Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 03


Note: To really appreciate this story, you should really read the first episode, called simply “Erika…Part 1” and preferably also Erika .. Part 2.


Next week was Erika’s period, so we had to wait for the following weekend. We messaged each other frequently. With my encouragement, I noted that Erika’s messages had got more and more raunchy, from (I’m transcribing the shorthand) “our love making was just wonderful,” to “I am looking forward to you being inside me!” to “I can’t wait for your cock to be in my pussy!” to “last night I dreamt that your cock was in me and you were thrusting hard and I came…I woke up and pussy was so wet!!”

When we met, we kissed and cuddled some, then retired to the bedroom with some wine.

I said, “Today’s lesson will start with a repeat of lesson one.”

She thought for a moment then smiled..”Oh, my introductory lesson…”

“Yes,” I said, “Just to set the mood!”

“…but won’t it be just me getting the pleasure..” Erika looked concerned.

“Don’t worry..when a guy gives pleasure to a beautiful woman, it’s an incredible turn-on for him…if you don’t think so, watch my cock…”

She allowed me to strip her and then she stripped me, cuddling my balls when they were free. She lay back and I started licking her cunt. This time I concentrated on the clitoris more and more: round and round, nipping with my lips occasionally. Erika soon was breathing harder and harder. She reached down at one stage to feel my cock and could feel that it was at attention, and that seemed to satisfy her. I realised again that Erika had been very much a virgin, and that she was really discovering all about sex and what two people do when they make love. But unlike the first encounter, this time she had decided to give some verbal feedback.

“Oh yes..yes..mmmmm..please do that..Oh, Brian, I love being licked like that, altyazı porno Oh darling, O, O.”

When she came, she was loudly proclaiming “Yes, yes, yes, yes..”

I hoped the neighbours wouldn’t hear.

“Now, Erika, lesson …er? Six?”

She said..””mm no, seven, Brian, darling. Well it depends on how you count that last one…” She looked devilish. This girl was counting and remembering as we went..nice!

“This time you can return the favour, baby.” Her eyes widened and she looked at my erection, and of course I knew that she had never sucked cock before. In fact, I suspect she had never really seen one until a few weeks ago. I had powdered my dick and balls so they smelt sweetly. I decided to continue to lead: “Let’s do this slowly..there are some important bits to learn.” She didn’t object to being treated as a learner, probably because I was after all much older. “First play with him with your hands. Just feel him gently at first, cradle the balls and hold his length in your hand…then pump him a little…whoa not so hard, slower – and don’t grip so tight!” We both laughed, and I gave her a little kiss of encouragement.

“Now, just lick the top a little, Erika…ohh, baby that feels good..I think you’re going to be good at this…now, lick a bit further down on the side..nice. Just do that for a while”

She was concentrating so hard. I caressed her lovely back and played softly with her bum. My other hand was making her nipple erect.

“Now.” I said. “Think of the prick as a lollipop, that you are going to suck on.” Erika looked up at me quizzically, but started to set up for this, holding my prick as if it was going to break, looking at it, then opening her mouth.

As she was staring at this thing, most unlike a lollipop, I could see that she was wondering if it might taste awful, or choke her, or…

“Relax, amatör porno lover.” I said. “Just remember that queens and courtesans have done this before you. I wonder if the queen…?”

She looked at me disapprovingly. I forgot she was a royal-lover. I swallowed the rest of that.

“Anyway, people do it all the time. It’s OK, I put some nice powder on him for you.”

She giggled, and tentatively kissed the end of it.

“That’s it baby. Now, the most important thing is to not bite on it…this thing is exquisitely sensitive and does not like being bitten, so suck don’t bite…”

Erika knelt over me and started sucking gingerly just on the head. She paused and I could see her licking her lips to test what it tasted like. With my encouragement, she ventured further, taking more into her mouth.

“Oh, baby that feels so good..oh suck my cock!” I said. This seemed to turn her on, and she did it with more vigour, so I said “Oh it’s so great to have a beautiful young woman sucking my cock!”

She seemed now quite comfortable with me talking dirty. I moved around a bit and began feeling her: first her little breasts hanging down, then her lovely flanks, then her thigh. I moved a bit more so that I could feel her pussy: without changing focus, she lifted her leg a little so I could get in there. It was very wet after my licking. She began moving.

She was a great student, keen to learn. And her concentration was fierce. At the moment that concentration was based on my penis. She was determined to do this well — and she was! .

“Oh it is great – to be doing – what a man and a – woman do,” I puffed. She took a little break and looked at me. I think her jaws might have been getting tired, so I moved right around and between her thighs. She seemed to sense what I was about to do, and started gobbling animasyon porno me harder. I had to warn her again about teeth. Then I started licking her, and I knew I wouldn’t last. I wasn’t sure what to do. This girl had never had a cock in her mouth and certainly never tasted semen.

I said, “Erika, I ‘m going to cum.” She mumbled something, but kept going.

“Do .. you … want me to… cum in… your mouth?” I puffed out, She kept going, and I bucked as I came. She seemed to swallow quite readily, then fell back on the bed. It was my turn to be shocked. I never thought she would do it. I looked at her, showing my surprise. I forgot what I was licking.

I said, “How was it?”

She tried to look cool. “Mmm… different to what I expected. Sort of salty. But I wanted you to really enjoy it, darling. You’ve taught me so much, I wanted to return the favour.”

“Favour?” I said. “Believe me, little one, I have loved every minute of it. You are doing me a favour, a lovely young woman – letting me ravish you.”

She laughed.

“Anyway, congratulations,” I said, “You are now a cocksucker.”

Erika looked shock, then burst out laughing. “My god, little me a cockscucker.!” she said.

“And very good at it, my dear…you are going to be a great cocksucker, which is a very powerful thing to be.” I assured her. She laughed, and we teased each other some more.

I had to be back home soon, so I got dressed again and kissed her. I really had no idea how to handle this, such an unusual relationship. But I knew that I wanted it to go on.

“Erika, are you doing anything Wednesday night? Sara is out with her girlfriends, so I could sneak over for a while..if you are free?”

This time it was me feeling vulnerable.

She looked at me with a smile on her lips.

“That would be nice, Brian. I could cook you something”. I knew her cooking was not great, and my grimace might have shown. She said,with a wicked grin…”or you could bring some takeaway…and a sexy movie”

I grinned. Erika was really starting to take the initiative in our sex now. I was delighted with my pupil’s progress.

More to come…

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