Facial Fantasy

Big Tits

“I hope you’re ready for your birthday,” she wrote; “for now, just imagine me on my knees, pulling, stroking, and slurping greedily and most messily upon your swollen cock. You will explode! I will gorge on you and make you cum all over me, drenching me in pearls of your love milk.” Yes, well, as you can probably guess, I was thinking about nothing else all through the night. Every time I closed my eyes, all I saw was her smiling face looking up at me as I covered her in sticky, viscous cum. I managed to get no sleep at all just thinking about it.

The next day we met up. She wore a frilly, black and white flowery frock, with a deep, deep V-neck showing off her cleavage. That’s enough to get me interested. We got caught out in the rain whilst we were in town getting some groceries. My gaze was drawn to her lips, watching the beads of rain drip down off them. She saw my attention, and licked her lips. “I bet you can’t wait to spill your cum on my lips,” she said. I was finding it hard to keep my erection hidden as we walked about. We got on the bus and went home. The excitement was rather unbearable even then. I sat on the bus in a daze, imagining those gloriously soft lips pressed against my cock

It’s the dirty talking in public that’s really, stupidly, dangerously erotic, I find. She leant in close and whispered, “Imagine me sucking, slurping, slavering over your shaft, spitting upon it, wrapping my lips around it. Imagine my hands on your cock, wanking you fast. Imagine my face looking up at you, smiling. Imagine my lips pressed tightly against your slippery tool, kissing and pouting and slicked in your pre-cum.” I was beginning to get the distinct feeling that my lady might well be able to make me cum just by talking to me.

So we got home and started cooking dinner. I was in a furious mood. I pressed my body against hers and groped and squeezed and nuzzled her neck voraciously. She bent over and leant against the worktop in the kitchen. I hoisted up her frock and pushed my cock inside her. It felt like lava. It seemed my girl was getting turned on by all this teasing. I humped her hard, whilst reaching round to clasp her plump bosom. She moaned softly, but still managed to utter some filthy words. “I love your cock inside me,” she said as I felt her muscles tighten vice-like against it; “but I’m not going to be satisfied till you completely drown me in cum.”

I couldn’t hump her for too long. It just all felt too much. I began to realise that I was going to have to regulate myself. At the rate she was going, I was liable to go off at any moment. Thankfully, dinner came to the rescue. Or rather the smoke alarm did. So we had a burnt roast for dinner. Still, it was the pudding I was more interested in.

Ah, but then we did have some proper pudding. It’s not all about sex, you know. We got some strawberries and cream. My girlfriend told me she’d prepare the strawbs, and I told her I’d go to the toilet. Sexy, eh? Well I was just about finished in the toilet (no mess, no smells, I had washed my hands and everything!) when my girlfriend came barging in. Completely naked. This was an interesting development. Not something I’d been counting on. She told me to sit down. I sat. She knelt between my legs, placing her breasts on my crotch and looked up at me. ‘I want your cum on me, just like this.” What she did next was so erotic I can barely bring myself to describe it, but I will, just for you.

She pulled my cock from my trousers, and held it with her hand. Sure it was pulsing. Then she revealed a jug with her other hand. Well, actually I noticed the jug the moment she came in, but this way it’s more of a surprise for the reader. You can probably guess it was full of cream. She proceeded to pour the entire jug of cream on herself. The cream poured first upon those pouty lips. She let it into her mouth and I watched in awe as it overflowed and ran down her chin. She poured the jug over her cheeks and nose and forehead. It splashed upon her delicate features messily. Splatters landed in her hair. Within seconds her face was completely covered and lost to view in thick white cream, yet still she poured. It flowed down her face and neck and fell upon her tremendous bosom, pooling in her cleavage, and it overflowed there too, yet still she poured, till the cream ran down her body, soaking it in cream, soaking me in cream, my cock, my trousers, the bathroom floor, yet still she poured. She looked me in the eye the entire while she covered herself.

Christ, what a mess. She took my soaking wet cock and slapped it all over her face. She slurped nosily on it a bit and slapped the head against her pouting lips, sending spatters of cream every which way. She wanked me off as she did it. She told me, “I’m going to make you cum like this. I’m going to make you drench me in your semen. I’m going to make you cum and cum till my lips are coated in the stuff, till my mouth overflows with it, till it hangs down on my cheeks, till every inch of my face is glazed in your spunk. And I’m going to make you keep doing it even then.”

