but they promised to pay me and I took them at their word. A few clients had hidden money somewhere on their property I the hopes I would come by and do the work. I was glad to take them up on their offer. We smashed through the 20 clients I had that day and by the time we got ready to call it a day we had lined up 20 more, including a few new clients.

It was close to 7 by the time we finished up the last client I had lined up and the heavy snow removal, combined with the practice earlier in the day had me pretty sore. I was looking forward to nothing more than a hot shower and maybe watching a movie on my new DVD player.

My phone chirped in my pocket as I got back into Joe’s car. ‘God, I need to get used to having one of these things…’ I thought to myself. I used to always make fun of people that were obsessed with their phones, now I realized how much attention the damn things required! I pulled it out of my pocket and saw I had a few messages from Karly, not a crap load, but certainly more than I had expected…

Then I remembered! Shit! I was supposed to call her when I got the chance. I didn’t bother reading her texts, I just skipped straight to calling her back.

“Hey sexy! You coming or not? She asked me as soon as she picked the line up.” I was surprised, apparently there was something in her texts I was supposed to know.

“I’m sorry baby girl,” Joe looked at me and made smooching faces, I flipped him off, “I was working, I forgot about my phone. I just saw your messages and when I saw how many you sent I called you straight away, I haven’t had time to read them. What’s up?”

“Am I becoming too many texts girlfriend already?”

I laughed, “Not at all, I’m just not used to having a phone, or a girlfriend…”

“Working?” she asked me.

“Yeah, more driveways, thank you for the phone by the way, I made another couple hundred bucks today thanks to you!” I gushed at her.

She giggled, “You are very welcome!” she gushed, “I called because my parents offered to take us to dinner. I wanted to see if you want to go with us?”

I was excited to see her. Not excited to meet her parents, but excited to see her!

“Uh… of course! I’ll see you anytime!” I told her. “What time?”

“I’m on my way over now! They already left for the restaurant!”

‘Fuck!’ I thought in panic. I was filthy and probably a little smelly from working all day. “Uh… maybe I should pass then, I don’t really have time to make myself presentable and I want to make a good first impression.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’ll look fine! I’ll see you in 10! Love you!” and then she hung up on me.

I looked at Joe, he raised his eyebrows at me, “Meeting the parents huh?”

I nodded weakly, he leaned over and pretended to sniff me as he pulled up in front of my house, “Good luck…”

I started to get out and remembered I still needed to pay him. I pulled out the money I had in my pocket and handed him $200.

He looked at the money like it was a snake, “What’s this?” he asked.

“Why does everyone have a problem taking money from me?” I wondered aloud.

He laughed, “Oh, I’m keeping it. It’s just I thought that we did a couple of those driveways on spec and we weren’t going to get paid until tomorrow?”

I shook my head at him, “I’ll collect on them tomorrow morning, in the meantime I paid you out of my share.”

He gave me a funny look. “Not cool man.”

I smiled at him, “I took the jobs on spec, it should be my risk. This way we’re square and if I get stiffed I get stiffed.”

He looked uncomfortable… I pressed him. “Look man, I’ve got like three minutes before Karly gets here… I need to take the worlds fastest shower!”

He nodded, “Okay! Go!”

I ran upstairs and knew I didn’t have time for a shower. I raced to the bathroom and pulled my shirt off, wet it in the sink and used it to scrub as much sweaty skin as I could reach. I washed my hands and my face, scrubbing them hard with soap to get as clean and presentable as I could. I ran to my closet and opened my dresser, pulling out a pretty nice shirt, cursing the fact that I hadn’t done any laundry and I’d worn my best outfit to the party with Karly and it now stunk of beer.

My jeans were wet, but not too dirty I figured that would have to work. I put on plenty of deodorant, and was just about to pull on my shirt when I heard Karly start up the stairs. I was so excited to see her I didn’t bother with the shirt.

I opened the door and there she was! In my arms, kissing me fiercely. I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her clear of the ground just enjoying the feel of being wrapped up in her. We’d only been apart a few hours and it had felt like a lifetime!

I set her down and she took a step back, breathless from our kiss. She looked at me and said, “Is it… wobbly in here or is it just me?”

I gave her a great big smile and ran my fingers down her face in our personal salute. She ran hers down mine and as she held her fist to her chest she looked down at mine…

She nibbled her lips, “You should be ashamed of yourself… do you even work out?”

I looked down at my chest… I still was not impressed with it but it had come a long way since my freshman year. I still had some fat on me but I had gotten myself down to about 11% body fat and while I wasn’t cut I was huge.

“Get used to this babe. I work out for three hours a day. This is probably as good as it will ever look.” She leaned forward and kissed my chest, then took a playful nibble.

I grabbed her arms and pushed her back. “Oh no. Don’t you start that! If we get started with that there’s no way we’re making dinner!”

She draped herself over me and said seductively, “I could call and say my car got stuck in the snow…”

I pushed her away, “Nope. No way I’m fucking this up.”

She started to unbutton her top… a red flannel shirt with black checkers… “How about you fuck this…”

I grabbed her hands. “Stop that!”

She pushed her breasts towards me, “Oh! You want to unwrap me?”

I groaned at her… She laughed at me. “You’re really nervous about this aren’t you?” She asked me.

“Yes!” I told her.

She let me off the hook and we ran out and got in her car. She started driving and I asked her, “Okay, so do we need to get our stories on the same page?”

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“What did you tell them?” I asked her.

“Well, it was a weird conversation when I told them I stayed the night for the last three nights, but after I explained how good you were in bed my mom started asking for pointers and my dad just sat there sharpening a knife and looking real creepy.” My eyes were wide in shock.

She smacked me. “Calm down drama queen. I told them that I had met a boy and we had gone on a few dates while they were gone. I told them I really liked him and when they asked about going on a nice family dinner I asked if you could come so you could meet them.” Oh god! I was intruding on a family dinner… not good. “My parents are really sweet. They went through all the craziness of a wild kid with my older sister Samantha. With me, they get nice and calm and they’re pretty laid back.”

We pulled into the parking lot of a pretty nice steakhouse… ‘Fuck!’ I thought to myself. ‘What am I doing here?’

I was fiddling with my shirt when she turned and started unbuttoning her shirt. I looked at her and asked, “What are you doing?”

She took down three buttons and then misbuttoned them putting the wrong buttons in the wrong holes. “What the HELL are you doing?”

She raised her eyebrows at me. “If you don’t stop fidgeting I’m going in like this… how fun will that be to explain?”

I realized it looked like she had had her shirt off and had hurriedly rebuttoned it… I held my hands out to her, “Okay, you win.”

She unbuttoned and rebuttoned it right. We went inside holding hands. My palms were sweaty. She told the hostess that we were meeting her parents and gave their names. The hostess checked a list and took us back to a table. Her mother was a beautiful woman, kind and friendly, and Karly obviously took after her.

Her father was an unexpected man. He was big and burly like me, he wore a work shirt, rolled up to the elbows the way a working man wore it, and it was made of denim, a fabric I wouldn’t expect a wealthy man to be wearing. His wife was dressed far more lavishly, but this seemed like a pretty down to earth man.

He stood and offered me a firm handshake. I leaned forward a bit and shook hard matching the older man’s pressure without trying to crush the man’s grip or create a competition. His eyes lit up. ‘Well, looks like I passed the first test…’ I thought.

“Joshua Kay,” introduced himself. “So this is the young man that got my little girl out there shoveling snow!”

‘Oops…’ and failed the second one.

I looked at Karly and smiled… giving her a ‘little heads up next time’ look. I turned back to her dad, “Yes, sir. I try to make a little money on the side doing yard work and shoveling snow and your wonderful daughter was kind enough to come help me. Honestly, I was really impressed with her” ass- “work. I kind of expected she’d give up and quit like most soft girls would have, but she just kept at it as long as I could.” I looked at her and smiled. “I’m amazed at her, she’s the most special girl I’ve ever met.”

He smiled again, a true smile that went to his eyes. ‘Looks like I turned that loss into a win.’ He gestured to the chair, “Join us, Gabby is it?” ‘Great job introducing yourself!’ I inwardly cursed. Another loss.

I nodded, this was another test, “Actually Gabriel Halloway. Gabby is a nickname, kind of started out as a rib, and I sort of accepted it to get it to go away!”

He nodded again, another test passed.

Karly’s mom, Marsha, spoke up. “Cut the young man a break Joshua. Please join us Gabby.”

I smiled at her mom for bailing me out. “Thank you ma’am, that’s too kind.”

I pulled Karly’s chair out for her and she preened as she sat down. I looked at Joshua and noticed the approving smile. I pulled my own chair out and sat down, “Excuse me Mrs. Kay for my appearance. I was working when I got Karly’s call, I didn’t want to let her down and I didn’t have time to get cleaned up too much.”

Mrs. Kay smiled at me. “Don’t worry about it Gabby, I remember that Joshua was the same way at about your age.”

I looked at Joshua and he smiled at me.

I looked at the menu and almost choked. ‘So expensive!’ I thought to myself. ‘Holy shit, $60 for a steak!’

Joshua cleared his throat and I looked at him. “Gabby, don’t worry about the cost. Marsha and I are picking up the check tonight for you kids. We don’t invite someone out to dinner and then expect them to pick up the check.”

I nodded appreciatively, “Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.”

I looked over the menu and was stumped about what to get. The thought of trying a $60 steak appealed to me, but didn’t really sound like a smart move, plus I wasn’t a fancy person. I was really more of a basic eater.

The waiter came to the table and took orders, a lot of expensive steaks were ordered… and a basket of chicken strips, with fries, the cheapest thing on the menu.

Mr. Kay spoke up first, “Gabby, I told you, I’m picking up the check. I appreciate you not going crazy but I want to buy you a good meal.”

I looked at him with a smile, “Sir, I know you’re being generous by even having me here… I’m intruding on a family dinner. Frankly, I’m happy to just be invited. At the same time, I’m a simple eater. I’m not really an expensive steak kind of guy… more of a spaghetti or lasagna,” I gave Karly a quick look, “kind of guy. I just wanted something simple.”

His eyes narrowed at me, trying to suss out whether or not I was lying to him. He finally decided that I was being truthful. He nodded, “Okay, son.”

Karly put up a huge fuss, I looked at her, “I’m okay, trust me.” With that I rubbed my hand down her face and held it to my chest, normally I would have kissed her, but with her parents there, that was not appropriate. She ran her fingers down my face in return.

I turned and her mother caught my eye. I saw a knowing look in her eyes. She saw a lot more than was on the surface. She turned to the waiter, who looked impatient to be off with the order, “Looks like we have our order,”

He bowed and left. It was surreal.

Mrs. Kay looked at me and said, “Gabby, tell us about yourself.”

I looked at her and cleared my throat uncomfortably. “Well, I think I’ll start with a short 20 minute presentation about my intentions for your daughter… I plan an appropriate period of dating in which I slowly make her question her taste in men before she swears them off forever and focuses solely on spending time with her family and providing herself a firm financial future. I wanted to go over it in detail but the restaurant didn’t want to let me set up my projector or background…”

Everyone at the table got a good chuckle out of that. Joshua took a moment and finally spoke up, “Afraid that won’t work son,” He took his wife’s hand, “Marsha wants grandchildren.” I noticed his eyes narrowed at his daughter, giving her a ‘but not too soon look.’

I segued into the opening smoothly. “Well in that case I’ve prepared a slightly longer presentation about my plan to slowly woo your daughter while helping her to grow as a person. This will be followed by an appropriate courtship period, then a beautiful wedding, followed by us producing exactly the number of grandchildren you desire.”

That got another good laugh, I added, “I would have gone with that one as an opener but the wedding night portion of the presentation got a little graphic.”

Another good round of chuckles to be had. Mrs. Kay finally said, “Seriously, Gabby. Tell us about yourself.”

I found the table really interesting about then. “Actually ma’am, I’m not much for talking about myself. I always found it kind of embarrassing. Seems to me that a lot of people do too much talking about themselves, telling themselves lies they’d like to believe to make it seem like they’re better people than they really are.”

Mrs. Kay raised an eyebrow at me, and Mr. Kay simply gave me a hard look. Karly scooted her chair closer to mine and held my hand under the table.

I took a breath to steady myself… I needed to do this, for Karly. “Well, I am a guest here, and I should do my best to make a good impression and see to my hostess.”

Mrs. Kay gave me an interesting look. I was tempted to look at Joshua’s face but decided right now to focus on winning Karly’s mom over. I had picked up enough between the two of them to realize her dad probably had some pretty good bark, but as long as I was in favor with the two ladies at the table I would probably be okay…

I continued, deciding to jump in with both feet. “Well, as I said, my name is Gabby. I’m a senior. I am in four classes with you daughter, Calculus, AP History, AP English, and Human Anatomy. I’m on the football team, the wrestling team and I throw discus for the track team. I was all state this year and last year as a starting center for the football team, I took third place last year in the district wrestling tournament and am expected to win this year and place highly at the state wrestling tournament. I came in ninth last year in the state track meet in discus.”

“I work at Basin Equipment Rental in the summers. I’d like to work through the year, but I don’t really have time to do that with school and sports. My favorite food is pizza, and I’m crazy about your daughter.” I managed to finish.

Karly squeezed my hand under the table letting me know I did a good job. I smiled at her shyly.

Joshua spoke up, “And what do you use your driveway shoveling money for Gabby?”

I looked at him and smiled, “Hookers and drugs mostly, sir.”

Everyone had a good laugh, but I noticed Joshua’s eyes narrowed. He knew I was hiding something…

It was time to come clean. “Actually sir, I had a bit of a falling out with my family. I live on my own and being a teenager living on my own, cash is a little tight, so every chance I get to tuck a little aside I take advantage.”

I could see his opinion of me ratcheted up a notch or two…

Mrs. Key spoke up. “You live on your own Gabby? How old are you?”

I looked at the kind woman, only now realizing how kind she was, “I just turned 18 two days ago, ma’am.”

“And how long have you lived on your own?” she asked me.

“About three months. Before that I lived with my mom for a while, she kind of decided that the idea of being a parent didn’t suit her. Before that I lived with my dad since I was nine. He and I don’t see eye to eye and things started to get a little tense.” I explained.

Joshua spoke up again, “That must be very tough… being young and on your own.”

I smiled at him, “No disrespect intended, sir, but it really isn’t that hard. I got really lucky, and have a really nice landlady, she gives me a great deal and lets me work off some of the rent with chores she needs help with. My place is small, but comfortable, though it probably looks like a monk’s cell to some…” I gave a bit of an embarrassed smile. “I have more than enough money saved up to pay for everything I need until a few months after I graduate just to make sure I have time to find a good job, save up some money and then dive into college.”

A small smile lit Joshua’s face. “And where do you plan to go to school?”

I looked at Karly and suddenly realized, ‘I’ll go anywhere she goes.’

I gave him a lopsided smile. “My life is kind of hectic right now. I don’t really have any family to help…” looking at Mrs. Kay I realized I had just won her over. She just saw a scared kid that needed to be taken care of and she was on my team… I added, “I kind of need to figure out what I can afford. College is expensive. I’m going to need to figure it out. Plus…” I again looked at Karly, “I have some personal issues which may make my decision a little tougher to sort out. I have full ride offers for football from four Universities, and three full ride offers for wrestling.”

His eyebrows went up, “Really?”

I nodded modestly. Karly spoke up, “I didn’t know that.”

I smiled at her shyly. “Nobody does, not my friends, not even my parents.” I looked down, suddenly really embarrassed to have spent so much time talking about myself. “I’m still trying to figure things out.”

Joshua’s face had opened up and I realized that while I probably hadn’t won him over, he was at least willing to give me a chance.

Our food came. It was delicious. The three steaks looked delectable, and the chicken strips were the best I had ever had. After everyone got situated with their food, Mrs. Kay looked at me with expectation. “You are a fascinating young man Gabby, please continue.”

