Episodes 3,4: Molly tries a Sybian


Episode 3
Hi, my name is Timothy, my new step-mum and her bossy daughter Molly had been living at our house for a few months and dad was away again working up north somewhere. Dad had bought Molly’s mum something called a Sybian on the internet, and it was delivered by a lady who demonstrated how best to use it. Needless to say I was barred from the lounge for the morning, but had a fairly good view from the web-cam hidden in the bookcase. The Sybian was a black cylinder, plugged into the mains, that has a vibrating pink area on top. The lady showed Molly and her mum how to straddle it and what the speed controls did. My view was partly obscured by the sofa, but the rising buzzing sound and their moans were enough to know it worked well.
Molly let me photograph and video her on the machine, clothed and naked, even letting me control the speed and depth of its vibrations. I sent the video to dad who was delighted with his purchase.
After a few weeks Molly’s mum decided to extend its use to her friends and organised a Sybian and underwear sales party at our house on Molly’s sixteenth birthday.
Lots of gorgeous women turned up on the appointed night and I was delighted to also see Molly’s friends Gemma, Becki, and Becki’s big sister Faye.
Becki and Gemma shot up to Molly’s room and the three of them were soon rolling around naked on her bed giggling.
I watched the grown-ups getting very drunk downstairs via the web-cam for a while.
I slipped into Molly’s room to photograph her trying out on Gemma her birthday present from her mum- a double-ended dildo. Becki was furiously rubbing her own pussy and trying to hang onto Gemma’s slippery bum as Molly forced the lubricated purple double-ender further into their cunts.
Molly’s mum walked in wearing just pretty blue panties, which soon came off, she snogged Gemma, while rubbing Becki’s tits and Molly’s pussy. After a few minutes she announced that they all had to go down to the party and demonstrate the Sybian.
They cleaned up most of the pussy juices with the blue panties and Molly handed out matching red thongs for them all to put on, and they trooped off downstairs giggling and trying to hide the dildo sticking out of Gemma’s bum. I collected up all the discarded underwear for sniffing and longer-term wanking use.
In the lounge the guests were sat or lying around the Sybian mostly naked, or in undies waiting expectantly, and some had clearly already been masturbating hard, when I set the video camera rolling.
Becki was the first to straddle the machine, which was fitted with the basic clitoral rubbing attachment. Just wearing her red thong it was travestiadresi.com a delightful sight as Molly grabbed the control and increased the vibration speed. Everyone cheered when Becki climaxed and was helped, dripping with sweat and pussy juice, off the machine and cuddled by her big sister.
Molly’s mum swapped the attachment for a short stubby dildo type and Gemma climbed on just pushing her thong aside, exposing her dark pubic triangle. Molly squatted behind her, kissing her neck and slowly pushing her down onto the dildo by her shoulders, and pulling her up by the breasts. Molly’s mum controlled the speed and stroked Gemma’s very pink clit until she too came loudly.
Molly was on last, trying out the attachment which had two long curved spikes, so stripped off her thong and applied lots of lube to her cunt and arse. She eased down carefully onto the two spikes while Gemma and Becki held her tits and after a very few minutes with the control pushed to maximum side-to-side vibration she shook all over to a violent climax.
Becki’s big sister Faye tried a single huge dildo attachment whilst chewing on Molly’s mum’s cunt.
Faye took the Sybian home for a month and promised to demonstrate her techniques at the next party, and allow me to photograph her for dad’s collection.