I threw her on to the gaziantep escortları bathroom floor and set about her ravenously. Her neck was drenched in cream. I nuzzled and got just as covered as she was. I writhed against her slicked body and we slipped and slid around together. I forced my way inside her again. I humped he rotten. She had turned me into an animal. We both were moaning like a pair of idiots. It was just too hot for words. Eventually, I had to stop. I just couldn’t bring myself to cum yet. It just wouldn’t be right.

Anyway, that explains why she got two jars of cream. I mean, she doesn’t even like cream. Considering what I’ve told you about my fantasy, can you imagine how turned on I was at this point? It took a while to clean up the mess. And everything I was wearing at the time had to go straight in the wash. But my god was it worth it. That was worth losing an arm and a leg for.

We took a shower together and I soaped up her boobs. Is there anything in life as perfect as a soapy tit wank? Maybe. But I didn’t get one, in case you’re interested. It was getting late, after all. I spent the shower time thanking her, mostly. She was being a goddess. She had already gone way beyond the call of duty. Still there’s more to come. We had to go to bed after that. I was exhausted. So much for the strawberries.

I love getting into bed with someone just after a nice hot shower. Don’t you? It just feels so warm and fresh. We kissed each other for the longest time. We aren’t exactly teenagers. Something about this weekend was making us feel a bit like it, though. We kissed the way new lovers kiss. Deep, long, passionate. I clasped one of her breasts, and I took hold of my cock and began rubbing it against her box. It was sticky and moist, and so, so hot. I really wanted to plunge it inside again, but I resisted, for it was her I wanted to tease. I rubbed my tool all about her lower lips and her clitoris. My lady squirmed and writhed and moaned and sighed. My cock felt as if it were a ticking bomb after a while, so I eventually had to stop. I succeeded only in making both of us more pointlessly aroused.

As we lay in a state of semi-nakedness, stroking each other tenderly, we heard the clock strike two. Yes, we’ve got one of those old fashioned ding dong clocks. They’re pretty neat, you should get one. I was really feeling the effects of fatigue; the constant teasing coupled with my recent sleep privations gave gave me a dreamlike, hazy state of mind. I knew my lady felt just the same as me. Conscious decision-making had taken a back seat: her teasing had become instinctive, mechanical. She softly spoke yet more lurid descriptions of her intentions as I kissed her neck tenderly. Her words, her touch, her heat, all mingled and became one feeling in my mind, pure anticipation. Anticipation. Isn’t that just the most powerful feeling you’ve ever felt? I have to be honest here, the very moment after I ejaculate on my girlfriend’s face, I always feel a little bit silly. I really think that this fantasy is all about driving myself completely insane before I do just that. Well, it was working. I fell into it.

She murmured as my cock pulsed and growled. “I want you to spend. I want to clasp your cock to my lips and kiss it tenderly as you explode. I want to look at you lovingly when you blow up in my face. I want you to blast my face with your sticky slime. I want to feel your deluge of creamy spunk on every inch of my face. I want to become completely cum-drenched and messy! I want to be your filthy cum-splashed slut as you blast your mess completely in my face over and over again and again!”

I groaned in agonising bliss. It was simply too much to bear. She just carried on. We lay for a few hours more, her endless descriptions of making me spend sending me into a crazed madness. “You are a Goddess, love,” I slurred between her lusty sentences. She was. She is. Eventually, at some point, we fell asleep.

Day three. Sort of. We woke up pretty late. We started the day with sex. Is there any better way? Actually, my girlfriend woke up a while before me and started wanking herself off. When I woke up I took over for her. I spooned her. I love spooning. It’s one of the most comfortable ways to have sex ever devised. Perfect for when you’re barely awake. So I frigged her for a while and then I slipped inside her once again. I frigged and fucked at once. She moaned softly. What a great way to start the day. I started clawing her with my free hand and then advanced to spanking her. I love the way she yelps when I do that. I made her behind pink and raw and stingy.

We got up, we washed, we dressed. My body was tingling all over. My sleep had been tepid, scratchy, horny. My balls were beyond blue. You might have noticed that the things my girlfriend was saying to arouse me are more than a little bit repetitive. She brought that up, too. I told her, no, don’t worry, repetition is good. It’s as if the repetition puts me into some sort of sex-crazed trance. Anyway, we started the day of reckoning.