I hunched over into myself, I was feeling very small, very exposed. I had talked about myself too much, and while I had helped my case with Karly’s family exposing that much of myself to strangers had left me feeling raw.

Joshua spoke up, “Sometimes saving some mystery for later is the best thing dear.” He looked at me with concern. “Are you okay son?”

I realized then I was eating way too fast. Why am I doing that?

‘I’m starving!’ I realized. I forced myself to slow down and wiped my mouth with my napkin. “I’m so sorry. I forgot to eat today.” I was really ashamed. Good job making a good impression, ‘I can take such good care of myself I forgot to eat!’. “I had a pancake for breakfast but didn’t want to get sick at practice so I didn’t eat too much… when I got out of practice I had work to do so I did that and I just forgot to eat…”

Mrs. Kay waived the waiter over, “Ma’am?”

She pointed to my food, “Can you please bring him another one, plus a large glass of milk?”

The waiter smiled and said, “Of course ma’am.”

I bit my lip and said quietly, “I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry.”

Karly’s hand tightened on mine, lending me her strength. Her finger came up and lifted my face to hers, “It’s okay. My dad does the same thing. He gets so wrapped up in things he forgets to take care of himself. Mom has to remind him to eat.”

I looked at Mrs. Kay, “I’ll be okay with this. I’ll slow down, I’m sorry.”

Mr. Kay asked me, “How long was your practice Gabby?”

I told him, “About three hours.”

“And how long did you work afterwards?”

“About 5 and a half hours.” I answered him.

His eyebrows raised, “So 8 solid hours of hard physical labor?”

I nodded, “Yes sir.”

He nodded back to me, “You need the food son, take it, and eat it all.”

I smiled at him, “Thank you sir.”

He gave me a half smile, “So. Gabby I assume you’re going to the Reno tournament next week?”

I nodded, “Yes sir.”

“I’ve seen you wrestle son. You’re the most aggressive wrestler I’ve ever seen. You skirt the rules. I’ve seen you throw some pretty questionable moves on the mat.”

“You’ve seen me wrestle?” I asked him, confused.

“I attend every school event my daughter attends.” He told me proudly. “She seems to always be at ring side when you wrestle…” Ouch. He had noticed that. “So I’ve watched quite a few of your matches. You wrestle like a cornered animal, even when it’s clear that you outclass your opponent.”

I nodded, he was right, “I wrestle heavyweight sir.”

He raised a questioning eyebrow, “And that’s important because?”

I smiled, “When I started wrestling, I weighed 215 pounds. My dad was worried I’d cut weight and mess myself up. One of his conditions of allowing me to wrestle was that I wrestle at the higher weight class so I wouldn’t need to cut weight. I made Varsity my freshman year and I wrestled guys who were older, more mature and who outweighed me by 60 pounds. I took a lot of brutal losses. My opponents weren’t holding back and I realized that I couldn’t either. There is only one speed, all out. Or I would lose.

“As I got older I maintained my weight while putting on a lot of muscle. I got faster to counter their added weight. I’m as strong as a guy much larger than myself. Put my speed and aggressiveness against their added weight and balance out strength. Becomes an equation that favors me. If I give up or hold back that becomes a liability later on down the line. If I get called for breaking the rules, I take the hit and keep moving. I never break the rules, I just run right up against them the entire time I’m on the mat.”

He smiled at me, I had passed some kind of hidden test, but I didn’t understand what it was, “I’ve also seen you beat a lot of wrestlers that outclassed you, and not in a fluke, but time after time. Sometimes you wear them down with your endurance, sometimes you catch them by surprise, sometimes they underestimate the fight in you… I’ve never seen you give up. There’s a lot of fight in you.”

I looked down, embarrassed at the complement. “Thank you sir, that’s high praise.”

He nodded, “Praise well earned son.” He smiled warmly, “All of us are going to the tournament in Reno. Would you like to accompany us? Ride with us? It would probably be more comfortable than the team bus.”

I smiled, honored by the invitation. That was not an easy invitation for this man to extend. “I can’t sir. We have to ride the team bus to the events. No exceptions.” I hesitated, “Plus, it sounds like a family event. I can’t intrude on that sir, it isn’t my place.” I turned and smiled at Karly and saw an immense sadness there. I turned in a panic and saw that look mirrored in her mother’s eyes. Her father looked thoughtful.

Karly jumped into the conversation, “Well actually, just this time, I was thinking, it being my senior year and the last year I get to go, that I’d ride the team bus too! Plus that would give the two of you some time alone.”

Mrs. Kay looked from Karly to me. “Darling, I think we all know the real reason you’ll be on the team bus.” She patted her daughter’s hand on the table. “I understand.”

Mr. Kay spoke up again, “You said you have to ride TO the event with the team, do you have to ride home with them too?”

“No sir.” I answered.

“Then I extend you the invitation to ride home with us. Do you think your parents would be okay with that?” he asked.

“I’m 18 now, sir, I can sign myself out.” I let him know.

“Then it won’t be a problem. We’re going to stay an extra couple of nights and see the sights, would that be okay with you?” Joshua asked me.

I shook my head and felt Karly’s hand tighten on mine. “I have to decline sir.” I looked at him and saw surprise on his face, and realized I’d passed another hidden test. “This is a family event, it isn’t my place to intrude.”

He smiled at me, “Son, from the look on my daughter’s face right now, I’d say you’re way more likely to screw up my family holiday if you get on that team bus at the end of the tournament. Because if you’re on that bus, she will be too. You’d be doing me a favor by staying as my guest.” He looked me up and down. Plus, I get the sense that you could use a little holiday from your life.”

That felt like pity, and I didn’t like it. “It isn’t pity son,” he said as if he were reading my mind, “Learning to accept help is one of the smartest lesson I ever learned. Do yourself a favor and learn it earlier than I did.”

I smiled and him, Karly’s grip on my hand was practically painful on my own. Finally I nodded, “Okay, I would appreciate it.”

He smiled at me. I had won him over, or at least now his opinion of me was in my control to win or lose at my discretion. He finished with, “And if you’re going to hold my daughter’s hand, you can do it above the table.” He patted his wife’s hand and I noticed then that they had been holding hands the entire time…

I was both emotionally and physically exhausted by the time I got in Karly’s car to go home. She smiled and held my hand the whole way. We were about halfway home before she broke the silence. “You killed that.”

I looked at her and forced a smile onto my face. “It doesn’t feel like I killed that. Feels like I got invited to a pity vacation.”

She ran her fingers down my face and put her fist to her heart, I did the same for her. “You’ve been dating a girl for less than a week and you got an invite to a family vacation. You killed it. I was shocked when you told them you had your own place. I think they know now that I wasn’t home while they were gone…”

I looked at her and grimaced. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to rat you out, I just didn’t want to lie.”

She shrugged, “They know I’m a big girl. I’m 18, I think they’re both smart enough to realize I could move out if I wanted to. They’ve gotten pretty lax with me. I don’t have a curfew anymore. I think my mom even suspects I smoke, though she’s never confronted me on it. My sister Samantha was a nightmare at my age, drinking, boys, drugs, you name it. Now she’s in school and is doing really well. I think they see my indiscretions as youthful mistakes and now they know they’re not that big of a deal.”

Her eyes told me everything I needed to be told. “How long do we have to be together once we get back to my place?” I asked her.

She smiled. “I told my mom that I wanted to go back to your place and watch a movie with you. I think she was smart enough to know that you’d be wrung out after opening up to them. She didn’t give me any trouble about it. I think she thought you needed it. Plus, then she gets to be alone with dad.”

I forced a smile on my face, she nodded her head, “What can I say, a high sex drive apparently runs in the family.”

I nodded, “They doing as well as they seem to be doing?” I asked her, not realizing how personal of a question that was, “I’m sorry, that’s not my business.” I quickly added quickly looking out the window to avoid having to see the anger in her eyes.

She squeezed my hand tighter and lit a cigarette. “It’s okay. You can ask me anything.” She blew the smoke out the window. “Yeah, they’re doing as good as they look. They really love each other. Mom’s kind of flakey. She bounces around a lot between a lot of different interests. She was a stay at home mom, so as we got older she ended up getting really involved in a lot of social stuff. Dad’s a lot like you. He has trouble focusing, but then he dials in and you can just see that he sees the way the world works, like he has the ability to look behind the curtain and see all the gears turning. I have a touch of that too, but it’s not as bad as yours or dads.”

I looked at her, unsure of what she was talking about, “What do you mean?”

She took a drag off of her cigarette and blew the smoke out the window. “You don’t like coffee because it relaxes you. You hate anything that interferes with the way your mind works. You have difficulty with social situations. Conversations are awkward and frustrating. People that you interact with don’t seem to understand what you’re talking about. Regimented, disciplined systems. How you act. What you do. How things are done. Small little rituals that are done the same way every day, period. That’s how you live your life. How am I doing?”

I was amazed she was able to put that much together from knowing me such a short period of time. I pursed my lips… “Pretty good. Scary how well you know me.”

She shook her head. “I know some of it from watching you closely. Most of it I know from my dad. High intelligence coupled with ADHD. You have the attention span of a mosquito, but you’re so smart that nobody notices that you can’t pay attention. You learn so quickly you only need to pay attention to a quarter of the lesson. You put things off and procrastinate because it’s hard to concentrate but when you focus it get’s scary. It’s called hyperfocus and someone with ADHD that learns to master it is scary. I’ve watched you pound out 10 pages of notes and technical information in an hour. Only disadvantage is you can’t focus on anything else. That’s where the forgetting to eat thing comes from, I’m guessing that happens a lot.”

I hedged, “Not too often… I just forget things sometimes.”

She pulled my hand to her face and kissed it, “It’s okay, I love you just the way you are. If I have to remind you to eat sometimes, that’s not going to be a deal breaker for me.”

I nodded, suddenly very sad. It was the first time with her. Normally I was on an endorphin high with her, everything seemed so happy any time I was with her. Now though, I felt like a rock rolling downhill, like I was picking up speed… I knew where this rock stopped and it was a dark place, but I couldn’t seem to make the rock stop rolling.

I sighed and looked out the window. My mood darkened, my sadness started to seep down into despair.

“What’s up?” she asked me suddenly.

I turned to her and suddenly I felt the urge to cry. I bit down on that and held it tight. I shook my head, “Nothing. My head’s just trying to head to a dark place…”

Concern suddenly lined her beautiful face, “Where?”

I shook my head sadly and said, “Doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me, hun.” I didn’t look away from the window at her.

“I’ll be okay.” I assured her.

We spent the rest of the car ride in silence as I slipped deeper and deeper into a dark hole. Every breath hurt, and I felt myself starting to think about things that were better left buried… buried in my past. They didn’t matter now. I kept telling myself, trying to force my thinking away from the thoughts that kept dragging me down. I could hear a woman screaming, could remember hiding under a bed…

‘Not now!’ my brain screamed at me! ‘Keep your shit together!’

I pulled my hand from hers and tucked it under my arms.

“You okay?” She asked me and I could sense her worry.

“Yeah, just cold.” I lied. I felt guilty for lying but figured it was better than the truth this one time.

“We’ll be home soon.” She told me.

I just nodded.

When we got back to my place Karly asked it we could move the bed into the corner reasoning that it would be easier to snuggle on the tiny bed.

I helped, though my heart was not in it. We moved my little end table, and the bed. It was better. I didn’t tell her it was.

She wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her half heartidy back. She kissed me. I did the bare minimum necessary to return it.

When we broke she was really worried. I could see it in her eyes. ‘Stop it! You’re being so stupid! Just keep it together until she leaves then you can fall apart!’

My brain would stop though. It just kept dragging me down and down, deeper into the hole of my memories.

She smiled, focused on improving my mood. “What movie do you want to watch?” She leaned against me seductively, “Or we could do something else…” she purred.

I hugged her, not wanting to hurt her feelings, “A movie would be nice. Could you pick one.”

As I let her go I could see something approaching panic in her eyes. She kissed me on the cheek and bounced over to the movies. ‘She’s trying to infect you with her mood.’ I thought to myself.

We laid on the bed together and watched Deadpool, her lying in front of me, my arm around her. I loved this movie and I knew that it was funny, but I just couldn’t bring myself to laugh. I tried to focus on the vanilla scent of her hair, to push the screams down and let them finally quiet. They refused.

When the movie ended she turned and kissed me. I could tell she was trying to warm me up… she wasn’t aggressive about it, trying to pull me out of my funk by being loving. Even my body refused to respond to her, much less my mind.

My brain wasn’t having it. I kissed her back but my kisses were lifeless. ‘Just ride this out until she leaves. Even if she gets mad at you, it’s better than the other…”

“Will you talk to me?” her eyes were filled with sorrow. “What’s wrong? Tonight went really well… are you worried about that?”

I shook my head. “No it’s not that.”

She looked down, “Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?”

I sighed, “No, I’m just tired. It’s been a long day.”

She ran her hand along the side of my face, “I know you better than that. I’ve seen you exhausted, you don’t act like this.”

I put my head down, fighting the urge to curl into the fetal position. She put her head down and stared into my eyes. I was hoping that she would just give up, get mad at me and just leave me alone.

She refused to cooperate. She just waited patiently… “I can’t talk about it.” I finally said.

She ran her finger down the side of my face again, sending little ripples of sensation there. She moved her fingers up and played them along my ear. I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the sensation of her fingers on my ear. It almost pulled me out but my brain slammed the door on that. Hard.

I was suddenly very frustrated. I turned away from her and faced the wall, acting like a petulant child. She crawled over and wrapped her arms around me. Part of me wanted to me comforted, to feel her warm softness crawl over me and make me feel safe. The larger of me however felt like I was lying in an anthill.

Everywhere her body touched mine tingled in a way that did not feel good. I felt violated. I curled tighter into myself, refusing to give that part of me away. ‘Just lay here and take it. She’ll quit. She’ll get angry and she’ll just go…’

I didn’t want her to go but I didn’t want to share my pain with her either…

She curled tighter around me and I felt the violation deepen… it was like she was raping me. Not raping my body, but instead raping my mind. Couldn’t she understand I didn’t want her touching me? ‘Just leave me alone with my pain!’ I screamed in the darkness of my mind. I closed my eyes, trying to will her to stop touching me, to leave me be and in the darkness I heard chains roaring and dragging along a floor only I could see or touch.

“Please tell me baby. I want to help.” She whispered. “Let me in…”

I squeezed my eyes tight and I could feel tears squeeze from them, hot on my face. I didn’t want to share my pain with her. I couldn’t let her feel this…

I can’t…

“Yes you can.” She whispered and I only then realized that I had spoken aloud. “I want to help. Let me help you.” She squeezed me tighter and I felt like I was tangled in soaking rags, being dragged to the bottom of the ocean.

‘Stop touching me!’ I screamed in my mind!

I pulled in a deep breath, trying to use my body to control my mind. The deep breath very nearly turned into a sob. I couldn’t get control… I tried and I couldn’t.

She put her face against my neck and I could feel her tears, hot and wet there. I realized then that I was hurting her by keeping her out… I started to feel a surge of hope, and then felt it crushed under the deepest wave of despair I had ever felt. I chewed on my finger, hoping the pain in my body would drive the pain in my mind away…

Finally I spoke, “I can’t tell you.”

She pulled me tighter, and for a moment it felt good… “I’m here. You tell me when you’re ready.”

I whispered, “If I tell you… you’ll leave…” I was buried under a mountain of despair at just the thought. Clawing at my last sweet breath of air before it crushed the life out of me. I curled up tighter around my pain… just hoping that for one second the world would stop kicking me.

There was steel in her voice when she spoke. “I’m not leaving. Nothing you could tell me would make me leave you right now.”

‘Oh yeah?’ an evil voice inside my hand chanted. ‘Tell her. You know you want to tell her. You know you want to. She thinks she can handle it? Uncap it, and show her. Just a taste. Let her see what’s really inside you, down in the deep, dark core. She knows nothing.’

I breathed out hoping that I could sleep. That I could just throw a circuit breaker in my mind and be done…

I was scared when I spoke instead. “I’m not a good person.” I finally whispered. “You’ll realize that one day, and then you’ll leave.”

