Executive Act


When I went to our company’s head office for my business meeting I anticipated a day of tedious presentations and dreary discussion. How wrong I was!

I arrived to find I was the youngest by at least twenty years among the grey suited grey haired men sat around the big boardroom conference table, and I was the only woman. Normally when I enter a room full of men I get that exciting little thrill from sensing their attention. I’m mid thirties, brunette, with a good figure and legs that I thought my white blouse and pencil skirt just above the knee were showing off nicely. This time I got just a subdued “Good morning Mrs Sanders” from the chairman and a couple of disinterested glances in my direction from the grey heads. I saw that no-one was sitting at the short side of the big oak top conference table opposite the chairman so I planted myself on one of the black leather swivel chairs there and quietly got my papers in order.

Two minutes before the start time the door opened and in walked the new lawyer, Marcus. I’d exchanged many emails with him and I’d imagined an older man but I saw he was perhaps forty if that. He was good looking to put it mildly, obviously kept himself fit, wearing a tailored slimline blue and white striped shirt with a bright tie and an expensive looking suit. Like me he had a wedding ring on his finger. The moment his eyes fell on me I felt as if an electric shock had hit me. My blouse was thin and tight enough to arouse any man’s interest without being too daring, but it suddenly felt a lot thinner and tighter over my breasts and I suddenly wondered irrationally if the outline of my panties showed through my skirt. I felt that so familiar feeling of my clothes evaporating under a man’s lustful gaze.

“Julia” he said with a smile “we meet at last.”

My throat had suddenly become dry and for once I was tongue tied, but I somehow managed to say something in reply. He sat down next to me.

“Well gentlemen, and Julia, we’re all here so let’s kick off. First agenda item is minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.”

We spent an eternity just on that first item. But all that time I was so conscious of Marcus’ eyes on me exploring me: down my neck, over my blouse, across my skirt, down my sheer black nylons to my black high heels. I could feel his smouldering lust for me, and I was having trouble keeping my eyes off the bulging peak of his suit trousers. He was erect for me! I kept finding myself wondering how long his erect penis was: six inches, seven inches, eight inches? I wondered too what positions he liked sex with women in: boring missionary position, the only position my husband ever wants – or something more exciting! I felt my breasts tighten and that familiar tingling down below and I knew my panties were getting damp at the thought that he was seeing me nude and imagining having sex with me. I could all but feel him mentally removing my clothes. I couldn’t help but respond. I had to show him my body!

I arched my back a little in my chair to jut my breasts out. Looking down while trying not to make it conspicuous I saw that had the desired effect of tightening the thin white cloth of my blouse to show the outline of my breasts perfectly. The peaks of my nipples were showing and I felt my face redden as I realised Marcus would know I was aroused! I ‘accidentally on purpose’ manoeuvred myself into a position where Marcus could see between my blouse buttons. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his gaze lock onto my breasts. I had to smile to myself: I’d put on a bra that as well as being rather brief was flesh coloured. Marcus must have thought I wasn’t wearing a bra at all! Then it was time for the next woman’s trick for getting noticed.

I carefully wriggled my bottom and discreetly spread my legs a little, trying to make it look as if I wasn’t aware my tight skirt was steadily working its way up my nylon clad thighs. Marcus certainly noticed! But what Marcus didn’t know, at first at least, was that I was wearing stockings. I know men find stockings sexy but I wasn’t wearing them for that reason. If I’ve got to sit still on my bum for hours in meetings I find stockings so much more comfortable than tights. Marcus was trying as hard as he could not to let on that he was following the progress of my skirt, and at the same time I was trying as hard as I could to pretend my mini striptease wasn’t deliberate! At the first sight of my bare thighs above my black lace stocking tops he visibly twitched! I treated him to about an inch of bare thigh before I pulled my skirt back down to just above my knees.