In order to enrage my lust still further, my girl decided to give me a taste of what was to come later on. Around about lunch time she got down on her knees and yanked my quiescent, yearning cock out of my trousers. She spat on my dick a series of times and then rubbed the head all over her lips and cheeks as she wanked it. She looked up at me lovingly, with that slutty look in her eyes. A lady’s face is always prettiest when it’s looking up at you. It’s why it’s such a popular angle for photographers. It makes a girl’s eyes look disproportionately large and cute. She just looks ravishing. Looking down at my girlfriend slick her face in spittle, I felt as if I was on fire.

She wanked me, sucked and slurped me in this outrageously messy, sluttish way for a while. She carried on talking between slurps, “I love being your sticky mess, all covered and sopping with your cum. Cum so I can feel it gush all over my lips and cheeks and fall on to my breasts! One big, huge messy explosion of cum all in my face!”

After about ten minutes, she stopped her amazing blowjob. Argh. I was really starting to go insane now. Do you know my favourite way to cum? It’s when my girlfriend wanks my cock at the speed of light against her pouting lips. I had this crazy idea that she could try a verbal and physical combo of that. I asked her to try. She took my slicked and soaked dick and held it against her lips. Then she started wanking me ferociously against them so that spittle flew all over the place, and then she started saying, “Cum on my face, cum on my face, cum on my face,” over and over, just as fast, just like that. Her eyes looked into mine pleadingly. Oh Christ! I was going to drench her so badly. She drooled and spat on my dick between her sentences. Streams of her spittle spattered sluttishly about my cock and her face as she looked up at me. I reached down and gripped her shoulders and gazed on. Oh christ, I was in physical pain. I gasped and wheezed as my lady continued. She plunged her head down and took my tool into her throat for a long while. She raised up suddenly and gasped for breath, then spat upon my sopping shaft violently. She smiled at me lustily as she wanked my sticky shaft, slapping it all about her face, so fast. She said those magic words again and again and again, “Cum on my face, cum on my face, cum on my face!” I was going to do it. I could feel the spunk welling up inside me. Christ. This is insane. I can’t handle this. In a few seconds I’m not even going to recognise her underneath all the spunk I’m about to blast in her face. She’s going to be the filthiest, dirtiest, messiest fucking cumslut. Oh christ, her hand is a blur. Now she’s saying, “Drench me, drench me, drench me,” I will. I fucking will.

I didn’t. She stopped. She brought to the very brink and then she just stopped. I stood there, cock twitching, enormous streams of spittle hanging down from it, gazing at her messy face as she smiled at me. She can’t do this to me. This should be against the law. This is insane. My balls were beyond purple now. My hands were shaking. My whole body ached and groaned. This fantasy of mine was going to give me a heart attack.

To cool down a bit, we had a cup of tea. I could barely hold the cup. We watched a film together. Amelie. Have you seen it? Pretty good, actually. I couldn’t really concentrate on the film, though, really. My mind had been broken. I was beyond the point of no return. My girlfriend knew it. She slipped her hand into my pants and gently stroked my cock throughout the film. And yes, she even whispered stuff in my ear too. Is there no reprieve? Are not even French films sacred? I guess not. What a goddess. “I want to be glazed in your cum,” she slurred; “do it! Drench me! Coat my face in spunk! Cum on me! Explode all over me!”

Whew. I don’t really remember much of the rest of the day after that. Don’t worry, I remember all of the sexy bits. The next sexy bit, though, was later that evening. We washed and got ready for bed. I removed a large spider from our bedroom. My girlfriend stayed in the bathroom to get herself ready. I didn’t really know if she was planning to do any special preparations, though. I hoped so. I sat on the bed and waited. I tried to read a book. I couldn’t concentrate; it was as if all the words on the page I was reading were either “cum” or “face”. Argh. Still I didn’t have to wait all that long.

She walked into the room. Oh christ. She wore a tight-fitting dark purple corset—I didn’t know she had it. She was saving it for tonight. He breasts were bulging out of the damned thing. They were heaving. She wore silky black opera gloves. Attached to her corset were suspenders and black stockings. She wore her hair in a chignon so as to show off her long and slender neck, and had a big pearl necklace as a sort of symbolic gesture of what was to come. Wow. My cock grew an inch just looking at her. She smiled wickedly at me. She sauntered over and I stood up and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a series of kisses. This was just too perfect. I gorged on her neck and clasped her sexy body. Whew.