“My earliest memory, I’m looking up from the bottom of a pool. Everything is blue. I can see the sun hitting the water. I can’t move. I’m too tired to move. I fell in the pool I guess. Apparently, I lived in an apartment with my mom and I walked out through the open door, and I fell into the pool. Someone saw me go in and I guess pulled me out. They thought I had died. Maybe I did. Maybe I died and this is hell.”

I closed my eyes and tried to quiet my thoughts.

“My next memory is a car. My mom had a boyfriend and he had a really nice car. His car talked. You would open the door, and it would say, ‘the door is ajar’, I loved that. He would pick us up and I loved riding in his car. I remember that was a different apartment from when I fell into the pool. I can remember hiding in the closet. Terrified that I would be found. There were screams. Someone was hurting someone else, and they were begging for mercy. I don’t remember what happened after that.”

“Out next house was red. I could take you there today if you wanted me to. It was the happiest place I’ve ever lived. I was scared of the dark, but my mom let me sleep with her. I felt safe there. “

“My mom got me a kitten. He would go outside, even though I didn’t want him to. One day he never came home. I begged my mom to let me go look for him. She wouldn’t let me. I kept pushing her and she told me he was dead, and that I needed to stop thinking about him. He left and he wasn’t coming back.”

“We had a neighbor, he was black, and I called him Sunkiss, because every time I came over he gave me an orange soda. My mom must have been dating him. Or maybe just sleeping with him. I remember he invited us over for dinner. He made lobster, and I was so excited. I liked him so much. I tried the lobster and I didn’t like it. My mom was furious with me. She kept telling me how much it cost and how I was rude for refusing to eat it. I remember Sunkiss telling her that it was okay. He could make something else for me. She refused. She told me I had to stay at the table until I ate it. I fell asleep on that table.”

“I remembered Sunkiss carrying me home. I remember how safe I felt in his arms. I woke, and my mom was telling how horrible I was. How inconsiderate, how embarrassed she was at my lack of appreciation. He never said a thing. I never saw him again.”

“We moved again. This house was brown. It was right across the street from a school. I can remember looking out through the big front window and watching the kids playing on the equipment during recess. I wanted to play on the equipment, but my mom told me that I couldn’t go. “

“My mom got a good job, working at the Forest Service. She was a drafter, someone that made maps. I finally got old enough to go to school. I loved it. My mom started bringing men around. They were not good men. Sometimes there were a bunch of them. She did drugs with them, though I didn’t understand that then. I remember there was a raffle at school. They had these tickets you sold, and for every ticket you sold they entered both the kid who sold the ticket and the person who bought the ticket into a raffle. My mom went to work on the weekend and made copies of the tickets. Put them together into books and had me go and sell the counterfeit tickets. She kept the money. I won a bike in the raffle. I knew what I was doing was wrong, and I still did it.”

“I wanted to learn how to ride the bike. I still remember the man who finally taught me. His name was Bob. He had long, scraggly grey hair, and a long beard. He used to take me to the school and he would help me, push me along, run next to the bike until I had it under control. I remember when he left. He used to wear an LA Dodgers hat all the time. He put on his hat, and he pulled on his backpack and he walked out… I ran to the street and watched him walk down it. He didn’t look back.”

“I used to ride my bike on the playground where he had taught me to ride it. In my mind I would ride through the areas that he used to stand. I was so mad he left me. I would pretend that I was running him over…”

“I remember being off school, and there was nobody to watch me. I went to the fridge, and there was no food. I went to the cupboard and I found moldy cereal. I tried to eat it but it was too far gone. I couldn’t force myself to eat it. I found a package of bacon in the freezer and I tried to cook that. I remember the smoke alarm going off and I ran into the kitchen and the pan was on fire. I got the pain and threw it in the sink and turned the water on. The house filled with smoke and I grabbed the pan and threw it out the back door. I was too scared to try to cook anymore and I just sat there alone, hungry until my mom finally came home from work. She slapped me for almost setting the house on fire.”

“My mom got me a dog. It was for my birthday. She was this scraggly thing. A mutt. She was a puppy, but an older puppy. She was black, and she had white fur on her chest, and her paws and her face. I named her Shelly. She made me so happy. She wouldn’t stop going to the bathroom in the house. My mom told me when she went I needed to rub her face in it. I tried that. It didn’t work. My mom got a chain for her and I had to go out and put her on it. She wasn’t allowed in the house anymore. She wasn’t allowed off the chain.”

“One day I came home and Shelly had four puppies. I don’t remember them too much. I just remember one. He was brown and bigger than the other puppies. I named him Tank. Tank was the first puppy to die. I don’t remember the rest dying, but I remember Tank dying. I took his little body and I put him in a shoebox and I went out back and I dug a hole, and I put him in it. I remembering standing there. Alone. Crying. I don’t know why I was alone, but I remember that I was.”

“The rest of the puppies died. I don’t remember burying them. I might have. My mom might have just thrown their bodies in the trash. I don’t remember.”

“My mom made Shelly come live in the house again. She explained how if Shelly was outside she’d get pregnant again. Shelly still didn’t know how to go to the bathroom outside and she started going in the house again. My mom put her in the basement. She said because she couldn’t be outside and she couldn’t stop peeing in the house she had to live in the basement. I remember that I could hear her crying down there. My mom put a lock on the door. I wasn’t allowed in the basement. I remember crying to my mom because the basement flooded when it rained. I asked my mom how Shelly was supposed to stay down there when the basement flooded and she told me not to worry about it. I knew she was down there in the dark, and the cold. I didn’t do anything about it. Sometimes, when my mom left me alone, I would go to the door and I would sit by it and I would talk to Shelly and she would shine at me and I would want so badly to let her out and play with her, but I couldn’t unlock the door.”

“My dad came over one day. It’s one of the earliest memories I have of him. He heard Shelly crying from the basement. He told my mom to let her out. She told him that Shelly didn’t mind. He insisted. My dad was a scary person. My mom finally unlocked the door. My dad went into the basement. I was standing in the kitchen and I remember he carried up this little bundle of something wrapped up in blankets. I knew Shelly was dead then. She was dead, like Tank had died. Like my kitten had died.”

“She wasn’t dead though. She was starved. I remember looking at her. She was so weak she could barely stand. The sunlight hurt her eyes it had been so long since she had seen the sun. My dad was furious. He said something to my mom that made her start taking care of Shelly again. Start feeding her. My dad didn’t come around much after that, or at least he didn’t for a really long time.”

“My mom left me one night and went to the bar. I had Shelly to keep me safe she told me. She brought home a new man. His name was Nelson. He scared me as soon as I met him. He used to beat my mom. I used to sit on my bed and listen to her cry and beg for him to stop hitting her.”

“He moved in right after they met. Shelly ran away right after he moved in. A few days later I was playing alone in the back yard, swinging a stick at this big tire swing we had, and she came running around the corner. I was so happy she had found her way back to me.”

“When Nelson saw her he asked how she had found her way back. I asked him what he meant and he told me he had taken Shelly out on the highway and dumped her, but she had found her way home. Nelson and my mom did that over and over again, and each time she found her way home. The last time they dumped her they made me come along. They made me push her out of the car and then the drove off really fast. I remember crying and looking back at her through the back window. She was running after the car as fast as her feet would carry her. I remember seeing a car come around the corner behind us, watching it come up behind Shelly and I remember thinking the car was going to hit her. We went around a corner. I never saw Shelly again.”

“My mom started going to the bar with Nelson every night. We moved to a new house when she lost her job, in a shittier part of town. I was alone. I was alone all the time. My mom was asleep in the morning when I woke and by the time I got home from school she was at the bar. I went to sleep alone. I was scared all the time. I heard noises from outside. Sometimes Nelson left his dog, Terra with me. I loved Terra. She was the best dog ever. She protected me and she kept me company. Most of the time Nelson took Terra with him, and I was alone.”

“My mom and Nelson fought a lot. He beat her. Sometimes in front of me. Usually in front of me. One time my mom asked me why I never stood up for her. I was so small… the next time they fought, I tried to stand up for her. He hit me. It was the only time he ever hit me. He was scared of my dad. My dad was a scary person. I ran to their bedroom and I got a rifle. I remember that he had my mom on the ground and he was punching her in the face. I turned the corner and I raised the rifle. It wasn’t cocked when I pulled the trigger. He took the rifle from me and he put it to my mom’s head. She was screaming for me to go. She was begging him to not kill her in front of her son. She told me to run. I ran to my room and I kid under the bed. I prayed to god for Nelson to not kill my mother. He must have been listening that night, because Nelson didn’t kill my mother.”

“I used to get mad at my mom for leaving me alone. She told me she would spend every Thursday with me, and I remember how special I felt. She did for a few weeks. And then she would spend every other Thursday with me. Then it became she would take me to the store and buy me a toy and a happy meal and take me home before driving to the bar. One night she took me to the store and I was going to buy a Ninja Turtle. I wanted Donatello. He was my favorite. We went to the store. They didn’t have him. I got another one instead. On the way home, my mom’s car broke down. We walked home and she yelled at me telling me she hated me. How if it wasn’t for my stupid toy she would be able to be with her boyfriend. She made me walk home alone in the dark while she went to the bar.“

“We started to never have food in the house. I can remember going to the store around the corner and using some money I had found to buy food. I hid it in my room so I would have something to eat and no one would steal it from me. I ran out pretty fast.”

“My dad came by unexpectedly. He took me out for food because I was crying about how hungry I was. He took me from my mom. I was nine. I went to live with him and things were better in some ways and worse in others. My dad terrified me. With my mom there were highs and lows. With my dad it was just one long period of sorrow. He didn’t want me. He didn’t want to be a parent. He got angry at me a lot. He didn’t hurt me, at least not often. He was so hard on me all the time. I had no will of my own.”

“My mom hugged me when she was better. She loved me. My dad never hugged me. Well, he hugged me once. I was about eleven. I was feeling really sick, and I did something wrong. I remember I was standing in the bathroom. He was lecturing me and I was standing there just wishing he would leave me alone so I could be sick. I was going to throw up. I wasn’t paying attention. I remember him asking me if I thought I was big enough to stand up to him now. I didn’t know what he was talking about, I hadn’t been paying attention. He backhanded me. I fell into the tub behind me. Blood pouring out of my nose. I threw up on myself and I started crying, begging him not to hurt me. I told him I was sorry I hadn’t been paying attention and that I was feeling sick.”

“He cleaned me up and hugged me. It’s the only hug I can remember him giving me. There may have been more. That’s the only one I remember.”

“My mom was mad at me for going to live with my dad. She moved away. She would call sometimes. Not usually but sometimes.”

“She eventually moved back. I could remember she was supposed to come and get me for the weekends. She usually didn’t come. She wouldn’t call, she just wouldn’t show up. I knew it was because she didn’t want me. It’s okay.”

“When I was 12 I moved to a new school. I made friends. I finally started to fit in. I started to feel normal. Then I got really sick. I got a nosebleed at school and ended up in the hospital. I had a bleeding disease and missed most of the year. I kept up with my studies and went into middle school.”

“My life got worse then. I was always afraid. I was big and soft enough to be an easy mark for kids at school and I got bullied mercilessly. I used to eat my lunch in the restroom to keep people from beating on me. My dad continued to terrorize me at home. I always let him down, and he always let me know that I’d let him down. I remember walking home, so scared that I was shaking. I can’t remember why. Maybe it’s not important. Maybe my brain is just throwing a switch.”

“In high school, I started to think a lot about the gun my dad kept in his closet. I really wanted to use it on myself. I just wanted the pain to stop. I wanted to stop being scared all of the time…”

“My dad started getting more and more physical. Finally, I decided to leave. I went to the only place I had. I went back to my mom. She took me in… you know the rest.” I lay there. The pain was still there. It felt better, but I could still feel it. It felt better having talked about it, but now I just felt empty. At least when it first hit me I had something, even if it was pain. Now. Now I felt like an empty shell. I lay there on my side and wept silently. My eyes closed. I just wanted sleep to take me. It refused.

Her arms were still around me. They no longer felt like ants, but the offered no comfort. They felt the same as the bed beneath me. Information to be processed. “You can go now. I’m better.” I whispered.

She wrapped herself around me and for the first time since dinner it started to feel good. “I’m not going anywhere.” She said fiercely.

I felt drunk. “It’s okay. I don’t blame you. You can go. I don’t want to be with me either.”

She just held me tighter.

We lay there for a while. Sleep took me after a while. I woke, but didn’t stir when she got up. I wouldn’t try to stop her. It would be better if she left. At least it would be better for her. It hurt knowing she was leaving. Worse than anything I had ever felt. I thought my pain was deep before but now… she didn’t even wake me up before she left. She didn’t say goodbye either…

I heard her go into the kitchen. I heard her pull out the chair. I heard her weep. I knew I shouldn’t have let her see behind the curtain…

I heard her voice, “Mom, it’s Karly….”

Someone must have responded because she was quiet.

“I know it’s late.”

“Yes, I’m okay, but something happened.”

“No, we’re both okay. Well, I think we are.”

“Mom, I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s Gabby. Something happened. We left dinner and he just started to shut down. We watched a movie. I tried to cheer him up, but he was like a completely different person…. He told me about his childhood… Mom, it was so bad. I’ve never heard things like this. They starved him. They made watch things that are… inhuman, they made him believe he was responsible. And through it all he was so alone. So alone. It was like what happened to dad, but mom, this is so much worse. This happened for 15 years. His whole life is nothing but abuse and terror and hopelessness…

“His mind is broken. Like it’s held together with nothing but string and duct tape.” Ouch… that hurt.

“He’s holding himself together with sheer will. Dad was right. There is no give up in him. I would have quit a long time ago. Mom… I’m not coming home tonight.” I felt hope blossom in my chest. My eyes opened. ‘Why would she stay…?’ I thought to myself.

“I can’t leave him alone right now.”

“No I don’t think he’ll hurt himself.”

‘Don’t put it past me… I’m crazy. Crazy and broken.’ I thought.

“Will you cover with dad for me? I don’t want him to know about this. It will worry him and there’s no reason to worry him.”

Her voice seemed chipper, “Thank you mom, you’re the best…” it dropped to a more serious tone… “also… I love you. Thank you for taking care of me. I have a new appreciation for that. Thank you.”

She came back in the room and sat in my comfy chair. I could feel her eyes on my back…

She finally got up and crossed the room and laid down in the bed with me. Her arms wrapped around me. I said, “You should go now. There’s no reason for you to get in trouble with your family because I can’t control myself. I’m better now.”

Her hug got tighter. She finally let me go and pulled my shoulder towards her. I didn’t feel the need to curl up around my pain anymore, so I let her pull me onto my back. She crawled on top of me, spreading her legs over me. A part of me wanted to respond to her… but I was just too tired. She laid her head on my chest, and wrapped her arms tight around me.

Finally she sat up, she looked into my eyes, then she ran her fingers over my face… and then put her hand to her heart. Tears filled my eyes and I tried to close them in my shame. This one, one small thing was like the sun on my heart for a thousand years. It was like all the pain had gone. I knew it wasn’t but for the first time I could ever remember it let up.

I gently grabbed her face and pulled her in, kissing her gently. I broke the kiss off and ran my fingers lightly over her face, and held my hand to my heart. “I’m sorry…” I whispered. “I’m better now.”

She leaned in and kissed me again, her lips tender. My arms found the strength to curl away from their sides and wrap around her body. They found their way under her shirt, enjoying the smooth skin of her back and exploring their way up her body. Our kiss became more and more passionate. I found my fingers at the front of her shirt, working my way up the buttons one by one. Her shirt opened and I rubbed her breasts through her bra.

My hands slipped around her back and pulled her deeper into our kiss. My body responded to her body. Hers hips ground into mine. Her face came away from mine and I hissed, “I need you.” She sat up and pulled her shirt off, her movements fast and jerky. She clawed at my shirt and I sat up enough that she could pull it off of me. She stood and pulled my pants off of me, then pulled her own off.