Speakers droned on and the big screen at the front showed uninformative spreadsheets packed with figures and graphs. But I didn’t mind. While I sat there with my eyes staring blankly at the screen I was alone with Marcus in that same boardroom, perched on the table doing a slow striptease for him, blouse, skirt, bra, panties, leaving my stockings till last while Marcus stood there naked watching me. His erection was massive and sticking up almost vertical from a thick manly bush gaziantep escortları to a big purple mushroom head. As I stripped and posed nude in the kind of kinky poses and sex positions I know my husband looks at in his porn websites I swung my body close to Marcus so he could fondle my legs, my bottom, my breasts and between my legs. Then I sat nude on the edge of the table with Marcus’s head between my spread legs for him to kiss me all over my sex mound getting his tongue into my vagina, up over my breasts then deliciously on my lips while he fingered my pussy. Finally he stood between my spread legs, held my waist firmly and his steel hard muscle slid into me till his thick coarse bush met mine. Moments later he was powerfully pumping me and grunting “Julia! Julia!” while he fucked me better than I’d ever been fucked before….

“Isn’t that the case Julia?”

My day dream was rudely interrupted by the chairman’s question. Fortunately I’d been following just enough of what was being said to give a satisfying reply, but my heart was pounding and my face was red! I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Marcus. He was staring at the screen too, but with a satisfied smile on his face. I wIshed that whatever we were doing together in his mind we were doing for real in bed.

My heart was pounding! Sitting not more than a yard from me was a man who wanted to strip me and have sex with me, and I wanted to do the same! I decided it was time for action and I knew precisely what to do. During a droning presentation I went for a “comfort break.” As I rose I turned slowly in my seat toward Marcus and swung my legs wide to treat him to a full frontal upskirt, but still trying to make my movement look accidental. As I held my legs wide, like with all men, a glimpse of a woman’s underwear had an absolutely irresistible attraction. His head turned to enjoy the view and he made no secret of the fact that he was having a good long look at my stocking tops, bare thigh above and of course my flesh coloured panties matching my bra. With just the two of us sitting at the end of the table and everyone else’s eyes on the screen the show was just for him! I treated him to a wiggle of my bottom as I strolled to the door and I could all but feel his eyes on my bra straps through my blouse and my panties though my tight skirt. I’d decided my next move. Accidental upskirts and sex fantasies were one thing, but what I had in mind would pass the point of no return.

In the ladies’ toilet I took my panties off. They were one of the briefest thong sets I had, just a tiny lace edged triangle of cloth at the front and not much more than a thin thong strip at the back. The cloth at the front showed the shape of the bulge of my mound, the smooth sheeny cloth smelled of a combination of my perfume and my sex juice, and best of all a dark pubic hair was caught in the embroidery. With my panties scrunched in a tight little ball in my hand I strolled back into the meeting, where the same presentation was still droning on. My heart was pounding!

I returned to my seat next to Marcus, then below the table top so no one else would notice I tossed my panties into his lap. They landed on his thigh. You should have seen the look on his face! Keeping his hands below the table top he unfolded them, ran his fingertips across the juice-wetted patch at the front, and plucked at my pubic hair. Now he knew I had a hairy cunt and what colour my bush was! Sweat appeared on his forehead and I saw he was breathing more quickly, and of course his trousers were up like a mountain peak! He turned and grinned at me. I shuffled my bottom like before but this time I didn’t stop at just one inch of bare thigh. I took my time letting my skirt rise as high as it could go, all the time sitting with my eyes attentively on the screen. With my skirt as high as I could get it I slowly swung my legs as wide as I could, swivelling my hips toward him under the table to show him my naked sex mound and the neatly trimmed dark bush around my vagina in a private tease. With my knickers in his hands and my cunt on display his penis must have been about to snap! I gave him a mischievous smile, swung my legs back together, and adjusted my skirt.

Like all of us he had his phone on the table top in front of him, and we’d all been constantly checking our emails during the meeting, keeping up with work and relieving the boredom. I picked mine up and sent Marcus one of those instant messages that disappears without trace, so very useful for keeping things secret!

“DId you like seeing my cunt and playing with my knickers?” I asked. An icon would have flashed on his phone. He picked it up. I didn’t have to wait long for his reply.

“Yeah! I like the stockings too. Are you going to take off that sexy bra and show me your tits?”

“You’re a naughty boy! I like naughty boys. What would you like to do with me?”

“I’d like to do 69 with you and kiss you all over your cunt and lick you to an orgasm while you sucked my cock off.”

I felt my face go red. I hadn’t expected a reply as raunchy as that. Marcus, I realised, was as much a hunk as he looked!

“Mmmmmm! I like 69. Perhaps later. How big is your cock?”