She looked at me and gently sunk to her knees, running her hands ticklishly down my sides as she went. I noticed then what was different about her eyes. She wore eyeliner. Of course she wears that all the time, but not for sex. That’s too messy. It changed the way I looked at her face. It just drew attention to her big wide eyes. She smiled at me. What a vision. Her breasts heaved and wobbled a little below. She licked her lips and stroked the bulge in my pants. “I am going to make you cum enormously,” she said. I shivered.

She unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down, together with my pants. My angry red cock swung free and throbbed in her face. She beamed at me as she took my cock into her gloved hand. Have you ever had a wank with silky gloves? Try it; it feels great. I groaned as she wanked my cock, holding it millimetres from her pursed, moist lips. I could feel her warm breath on my fiery shaft. This was just too delicious for words. She clasped my cock tightly and began to rub it over her face. I was already oozing precum. I watched as she brought the tip of my cock to her lips and smeared them with it as she gently tugged.

“Mmm,” she said; “I hope you’re going to make a big mess.”

I stuttered a vague agreement and nodded my head idiotically. My knees were trembling. She looked into my eyes and smiled again. She tossed me slightly faster.

“I want to get all messy with your cum. But first I’m going to have to get messy with your cock. Do you want me to slurp on it, spit on it, wrap my lips around it, suckle on it?”

I nodded again. I could barely string two words together. My cock was on fire. She tossed my cock off against her pursed lips and started to drool. I felt my cock slip and slide against those soft lips and she slowly coated the head in her delicious spittle. I watched the spittle run down her chin and slop on to those gorgeous breasts. She was already making a mess of herself.

“Let me wrap my lips around your cock,” she murmured. “Let me suck and slurp on you, violently. Let me become your cock-sucking whore, your dirty, filthy, spunk-slurping slut.” Christ, I wanted nothing more.

She carried on rubbing my cock against her mouth in this way for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden she started spitting on it. Or rather spitting against it; her lips never once left the fiery tip of my cock. She completely covered the end of my cock in her spit. More spittle fell down and slopped on to her heaving breasts. She leant back for a moment and removed the opera glove from her wanking hand. She put her soft hand back on my cock and clasped the slippery shaft and started tossing me again. Arrrgh. This was insane. Her hand felt wild against my slippery shaft, and she wanked it against her face with abandon. She slapped it over her lips and cheeks and sent spittle flying everywhere. She suddenly plunged her head down and swallowed my cock whole. I felt myself push into her throat. Amazing feeling. She held herself there for as long as she could then came up for air. Spit poured from her mouth as she gasped. She spat it all over my shaft, and I watched eagerly as the rest splattered down on to her bouncing breasts.

She set about my cock hungrily. She sucked and slurped upon it noisily, constantly spitting, tossing, slapping it about her face. She was gasping for breath. “Oh god, drench me!” she blurted out, “blast my face! explode all over me! Spend and spend! Cum on my lips, cum on my cheeks, cum in my mouth, cum everywhere, cum so much that you cannot even see me beneath it all!”—she spat upon me again—”drench me, cum on my face!”

She tossed me harder. “You want to spend,” she gasped. “Do it! I want to be glazed in your sticky mess! Do it now! Drench me! Coat my face in spunk! Cum on me!” She pressed her lips to my throbbing shaft. “Explode all over me! Cum on me!”

I’d love to be a hero and say I managed to last for ages under this kind of torture, but I’m afraid it’s not to be. Her eyes gazed into mine pleadingly as she continued to beg me to cum all over her. I gazed at her sticky features, her soft skin, her pouting lips, her big wide eyes. All I wanted to do now was erupt pints of semen on that gorgeous, waiting face. I didn’t want her to stop talking, though. Don’t stop, I gasped.

She knew exactly what to do. Her wanking pace increased till her hand was just a blur. The head of my cock slid wildly all over her pursed lips as she started pleading for me to cum. “Cum on my face! Cum on me! Drench my face in pints of your sticky sperm! Douse me in your cum!”

I felt my shaft start to throb. I was about to explode.

“I want to be drenched in your cum! Cum on my face, cum on my face, cum on my face,” she gasped, her huge wide eyes looking into mine. I was electric. Oh Christ, I’d never been so turned on in all my life. I felt the enormous pent-up energy well up inside my cock. All of my other faculties were obliterated in the feeling. My sense of touch, smell, even my vision, grew weak as all of my mind, body and soul threw itself into the path of the most insane orgasm anyone had ever had. I tried to keep focused on her beautiful eyes as her depraved pleas washed over me like a waterfall.

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