She was back on top of me and I had never needed her so much as I did then. I felt myself enter her. She was dryer than any other time that I’d made love to her, but she was so much more forceful about getting me inside of her. Normally she would kind of tease me in, this time she just sat on me and pushed me down with constant pressure. It hurt a bit, our skin dragging across the others’.

I wrapped my arms around her and enjoyed the comfort her body provided me. She started whispering, “I love you. I love all of you…”

I could take no more. I rolled on top of her thrusting my hips into her. She was wet below now. My mouth found hers and I pushed as much of myself into her as possible. She clung to me desperately and I was reminded of that first night we spent together. How she had woke, crying, how I had given her the same comfort then she gave to me now.

I clung to her like a raft in an icy ocean. Our movements synced and soon we were moving in time with one another, lost in an ocean of our lovemaking. I cried out and moaned into her mouth and she sucked on my tongue as I explored her mouth. Our hands tangled, holding tighter than we had ever held before.

I lost myself in her and it felt as if the pain just left my body. I knew that wasn’t true, it would always be a part of me, but now it seemed so distant, like a part of the foundation I was built on, fortifying the mind rather than tearing it apart from the inside. The inside of my mind burned away, leaving only my love for this splendid creature in my arms…

I lost my self in her, the sensation of her skin, the feelings I had for her. I fell over the edge with her, our cries echoing out of our bodies and into the other.

When I came back to myself I was still tucked away inside her. My eyes were closed, and my head lay on her chest, listening to her heart beat rapidly.

“Thank you.” I finally whispered to her.

She wrapped her arms around me and I knew she meant I was thanking her for more than our sex. I was thanking her for pulling me out of that ocean of grief.

I fell off of her and lay next to her. She turned and found her normal spot on my chest. I kissed her head, and ran my fingers down her face, my fist settling on my chest. “I’m sorry I laid that on you. I had no right to do that.”

She leaned up and looked me in the eye. She ran her fingers lightly over my face and held her fist to her chest. “Don’t you get what this means to me yet?” she asked me.

I kissed her lips, “I just thought it was cute…” I admitted. “I just wanted something that was just for you and me.”

She smiled and ran her fingers over my face, closing my eyes, “It means, I take all of you, your troubles, your worries, your fears, your victories and your failures. Your faults and your flaws, and I make them a part of myself. I take them into my heart, and they don’t matter anymore.”

I pulled her into a deep kiss once again. “I have the best, most special person in the entire world, and she’s dumb enough to want me…”

She smiled at me and my world thawed that last little piece of my heart that was frozen. My head dropped to the pillow and I felt exhausted. I leaned in and hugged her, trying to take the sting out of what I was about to say, “You really can go now. I’ll be okay.”

She looked up at me and tweaked my nose. “Not gonna happen big boy!” She kissed me, “I know this pussy has magic healing properties, but you’re stuck with me tonight!”

A single tear ran down my face as I looked at her, “You can’t afford to lose your family over me… I want you to stay, but I need you to go if you have to.”

She smiled at me, laid her head and her hand on my chest, “I love you. I’m staying here tonight, I don’t care about the consequences. My mom has been through some of what we are dealing with right now with my dad. She’ll help us out.”

I kissed her lips and closed my eyes. “You’re sure?”

She nodded and cuddled in closer to me. “I’m sure baby.”

We fell asleep like that. I woke early in exactly the same position we had fallen asleep. My eyes opened slowly and I enjoyed the feeling of her warmth, and scent. My body responded to the feel of her next to me. I considered rolling her over and feeling her again, but decided that I was enjoying being with her too much to ruin it. I nuzzled her head, feeling the warmth of her hair against my cheek.

She tightened her grip on me… I felt her breast against me, she stretched and rubbed herself against me. She kissed my neck as she woke. I kissed her forehead. “Hey beautiful.” I whispered to her.

She kissed my neck again… I ran my hand along her side, feeling her breast under my hand, but keeping away from her nipple, not knowing if she was interested in having me again. She tiled her head up to me and kissed my lips.

“How are you?” She whispered.

“I feel good.” I told her.

She kissed me again, “Please don’t lie to me.” She asked of me.

I rolled her over and slid between her legs. I bumped the head of myself against her opening and kissed her necks. “See, don’t I feel good? I asked her…”

Her legs opened wider and her back arched in pleasure. “Not fair… oh god!” She moaned as I started to push into her, the very tip of me going into her. Her hands moved to my ass and I felt her pulling into me, trying to pull me down onto her.

“No fair!” She cried, “I… I can’t think when you do that…”

I pushed my hips into her a bit more giving her just a bit more of myself. She moaned and started kissing my neck her hips making little circles as she tried to trick me deeper into her body.

I held firm and refused to finish pushing into her. She squirmed and tried to move her hips closer to mine and I started to pull out of her… her eyes snapped open and I watched enraptured as I could see the pleasure in them… she wanted me so badly her eyes wouldn’t focus…

I kissed her lips and started to move out of her more. She whined and melted against my kiss. Her hands grabbed my ass and she pushed harder on me to go further into her… I started pumping just the head of myself in and out of her.

She kissed my neck, pulling my hips into her. “Please… please give it to me.” She begged.

“I don’t know if I can.” I whispered, enjoying the feel of her kisses on my neck.

“You can… I want you. Please.” She begged.

I pulled out of her a bit more, “See, you don’t think I feel good… I mean I don’t want to put you out or anything.”

She moaned and kissed my neck harder, “I think you feel spectacular. And you’re not putting me out, you’re putting you in.”

She took me by surprise, hooking her ankles on my ass, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and lifting herself off the bed and swinging her hips into mine. She managed to bury herself to the hit.

The pleasure of her was too much to bare, and I fell down onto her. My body moved with a simple rhythm, in and out of her. She clung to me, moving her hips with mine. I kissed her neck and nibbled at her, moving my lips down to the spot where her neck and shoulder met, the spot where she loved for me to kiss.

She moaned and kissed my ears and neck. “So how am I feeling…?” I asked her.

“Okay… I guess. I mean if that’s the best you can do…” she answered me.

I kissed her neck, enjoying the feel of her wrapped around me. I worked my way up and kissed her lips, mingling our tongues together. I broke our kiss and opened my eyes, looking at her perfect face. “Open your eyes and look at me…” I whispered.

Her eyes opened and met mine, I wanted to ask her something and I wanted to make sure she was telling me the truth… I didn’t want to end up hurting her, even by accident. “Are you sore from last night? I know we were a little rough…”

Her eyes closed as she enjoyed me in her, but she managed to open them. She nodded weakly, “A little, but in a… in a good way. I just need a little more… a little more love down there… and I’ll be right as rain…”

I pushed my hips into hers a little harder, trying to gauge how much pressure she wanted down there… “Better?” I asked her.

She shook her head and I immediately backed off the pressure.

She started shaking her head wildly, “No… that wasn’t enough… give me to me… I want to feel you inside me… really feel you.”

I gave her another harder thrust, “No, harder…” she moaned.

I gave her a harder thrust yet, “No… don’t be a pussy. Fucking give it to me!” she moaned.

Her backed arched in pleasure and she screamed, “Fucking harder! Fuck me!”

I gave her another with about three quarters of my strength.

“No!” She grabbed my ass and pulled with all her strength, “Grab my shoulders and fucking give it to me! Don’t hold back!”

I grabbed her shoulders from beneath her and rammed myself into her with all the force I could muster. “Oh my fucking god!” She screamed as she spread her legs wider, allowing me better access to her…

“Again!” She called out to me.

I gave her another, this time grinding my hips into her for a few strokes afterwards.

“No!” She commanded, “Fucking give it to me, I want it long and hard!”

I again grabbed her shoulders and pulled myself into her full force. No sooner had our hips met than she called, “Again!”

I obeyed…



“Don’t you dare stop!”

I pounded her with all my strength, holding her body for a better grip ramming my self into her with all my strength.

I tumbled over the edge, grunting into her shoulder as I pumped myself into her…

When I had finally spent myself into her, I rolled to my right and laid out next to her… I kissed her armpit, working my way lazily up her arm. She leaned over and kissed my lips. She took my hand and put it on her breast. If felt amazing…

“Watch me…” she ordered.

I looked at her intently as she ran her hand lazily down my chest… then lazily down her chest, cupping her own breast and giving her nipple a squeeze. She threw her head back and I took down a mental note to do that more… she seemed to really like it. Her tongue played out across her lips, teasing me seductively. She traced her fingers down her tummy, spreading her legs… She started to rub her clit with her two middle fingers…

I realized that she hadn’t finished with me…

Her fingers dipped down lower, reaching inside her…

She fingered herself for a moment, arching her back in pleasure… her moans were soft and reserved but I loved the sound of them…

I was watching her long graceful fingers move in and out of her down there. I was getting really hot for her again…

She wrapped her free arm around me and kissed me, long and deep.

She pulled her fingers from her pussy and raised them up, showing me the glistening wetness of herself down there… as well as some of my own cum pulled from deep inside her. Her tongue extended and she started to move her fingers into her mouth.

I caught her wrist. “You don’t have to do that.” I told her. Knowing it was true… I mean it was sexy as fuck but I was ready to have her again without her doing that…

She moved her head and put the two fingers into her mouth… ‘Oh fuck! That, was sexy…’ I thought to myself.

She licked her fingers sensually, while she closed her eyes. I realized that I wanted to push her down and take her again… but I wanted to see her seduce me more…

Her eyes opened and focused on me once again… “You taste so good.” She moaned.

With a feral look she pushed me down on my back and slid down between my legs. She took me in her mouth and it was my turn to buck and arch my back in pleasure. It felt so good!

I looked down at her and she watched me with those green eyes while she took me in her mouth, working me with her right hand while she stroked me with her mouth. She pulled me out of her mouth with a pop and looked right into my eyes. “Damn. I taste pretty fucking good too!” She told me.

“You don’t have to do that…” I told her weakly, silently begging her not to stop.

She started bobbing her head on me again… stopping only to say, “Can’t have you leaving the house with a dirty cock can we…? I need to get this clean…”

And like that she was back on me. My head hit the pillow as I threw my head back. I was desperate for her to continue, but felt guilty at denying her pleasure while I enjoyed my own.

I rubbed her head and asked her, “At least let me do you too?”

She looked up at me with a wicked smile. She released me with her right hand and took me with her left. She stopped sucking me long enough to lick her two middle fingers, sucking on the tips of them. She looked right in my eyes and said, “I got this…”

And with that she put her hand down beneath herself. I knew she was masturbating while she sucked me and the thought was so fucking erotic I bucked in pleasure…

She saw it and purred seductively, “You don’t mind if I finger myself while I suck your dick do you?”

I looked up at her, “Do what you gotta do…” I managed to groan.

She started moaning from the attention her own fingers gave her and I felt it echoing through her attention to my body. She went faster and faster and I could tell she was on the edge… there wasn’t anything I could do to help her… I just had to lay there and enjoy her attention while she took care of her own pleasure.

She moaned, clearly having trouble finishing on her own… her mouth came off of me and she said, “Look at me… watch me suck your cock while I finger my pussy.” I looked at her and enjoyed the feeling she provided me. She was getting off more from the pleasure she was giving to me than the pleasure she gave herself.

I was in ecstasy but even with me enjoying her so thoroughly…

She was still struggling, “Tell me you’re going to cum in my mouth” She whispered.

She was breathing hard and I could tell she was close to the edge. Her eyes never left mine. I knew then, this was about her need. She needed to feel like I wanted her, like she drove me crazy. She did, but I needed to show her. I thought back to the sex we had enjoyed… how she seemed to respond so readily to me when I was most out of control. She usually came when we made love, but she came far more easily when we fucked…

It felt wrong… and also right. I reached out with both hands and took her head. I started thrusting my hips into her mouth, pushing myself deeper into her, nearly reaching her throat with each stroke. “Suck it.” I growled. “You know you want to…”

Her breathing quickened as I thrust myself into her mouth and I knew I had helped her find another gear. I thrust into her faster and faster, feeling my own orgasm build. I wouldn’t allow it to crest without her however. I would not allow it.

Then I realized. She was blocking herself out. She was trying so hard to cum that she was setting a mental block on herself.

“Suck it harder… deeper.” I started to push myself into her throat, feeling the pure joy of the inside of her mouth. “I’m going to give you something… and you’re going to swallow it like a good little girl aren’t you?”

Her head nodded as she bobbed and I fucked her throat… “Answer me.” I ordered.

She moaned and nodded her head weakly.

“You’re not going to answer me? You know what?” I asked her… “You don’t deserve to cum. Not until you finish sucking my cock.”

Her eyes looked at me in desperation. I knew that I had it. She had started to masturbate to turn me on and as her pleasure built she blocked her mind out on it. The way to get her over the edge was to take her mind off of it. To deny her what she wanted.

“Take your fingers out of you pussy. You’re half assing this blowjob. You don’t deserve to cum.” I told her.

She didn’t do it.

“Do it now. You don’t deserve to cum until you finish sucking me off.” I ordered her.

She pulled her hand away from herself, groaning in frustration. Her hand joined her mouth and her efforts redoubled. ‘Fuck that is so good!’ I screamed into my mind. I allowed myself to say to her, “That’s better… now keep sucking.”

I noticed her left hand started to drift down between her legs as she bucked her hips in pleasure.

“That’s a good girl.” I groaned. I looked into her eyes. “Okay, put your fingers back into yourself. You’ve earned it…”

Her other hand went between her legs and her eyes closed in pleasure.

“Open your eyes and look at me while you suck my cock.” I ordered her.

Her eyes snapped open and I could see her desperation to cum as she looked in my eyes.

I shook my head menacingly. “Don’t you do it.” I ordered her, “Don’t you dare cum before you finish sucking me off.”

That did it. She was over the edge. She was starting to cum. She was trying to hide it but her moans had reached a fever pitch, and it was so fucking sexy!

I threw my head back and came. My hand grabbed her head reflexively and pushed her down on me. She sucked me eagerly, taking me deep into her throat. I could feel her own moan of pleasure as she fingered herself to completion.

I came back to myself breathing feverishly. She had wiped me out. I could barely move. She was lying limp between my legs, curled up, her head pillowed on my legs. She mumbled, “We need to do that again soon… that was delicious…”

I lay my head back down on my pillow. “Yeah, it was pretty goddamn spectacular.”

She crawled up my body and lay beside me her head cradled between my shoulder and my own head, her arm wrapped around mine.

She sighed, “Well, you pretty artfully dodged my question, but now that I’ve spent you twice… How are you.”

I sighed and examined my emotions. “I’m okay. Not good, but okay. I feel wrung out. Thank you for helping me.” I told her.

“Anytime.” She said as she hugged me. She finally started to stir. “I should get cleaned up and get ready to go home…” she said sadly. “Do you want me to give you a ride to practice?”

I shook my head. I knew practice was a bad idea. I was wrung out, too emotionally drained to do any good. It would be a waste of my time. “No. I’m going to take my day today. I’ll call coach and let him know I won’t be there.”

She looked at me with worry again. “Won’t you get in trouble?” She asked.

I shook my head and smiled at her. “No. Coach lets us take a day every season off from practice without penalty. I’ll call him and tell him I’m taking my day today. He’ll be cool with it. I’ll let him know I don’t feel okay. He kind of knows what I’m going through and if I explain to him I don’t feel like making it he won’t give me too hard of a time.”

I kissed her forehead. “You want to take a shower with me?” I asked her.

She put her head back down on my shoulder and hugged me tight. “I would love to, but I don’t think coming home with wet hair would set the best example for me needing to be here last night. This conversation is going to be awkward enough without having them think I just stayed over here so we could make love.”

My head dropped back down to the pillow. I had forgotten that she was probably looking at a couple pretty disappointed parents she was going to need to explain herself to when she got home. “I’m sorry.” I told her. “How much trouble did I get you in, do you think?”