“Eight inches when it’s up like it is now for a sexy woman as hot as you. Do you like sucking men’s cocks?”

“I prefer big hard cocks up between my legs”

We exchanged messages like that during the whole of the presentation. All the time we were sexting Marcus was fingering my panties. It awoke an old memory. When I’d been eighteen I discovered that my younger brother was borrowing my knickers and masturbating over them. Often at bedtime I’d notice a pair was missing from my wash basket. They were just the white or pastel cotton knickers I wore to school, nothing like the sexy ones I wear now. I’d be laying in my bed and I’d hear his bed rattling in his bedroom next to mine, then he’d grunt “Julia!”, the rattling would go frantic then suddenly stop. The next night I’d notice my missing knickers were back in the basket, but wet or stained. My girl friends at school enlightened me as to what he was up to. I was masturbating too and thinking of him playing with my knickers and seeing that semen splashed lusting for me got me red hot for finger play! I suspect my pervert of a husband does the same with my panties while he ogles his porn. A fifteen minute comfort and email catch up break was approaching.

“I love it when men soak my knickers with cum. Will you …….?” I messaged. Marcus said nothing in reply but looked at me but his eyes said everything.

The break came and I got a coffee, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Marcus head down the corridor. I chatted to one of the grey suits, pleased to notice that he was obviously interested in trying to see down my blouse. But as we chatted all I could think of was Marcus standing spread legged in a toilet cubicle with his trousers and briefs down, his massive erection sticking up with a big round head, and him powerfully stroking and tugging his shaft while he held my panties in his spare hand in front of his nozzle, and his load splashing over them. I hoped he’d grunt “Julia!” like my brother did when he masturbated. After the break we returned to our seats and the next presentation started. When all eyes were on the screen Marcus passed my panties to me below the table. They were soaked with creamy semen!

“Was it good?” I messaged. He took some time with his reply.

“I put your panties on so I could see how brief they were and feel them tight around my cock. I brushed them over my shaft and balls and across my knob wishing they were your fingers, lips, tits and cunt hair. I had you from behind while you bent over this table in your nylons and high heels with your legs wide. I fingered you till you were pleading for me to have you. Then I held your thighs with my hands down inside your stockings, and pumped your warm tight wet cunt till you squealed and bucked in your climax, then I pumped you till I filled you. When I soaked your knickers it was your pussy I was filling. When can we fuck for real?”

After this meeting ended we’d be off to other meetings, then I’d be heading back home with just my husband climbing on top of me for his two minutes of fun to look forward to. I wanted a man to play with me and hard hungry man flesh between my legs. My heart was pounding. I was wild! I wanted Marcus and couldn’t wait. Then I had my inspiration.

“At lunchtime meet me In the ladies toilet.”

Marcus looked puzzled, then his low growl and the look on his face told me he’d understood.

I’m not into sex in public toilets but this was different. I would have suggested meeting in an empty office, but in this building there was only open plan or glass fronted fish tank offices. Up here on the boardroom floor was the executive toilet. This wasn’t like the cramped cubicles in the girls’ toilets at school whIch I squeezed into with my “best friend” to lift our skirts for some pubescent hormonally supercharged knicker wetting “pash.” The executive toilet was big, clean, luxurious, pastel tiled, sweet smelling. We could even have taken a shower together there! It was also absolutely private: I was the only woman, this floor would only open to our security passes and our meeting was so confidential no cleaners would disturb us. We’d have an hour but we’d have plenty of room to spread our wings. All Marcus sent me in reply was a smiley, but that was all I needed!

I could hardly concentrate after that. In my mind Marcus undressed me from my sexiest underwear, from my little black dress, from my bikini, I posed nude for him, he masturbated over me, his fingers, tongue and penis took me to orgasm after orgasm. And I knew that inside his head he was doing the same with me. The chairman announced lunch, I saw Marcus linger ruffling his papers while a bunch of grey suits scurried off to the restaurant on a floor below, and I quietly made my way to the ladies. I stripped to my stockings and high heels and stood with my legs spread leaning back on my hands against the counter so my breasts jutted out, fingering my tingling pussy as I waited. The door opened and Marcus walked in.

“I wondered if you’d changed your mind” I said. He’d taken longer than I’d expected.