Episode 4
Molly’s mum’s Sybian parties were proving a great success with her girlfriends all over the county. Becki’s big sister Faye brought the Sybian back after her loan month, and said she could barely walk most days. She works in a fashion shop, so brought a selection of gorgeous silky fabric and underwear for Molly, Becki and Gemma to play in. Faye announced that the party tonight would include a special fashion show and was looking for the 3 girls to model some of her creations. Becki nipped out of the room with Faye and came back wearing a full climbing harness with pink leather straps pushing her bare breasts up, and soft straps around her thighs and bottom to keep her bum cheeks pulled apart. At the front was an attachment point for a strap-on dildo and a battery pack for the tiny egg vibrating away in her cunt.
Molly selected a pale blue tee-shirt and cut a large oval hole in the front to expose the undersides of her breasts, but just cover the nipples, and a pair of crotch-less shorts. Gemma’s dark skin looked fantastic in a bright green one-piece ‘swimsuit’ that was little more than two straps over her shoulders to just cover her tits, then plunged down her back and between her bum cheeks to emerge at the front around both sides of her pussy. Faye must have dyed her pretty pubic triangle of fuzz a lovely deep green to match.
Delighted with her creative work, Faye stripped off and straddled the Sybian and instructing the three girls on how to walk up and down, and pose, while I took photographs. Faye fitted the strap-on to Becki’s attachment point and helped her slowly fuck Gemma, while Molly licked out Faye’s cunt and then arranged themselves kneeling bum to bum to use her double-ended dildo.
The entire room smelled of pussy juice when Molly’s mum walked in and congratulated Faye on her creations. She grabbed the exposed middle of the slippery double-ender and pushed it firmly one way into Faye’s cunt then the other way into Molly’s and then pushed Faye backwards by the shoulders so that it nearly all disappeared and their bums met. I had a fantastic view of all this lying underneath Molly, snapping her tits swinging into view and the purple dildo slowly vanishing inside them.
Gemma had pulled the vibrating egg out of Becki and was sucking hard on her clit, when she insisted I stopped photographing and joined in with my fisting. Obediently I pushed my right hand into Gemma and left hand into Becki’s cunt, whilst Molly’s mum took over the photography role. Gemma climaxed after a few minutes and moved to sit on Becki’s face who was beginning to breathe hard. Molly and Faye pulled apart and joined in munching on tits, trying to make Becki come. I had to pull my left hand out of Becki to change hands, so remembering the summer days Molly coated my right hand in suntan oil and pushed it firmly back into Becki’s cunt. Faye had the bright idea of sliding one end of the double-ended dildo into Becki’s arse and she quickly quivered to a shuddering climax. I withdrew and after getting some feeling back into my hand, with more suntan oil from Molly, I pushed into Faye and stroked her g-spot. Molly’s mum was still filming when Gemma, still wearing her accessible ‘swimsuit’, sucked on my little willy and ordered me to chew her clit.
Later at the Sybian Club party Faye straddled the masturbator wearing matching tartan hold-up stockings, a tiny kilt and a halter-neck top that just covered her tits from the front, but provided a lovely view of her large nipples from the side, where I sat taking photographs. She directed Gemma, Molly and Becki to display their outfits around the room and to help the ladies out of any tight clothing.
Becki stripped the village postmistress Pam down to just her uniform waistcoat and spread her legs along the back of the sofa, clipped the dildo onto her leather harness and pushed into Pam’s pretty cunt. She was happy for me to photograph them provided that she would not be recognised by her husband travestilist.com or any straight Post Office customers; Molly obliged by hiding Pam’s face between her own thighs.
Faye announced the next game; to reveal her favourite Sybian attachment; she pulled off the tiny tartan kilt and positioned her feet 18 inches apart flat on the floor in front of the masturbation machine and leaned right back into the ‘crab’ pose resting on her hands on the floor behind it. The short stubby dildo naturally slipped into her arse after I had lubricated both with suntan oil, her full breasts slipped out the sides of her halter-neck top, and everyone had a perfect view of her opening moist cunt. The challenge was for each lady to blindfold Faye with their own panties, select a sybian speed, and try to make her come using any selection of fingers, tongues or dildos. Faye easily guessed two of the ladies from the smell of their panties, recognised me from the taste of spunk, and Molly’s mum from her long fingers and clit-chewing technique. Finally it was her kid-sister Becki’s turn; still wearing the pink leather harness, but as she hadn’t worn any underwear during the afternoon, she just wiped her pussy juice onto a clean red thong and pushed it into Faye’s mouth. She turned down the Sybian speed but increased the rotation, so that Faye had to roll her hips from side to side to keep the dildo from sliding out of her bottom. Faye came loudly as soon as Becki’s tongue hit her clit; I just hoped the video captured the delicious sounds.
Molly and Gemma repeated the double-ended dildo show, the postmistress Pam was delighted to have her hand squashed between their bums and made Gemma scream when a finger slid into her arse. One lady lay underneath Molly masturbating and shot a stream of cunt juice into the air. Most of them tried riding the Sybian, under direction from Faye; and showed their appreciation by smearing their pussy juices over my face. When Gemma was on using the short wide dildo attachment she came so hard she shot a stream of pee straight into the air and Molly licked it off her face and body.
For a finale, Molly’s mum insisted I push both fists into her cunt, which was hard work, but immensely satisfying, when much to everyone’s delight, she climaxed.
I uploaded the less-obscene photographs and videos to the new Sybian Club web-site, ready for the next party, when Pam would display her preferences.
Long after the party Molly came up to my room, somehow still wearing the crotch-less shorts and finally let me satisfy my deepest craving to fuck her bum. I hadn’t heard her mum come in, starkers, filming her lovely bi-sexual daughter getting anally shafted by her 12 year old step-son; a fantastic offering for dad’s porn collection.

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