She shook her head. “Probably not much. Samantha did way worse, at least I called before I didn’t come home…”

She bit her lip and I could tell she was thinking of how to ask a difficult question. I cut her off before she had to ask, “Tell them as much as you need to to stay out of trouble.” I could see relief flooding into her eyes… thankful to me for giving her an out. “I trust your judgement. Be as honest as you need to be. Tell them the whole thing if you have to. I’d rather have them mad at me than mad at you.”

She nuzzled into me, “They won’t be mad at you.”

I sat there just holding her for a while. We were just enjoying the feel of each other…

She finally stirred. “I should really go.”

I kissed her lips to tell her how much I would miss her. Then I ran my fingers across her face in our little ritual. She returned the gesture.

I watched as she got ready, and threw on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt to walk her to her car. She finished getting dressed just as I pushed my bare feet into a battered pair of sneakers.

She came to me and laid a deep kiss on me. ‘God I love it when she does that’ I thought to myself.

She broke our kiss with a smile.

I took her hand and headed for the door.

I was surprised when we got outside and saw it had snowed another three inches overnight. I was shocked and regretting the decision to not put on socks when I stepped in it and some of the snow fell into my shoe as I walked her to her car.

I turned and gave her a nice kiss as we reached the door. When we broke our kiss, she bit her lip and pushed her hair behind her ears. “I know. It’s okay.” I told her.

I knew what she was going to say and figured I’d save her the trouble of having to say it. She wasn’t going to be able to see me for the rest of the day. Things were going to be awkward enough with her parents without her running back to the boy that had gotten her in trouble in the first place.

I smiled at her to let her know I was disappointed, but I was also okay. I ran my fingers over her face and pulled her in close. “Call me tonight, and we’ll talk for a bit before we go to bed.”

She nodded like it was going to be a million years before she would see me again and said, “Okay.” As I hugged her.

I finally let her go with a sigh and she looked at me seriously and informed me. “You will call me if you start to backslide. Period. Do you promise?”

I smiled at her and ran my fingers down her face. “I promise.”

She got in her car and drove away. I watched her car head to the end of the block with the stupid smile of a lovestruck fool as I watched her leave.

When I got back inside I called my coach and let him know I wouldn’t be at practice. I could hear the concern in his voice but it wasn’t too bad. He didn’t give me a hard time about it. I appreciated that. Coach was good people.

I called Joe… he picked up on the third ring. “Hey man, what’s up, you need a ride to practice?” he greeted me.

I sighed and decided I would be honest with him. “No man. I’m not gonna make practice today.”

I could hear the concern in his voice, “Everything alright? You need help with anything?”

I shook my head even though he couldn’t see the gesture. “Nah. I just had a bad night and I’d be worthless at practice anyway so I figured I’d save myself the embarrassment.”

He chuckled, “Bad night?” He asked me “Dinner with Karly go bad?”

“No. Dinner went pretty well.” I sighed, “After wasn’t so good.”

“What happened?” He asked, clearly worried something had happened between my and Karly.

“I took your advise and opened up to her.” There was a long pause.

“How much did you tell her?” he asked me.

“Enough.” It was the only answer I could think to give.

“How much is enough?” I could tell he was really worried. He knew what opening up about the things that had happened to me was going to cost me.

“Not everything. A lot of early stuff that happened to me as a kid. By the time I got to the stuff that happened when I was older I was pretty wiped out.” I explained.

Joe knew a lot of the newer, fresher stuff. He didn’t know a lot of the stuff that happened to me when I was younger, but he knew a lot of the newer stuff. It occurred to me then that between Joe and Karly they had a pretty complete view of all the darkness inside of me. They both had looked into that deep well of pain and had elected to stand by me anyway. They both meant the world to me…

“How’d she take it?” I could see he was really worried for me.

“Pretty good. I mean.. well…” I took a deep breath. “She accepted me. I don’t know. Maybe she’ll run for the hills the first chance she gets, but I don’t think so.”

He was quiet for a pause. “That’s good man. You deserve that. I’m really sorry I was so hard on her when you two first got together. I don’t think Jacky could have done that. I don’t think she was strong enough. You made a good choice.”

I smiled. He was right. “I think you’re right.” I told him, “Hey, I should let you get to practice. I’m gonna do some stuff then try to get some rest. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

He laughed, “I’m always right! Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

We hung up and I sat down in my comfy chair. I realized that I needed to collect the money from my clients I had worked for yesterday still. I called them, catching most of them before they left for work. Each told me they would hide the money somewhere outside so I could pick it up at my leisure. I was surprised when most of them asked me to come by today and shovel for them again. I figured I could use the money and told each of them I would be happy to have the work.

I got cleaned up enough to work and started walking from my house. I stopped and hit up each of my clients along my route and many of them took me up on my offer to shovel them out. A few passed and I could tell that the cost was adding up for some of them and realized they would need a break now and again. I reminded them that they had my number and that they could call if they changed their mind. I also let them know I would be gone next week for a school trip and apologized for not being able to help them while I was gone.

They all took it really well. I was building good relationships with my customers, which I knew was going to help them stay loyal.

Some of my older customers I just shoveled out quietly without asking them if they wanted to pay me for it. I figured most of them were on pretty shallow incomes and it wasn’t worth putting them out for $5. By about noon I had been at it for about four and a half hours and I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.
It was a text from Karly. ‘I know you’re out shoveling again. DO NOT forget to eat again.’

I responded back, ‘Okay. I won’t, love you.’

She responded straight back. ‘I’m serious. Promise me. And I love you too.’

‘I promise.’ I texted her back, ‘How’d things go with ur folks?’

It was a second before she responded, ‘Okay. I’m not super popular at home right now and my dad got pretty pissed but mom sorted him out. It will be ok. You want me to come over tonight?’

The very thought of her falling into my arms caused a tremble to run through me. I knew it wouldn’t be good for her though, ‘Would love for you to, but u probably shouldn’t. Ur parents probably think ur obsessed with me as is.’

She responded back quickly, ‘Don’t care. Just want to see u.’

I held my camera up and took a selfie. Then texted it to her, ‘Now you can see me whenever u want!’

She responded back with a picture of herself wearing a VERY low cut shirt and showing a delicious amount of cleavage. ‘U sure u don’t want to see me tonight?’ read the caption.

‘Stop that…’ I texted her back. ‘I’m working. Can’t get all riled up. Some old woman will have a heart attack…’

‘Lol. Or pull you into the house and have her way with u.’ She sent me back jokingly.

A good compromise hit me then. I sent her a last text, ‘I have a plan. Something better. You’ll like it. U won’t get to see me, but I know u’ll like it!’

It took her a second to respond back to me. ‘Not sure if I’ll like it if I don’t get to see u.’

‘U will, I promise!’ I told her.

‘I fucking better.’ She responded.

‘Let me work a while longer, I’ll text u later!’ I promised her.

‘Still mad at u. Not talking to u anymore.’ She replied.

‘Luv u 2!’ I closed.

I went back to my shoveling with a vengeance, focused on getting through my route as quickly as I could. One of the little old ladies I shovel for caught me shoveling her walk and insisted on making me food and cocoa, so I even got to keep my promise to Karly that I would eat without having to take too much of a break from my work!

I got done around six and was exhausted. I got home and sat and counted the money I had made. $380. Not a bad haul, and when I counted that added to what I’d brought home previously I realized I was making some serious bank. Even with what I had spent on my date with Karly and the small gifts I had wracked up for her I had over $800. I was shooting for an even $1,000. That left me with two days to make $200 and a day still to shop! I was in the zone! I’d have to widen my net so I could hit some new places over the next few days but I was pretty confident I could do it. Either that, or pray to the snow gods for more snow!

I was close to my second hand store so I popped in and looked around. I managed to find one of those little instant single serve coffee makers, which I knew Karly was going to love, and I picked out a few more DVDs that were really cheap. I also managed to find a really comfy handmade purple quilt that I was sure Karly would go crazy for, so I had a start on my Christmas shopping for her. I also managed to find a really nice pair of gold stud earrings that would look perfect on her!

The little old lady that ran the shop collected my items and noticed the earrings. She smiled at me, “Something for the girlfriend?”

I smiled at her and nodded. “Yep.”

She gave me a warm smile, “Are you looking to spend a little more?” she asked me kindly.

“Do you have a suggestion?” I asked her, curious about what she might have. I had done a lot of shopping here and had never gotten ripped off.

She smiled and went behind the counter. “I just got this in.” She set a ring box in front of me. A ring was definitely on my list, so I opened the box. Inside I found a small Black Hills Gold ring, hammered into the shape of a heart and leaves. It was beautiful and I knew I had to have it for Karly.

“How much?” I asked, hoping the answer wasn’t out of my price range.

I had done a lot of business and the little old lady that ran the shop knew I couldn’t afford much. “Can you do $100?”

I could, but I also knew I shouldn’t. I sighed… “I can go $110 for everything.”

It was a lot of money, but I knew that it was helping me to take some shortcuts. This way I got the coffee maker for Karly, and some nice gifts and still left me with a solid amount of money to get the couple of must have’s for her off of my list.

The old lady smiled and nodded, okay, $110 for everything.

I stopped on the way home at the market and picked up a bunch of little coffees and some basic food supplies.

When I got home I ran the quilt through the laundry that my landlady let me use downstairs. It opened onto the back porch and she was off snowbirding so I had the place to myself. I ran it with really hot water and double detergent, just to make sure it was extra, double clean. I didn’t like giving her a second hand gift but I knew she loved purple from the towel she picked out and there was no way I was going to be able to ever sew her a quilt myself. I’d just have to take my chances and hope she liked it!

Going upstairs I took the coffee machine apart and cleaned every nook and cranny with vinegar. I decided to try it out and make myself a cup of coffee from the selections I had made for Karly, not really knowing which kind of coffee she liked.

‘Gonna solve that tonight!’ I thought.

I texted her, ‘So are you ready?’

It took a few minutes but she responded back. ‘Give me a sec, i’m taking a shower.’

The mental image of that didn’t help me much…

I responded back, ‘Pics or I don’t believe you!’

My phone chirped. I looked at it and saw that she had indeed sent me a pic. Holy fuck! It was a shot over her shoulder, taken in the mirror… she had a towel wrapped around herself and her hair pinned up… there was no way she could be more beautiful…

I responded back, ‘Putting that on Facebook, mind if I tag u?’

My phone chirped, ‘Do that and you’ll never see what’s under this towel ever again…’

Ouch. ‘Point taken.’

I quickly made myself something to eat and got clothes ready to go downstairs, moving her quilt into the dryer and starting a load of laundry for myself.

When I got back upstairs the message light on my phone was blinking. I sat down with my food and looked at her text, ‘This better be fucking good!’

I responded back to her, ‘It will be!’

‘So get on with it!’

I asked her, ‘Would you like to play a game?’ hearing in my mind the creepy guy from the Saw movies…

‘What kind of game? Is it a sexy game?’

I texted her, ‘It’s called let’s learn about Karly!’

‘This game sounds like it sucks… I already know about Karly!’

I laughed, ‘I realized today, I know more about your body than I know about your mind. That’s unacceptable! So here’s how the game works, I ask you a question. Then I have to answer that question for u. Then we switch. You have to answer and you have to be honest.’

‘Yep. This game definitely sucks!’

I scowled at her… ‘What’s your favorite color?’

‘This is dumb.’

I told her, ‘No it isn’t. What’s your favorite color.’

‘Purple. Ur turn now.’

I responded, ‘Grey. Now u have to ask one, but remember, anything you ask me, you have to answer urself too!’

‘What’s ur favorite sexual position?’

I realized then… this could get embarrassing fast… I sat and thought about it. ‘I like it when ur on top.’


I laughed then and realized I’d turned the tables on her! ‘Nope. That not the way the game works! U have to answer! Then it’s my turn to ask a question!’

‘Yep this game sucks! Tell me!’

I was enjoying her frustration. ‘Nope play by the rules or I’m cutting you off… I think a week will do.’ I could see her growling in frustration.

‘No fair using sex as a weapon! I liked it best when you bent me over the table. I like it from behind.’

The pleasant memory of that flashed through my mind. She was being dirty, and while I was tempted to raise the stakes and try to outdo her, I really wanted to get to know her better. ‘What’s ur favorite sport?’

‘U gotta be fucking kidding me!’

I laughed and responded, ‘Play by the rules or I’ll make it two weeks!’

‘I like to watch you wrestle, does that count?’

I figured it did. ‘Football for me.’

‘Why do you like me on top best?’

I pictured her on top of me… Yummy! ‘I get to see your beautiful body working, it’s like a private show just for me.’

‘I like you from behind because you hit my spot so much harder, and you drive into me harder.’

I was starting to realize how much she liked rough sex. The very thought of that opened up some really interesting angles…

‘Vaginal, anal or oral?’

This was a win for me one war or the other! ‘it depends on my mood. I like each in it’s own way. Oral is awesome because it’s a gift from you. Vaginal I feel closer to you. Anal makes me feel like I have total control over you. I like vaginal best. I feel closest to you.’

‘Ur turn to ask.’

I caught her trying to be sneaky… ‘Nope! Play by the rules cheaterface! U have to answer that one!’


Fucking what?! ‘Why!!!?’

‘Hahaha! Made you waste one of ur questions on a dirty one!’

I cursed her under my breath. She was right. ‘So you lied?’


My eyes narrowed. ‘So answer.’

‘It’s naughty. I’m not supposed to like it. You wrap your arms so tight around me. It’s so much tighter I know I’m making you feel good. The sensation is a nice mix of pain and awesome pleasure.’

Okay, I was getting hard thinking about her. ‘Do you think we’ll stay together once school ends?’

That one came completely out of left field. I was expecting another sex question. ‘Absolutely. I’m never letting you go. U?’


My heart sunk in my chest. How could she think that?! I had to use up another question! ‘Why?’

It took her a really long time to answer, so long in fact I almost called her. ‘You have scholarships already. What if I can’t get into ur school? What if I can’t afford it? U’ll get tired of me and find someone more special… one of them will happen.’

Oh, baby girl… ‘Nope. Ur wrong. I have scholarships that I cared about before I met u. I don’t care about them now. Ur picking our school and I’m following u there and there is no one more special than u. That’s how I know we’ll stay together. U own my soul now.’

‘Do you know how special you make me feel?!’

She gave me an easy one! ‘Not nearly as special as you make me feel my perfect baby girl.’

‘You are the best thing that ever happened to me.’

I was glad we worked some things out… I moved onto my next question. ‘What’s ur favorite TV show?’

‘Game of Thrones. I like the sex scenes! We should watch that one together and act out all the scenes as they happen…’

I knew then I had to marry this girl…

We went back and forth all night. I learned so much about her. I learned her ring size, eight, and what her favorite type of gemstone was, pearls surprisingly.

At midnight we said goodnight and Facetimed to say goodnight to each other. It was our first night apart since we had gotten together and I could see it was hard for both of us. She showed me her teddy bear and how she was settled in with him and hugging him tight. I ached for her right then. I wanted to feel her in my arms, feel her delicious warmth next to me as I fell asleep.

“You know how bad I want to kiss you right now?” I asked her.

“Probably as much as I want to fuck you!” She laughed.

I laughed at her silliness. “I think we have our relationship roles reversed!” I told her.

“Yep, that’s what makes us perfect for each other!” The joy on her face was so breathtaking…

“Can I take you out on another date tomorrow?” I asked her. “I’d like to come pick you up and take you somewhere special after practice.”

She smiled at me, “No, but you can let me pick you up after practice and we can go back to your place, watch a movie and fuck all afternoon…”

I smiled back at her, “Your plan sounds way better than mine.”

She looked at me with utter happiness, “I thought so too!”

My phone started chirping at about 5 in the morning. I rolled over and checked it to find people already asking for shovel outs. I really wanted to fall back to sleep, but I also needed the money, so I forced myself to get out of bed, shower and get dressed.