“Someone asked about the litigation” he replied, and the way he cupped his hand over my mound and eased his fingers into my slit made it clear he certainly hadn’t changed his mind.

The moment the cubicle door was locked behind us his hands and lips were exploring me passionately like a boy with his first ever girl. His hands were all over my breasts, my thighs, my bottom, down inside my stockings and of course between my legs. I stood with my legs wide for him to get down in front of me to lick and kiss my cunt then work his way up my naked body till he was kissing and sucking my nipples while his fingers explored my slit.

Even while he was running his hands all over me I was starting to undress him. He managed to keep his hands off me for long enough for me to strip him. There was already a wet patch where his bulging white briefs peaked over the big round head of his straining cock. I squatted in front of him to pull them down so his sex kit was sticking out from his thick dark bush and bending up right in front of my face. It was every bit as massive and stiff as I’d imagined. He hadn’t been boasting about his eight inches! Everything within me cried out to sex pleasure him. He grunted and moaned as I took just the big soft red purple mushroom head of his penis into my mouth, massaged it with my tongue and lips and then squeezed my lips round his hard shaft below its head and slid my lips up and down a few times.

He held my shoulders, spread his legs and braced himself for a suck off but I wanted more!

I stopped sucking him, stood and pushed him down onto the toilet seat so he was sitting there with his straining shaft sticking straight up. I stood astride him. The seat was low enough and with me in my high heels I was at just the right height for my pubic hair to tickle his penis head with my breasts right in front of his face.

“Pleasure me!” I managed to gasp.

Marcus knew exactly what a woman wants. It had been ages since a man had touched me sexually the way I want and I was blazing with lust. My spread legs had pulled my vagina open wide, my juice soaked labia were poking out for his fingers and the way he’d been playing with me had already got me well on the way to an orgasm. He stroked my vagina lips with one hand, gently easing his finger tip between my labia to work my clitty, with his other hand he stroked my thighs, and with his tongue he licked and flicked my so sensitive taut aroused nipples and my breasts. As he finger pleasured me he said things like:

“Is that good Julia?” “Is that what you want Julia?” “I want your tits and cunt Julia!” “I want to fuck you hard Julia!”

All I could do was gasp in reply “Yes!” “Want!” “Oh please!”

I love it when men talk dirty to me! And every time Marcus repeated my name I felt a thrill of excitement! Finally his fingers took me to an explosive, delicious orgasm bursting like a sunrise between my spread legs till all I was conscious of were the waves of infinite pleasure exploding out from my vagina through my entire body. My husband had never given me anything like that! Marcus held his hand between my legs cupped over my sex mound as I stood astride him with my afterglow slowly fading.

“Was that good Julia?”

“Thank you!” “Thank you!” “Thank you!” was all I could gasp.

Marcus’s hands on my thighs pulling my cunt toward the straining tower sticking up between his legs told me it was his turn. Still standing astride him, I moved till the big purple mushroom head of his cock was against my vagina lips. I let him wait for a moment, just to tease him. His hands slid round me to grab my bum and pull me against him so his face was between my breasts. I held his shoulders and lowered myself down onto him so my vagina slid down over his hard up cock, and he gave a throaty, masculine grunt, gripped my bum tighter and his hips thrust up. Then I rode his rod as I bobbed smoothly and rhythmically up and down, clenching my pussy muscles to squeeze his shaft. His hands clawed my bum, my thighs and my bare back, and from between my breasts I heard him gasp and grunt. Finally his grunts got frantic, he clawed my bottom really hard, he rammed his hips hard up under me almost lifting me, and I heard a muffled cry of “Julia! Julia!” from between my breasts as his pumping penis jerked within me. He held me against him for a long time after he’d come, until I felt his semen running down the insides of my thighs and catching in the lace of my stocking tops.

We freshened ourselves up and dressed. I put on the spare knickers I always carry with me in case of accidents and we were back in our seats five minutes before the next session of our meeting started. I gave my presentation to grey haired heads with blank faces staring vacantly at the screen, and to Marcus whose hungry eyes followed my every move. The meeting dragged on for an hour after the scheduled close time but I didn’t care; I was on a high – I’d had real dirty sex with Marcus! Finally the chairman wrapped it all up.

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