I threw the clothes I would need for practice in a bag and headed out to start making money. I texted my customers back and let them know I would be by to get them taken care of and asked them to stash my cash so I could grab it when I was done. They all responded back that they would be happy to. I did some quick mental math and realized that just what I had on my plate right now would put me over my goal!

Now I just needed to bust my ass and get it all done before I had to meet Joe to head to practice. I had a little less than 4 hours to get 20 driveways done. It was going to be extremely tight!

I worked with a passion all morning. I ended up needing to call Joe between jobs and ask me if he could pick me up at one of my customers’ places. He was happy to help, and I promised him some gas money.

He pulled up at the house as I was collecting my fee from beneath the doormat.

We rode to practice and I counted my haul from today. With the new money I was up to $1,082! Take away what I had spent on Karly already and I was in good shape!

I started to put the money away and realized that I needed to do something. I took $82 and handed it to Joe. We were at a stop light and he gave me a funny look as he took the cash. “What’s this for?” he asked me.

“Dude, you’ve been a good friend, driving across town to pick me up, drop me off. Call it late gas money.” I answered him.

He tried to hand the money back to me, “My parents pay for my gas, I don’t need this.”

I pushed the money back to him, “Give it to them then, do what you think is right. I’d like to help out and I have the chance to right now. Please, take it.”

He looked at the money and finally, with a shrug, put it in his pocket. “Thanks man.”

I nodded, putting my head back on the seat. I was pretty tired already and still had three hours of hard practice ahead of me. I would make it, but it was not going to be fun…

Practice was brutal. Coach made me wrestle with him to make up for missing yesterday. He was one of the few people on the team I couldn’t coast on. Wresting him was like wrestling a live, angry bear. He had weight on me and was brutally strong, even by my standards. Add to that the fact that he had been wrestling for the better part of three decades and it was a fight just to survive a match with him.

He beat my ass up one side of the mats and down the other. I didn’t get pinned nearly as often and I usually did with him though.

I even managed to do a quick hip throw on my at one point that took him completely by surprise. It would have been a pin against most opponents, but he managed to rescue it and turn it merely into a takedown. He managed to reverse me out of it and still pin me in the end, but I was proud to have caught him flat footed.

For conditioning coach had us do 20 laps around the inside of the school. That was not fun… it worked out to be about three miles of running and between the shoveling, the brutal practice and the run by the end I was dragging ass. I finished up about mid way into the pack, which I was happy with, considering I was the third heaviest guy on the team…

I showered and got dressed, looking forward to my date with Karly, and thanking god that this practice was over. Never again would I shovel before practice I promised myself.

As I was leaving the locker room coach stopped me and asked if he could see me in his office. I nodded, wondering if I would be getting in trouble for missing practice yesterday after all.

I stepped in and he motioned me to close the door. I did and had a seat. He looked at me and finally asked, “Everything okay?”

I nodded at him, surprised at his concern. Coach knew about everything that had gone with my dad, and when I moved out on my own he was one of the first to express concern for me. He even offered to let me come stay with him…

I was amazed at his generosity. He was a really good man. The type of man that taught because he loved the work. The type of man that gave of himself to make kids better. He was a rare man and I was lucky to benefit from having the privilege of learning from him. I smiled at him to make sure he knew that I was okay, “Yeah coach, I’m good.”

He gave me another concerned look. “I was worried about you when you called out yesterday. Have you ever missed a practice?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I missed one last year because I had the flu.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Forgive me if I’m overstepping, but I know your family situation. Anything happening there you need help with?”

I shook my head, “No, still the same there. My apartment is working out well. Still not talking to my dad, mom still pretty much absent.”

He frowned. “Look, I give you guys the free day so you can take it, so you don’t have to answer, but do you mind telling me why you missed yesterday?”

I knew some would think coach was leaning on me. I knew he wasn’t. He wasn’t asking because he disapproved, or to punish me, he was asking because he cared about my well being and missing practice wasn’t like me. He knew that could mean I was in trouble and he wanted to make sure he stepped in and took care of me if he had to. I shook my head, “Honestly coach…” I hesitated, not sure how much to tell him, I took a deep breath and felt a bit of pain in my heart, “look, you know my childhood was pretty shitty. I opened about some of that stuff that happened with someone the night before practice.”

I sighed again. “It took a lot out of me. I knew yesterday that I wasn’t in any kind of shape to be here. I’d be wasting my time and yours.”

He smiled a wry smile, “You promise me that you don’t need my help with anything. You’re good.”

I smiled back to him, “I swear coach. I’m all good. Things are going really well.”

He nodded his head. “I also wanted you to know, I’m proud of you.”

It was something adults were supposed to say. I know at that point technically I was an adult too, but I still felt like a kid, so that was how I looked at myself.

He continued, “You wrestled better today than I’ve ever seen you wrestle. Normally wresting you is like wrestling a caged animal. You have good skill, but you’re brutal on your opponent. That will take you far, but today you used your brain. You have good instincts and your aggressiveness combined with your strength and speed make you unpredictable. Today, it was a lot tougher to take you on. You still had a good sharp edge on, but you paid a lot more attention to what was going on and I could see you putting the matches together tactically.”

I felt a beam of pride at his praise! “Thank you coach, I’ll keep trying.”

He shook his head, “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. I didn’t have your talent when I was a senior in high school. I won a national championship in college. I’m going to contact some people I know… and by the time they get word out of how talented you are… well, lets just say I don’t think you’re going to have any trouble getting into any school in the US that has a wrestling program.”

I was shocked. Coach was writing me a blank check. One I knew he was good for! He was an awesome wrestler in college and was even better at networking. Combine that with his raw love for the sport and I knew he had a network of people that could help arrange the very thing he was talking about.

My thoughts then ran to Karly! I could keep my promise to her for sure!

I smiled and jumped up and shook his hand. He laughed and looked at me with pride, “Thank you coach! I won’t let you down, I promise!”

He laughed again, “I know you won’t Gabby. Have a good day…”

I knew that was a polite dismissal. I grabbed my stuff and started to head for the door, he stopped me, “Also, take tomorrow off too. I think you could use a rest, and I want you fresh for Reno. You promise me that you’ll take it easy if I give you the day off?”

I wondered then if he knew about the shoveling… I looked at him seriously. “I will coach. Nothing but rest and getting food in me.”

He smiled. “Then I’ll see you on the bus Monday at noon right?”

I nodded and started to leave when a thought occurred to me, I turned back to him. “Coach?”

He looked up from some paperwork he had started to thumb through. “Yeah?”

I bit the inside of my cheek. It was embarrassing to talk about but I figured I probably should. “I’ve been dating Karly for a few days now…”

He smiled. “I noticed the two of you looked pretty cozy on the bus the other night. She make you happy?”

I nodded shyly, “She’s fantastic.”

He smiled, “She is pretty amazing.” He allowed.

I pushed on with what I was going to ask him. “I kind of got an invitation to ride home with her and her family from Reno. I was kind of thinking about taking them up on it. I mean I don’t know for sure…” I figured after my stunt after dinner that night the invitation might not be good anymore, but if coach needed me to jump through some hoops to set it up I probably should. “But if I wanted to. Would that be okay? I mean I’m 18 now and I know you let some of the older guys sign themselves out, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t need anything else from me.”

He smiled. “If you’re 18 you can sign yourself out and ride home with whoever you choose to.”

I smiled back at him, “Thanks coach.”

He nodded, “Anytime. Go get some rest.”

I was floating when I left, noticing that I was the last to leave the locker room. All the other guys had already left.

I ran to the parking lot, knowing Karly would be waiting for me and excited to share the news with her. I saw her car and ran to it, slipping on the ice a little bit but not caring. I jumped in and she was there… filling my vision!

She leaned into me and I kissed her so hard my heart hurt. My desire for her pushed any other thought out of my mind… god she was so beautiful!

My hands went to her face, pulling her closer to me as I kissed her, our tongues touching and parting as we kissed passionately. I felt her hand take mine and guide it down her body. I turned my head away from her kiss, watching what she was doing, while she continued to kiss my ear and my neck.

She was wearing a purple sweater, and a black skirt with white stockings… she looked fucking amazing and I felt another surge of pride as I saw she had dressed up for me!

She put my hand on her leg and I turned my face back to her to enjoy her lips some more. I felt her hand on mine again, urging my hand higher on her leg. I knew then that she wanted me to do some exploration there…

The fabric of her stocking was smooth and soft against my hand as I ran it further up her leg, finally settling onto her thigh, were the stocking ended. She spread her legs in the seat and I took that as an invitation to go up a bit higher…

My hand came to the junction between her legs and I was shocked to feel bare skin there! She wasn’t wearing panties!

My kiss became more primal as I started to rub her button.

She moaned into my mouth and I decided that I needed to feel inside her and slipped a finger into her. ‘She’s so wet!’ I thought with shock as my finger slid into her effortlessly. I started fingering her more aggressively as I kissed her, just enjoying the feel of the burning heat I felt for her.

A horn honking surprised us both, shocking us out of our passion for each other. We looked over and saw coach waving as he drove past us, smiling.

We both waived back and I waited a respectful 3 seconds or so before I dove back into kissing her and fingering her pussy.

She broke from me for a second, “I need you.”

I kissed her deeply and muttered through her kisses, “The moment we get home, you can have me.”

She shook her head, making it harder to kiss her. “No. I mean I need you right now. I’ll die if I don’t feel you in me in the next minute…”

‘Holy shit! She wants to do it here?! In the school parking lot?” I took a brief second and broke from our kiss to glance around. ‘Why not? Everyone else is gone… the parking lot is empty. Coach left.’

“Here? In the parking lot?” I asked her.

She climbed over the center console to answer me. She spread her legs out over me and started kissing me, using her weight to kiss me harder. I had crossed the line where I cared about getting caught.

I undid my belt, and not wanting the front of my pants wet I pushed them down.

She slid down on me immediately. Her bottom lips were on fire and I felt them slide down me causing me to grab her shoulder and force her down on me.

She moaned into my ear, nibbling at it.

‘God she feels too fucking good!’ I screamed in my mind.

I was pulling her into me, and I couldn’t stop… I whispered to her, “You have to slow down… I can’t… You feel too fucking good! I can’t hold on…”

She nibbled on my ear… “It’s okay… I want you to finish… I want to feel it.”

I fell over the edge groaning into her neck to tell her how good she felt.

When I finally came back to myself she was lying panting on my lap. She pushed my head back and kissed me. “Thank you…” she whispered and ran her fingers down my face. I returned the gesture, holding my hand to my chest and topping it off with a tender kiss.

She shook her head when I was done. “You send shivers up my spine every time you kiss me.”

I lay back and smiled at her. “I love you in my lap right now, but I haven’t eaten today… and I’m starving! You think I could buy you lunch?”

She hit my chest. “That’s always your problem, either thinking with your stomach or your cock every time!”

I gave her an ‘are you kidding me look?’ “I think it’s safe to say you think with my cock a lot more than I do…”

She smiled, “Oh yeah. Okay fair enough.” She kissed me again and then started kind of rocking to try to get out of my lap… she was stuck. “Uh. You want to help a bitch out here?”

I put my hands under her armpits and lifted her up, supporting the entirety of her weight with just the strength of my upper body, helping her to get enough leverage to crawl back over the console.

She looked at me love in her eyes, “Bro… do you even lift?”

I laughed at her little joke. “Every once in a way, but I always skip leg day.”

She started her car and lit a cigarette. “Oh, that is so good after sex.” She muttered as she blew the smoke out of the window. She gave me a curious look. “By the way, you’re not getting to run straight home and get in my pants today!”

“Oh really? I asked her,” Curious about her plan. “and why is that?”

“Because you are taking me shopping!” she announced.

I was pleasantly surprised. She was normally pretty defensive about letting me spend money on her. “I don’t know… I’m pretty tapped out over here and you have some seriously expensive tastes…”

She smacked me in the chest, “Fuck you! I’m a cheap slut!”

I laughed at her again, shaking my head at her dirty mouth… and loving her dirty mind.

“No. We’re not shopping for me!” Big surprise… “You’re taking me slumming!”

I raised my eyebrows at her, “Wow, making a guy feel great over here…” I told her.

She smiled at me and reached over and gave me a big kiss, “Better now Mr. Sensitive?”

I closed my eyes in pleasure. “Just 20 or 30 more of those and I’ll forgive you. So how can I help?”

She pulled out of the lot and casually tossed to me, “You know how fucking hard it is to shop for a rich person?”

Yeah… I did. She continued, “My mom and my dad are fucking impossible to shop for. Seeing you on our date last night gave me an idea. I want to go to some of the stores you know, maybe I can pick up some unique items that they’ll like for Christmas!”

I smiled at her. Buying cool cheap for next to nothing was my specialty! “Let’s do it, one guided tour of the gutter coming up!”

She smacked me in the chest again, “You’re not from the gutter! I hate it when you talk about yourself like that…”

I took her hand and kissed it. “Baby girl, I love you, but I need to be honest with myself. You’re royalty, I’m trash. It won’t always be that way, but I refuse to forget what I came from.”

She gave me a sad smile. “Well. I still love you.”

I gave her a curt nod, “That’s all that matters.”

We ate a quick lunch and started to hit second hand shops. I watched Karly especially close, looking for anything that caught her eye. It wasn’t hard to see what interested her and what she liked for other people. Anything she liked for herself went right back on the shelf. She bought every single thing she found that she thought someone else would like she bought. After about our third shop I realized she needed some pointers. As we went to the counter at the fourth shop I stopped her. “Stop paying full price.”

She had her arms full of stuff, mostly vintage clothes she thought her sister Samantha would like. “What? Isn’t the price the price?”

I shook my head at her. “This isn’t Macy’s. They expect you to haggle with them. Look at it this way. Counter their price, what’s the worst that’s going to happen? They’re going to make you pay full price. If they say yes though, you saved some money.”

She smiled and I realized I had released a monster. She haggled brutally with the shop owner. She undercut the price I would have started at by almost a third and she made a deal that was for far less than I would have paid. I realized quickly she was better at this than I was…

We left the store and she turned to me and asked, “How did I do?”

I shook my head, “Remind me to never negotiate with you. Did you at least let the guy keep his fucking fillings? Next time just use a gun, you’ll rob the place a lot faster…”

She laughed, ecstatic to hear she had done well. The next shop was the shadiest we had visited all day. I knew the guy who ran it and knew he was a sleaze bag. He had a lot of nice stuff but his shop was a dump. Items piled everywhere… and I knew he was a brutal negotiator. I would enjoy seeing Karly cut lose on him.

He had a little section of glass figures up front and I noticed they immediately caught Karly’s eye. We went to them and she started reverently picking through them. She finally looked at me and told me, “My mom is the hardest to shop for. She only lets me buy one thing for her every year. One present. That’s her rule. That means whatever I get for her has to be perfect.” She looked at two figurines holding one in each hand. One a unicorn, one a horse. “She collects these types of things. I think she’d love either of them.” She held them out to me, “Which one do you think she’d like better?”

I smiled and an evil thought occurred to me. “Which do you think she’ll like best?” I asked her.

“Wow. Helpful. Reflect my question back at me!” she barked at me.

I smiled at her sarcasm, “I’m not reflecting, I’m helping you with a technicality. Which do you think she’ll like more?”

She considered for a second. “The horse. I think she’ll like the horse best.”

I took the unicorn from her hand. “Well then, I’m buying this for her.” I held it to my chest. “Oh, you’re getting that one for her? This is totally unrelated.”

She smiled at my wickedness… then threw an enormous kiss on me! “Oh, you are so fucking perfect!” she squealed. “She can’t refuse a gift from you and now she get’s both!”

Karly and I wandered the shop, and she found some records in the back. She actually jumped up and down in excitement when she found them. “My dad is going to love so many of these!” she announced as she started picking records out.

I let her pick them and wandered over to a record player nearby. I recognized the design. It was pretty damn unique. It was a Tarantella. It was an expensive turntable. I looked at the tag attached to it. $400. Believe it or not, it was still a pretty good deal. I checked the stylus and saw it was in pretty good shape. The arm bearing seemed to be in pretty good shape. I ran the table around with my finger and found the problem. There was scratch in the turntable. It didn’t wobble, which was a good sign, but there was something causing the table to scratch.

I got a wicked idea. I had gotten a present for her mom. This would be the perfect present for her dad. No way in hell was I paying $400 for it.

I turned and motioned to the shop keeper to come over. I knew how to get him.

I pointed to the table. “$400 for this?” I asked.

He pointed to it. “That’s a Tarantella. It’s a beaut.”

I raised my eyebrows at her. “Can I see it work?”

I caught the flash of doubt in his eyes. He knew it was broken. “Sure.” He finally told me.

He took it behind the counter and Karly came over to join and look at what was going on. He plugged it in and turned it on. The squeal was immediately apparent, sounding like nails on a chalkboard. He winced, as did I and Karly. I raised my eyebrows at him. “$400?”

“How about a hundred? “ He countered.

I gave him a ‘come on, you’ve got to be kidding me look.’ “A hundred? You’re kidding right?”

“It’s a Tarantella. It’s one of the best turntables ever made.” He told me.

I pointed at it, “It’s a fucking paperweight. Anybody turns it on is going to hear that sound and be pissed that you ripped them off. I’ll give you $20 for it.”

His eyes narrowed and his job set. “If it’s a paperweight why do you want it?”

I was honest with him, “Right now it’s a paperweight. Maybe I can fix it. I honestly doubt it, but if I can I’ve got a $600 table. If I can’t, well I’m only out $20.”

“I’ll go as low as $50. Not a penny less.” I looked around his shop, subtly pointing out to him space was at a premium. Keeping trash wasn’t in his best interest.

I shook my head, “$50’s too much of a gamble. If I can’t get it working I’m screwed.” I started to walk away, “Thanks for letting me look at it.”

I noticed he left it where it was.

I went back to the records with Karly. As we got back to the records she whispered, “Do you think you can fix it?”

“Shhhh…” I whispered to her.

A little louder she announced, “If you want it, I can give you the $50.”

She thought I wanted it for myself! I made no secret of telling her, “I wasn’t playing him. In the condition it’s in, it’s only worth $20. Even then it’s probably a losing gamble.”

She nodded, seeming to accept what I was saying.

She went up and made her purchase, running a difficult bargain, but having met her match in the negotiating department.

We picked up her records and made it nearly to the door. “Hey kid.”

I turned and looked at the shop keeper. “Yeah.”

“$25 and it’s yours.” He announced.

I knew the extra $5 was about his pride.

I nodded and told him, “Deal.”

We were in the car with our purchases before Karly managed to scratch the itch of her curiosity. “Okay, what was that about? I didn’t take you for a record player guy.”

I shook my head, “I’m not.”

She shook her head back at me, “Then why did you buy it?”

I raised my eyebrows at her, “Your dad’s a vinyl guy right?”

She nodded, and then it suddenly dawned on her. “You bought it for my dad?”

I shrugged, “Figured if I got you mom a gift, should probably get your dad one too.”

She flew across the car and kissed me hard. Then she broke it off quick, “But it’s broken!”

I laughed. “My dad used to love turntables. He would fix them and I would help. That squeal? Something’s jammed up under the table, I’m certain of it. I know I can fix it.”

She laughed. “Only problem is, my dad already has a pretty nice turntable.”

“What kind is it?” I asked her.

“Um… a Rega? I think.” She answered.

“Probably the Planar 3. It’s a good turntable, that one though?” I pointed into the back seat, “It’s worth four times as much.”

“He will fucking love it…” she reached across and kissed me hard on the cheek. “Thank you for getting my mom something! She’s going to be so pissed! And she’s going to love it.”

I smiled at her. It was worth the $40 I had spent just to see that smile. We stopped and got pizza for dinner, and for once she let me insist on paying.

Then we went back to my place. I sat at the table and got a small toolkit that I had from my closet. Karly sat on the counter beside me. In 15 minutes I had the turntable apart. I was right. There was a small rock jammed under the table. I held it up to Karly, “That right there is a $550 rock.”

She laughed “Yeah, lets see it play! Put your money where your mouth is!”

I turned it on and it played smooth as silk…

She held up a finger, “Wait!”

She dashed out of the house. She came back holding a record. She held it out to me, “Play this one!” She held it out to me.

I smiled at her, it was a single by Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World.” I read the title to her.

She smiled. “I always loved this song.”

I put it on for her, enjoying the scratchy quality of the music. I moved over to her and putting my arms around her. I rocked her slowly, dancing with her, enjoying her movement, the music, the peace of the moment. It was beautiful. She had her arms wrapped around me as we worked our way around the floor of my kitchen. Finally I leaned in and kissed her.

It was tender, a short moment that we both just shared with each other. When we broke apart she looked at me and purred, “You sure you aren’t a dream… cause you are too damn perfect!”

I laughed and leaned in and kissed her neck, enjoying the sensual curves of it. We finished our dance and once the song ended I leaned in and kissed her deeply once more. When we came up for air she looked into my eyes and said… “Maybe we should keep the turntable… if I get more of that….”

I smiled at her and kissed her again. We went to the bed and put a movie on. We laughed and ate pizza, stopping to kiss every once in a while. It was a perfect afternoon…

I was kissing Karly goodbye at the door. “When am I going to get to see you tomorrow?” I asked her.

She smiled, “I need to do some errands tomorrow.” She told me. “It won’t be until late. Do you want to go to a movie tomorrow, my treat?”

I gave her a testy look. “You have to stop doing that.” I told her.

She smiled, “Doing what?”

I tilted my head at her, “Buying everything. I have money. I want to be able to spoil you sometimes.”

She kissed me and took the sting out of my offense. “You don’t need to spend money on me to spoil me. You spoil me all the time. You make it obvious that I’m the first thing in your life, and that’s more than I’ve ever had. You have bills and obligations. I don’t. It’s easier for me to spend money on you than it is for you to spend money on me.”

That got my brain working…

“You remember what you asked me last night? About us staying together when school ended?”

Her eyes shot immediately to the floor. “Yeah…”

I pulled her face up and ran my fingers down it. “I got news today. Coach told me he’s going to help me get into some more schools. He thinks I’ll be able to take my pick. We need to start making plans. When you come over tomorrow can you think of a few schools you want to research? So we can work on this?”

Her eyes softened, tears threatening to overspill them. “Are you serious?” She asked me.

I leaned in and kissed her. “Dead serious. You promise to pick out some schools, maybe bring some research over so we can start narrowing down our choices…?”

She kissed me again, this time going for the jugular, she wanted me. Truth be told I wanted her too, but I knew she had to go. “Down girl…” I warned her, “Tomorrow.”

She bit her lip, trying to suppress her urge to be with me. Then she smiled. “Movies tomorrow right?”

I nodded at her, smiling, “Movies, your treat.”

I woke the next morning late. It felt to nice to sleep in again. I had a couple of customers looking for me to finish digging them out and feeling a little guilty at not just taking it easy as I had promised coach I went to dig them out. I’ll admit, I wanted the money, but I justified it all the same by telling myself that I was just sneaking in a quick workout.

With my work done and another $90 in my pocket I headed off to do the rest of my Christmas shopping for Karly. My first stop was a jewelers. It looked like a nice little shop. I was hoping to avoid one of the bigger stores and I figured that while I would pay more for what I was looking for at a shop like this, I needed something that I could probably only get at a small shop.

I walked in and the old man behind the counter welcomed me. He was a big man, one of the few that I had to look up to. He was built, muscular and had a firm handshake. “Andy.” He introduced himself.

I smiled at him, “Gabby.”

He spread his arms, indicating his shop. “So what can I help you with?”

I looked down at all the shiny metal in the display case, realizing I was in completely over my head. “I need a gift for my girlfriend, and I know nothing about jewelry.”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Rule number one about jewelry kid. We’re like sharks, we can smell blood in the water. Never admit you know nothing!”

I laughed, appreciative of his honesty.

He continued. “So what does she like?”

I answered, “Pearls.”

He put his hands over his heart, “Marry this woman!” he announced. “Any woman that loves pearls is perfect.” He shook an admonishing finger at me, “And run from any woman that tells you she loves diamonds!” He gestured for me to follow him.

He walked me over and showed me a selection of pearls, strung in necklaces, bracelets, some set in rings. “So what kind are you thinking about, what type of piece?”

“A necklace.” I told him.

“A good choice.” He let me know, “Freshwater, or saltwater?”

I looked at him carefully, “What the difference?”

He leaned in confidentially, “Price. Freshwater pearls are nice, and they are affordable. Saltwater pearls cost more, but typically have better quality. How much are you looking to spend?”

I thought about it. This was the big gift I wanted to get her. I didn’t want to spend too much, but I wanted to spend a pretty penny. “$400?”

He smiled. “A good choice for a girlfriend. You’ll have a good selection in that range.”

He helped me pick out a beautiful set of black pearls… they were beautiful and Karly would love them! “How much?” I finally asked him.

He smiled, “$389.”

I was thrilled! “Now that’s just bad salesmanship, I told you I would pay $400.”

He raised his eyebrows, “Good customer service is worth it’s weight in gold.”

“Look. I have to put a condition on the sale…” I sighed. I hated to do it, but I needed it.

He looked at me and smiled. “Hit me.”

I pulled the little ring box that contained the ring I had picked out for Karly. I opened it and showed it to him.

He took it from me, “Not an engagement ring?” he asked me… I could sense the warning in his voice.

I laughed, “No. We’re not even close to it… I was thinking about using it as a promise ring.”

He smiled at me, “Good choice. This will be perfect for that! So how does this make my sale?”

I smiled back at him. “Well, I need two things. First, I need it engraved. Second, I need it sized to an 8, and I need it by tomorrow.”

He whistled. “The engraving I can do. The sizing, I can’t.” He took the ring out of the box, running it between his fingers. He could see the disappointment in my eyes. “I have a ton of clients and order coming out my ears. I’ll be lucky to get done as is before the holiday.”

“I could pay a little more if you could squeeze it in.” I offered.

He smiled at me and I could see the pity in his eyes. “It’s not a matter on money. I’ve made commitments to my customers. To get this done early I’d have to jump you up in line, and that’s not fair to my other customers.”

I nodded at him, understanding where he was coming from, “I understand.” I reached for the ring box back. I would still buy the necklace from him. I was just hoping that I could close the deal up neatly. “I’ll still take the necklace.”

He smiled at me. “Tell you what. The engraving is easy. I could do that right now, just take me a minute or two.” He shook the ring at me. “Eyeballing this… it’s close to an 8. That’s a common ring size for women. Let me measure it. If it’s way off, you give it to her on Christmas and tell her that you couldn’t get it sized. Bring her in here to me, and I’ll measure her finger and fit it perfect for her, free of charge. How’s that sound?”

That was perfect! “Sounds like a good compromise!”

He pulled a mandrel from under the counter and dropped the ring on it. Then he smiled at me, “Looks like it’s your lucky day. It’s an eight already.”

I was thrilled! He pulled the ring off the mandrel and handed it back to me, “Tell you what. If it doesn’t fit her perfectly, you bring it back to me, and I’ll measure her up and make it fit perfect, on the house still!”

I looked at him with genuine appreciation. “Thank you.”

He smiled, “Lets get you rung up!”

After the jeweler, I went to one other store…

On the way home I stopped and picked up wrapping paper and got hold of a few empty boxes to wrap my purchases in.

When I got home, I wrapped everything carefully. I hated wrapping gifts. Since everything I had purchased, even the gifts for her parents were actually for Karly, I wrapped everything very carefully.

She came over about 6 that evening, diving into my arms and kissing me passionately the instant she came in the door. “I missed you so much!” She moaned between kisses.

I pressed her to the wall and stuck my tongue in her mouth to show her I missed her even more!

When I managed to pull myself from her I looked over how she looked… ‘Fuck!’ I called out to myself. She was wearing a polka dot skirt, which was going to come in handy later in the night, I noted to myself, thigh high stockings, short cropped shoes.

Her hair was different… and I loved it! She had cut it into a shorter style and had died her bangs a deep purple. Best of all she had styled it up into pigtails… she had just the perfect mix of innocent and trashy…

Combine her sexy outfit with what I knew of her dirty mind I knew tonight was going to be an interesting night!

She bit her lip, “Do you like it?” she asked me nervously.

I shoved her roughly against the wall and shoved my tongue down her throat to show her how much I loved it…

My hand drifted down and grabbed her tit, squeezing roughly. She moaned in ecstasy. I decided to hell with my plans tonight, I wanted her right then. My hand drifted down between her legs…

She moaned louder and spread her legs. I shoved her panties aside roughly and pushed my two middle fingers into her…

Her arms wrapped around me as I started pumping my fingers into her body roughly. I enjoyed making love to her, but right now, right now, I wanted to fuck the ever loving shit out of her. I wanted to show her who she belonged to.

Her panties were making it difficult to get a good grip on her, so once again, I ripped them off.

Her breath was coming like she was an animal in heat and she broke from my kiss… “You are so hard on my panties!” She moaned.

I jammed my fingers back into her, saying with a growl, “So stop wearing the fucking things!”

I shoved her back into the wall again, less to get her and more just to show her who was in control. My free hand pawed at her breast roughly, making sure, because I knew she liked it, to give her nipple a rough squeeze every now and again… “You think I’m hard on your panties you should see what I’m about to do to your pussy.”

I took a break from kissing her lips and ran them down the side of her face and down her neck. She moaned, “I want you to fuck me in the ass…”

My hand went from her breast and to her throat, pushing her head back against the wall, making her look at me, my hand working her pussy the whole time.

Her eyes pierced directly into my soul and I asked her, “You want me to fuck you in the ass?” while I tightened my grip on her throat.

She nodded weakly. “Yes.”

“Beg me to… otherwise, I’m using your pussy and your mouth.” I threatened her.

My attention between her legs was driving her wild, making it hard for her to concentrate. “Please… fuck my ass…”

I gave her another little shake, being careful not to hurt her. She was completely at my mercy. It was one thing to play with her, I would be destroyed if I actually hurt her, especially while we were making love. “You really think I’m gonna fuck you in the ass?”

Her hips were bucking against my hand, assisting me in thrusting into her…

“Yes. Please, fuck me in the ass…” she begged.

I pulled my hand away from her pussy and moved my hand from her neck to behind her hear, grabbing a fair handful of hair. I pulled her roughly into the kitchen. I threw her face first over the table, forcing her perfect ass into the air. “You want it in the ass, you stay there and spread your asscheeks for me!” I ordered her.

I kneeled and shoved my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could reach. She bucked and moaned loudly… “No…” she begged again, “Please, fuck me in the ass.”

I smacked her ass loudly, making sure it made a lot more sound than contact, I wanted it to sound hard, not be hard. “Shut up!” She bucked again. ‘She likes that.’ I noted to myself.

I grabbed her hips and again, shoved my tongue deep into her pussy, loving the sweet tasty of all that Karly. I noticed her head snap back, I was pleased to see she was enjoying herself, but I also wanted to give her what she was asking for. She had said she liked this better after all…

I stood and kicked my shoes off, dropping my pants while I did so. I took a really good solid look at her there, bent over the table, asscheeks spread, pussy on full display… ‘Any second now, you’re going to wake up on that bus and realize this is all a dream.’ I thought to myself.

I stripped my shirt off and walked closer behind her. “You want to get fucked in the ass?” I asked her.

“Please, please fuck my ass.” She told me.

I took my cock and pressed it hard against her clit, causing her to moan. I rubbed myself up her slit and positioned myself above her asshole. I was really tempted to push it in, but I figured I’d teaser her a bit first… she started to push herself back, trying to get me to go in. She was making small, moaning noises, mixed with the occasional, “Please, come on please…”

I grabbed myself to have better control and said, “Nope!” and went into her pussy hard, bottoming out on her in a single stroke. She was so ready for me I went straight in without resistance. ‘God she feels so good…’ I thought to myself.

She rammed herself back into me, “Okay… that’s pretty good too.”

I pulled her hips into me, ramming myself into her hard. I knew she liked this position now, and that she liked it hard in this position. I was really enjoying myself, but I also wanted to give her what she wanted. I pulled myself from her…

I wanted to be rough with her… in her ass, that was going to be tough. Then a thought occurred to me. I ordered her, “Stay right there. If you want me to fuck you in the ass you keep your ass cheeks spread for me! When I get back I better still feel like fucking you in the ass.”

I stepped away from her and rushed to the cupboard. I grabbed a container of vegetable oil out and put a lot on myself. I wanted it to be as lubed as possible. I walked back over to her and again positioned myself over her back door. “You want this?” I asked her.

She nodded over and over… “Yes please.” She begged.

I started to push myself into her. I have to admit, anal was growing on me. She felt amazing, tight and amazing. I went slow, wanting to make sure she enjoyed it.

She stopped me with a, “Fuck!”

I held still and asked her, “Are you okay?”

She responded, “Will you shut the fuck up and ram it in already! Enough foreplay!”

I grabbed her hips and ground myself into her roughly. When my hips finally met hers she gasped, and went stiff, “Fuck I’m cumming! Yeah, that’s it, fuck me in the ass!”

I went to town on her, pulling her back on me with each stroke. Nearly pulling myself from her with each stroke and pushing in hard until our hips met. She was wailing like a banshee. I was a bit worried about her, but figured if she wanted me to stop she would tell me.

She went over the edge again and again. She was not difficult to bring to orgasm under most conditions but she seemed to cum more readily with anal. I wasn’t complaining.

Finally, the intense pleasure of her and her continued dirty mouth as she screamed for me to fuck her in the ass was too much for me to bear. I grunted my orgasm into her and fell down across her back.

I slid out of her and stood… feeling suddenly very exhausted. “Oww…” She whined.

‘Oh god oh god oh god!” I thought, “I’m sorry.” I blathered as I rushed to her, wrapping my arms protectively around her. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

She laughed at me, “Yeah, my stomach hurts from having like 20 orgasms in a row!” She wrapped her arms around me and hugged my tight. I felt relief surge through my body.

She kissed my ear, “I love you, you worrywort!” she whispered. She stepped away from me and started to walk towards the bathroom, pulling her skirt off above her head and tossing it into our bedroom, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder at me seductively as she reached back and unclasped her bra, “I’m taking a shower, wanna join me?”

I fell into my chair at the kitchen table and stared at her as she walked out of the room, “You keep this up and we’re not going to make that movie!” I shouted at her.

I heard the shower start and he muffled voice yelled back, “You keep this up and I might not want to!”

Our shower was delicious. We took our time luxuriating in the warm water and our bodies intertwining…

Or at least that was what I told myself. Truth be told, it sucks showering with someone. I mean, yeah, it’s a hell of a lot of fun to be in there with a beautiful woman that is begging you to wash her, and soap her up, but if it’s not a big shower, half the time you’re standing in the cold waiting for your turn to get into the water.

Lucky I kept stealing steamy hot kisses from her every couple of minutes.

We got out and headed out to the movies. It was awesome to be there with her. I got to get out in public with her and watch the jealous stares they gave me and her together. I knew there was not one guy that we saw that didn’t think ‘What the hell is she doing with him?’.

She bought the tickets, I bought us drinks and popcorn. We spent most of the movie kissing and holding hands. It seemed like a good movie, but the quality of her lips pushed it up into the category of a great movie in my eyes.

When we got home, we lay down on the bed together and kissed leisurely. Our hands entwining as we rolled around together. We were both pretty sated from our earlier sexual adventures and just spent the time enjoying our time together and sharing our bodies with each other. After 30 minutes or so we broke apart and I let her know it was time to get serious and do some college research.

I looked at her, “So what are you going to be when you grow up?”

She rolled over on me, spreading her legs over me. She had redone her pigtails and she twirled them. “Well see… I was thinking about being a stripper… or maybe a pornstar… but I’m kind of dating this asshole that would give me a hard time about it.”

I rolled her over and pressed myself into her. “What the hell are you talking about? I was going to pressure you into porn, you’d be awesome at it! I could be your suitcase pimp!”

She laughed and kissed me. I continued, “I mean, fuck I’d jerk off to you…” I paused, “Let’s be honest, I have jerked off just thinking about you…”

She smiled at me. “So how’d I measure up to your fantasies?”

I considered for a moment, “Well, I don’t know. Normally in my fantasies your face is stuck between another hotter girls’ legs…”

She hit me, “That’s it! Keep that up and you’ll not get to step in the room the first time I slip between some other girls’ legs.”

I stopped dead. “Uhhhh…..”

She smacked me in the head, “I’m sexually adventurous but I’m not that sexually adventurous!”

I smiled at her. I know it should be one of my fantasies but honestly, my Karly was more than enough for me. I also didn’t want to share her with anyone, male or female.

She continued, “Another man though… yummy.”

I was my turn to swat at her. “Knock it off slut!” I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, putting on my best caveman voice, “Karly mine!”

She giggled and play fought me. We wrestled a bit and I ended up with her on top of me. I pulled her in and kissed her. “Seriously, what do you want to learn?”

She leaned down, “Maybe I just want to have your babies…” She closed her eyes and rubbed herself against me “Lots and lots of your babies… then just stay at home, take care of them and wait for you to come home and put another baby in me…”

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, rolling over on top of her. “I don’t want that for you…” I whispered, kissing her gently. “I want to see you grow. I want you to have everything you want. Maybe you want me to put my babies in you, and raise them with you.” I kissed her again. “I want that to. But I also want you to have opportunities. If you chose not to do that, if you choose not to be that.”

She kissed me deeply again. “But I do want to have your babies…”

‘God damn her! She’s too good at distracting me.’ I thought. I gave her a spectacular kiss. “Please be serious. I need you to take this seriously.”

She stopped and looked away from me. “Maybe I don’t want to go to school.” She whispered.

I made her look at me… “Tell me.” I ordered her.

She bit her lip, which was something I knew she did when she was nervous. I waited her out. “I don’t want to lose you.” She whispered.

“You’re not going to lose me. Why would school cause you to lose me?” then it hit me. Mike. He went to college, and she lost him.

I pulled her close and hugged her, “That won’t happen.” I told her. “You need to understand, I pray every morning that you don’t come to your senses and figure out I’m not good enough for you.”

She bit her lip, “I don’t think so. I think you’ll find someone that you like better, or you’ll get bored with me and want to have sex with someone else…”

I looked at her carefully. “This is really important. You don’t throw yourself at me sexually because you think that’s what it takes to be with me do you?”

She kissed me hard. “No.” Then she kissed me hard again, “I throw myself at you sexually because I want your cock in me every second of every day.”

I smiled a weak smile at her, it was time to alleviate her fears, “Well, then you have nothing to worry about.”

Her face grew curious. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you said Mike went off to college and found himself some fresh college pussy. I’m bringing my own college pussy with me!” I hollered as I kissed her soundly. It was then I remembered that she wasn’t wearing panties…

I slid between her legs, kissing her lips, her neck, her face. I started fighting with my belt buckle… I needed her right then. She reached down and helped me. I was so excited I wasn’t making progress… she pushed my pants down a bit… pulled me from my pants and started stroking me…

I moaned into her neck it felt so good. “You mind if I put that in you for a bit?”

She spread her legs and guided me into her. It was heaven.

She forced me over and raised up on me, giving me a spectacular view of her body. She put her arms through the strings holding her skirt and pulled her skirt and her bra down giving me a great view of her perfect breasts. She was bouncing on me faster and faster.

She arched her back out, knowing that I was enjoying watching her bounce up and down on me. “Don’t wait for me please?” She begged me. “I want to feel your cum in me…”

That was all the invitation I needed. I grabbed her hip and thrust myself up into her, “Oh fuck, Karly…” I hissed as I filled her…

She slowed her gyrations on me, just enjoying the feel of me in her. When my eyes suddenly focused I looked at her. “I want to be a psychologist.” She told me.

I looked at her breathlessly, “Well, so it looks like I only need to fuck you 30 or 40 more times and we’ll have this college thing figured out…”

She left that night, and I spent the night alone. I wondered if that should bother me. It didn’t. We made an agreement to meet in the morning for breakfast. I wanted to spend the day with her, but she told me she had errands to run with her family. I was okay with that. I loved hanging out with her, but some quiet time was starting to look pretty good right about now. I wondered what that said about me?

In the morning she picked me up and we went to chain restaurant for breakfast. She ordered pancakes, I got an omelet. The food was excellent. The company was better. About mid way through the meal she casually asked me, “So what are your plans for tomorrow, when are you going to see your family? Do you need a ride?”

I looked to her, a forkful of food halfway to my mouth. “What are you talking about?” I asked her.

She looked at me like I was stupid, “Tomorrow’s Christmas. When are you going over to your family’s house?”

I shook my head like she was stupid, “I’m not.”

Now it was her turn to stop mid bite, “What?”

I looked at her, chewing my food. “I told you, my mom’s not really interested in being a mother. I don’t even think she’s in town. My dad is pissed at me. I don’t think he’s really all that interested in busting out the eggnog and celebrating.”

She looked like I had hit her with an axe handle. I raised my eyebrow. “What?”

She finally spoke after a long pause, “So what are you doing about the holiday?”

I shook my head, trying to chew my food, “I’m probably going to watch a movie and make myself a nice dinner. Try to get some rest, I have a big tournament coming up and it’s going to be important that I do well in it.”

She looked stunned. If I had told her I was gay I don’t think she’d have been more surprised. She finally started shaking her head, “No you’re not.”

I raised my eyebrows at her and put another forkful of food in my mouth. “Yes. Yes I am.”

Her eyes got really angry then, “No. You’re going to come over to my house, and you’re going to spend the holiday with us.”

Her mood didn’t improve when I laughed at her… “No, I’m not.”

Her jaw clenched tight. “You are not spending the holiday alone. I won’t take no for an answer.”

I shook my head at her. “You’re going to have to because there is no way in hell that I’m imposing on your family on the holiday. I’ve already imposed enough as it is.”

Her look turned deadly serious… her jaw jutted out, her eyes flashed, there was even a bit of a flare to her nose. “One night of breaking down is not imposing on our family.”

It hurt to have her remind me of that night, and it didn’t approve my opinion of the topic at hand. “It is. Also, I’d rather be alone than impose on someone’s family holiday.”

That one really pissed her off. “So you’d rather be alone than spend the holiday with me?”

That broke my heart a little. I cocked my head at her, “That isn’t fair. I would love to spend the holiday with you, I just can’t put myself in the middle of your family just so I can feel a little better. This is not that big of a deal…”

She took a deep breath. “You are starting to really piss me off.”

I could see how upset she was. She just didn’t understand…

“You would not be imposing on my family if you came over.” Her look told me she didn’t want to argue any more.

“I would be. I know it’s not that big of a deal to you. To your family, it would be a big deal. I won’t impose myself on someone who doesn’t want me.” She started to interrupt me and I held up a hand. “You’re about to tell me they won’t care. You’ll talk to them about it. But they will care. This is a family holiday. Come and talk to me on the 4th of July, then I’ll spend the hell out of a holiday with your family. Even Thanksgiving I would be negotiable about. Christmas is about family. Yes, you can force the issue, and yes, your family will probably nod and say they’re fine with it, because they are nice people. It won’t change the fact I’m unwanted though, so I won’t be there.”

My head started to hurt. I didn’t want to have this conversation. Everything I said was true, but that didn’t mean it didn’t still hurt. I needed to make her understand, being alone I could handle, being rejected… I pushed my plate away, rubbing my hands together and then I got an idea.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that if I’m alone, I’ll be lonely. That will hurt me in your mind.” I held my hands up, palms first to her. “What do you see?”

She looked at me like I’d gone crazy. “Your hands.”

I nodded, “Be more specific. Please.”

She shook her head in frustration. “I don’t know. Strong hands, fingers, joints…”

I held my hands out to her. “Good enough. Now feel my hands. Describe them.”

She gave me a look of annoyance and ran her fingers over my palms. “Rough skin.” She got to the point where my fingers met my hands. “Calluses.”

“Describe them.” I told her.

“Rough, and hard. Like little strips of leather in you palms.” She was searching my eyes for some sign of understanding what I was talking about.

I nodded, “And do you know how I got them?”

She shrugged, “Working out in the weight room for years?”

I again nodded. “Exactly. Do you know why they form?”

She looked at me like I was stupid. “Yes, they are formed due to damage to your hands…” she stopped. She was starting to understand…

I ran my thumbs over them. “You would think they’d be sensitive. They’re not. I can still feel them. But they don’t hurt. I can work the skin there until it bleeds, and it doesn’t hurt. I hurt myself so much that my body created an armor. I put my finger to my temple. It’s the same here. Damage happens, scars form. And eventually things callus over. Do you know they itch?”

The sudden turn of conversation threw her. “What itch?” she asked.

“My calluses. If I don’t work out, they itch. Like crazy.” I raised my eyebrows up at her again. I once gain pointed to my temple. “It’s the same here. I don’t mind being alone. Not the way everyone else seems to. Not anymore. That part of my mind has callused over. Do I love spending time with you? Absolutely. Do I have to be around someone?” I shook my head, “No.”

She sighed at me, “I don’t care.”

“You’re alone for a really long time and it hurts. After a while. It just shuts off.” I told her.

A single tear fell down her face, “I know what you’re trying to say. I just don’t care. All I know is you’d rather be alone than spend the holiday with me.”

I smiled at her. “Then you don’t understand. I’d rather be alone for a thousand years than to cause you pain. You think I’m causing you pain by choosing not to be with you. In truth, I’m sparing you the pain of causing problems with your family because you try to spare me pain. I won’t let that happen.”

She shook her head at me. “You’re so stupid.”

I gave her another weak smile. “I know I am, but I’m still right.”

She dropped me off at home, still pissed at me. I started to get out. Disappointed in myself for letting her down. For not being able to explain myself well enough. Now she would be angry at me through the entire holiday, and it would be nearly two whole days before I saw her again…

I started to get out of the car, and she stopped me by grabbing my arm. I turned back to her, “I’m sorry.” I tried weekly.

She grabbed me and wildly kissed me. “I’m coming over tonight. I’m staying the night.”

I started to tell her she wasn’t but she put her fingers on my lips. “Okay. I’m coming over tonight, and I’m staying until midnight. Then you and I are going to celebrate our own Christmas. Only then do I go home.”

I nodded at her. “Okay.”

I heard footfalls on my steps and ran to the door, eager to see her. I opened the door and was faced with Marsha Kay, Karly’s mother. ‘Oh shit…’ I had time to think before Karly burst through the door and hugged me.

‘Ambush!’ my brain screamed at me.

Karly stepped back from me and gave me a serious look. “You do realize that you’ve lost already right?” She winked, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said in far too merry of a voice, “I’ll pack you a bag!”

I started to argue with her and looked at Mrs. Kay. “Ma’am….”

I was going to add, “please don’t do this to me…” but she didn’t let me.

She smiled. “Like Karly said. You’ve already lost sweety. Karly told me that you have no family for the holiday. You’re coming home with us. You’re going to enjoy it, and you’re not going to argue about it.”

Just then Karly squealed from the bedroom. I ran into the room. ‘Oops.’ I had hidden her Christmas presents in the closet. She had gone into my closet to get my clothes. I was suddenly very grateful I had wrapped them.

She turned. “All but two of these are for me? Why are there so many presents in here for me?”

I smiled at her. “Because I love you baby girl…”

Her face went soft. “All that shoveling…?”

I smiled at her and gave her a hug. “I’d do every bit of it again.”

She grabbed me and kissed me hard. When I came up for air I looked at her, “Sorry Mrs. Kay.”

She waived her hand, “I’ve seen worse.” Then she gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen. “Come on, you’re coming with us.”

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